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I remember as a child perusing our garden at dusk to look for overripe vegetables to pick before they started to spoil. Fresh tomatoes would spill from the vines and I could hear the screen door slap against the frame while my mama cleaned Mason jars to can green beans and corn for the winter. I haven’t made time in my life to grow my own fruits & vegetables, but there are several locals (page 5) providing for their families and our community doing just that. Or maybe you would like to try your own green thumb. We have some gardening tips (page 4) to get you started, and for the seriously inventive, learn how to make your own baby food (page 6). For those looking forward to the summer sun, and splashing in the pool, be sure to lather up (page 14) and grab your water wings (page 15) before heading out for the day. Let’s not forget Mom and Dad. Wondering what gift they really want this year…we’ve got some ideas (page 11) to point you in the right direction. And we couldn’t possibly leave out the 2 most exciting minutes in all of sports!! The Kentucky Derby! Make your own “Run for the Roses” with these tried and true Kentucky Derby recipes and traditions (page 18). This was a fabulously fun edition for us and we hope you have a great time reading it. Enjoy!!

apr/may/jun 2011


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GET ORGANIZED! “Organization“ “How to get organized.” These statements and other similar statements usually divide women into two different categories: those with hearts that start to flutter at the thought of a new organization technique they can implement as soon as possible and those with hearts that start to flutter at the mess lurking under the surface of their junk drawer that turned into a junk closet and is on the verge of becoming a junk room. I will tell you that I’m one of the not so talked about, in between girls. I adore the word organization and all that it implies. One day when I am wealthy beyond belief I plan on having several full time professional organizers on staff. However, until that fateful day arrives, I am stuck organizing my life myself. Which brings me to the other side of the love affair. So, I adore organization and read every article on it that I can get my hands on with the best intentions, but yet, not many of the suggestions actually get put into action. I have clean, well decorated counter tops but two junk drawers are tucked underneath them full of, you guessed it, junk. I have a professionally installed closet with my shirts being color coordinated from white to black but my shoes are strewn about the floor. I have car caddies for instant automobile organization, but they are lined up in the back of the truck in a neat row while the DVDs, crayons and travel games are on the floor board of the truck. So, you can see that there is obvious desire to be one of those professional moms and wives that are so put together that they run their errands in an efficient manner, have their families meals and outfits planned for the week, and get their Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving, but alas, I am not one and probably never will be. But here is what I do have: “Some organization, some of the time.” For example, One week my closet will be spotless while my truck needs a has mad level cleaning, the next week, the truck will be spic and span while the refrigerator sits empty, the next week we will have a fully stocked refrigerator and the pizza dude will be wondering

what happened to his regulars while my closet is in shambles again. You get the idea. So, maybe it is not always all done and perfect, but some times, some of it is! And, that is ok with me. Even if it is only parts of my life that are organized and it only last for a week and it is three weeks before they get implemented again. At least I have a week of living that type A life style in that particular area! So, don’t beat your self up if you don’t live the lifestyle all the magazines tell us about. You are already succeeding by reading the organizational article. That was the first step! Because one day, you will get around to doing those cupboards and closets and you will remember some of those tips, and you will use them, and your cupboard will stay tidy for a week or so and when it gets messy again you can close your eyes, remember the vision of them when they were blissfully tidy and know that they will one day get that

way again. Because you will put it on your to do list, and you will once again conquer the clutter! With all that said, let me share some of my FAVORITE tips you can put to use as soon as you get home, or store them away in the back of your mind until the day comes. Either way, here are some suggestions from me a non-committal organization junkie: Make a list. I make a list for absolutely everything. What to do around the house, grocery list, errands that need to be run, things that need to happen at work, etc… and once I put something on the list, it can NOT come off until it gets done. It might get done the day it goes on the list or it might get transferred over to the new list several times, but no matter what, it does not get forgotten and it eventually gets done. Have a place for everything in your home. What I mean by this is, every item in your home should have, well, a home. Pens with other pens, coats in a coat closet, magazines in a basket, etc… Am I saying that those things should not come out of there spots? No, I am saying if you have a designated area for those things, when

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you get around to picking up, you will put them where they go and next time you need them, they will be there. Tidy up every evening or morning. I have found for me, if I pick up every night before I go to bed (I am a night owl) the mornings run smoother and it is easier to maintain then waiting to do it once a week. To be clear I am not talking about cleaning here, I am talking about picking up and tidying things up. I am not at all saying that there is not a time I go to bed with out a mess. You better believe it happens, but if I make an effort to do it every night, then chances are, it will at least happen three or four nights of the week. I consider that success. Start in a corner. Ok, here is a little off the wall trick I use: I start in a corner of my kitchen and I work my way out. It is so physiologically pleasing to see the progress you are making with a tidy corner that leads to tidy counter tops that lead to a completely tidy room! It makes me smile with pride and feel good about what I have accomplished in such little time. For some reason when I walk back into one of the rooms I am finished with, it just makes me feel such a sense of accomplishment that it motivates me to keep going. And again, just to keep it real, sometimes only the kitchen, family and bathrooms get done, but at least they are completely done and not just bits and pieces. And if company comes over, I can just keep them in the neat & tidy “holding area.” So, I know that might not seem like the longest list or the most complex set of organizational techniques. And any type A’s or professional organizers reading this might be sighing in disappointment, but they are real person, techniques that might actually be used. Which is, after all, the point. Just keep telling yourself my mantra: “Some organization, some of the time, is better than no organization, any of the time!” Maybe I should get that tattooed on me somewhere! Just kidding type A’s!

Liz bradley is a mother of two girly girls, wifey to one Hubby, primary care giver to 3 dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig, and a fish and is the owner of LuLu’s and Little LuLu’s shoppes. You can follow her blog at


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Gardening with KIDS!

Roll Up Those Sleeves and Get Your Hands Dirty!

0 th

Re G - ra Ap Op nd ril eni 3 ng

Aren’t we all thrilled to be able to occasionally open our windows and let the fresh air pour into our homes?! Definitely, but don’t stop there! Now that our deep state of winter hibernation has finally ended, it’s time to consider spring projects. Begin planning your spring garden plans ~ it’s much more interesting than the dreaded spring cleaning! This year, involve your children in your gardening plans. What great lessons and discoveries there are to be learned with planning, planting and tending to a garden. One of my favorite questions to ask preschool children is, “where do fruits and veggies come from?”. “Walmart!”, is a common response. Take time this season to introduce your child to gardening. There are great books available, including Wildlife Gardening by Martyn Cox. Though, one of my personal favorites is Backyards for Kids by Ziba Kashef. It offers photos of backyard projects illustrating how to surround

children’s play structures with child-friendly gardening and how to incorporate whimsy and learning into your outdoor environment. Before planting, I suggest reading illustrated books about seed planting. Look through picture books of flowers and vegetables that grow well in Kentucky. Take time to point out and name specific flowers and vegetables….take this time to enrich your child’s vocabulary. Ask them which specific plants they would like to see in the garden. Discuss the needs of each plant (how much sun/shade each requires, how tall the plants will grow at maturity, the type of soil required and which garden would work best for each plant). Next, make a plan. Decide on a sunny spot to make your garden. Whether in a container, a raised bed or directly in the earth, most veggies require full sun, so be sure to plan accordingly. Now you are ready to make a list of the seeds that you will buy. It is always exciting to purchase seeds. Young children are often puzzled by the fact that most vegetables start as seeds – how could this be?! It is thrilling for them to watch a tiny seed grown into an actual flower or a bunch of carrots. Make the experience magical by choosing veggies that grow both above and below the ground, and flowers that climb or grow taller than them like jumbo sunflowers. Don’t forget to choose flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds like lupine flowers, petunias and snapdragons. Avoid treating these plants with pesticides in an effort to keep garden visitors safe and healthy!

New Gift Shop

• Hoe and till up a small patch of earth (10’X10’ will do!) and add compost, garden soil and hummus or sand depending on the condition of your soil. Visit your favorite local garden center for qualified advice. • Use flat stones or miniature patio stones to section off your garden. Doing this will invite your child to move freely in and out of the garden without stepping on seeds and plants. It will also be very exciting for your child to personally witness every bit of new growth and development. • Purchase small watering cans so that your child can independently manage watering his/her treasures. • Install a rain gage in the garden to assist your child when deciding whether or not watering is necessary. • Install a rain barrel. They are affordable, simple to install AND you’ll reap the benefit of lower water consumption while your garden will benefit from drinking non-chlorinated water.

• Take photos of the planning, planting, growth and harvest. Then, when the season is over, you can scrapbook your experience with your child. What great memories you’ll document!

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• Purchase real, child sized garden tools. Lowes has a very nice selection. Be sure to include gardening gloves, a wheel barrow, a garden shovel, a trowel, a garden rake, a hoe, a small watering can and a basket for weeding.

