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PORTFOLIO Retail & Exhibition Design

Bharat Singhal | MIT Institute of Design, Pune

Playing with Lights Explored wth different kinds of lights on different surfaces to achieve myriad effects. Also, gained knowledge about the different kinds of lighting used in different places, on field visits. We tried coloured shadows using halogen dichroic lamps and colored transparent sheets. This was done in a group of 3.

Joineries & Structures The idea was to learn about structures and joineries that go into a structure, varying over scale. Here is a cantilevered bookshelf with a lot of emphasis on the joineries used. They not only support the structure but also add to the aesthetics.

Theatre Design In a group of ten, we initiated an amphitheatre in the institute campus. We went through references from neufert’s, understood the seating curve, made mock models to scale and now, the proposal has been approved by the administration. We kept in mind factors like, lighting, wind movement, landscaping, movement of artistes and audiences and easy access to other facilities. Seating capacity : 350 persons

In a group of two, we made a tensile structure to complement the amphitheatre. We tried to understand tensile structures for the same. A document showing explorations and understanding tensile structures can be found here: tensilestructures


Freelance Project

To revamp window displays, redo in-store display at the NOIDA showroom. This project won us an award for ‘The Best Window Display Of The Year’.

Mohanlal Sons - specialist in men’s formal party, ethnic and wedding wear since 1881 Connaught Place . NOIDA . Gurgaon . South Extension

Formal Wear Window Display

The window on one side of the door has formal wear and the other side has ethnic wear. As the wedding season was round the corner, the theme for both the windows was according to the season. The formal wear window shows a group of 3 people with a mic and a guitar, in a party.



The existing english classic setting was converted into a dark, rugged space where the clothes stand in contrast to the space. Space was defined without obstructing the entire view of the shop inside. The entire mannequins were made visible by removing the display from the foreground. The clothes are chosen according to the different tastes of people who visit the mall and the variety of fabrics the brand has to offer. Blue flickering lights are hung to give a party feel and attract passersby.

Ethnic Wear Window Display

The ethnic wear window shows grooms in sherwanis and a kurta, in a warm and glittering setting. Not to miss - a treasure box with jewellery hanging out. Window space has been defined with black curtains, crystals on threads and a crarpet on the floor. Clothes are in contrast to the mannequins and the background. Silver mannequins were replaced with white ones so the glittery clothes stand out.



As sitting is an important part during the rituals, a mannequin was placed to show the fall of the kurta when the groom would sit. Display of the number of garments and accessories was increased manifolds. Garments and accessories have been chosen carefully considering different tastes. Concept validated by the company resulted in: • Increased number of walk-ins • Longer brand and store recall • Appreciation by fellow retailers and visitors.

EXHIBITION DESIGN (Philosophy+Design+Execution)

Group project : 6 persons

Design, Planning and Execution of the annual design showcase of MIT Institute of Design, Pune. Called ‘The Prequel’ this exhibition showcases the design culture at the Institute apart from the skills and the design projects of all the students.



behind the design

The basic idea was to display all that goes behind the scenes in the design industry; the foundation that is common to everyone and how each field of design benefits from the foundation. Hence, the name: Prequel - behind the design. It was open to visitors alongside the annual festival of the institute and extended over 3 weeks starting from 31st jan 2011. The exhibition was seen by over 1200 people from all over the world including the bigwigs of the industry like Rodney Fitch, Peter Bil’ak and many more, apart from students from all over the country.

5328 sq. ft. of floor area

The design . strategy . philosophy . space layout . traffic flow . frames . fixtures . structures . procurement of materials . manufacturing and fabrication . lighting . collection and selection of work . dimensioning . budgeting . invites . to every detail, everything was done by us.

The aim of the display segregation was to address to the parents, students from the non-design background and the professionals from the industry. We segregated projects of different fields of design from each other and kept the foundation to all of these together. Each Design project was documented and presented right from the start of the project to the final concept and mockotypes.

The skills room had all the foundation work of the students.

