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As a recent newlywed, embarking on this new adventure seemed like a fun and exciting way to begin this second part of my life. With babies, kids and family on the mind, what better way to learn and move ahead than with a publication centering on family and community. My partners certainly share this same passion of bringing Bowling Green easy, fun and economical family activities as you will see throughout our first issue.


3 Fall Festivals & Events 8-9 Event Calendar 14 Holiday Events Local fall-themed events!

Jenn, our Senior Copy and Research Editor, has embraced our Kentucky charm from the moment she arrived. You may notice her recycling bin is a bit bigger than most (thanks Jenn!), and she certainly does compost a LOT of items but after living with the natives for 6 years, her Canadian accent will not give her away anymore. She will be sharing tips on do-it-yourself projects including costumes, gifts, decorations and much more.

Kid, Teen & Family Events

12 Events to Get You in the Spirit

Katie, our Publisher and Creative Director, has been my personal source of local information for years now. Aside from her savvy graphic design skills, she also has her finger on the pulse of BG and will be bringing us the latest events, news and general information on what’s new in town.


4 Halloween Costumes 12 Homemade Gifts 13 Decorations Cool Costumes You Can Make

From our keyboards to your kitchen tables, we hope that you will make Bowling Green Parent your source for local living! Enjoy.

Special Tidings from the Heart

Lara Park, Editor

Deck the Halls... Homemade

call for photos How would you like for your child to be featured in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2011 issue of Bowling Green Parent magazine? Our theme for next issue’s call for photos is “My Favorite Valentine.” Our editors will select the top photos, and one of them just might be featured on the cover of this issue! To enter, email high res .jpg files to: Deadline to submit is November 30, 2010.

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10 Cold & Flu Season 11 Avoiding Child Obesity 15 Holiday Foods Feeling Blue from Cold & Flu

Help Your Child be Healthy

Serve Up Something Special


Bowling Green Parent is a quarterly publication for Bowling Green / Warren County and surrounding areas. The publication is free and can be obtained at approximately 100 local family friendly businesses and 10,000 copies are produced of each issue.


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Keep the Kids Occupied

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All material and information, which appears in Bowling Green Parent Magazine, is presented for informational purposes only. Always consult your physician or child care expert if you have any questions concerning you or your Family’s well being. Bowling Green Parent Magazine presents all data as is, without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, and is not liable for its accuracy, for mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user’s reliance on information obtained in the magazine. Bowling Green Parent Magazine takes no responsibility as to the accuracy of statements in any of our articles or segments. We rely on independent writers and reader responses to present us with ideas and informational material.


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We Love South Central Kentucky

Nurturing the Less Fortunate



Local librarian picks seasonal stories

october/november/december 2010

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FALL FESTIVALS & EVENTS Fall brings colorful leaves, pumpkins, fresh apples and crisp temperatures, and on top of all that it brings the excitement of festivals! See page 8 for more events. ONGOING -Pumpkin Festival, Jackson’s Orchard, pick your own pumpkin patch, hayrides, corn maze, petting farm, pony rides, straw castle, slides, children’s activities, Sat. 8am6pm, Sun. 1-6 pm, 270-781-5303, -Chaney’s Corn Maze (thru the 31st), $6 admission, free scoop ice cream upon completing maze, 270-843-5567 -Invasion of the Scarecrows, Scottsville Square, Businesses, citizens, artists, and others create scenes with Scarecrows, 270-237-4782 (Oct. 4-30) -Trail of Scarecrows, Barren River State Resort Park, displays along a paved trail, 800-325-0057 (Oct. 1-31) OcTObER 1 -Fall Festival, Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary, 5-8pm OcTObER 2 -Pumpkin Festival, Metcalfe Co. -Logan Co. Tobacco Festival, 270-726-2206 (thru 9th) OcTObER 9

-Invasion of the Scarecrows Festival, Scottsville Square, 4pm, Live 50s & 60s band, antique car cruise-in, costume contest, magic show, food and craft booths, cake walk, cornhole tournament, outdoor movie, 270-237-4782 -Gamaliel Autumn Festival, Main Street, Pancake Breakfast 6-10am, 5k 8am, Parade 10am, booths, cruisein, quilt show, cake walk and more, 270-457-2901 OcTObER 15 -Fall Festival, Alvaton Elementary, 5-8:30pm -Fall Festival, Briarwood Elementary, 5:30-8pm -Fall Festival, Lost River Elementary, 4:30-6:30pm -Fall Festival, Potter Gray Elementary OcTObER 16 - 18 -Spookout Weekend, Barren River State Park, costume contests, pumpkin roll, trick or treating, 800-325-0057 OcTObER 22 -Fall Festival, W.R. McNeill Elementary, 5:30pm OcTObER 23 -Harvest on the Square, Butler Co., 10am-4pm -Jack-o-Lantern Jubilee, Riverview, 12-2pm, craft pumpkins with paper shapes, 270-843-5565

-Fall Festival, North Warren Elementary, 4-6:30pm OcTObER 24 -Bristow Fall Festival, Warren East High, 5-9pm OcTObER 29 -Fall Festival, Rich Pond Elementary -Halloween Pumpkin Party, Parker Bennett Ctr., 3:305:30pm, ages 6-13 yrs., free, costume contest, games OcTObER 30 -Museum Monster Mash, National Corvette Museum, noon-3pm, free activities, costume contest, trick-ortreating, games, crafts and more. 270-781-7973 -Halloween Fest, Kentucky Down Under, Horse Cave, 800-762-2869, (thru the 31) -Halloween Fest, Beaver Trail Park, Glasgow, trick or treating and games, 270-651-3811 OcTObER 31 -Halloween at Dinosaur World, free for kids ages 3-12 in costume when accompanied by adult, 270-773-4345 NOvEmbER 12 -Fall Festival, Cumberland Trace Elementary, 5:30-8pm SEE PAGE 8-9 FOR mORE EvENTS!

half off

All youth admission with coupon Expires: 12-31-10 BGPM

2818 nashville rd. bowling green




october/november/december 2010


do-it-yourself HALLOWEEN COSTUMES tips for safe Choosing the perfect costume each year is always such a highly anticipated event! With a little planning and some quality-spent time, you and your child can create a unique, one-of-a-kind costume. We have done the research for you and have found a few adorable, do-it-yourself costume ideas. Go ahead…..create an extra special memory this year!

