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June 2013 Dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder-Acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

The George Harrison Garden officially opened

Srila Prabhupada:

Here at Bhaktivedanta Manor the place is the nicest possible. It is calm and quiet and the village is neat and clean. I am daily walking in the morning with all devotees and I am taking the usual class from 7-8 am. Very respectable gentlemen are coming in the evening. Last night George Harrison came. He has become a great supporter of our movement‌So arrangement is going on here for installing the deity on Janmastami. 19th July 1973, at Bhaktivedanta Manor One of the most memorable events in many years took place during the Ramanavami festival. The festive Radha Krishna deities and Rama Shila were carried ceremoniously on a swan boat across the beautifully decorated Manor lake. A smaller boat, with brahmacaris (monks) aboard singing kirtan, was rowing behind in leisurely pursuit. The lake was filled with fountains, ribbons and flags. There were floating candles, flower offerings made to Their Lordships and the offering of a 108 lamp arati lamp. “It was a wonderful event and I look forward to similar ...continued on page 6

The George Harrison Memorial Garden was officially opened on Saturday 25th May, with Olivia Harrison and friends, local faith leaders, devotees and television presenters Monty Don and Peter Owen-Jones. When George passed away on 29th November 2001, the Manor resolved to create a quiet garden in his memory. The shady woodland dell behind the main building was chosen because of

George’s fondness for the site. The Garden is a place set aside for prayer and contemplation to commemorate the friendship between George and the devotees. The opening began with a sitar recital, played from the centre of the garden. The ambiance from the recital brought calm to the guests facilitating a deeper connection with the garden. ...continued on page 4

A lake filled with magic

Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter

June 2013

ISKCON Festivals UK

In May ISKCON Festivals UK worked with the Manor’s book distribution party, Food for All and local devotee groups to hold festivals in Reading, Bracknell and Slough. In each town around 100 people attended the colourful introductory experience to the philosophy and lifestyle of Krishna consciousness.

One of the highlights during this year's celebrations marking the Appearance Day of Lord Nrsimhadev was a delightful play by the children of the Manor School.

Local member Amala Manjari dasi said, "we wanted a public festival like this for a long time, it was a dream come true to see all the new people and devotees together enjoying the event so much." Visit for updates on upcoming festivals.

20th Communications Conference Srutidharma das, Gauri das, Radha Mohan das, Jahnavi Harrison (of Kirtan London) and devotees from ISKCON Soho Street attended the 20th European Communications Conference in Budapest, Hungary. The 30 devotees who attended heard how the goals, objectives, and principles of ISKCON’s internal and external communications affect devotees’ everyday lives, and how communications’ devotees cultivate relationships with academics and leaders of various religious groups, and provide information for media outlets.

Musician, artist and writer Pete Doherty officially opened the new charity clothes shop on the ground floor of the “Matchless Gifts” centre in Kings Cross, in affiliation with Food for All

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On 23rd – 27th May “Kirtan London”, including Jahnavi Harrison, ran a 'Pop-up Temple' at Europe’s largest Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in London's Earl’s Court.

Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter

June 2013

40th Anniversary Making New Outfits for Michael Gove officially Remembrances opens Krishna Avanti Radha Gokulananda Primary School So far Sivarama Swami, Bhakti Caitanya Swami, Dhananjaya das, Kishore das, Sri Kama dasi and Bhajahari das have shared their precious memories of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s early days, as part of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations.


Ramadevi dasi, a senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada, is training devotees to help her make a special new dress for Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda, in time for the 40th Anniversary Vaishnava Community Festival. She has trained nearly 30 devotees to sew and decoratively embroider the cloth, and is working every day from 10am till 5pm at Bhaktivedanta Manor. The training sessions are from 10am- 12 noon. “We need devotees to come forward and spend just 2- 3 hours at a time to help, especially those who have been trained,” Ramadevi requested. “ I really want to help establish a real sense of community with devotees working together to serve the Deities in this way, an offering from everyone: Something really special, nice and beautiful. The happiness felt when all the devotees work together cannot be underestimated. This is an activity in the spiritual sky, something eternal.” Ramadevi learnt how to sew from a very young age and her first opportunity to use her skills within ISKCON was when Srila Prabhupada first came to Edinburgh. If you would like to take part, please contact Ramadevi on: 07587450298

On Friday 15th March, the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, visited the Krishna Avanti School in Leicester. He cut a ribbon outside Evington Hall and unveiled a plaque, signifying the School's official opening. The event was attended by faith and business leaders from around the country, and it was covered by local media. The children were excited to have their school officially opened and they all got to meet and speak with Michael Gove. “You've got parents that are very keen to get their children in here, it's oversubscribed, that's a reflection of the quality of the school,” said Gove. The visit was attended by many community leaders, including the Bishop of Leicester, The Lord Mayor, representatives of the City and County Council and many friends from the business community.