Lost River Cave & Valley’s

2818 Nashville Road Bowling Green, KY 42103 Phone: 270-393-0077 Join us on Facebook to enter the iPad sweepstakes!

tips for tip-top

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Have a Family-Friendly Earth Day! At GEMS Academy (Gifted Education in Math and Science), students in grades 3-6 are exploring ways to be more sustainable in their everyday choices. Here are three simple activities you can try at home:

• Gently press pulp with sponge allowing water to drain into bucket • Dry paper in sun for several hours • Carefully peel paper off deckle when dry

Aesthetic Recycling “Doing sustainable projects may seem hard, but doing activities like making recycled paper makes helping the Earth fun.” – Owen, grade 3

“The recycled paper was messy, but fun.” – Allie, grade 4

Children wonder, create, and get messy as they learn about the process of making recycled paper. Try out our studentcreated recipe with your family for a fun Earth Day project! Materials: 5 Gallon Bucket Sponge Blender Deckle Scrap Paper (Newspaper, Flyers, Magazine, Shredded Paper) Scrap Construction Paper or Food Coloring Step 1: Making A Deckle • Bend a metal coat hanger into desired paper shape • Wrap coat hanger in aluminum foil • Poke small drain holes in deckle Step 2: Blending Shredded Paper • Tear paper into small pieces • Fill blender half way full with paper • Add 800 milliliters of water • Blend until consistency of oatmeal • Add food coloring or strips of scrap construction paper to adjust color. *Note: As the paper dries the color will lighten. Step 3: Separating Water from Pulp • Cover deckle with mixture • Hold deckle over bucket

More Compost, Please! “Have you ever wanted to stop throwing away food? Well, then try composting! You can put food scraps in a bin (no meat or dairy foods), make sure to flip, then, presto, you got soil!” – Martin, grade 4

SKY FARMER’S MARKET SKY (Southern Kentucky Regional) Farmers Market is a producer-only market aiming to support local farmers and the local economy while offering a wide array of fruits, vegetables, meats, crafts, and horticultural items produced in Kentucky for the discerning customer. Not only can you get the freshest seasonal produce, but you can also take advantage of the non-homogenized milk, freshly baked goods, farm fresh eggs and meat including chicken, beef, and pork. You will also find cut flower bouquets, homemade dog biscuits, Kentucky wine, handthrown pottery, fresh roasted organic fair trade coffee, hand-crafted wooden cutting boards, hand dyed cloth, and handmade soap and body products. Each Saturday a hot breakfast is prepared to order and served in an openair atmosphere. SKY Market opens Saturday, April 9th and will be open every Saturday (7am-1pm) and Tuesday (7am-12pm) until October. It is in a new location on the campus of The Medical Center this year between High and Chestnut Streets and 4th and 5th Streets. Come to SKY Market where everything is 100% local 100% of the time!

A compost bin can be as simple as a ring of wire mesh in the corner of your yard. GEMS Academy students used the internet to research a variety of designs, then selected one and constructed it in class. After learning about proper care and upkeep, they began to re-vision their leftover produce from lunch. That’s not trash, it’s potential! What’s In: Fruit and Vegetable Scraps Shredded Paper Manure (from herbivores only) Water

tened cardboard and put it into a machine that takes it to a recycling plant.” – Hope, grade 5 Coffee Grounds Grass Clippings Fall Leaves Earthworms

What’s Out: Dairy Products Meat Grease or Vinegar Anything non-biodegradable (glass, metal, plastic)

Most folks in this region are familiar with the dark corridors of Mammoth Cave. But have you seen what’s going on above ground? From the new “green” Visitors Center, to their recycling program and use of alternative fuels, it’s amazing to see the sustainable choices being made right in our own backyard!

Allison Bemiss and David “What I learned from composting is that it takes months for Baxter are members of the one pile of compost to decompose.” – Peyton, grade 6 faculty at the GEMS Academy and both completed their Take A Sustainable Staycation Gifted Endorsements through “What lit my fire about Mammoth Cave was helping with WKU. Learn more online at the cardboard recycling project, which is where we bowling green



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building a


We hear a lot about seeking community these days and those of childbearing age are particularly interested in finding connections. From finding the right nursing bra to tips on healthy eating during pregnancy we are developing a place you can go to learn, connect and give back. When I was pregnant with my first child I reached out to books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and reality birth on television. Ignoring the history of knowledge and expertise from the older women in my life I thought I had to discover everything out for myself. The first year as a mother was very difficult, lonely and I never felt like I was moving forward even though my son was growing older. By the time I had my third child I had learned that there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be learned right here in our community. These experienced mothers and fathers were more than willing to reach out and share their successes and even failures with me. Professionals like Dana O’Meallie (a registered dietitian and coordinator for Breastfeeding with the Barren River Area Development District) are eager to serve and educate women on ways to improve their breastfeeding relationship.

BabyNet Community Join us for our monthly classes and discussion the last Monday of each month at The ALIVE Center, 5-6pm Educational The truth is that we are busy and over connected Classes; 6-7pm Discussion (via the internet and other technology) which makes it hard to connect on the personal level it takes to develop Upcoming Topics relationships. To make things easier we have organized a April 25 (Real Birth Stories) community of families and birth professionals who will meet A panel of moms shares their journey through birth. Hear monthly to discuss a variety of topics concerning pregnancy, stories of homebirths, cesareans, natural hospital births and breastfeeding, birth and early parenting. elective inductions from the families who experienced them. The BabyNet Community is a safe place for you to come and share your concerns, ideas and questions. We May 30 (Baby Wearing) welcome anyone to join us and realize that there are many Learn how to keep baby close while keeping hands free! different ways to raise a child. This is a place to empower families to make the best decisions for them. June 27 (Green Homes) Discover ways to green your home. Explore ways to reBabyTalk Videos - purpose used items and reduce the use of disposable items View short (~60 sec.) videos that highlight questions about consumed every day. Discuss simple, inexpensive and nonpregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. toxic cleaners that can be made at home. Get Involved To submit your own ideas, suggestions or questions for future BabyNet events, BabyTalk videos, website or articles contact Michelle Howell by email:

BabyNet Events April 16-BabyNet Photo Sessions with Susan Warrell Photography benefitting March of Dimes April 30-March For Babies Walk, 10 am Phil Moore Park

WIN! a Boogie Wipes Gift Set An estimated 50 million, or one if five Americans, suffer from some type of allergy, and each year at least 10 percent of the population struggles through daily life affected by the symptoms of hay fever. Sniffling, sneezing and unbearably itchy eyes are frustrating enough to deal with during spring allergy season without the added discomfort of dry, red and painful, “tissue” nose. Boogie Wipes and Achooz Saline Soothers are innovative new saline nose wipes created to provide soothing relief when allergies, colds or the flu strike. Boogie Wipes keep kid’s sleeves clean and help stop the spread of germs by providing a tender, moist saline wipe under children’s noses instead of a dry and rough tissue attack. The saline in Boogie Wipes also gently dissolves any dried mucus on the skin. Boogie Wipes are available at Walgreens pharmacies and other select retailers. You can win this awesome gift set from Boogie Wipes! To enter, simply post a fun spring photo of your child on our Facebook Fan Page ( then invite your friends and family to vote for your photo! The photo with the most votes on May 2nd at 5pm CT wins! page


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BACKYARD bootcamp It’s almost spring and time to check in on those 2011 fitness resolutions! Have you set exercise goals but then given up before reaching them? Why is it so challenging to stay motivated? Here’s a sad fact: About half of those who start a new exercise program abandon it within three to six months. The good news is there are a number of effective tricks to help us in keeping our goals and motivation to make fitness a lifestyle. Find the Right Fit. Many exercisers make the mistake of choosing a poor fit for their fitness regimen. Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick with exercise when they choose an activity they like. There are dozens of effective forms of exercise (weightlifting, walking, running, tennis, yoga, swimming, basketball, bicycling, the list goes on). The best one for you is whichever one you’ll enjoy enough to stick with.

health & wellness classes Free Weight Loss & Wellness Workshops Crouch Chiropractic 2709 Nashville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101 (270) 842-1955 | Learn about a free program recommend by Crouch for weight loss. Pre-registration required by phone or online. Sessions are 30-45 minutes. Saturdays at 11am: April 9, 30, May 2, 7, 21, June 4, 11 Thursdays at 6:30pm: April 14, May 26, June 30

who felt revitalized after workouts tended to stay in the program. Try to make sure that your tolerance is not overtaxed initially so you are more likely to be back for more tomorrow. Set Goals. In order to experience successes in exercise, it helps to set measurable goals, so there’s no doubt whether you’ve achieved them. Examples of sensible short-term goals: • Increase your training schedule from three workouts to four next week • Complete a 5K/10K race in three months • Reduce your waist measurement by one inch in one month • Lose 10 pounds in three months

Deflate the No-time Excuse. Lack of time is at the top of the list for failure to reach fitness goals. Instead of beginning Make It a Team Effort. each day with a general intention to exercise, plan a specific All kinds of research has shown that people are more likely activity for a specific time and place 24 hours in advance. to stick with exercise if it’s a social affair than if it’s a solo exploit. Training with a friend, getting a personal trainer, and/ These tips can help you fit a workout into even the busiest or joining some kind of exercise group (dance class, group schedule: fitness class, bicycling group, etc) are effective ways to get • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and exercise first thing in social motivation. the morning. Allison Millett been teaching • Find a way to work out during your lunch break. fitness classes and personal • Combine your workouts with another daily necessity, for training in the Bowling Green example by running errands on foot instead of in the car. area for 13 years and enjoys helping others reach their health Use the Pleasure Principle. The discomfort of exercise is one of the primary causes and fitness goals. She is also a of quitting. Studies have shown that subjects who felt wife and mother of 2. exhausted after workouts tended to quit, while subjects

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LIMBER FOR LIFE Fridays, 9-10 a.m. Limited to 20 participants; bring 3- to 5-pound hand weights and wear lightweight, comfortable clothing. This exercise class is for men and women of all ages and offers a low impact aerobic workout with a focus on flexibility, relaxation and muscular strength. $5 per class. Medical Center Health & Wellness Center, Greenwood Mall. GROCERY STORE TOUR: CHOOSING HEALTHY FOOD Wed., May 11, 8-9:30 a.m., Kroger on Scottsville Road. Prereg. req; space ltd. Andrea Norris, registered dietitian with The Medical Center Medical Nutrition Therapy Program, will lead a grocery store tour to help individuals make healthier food choices while shopping. $10.

