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China Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities 2017 Bharatbook from its exhaustive collection has come out with a report " China Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities 2017 " which gives an overview, Demand, Supply Trends and industry analysis reports. In China, total of 3.13 Million people were reported experiencing drinking water shortages, again 270 Million people in rural areas had no access to safe drinking water. Increasing industrialization, water pollution, water borne diseases are all pushing sales for water purifiers in China. It is estimated that a large population base in China is still surviving on low-standard municipal water supply which has opened the doors of water purifier investors in China. It has been reported that drinking water sources have been identified with human heavy metals, pathogens, pollution, expanding beyond the control of conventional treatment process of organic pollutants. According to “China Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017” China water purifier market will witness phenomenal compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 24% for next five years. The market for water purifiers has almost doubled in last three years which shows the wide acceptance towards water purifiers among Chinese consumers. Increasing consumer awareness, wide customer base, rising water contamination, rising per capita income, low market penetration, and poor water quality are all adding up to encourage Chinese consumers to buy water purifiers. The outlook for the water purifier market in China seems very promising as the water pollution is continuously increasing. The water purifier market in China has a huge potential. Keeping this in mind, the highlights of “China Water Purifier Plants Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017” include: Industry Analysis • Global and China Water Purifier Market Size & Forecast • Market Share By Segment, By Region, By Sales Channel • Water Purifier Production & Export Scenario • Market Drivers and Challenges • Market Trends & Developments • Competitive Landscape and Strategic Recommendations. Why you should buy this report • To gain an in-depth understanding of water Purifier market dynamics in China. • To identify the on-going trends and expected anticipated growth in the coming years • To help industry consultants, water purifier manufacturers and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies • To obtain research based business decision and add weight to presentations and marketing materials. • To gain competitive knowledge of leading players. • To avail 10% customization in the report without any extra charges and get the research

data or trends added in the report as per the buyer’s specific needs. Report Methodology The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with stakeholders of water purifier industry. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases. Table Of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Global Water Purifier Market Outlook 3. China Water Scenario 4. China Residential Water Purifier Market Outlook 4.1. Market Size & Forecast 4.1.1. By Value 4.1.2. By Volume 4.1.3. By Segment 4.2. Market Share 4.2.1. By Region 4.2.2. By Segment 4.2.3. By Sales Channel 5. Organised Sector Vs. Unorganised Sector For more information kindly visit : China Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities 2017 Or Bharat Book Bureau Tel: +91 22 27810772 / 27810773 Fax: + 91 22 27812290 Email: Website: Follow us on twitter:!/Sandhya3B China, Water Purifier, Water Pollution, Drinking Water, Market Research Reports

China Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities 2017  

China Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities 2017 Bharat Book Bureau • Global and China Water Purifier Market Size & Forecas...