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soul’s spiritual aim becomes resolute. George’s lyrics. The ‘That is all I’m living for, Your love and nothing chosen lyrics relate to the more.’ That Is All the eight stages Bhaktivedanta Manor of Newsletter June 2013 unfolding love for God, 2 ‘I look for the pure in heart’ the time of day, and the Owen Jones, presenter of the BBC Spiritual Company / Morning / Hare Krishna documentary series ‘Around the World eight couplets of the Hare continued from page 1... Then from the main Krishna Mantra. When awakened faith the soul seeks the believed theby ultimate solution was in Eighty Faiths’, led everyone in a silent of the company of you seershave on the pathyour and with their helpmeditation. He encourage that those ‘love’, to love garden. deckingEach areacouplet spanned by the lyric of Hare ‘Awaken Krishna Mantra clears“Ilust, greedand andhonoured envy fromtothe heart.gathered should all ‘stop and listen’ to George: and See’, Olivia am anger, delighted open corresponds to a words. stage of ‘I lookthe forgarden the pure of heart / And the ones who made shared some inspiring garden. that the public will be able tohavethe You, the eightfold journey to a start / But, Lord there are just a few / Who bow before “I am grateful to the devotees for share George’s great love of gardening Yvonne Innes, the garden’s designer, / In silence they pray, / Oh how they pray for the day spiritual perfection. These honouring George in the form of a and deep spirituality.” wrote: “Some of the plants George stages were expressed by material/ the World gets round.’ garden. A manifestation in the Speaking on the theme of the garden, particularly loved were maples, birch, The Day the World Gets Round SriofCaitanya the eight world which heinwould be very proud.” Gauri das added: “There is a deep ferns, grasses, and perennials such as verses of his Siksastakam. 8 ‘I’m so happy we have tried I found y “George was not a perfectionist, but he spirituality in the lyrics of George Japanese anemones. Here 1 ‘Awaken and see’ Together they form the Union / Night / Hare Hare metaphor to echo George’s planting, using drifts did have ability to see the potential FaithHarrison, / End of thesome Night through / Hare Krishna eight the petals of the spiritual Krishna himself to the of and many of the varieties usedreveals at Friar others more direct. For us is faith in gardens, and he did see potential in Afterand lifetimes in slumber, the eternal soulitfinds realm, at whose centre who atshow last feels the joy of re Park…We hope that it will that a tremendous honour that garden is this dwells dell. Admittedly the creation of awakens her potential. Krishna, embodied beloved George had an eye for planning as opened on the 40th Anniversary of this in garden has stopped and started a ‘By chanting the names of the Lord you’ll be free / The Lord is the sound of OM at the ‘It took a long, much as an ear for music and that long, the long time Bhaktivedanta few centre times, but thatgarden just reflects life and All awaiting on you all toManor”. awaken and see.’ Waiting On You of the . I found you / Now the stages we go through in our own With the short speeches complete a dell garden will become a place of I love you.’ journeys. tour of the garden began. As the guests meditation as well as inspiration.” Monty Don, presenter of the BBC’s arrived at each step, the words of the A special thanks to Sripati das, Ranchor ‘Gardeners’ World’ series then spoke song in which George had expressed Prime and Richard Sneesby, who worked about being often approached for the related sentiments, were read by with Gauri das over many years to see the garden to completion. solutions to the challenges faced in representatives of different faiths. gardening, in answer to which he When the journey was completed Peter

The George Harrison Garden officially opened

George’s Garden is designed on an octagon, the shape that brings good fortune, with pathways that pass through each of its eight points. The themes these eight points represent encourage pilgrims to reflect on the journey to Krishna through the medium of George’s lyrics. The chosen lyrics relate to the the eight stages of unfolding love for God, the time of day, and the eight couplets of the Hare Krishna Mantra. Each couplet of the Hare Krishna Mantra corresponds to a stage of the eightfold journey to spiritual perfection. These stages were expressed by Sri Caitanya in the eight verses of his Siksastakam. Together they form the eight petals of the spiritual realm, at whose centre dwells Krishna, embodied in the sound of OM at the centre of the garden .