For convenience of circulation in the room, a partition was made by suspending paper made geometry solids from the ceiling.

Clockwise from left: The view of the space as one comes out of the skills room. The entire exhibition that follows, is thrown open to student’s projects. We covered an entire wall of windows with plywood and painted it black. Animation design students whose movies were being shown on computer screens were asked to sketch characters of their movies. This showed the authenticity in the work displayed and the original strokes of the students that went on to becoming animated movies. The Animation Design section with movies on one side and other 2 sides housing flip-books, illustrations and storyboards.

This space has been dedicated to Graphic design projects. A typography installation acts as a backdrop. The concept was to show how detailed and technical graphic design and typography are. We invited the graphics students of the senior most batch to do up the installation. The panels on the facing side have animation storyboards. Right from the first sketch, its cleaning on the computer to the final wacom render, each paper put up casually with a pin to give the feel of the workplace.

This room had projects of Transportation Design, Product Design, and Interior Design. A special platform was created to emphasise on models replicated by students. The products have immense detailing, hence the clinical feel to the display table. All the projects were edited and printed on the same size of paper, using the same font and colour specifications to maintain uniformity in display. However, the project representation was left to the students to ensure they get to communicate their projects the way they wish to.

The display being in the center, ensured proper circulation in the space.

We created a lounge like setting where bookshelves and furniture pieces made by students were displayed. On these shelves, the publication work of graphic design students was displayed. The purpose of having sofas was so that people could sit and browse through the work displayed. An artificial wall adjacent to this space was raised on which, the photography by students was displayed. It added to the lounge setting. This section lead to the exit of the exhibition.

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING DESIGN (Architecture+Strategy+Design)

Group project : 2 persons

Design a community school for an urban poor community catering to primary and secondary schooling.

Interdependencies in a learning system :

Work (Classroom)



Computer lab






Toilets Computer Lab Learners A after studying the system, we adapted the Yin-Yang theory.



Multi-purpose hall



Interdependence Harmony






Entrance/Exit Parking

Symmetry Contraction + Expansion

Above: Layout Plan + zoning


The Pergola lights up the corridors, staircases and protects them from rain.

The courtyard allows ventilation of air & light. The open-ness encourages free flow of thought.

Teracotta Tiles • Used as the flooring, both indoors and outdoors alike. • Natural, sturdy and waterproof material.

Fibre Glass Allows maximum light and provides shelter from rain.

Brick Jali • Light and shadow create interesting patterns on the floor. • It saves the cost of the walls.

Brick Bond This brick laying pattern is known as rat-trap bond. The rat-trap bond, introduced in India by Laurie Baker, has many advantages over other bonds both environmentally and economically.

Cavity for better insulation

The entrance to the school; Elements like brick jali and a pergola have been used to give a feel of contraction and expansion in the space.

Light & Air Circulation

Sloping Roof to give shade to the corridor


Wall-mount Cabinet

Above: Plan of a block showing air circulation.

The module is placed in a manner that the wind direction is towards the central corridor. The direction of wind is from South-West. Refer to the project documentation for a detailed review by clicking this link here: bharat_khushali

Above: Light and Air Circulation shown in the elevation.

Overhang provided so the windows don’t get heated up; provides as a shelter

The central courtyard allows air circulation as the opposite end of the corridors are open and do not have any walls which would obstruct the air movement.

Pivot Windows The pane can turn more than 90 degrees allowing easy cleaning of the external pane. Creates a natural airflow allowing warm air to escape through the top and cool air to replace this at the bottom.

A overhang above the library and computer lab to protect the rooms from rainwater and allows diffused sunlight into the rooms

Classrooms There are 16 classrooms, with 58 students in each. The classrooms and other facilities are strategically placed for each standard.

The furniture is easy to manufacture & each module can be shifted according to the course requirements.


Group project : 6 persons

Design a set for a business event to be broadcasted on television. The one day event is hosted by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

About the event : This event called the ‘War Room’ is an industry-academia tie up, where Mahindra & Mahindra Limited literally throw open its board room to management students. In this B-school competition, participants present business strategies for -

the Mahindra group companies across nine sectors. The participants are encouraged to think from the point of view of a Mahindra employee and present practical strategies.