For more info or to register, call 270-745-0942. Little Yogis Children’s Yoga at Hopscotch’s Playplace, Wed. & Fri. 10-10:45 for 2-5 years old, $40 for 6 classes Family Yoga at The Yoga Loft located in Downtown Bowling Green, Mondays @ 6pm beginning May 2for families of any size and age, from couples to single parents to families of 12! $10/family

Yoga Contact: Beth McGrew 270.748.2018 View our complete calendar on pages 12-13.


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BOOK reviews Night by Elie Wiesel – Books have a way of moving you, some more than others. This small, but mighty book paints the terrible picture of the cruelty of human beings and the beauty of human beings. The people who lived in his community, even though they heard stories, could not fathom the depths of depravity they would endure at the hands of others. I would like to believe that we have come far since that time, but sometimes I wonder….. What My Heart Wants to Tell by Verna Mae Slone – My heart is saddened because I never had the opportunity to meet this beautiful, mountain woman. I went to school at Alice Lloyd College and know that our paths surely came close to crossing. While I never met “Vernie Mae” which is what I’m sure she was called by those who loved her, I met her through my grandmother and other family members who lived the stories in her book. I have a unique and beautiful sense of place from being raised in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and this wonderfully written book reminds me that I never have to be ashamed of who I am and where I come from. “God knew that it would take brave and sturdy people to survive in these beautiful but rugged hills. So He sent us His very strongest men and women.” Eli the Good by Silas House – Anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle with their hands off the handlebars should read this book! Silas House has such a wonderful mastery over words. I could actually feel the wind blowing across my face when I read the passage of the bike. The smells, the sounds, the sights, the textures of the 70’s all come alive in this book. This book is not only about Vietnam, but about how the war affected everyone. Any child of the 70’s will be taken straight back to that time of trying to reconcile why our loved ones were sent there to kill people and why they got “spit on” and called “baby killers” if they were “lucky” enough to come home. Beautifully and thoughtfully written!

Lynn is the mother of two children and is an avid reader, especially enjoying novels based on life in Eastern KY. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys writing, making cards and other crafts and spending time with her husband, Tom.

YUMMY MOMMY ME time for YOU by: Marci Huff, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I have been working in the mental health field for almost 10 years and through my time as a professional I frequently come across the same issue with many of my clients, and have encountered this issue in my personal life when talking with friends and family members. The world that we all live in can be extremely fast paced and many of us don’t take enough time for ourselves. We are constantly consumed with life’s day to day activities and responsibilities; and many of us feel overwhelmed at times trying to “keep up” and think to ourselves that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of not taking enough time for myself either. So many of you are asking yourselves, especially all you moms and caretakers out there, “when could I possibly fit in time for me?” I am not suggesting that we spend hours at the spa or plan extra vacations (although most of us would enjoy both); however I am challenging all of you over-stressed, over-worked and over-scheduled people to spend at least 30 minutes a day on “ME Time.” “ME Time” is time that is all about you, the individual; not the mom, spouse, taxi driver, bill payer, house cleaner, etc. part of you but the individual that needs to be nurtured and taken care of on a daily basis. It can be as simple as taking time to sit outdoors on a nice day, exercising-walking, biking, etc., taking a short nap, reading a book or magazine, meditating or something more organized like a yoga, knitting, art class, going to the gym, getting a manicure; the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do for and with yourself; what matters more is that you are taking the time for you. The way to do this is to MAKE the time for you. We make time for others every day; it’s that time we all work harder to take better care of all aspects of ourselvesphysically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc. When we take better care of ourselves as individuals we are better able to take on the business and responsibilities that fill so much of our daily lives. And you never know it may help your mood, relationships, energy level; the benefits of self care and “ME Time” are endless. So again I challenge all of you (and am challenging myself) to be creative and work harder to take care of yourself so that we can all be better spouses, friends, moms/dads, workers, neighbors, etc.



scrub yourself


Recipes courtesy of: Shelley Spears, LMT, Owner of Me Time Day Spa & Salon, Russellville, KY 42276, 270-725-TIME Whether you are looking to tame some tension or rejuvenate for the day, these scrub recipes will help you exfoliate your way to happiness! Your skin will surely thank you! (Massage oils available at most health food stores and day spas) Great Salt Scrub: This recipe is a great stress and tension reliever. It will help with headache pain, and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. - 1 cup of Epsom salt - Begin with 1 tablespoon olive oil; add olive oil to desired consistency - 3 drops lavender oil - 2 drops peppermint oils Brown Sugar Scrub: This is a great energizing scrub to get you going in the morning. - 1 cup of Brown Sugar - ¼ cup almond oil - 3 drops grapefruit or orange oil

LISTEN up Tony Rose from 100.7 SAM FM has listed the “must-have” Spring Songs for your iPod! U2 “ Beautiful Day” An anthem to recognizing the beauty in the world around you is a perfect accompaniment to the new life and new spirit of spring. Chicago “ Saturday in the Park” Being outside in the warmth and brightness of the sun after a dull winter John Fogerty “ Centerfield” With the Hot Rods about to kick off another season what could be better than a tribute to the sport that signals the start of spring? Jimmy Buffet “Cheeseburger in Paradise” Makes you want to take a Spring Break trip to the beach..find that little “on the shore diner” and pig out on a juicy burger and fries in your flip flops and bathing suit like no one is watching! Kenny Chesney “No Shoes No Shirt..No Problem” For me, this is the ultimate spring break album...not just song Sand, surf, warm tropical breezes -- Kenny has it all in this song! bowling green

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get out and about with

freshen up your

Check out Lost River Cave because of their fabulous walking trails and the butterfly house, not to mention the cave itself. A great place to spend a spring day! Hobson Grove is also another neat place. Beautiful setting and you can tour the house and imagine what it was like to live there in the 1800’s. octagon Hall (right across the Simpson Co. line on 31-W) is another neat place. It is full of Civil War history and relics. HoWEVER, I had my one and only paranormal experience there, so be forewarned! - Amy Tylicki

Welcome to Apricot Lane’s “west coast, celebrity-inspired looks” for Bowling Green fashionistas”! A visit to this store will have you looking in all directions as you take in their impressive collection of branded fashion apparel, dazzling jewelry, handbags and accessories to create looks right from the runway. Stepping inside the doors of Apricot Lane is like stepping into the pages of your favorite fashion magazine! You’ll be greeted and assisted by their talented team of stylin’ fashion experts! Check out this collection of adorable outfits appropriate for moms of any age!


kentucky Lake is a great place. My grandparents have a house right on the lake and I spent a lot of time there as a kid. Though the water isn’t crystal blue, and lots of the forest is gone now for houses, the bob whites still sing, the fish still jump, you can still take some great nature walks to make nature art with, and there is so much wildlife to see. - kari Carr

LOOK Losing your pregnancy weight after you have a baby is hard enough without having to arrange for childcare. Fortunately it’s not hard to exercise with your baby and GT Fitness Personal Training Studio has designed and devoted a workout program just for new moms to get back into shape and GET TONED! Some gyms have a childcare dropoff service, but at GT Fitness the infant is included in the workout with you. During a 30 minute session you and your infant will be in an environment to naturally stimulate neuromuscular adaptations and brain growth for a healthy baby while you get back in shape and tone your body. Before you start any exercise program always clear with your physician the strength and maturation of your baby’s head and neck. Most doctor’s recommend waiting after your 6wk post-natal check before you begin. Once baby and mom start spending quality time together the bonding interaction helps your child build cognitive and physical abilities in confidence, awareness of self and people connections that will help them as they age through adolescents. A 4-6 wk program of structured physical activities will strengthen the eye hand coordination and motor skills to develop good arm and leg muscles while you’re using the little joy as the tool to burn the unwanted fat calories. The workout sessions double as stress relief and less stressed mommy is good for the infant too.

This summer’s styles are silk, strapless and sexy. Apricot Lane’s models demonstrate both dressy and casual looks.

Abs 1. Lie on your back and let the baby straddle your abdominals using your belly button as center 2. Encourage baby to “giddy up” and bounce up and down as you contract and squeeze your abs 3. Once baby settles in, pretend you have a string tied to your naval and pull the string and your belly button your spine and let the weight of the baby stretch your abs 4. Then contract your abs forcefully to tighten the mid section and your abs to push up the babies weight & repeat.

get hair My family loves Brigadoon State Nature Park in Barren County! Spring is a great time to go walking there. You’ll enjoy the many rare and uncommon spring wildflowers and observe the diverse population of resident and migratory birds. - Lynn Hulsey Jean loves to walk the trails at Mammoth Cave National Park, particularly near the Green River Fairy...back to nature, fresh air and “free” ! We also enjoyed touring Heaven Hill distillery and Museum near Bardstown. It is also “free”! The dinner train in Bardstown was pretty cool, sadly, FAR from free.... - Ernie Bowles


1. Curl or straighten your hair for added effect. 2. Secure your hair in a side ponytail using a regular hair tie. 3. Take a small chunk of hair from underneath your ponytail and spray lightly with hairspray. 4. Wrap hair around hair tie, securing occasionally with bobbypins.

