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The AIESEC exchange experience is composed of two complementing elements, the Incoming exchange and the Outgoing exchange. Outgoing Exchange deals with all issues concerning an internship abroad. This includes the selection of Exchange Participants (EPs), preparing them for their stay abroad, taking care of them during their time abroad as well as helping them to resettle into their home environment through reflection and discussion with fellow EPs. Moreover, the OGX team will help with formalities like visa, insurance and health care information, etc. The main focus in this area lies on the preparation and the continuous support during and after the experience abroad. An internship with AIESEC offers the opportunity to challenge the Exchange Participants’ worldviews as well as to change behavioral patterns and to have an impact on his environment. The OGX team helps to turn the exchange experience into a valuable and exciting one not only by offering preparation and reintegration seminars but by offering various opportunities to experience proactive learning and cultural sensitivity, which means reflecting on one’s own country and stereotypes as well as reflecting on foreign countries and stereotypes.

Pre Recruitment Together with your TM you need to plan the promotion according to your target groups. You should answer the following the questions: Where do we find students with the required profile? What are they interested in? How can AIESEC get their attention (What attracts business /IT /social science / students to join)? What messages about AIESEC would be interesting for them? How can we use these messages in our marketing campaign? Where should we market our campaign to connect with as many students who have the required profile?

Why EP Planning?

Only a substantiated EP Planning leads to a realistic goal setting EP Planning decreases uncertainties and gives you security EP Planning supports growth and helps you to tap your full potential EP Planning is the basis for any further actions in the OGX area, it influences your strategic and operational planning A substantiated EP Planning leads to an improvement of your realization rate EP Planning is the first step to gain a long term perspective Enabling life changing experiences should not be left to chance Achieving goals leads to great motivation

How to do EP Planning? Identify the potential in your LC Get the data from the internal survey. Who plans to go on exchange during the next year? Identify the potential of the EP Pool and your university Based on that decide how your recruitment will look like (e.g. special X focus, special DT recruitment etc.) If possible analyse the recruitment of the past years (how many EPs did you recruit per ALIE [AIESEC Local Information Evening]) This is the basis for the number of EPs you plan to recruit besides of the ones from your LC Take your LC target figure and add the number of EPs you plan to get out of the recruitment (average number of recruitment of EPs in past + number of EPs you plan to get from recruitment that is different from the recruiting before e.g. special X focused recruitment, pocket recruitment, out of cycle recruitment or LC-LC cooperation) Now you have a crude result

Case Study This Case Study gives you an example of an EP Planning. Data: The LC Tequilacity (LC TC) has a full EB. Christoph is elected as VPOGX. LC TC has 25 members, is situated at an university with 20.000 students, the finance area is quite healthy, there is a board of advisors with 4 members. The OGX area shows all necessary standard processes. There is an AC every Semester, every EP is supported by an OGX team member and the LC TC is hosting an ICLS during the next months. Pool analysis is done on a regular basis. Throughout several projects AIESEC in general is present at the university but there is no specific exchange promotion. Christophs predecessor has not been very active in internal marketing. The OGX Team has 3 members that stay for at least one semester in the team. The LC TC achieved the following realizations during the past years: 2007 – 3 EPs realized, 2008 – 2 EPs realized, 2009 – 3 EPs realized.

How does Christophs EP Planning look like? Potential in the LC TC Christoph talks to his VP TM and sadly gets to know that the TpT is not in use. But the VP TM provides him with information of the latest done PDTs. 4 members plan to do their AIESEC internship within the next year. Analysing the PDTs and the experience he made with the members Christoph decides to rely on 3 of them. Christoph thinks about that number and comes to the conclusion that 3 members out of 25 that plan to become EP seems to be quite low. He decides to focus on internal marketing next semester. Christophs LC target figure: 3 EPs Potential EP Poll / University Christoph takes a look in the Poolanalysis his predecessor showed him in his Take Over but he does not find any analysis of the university. He knows that up to now the external marketing focused on economic course of studies. He takes some time for research on the homepage of the university and gets a list of all courses of studies. Some of them fit perfectly to the situation in the EP Pool. Therefore Christoph decides to plan X focused recruitment with special focus on the newly identified courses of studies. Christoph knows from his predecessor, that during the last VP term he recruited 3 EPs that went on exchange in the same semester. Christoph starts a documentation of these numbers. As Christoph plans a X focused recruitment he plans to recruit more EPs than his predecessor. 6 EPs seem to be realistic for Christoph.