One Kickin’ chicken! Approximate cost: $25 Materials required: • 3 white feather boas • Glue gun • Small bag of cotton batting • White leggings, ball hat & turtleneck (little on larger side) • Yellow rubber kitchen gloves • 2 styrofoam balls • 1 piece each of yellow, red and black felt • Cardboard for the chicken’s comb on top of hat

A very Sweet cupcake! Approximate cost: $25 Materials required: • 2 yards of white felt • Red paint • Hot glue gun • Toboggan (white) or white wig (bob style) • Bag of colorful pompoms (varying sizes) • Styrofoam ball (for cherry) and brown pipe cleaner (for stem) • White or silver leggings, white turtleneck • Silver lampshade (or white and spray paint silver), big enough to allow your child to walk comfortably • Suspenders or wide elastic ribbon (enough to go over your child’s shoulders and attach to the front and back of the lampshade comfortably)

Directions: 1. Remove the cage on the inside of the lampshade. Directions: 2. Have your child step into the lampshade (narrow part 1. Starting at the top of the turtleneck, begin gluing the feather on bottom), and have them hold the lampshade up to a boa onto the shirt, wrapping and circling the shirt as you comfortable position. continue down the body. Apply a generous amount of glue 3. Use your suspenders to secure the front and back of the to ensure that the boa is tightly secured. Continue wrapping lampshade over your child’s shoulders. If you are using wide until the entire shirt is covered. The tighter you wrap and elastic ribbon, sew or hot glue the ribbon into place. more layers you add, the fluffier the chicken will be! 4. With the lampshade secured to your child’s shoulders, cut 2. Using cardboard, cut out a comb for the top of your hat. your white felt into a shawl shape, cutting a small hole just Glue the red felt onto the comb. big enough to fit your child’s head through. Cut a hole for 3. Slice the base of the comb to make two flaps. Secure the each arm to fit through. flaps to the top of the white hat with hot glue. 5. Drape the bottom of the felt shawl over the top section of 4. Glue the yellow felt onto the brim of the hat. the lampshade and fold over to look nice. 5. Glue the styrofoam balls just above the brim for the eyes. 6. Secure the shawl to the lampshade with hot glue. Cut out and glue black felt circles to the eyes for pupils. 7. Glue pom poms all over the felt shawl to act as sprinkles. 6. Fill the fingers of the rubber gloves with cotton batting 8. If you are not using a white toboggan, use the excess (really stuff them!) white felt to cover your colored toboggan. 7. Using your child’s old running shoes, insert a shoe into one 9. Paint the styrofoam ball red to make the cherry. When dry, rubber glove (palm of glove facing down). Pull the glove tight push the pipe cleaner (stem) into the top of the cherry. so that the fingers kind of point up. This will help prevent 10. Hot glue the cherry to the top of the white hat. tripping. Secure the rubber glove by pulling it tight at the heel 11. Place the hat on your child’s head. and tying with a piece of string. Hot glue as necessary. Pictured: Mason Ritter (chicken), Max Buchanon (cupcake)




Officer Barry Pruitt, of the Bowling Green Police Department, shares some tips to keep your trick-ortreaters safe this year! 1. Costumes should be short enough so that they don’t cause your child to trip and fall. 2. For good visibility, add some reflective tape to you child’s costume or bag, or make/choose a costume made of bright material that is visible in the dark. 3. Masks should fit securely and allow your child to see well and not hinder visibility. 4. Knives, swords and other props should be made of a flexible material so that they don’t pose a hazard if fallen on. 5. Children should be well supervised by an adult when trick-or-treating. 6. Carry a flashlight. 7. Stick to well lit houses in familiar neighborhoods. Avoid taking shortcuts across backyards or alleys, use sidewalks on well lit streets. 8. Instruct your children to bring all candy home before eating it so that you can carefully inspect it for tampering. Children shouldn’t snack while they’re out trick-or-treating, before parents have a chance to inspect the goodies. To help prevent children from munching, give them a snack or light meal before they go -- don’t send them out on an empty stomach. 9. Homeowners should prepare their home for trickor-treaters by removing obstacles from the front yard, restraining dogs and other animals, and lighting the house well. 10. Artificial lights and candles are a safer alternative to real candles with a flame that can pose a fire hazard.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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october/november/december 2010


How to Entertain with Kids Around guest, and if you have food displays or a buffet set up, let the kids create labels for your dishes. This can be as simple as writing on paper or cardstock, then folding the paper like a tent, or you can get creative by gathering pine cones, hot glue a paperclip on top and then slide your labels into the clip. For extra creativity add glitter, sequins or buttons to the pine cones. Handmade party favors are always a big hit. Some easy ideas might include a craft station for making button wreaths or button holiday cards. At meal time, keep kids in the dining area. This is a perfect opportunity to teach them about social interaction and manners at the table. Encouage them to participate in conversations. Kick off the meal with everyone sharing something they are thankful for. Have some extra, blank holiday cards and crayons in the room. When the kids finish their meal, encourage them to decorate the cards and write personal notes for active military. Bowling Green Municipal Utilities collects cards and then ships them to our troops serving overseas during the holidays. Alternately, local retirement and nursing homes always welcome special greetings for their tennants! Zoe Lebedinsky decorates Christmas Cards for the troops. Consider inviting your guests to each bring

When it comes to entertaining, a little preparation goes a long way toward making your Holiday parties a family-friendly success. Remember to keep it simple and age appropriate for little ones. Get the kids involved and helping with the prep work. Have them set the table and assist with appetizer preparations. Little (clean) hands are perfect for arranging vegetables and dip on a tray. Kids can also help with last minute tidying up - like putting away unnecessary toys and items on the coffee table, straightening pillows on the couch, giving the bathroom a last minute check and even helping to empty trash cans throughout the house. Consider having the kids create place cards for each


and lead a lonely life of living out of dumpsters and wondering if he will ever have a real home. But then everything changes on a cold winter’s night when Mistletoe finds three abandoned kittens and decides to help them out. The cats’ journey leads them to a bullying. farmhouse where Mistletoe’s courage and actions lead It does an excellent to a surprise gift from Santa that changes everything. job demonstrating that each and It doesn’t take Mistletoe (or the readers) very long every one of us has unique traits that make us special, to realize that small, unselfish acts of kindness bring about even if we are somewhat “different” from the people we their own rewards and a sense of inner peace. This story interact with on a regular basis. is a wonderful way for children to learn about accepting diversity. All who read this book will discover the true gift The Legend of mistletoe and the christmas of giving and the meaning of family … a heartwarming Kittens is a heartwarming story with a good message, a Christmas message for everyone! happy ending, and colorful illustrations. Written by Joe Troiano and illustrated by Lydia Halverson, the main character About the Reviewer: is an odd colored little kitten that is born on Christmas Day. Tara Arnold Griffith is the Library Media Mistletoe knows right away that he does not fit in with all of Specialist at W.R. McNeill Elementary the other kittens, because they scamper off as soon as they School. She is also President Elect for see him. Feeling hurt and confused, he decides to run away the Kentucky School Media Association.

