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Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  

BGSU Track  and  Field  Club   10-­‐11  Recruitment  Guide   Sophomore  CJ  Jacobson  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Sophomore JJ  Meholic  

BGSU Track  Club  Information   Runners  of  BGTC  abide  by  the  4  C’s:   Competitiveness,  Competition,  Comradery,  and   Community  

Bowling Green  State  University  offers  a  team  for  runners  to  come   together  and  compete  in  track  and  field  events  around  the  United   States.   The  Bowling  Green  Track  Club  is  a  group  of  men   and  women  who  compete  at  collegiate  level  track   meets.  Although  BGSU  has  dropped  the  Men's   Track  and  Field  program,  BGTC  was  created  to   give  men  and  women  the  opportunity  to  compete   at  NCAA  Division  I  track  meets,  without  having   the  pressure  of  maintaining  a  scholarship  status   at  the  university.    The  idea  of  the  track  club  was   to  make  a  team  that  felt  like  a  varsity   intercollegiate  athletic  sport.    BGTC  competes  at   many  DI,  DII,  and  DIII  schools,  as  a  varsity  team   would,  and  at  many  meets  gets  ranked  among  the   top  competition  in  the  nation.  

Senior John  Eggleston  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Team Information   Team  Practices  

Schools We  Compete  With  

BGSU Track  Club  practices  Monday  through   Friday,  usually  starting  in  September  with   small  workouts,  then  working  up  to  our   indoor  season,  that  starts  in  December.     Practice  times  for  the  upcoming  2010  -­‐2011   season  will  be  announced  at  our  orientation   meeting  in  August.    Our  idea  for  student   athletes  are:  You  are  a  student  first,  athlete   second,  so  you  are  NOT  required  to  be  at   every  practice.    Many  athletes  have  classes   during  practices  times,  and  we  understand!     We  will  give  you  customized  workouts  that   you  can  compeplete  on  your  own  when  you   have  time.  

University of  Akron   Kent  State  University   Defiance  College   Florida  A&M  University   Cedarville  University   Eastern  Michigan   University  of  Findlay   University  of  Cincinatti   University  of  Detroit  Mercy   Baldwin  Wallace  College   Hillsdale  College   University  of  Toledo   *this  is  just  a  list  of  some  institutions,   the  team  may  compete  with  other   schools  not  listed  here  

Club Dues   As  most  sports  clubs  at  BGSU  have,  BGSU  Track  Club  has  club  dues.    We   keep  the  costs  down  because  we  know  that  you’re  a  college  student:   you’re  paying  for  an  education  that  costs  a  lot.    Club  dues  will  be   announced  at  the  orientation  meeting  in  August.    In  the  past,  dues  have   been  around  $30-­‐50  per  season,  so  if  you  only  want  to  run  outdoor   track,  you  only  have  to  pay  one  price.    Dues  help  pay  for  uniforms,   sports  equipment,  etc.  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


President: John  Eggleston   Years  President:  Second  Year     Class:  Senior     Hometown:  Wooster,  Ohio     High  School:  Wadsworth  High  School     Events:  Distance  

John Eggleston   2010  -­‐  2011  President  

This is  John’s  second  year  as  BGSU   Track  Club  President,  and  John’s   fourth  year  on  the  team.    John’s   responsible  for  the  management  of   all  athletes,  coordinating  meets,   representing  the  team,  and   overseeing  the  officers.    In  High   School,  John  started  running  Track   his  senior  year  of  high  school,  and   ran  the  400m,  800m,  and  1600m.  He   also  ran  Cross  Country  his  senior   year,  dropping  about  9  minutes  and   45  seconds  off  his  time,  finishing  the   season  with  a  22:00.    Born  March  21,   1988,  John  is  the  son  of  Renee  Hanna   and  John  Eggleston.  He  is  majoring  in   Business  Education  with  a  side  focus   of  Criminal  Justice.  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Vice President:  Ryan  Stein   Years  Vice  President:  First  Year     Class:  Sophomore     Hometown:  Perrysburg,  Ohio     High  School:  Perrysburg  High  School     Events:  Sprints  

In his  first  year  as  Vice  President,   Ryan  Stein  has  contributed  a  lot   of  success  to  the  BGSU  Track  and   Field  Club  team.    Ryan’s   responsibilities  are  to  oversee   the  team,  and  helping  the   President  schedule  meets.     Ryan’s  leadership  of  overseeing   the  sprinters  and  hurdlers  has   been  a  great  asset  to  our  team.       Born  December  13,  1990,  Ryan  is   the  son  of  Patrick  and  Kelly  Stein.   He  is  majoring  in  Psychology  and   Criminal  Justice.  

