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Bilal Hallak Student No: 641720 Semester 2/2013

Group 11

Isometric drawing Subject: Kids floater for swimming purposes aged 3 to 6 Manufacturer: Developed by Zoggs in Australia Materials: Made from durable Vylux, Manufacturing Process: Unknown of how they are manufactured

Module 1 Bilal Hallak 641720 Virtual Environments Semester 2

Dimensions: 20cm in Height 8 cm in Width 4 cm in Depth (When inflated) 13cm in Length Max weight it can carry is 25kg Evaluation: These float bands were developed in the early 1900s, as people began to be concerned for their childs safety while swimming. It was designed to allow children to swim at early ages, ensuring their safety in the water. Different shapes and sizes were designed and developed to accomodate different swimmers. Different floaters have different holding capacites, as well as different dimensions, including volume. Two different chambers in each band enables safety for the user by applying air into two separate chambers, allowing for optimum safety.

How did I measure my object? I measured my object by using a strip of paper which had already had measurements written onto it. This enabled me to measure the length and width of all sides of the objects. It gave a close estimate of what the dimensions were when the object was inflated. As for the depth, I marked a skewer with measurements and made a hole through it.

Digital Model - attempt Here is my attempt at trying to model my floaty on Rhino 5.0

Inflatable Model

By reshaping the plastic garbage through cutting and taping other attachments, I am able to create some kind of volume once I turn on the hair dryer. After capturing air inside the garbage which can hold a maximum amount before bursting, I am able to seal the hole with my hand, leaving me with an inflated object.

Skin Suit #1 Vylon or Bubble wrap material Acts as a type of bubble Unable to hurt people Perfect for crowded trains Doesn’t make you look threatening, even though you are giving yourself personal space

Getting air into the garbage bag

Final product of garbage model. Some say it reminds them of Shrek.

Fluorescent bubbles make you look attracting, yet you are still in comfort Each bubble chamber can change in size for optimum comfort or space Turtle shell bubble on the back provides the user with enough individual space and security from rear pedestrians

Skin Suit #2

Skin Suit #3

Fat man suit

Angel representation for emotional effect

Plastic material Easily inflatable Fan attached in front (Iron man influence) Suit activates when user feels threatened or needs space Suit inflates like a garbage (similar to those guys that swing back and forth next to car dealerships) The suit flares up like an angel Battery powered Buttons on palms of hand for easy activation or deactivation

Can be inflated to a size of your choice for different comfort zones Similar sealing system to floaty arm band. Different air chambers as well How can this draw an emotional effect?

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