Chest and Arms: 1. Lying on your back, with 2 hands firmly gripped under the baby’s arms, hold baby 2-3 inches from your face and give/ blow kisses, make faces until the child concentrates on you. 2. Once you have attention, extend your arms and baby overhead allowing for 2-3 seconds to push to the top contracting your chest and triceps muscle 3. Slowly lower the baby back to face 3-4 seconds feeling the burn chest and arms and repeat.

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awesome ARTS


April’s Craft: Easter Wreath

Activity | Creativity Squirrels on the Square

June’s Craft: Father’s Day “D-A-D” Photograph

Materials Required: •Basic wreath (grapevine/ styrofoam) •Hot glue gun •Plastic Easter eggs •Beautiful bow!

Materials Required: • Large cardboard “D”, in any color you wish • Large cardboard “A”, in any color you wish • Your child/children! • Camera • Frame

Instructions: 1. Preheat glue gun 2. Glue eggs all around wreath, layering to hide wreath 3. Tie a ribbon bow of your color choice around wreath and hang May’s Craft: Mother’s Day Bouquet by Sara Materials Required: •Paper grocery bags •Paper (Sara used decorative scrapbook papers and tissue paper) •White craft glue •Pipe cleaners •Scissors Instructions: 1. Cut petal shapes from paper bags 2. Cut petal shapes from decorative papers and tissue paper 3. Glue decorative and tissue paper petals to Kroger petals 4. Glue petals together to form 5. Glue colored circle to center of flower 6. Push pipe cleaner through center of flower and bend so flower will not fall off 7. Repeat steps to make many flowers to form bouquet 8. Tie bouquet with ribbon or place in vase

Instructions: 1. Using two large pieces of cardboard, trace and cut out letters “D” and “A” 2. Paint letters 3. While letters are drying, make your child/children look fancy 4. Choose a special place to take photos (outdoor backgrounds with little distractions work well) 5. Take a photo of your child holding letter “D” 6. Take a photo of your child holding letter “A” 7. Take another photo of your child holding letter “D” 8. Print each photo and place in a three-picture frame

Looking for a fun, free activity to do with the kids? How about a squirrel scavenger hunt? There are 12 squirrels who love hiding out in stores around Fountain Square in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Visit the Square and discover the squirrels in the stores, boutiques and restaurants in the heart of Bowling Green. Find six of us each month, and you’ll be eligible for a drawing to win a great prize, worth $100 or more in service or merchandise. Happy hunting! 270-843-3001 |

Reclaim your creative edge To help regain innovative thinking and creativity, Dr. Michaelis provides proven techniques to help jump-start your creativity:  Inspire curiosity and imagination: Bring your kids into new environments, get them to try new foods or learn about different cultures.  Do something creative every day:Try to make things with your kids or encourage them to use their imagination during daily activities.  Promote Active Problem Solving: Challenge your kids to think of solutions to everyday problems to get them to work their brain muscles in order to broaden their ways of thinking.

Facebook Fan Extra Craft!

For additional suggestions on how to share daily creativity with your children, visit “Sharing Creative Time With Our Kids” at articles/822271/teaching-our-kids-the-art-of-creativity.

Become a fan of BG Parent on Facebook and discover the instruction on how to make this fun flower craft using only tissue paper and pipe cleaners!


Saturday, April 23, 10 a.m. $12 for adults / $8 for kids age 12 and under Advanced ticket reservations are required by calling 270-781-7973 or can be purchased in advance at the Museum admissions counter, open daily, 8am-5pm. page





URES VETT IN A E! bowling green

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Mother’s & Father’s Day Ideas

Gifts, Gestures and Outings to Show Your Appreciation Struggling to make these special days of recognition extra opinion. They can help you create a brand new piece special? Look no further! We have a few really great ideas with a “special something” from your life together as the for you. centerpiece of a ring, necklace or bracelet. The possibilities are really endless! MOTHER’S DAY: Three Great Mother’s Day Gifts: • Shutterfly book. It’s simple! Log onto, These Three Gestures are Sure to Win You Big Points! create your own free account, upload your favorite family • Do everything domestic for the entire day. This might photos and Shutterfly will even create the book for you! The include laundry (from start to putting away), loading or final product is truly professional and unique. This will surely unloading the dishwasher, cooking and clean-up, cutting the be awarded one of mom’s most treasured gifts! lawn, walking the dog, vacuuming, sweeping, watering the flowers, and my personal favorite…cleaning the shower!

• For the sports/techie dad, there is an app available for even the hardest to buy for dads! Some of our favorites include GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS, Sportacular, Weber’s On the Grill, and Madden NFL 10. All available for less than $20.

Three Great Father’s Day Outings: • Pack a picnic lunch, grab your fishing poles and take dad on a fishing trip for the day. Drakes Creek, Trammel Creek, and Ivy Branch all have public access or you can stay close to town at Three Springs Lake located within Basil Griffin Park.

• Go for a family baseball outing. Scoring seats for a local • Light candles, dim the lights, turn on soft music and invite Hot Rods game will be a big win for everyone. the family for a quiet, well planned dinner. Don’t forget to raise a glass and discuss why you are grateful for such a • For the history buff, schedule a Historic Walking Tour of the downtown area and learn about the history and architecture fabulous mother/wife. of Bowling Green. Tours can be scheduled through the • Go for a long hike on the trails at Lost River or for a nice Landmark Association at 270-782-0037. walk through the neighborhood. Fresh air, exercise and great conversation are great for the soul! FATHER’S DAY: Three Great Gifts • Create a personalized coffee mug, key chain, or neck Lilah and Finn show their photo books. tie using photos from a favorite family vacation, birthday celebration, or special moment. This can be done to by going • Hire a cleaning service. Did you know that Merry Maids will to any photo center, uploading your photos, and choosing come to your home to offer a free estimate? Whether you’re your item of choice. Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreens all have looking for a one-time service or a long-term commitment, photo centers locally. they’ve got you covered! Is there anything more refreshing than coming home to a well polished house? What a great • Present him with a clean car from the inside out. While way to start the week! dad is busy at work, sneak his car away for the afternoon, and have it cleaned and detailed before he ever notices that • Create a special piece of jewelry for her! Visit the it is gone.. professionals at Morris Jewelry downtown for their expert

WIN! a Looft Lighter It all began when Richard Looft got angry. The chicken he barbecued tasted like lighter fluid, so he started thinking of a better and more environmentally friendly way to light the grill. Looftlighter®, a brand new fire starter, is the cleanest, quickest, safest, and easiest way to light your grills, smokers and fire pits.

Looftlighter®, is a metal tube punctuated with holes to allow airflow surrounding an interior heating unit. Merely touch the tip of a Looftlighter® to wood or coals for 15 seconds, withdraw it about six inches to allow warm air to blow onto the glowing embers and within a minute a crackling fire will appear. Looftlighter® retails for $79.95 and can be purchased locally at All Seasons on Broadway. You can win this awesome gift just in time for Father’s Day! To enter, post a photo of your child with their dad or grandfather on our Facebook Fan Page ( anytime after May 1, then invite your friends and family to vote for your photo! The photo with the most votes on June 2 at 5pm CT wins! bowling green



april / may / june 2011


area events & activities APRIL 2011 Now-Apr. 16 From Here to There Science Exhibit, National Corvette Museum, 8am-5pm daily, 270-781-7973

16 Chaney’s Easter Egg Hunt. Starts at 3pm, Buchanon Park, Co-sponsored by Hughes & Coleman. Over 15,000 eggs & free ice cream coupons. Rain Date: April 17

30-May 1 Warren, Metcalfe and Edmonson County Days, Kentucky Down Under, Admission $5 with proof of residence, 800-762-2869,

1-30 Kentucky Down Under & Dinosaur World Home School Month, Homeschooled students receive special rates

16 TC Cherry PTO Spring Bazaar, 9am-3pm, shopping, crafts, food. 270-746-2234

May 2011

4-8 Spring Break Day Camp, Kentucky Museum, 8am-noon, after camp care until 4pm. $120/child day camp, $55 per child after care. 270-745-6082

16 Arbor Day Celebration, Kereiakes Park, 9am-12pm, tree care, planting demos, free trees and kids activities

5 Spring Break Movie, WCPL Kirby Branch, 2:30pm, watch Disney’s Cars, free popcorn & drinks. 270-782-0252

16 Rain Barrel Making Workshop, WKU Dept. of Facilities Mgmt, Parking Structure 1, 1-4 pm, $75 for all materials, registration required, 270-745-2508,

5 PJ Tales, Warren County Library Main Branch, 6pm, all ages, story and craft time. Free. Also April 10

16 Old Union School’s Annual Aloha Auction & BBQ, 4-8pm, Phil Moore Park Gymnasium, free admission to the auction.

5-8 Spring Break Hands-On Art Classes, VSA Arts of KY, various classes for grades K-12 from 9:30am-4:30pm. $40 each day first class, $35 each additional class, 270-781-0872

16 Arts for All Workshop, VSA Arts of Kentucky, Holga 120N Photography, $25, 270-781-0872

6 “Mustered In” Civil War Uniform Day for Children, Riverview at Hobson Grove, 1 pm, reservations requires, 270843-5565,