Top 17 participating B-schools . 4 people per team . 68 participants . 8 member jury - Group of Board members of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

Broadcast on :

To capture pan shots of the set, a camera was installed in the center of the hall.

Production by :

Venue :

Main backdrop with branding and mirrored facets Aisle Main stage Participants seating (cushioned) Podium with 2 screens

Technical console Ramp - For the jury’s grand entry

Jury stage

Above : Layout plan

The view of the main stage- 2 screens for four participants

The view from the stage - Jury panel and audiences

A view to depict the overall space.

View from one of the side cameras.

Different planes were used to add depth to the frame. Bows frame the focus area.

Backdrop of the jury panel sporting event and sponsor logos, strategically placed considering the camera frames.

Cushioned gallery seating for participants. Graphic elements above head height.

RETAIL DESIGN (Strategy+Design)

Individual project

To study the state of affairs at the Coffee Board of India and come up with a strategy to revamp the brand. Also, design to support the strategy. Introduce authentic Indian Coffees to the Domestic market. Make customers ‘value’ coffees.

Coffeehouse A standalone coffee house at High Streets that offers an experience of Indian coffees and imparts knowledge about the history, value and the making of coffee - from bean to cup. To see the entire project documentation, refer to this link:

Target group

(Images from the internet)

The businesspersons and the professionals. These high-fliers could be corporate honchos or just commoners with good tastes. Many of these would be connoisseurs.

Mood Board

(Images from the internet)


COFFEE PLANTS preserved in a glass cubicle with a humidifier

The coffeehouse is conceptualised around the activities while coffee drinking.

Arguably, amongst the finest coffees in the world... The USP is the product itself. Followed by the unique experience of coffee tasting, apart from the finest foods, appetizers and the chance to pick up some of the best coffees to have at home.


LIBRARY housing the must-reads in all genres.


The coffeehouse will have paintings of contemporary artists, must-reads of most genres, fine and rare coffee-table books, music collection from across the world.

Above: Layout Plan + zoning


EVENT DESIGN (Strategy+Design)

Individual project

To come up with a strategy to promote the brand through an event. Also, design to support the strategy. To promote Rejuve - The Spa at The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi and thereby increase number of members.

Celebrating the awards that Rejuve spa received. A hot air ballooning event at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida. Followed by a lavish brunch in the lawns.. For the entire documentation of the project, refer to the link :

Target group

(Images from the internet)

The invite-only event would be exclusively for : The Members of Rejuve. They’d be allowed to get along another couple. (Potential Spa members)

Mood Board

(Images from the internet)

Sequence of events: (A hot air balloon flies from the Delhi-Noida intersection to the venue, as a teaser/signage containing the Lalit’s and event’s branding)

Arrival of guests

The event :

Welcome drinks served. Salads, soups, breads, veg & non-veg starters are on.

Hot air ballooning at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida.

Registration for ballooning - open.

Followed by a lavish brunch in the lawns...

Two, 30 minutes flights take off with 6-8 people in each.

The event venue is the Buddh International Circuit grounds, because it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an aerial view of the Formula One circuit. Both the activities - hot air ballooning and a lunch at the Circuit grounds are absolutely exclusive affairs.

Way to the BIC, greater Noida

The entrance of the BIC

Event venue behind the grandstand

The route to the venue

Passengers on a hot air balloon ride

Caravans carrying flying equipments

In sometime, two more balloons take off. Ballooning takes place for 2 hours. Lunch counters open one hour after ballooning started. Announcements of the award, rewards to the staff and vote of thanks at the lunch venue. Coffee served on tables Rejuve experience (gift hampers) are delivered to their cars.