Adjustment of the crude result Christoph knows that normally one EP does not pass the selection process. After looking in for the realization rate of LC TC (~ 60 % during the past 3 years) Christoph gets his final EP Planning result of 5 EPs (9 EPs minus 1 EP that does not pass selection minus 3 EPs because of realization rate). As Christoph knows that he will get some new team members for his OGX team soon the result of 5 EPs has not to be adjusted anymore.

Internal Marketing This needs to be done in coordination with VP IM and VP TM. During the process of selection & induction the VPOGX and the VPTM are supposed to work together closely as both processes are relevant for either people who want to go on exchange as well as those heading for a leadership position within AIESEC. To make both processes more efficient and suitable we propose the following flow for your LC. It is an ideal flow that you should adapt to the needs of your LC in terms of timeline (try to keep it as short as possible) , inherent processes and available human resources

Promote OGX at LCM It is important to present the OGX area and interesting internship opportunities during the LCM. What can I as VP OGX and my OGX team do? • Time to Match on the LCMs: • Present newly added TN Forms for the whole LC (printed for every LCM participant). • Try to tell more about a certain TN form and explain every section in it. • Present video messages done by the outgoers, who are currently making their internships. • Organize a live stream (e.g. Via Skype) with the outgoers, who are currently abroad. • Exchange Program Fair: Present current exchange programs . • Country Presentations: Can be done by returnees or interns you having in your LC. • The advantage of these presentations is that returnee can be better integrated in the LC right after his internship and the intern is given the opportunity to share his cultural background • Use youtube videos, which give you a possibility to motivate you members to do an @ internship • Give more information on the exchange process to your members explaining the OGX-Flow

At your @ office What can I as VP OGX and my OGX team do?

Hang out the current TN forms on the information desk. Keep your OGX world map with the current outgoers pointed on the map updated. Collect the printed returnee reports in one folder so they can be available for each member. Prepare the Outgoer Booklets and keep the filled ones in the office .Outgoer Booklets can be also specified for each country.

At the social events What can I as VP OGX and my OGX team do?

Organize dinners with interns and returnees, where they may cook special dishes from their countries or the countries the have been on internship. Organize a Global Village event. Into this event exchange students can be involved as well in order to create a more powerful @ impact at your university.

Organize a "running dinner" where you can hop from one aiesec apartment to another having a tasty food from international cuisines.

At the university What can I as VP OGX and my OGX team do? Use I am an AIESECer campaign. Our organization has so many people with great stories about what they have learnt, what they experienced and how they developed themselves on a personal level in AIESEC. The “I am an AIESECer” campaign resumes their stories the stories of German and AIESECers from the global network – and makes them visible to our external environment. Create eXchange flyers for university marketing campaign.

Expectations Check 1. Which country/region/city do you prefer? Does he have some special wishes about the geographical area? Are there countries where he could never imagine going to? If yes, why? Is there a certain level of flexibility? Checkpoint:Flexibility concerning location of the internship (esp. Brazil, China, Turkey our major OGX partners) 2.Which foreign languages knowledge do you like to develop? Which further knowledge of languages, besides english, does he have? Are there any languages knowledge which he would like to develop? Checkpoint: does not just want to go to English-speaking countries 3. Name the start and duration of your internship Set a certain time frame for his internship in order to plan the upcoming processes (Assessment Center and english test if he didn't attend so far, entering form in etc.). Also check if there is a certain flexibility concerning the start and end date.