7 Taste of Bowling Green benefit for The Dream Factory, Sloan Convention Center, 270-793-1022, 8 The Symphony presents Brahms Fest, Van Meter Auditorium, 8 pm, 270-745-5222, 9 Second Saturdays Street Fair, Downtown Fountain Square, 9 am- 3 pm, children’s activities, sidewalk sales, music, 270782-0222, Also May 14, June 11 15 Newsboys Concert, Christian Rock Band, E. A. Diddle Arena, 7 pm, 270-745-5222, 15-16 SOKY Book Fest, Knicely Conference Center, Children’s Day 15th, 270-745-5016,, 9am-2pm 15th, 9am-3pm 16th 15-16 South Union Seminar, Event begins on Fri. evening with dinner at Shaker Tavern, Sat. 9 am-3 pm at Centre House, 800-811-8379, 15-17 4th Annual Total Fitness Spread & Flex 8U-12U Baseball, 270-782-3503 15-17 Driving Miss Daisy, Public Theatre of KY, Fri. & Sat. 8pm, Sun. 3pm, 270-781-6233, Also 21-24, 28May 1

16 5K Walk benefitting the Humane Society, 8:30am registration, BG/WC Airport. 270-783-9404 16 Independence Bank Dog Show, 10:30am, 2415 Nashville Road, $10 registration, 270-746-0980 19 Steelband Concert, Fine Arts Center Recital Hall, 7:30 pm, 270-745-3751, 21-May 1 Herb Festival, Wild Bird & Nature Store, 9am6pm daily, featuring herbs, perennials, annuals, garden accessories and more, 270-746-0203 23 Bunny Brunch, National Corvette Museum, 10am, Arts & crafts, photos with Bunny in a Corvette, egg hunt, Adults $12, Children $8 includes museum admission, Advanced registration required, 270-781-7973, 26 Girls Only Book Club, WCPL Main Branch, 6:30pm, K-2nd Grade and moms, discuss Matilda by Roald Dahl 28-May 3 An Evening of Dance 2011, Russell H. Miller Theatre, Fine Arts Center, Thur.-Sat. & Mon.-Tues. 8 pm, Sun. 3 pm, 270-745-3121, 29 Knit Night, WCPL Kirby Branch, 6pm 29-30 One of These Nights: A Tribute to the Eagles, The Rewinders and Retro Singers to benefit Orchestra Kentucky, Capitol Arts Center, 8 pm, $20 and $25, 270-846-2426, 30 March of Dimes March for Babies, Phil Moore Park, 9am, 270-746-5411

15-16 Women-in-the-Arts Exhibit, Medical Center Auditorium, 10am-4pm (and Sunday 1-4pm), free exhibit, art available for purchase. 270-745-1010

30-May 1 Save Our Kids Karnival, Gary Farms Blvd., Fri. 510pm, Sat. 10am-10pm, Sun. Noon-5pm,

16 Easter Egg Hunt, Riverview at Hobson Grove, 270-8435565,

30-May 1 Soap Box Derby Rally Race, Phil Moore Park, 270791-3753,



1 Celebrity Scoop Day. Chaney’s Dairy Barn, 1pm-4pm. 100% of ice cream sales go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital 7 17th Annual Mini Corvette Challenge, National Corvette Museum, 9:30 am, 270-782-0280, 7 Beech Bend Amusement Park Opening Day, 270-781-7634, 7 Mother-Daughter Tea & Fashion Show, Medical Center Auditorium, 3pm, presented by Apricot Lane & Polka Dot Door. $8 per person. 270-745-1010 7 Imagine Christian Concert, Bowling Green Ballpark, 2-8pm, $12/advance, $15/door, $10/groups of 20+, 270-901-2121 8 Kentucky Down Under & Dinosaur World Mother’s Day, Free admission for moms with a paid child 14 Antique & Garden Festival, Riverview at Hobson Grove, 270-843-5565, 14 Community Wide Yard Sale, Parker Bennett Community Center, 6am-1pm, Fee: $12 per table (limit 2), Contact Denise Hill 270-393-3310 14 Arts for All Workshop, VSA Arts of Kentucky, 10am-noon, Acrylic painting on canvas, $25, 270-781-0872 19 Beech Bend Park Splash Lagoon Opening Day 19-22 Southern Hospitality, Fountain Square Players, Phoenix Theatre, Thurs.-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 3 pm, 270-782-3119, www. 20-21 All-American Soap Box Derby, Phil Moore Park Soap Box Derby Track, 270-791-3753, 21 Olde Stone Run for PRIDE, The Club at Olde Stone, 8 am, 270-745-0090 or 270-393-4653 21 Spring Antiques & Garden Market, Shaker Museum at South Union, 9am- 3pm, $5, 800-811-8379, www. 21-22 KY Guild of Artists & Craftsmen Spring Fair, Sloan Convention Center, Sat. 10 am-6 pm, Sun. 10 am-5 pm, 859986-3192, 28 JC Kirby Funeral Home Free Gospel Music Concert, Capitol Arts, Bring canned food item, 7pm, 270-843-3111

June 2011 TBD Floyd Fest, downtown Horse Cave, honors the life and adventures of cave explorer Floyd Collins through historic bowling green

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exhibits, speakers, period music and film. 270-786-1466 1-30 $5 Fridays, Hopscotch’s for open play admission 1-30 Teacher Appreciation Month, Teachers free with school ID, Kentucky Down Under, 800-762-2869, 2 Hershey’s Track & Field Meet, Bowling Green High, 9:30am, boys and girls ages 7-9 and 9-14. Test your skills in various events. Birth certificate required. Free event. 2-5 400 Mile Sale, across Kentucky, Paducah to Maysville, antiques, collectibles, and more, 270-782-0800, 3 Bowling Green Gallery Hop, 5 – 8 pm, galleries, museums and studio centers around town, maps available at Visitors Bureau, Capitol Arts, or any participating location, 270-7810872, 4 Kentucky Proud Festival. Chaney’s Dairy Barn, Support Kentucky artists and producers., (270) 843-5567 10 Civil War Civilian Tea, Riverview at Hobson Grove, 2 pm, 270-843-5565, 10 Ice Cream & a Moovie starts. Chaney’s Dairy Barn, Family movies every other Friday & Saturday night. Movies start at dusk. Admission is free. Please no outside food or drink. Movies TBA., (270) 843-5567 11 Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Hopscotch’s Playplace, 9am-Noon, $1 play, free lemonade 11 Arts for All Workshop, VSA Arts of Kentucky, 10am-noon, Cut That Out Collage, $25, 270-781-0872 17 Munfordville Cruise-In, classic vehicles, food and fun, free games, music and entertainment. Free. 270-524-4752 19 Father’s Day at Kentucky Down Under and Dinosaur World, Free admission for dads with a paid child 23 Teacher Appreciation Expo, Corvette Museum, 1-3pm, free food, massages, swag bags, vendor booths & door prizes for teachers. or 270-467-8852 23-26 Oliver!, Fountain Square Players, Phoenix Theatre, Thurs.-Sat. 8pm, Sun. 3pm, 270-782-3119. 25 Aviation Heritage Park Hangar Party, BG/WC Regional Airport, Gates open 5pm, Dinner 6pm, Tyrone Dunn Experiments 8pm, 25 Barnfest, Chaney’s Dairy Barn, Annual Dairy Month celebration. Featuring music, contests, kids’ activities & more, (270) 843-5567 30 Writing workshop with Heather Vogel Frederick (author of the Mother-Daughter Book Club series), Main Library. Call 781-4882, x212 to register. Note: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, all information is subject to change. Please call ahead to verify dates, times and schedules!

Educational Offerings Warren Co. Public Library & The Medical Center Free Activities at Warren Co. Public Library Mondays Toddler Time (9:30-10:30am) Kirby, 18-36 months Toddler Time (10:30-11:30am) Main, 18-36 months Kirby Kids (3:30-4:30pm) Kirby, elementary age Family Story Time (6:30pm) Smiths Grove Tuesdays Toddler Time (9:30-10:30am) Main, 18-36 mos. Preschool Spanish (11:30am) Main Spanish Explorers Club (4:30pm) Main, elementary age PJ Tales (6pm) Main, twice a month, call for dates Wednesdays Kirby Babies (9:30-10:30am) Kirby, 6-18 mos. Preschool Story Time (10:30am) Smiths Grove, Main & Kirby After School Special (3:30pm) Graham, all age students Thursdays Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Main, 3-5 years Crafting at the Grove (3-4pm) Smiths Grove, K-6 High Five Kids Club (4-5pm) Main, K-5 Teen Thursdays (5pm) Grades 6-12, Graham Fridays Peek-a-book Babies (9:30-10:30am) Main, 6-18 mos. Preschool Spanish (9:30am) Kirby, 2-5 years Preschool Story Time (10:30-11:30am) Kirby & Main Teen Scene (3:30-4:30pm) Kirby (jr. high, middle & high school students) Saturdays Family Story Time (10:30am) Kirby Branch

Exercise and Nutrition Classes at The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center at Greenwood Mall More information and register at 270-745-0972 Limber for Life (Fridays) 9-10am, $5/class Exercise class for men and women of all ages. Low impact aerobic workout with a focus on flexibility, relaxation and muscular strength. Bring 3-5 lb. hand weights.