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4 ‘He whose sweetness flows’ Delight / Midday / Hare Hare The result of spiritual association, purification and devotion is the experience of Krishna, the reservoir of pleasure. ‘He whose sweetness flows / To anyone of those That cares to look His way.’ Jai Sri Krishna 3 ‘Your love and nothing more’ Resolve / Forenoon / Krishna Krishna By letting go of material attachments the soul’s spiritual aim becomes resolute. ‘That is all I’m living for, Your love and nothing more.’ That Is All 2 ‘I look for the pure in heart’ Spiritual Company / Morning / Hare Krishna When awakened by faith the soul seeks the company of seers on the path and with their help clears lust, anger, greed and envy from the heart. ‘I look for the pure of heart / And the ones who have made a start / But, Lord there are just a few / Who bow before You, / In silence they pray, / Oh how they pray for the day / the World gets round.’ The Day the World Gets Round

1 ‘Awaken and see’ Faith / End of the Night / Hare Krishna After lifetimes in slumber, the eternal soul finds faith and awakens her potential. ‘By chanting the names of the Lord you’ll be free / The Lord is awaiting on you all to awaken and see.’ Waiting On You All

8 ‘I’m so happy I found y Union / Night / Hare Hare Krishna reveals himself to the who at last feels the joy of re beloved ‘It took a long, long, long time I found you / Now I love you.’

The heart melts as divine love overflows from the soul like honey. ‘My sweet lord (Alleluia) / Hm, my Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter lord (Alleluia).’ My Sweet Lord

June 2013

7 ‘I really want to be with you’ Longing / Late evening / Rama Rama Ecstatic longing for Krishna brings tears and shivering. Sometimes only unconsciousness can sooth the pangs of the heart. ‘I really want to see you / Really want to be with you / Really want to see you lord / But it takes so long, my lord.’


My Sweet Lord

e soul rapt in love, eunion with the / Now I’m so happy Long, Long, Long

5 ‘You are the breath of life’ Attachment / Afternoon / Hare Rama The souls wants nothing other than Krishna, and life without Krishna appears empty. ‘You send the rain and bring the sun / You stand alone and speak the truth / You are the breath of life itself / You are the One.’ Life Itself 6 ‘My sweet lord’ Love / Evening / Hare Rama The heart melts as divine love overflows from the soul like honey. ‘My sweet lord (Alleluia) / Hm, my lord (Alleluia).’ My Sweet Lord 7 ‘I really want to be with you’ Longing / Late evening / Rama Rama Ecstatic longing for Krishna brings tears and shivering. Sometimes only unconsciousness can sooth the pangs of the heart. ‘I really want to see you / Really want to be with you / Really want to see you lord / But it takes so long, my lord.’


My Sweet Lord

e soul rapt in love, eunion with the / Now I’m so happy Long, Long, Long

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Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter

Flowers to inspire

With a view to fulfilling Srila Prabhupada’s vision of developing the Manor into a replica of Vrindavan, the Manor garden team, headed by Uddhava das, work to create a beautiful atmosphere all around the Manor property. Dwarka Puri das, Vrajnath das, Niladri Krishna das and Douglas have been beautifying the area near the main building reaching from the side of the theatre, the back of the temple room and cottage. Every spring and summer guests are greeted with an array of hanging baskets, flower pouches and troughs with a wide range of flowers including geraniums, floriferous, pansies, fuchsias and a large variety of petunias.

June 2013

Temple to see the flower displays. They are wonderful”. Indeed, guests are joyful and inspired to develop something similar in their own gardens.” “This area is adorned with exotic tropical plants”, explained Vrajnath das standing in the square enclosure outside the back of the temple room. “This central covered area can be used for summer yajnas.”

“We are trying to bring out the best of the English summer,” explained Dwarka Puri das, “The beauty of the flowers gives life, spirit and joy to the devotees and guests. It will uplift everyone’s consciousness.” “Recently I overheard a local talking to another local,” added Douglas, “he said: “you must go to the Bhaktivedanta

Bhakta Terry

On Sunday 2nd June Bhakta Terry unfortunately lost his battle with cancer. Working in the Manor’s Garden department, he was a familiar face on the grounds and being a practical man he also helped with a variety of maintenance projects. His most high profile service, however, was working as an integral part of the Ratha Yatra team where for 25 years he helped in festival in the UK and continental Europe.

A Lake filled with magic like that continued from page 1... festivals in the future,” explained Head Pujari Gadadhara das. “The event was designed to enhance people’s spiritual lives and festival experience by using the natural beauty of the Manor’s lake”. Manor schoolteacher Moksha Laksmi’s reaction to the spectacle epitomised the thoughts of everyone present: “The boat lila was the kind of scene I would like to see passing by my eyes during my last moments in life.”

