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China Pharmaceutical Industry Bharatbook from its exhaustive collection has come out with a report " China Pharmaceutical Industry " which gives an overview, Demand, Supply Trends and industry analysis reports. Scope * Industry Profile – Structure of China’s Pharmaceutical industry, Industry size and value, statistics and graphs showing the gross industrial output of medical and pharmaceutical products, number of pharmaceutical enterprises in China, Government’s healthcare reform policy, 11th Five-Year Plan, Intellectual Property Rights, Administrative Protection, issues of the China Pharmaceutical Industry, Size of the global pharmaceutical market and industry trends. * Market Trends and Outlook – Development of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Market, Growth and sales of the Over-The-Counter Pharmaceutical Market in China, overview of the generic drugs market in China, research and development encouraged by the government, competitive advantages in China Pharmaceutical research, imports and exports of China Pharmaceuticals, merger and acquisitions of Pharmaceutical companies in China, projections of the China Pharmaceutical market. * Leading players & Comparative Matrix - Company profiles of leading industry players, performance, company key financials, major developments and SWOT analysis of competitors. * Companies mentioned: Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co.Ltd., Northeast Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., North China Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.,Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. Summary China Pharmaceuticals includes an overview of China’s pharmaceutical industry, a “pharmerging” market that is likely to grow into the third-largest pharmaceutical market in the world by 2011. Part 1 of the report contains a brief outline of the industry in 2009, explaining the structure and size of the pharmaceutical industry. It also introduces the government policies that have influenced the industry and the various issues that the industry copes with. business credit report Part 2 of the report includes a description of the major pharmaceutical segments, with the current trends and happenings present in the segment. A concise global merger and acquisition outline and market outlook are also included in this part. Part 3 of the report lists the top 100 China’s pharmaceutical enterprises for 2009. Because the industry is very fragmented, this report only includes a few of the leading players with their current developments and three-year financial highlights. The leading players introduced in this report are Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Northeast Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Beijing DoubleCrane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. A comparative matrix of the companies’ financial

highlights is incorporated in the report with a SWOT analysis of the industry. Reasons to buy * Get market insights and intelligence of the China Pharmaceutical Industry for business planning, strategy formulation, academic and consulting purpose. * Identify business, joint venture, merger and acquisition, partnership, trading, foreign direct investment opportunities in the China Pharmaceutical Industry. * Understand your competitors and competitive landscape based on the detailed SWOT analysis and major developments provided Table of Contents 1. Industry Profile 1.1 Industry Overview 1.1.1 Structure of China’s Pharmaceutical Industry 1.1.2 Industry Size And Value 1.2 Industry Production 1.3 Government Policies 1.3.1 Healthcare Reform Policy 1.3.2 11th Five-Year Plan 1.3.3 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 1.3.4 Administrative Protection 1.4 Pharmaceutical Industry Issues 1.5 Global Pharmaceutical Industry Trends For more information kindly visit : China Pharmaceutical Industry Or Bharat Book Bureau Tel: +91 22 27810772 / 27810773 Fax: + 91 22 27812290 Email: Website: Follow us on twitter:!/Sandhya3B China, Pharmaceutical, Industry, Healthcare, Market Research Reports

China Pharmaceutical Industry  
China Pharmaceutical Industry  

Summary China Pharmaceuticals includes an overview of China’s pharmaceutical industry, a “pharmerging” market that is likely to grow into th...