Lifeskills Healthy Baby Workshops

Health and Wellness Classes, Greenwood Mall location. More info and register at 270-745-0942 Watercolor Class, (Mondays May 16-Jun. 27) 10am-12pm, preregistration required. Bring a 9x12 cold-press paper pad and #1 and #8 round brushes. $45 CPR Anytime Class (May 23) 1-4pm, Preregistration req. Babysitting Clinic (Wednesdays June 8 or 22) 9am-2pm, Prepayment and registration req. Boys and girls age 11-17 will learn about safety, how to handle emergencies, and basic tips for caring for children of all ages. The fee is $20 and includes lunch, course materials, and a T-shirt. Food Allergy Support (Apr. 19, May 17, Jun. 21) 6-7pm NICU Parent Support (Tuesdays) 6:30pm, Conf. Room

All pregnant women receive a $20 Wal-Mart gift card for attending. Workshops are 2 hrs long, focusing on the dangers of substance use during pregnancy. 270-901-5000 x1114

Allen County Health Dept. - Apr. 4, 10am-12pm Hart County Health Dept.- Apr. 13, 1-3pm Lifeskills Bowling Green - Apr. 21, 1-3pm Logan County Health Dept. - Apr. 26, 1-3pm Warren County Health Dept.- May 18, 1-3pm Barren County Health Dept.- May 26, 1-3pm Edmonson County Health Dept.- Jun. 1, 1-3pm Monroe County Health Dept.- Jun. 9, 1-3pm Metcalfe County Health Dept.- Jun. 15, 1-3pm May 10 - Breastfeeding Made Simple, Barren River District Health Dep., free class, 10am-3pm, 270-781-8039 x181

Women In Charge Luncheon Series Noon-1pm at the Medical Center Auditorium. Fibromyalgia (Apr. 26); Herbals/Vitamins: Be Smart & Safe (May 24), Refuse to be a Victim (Jun. 28) page

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Preparing and Caring for Baby, Classes at Medical Center Auditorium unless otherwise noted. Info and registration at 270-796-2495 or A New Baby’s Coming Class (Apr. 21 or Jun. 2) 6-8pm Breast is Best (May 19) 6-8pm C-Section Class (May 31) 6-8pm Fatherhood 101 (May 31) 7pm, Classroom 2 Grandparents Class (Apr. 12 or Jun. 14) 6-8pm Newborn Care & Safety Class (Apr. 14 or 28, May 12 or 26, Jun. 9 or 23) 6-8pm at Greenwood Mall Wellness Ctr. or (Apr. 22, May 27, or Jun. 24) 2-4pm at the Fairview Community Health Center Annex. Nutrition During Pregnancy (Apr. 12) 6-7pm, Mall Prepared Childbirth Classes Option 1: Six Week Series (Tues, May 3-Jun. 14 or Jun. 28Aug. 9 ) 6pm Option 2: One-Night Refresher (May 10) 6pm Option 3: One-Day (Apr. 23, May 21, Jun. 18) 9am-1pm Ready, Set, Go! (Apr. 7, May 5, Jun. 16) 6-8pm SIDS Prevention (Jun. 28) 5:30-6:30pm, Mall Twins or More! (Jun. 15) 6-8pm, Med. Ctr. Conf. Room

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the SKINNY on Sunscreen & Sun Protection Making your summer sunscreen selections can be challenging! How do you know which SPF is right for you? What does UVA and UVB mean? This article will give you the “skinny” on sunscreen! What does SPF mean? The sunburn protection factor (SPF) shown on bottles of sunscreen measures protection against UVB rays, which cause burning. Think B = Burning. However, SPF does not measure against UVA, which causes aging of the skin (A = Aging). Both types of UV rays cause cancer so be sure to look for a “broad spectrum” sunscreen, which means it protects against both. How much SPF do I really need? You’ve probably heard someone say that all SPF’s are the same, but this is far from the truth. SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays, SPF 50 blocks 98% and SPF 100 blocks 99%. This may not sound like a lot but if you think of thousands of rays of sun hitting you every day these differences become large. SPF 30 lets in 3%, SPF 50 lets in 2% and SPF 100 only lets in 1%. In other words, someone using an SPF 50 vs. 30 will have half as much UVB rays hitting them over a lifetime. How much sunscreen do I need? The average person needs about 1 ounce (think shot glass size) to cover their body. Most people apply less than half that amount, which means their SPF protection is lower

than what the bottle says. Spray sunscreens often help people get closer to the true SPF because they provide more even and thorough coverage. Sunscreen should also be reapplied every two hours. Infants under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do sunscreens cause vitamin D deficiency? This issue has become a hot topic, but no studies have yet to prove and few dermatologists believe that sunscreens cause vitamin D deficiency. I thought that 80% of your sun exposure happens as a child so why should I bother to protect now? Contrary to popular belief, studies now show that we get less than 25% of our total sun exposure by age 18. Sun damage actually continues to accumulate over a lifetime so sun protection is always important.

So what’s the harm in a not using sunscreen? A- Aging: Excessive unprotected time in the sun leads to wrinkling, sagging and hyperpigmentation of the skin. In fact, up to 90% of the visible signs of aging are caused by the sun.

B - Burn: In addition to the short-term pain, sunburn is a form of DNA damage that can be the first step towards skin cancer. Just one blistering sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of melanoma later.

C - Cancer: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US. There are more new cases of skin cancer each year than breast, prostrate, colon and lung – combined. 90% of nonmelanoma and 65% of melanoma skin cancers can be attributed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Go out and enjoy your summer in Bowling Green and beyond, but remember to keep yourself and your loved ones protected! *For more information on these suncare tips or to find out more visit the Skin Cancer Foundation website at

Laura Lee Fleming is former Brand Manager of Banana Boat Sunscreen. She is a native of Scottsville and currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she serves as Brand Manager for Angel Soft. page


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SAFETY • Know CPR. Though lifeguards are well trained, you’ll enter a public pool area with a little more comfort if you have training under your belt. • Remove swim toys when your child exits the pool. Floating toys may look enticing to children. Making a rule to remove them when not in the pool will remove the temptation of them retrieving toys when you’re not looking. • Don’t assume lifeguards will do all of the work. Nobody is more concerned about your child’s safety than you! Keep your eyes on your child. • If you are planning to host a pool party, hire a lifeguard. Though you’ll still keep eyes on the pool, you and your guests will find comfort in knowing that a trained lifeguard will focus only on the safety of children. • When you enter the pool area, locate the rescue equipment. You’ll know exactly where to go in the event of an emergency. • Public pool, not public pooh! ALWAYS, ALWAYS use swim diapers. Out of respect for everyone else at the pool, use swim diapers and change them often to keep everyone else safe. Swimming Lessons WKU Swim Lessons at the Preston Center Saturdays, April 16, 23, 30, and May 7, 8am-Noon (30 minute lessons). $55 for one child or adult; $105 for two children in an immediate family; $140 for three or more children; $105 for married couple. Applications due April 8. Ages 4 and up. Little Dipper Swim Lessons at BGHS Ages 2-12. 6-week program with 12 lessons (2 per week), classes meet Monday-Thursday. Contact: Coach Dee Wilkins at 270-779-3658 Bowling Green Parks & Recreation Swim Lesson Held at BGHS in June and July for ages 3 and up. Call for dates, times and prices: 270-393-3249 Warren County Aquatic Facility Swim Lessons Five week sessions, 45 minutes per session, 2 students to one instructor, Price: $80.00. Lessons conducted on Saturdays 12-5pm. Contact 270-467-0583 to acquire about availability.

summer WATER

With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, it is time to dust off those swimming goggles and reintroduce your closet to your swimming gear! Though there is nothing more refreshing than the thought of immersing yourself into a swimming pool on a hot Kentucky afternoon, it’s also time to consider brushing up on general water safety. We, Bowling Greeners, are fortunate to have so many pool options. With public and private pools and lakes there is sure to be a spot for you and your family to enjoy. Places to swim: • Russell Sims Aquatic Center: Adult (18+) $8, Youth (6-17) $5, Child (3-5) $4, Baby (2 years and Under) $2, Senior (55+) $5 College Student (with valid ID) $6, Twilight (after 4 p.m.) 1/2 price, 393-3271 • Warren County Aquatics Facility: Infants (2 years and under) - Free, (Children 4 years and under must wear a swim diaper), Youth (3-17 Years) - $5, Adults ( 18-49 Years) - $6.00, Seniors (50+) - $4. Memberships available. Open Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 7am-7pm, Sat. Noon-5pm • Barren River Lake Beach: Open 9am-5pm, free • Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon: $29.99 adults, $25.99 children and seniors • Best Western: Indoor and outdoor pools. $75 up to 12 people, 3 hours, $5 each addtl’ person. Available on Sat. and Sun. 250 Cumberland Trace Road. 270-782-3800 • KOA: $1 per hour, per person. Open 10am-4pm, 270-843-1919 • Quality Inn: Indoor pool open 10am to 10pm for only $5 per person. 1919 Mel Browning Street. 270-846-4588

• Southland 270-782-3106

• Indian Hills 270-842-0041

• Bowling Green Country Club 270-842-0325

• The Club at Olde Stone 270-393-GOLF

Other Water Fun! • Circus Square Park: Fun for splashing in the fountains! 601 State Street downtown.

