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“The Airfloater” by Ciné-Qua Non is made by an innovative grip company in Belgium. It’s a camera head that comfortably gives you a handheld feeling without the weight on your shoulders. The bottom of the Airfloater head mounts to any tripod or dolly with standard fittings: flat or ball. The top is fitted with a Ronford Quick-Release Touch ‘n Go style base.

A heavy duty flexible “inner tube” type bladder is inflated with a small hand pump. You can pan a full 360° and tilt 18° in any direction. The red knobs are used to lock the the tilt. Airfloater comes in an optional flight case with extra compartments for bases, camera plates and tools.

Koenraad Firlefijn ofAirfloater and BenoitTheunissen ofKGSD 76

M ar 2010

Key Grip System s

New Fujinon Zoom

Belgian Grips also make some of the best thought-out dolly track. K GS designs, manufactures, rents and sells a line of innovative and well-made grip equipment. H aving been a rental company for more than 25 years, K GS Belgium has designed dolly track that saves time and money on any production. Imagine track without sleepers, and track that supports itself without needing wedges for leveling. Interchangeable cross-pieces make the track compatible with many different gauge wheelbases and widths. After having manufactured more than three thousand feet of track and many pieces of equipment for rental, K GS is now offering some of these items for sale. U sing the best alloys and the precise machining, the track is strong, lightweight and the sections snap together seamlessly, without bumps. They are big in Europe; it’s just a matter of time before we see them here in the U SA. H ere are some of the widths we encounter; one set of K GS track would handle all of them: Narrow Pee W ee Fisher Cranes Fisher 10 crab Cranes Technocranes

407 mm 629 mm 880 mm 933 mm 1000 mm 1450 mm

Check out K ey Grip Systems online:

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New Fujinon 18-85 mm T2.0 zoom at TSF. PL mount. W eighs 7 kg / 15.4 lbs. Close focus: 2.7 ft. Front diameter: 143 mm.

An Am erican in Paris

M ore Belgians: Camera assistant Philippe Piron, and FrédéricGérard K aczek, AAC (right, living in V ienna): showing the Reflect Lighting System (RLS). It’s a system of specially designed parallel beam spotlights that provide single-source lighting, with custom reflectors to shape the light and bounce it with minimal loss and lots of control. Extensively used on “The W hite Ribbon” by Christian Berger, AAC, nominated for best cinematography O scar in 2010.

Jim Sanfilippo is a gaffer turned BusinessW eek top 50 Tech Startups. H is Nila LED Lights range from the Boxer (draws 250 watts, output equivalent to 2K ) up to the Nila SL (draws 850 watts, output equivalent to 6K space light or 2.5K H M I. M ar 2010


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