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barnes & Noble Storytime every Friday at 11:30 am and every Saturday at 3:33 pm. Halloween storytime: 10/23/2010 at 11am Thanksgiving storytime: 11/20/2010 at 11am Christmas storytime: 12/10/2010 at 7pm

book nook The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin is a perfect example of how we should never judge a book by its cover. Author Joe Troiano uses rhyming throughout the story to create tempo and rhythm. Susan Blanta includes bright and colorful illustrations to make the book even more inviting and entertaining. One day in a pumpkin patch, the strangest little pumpkin hatched. But this pumpkin did not have curves like his friends. He was different! Spookley was teased by all of the other pumpkins. One day, Spookley gets the chance to save the other pumpkins on the farm by blocking a hole in the fence during a bad storm. This book shows that sometimes being different is a good thing! Most Halloween stories are scary and involve witches or ghosts as their main characters. But this story is one that can be read to younger children without conflict. The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin does an excellent job of teaching children about the differences among us. It will be especially useful to parents, teachers and caregivers as a book for teaching tolerance, respect, diversity, and anti-

a wrapped ornament (if celebrating Christmas), or wrapped homemade item then host an exchange - letting the kids help with the picking. All items are placed together and each family draws a number. Then, the first family picks an item. They will unwrap the item. The 2nd family has the choice of taking the first family’s item, or selecting a new item to unwrap. This continues until everyone has picked. An item cannot be “stolen” more than twice and if your item is stolen you may pick a new item, or “steal” someone else’s item. Kids especially enjoy “stealing” prized gifts! If possible, invite a neighborhood teen to entertain the children after dinner. Children are likely to get bored as the evening continues. Keep them occupied by popping in a rented movie, have a few board games on hand and throw in some crisp, new crayons with fun coloring sheets. Remember! The holidays are so much more fun when you can share them with everyone you love. By incorporating the kids into the evening it will make not only you enjoy it so much more, but you will be building their special childhood memories!


october/november/december 2010


things we’re

thankful for

When BG Parent Magazine asked our Facebook friends what their children were thankful for, we expected to hear some “expensive” answers like Xboxes and other amusements that those commercials on television sell so hard. Instead, local moms sent us some priceless responses. Sherri’s son, Josh, age 9, and Lara’s daughter, Emory, age 4, said they were thankful for pets. I bet Emory remembers her furry friends at the Humane Society. That’s a good place to visit and they could always use a donation. We were touched that Rebecca’s son, Spencer, age 6, worries about people who don’t get enough to eat. Be sure to read this month’s article about the Backpack Program on page 7. Maybe you would like to donate and help a hungry child have food on the weekends or over the holidays. Other sweet responses from our young friends included Heather’s son, Ethan, age 9, who is thankful he can make things look good, and Lilly’s daughter, Mekayla, age 7, is thankful for sharks. Frances’ daughter, Sarah Frances, age 4, and Susannah’s son, Owen, age2, and most of the other children, were thankful for their families. Bowling Green has a bumper crop of community blessings. Our city is the perfect size to welcome even more successful businesses and ease new families into our warm neighborhoods. Not only do we have two award winning school

systems but we also have numerous private schools available. Our university, WKU, is one of the fastest growing schools in the South. Bowling Green is neither a tiny community that can’t afford public resources, nor is it a booming metropolis where people are lost in a crowd. See? Bowling Green, Ky., is the perfect place for families with children. Aren’t you glad you live here? The Warren County Public Library has programs galore for people to use. The library website has a calendar full of free programs and story times with access in four locations across Bowling Green and Warren County: the Main Library downtown, Bob Kirby Branch Library on Scottsville Road next to Greenwood High School, Graham Drive Community Library, and the Smiths Grove Branch Library. Is your family into music? Bowling Green is blessed with two world-class orchestras. Both Orchestra Kentucky and the Bowling Green-Western Symphony Orchestra appear regularly in VanMeter Auditorium. If you are looking for music performances specifically for children, Orchestra Kentucky has a performance of The Nutcracker in November and Disney in Concert in March. The Symphony at WKU offers a Holiday Pops in December and several family concerts per year. The Center for Gifted Studies at WKU is one of the premier locations in the United States for services for gifted and talented students. Registration has begun for



Fall Super Saturdays, a program for bright first through eighth grade students. If you are a parent of a talented child, The Center is sponsoring The Berta’s Excellence in Education workshop Monday, October 18 at 6:30 pm at the Carroll Knicely Center. It is a free program that you can register for on their website. Do your kids like theater, dancing and performance arts? We have it here! The Fountain Square Players, Public Theatre of Kentucky, Capitol Arts Center and the many dance, gymnastics, theater, and voice classes that are available should fill the bill for kids with those kinds of talents. These are only a few of the things we like about Bowling Green. In future issues, we will be introducing you to great sights, sounds and activities available right here. We hope you will enjoy them. Carolyn Cossey Pitchford, a native of Bowling Green, is the coordinator of Media & Technology at The Center for Gifted Studies. She’s the mother of five and grandmother of two.

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october/november/december 2010


feeding America

Kentucky’s Heartland backpack program As a kid growing up in Allen County, I saw my fair share of classmates who participated in the government provided, free lunch program at school. And, as the daughter of a teacher, I can remember how sad my mom would become when we had extra days off from school for holidays, snow, flu and summer vacation. She always worried about those free lunch kids... wondering what they did for food when they weren’t at school, when they would get their next meal, who would feed them. Those extra days off meant another day that those kids might not get a meal. Can you imagine going a whole day without food, much less two whole days? There are kids right here in Southern Kentucky who do just that, and that’s why the “Backpack Program” was brought to this region by Kentucky Heartland. When I heard about the Adopt-A-BackPacker program I knew it was something worthy of support. Their mission is “to meet the needs of hungry children by providing them with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food to take home on weekends and school vacations when other resources are not available.”

The Adopt-A-BackPacker program allows people like you and me to sponsor a child for an entire school year (40 weeks) for a tax-deductible donation of just $7 a month, or $80 a year. That’s only 29 cents a day! You can even designate which county your sponsorship benefits. Kentucky’s Heartland, based in Elizabethtown, prepares bags of food each week, with at least eight “kid friendly” food items, that are discreetly placed in the child’s backpack each Friday by their teacher while the kids are at recess or lunch. The foods are all easy to prepare and nutritious, like pop-top soups, peanut butter crackers, cereal bars, pudding cups, juice boxes, and other nutritious foods. Children who don’t get enough food do not perform well academically, display unacceptable behavior and have poor attendance due to illness or other reasons that are unexcused. You may be able to identify these children due to their behavior problems, poor academic performance, short attention span, extreme thinness, itchy eyes and dry/cracked lips. According to the 2006 Kids Count Data Book, 25 percent of Kentucky’s children live in poverty, and Feeding America ranks Kentucky 14th highest in the nation for food-insecure

bowling green


Above: Finn Alcott, Cadence Carr, Nate Stein and other students at the Montessori School of Bowling Green support the Backpack Program by collecting items weekly.

children under the age of 18. Isn’t that a shame with all the food we have right here in our community? If you would like to get involved, please contact Program Coordinator Milissa French at 270-769-6997 or 877532-2767 or visit The Bowling Green Area Lodging Association is also collecting items to be picked up on October 12 at noon at the WKU Knicely Center. Items can be dropped off at a number of member locations. Visit our website,, for a complete list.


