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OGX APPOINTMENT PITCHNOTE• Always be smartly dressed and prepare with all documents. • Carry presentation on laptop for every appointment. • Be confident and know what you are talking. • Talk with conviction and like professional not like a student. • It has to be conversation not one sided thing. • Please sound intelligent and aware not someone who don’t have any clue about world issues. • Google the institution beforehand. GREETINGSGood morning/afternoon. It’s a pleasure meeting you I am XYZ, Exchange coordinator/project head/VP from AIESEC in XYZ. INTRO- Cover in one slide of the presentation. 1. World’s largest youth run organization 2. Present in over 110 countries and 1100 universities 3. 63 years old and 30 years in India 4. Everyone in the org below 25 yrs on a voluntary basis. 5. 20 +cities in India RESEARCH SECTIONFirstly find out what all courses you want to tap and also clear few things like• Engineer colleges will demand for TT we should make sure that appropriate EPs should get one. • MT internship is not provided to everyone, EPs are been selected for the same on the basis of their CVs. • DT internship is basically provided to 1st and 2nd year students majorly for rest it depends on the amount of interest they hold for the same. Ask about the institutionAs what all were the departments, how many students are presently in need of internships and also what kind of partnership can be done with the institution in terms of finance, in-kind, cim etc. HOW WE FIT IN The EPs can go for internship in summer and winter cycle for minimum 6 to 12 weeks. So we can take the timings for the exact date of information seminar and interview. Sales pitch for an appointment- explaining AIESEC's relevance and the internship benefits like exposure, experience, leadership, diversity etc. FOLLOW UP

Ask them how they want you to follow up. Take their card and tell them you will send them the minutes of the meeting and soft copy of the proposal. Leave the hard copy with them. Thank them for their time. Smile and leave. Send out a professional sounding mail with proper minutes.

TIPS • PREPAREDNESS Know the institution very well Research it and display your knowledge in the meeting Ask GOOD questions (the questions about the institute that the dean might not have heard, not boring questions)


This isn’t about having confidence in yourself, it’s about displaying confidence to the prospect so they believe in you. Act professionally before, during and after the meeting Use testimonials – get your current institution on board to call or write to the prospect Social Proof – demonstrate that other similar institutions are already partnered with AIESEC


Follow-up and don’t give up – institution move much slower than AIESEC, colleges have other priorities than AIESEC Call to action – ensure that all of your correspondence requests something to happen Sense of urgency – use something to move the prospect along such as deadlines due to an external event. Conferences, or University semesters that are ending and the best graduates will only be available for a short time


You can never practice enough, and neither can other sales-AIESECers. Keep training and actively meeting with institute/colleges and looking at the results. The best practice is real practice when you actually go on meetings.

VISION The aim of the organization is to sensitize the youth of today towards the various issues and make them more culturally sensitive people no matter whatever they take up in life in order to make this world a better place to live in.

GIPo|Mumbai|Pitch for college or institute partnerships  
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