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6105 La Granada, Suite O | Rancho Santa Fe, CA | 92067 Phone: 858.756.8770 |

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“Discretion and quality of service are paramount

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President of Estates Division, Prudential California Realty

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“B rian Guiltinan brings world class service to your multi-million dollar real estate needs. He brings experience, personal service and professionalism to your unique selling or buying requirements. Premier real estate opportunities require a professional like Brian to understand and deliver extraordinary results.”

~ Maureen Sullivan, Publisher, San Diego Magazine

Responsible for 75% of San Diego County’s residential sales over $20 million

a l u x u ry e s tat e i s n o o r d i n a ry s a l e . you need more than a real estate agent

Congratul ations on representing the buyer on the recent sale of the most e xpensive home in San Diego Count y’s history at $ 35

acquisition of The Guiltinan “The  G r o u p st r e n gt h e n s o u r

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Named one of San Diego Magazine’s Top 50 People to Watch 2007

in Southern California. The

Luxury Real Estate Advisor

and his team within Prudential

partnering of Brian Guiltinan

California Re alt y reinforces

Active in Philanthropic Endeavors

A native San Diegan and a skilled negotiator, Guiltinan is a luxury real estate advisor specializing in trophy properties valued in excess of $20 million. Guiltinan has been responsible for 75% of the transactions over $20 million in San Diego County.

our commitment to le ad with e xcellence and proven talent in the re al estate markets

Guiltinan caters to the unique needs of this niche market and recognizes his clientele need the highest level of service. He is one of a few seasoned agents nationwide that understand the intricacies of discreetly and meticulously managing the investments of the affluent. He provides the highest level of personalized service and hand selects only the best resources and companies available as his partners.

S o l d P r op e r t i e s 19 Homes

4 Homes

President and CEO of HomeServices

“I can, without any reservation whatsoever,

34 Homes

recommend Brian to anyone contemplating

The specialized needs of Guiltinan’s affluent clientele are met with first-class marketing. Utilizing local, national and international advertising brings properties listed with Guiltinan maximum exposure to wealthy buyers. Discover for yourself why Brian Guiltinan is your best choice when making a purchase or looking to sell an existing estate.

a real estate transaction. You will find his

35 Homes

131 Homes

knowledge, negotiating skills and the personal energy and dedication he brings to any project

254 Homes

313 Homes

92 Homes

San Diego

Los Angeles

Orange County

of three of the four most

$5-$10 Million

$10-$20 Million

$20+ Million

he is truly involved in, extremely beneficial.”

County Assessor / Recorder / Clerk

“He (Brian) will be a huge asset to his

~ William S. Lerach, Lerach Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP

“He ( Brian ) has been my 

e xclusive re al estate broker

e xpensive homes sold, all

~ Gregory J. Smith

~ Ron Peltier,

involved in the transactions

we serve.

million. You have now been

over $20 million !

~C  harles E. williamson, President, aig private client group

you need an experienced real estate advisor.

Brian Guiltinan, President of the Estates Division of one of the most successful real estate companies in Southern California, understands the high-end real estate market.

~ Ronald J. Judy

President, Founder and CEO, The Guiltinan Group 2003-2006

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President of Estates Division Prudential California Realty

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when insuring high-value residences. It’s nice to


on at le ast se ven homes. T wo Source Data: 1Q 2007 Local MLS, All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

so l d g a l l e r y

were subsequently sold at

Homes that have set the record highest sale in its respective zip code Del Mar $35 Million

La Jolla $23.5 Million

Rancho Santa Fe $22 Million

La Jolla $9.7 Million

a price higher than the Rancho Santa Fe $9.7 Million

Del Mar $8.4 Million

Rancho Santa Fe $8 Million

listing. He has a solid

Rancho Pacifica $6.45 Million

knowledge of the re al estate

clients and our company in the luxury

industry, and I have been very

high end home market.”

impressed with his dedication


on e ach project.

~ Madeleine A. Pickens

Brian Guiltinan's PR Brochure  

Outline's Brian's performance in the luxury real estate market and affiliations.

Brian Guiltinan's PR Brochure  

Outline's Brian's performance in the luxury real estate market and affiliations.