october/november/december 2010


area events & activities October (See page 3 for more fall events) 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-24, 29-31 Skeleton’s Lair Haunted Woods & Hayride, open at dusk, closes at midnight Friday and Saturday, 10pm on Sunday, $18, 270-622-8171, 1-2, 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 25-31 The Massacre Haunted Attraction, open at 7pm, $15, 270-202-9220, 1-2, 8-8, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 Haunted Hall, Octagon Hall, Franklin, 270-586-9343, 1-31 Dinosaur World Dog Month, Cave City, $2 off admission with friendly dog on leash, 270-773-4345 1-31 Homeschool Month at Ky Down Under, Horse Cave, homeschool students and families receive group admission rates, 800-762-2869, 1-3 Beauty and the Beast, WKU Van Meter Auditorium, Fri. & Sat. 8pm, Sun. 3pm,, 270-745-3121, $15 adults, $12 students 2 Bowling Green WIPEOUT, WKU Houchens Stadium, 8am, 270-843-3205, 2 Canoe Trip, Barren River Lake, ages 16 and up, Preregistration required, 800-325-0057 2-3 Chaney’s Birthday Bash, 11-4 pm, 270-843-5567, 2-3 Aussie Fest, Kentucky Down Under, Horse Cave, 800-762-2869, 9 Downtown Street Fair, Bowling Green Square, 9am2pm, 270-843-6103 9-10 Soap Box Derby Rally Race, Phil Moore Park, 270791-3753, 9-10 Control Line Speed Contest, So. KY Model Aero Club, Stahl Field (off Porter Pike), a North American Speed Society show, 270-404-6846, 13 Taste of Home Cooking School, Knicely Conference Center, 7pm, 270-843-3333,



14 Olde Stone Fall Fashion, Frills & Food Festival, Village Hall, 11am-7pm 14-17 Steel Magnolias Dinner Theatre, Roxy Theatre, Franklin, 270-586-6799 15 Bowling Green Gallery Hop, 5–8pm, galleries, museums and studio centers around town, maps at Visitors Bureau, Capitol Arts, or participating locations, 270-781-0872, 15 Symphonic Band Concert, Van Meter Auditorium, 7:30pm, 270-745-3751, 15-17 Peter n’ the Wolf, Children’s Theatre Series, WKU Gordon Wilson Theatre, Fri. 4pm, Sat. 1 and 3pm, Sun. 3pm, $3 adults, $2 kids,, 270-745-5845 16 Mane Event, WKU Ag Expo Ctr., 10am, 16 WKU Football vs. Univ. of LA at Monroe, Houchens Stadium, 6pm, 800-5-BIGRED, 16 BelleWoodstock, Capitol Arts Center, 6pm, 270-7962012, 16-17 Flea Land October Fest, 9am-5pm, inflatables (Sat. 11am-3pm), drawings, money machine, sidewalk sale, food specials, 270-843-1978, 17 Basic Earrings Class, The Bead Store, 3-5pm, $25 (includes supplies), 270-904-4944 19 2010 Community Cooking Show, Allen Co. Coop. Ext. Service Facility, 6pm, $7 (due Oct. 13), 270-237-3146 19-27 Transformers Movie “Bumblebee” Camaro on display, 8am-5pm, National Corvette Museum, 270-7817973, 22 The Medical Center 10K Classic Health & Fitness Expo & Pasta Party, Sloan Convention Center, 4-9pm 22-24 Civil War Living History Days, Lost River Cave & Valley, free, 270-393-0077, 22-23 1st Annual Arts & Music Festival, Kentucky Downs, 5pm Fri., 10am Sat., free, 23 The Medical Center 10K Classic, 5k Run/Walk, 1.5 Mile Fun Walk, 10k Wheelchair, beginning at 7am, downtown BG, 270-796-2141, 23 Rocktoberfest, Capitol Arts Center, 270-782-2787, 23-24 WKONA Kick-or-Treat Soccer Classic, Lovers Ln Soccer Complex, 270-846-1010, 25 You Be the Judge Concert & ProAm Concert Event, Orchestra Kentucky VIP Series, WKU Van Meter Hall, 7:30pm, 270-846-2426,

Lost River Cave

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, all information is subject to change. Please call ahead to verify dates, times and schedules!

29 The Symphony presents The Classic Concert, Van Meter Auditorium, 8pm, 270-745-5222, 30 All Aboard Series “Railroad Baseball,” Railpark & Train Museum, 8:30am, 270-745-7317, 30 Museum Monster Mash, National Corvette Museum, 12-3pm, free activities, trick-or-treating, games, crafts, costume contest, 270-781-7973, 30 WKU Football Homecoming vs. Univ. of North TX, Houchens Stadium, 2pm, 30-31 Goblin Asphalt Soap Box Derby Rally Race, Phil Moore Park, 270-791-3753, 30-31 KY High School Rodeo, Brown Ag Expo Center, 270-745-3976, 30-31 Bill Ballance Invitational MotoX Grand Prix, 6am5pm, 270-792-7223, 31 Bowling Green Trick-or-Treating November 4 Napkin Folding Luncheon, Riverview, 12pm, create a cornucopia or lily with napkins, 270-843-5565 4-7 Breaker Morant (Courtroom Drama), Fountain Square Players, Phoenix Theater, Thurs. Fri. Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 3pm, 270-782-3119, 5-6 Rock ‘n Roll Heaven Orchestra Kentucky Retro Series, WKU Van Meter Hall, 8pm, 270-846-2426, 5-7 CAYT’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Capitol Arts Theatre, Fri. Sat. at 7pm, Sun. 3pm, 6 BG Veteran’s Day Parade, 10am, downtown 6 Civil War at South Union, Shaker Museum, demonstrations, discussions for all ages, 9am-4pm, included with museum admission or Shaker Breakfast reservation, 800-811-8379, 6 A Shaker Breakfast, Shaker Museum at South Union, reservations req’d, seatings at 8:30am and 10:30am, 800-811-8379, 6 WKU Football vs. Florida Atlantic Univ., Smith Stadium, 3:30 pm, 800-5-BIGRED, 7, 14, 21 Grandparents Day at Dinosaur World, up to 6 kids free with grandparent’s paid admission, Cave City 11 Fee Free Day at Mammoth Cave National Park, celebrating Veterans Day, ltd. free Historic Entrance tours, tickets at Visitor Center, 270-758-2180, 12 Harry Potter at WKU, nine magical stations, free, KY Museum, 5-7pm, 270-745-6082 bowling green

october/november/december 2010


Shaker Museum at South Union

14 Downtown Merchants’ Open House, Franklin Square 17 All Aboard Series “Advertising, Railroad Style,” Historic Railpark & Train Museum, 8:30am, 270745-7317, 19-21 Spirit Shall Fly Children’s Theatre Series, WKU Gordon Wilson Theatre, Fri. 4pm, Sat. 1 and 3pm, Sun. 3pm, $3 adults, $2 kids,, 270-745-5845 20 WKU Football vs. Middle TN State Univ., Houchens Stadium, 3:30pm, 800-5-BIGRED, 30 Victorian Keepsake Workshop, Riverview, 3pm, create a holiday card, 270-843-5565