• Bowling Green Canoe & Kayak Club: Meets 2nd and 4th Sat. of the month. Trips vary in length and location. Provided own boat, life vest and transportation. Paddlers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

•Kentucky River Runners: Guided trips down the Green River in Mammoth Cave National Park. Experienced guides offer complete training and equipment, 7 or 12 mile trip in wide channels with slow currents. Trip size limited to 7 kayaks, make advanced reservations.

Membership-Based Pools

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5 signs your child is ready for camp As the winter begins to wrap up and we all think and long for the dog days of summer some decisions do need to be made. Some of us struggle as we are unsure as to when is the right time to send our child to sleep away camp. I don’t believe that there is an exact age that is the “right� age, it may be more about the readiness that your child exhibits that lets us know they can handle being away from home. Here are 5 signs your child may be ready for sleep away camp: 1. Your child begins to express an interest in going to camp. This is an easy sign that lets you know that your child is ready. As they develop peer relationships in school and begin spending more time with their friends away from you, this may be the time when a child verbalizes their desire to go away. 2. Your child is able to spend longer periods away from you without upset. At younger ages, we often see that kids express a desire to have sleepovers with friends, but once the child is at their friend’s home, some anxiety may develop and they desire to return home. If this is still the case, I would recommend that you wait until your child can have sleepovers without being upset or returning home. 3. Your child gets along well with their peers. This may seem like a no brainer, but if your child is displaying any type of behavioral problems at home or in school, most likely these will follow them to camp, and it may not be a good idea to have them go away as being away at camp could exacerbate the issues. Kids need to be able to get along with others as this is a major part of their growth at camp. 4. Your child is able to follow directions from leaders. There are so many wonderful things that your child will

be learning at camp. Being able to follow directions and respect the counselors and group leaders is a necessary skill in order to be away from home. Often times, kids who are away from their parents may think they have free reign to do and say whatever they please, so it is important to discuss this aspect with your child and make sure they are capable of handling it while they are away from your watchful eye.


keep your kid occu

Finding fun and entertaining activities for your child this summer can be a challenge! We’ve compiled a list of area camps and care to give you ideas on things to sign them up to do! Another great resource is the 7th Annual Summer Activities Fair sponsored by Community Education and Bowling Green High School Youth Services Center. The 5. Your child is asking to attend the type of camp that fair is free and is at 5:30-7pm on Thursday, May 5 at Bowling fits their needs. It is possible to have your child be ready Green High School’s Arena. (Please park by the swimming for camp, but a mistake is made when choosing the type pool to enter the arena.) The purpose of the fair is to provide area parents of camp. Some camps emphasize sports and others theater, or science. It is crucial that you don’t place your child in an who have students from pre-school through 12th grade a oneathletic camp if their desires and talents are in other areas. stop shop for information on the activities, camps or other Your child will more than likely feel out of place and this can programs offered during the summer in our community. To reserve a table at the fair or for more information, contact be a set-up for failure. Debi Wade Jordan at Community Education at 842-4281 or Figuring out the right time for your child to attend sleep away via e-mail at camp may be tricky, but paying attention to the signs they are ready may help make this process a bit easier. I do not 4-H Camp (ages 9-14), Dawson Springs, KY. Swimming, fishing, believe in pushing a child to go before they are ready. Even if riflery, archery, canoeing, boating, crafts, song & dance, hiking. your child expresses the interest to go away, it is still possible $170. Application deadline May 2. June 6-9: Barren (270-651that they may get home-sick as they acclimate to their new 3818), Edmonson (270-597-3628) ; June 14-17: Allen (270-237environment. Just remember this is normal and should pass 3146, age 9-13, apps due Apr. 1), Simpson (270-586-4484, $160); as they become entrenched in camp life which is a rewarding July 11-15: Butler (270-526-3767), Logan (270-726-6323); July and growth producing experience. 18-21: Warren (270-842-1681)

Jennifer Kelman has a BA in Sociology from American University and a Masters in Social Work from New York University and has worked with children in a variety of psychiatric and medical settings. She is the creator of Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, who inspires self-esteem in children through her love, warmth and silliness and author of the new award winning children’s book, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast, available on,, Booksamillion and

Aldersgate Camp (3rd-12th grade. Family camp also offered), Ravenna, KY. Variety of themed camps: Bible study, high ropes, arts & drama, xtreme adventure, ski/tubing, horse, golf, soccer, basketball, princess. Prices start at $105 for 3-5 day camps., 66-723-5078

American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training (youth ages 11 to 15) $35 for Babysitting Training, $50 for Babysitting Training, Child & Infant CPR Training and First Aid Training. 270-7817377 for class dates and times.





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Hilltopper Soccer Academy: Girl’s Team Camp – ages 12-18, Jun. 19-23, $425 overnight, $345 commuter; Girl’s Individual & Goalkeeper Camp – ages 10-18, Jun. 23-25, $325 overnight; Girl’s Elite Individual & Goalkeeper Camp – ages 12-18, Jul. 15Camp Loucon (2nd-12th grade), Leitchfield, KY. Variety 17, $325 overnight; Boy’s & Girls Half-Day Camp – ages 6-12, of camps offered throughout the summer, varying in age, Jul. 18-22, $115. 270-745-4952, price and length. Activities including zipline, teambuilding, swimming, rappelling, low elements, high ropes, hayrides, “Hobo Times” RailCamp (ages 5-10) June 13, 14, 15, Historic environmental education, climbing, canoeing, campfires, daily RailPark and Train Museum. Dress up as a Hobo; learn the worship, Bible studies and more while nurturing a relationship Hobo Secret Language; create a Hobo Bindle; make Hobo to God through Jesus Christ. music, and other fun activities! Registration closes June 1.

Bob Pitchford Aviation Summer Camp (ages 10-15), BG/WC Airport. July 5 & 6, and July 7 & 8, 8:30am – 3:30pm (reg. deadline June 20). $259 (scholarships available). Take part in learning aircraft instruments, engine and aircraft design, use of the aeronautical maps for navigation, flight planning, weather, careers, communications, glider competition, practicing take offs and landings on a flight simulator, and most importantly the students will actually assist in flying a Cessna 172 with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. 270-842- Conservation Camps (4th-6th grade), Camp John Currie on Kentucky Lake and Camp Earl Wallace on Lake Cumberland. 1101, Nature, archery, boating, outdoor survival, firearm safety, Bowling Green Upward Basketball Camp (grades K-6) June fishing/casting, swimming. $215 ($200 if paid online). Allen 20-22. Christian sports program, First Baptist Church, 270- Jul. 4-8, Barren Jul. 11-15, Butler Jun. 6-10, Logan Jun. 20-24, Warren Jul. 4-8., 800-858-1549 842-1019 Boy’s and Girl’s Club Summer Program (ages 6-18) Two sessions: June 6-July 1 and July 6-29, 7:30am-6pm. Breakfast, lunch, snack provided. $100 per session. Field trips: water park, bowling, skating, Hot Rods games and more. 260 Scott Way., 270-843-6466

Experience Baylor Summer Camp (ages 10-16), June 6-July 31. Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN. Boarding camp sessions available with athletic endeavors plus sports academies in golf, soccer, swimming and boy’s lacross. 423-757-2616

Space is limited to 15 children per session. 270-745-7317,

Junior Police Academy (ages 10-13), BG Police Depart. Jul. Intro to criminal law, traffic safety, guest speakers, fingerprinting, crime scene investigation, jail tour. 270-393-2473, police/junior_police_academy.php

Kelly Autism Program (K-12th grade) June 7-23 and July 521. Mondays and Tuesdays: elementary participants. (9am2:30pm); Wednesday and Thursday: middle/high school participants. (9am-3:00pm). KAP works with individuals with all disabilities. Contact: Joel 270-745-2872

Family Game Days (geared for ages 5 and up), beginning in Camp Big Red (ages 6-12 years), WKU’s Preston Center, Jun. May, Sundays at 3pm at Barnes & Noble on Campbell Lane. Ky Library & Museum Summer Day Camps (ages 6-14, varies 6-Aug. 5. Open registration Apr. 25. $120/week. Activities by camp). Clay: Jun. 6-10, Jun. 13-17. Exploring China: Jun. 20include arts & crafts, recreational activities, special events, Greenwood Co-ed Soccer Camp - June 13-17 (behind Drake’s 24. Art: Jun. 27-30. $120 per camp (art camp $96), 8am-Noon. Creek Middle School). Camp designed to improve soccer skills After Camp Care $55 ($44 art camp). swimming, sports, field trips. 270-745-6541 of players of all ability levels. Grades 7-12 - 9-11:30am, cost education/summercamps.html, 270-745-2594 Camp Happy Days (ages 6 and up), Kummer/Little Recreation $100. Grades K-6 6-8pm, cost $60. Pre-register or register Center. Jun. 10-29, Jul. 8-27, 7am-5pm. Free camp for children on-site. Contact Coach Scott Gural for additional information: Mathenasium Summer Program (grades K-12). June 6with mental and/or physical challenges featuring games, August 4. Get caught up, stay caught up and get ahead in arts & crafts, field trips, special events and more. Registration math! Five sessions to choose from Monday-Thursday: 8Greenwood Volleyball Camp (3rd-8th grade), June 13 – 15. 10am, 10:15am-12:15pm, 12:30-2:30pm, 2:45-4:45pm, 5-7pm. deadline May 15 or until slots are filled. 270-393-3265 Basic skills practice while playing games and getting to know Costs: K - 3rd $145/month, 4th - 6th $175/month, 7th - 12th Camp Invention (1st-6th grade), June 20-24, 9am-3:30pm, Greenwood players. Cost: $50. Registration forms available $195/month. Register early by calling 270-904-0654. $215, Rich Pond Elementary and North Jackson Elementary at the school’s front office or at on the volleyball webpage. (Barren Co.),, 800-968-4332 Memphis Marsha’s Group Art

Classes (ages 3 & up;, some multi-generational classes, too). One-day classes on Fridays & Saturdays; or classes that have four sessions, either on Mondays & Wednesdays, or Tuesday & Thursdays. 524 E 12th Ave., 270843-1726.