(Images from the internet)

Exclusive . Luxurious . Serene . Calm . Peace . Adrenaline thrill . Scenic . Beauty . Splendid

Above: Layout Plan + zoning

The guests would be brought to the venue from the parking, in a club car provided by the Lalit Hotel. The space allocated for the event is highlighted by using bright red flags with the hotel’s branding. There would be jazz musicians performing at the venue to make sure the guests are pepped up, happy and conversations happen. The beauty of jazz performances shall also be considered exclusive and classy.

The guests will be able to sip some champagne and hot coffees as they take the 30 minutes flight in the hot air balloons. There would also be mulled wines on offer. Apart fromt hem being a winter drink, they are one of life’s little pleasures one must not miss out on. As there would be extreme calmness and tranquility, up in the air, the guests will have a quiet and peaceful time looking at the view from the vantage point in the sky.

The space has been designed in such a way that the event venue amidst the huge massive area covered with green patches of grass does not look and feel like a different world. The idea was to mark the space with elements borrowed form the Rejuve Spa and thereby hint the feel of the original Spa. Only huge illuminated pots and high mast flags have been used to outline the space instead of having a boundary that would restrict the scenery and the beauty of the vast expanse of the space.

A lot of perforated screens have been used so that the wind penetrates through the openings in them and adds to the open-ness of the space. There would be live kitchen counters to provide the guests with fresh preparations of the finest from different cuisines.

Considering the guests would be couples and their friends, they would be like minded and will have similar topics to discuss. The layouting is in such a way that it encourages them to stand, socialise and mingle with others. There would be a buffet counter in the center with breads, fresh fruits, salads, desserts and starters.

Design for Genders (Research) Group work : 8 persons + 1 KISD representative I was a part of a worldwide research with the Kรถln International School of Design (KISD), Germany. The research was conducted to see how people personalise their desks, how it changes from a call centre to a design firm to a bank and so on. It could also be gender-specific, inter-cultural or even according to the level of seniority in the workplace. The research, documented and presented in a book is now out on stands.

About Me I am a fourth and final year student at MIT Institute of Design, Pune, pursuing Retail & Exhibition Design. Strategies + design + advertising + marketing + public relations are what really interest me. As a concept, ‘Luxury’ has really left me wanting to know more about it every single day. I have been passionate about luxury spaces, in particular. I am an outgoing and a friendly person. My keen sense of observation helps me understand human behaviour better. I am open to criticism (and appreciation alike) and hence i ‘need’ to discuss topics with people. That also keeps me updated with the thoughts, perceptions, views, and opinions that different people form. When i take breaks, i will usually be found socializing or maybe just organising a get-together, window shopping, hogging on desserts, ‘unhealthy’ fast foods or listening to instrumental music.

Work Experience

Design Intern | Noida

Design Intern | New Delhi

• Design of a gaming kiosk for Planet Play.

• Contributed to the design of a jewellery showroom called ‘Jaipur Jewels’ now

• Design of a showroom for Urban Trail bicycles.

open at The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi.

• Strategy for Media Mart (a venture of the India Today

group) to re-position themselves in the market. • Corporate + Site offices for DLF

• M.B. Jewellers, to be opened at G.K. Market, New Delhi. • Design of a wholesaler’s showroom for the houseware brand called ‘Freelance’. • Design of a residential project and a corporate office.

Non academic activities • Worked with the Kyoorius team in putting up the Kyoorius Designyatra 2011, Goa.

• Attended a retail walk with Rakesh Biyani of Future Retail, Nagendra Singh of Shoppers Stop and Pradeep Gidwani of The Beer Bar organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs. (New Delhi - April 2011)

• Member of the organising team of MIT ID’s annual design festival called ‘Quasar’. Worked from strategising to execution, & making it the country’s biggest student-organised design festival, in February 2011. Worked on Stall Design, Stage Design, and Hospitality Design too. Website :

• Made a short film on - ‘Achieving universal primary education’ - a Global Millennium Development Goal set by the World Federation of United Nations Association, at The UN GMDG Summit. (Mumbai - November 2008)

Bharat Singhal Portfolio  
Bharat Singhal Portfolio  

Portfolio for the post of an Industrial Designer.