December (See page 14 for more holiday events) 3 Bowling Green Gallery Hop, 5–8pm, 270-781-0872, 3 Christmas at Shakertown Holiday Market Preview Party, Shaker Museum at South Union, $10 by reservation, 800811-8379, 3-4 KHSAA Football State Championships, WKU Houchens/LT Smith Stadium, 5 Baker Chamber Players, WKU Chandler Memorial Chapel, $50, 270-745-5222, 5, 12 Toy Sundays, Dinosaur World, Cave City, half-off admission with new packaged toy, 270-773-4345 9 Family Christmas Event, Warren County Library, Main Branch, 6pm 10-12 Furry Tales with a Twist Children’s Theatre Series, WKU Gordon Wilson Theatre, Fri. 4pm, Sat. 1 and 3pm, Sun. 3pm, $3 adults, $2 children, 270-745-5845,, 17 Warren Co. Fiscal Court Christmas Open House, Warren Co. Courthouse, 2-4pm, 270-843-4146 17 WKU Graduate Commencement Ceremony, 5:30pm 18 All Aboard Series “Hold ‘em Up: Great Train Robberies,” Historic Railpark & Train Museum, 8:30am, 270-745-7317, Ky. Down Under 18 WKU Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony, WKU Diddle Arena, 10am

Free Computer Classes at Warren Co. Public Library 1225 State Street | Call 781-4882 to register. Oct. 4 Intro to Computers and the Internet, 2-3pm Oct. 11 Beginning Your Resume, 6-7pm Oct. 12 MS Excel Basics, 9-10:30am Oct. 13 Intro to Genealogy Resources, 6-7pm Oct. 14 Intro to Genealogy Resources, 9-11am Oct. 20 E-mail Basics, 2-3pm Oct. 20 Facebook Intermediate, 6-7pm Oct. 26 MS Excel Advanced, 2-3:30pm Oct. 26 Explore Gadgets, 6-7pm Oct. 27 Job Hunting Online, 2-3pm Oct. 28 Computing for seniors, 10-11am Oct. 28 Intro to Computers and the Internet, 6-7pm Free Activities at Warren Co. Public Library Mondays Toddler Time (9:30-10:30am) Kirby, 18-36 months Toddler Time (10:30-11:30am) Main, 18-36 months Kirby Kids (3:30-4:30pm) Kirby, K-6 Teen Stuff (6-7pm) Main, Registration required. Tuesdays Toddler Time (9:30-10:30am) Main, 18-36 mos. Spanish Explorers Club (4-5pm) Main, Elem. Age Wednesdays Kirby Babies (9:30-10:30am) Kirby, 6-18 mos. Preschool Story Time (10-11am) Smiths Grove, 3-5 years Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Main, 3-5 years Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Kirby, 3-5 years Thursdays Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Main, 3-5 years After School at the Grove (3-4pm) Smiths Grove, K-6 Teen Stuff (3:30-4:30pm) Graham High Five Kids Club (4-5pm) Main, K-5th grade Literary Café (5pm) Graham, Free tutoring Fridays Peek-a-book Babies (9:30-10:30am) Main, 6-18 mos. Preschool Spanish (9:30am) Kirby, 2-5 years Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Kirby, 3-5 years Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Main, 3-5 years Teen Scene (3:30-4:30pm) Kirby Saturdays Family Story Time (10:30am) Kirby Branch Camps and Tutoring After School Club - Mon.-Fri. 2:30-6pm, F.O. Moxley Ctr., $30/month, K-8th grade, 270-393-3134 Fall Break Camp - 7am-5:30pm, F.O. Moxley Ctr., $40 (Oct.4-8), $15 (Oct. 11-12), includes lunch, snack, field trips Fall Break Camp - 9am-5pm, Parker Bennett Ctr., $5 for field trips, bring own lunch, October 4-12, 270-393-3310 Fall Break Camp, Oct. 4-8, WKU Kentucky Museum, grades 1-6, 270-745-6082

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Exercise and Nutrition Classes at The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center at Greenwood Mall More information and register at 270-745-0972 Tai Chi Class (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 8-9am, $5 Limber for Life (Tuesdays and Fridays) 9-10am, $5 Grocery Store Tour: Choosing Healthy Food, Nov. 10, 8-9:30am, $10, Kroger on Scottsville Road Preparing and Caring for Baby, Classes at Medical Center Auditorium unless otherwise noted. Info and registration at 270-796-2495 or A New Baby’s Coming Class (Oct. 14, Dec. 9) 6-8pm Breast is Best (Nov. 18) 6-8pm C-Section Class (Nov. 30) 6-8pm Expectant Parent Fair (Oct. 17) 2-4pm Fatherhood 101 (Nov. 30) 7pm, Med Ctr. Conf. Room Grandparents Class (Oct. 19, Dec. 16) 6-8pm Newborn Care & Safety Class (Oct. 13, Oct. 28, Nov. 4, Dec. 2, Dec. 30) 6-8pm at Greenwood Mall Wellness Ctr. (Oct. 26, Nov. 30) 12:30-2:30pm at Housing Authority Nutrition During Pregnancy (Oct. 14) 6-7pm, Mall Prepared Childbirth Classes Option 1: Six Week Series: Tues, Nov. 2-Dec. 14 at 6pm Option 2: One-Night Refresher, Nov. 9, 6pm Option 3: One-Day, Oct. 23, Nov. 6 or Dec. 4, 9am-1pm Ready, Set, Go! (Oct. 21, Nov. 11, Dec. 16) 6-8pm SIDS Prevention (Dec. 7) 5:30-6:30pm, Mall Twins or More! (Dec. 15) 6-8pm, Med. Ctr. Conf. Room Health and Wellness Classes, Greenwood Mall location. More info and register at 270-745-0942 Look Good, Feel Better (Oct. 11) 10am-Noon, preregister by calling Am. Cancer Society at 270-782-9036 Telling My Story with Diabetes (for children and parents) Oct. 14, 5:30-6:30pm Food Allergy Support (Oct. 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 21) 6-7pm NICU Parent Support (Tuesdays) 6:30pm, Conf. Room Sports SOKY Soccer Spring Signups - Month of Jan. Fall Pickle Ball - Oct. 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12, 19, Dec. 3, 10, 17, 11am-1pm, F.O. Moxley Ctr., $1/day or $5/fall season Fall Youth Dodgeball - Nov. 11, 18, Dec. 2, 9, 16, 6-7:30pm, F.O. Moxley Ctr., $35 Basketball Skills - Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27, 4-5pm, free, ParkerBennett Ctr. Wii Dancing Competition - Oct. 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, Nov. 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 4-5pm, free, Parker Bennett Ctr. Winter Field Trips - Nov. 9, 16, 23, Parker Bennett Ctr., bowling, skating, golf, $10, 3:30-5:30pm, 270-393-3310 Tennis Camp, Kereiakes Park, Oct. 4-8, age 6-11: 8am9:30am, ages 12-16; adults 7-8:30pm, $50, page

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Feeling Blue from

Cold & Flu care for colds in children… how can we help relieve cold symptoms? •A pain reliever like Tylenol® or Advil® can help, but use these drugs carefully according to directions. Every year children die from overdoses of these drugs.

but the effect is usually minimal. •Flu symptoms usually last about a week. If you have vomiting or diarrhea, a clear liquid diet can help, then progress to mild foods.

