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Total Nitrogen & Phosphorus Estimation

Weiber multi-function reactor is an ideal instrument for performing multiple functions as ascertaining Chemical Oxygen Demand, i.e. COD and TP / TN. COD is necessary to ascertain the oxygen requirement of waste water prior to its release into the

algae. Man made sources are effluent from water treatment

environment, so that it can be monitored and controlled to avoid

plants, agricultural fertilizers, industrial wastes, livestock

harmful effects on the nature, human beings, etc.

wastes, etc.

TN / TP analysis

Phosphorous exists in water in several forms; total phosphorous is one of them. Decomposition of dead plants and animals adds to

Chemicals / Nutrients as Nitrogen and Phosphorous are vital water quality parameter. Depending upon their chemical forms they significantly directly or indirectly affect plant growth,

TP in water. These can enter an estuary from water treatment plants, sewage, soils, agricultural fields, etc. High P level is there due to storms, or due to irrigational activities.

oxygen concentrations, water clarity, etc. Plants require these chemicals to grow, reproduce and to keep away diseases. Natural

Due to atmospheric deposition the N and P pollutants from

sources of N include fresh water, decomposing organic matter and

manmade sources in the air fall on land or water bodies, thereby

waste, extraction of nitrogen gas from some bacteria and blue

contaminating them.


Total Nitrogen & Phosphorus Estimation Reactor


Working Principle for TN: An alkaline persulfate digestion converts all forms of nitrogen to nitrate. Nitrate then reacts with chromotropic acid under strongly acidic conditions to form a yellow complex with an absorbance maximum at 420 nm. Working Principle for TP: Phosphates are converted to orthophosphates by heating with acid and persulfate. Orthophosphate reacts with molybdate in an acid medium to produce a mixed phosphate/molybdate complex. Ascorbic acid then reduces the complex, giving an intense molybdenum blue color. Test


results are measured at 610 nm.

• Transparent Protective Lid • Auto Shutdown at End of Completion of the Procedure


Technical Specifications •

Temperature for:

• COD - 165°C

• TP / TN - 105°C


: 24 vials of size 16 x 100 mm

Warm up Time

: 20 minutes

Power Requirements

: 220±22V, 50Hz, 300W

Ambient Operating Temperature

: 0 to 50 ?

Temperature Stability

: ±1?


: ±1?


: 1-1680 minutes (31 hours) with audible alarm And feature of being automatic

Range Adjustment

: 105-165±1?, Shortcuts for 105? and 150?


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