Ryan Stein   2010  -­‐  2011     Vice  President  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Treasurer: Jeff  Ehler   Years  Treasurer:  Third  Year     Class:  Senior     Hometown:  Cincinnati,  Ohio     High  School:  Lasalle     Events:  Distance  /  XC  

This is  Jeff’s  third  year  as  BG   Track  Club  Treasurer.    Jeff  has   helped  the  team  receive  the   necessary  funds  to  travel  to   meets  around  the  United  States.     Son  of  Ronald  and  Barbara  Ehler,   Jeff  was  born  Feb.  2,  1989,  has   an  older  brother  Scott,  and  is   majoring  in  sport  management.     Jeff  also  runs  Cross  Country  for   the  BGSU  Falcons.  

Jeff Ehler   2010  -­‐  2011  Treasurer  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Trip Advisor:  Anthony  Nolfi   Years  Trip  Advisor:  First  Year     Class:  Sophomore     Hometown:  Ravenna,  Ohio     High  School:  Southeast  High  School     Events:  Throws  

Anthony Nolfi   2010  -­‐  2011     Trip  Advisor  

This is  Anthony’s  first  year  as  Trip   Advisor.    Anthony’s  responsibilities   will  be  to  organize  all  trips  to  and   from  meets.    Anthony  has   contributed  to  the  team  in  many   ways,  including  helping  organize   throwing  practices,  in  which  he  was   promoted  to  throwing  captain.  While   in  High  School,  Anthony  competed  in   track  and  field  and  was  named   Portage  Trail  Conference  Honorable   Mention  in  the  Shot  Put  (37’6”)  and   Discus  (124’4”).    Born  December  28,   1990,  Anthony  is  the  son  of  Edward   and  Sheri  Nolfi.  Anthony  has  a   brother  Brian,  and  is  majoring  in   Criminal  Justice.  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Public Relations/Marketing:  Ryan  Krobath   Years  PR/Marketing:  First  Year     Class:  Junior     Hometown:  Perrysburg,  Ohio     High  School:  Central  Catholic  High  School     Events:  Distance  

Ryan Krobath   2010  -­‐  2011   PR/Marketing  

This is  Ryan’s  first  year  as  Public   Relations  and  Marketing   Coordinator.    Ryan’s  responsibility   will  be  to  advertise  and  represent  the   team  in  any  form  of  public  relations   manner.    Ryan  has  many  great  ideas   on  how  to  promote  our  team  to  not   only  the  student  community,  but   incoming  freshmen  as  well.    In  high   school,  Ryan  ran  Cross  Country  and   ran  a  17:45  in  the  5K.  Ryan  also  ran   Track,  running  the  2  Mile  in  11:12   and  the  1  Mile  in  5:05.    Ryan  is  the   son  of  Keith  and  Jamie  Krobath,  has  a   brother  Samuel,  majoring  in  Exercise   Science.  

Bowling G   reen  State  University  Track  Club  


Relay Team  Top  Performances     Indoor  2009   Tom  Wright  Classic     4x400m  Relay ..................3:37.42     All-­‐Ohio  Indoor  Championships   4x400m  Relay ..................3:38.43     Kent  State  Tune-­‐Up   4x400m  Relay ................3:29.58*  

Outdoor 2009   Dick  Small  Invitational   4x100m  Relay ..................... 45.57   4x400m  Relay .................. 3:35.56  

2010 - 2011 Athlete Recruitment Guide  

Recruitment guide for potential 2010 - 2011 athletes

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