Prevention Tips for the common cold and Flu: •Water vapor from a humidifier or vaporizer can be •Keep physically fit. This means soothing to air passages. Cool mist is safer because the child cannot be burned if she touches it. However, the cool avoiding harmful toxins like cigarette smoke, eating healthy foods, and mist does not sterilize itself like a vaporizer, so you must getting regular exercise. If your body clean it often to prevent mold and bacteria from growing is physically fit, your immune system in it. is far more likely to be working at its best. •The old time remedy of honey (1 tsp for under 6, and 2 tsp •Get a flu shot every year, around November. These every 4-6 hours for over 6 years of age) has been shown vaccines do not protect against all types of flu, but they to be more effective for cold and cough symptoms than do protect from a few of the more common strains. over-the-counter medication. Honey is fairly safe, EXCEPT under 1 year of age, as babies can get botulism from eating •Wash your hands frequently, and using alcohol-based handwash is even better at killing viruses. honey. Do not give honey to a child under 12 mos. of age. •Children often get chest congestion and cough with a cold. This is just the virus affecting the bronchial tubes in your chest. The cells in the bronchial tubes produce mucus to kill the viruses, and you have to cough the mucus out. Kids usually just swallow it, which is fine because the stomach acid digests it along with the viruses. We can help kids (and adults) to cough up the mucus by doing “percussion treatments” on the chest and back. Also called chest physiotherapy, this consists of patting the rib cage with your cupped hand, all over the lung areas. A few minutes every hour is usually enough time. If the chest muscles feel sore, you might need to be more gentle with your percussion treatments. care for Flu in children… how can we help relieve flu symptoms? •Get a lot of rest. •Analgesics (such as Tylenol® or Advil®) can help, but use these drugs carefully according to directions. •Drink a lot of fluids. •Sometimes decongestants and antihistamines may help,

•Avoid exposing yourself to flu viruses, such as large crowds of people during the winter. Three Important Factors to Remember about cold & Flu:

it may be a sign of complications of the cold, such as pneumonia or ear infection. After 3 days If fever, you should take your child to the doctor. You should go sooner if there are other worrisome signs like wheezing or rapid breathing. •If a child seems very ill the first day of a cold, with high fevers, and it is during “flu season” (December to March), you should call the doctor right away to get a flu test. •The fever itself is not dangerous. It is just a sign to watch for. If your child feels fine and has a high fever, there is no need to give medicine. The “fever reducer” is just for comfort. It is also important to give lots of fluids to children with fevers to avoid dehydration. To learn more about treating fever, read the Health-byte called “Fever is Good for You” at

1. Antibiotics should be avoided if you have a cold or the flu! •Antibiotics have absolutely zero effect on the cold and flu viruses, but taking them would make your body’s own bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Later on, you might catch a dangerous bacterial infection, like pneumonia, and the dangerous germs would learn to be resistant from your own germs. In that case, antibiotics would not work, and you would be at greater risk of dying from a possibly treatable disease. 2. “Fever Reducers” are not intended to reduce fever. •Fever is common with a cold or the flu, and is one of the body’s defenses against viruses. If a fever continues for several days,

3. Anti-viral medications (like Tamiflu® or Relenza®) must be given within 24 hours of the first symptoms. •If you want to get the benefit of an anti-viral medicine to help with your flu virus, you MUST call your doctor within the first 24 hours that you start to feel the symptoms. Then take the first dose of the anti-viral as soon as you get it from the drugstore! After 48 hours, you will just be wasting your money on an anti-viral.

What is Health-bytes? Health-bytes is written by Rick Voakes MD, a boardcertified pediatrician in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He emphasizes wellness and prevention in his practice, and he is willing to share this important information with you! For further information regarding health and wellness for children, visit Dr. Voakes’ website at:



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Obesity is at an all-time high in Kentucky and within this column I hope to offer resources that parents of all ages can utilize to promote the health and well being of their family and loved ones. My focus these days has been on obesityrelated illnesses and the health of our children’s future. I urge you to step up and take responsibility for yourself and your family.

At right, Spencer, age 6, of Bowling Green gets coached by David. well as Lost River Cave & Valley all offer walking or nature trails. This is a fun and free way to promote exercise within your family.

Don’t use Food as a Reward Success of a measured outcome deserves parental acknowledgement but that reward does not have to encompass food. Take kids to a movie or add up points for a Here are 5 proven ways to promote health and wellness favorite vacation destination. in your family. Give yourself and your family the chance to adjust and make plans as you go. Encourage every member Limit Tv, Game, cell Phone, and computer Time to provide input and be a part of something that is positive Spending excessive amounts of time in front of the TV or computer can lead to mindless snacking causing weight gain and benefits the family as a whole. and weight-related health problems. Try to make it a rule to eat all meals and snacks while sitting at the table. be the Example Time after work should incorporate leisure activities outside of the home. Get MOTIVATED, incorporate structured physical Teach your Kids to cook activities like sports or exercise. Join a gym or go to the Show them what is included in a healthy meal and how to incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Teach park for a nature walk. Take advantage of the local parks. children what foods are healthy and allowed to eat; not what is forbidden! Kereiakes, Preston Miller, Roland Bland and H.P. Thomas, as Family Time Parents that are too tried after work to provide a nutritious meal for their family will often resort to restaurants. While dining out, it is hard to control portion size when you are paying top dollar for a plate of food. Preparing meals at home not only provides balanced nutrients but also can be a way to promote family time and enjoy the opportunity to get involved in your children’s lives. Obesity kills, help stop obesity related diseases in Kentucky. All of us can if you will. For more information or to find out where I am training feel free to contact me by email at: dnucksfit@

About the author: David has made physical fitness and healthy living a lifelong quest. He is the owner of a local fitness studio in Bowling Green. He holds a M.S. in Exercise Science from WKU and has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Fit Mom = Awesome Mom Take care of yourself so you can be your best for them.

Classes now available for Moms and Kids.


Follow me on twitter@dwnuckols bowling green



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At right, Issac, age 6, shows his stained glass.

As an aunt and as a preschool teacher, I can tell you that opening a package that reveals a homemade gift definitely elicits extra-special, warm fuzzy feelings! Whether it is a painted canvas or a personalized mug made with materials and colors that were thoughtfully selected or a necklace of beads that were hand-rolled and pressed by tiny hands…it just makes you smile, doesn’t it?! Here are a few of our tried and true ideas. Why not schedule a weekend with your family dedicated specifically to making some of these fabulous, homemade gifts for the special people in your lives. We promise, you’ll be giving more than just a gift!