4. Name your preferred area of work (Business Administration, Tourism, Human Resource). In which area of work would he like to do his internship? Which backgrounds would fit, considering his studies and further working experiences? Is there a certain level of flexibility concerning the different working areas? Is there anything which isn't possible at all? Checkpoint: corresponding study subjects, field of work not too limited 5. Which expectations do you have towards the company? (Size, firm's philosophy‌) Is there any preference concerning the kind of company? Can he also imagine working in the NGO area or would he prefer getting in touch with a big, international company? Checkpoint: corresponding study subjects, field of work not too limited 6. Your overall impression plus check of existence of suitable TNs in

Pre Exchange This is an important step where members that are interested in the exchange experiences are passing through a second selection that will assess the competencies and skills to be able to be realized in the exchange program. Also this is a step where all the logistical steps are taken from AIESEC side together with a comprehensive professional and cultural preparation before the internship. Because a detailed documentation of every step an EP goes through is crucial,. It helps you to keep all your information concerning your EP in one central place. It includes all guidelines that are necessary concerning: EP Selection, Matchability Check, Expectation Check, Tracking, Contact abroad, Returnee PDT

Documents Check The Application-Form for a traineeship abroad should contain the following documents: • Application Form(useful for the matchability check) • Curriculum Vitae in English or Spanish (Spanish CV applies only if the EP states a preference to go to countries of the Spanish Speaking Growth Network) For your CV please read the section below. • Letter of Motivation • Student Contract • Copy of pre-dregree or courses of studies

CV Guide The CV which is used to help you find a job abroad should be different from the CV you send to companies in Germany. This guide will provide you some suggestions about compiling your CV for international internships in AIESEC. The CV should be no more than 2 pages, neatly formatted and accurately spell and grammar checked. The CV should also be accompanied a by cover letter, no more than 1 page and signed by you at then end of the letter. If needed, also attach your EP form at the end of your CV. For normal cases, the CV may be divided into to the following sections. The Objective Education Work Experience Activities Skills and Languages

Objective The objective is sometimes unnecessary if you have a cover letter. If you do decide to add an Objective section, tailor it to show your interest in the business/industry or working abroad. Education The University Recruiters in your country would be familiar with the university which you are enrolled in, but most foreign recruiters would not. It often helps if you describe briefly the standard of your school. For example: Economics, University of Augsburg (One of the finest in Germany) The Degree Use full name of your major and degree rather than abbreviations. For example: Bachelor of Science rather than B.S Relevant Classes This section should be brief listing of classes that you have taken that are directly related to the field of internship you are applying for.

Work Experience Company name Some popular German companies may be unheard of in most other parts of the world. So it is better to add some precise descriptions behind the company name. AIESEC Work Experiences AIESEC members can list their positions and main responsibilities as well as achievement in AIESEC as work experiences. Describe AIESEC experiences If you are an AIESEC member and have attended local or international conferences, lead project groups or simply taken part in trainee reception, do mention so. AIESEC activities always look good on CVs. Activities List international experiences If you have traveled to more than 5 countries, say so. Likewise if you have worked/studied abroad, participated in exchange programs, attended a foreign conference or been a member of any international or cultural organizations. Names Avoid using group and event names without an explanation. Always explain what it is about. Skills and Languages Skills Always list all programming and computer skills you possess. If you are highly skilled at a particular musical instrument or sport, you might list these as well. For instance, mentioning that you play football would make your CV stand out, if it went to a football crazy Latin American country.

Exchange Consultant The Exchange Consultant is neither a “Buddy”, nor a “Mentor” or a “Coach”. It is a Job Description for an OGX Team member. The Exchange Consultant’s job begins after the Selection of the Exchange Participant (“EP”). The Exchange Consultant (“EC”) is required to have a good understanding of the OGX Flow and a broad knowledge about the necessary documentation,, visa regulations

Learning Log In 1987, a UNESCO study showed: “In no way does an international experience automatically lead to a greater cultural appreciation and insight. In fact, in many instances, an international experience leaves the participants with more stereotypes and prejudices than when they started, despite the good intentions of the organizers. Unless education is a critical part of each international experience, these opportunities will continue to work against the very purpose for which they were established.� (Meeting of Governmental and Non-Governmental Officials Responsible for Programs of Youth Exchange, Rome, 22-26 June 1987) The internship with AIESEC is one of the most unforgettable learning experiences the organization can offer. The EP will get to know different cultures, different ways of working, different people with different mentalities from all over the world and new ways of seeing things. The EP will (hopefully) enjoy it a lot and keep it in his mind for a lifetime. A helpful tool to help store and reflect on his memories is the Learning Log.

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