Richard Harrington, MP for Watford and Mrs Harrington joined other special guests at the Ramanavami festival including the Mayor of Harrow Cllr Nizam Ismail and the Mayor of Barnet Cllr Brian Schama

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Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter

June 2013

JANMASHTAMI 2013 Janmastami 2013 is soon approaching and preparation are already underway and Pandava Sena have a new and exciting production planned.

Krishna Chaitanya Patel also regularly helps in creating the backdrops for the Pandava Sena tent: ‘We are doing really well as the art group, and a lot of people are coming down to help. There’s so much enthusiasm, it’s insane!’ As well as setting the scene, auditions have been taking place to cast youth for once again, a dramatic and touching performance.

This year, many young youths are already getting together every week to put together an amazing new show. This years show will entail the journey of an old soul who overcomes many difficulties in his path before he finally turns to self realisation and spirituality.

Krishna Chaitanya Patel Age: 18 A-Levels Student -

How did you find out about Psena? I first found out about Psena in 2007 but I was to young to join so I would always sneak into the Psena Janmastami tents. But then in 2011 April time Abhishek prabhu invited me to go to Jamming so i went and ever since i have been taking part in Psena.

What did you like about the events? Pandava Sena hope to make this year special since it is the auspicious occasion of the 40th anniversary of the installation of Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda’s. As exams are approaching an end, there will be countless opportunities for more youth to get involved in drawing, painting, setting up and acting for the pleasure of Their Lordships.

The beginning stages of the preparations involves an artistic hand and eye, where specially For more details and to see videos crafted backdrops are being of previous trips visit www.psena. made to set the scene in this com years production. Shyam Dattani is currently involved with the preparations and said: ‘Janmastami preparation is amazing- with so many innovative and interesting projects that youth can get involved in; from acting, to painting. There’s something for everyone! It’s a really exciting opportunity for youth to serve with each other and help to celebrate Radha Gokulananda’s 40th Anniversary.’

what i really like is that no matter who you are you will always find good friends in psena its a very welcoming youth group.

What do you do in Psena? I am the camera man for harrow Jamming i record the programs and up load them to YouTube and i also create promo vids for the Jamming. I am really interested in art and animation and in my spare time i like to make movies.

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Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter

June 2013

Govindas opens in Nottingham

A new branch of Govindas Restaurant has opened its doors at 7-9 Thurland Street in Nottingham. The head chef Sailendriya dasi explained to the local media that “When it comes to vegetarian cooking I am very Indianinspired. I want people to understand that Indian food is glorious.” We also have

world cuisine lunch

Documentary takes a Leap forward

buffet and café, with daily specials,” explained Sarvamangala dasi.“There’s a wide selection of food for people of all tastes. For example there is also cake and samosas. We were also awarded 5 stars by the Environmental Health and Food Safety Officer” she explained. Opening times: 11am - 6pm Monday - Saturday

New Ahimsa Products

10 Hour kirtans

Ahimsa slaughter-free milk have expanded their repertoire of dairy products. Plain yoghurt, raw milk, soft cheese, haloumi cheese, paneer, ghee and matki yoghurt are now available in Radharani’s Bakery at the Manor and via the Ahimsa website.

The congregational chanting of the names of Lord Krishna is the cornerstone of spiritual life and with this in mind, there will be monthly 10 Hour Kirtans as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations until Diwali this year.

Check the Manor’s website Facebook page for more details.


The film documentary about ISKCON called Leap received the State Quality Award in Finland, given for high quality production. Leap was screened in Helsinki and at the Tarto Estonia World Film Festival in March, to a good response. It was filmed by Jouko Aaltonen (pictured far left) and funded largely by Winchester University.

Krishna Culture European Tour


For the first year, The Krishna Culture Festival Tour will be taking place in Europe. The tour has taken young devotees all across America, Canada and Mexico for 18 years, taking part in Rathayatras, Cultural Festivals, Kirtan events, service to temples and unforgettable experiences. Join them for 34 days, 11 countries and many festivals!


July 2013 Wed 3 Mon 8 Fri 19 Mon 22 Tue 23 Sat 27

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Yogini Ekadasi Disapp of Sri Gadahara Pandita & Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur (fast till noon) Sayana Ekadasi Guru Purnima, Disapp of Srila Sanatana Gosvami Chaturmasya begins (fast from green leafy vegetables for one month) Month of Shravana begins Disapp of Srila Gopal Bhatta Goswami

Bhaktivedanta Manor Dharam Marg · Hilfield Lane Aldenham · Herts (for sat-nav only, please use postcode WD25 8DT) 01923 851000 Please send your news, photos and comments to: Radha Mohan das

© 2013, All articles & photographs copyright of Bhaktivedanta Manor

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