Leigh Ann chaney’s White chocolate Truffles in Wine Glasses Approximate cost: $20 (makes 5 glasses full) Recipe: “Truffes au chocolat blanc” Ingredients: 1 cup heavy cream 14 oz. White Chocolate (I use Ghirardelli, or other high quality white chocolate) 8 oz. Additional White Chocolate for dipping 1 1/2 cups Ground Coconut (optional) 3 tbsp. Butter (optional)

How to Make It: Batter (Ganache): 1. Break chocolate into small pieces and put in a large bowl. 2. Bring cream slowly to a light boil. 3. Pour boiling cream over chocolate and keep stirring until all the chocolate has melted. 4. If you want to add butter, do so now, before the batter cools and thickens.

When the ganache is warm it is very creamy. You can thicken it one of two ways: 1. by whisking it (the oxygen causes it to thicken) or 2. by putting it in the refrigerator. You want the ganache to be just thick enough to easily form the truffle balls.

Forming Truffles: This batter is called Ganache and is the base for all French 1. Form even and round balls. Place them on parchment or chocolate truffle recipes! wax paper. 2. Melt the rest of the chocolate in a double-boiler. 3. Dip each ball in the melted chocolate. (You can also use milk or dark chocolate for dipping) 4. If you like ground coconut, you can now roll the balls in it, otherwise you can roll the truffles in crushed macadamias, or almonds. 5.Wrap and give!

Issac’s Stained Glass Approximate cost: $5

We jazzed up our martini glass by taking a piece of thin, but sturdy wire and stringing colorful beads on it (a nice selection is available at Green Faerie Designs - The Bead Store in front of Wal-Mart on Campbell Lane). We swirled the ends, wrapped the string of beads around the stem, and secured it at the top and bottom with a bead of hot glue. If you are pressed for time, you can always pick up some great truffles, bon-bons and other chocolate delights at Mary Jane’s Chocolates, on Scottsville Road, just behind Steak ‘n Shake! Tie them up in some cellophane and top it with ribbon and a cute, small, homemade card. page


Materials required: • Cardboard (you choose the size) • Drinking straws • Sharpie markers (assortment of colors) • Aluminum foil • Tape

Directions: 1. Randomly tape straws to the cardboard making sure that the ends of the straws meet to create separate “panes” of glass. 2. Cover the straw design with aluminum foil ensuring that the foil is tight against the straw outlines. 3. Fold the foil tightly around the back of the cardboard. Secure with tape. 4. Use Sharpies to color the different “panes” of glass. bowling green

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making HOLIDAY decorations During the upcoming holidays, adorn your house, inside and out, with decorations made by your family. Try some of these ideas! You’ll be sure to spook Trick-or-Treaters in October, warmly welcome family for turkey dinner in November and spread tidings of comfort and joy in December!

8. String the wire with beads to make a handle for your lantern, making sure to leave enough wire to wrap around the opening of the jar. 9. You can make many of these lanterns and place on table as a centerpiece, placing tea lights in lanterns.

7. Glue the head to the body of the turkey. 8. Cut two feet from yellow paper. 9.Attach the feet to the bottom of the body. 10. Hot glue the back of the body to the wrapped bottle. DEcEmbER: christmas Wreath Approximate cost: $25 Materials required: • One wire hanger • Pliers • 5-6 boxes of Christmas bulbs • Hot glue gun (you choose your favorite colors and shapes) • Pretty ribbon for bow

Directions: 1. Use your pliers to untwist the top of the wire hanger. 2. Bend the hanger into a wreath shape. 3. Lift the cap from each ornament and dab a little hot glue OcTObER: Sara’s Stained Glass Jack-O-Lanterns NOvEmbER: Turkey centerpiece underneath each cap to make sure the cap stays securely in Approximate cost: $5 Approximate cost: $5 place. Materials required: Materials required: 4. String the ornaments onto the wire hanger, being sure to • Empty glass jars • Orange tissue paper •A variety of different colors of construction paper use smaller ornaments • Paint brush • Floral wire (for handle) •Empty toilet paper roll (cut in half) to fill gaps. • Beads • Wire cutters •Empty bottle or can •Pencil 5. When your hanger • Black construction paper • Mod Podge •Scissors •Hot glue gun or tape is almost full, use your (cut into ovals for eyes and mouths of jack-o-lanterns) pliers to twist the ends Directions: Directions: 1. Wrap the empty bottle with brown construction paper. together so that your wreath holds its shape. 1. Cut tissue papers into squares or rectangles. Secure with hot glue or tape. 2. Using a paintbrush, cover an outside section of the jar with 2. Draw and cut out a large circle and a small circle from the 6. Tie a big, beautiful bow around the top of Mod Podge. brown construction paper. 3. Cover the section with orange tissue paper. 3. Using a variety of different colors of construction, draw your wreath. 7. Hang your lovely 4. Continue until the entire jar has been covered. and cut out long “feathers”. wreath on your front 5. When dry, glue the construction paper eyes and mouth 4. Glue or tape the feathers to the back of the large circle. onto jar. 5. Cut two eyes from black paper, a beak from yellow and a door to welcome friends 6. Cut a long piece of floral wire using wire cutters. waddle from red. Arrange these on the small brown circle and family! 7. Secure wire to jar by twisting one end of the wire around (head) and adhere with glue. the opening of the jar, leaving the other end unattached. 6. Flip over the head and glue on half of the toilet paper roll.


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to get you in the spirit

It’s the smell of cinnamon, the sound of sleighbells and the the touch of snowflakes on your tongue. Our community has a plethora of wonderful events, and here are 12 of our top picks to get you in the spirit this season!

Breakfast with Santa (Dec. 11 & 18), Chaney’s Dairy Barn, 8am, 270-843-5567, Rich Pond’s Pancake Breakfast with Santa, (Dec. 11, 8-11am), Rich Pond Elementary, all you can eat pancakes, pictures with santa, activities, 270-781-9627

