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TEL T-206 Midterm Project Anton William Happel

My five photographs were influenced by an old 1930’s song verse. The song verse had an echolike quality to it, and had a hint of the macabre. To play upon the echolike quality I took photographs of areas that would seem to be good places for sound to echo. The macabre hint of the verse was played upon by taking my photographs late at night, and by making sure that no people or animals were in view, creating a lonely look. I went with an old time sepia tone aesthetic to play upon the age of the song verse, and to bring out the shadows in the photographs.

From The Ghost of Smokey Joe by Cab Calloway and His Orchestra

I've got a date on my estate down in Hades, Call my chariot so I can go. And should the Moocher walk in, Just tell her you've been talkin' To the ghost of Smokey Joe.

Example of Old Time Sepia Tone Aesthetic.

Midterm Project T206  
Midterm Project T206  

My midterm project for T206.