12 Downtown Lights Up. (Dec. 2, 5:30pm). 6 Trees of christmas, Houchens Center Watch Fountain Square become aglow as holiday lights adorn (Dec. 3-19, Mon.-Sat. 10am-2pm, Sun. 1-4pm) the park. Horse drawn carriage rides, hot chocolate, caroling 5 christmas Home Tours and extended shop hours kick off the season! Landmark Association Christmas Tour of Homes (Dec. 4, 111 christmas Plays. 5pm), $7, 270-782-0037 A Christmas Story, KY Repertory Theatre (Nov. 26 - Dec. 19), 16th Annual Woman’s Club Home Tour (Dec. 12, 1-5pm), $10/ Horse Cave, 270-786-1200, advance at Lucy’s, $12/door The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Dec. 2-5, 9-12), Public Theatre of Kentucky, Phoenix Theatre, Thurs. 7pm, Fri. & Sat. 4 christmas Teas and Tours. Riverview at Hobson Grove is offering various themed teas to 8pm, Sun. 3pm, 270-781-6233, get you in the spirit! Gingerbread Houses Tea (Nov. 19, 2pm), 10 christmas at Shakertown. Christmas Tea & Tour (Dec. 1, 2pm), Tea with Mrs. Claus (Dec. Enjoy Kentucky-made products and antiques! (Preview Party 4, 11am), Yuletide Tea & Tour (Dec. 10, 2pm). 270-843-5565. Dec. 3, 7-9pm, $10, Main Event Dec. 4, 10am-4pm, Admission: 3 The Star of bethlehem. canned good donation.) 800-811-8379, Free WKU planetarium viewings (Tues. at 7pm, Sun. at 2pm). 9 christmas in Kentucky. (Dec. 4, 11am-2pm) 270-745-4044, A free event at WKU’s Kentucky Museum with loads of activities for the kids like gingerbread sampling, ornament 2 christmas music. Christmas Madness Orchestra Kentucky Retro Series (Dec. making and a free pic with Santa. 270-745-6082. 17-18), WKU Van Meter Hall, 8pm, 270-846-2426. 8 All Aboard Activities The Symphony presents Holiday Pops (Dec. 10), Van Meter Free readings of The Polar Express by the Warren County Auditorium, 8pm, 270-745-5222, Public Library on a train, reservations required. Festival of Trains (Dec. 11), Historic Railpark and Train Museum, 1 christmas ballets. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker with The Louisville Ballet (Nov. 29), 10am-5pm, 270-745-7317, Orchestra Kentucky VIP Series, WKU Van Meter Hall, 7:30pm, 7 breakfast with Santa. 270-846-2426, Breakfast with Santa (Nov. 27), National Corvette Museum, The Nutcracker - An Interactive Ballet (Dec. 12), Dance Arts, 9am, reservations 270-781-7973, ages 2-6, $18, only 30 spots, 270-842-6811



area PARADES Auburn - Dec. 12, 2pm Allen County - Dec. 4, 4:30pm Bowling Green - Dec. 4, 9:30am Butler County - Dec. 4, 6pm Cave City - Dec. 11, 5pm Edmonson County - Nov. 27, 6pm Glasgow - Dec. 4, 6pm Hart County - Dec. 4, 10am Munfordville - Dec. 4, 1pm Metcalfe County - Dec. 11, 1pm Monroe County - Dec. 4, 10am Simpson County - Dec. 11, 5pm Smiths Grove - Dec. 3, 6pm

Morris Jewelry image courtesy of Samantha Lyles Wilson, Sam’s Studio On-Site Photography | 615.440.6587

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kid foods for the

H O L I D AY S IGA meals in minutes Tune in or set your DVR to record WBKO’s Midday Show on Wednesdays as Courtney LassiterWise prepares “Meals in Minutes.” The program is designed to show you how to prepare quick and easy dinners, and you can pick up all of the ingredients at your neighborhood IGA!

Tuna casserole 3 T. butter 1 can tuna 3 T. flour 1/2 bar cream cheese 1-1/2 cups milk Package of egg noodles Melt butter in a sauce pan. Add flour, then slowly stir in milk until sauce gets thick and bubbly. Add cream cheese, drained tuna and salt and pepper to taste. Combine with cooked egg noodles. Pour into baking dish and cook at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Optional: also add in one drained can of peas, and top with buttered, toasted bread crumbs.

Meals in Minutes can also be viewed at!

IGA on the Web Download this meal planning sheet and let the kids help you with deciding what’s for dinner! IGA offers tool to help you plan your family meal, plus loads of recipes online at:

The holidays can be a hectic time in the kitchen. Often we moms get so caught up preparing for a big feast that we neglect preparing nutritious meals for our families in those days leading up to a holiday. Here are some quick, easy meals you can prepare for your family that even the kids will love... and you’ll love not spending extra time in the kitchen! Pick up your copy of this years’ holiday cooking guide at any IGA beginning in November.

mac & beef 2 cups elbow macaroni, cooked 4 T. butter Small onion, chopped 1 can tomato soup 1 lb. hamburger Brown sugar Brown hamburger in skillet then drain. Add butter and onion. Cook until onion is transparent. Add soup, stir and cover. Cook on medium until simmering. Add brown sugar to taste (a few tablespoons). Serve over macaroni. Become a fan of IGA Meals in Minutes on Facebook for more great recipies! Also visit and sign up to receive special email offers, download money-saving coupons, check-out weekly specials at your local IGA and much more.

monkey pizza You Will Need 5 cups Cheerios cereal 1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted 1-1/4 cups semisweet chocolate chips, melted 2 cups frozen (thawed) whipped topping 1/4 cup peanut butter 2 tablespoons powdered sugar 2 bananas, sliced 2 tablespoons chocolate or fruit-flavor syrups, if desired

pizza topped crackers Finely crush cereal to measure about 2 cups. Stir together cereal and melted butter. Press in ungreased 12-inch pizza pan; refrigerate about 30 minutes or until firm. Stir together whipped topping, peanut butter and powdered sugar until blended. Spread over chocolate layere. Top with bananas. Drizzle with syrup. Refrigerate.

You Will Need 2 teaspoons olive oil 1/2 green bell pepper, diced 1 garlic clove, crushed with press 1-1/2 cups ricotta cheese 3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning salt and pepper to taste 36 Sociables or Triscuit crackers 36 pepperoni slices 9 cherry tomatoes, cut into wedges

Combine with cheeses and seasonings in a bowl. Heat in microwave 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Top each cracker with 1 pepperoni, 1 tablespoon of cheese mixture and top with tomato wedge.


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In skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add garlic and pepper, cooking until tender. Cool 5 minutes.

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Gaylord Opryland® Resort is BACK with A Country Christmas®


NOV. 19 – JAN. 2 * $ Packages Start at Only


Experience America’s favorite Christmas tradition A Country Christmas at Gaylord Opryland Resort. • ICE!™ featuring Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town! ® • Radio City Christmas Spectacular ® starring the world-famous Rockettes ® • Louise Mandrell’s ‘The Gift’ Christmas Dinner & Show™ • SNOW! ™- real snow, live reindeer, snow maze, snowball throwing range, a snowman and igloo building area and more • Carriage Rides • Hall of Trees • Gingerbread Corner • Breakfast with Kris Kringle and much more!

1-888-672-0091 |



*Per person based on double occupancy for traditional accommodations, plus tax. Extra adult and child rates available. Not valid for groups or in conjunction with other offers. Not retroactive. Subject to availability; blackout days apply. Other restrictions may apply. • © 2010 The Coca-Cola Company. © 2010 Madison Square Garden Entertainment, a division of Madison Square Garden, LP. • “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” © 1970, renewed 1998 Classic Media, LLC. Character names, images and other indicia are trademarks of and copyrighted by Classic Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Oct/Nov/Dec 2010 Bowling Green Parent Magazine  

The Winter 2010 issue of Bowling Green, Kentucky Parent Magazine covering October, November and December