PBCC Summer of Fun and Adventure (ages 5-12), ParkerBennett Community Center. Jun.

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It’s Derby Time! Showcase Your Kentucky Spirit Upon learning that I was moving to Kentucky, excited friends and family members were quick to offer facts (accurate and inaccurate) and information (researched and speculated) about the Bluegrass State. I quickly learned that Bowling Green was the home of the Corvette and that I should explore the beautiful Mammoth Cave National Park. I learned that I would not need to bring along my snow skis and that our snow blower could be replaced by a snow shovel that I may not even need to use! Nevertheless, the single most talked about event by all was definitely the Kentucky Derby. An event that they all long to attend and, really, what’s not to love?!

KID-FRIENDLY MINT JULEP Ingredients 1/4 c. water 2 c. crushed ice 1/2 c. lemonade

1/4 cup white sugar 1 T. chopped fresh mint leaves Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish

Directions 1.In a small saucepan, combine water, sugar and 1 T. chopped mint. Stir and bring to a boil. Cook until sugar has dissolved, then remove from heat and set aside to cool. After about an hour, strain out mint leaves. 2.Fill 2 cups or frozen goblets with crushed ice. Pour 1/2 of the lemonade into each glass and top with a splash of the sugar syrup. Garnish each with a mint sprig and a straw..

Jockey Hat Materials: Paper bowl Small paper plate Hot glue gun Paint Colored pom-pom String Instructions: 1. Place bowl, upside down, on top of plate and position bowl so that plate makes about 2 inch brim. 2. Use edge of bowl to draw brim on plate and remove bowl. 3. Cut plate to make brim. 4. Hot glue brim to underside of plate.

The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home, ‘Tis summer, the darkies are gay; The corn top’s ripe and the meadow’s in the bloom, While the birds make music all the day. The young folks roll on the little cabin floor All merry, all happy and bright; By’n by hard times comes a-knocking at the door: Then, my old Kentucky home, good-night: Chorus. Weep no more, my lady. Oh! weep no more to-day.’ We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home, For the old Kentucky home, far away. They hunt no more for the ‘possum and the coon On the meadow, the hill and the shore! They sing no more, by the glimmer of the moon, On the beach by the old cabin-door. The day goes by, like a shadow o’er the heart. With sorrow, where all was delight; The time has come when the darkies have to partThen, my old Kentucky home, good-night!- Chorus.


5. When glue has dried, paint entire hat/brim. 6. Glue pom-pom to top of hat. 7. Attach string to both sides of hat, tie under chin.

Derby Hats Materials: Large, wide brimmed hat Wire cutters Assorted artificial flowers Glue gun Instructions: 1. Using wire cutters, cut stems from flowers. Secure flowers to hat using glue gun.

Bring in AD for 10%OFF Admission not valid with any other discounts, good for up to 6 admissions BGP10


The head must bow and the back will bend, Wherever the darkey may go; A few more days, and the trouble all will end in the field where the sugar canes grow; A few more days for to tote the weary load, No matter, ‘twill never be light, A few more days we’ll totter on the road; Then, my old Kentucky home, good-night:-Chorus.

race track using safety cones easily found at local dollar stores. 3. For $1 each (I found them at Dollar Tree), you can purchase stick horses for the children to race! They often come in a variety of different colors so having a few different horses will be exciting for the children. 4. Go online and find horse coloring pages. Allow them to decorate their outdoor track area. 5. Purchase artificial roses and a strip of green fabric. Help the children attach roses to the fabric with a glue gun. Tell them about the tradition of adorning the winning horse with the garland of roses. Invite them to wear the garland when they win a race. 6. Serve Mint Juleps and Derby pie as special treats!

The Kentucky Derby is quickly upon us. It’s time to plan for this upcoming, Kentucky-proud event! While making plans, be sure to include little ones as well... with a little extra effort, you can These ideas along with a little outdoor music (My instill a tradition. Old Kentucky Home) are sure to make even the little Here are a few ideas: Kentuckians happy and proud to share in this special 1. Set up a hat making area. Jockey hats Kentucky tradition. Great online resources: Cutfor boys and derby hats for girls. outs, coloring pages, word searches: 2. Have the children make an outdoor



lyrics to My Old Kentucky Home

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bIbLE ScHOOLS Check out when area churches are hosting VBS! First Baptist Chuch 621 E 12th Ave. 270-842-0331 July 17th-22nd

Disciples of Christ 1106 State Street 270-843-3191 July 17th-23rd

Greenwood Baptist Church 5165 Scottsville Road 270-781-2378 July 18th-22nd

Christ Episcopal Church 1215 State Street 270-843-6563 June 5th-9th

Greenwood Park Church of Christ 1818 Campbell Lane 270-781-0700 July 17th-20th

Holy Trinity Lutheran 553 Ashmoor Ave. 270-843-9595 June 13th-17th

Mt. Pleasant Church of Christ 10219 Kentucky 185 270-777-1828 July 17th-20th

Broadway United Methodist 1323 Melrose st. 270-843-3942 July 18th-21st

Calvery Baptist Church 3011 Elrod Road 270-842-5554 June 12th-17th

Christ United Methodist 716 Cave Mill Road 270-842-4343 June 19th-23rd

Hillvue Heights Church 3219 Nashville Road 270-842-0012 June 27th-29th

Presbyterian Church 1003 State Street 270-843-4707 June 12th-15th

Living Hope Baptist 1805 Westen Ave 270-843-9462 July 17th-20th Holy Spirit 4754 Smallhouse Road 270-842-7777 June 6th-10th

DAY CARES & PRIVATE SCHOOLS area care and educational opportunities ABC Clubhouse, Inc. 923 East 10th St, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-393-0065 Hours: 6:30am – midnight | Fee: $100/wk per child Ages: 5 wks with dr. release otherwise 6 wks- 12 years

Center Street Head Start (Community Action) 171 Center St, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-782-4437 Hours: 630am-530pm | Ages: 3 – 5 years Fee: Full-time $90/wk, Drop in (up to 5 hrs) $12, 5 hrs+ $20.

Anchored Christian Academy 1807 Cave Mill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104 270-781-9077 | Hours: 7:30am- 4:30pm | Ages: Preschool-Grade 12 Tuition: K5-12th grade $4500; K4 Program ½ day $110 weekly, full day $130 weekly; extended day extra

Children’s House Montessori 3219 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-842-3652 Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm | Ages: 2 ½ - 6 years Fees vary for part-time and full-time $115- $400/mo

Ashley’s Angels Childcare 1258 Shannon Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101 270-842-9198 / Hours: Mon-Fri, 730am-530pm | Ages: 6 wks – 5 years Fee: 6wk-age 2 $125/wk; age 3-5 $105/wk Bowling Green Christian Academy 1730 Destiny Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104 270-782-9552 | | Hours: 7:30am5:30pm | Ages: Preschool (age 2)-High School | Yearly Tuition: Grades K-8 $3,975.00; Kindergarten (half day) $2,250.00; High School $4,575.00 *scholarships/financial aid may apply

Creative Learning Child Care, Inc. 520 Nellums Ave (Building 1) 111 Nellums Ave (Building 2) Bowling Green, KY 42103 | 270-781-2054 Hours: 6:30am-5:30pm | Ages: birth through school age Fee: $120/wk infants, $108/wk 2 years-school age Emmanuel Day Care/Preschool 923 Main Street Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-781-3525 Hours: 5:30am-5:30pm | Ages: 2- school age | Fee: $90/wk First Baptist Church Preschool Ministries 621 East 12th Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-842-0331 | Hours: 6:30am–5:30pm Ages: 6 wks - 5 years Fee: Infants-toddler $120/wk; 2 years-school age $105/wk

Cumberland Presbyterian 807 Campbell Lane 270-781-3295 July 11th-15th

Broadway United Methodist-Early Learning Center 1323 Melrose St, Bowling Green, KY 42104 270-843-3942 ext. 116 | Hours: 9am – 1pm Ages: Part time Preschool from 6 weeks-Pre-kindergarten Fee: Nursery $200/mo; Toddler $140/mo; Age 2-3 $130/mo; Age 4 $150/mo

Foundation Christian Academy 2480 Three Springs Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104 270-780-6100 | Hours: 6:30am-5:30pm | Ages: Pre-kindergarten-Grade 8 Yearly Tuition: K4 half day $2,500, K4 full day $3,900, K5 $3,900, 1st–8th $3,900. Before/after school care additional.

Eastwood Baptist 500 Eastwood St. 270-842-7867 June 12th-17th

Bundles of Joy 543 Second Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101 270-843-0441 | Ages: Infant – school age Fee: $105/wk; Part time (3 days) $75/wk

Gatorland Learning Center 5065 Scottsville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 270-467-0815 | Ages: Infant – school age Hours: 6:30am-4pm. Follows Warren County schedule Tuition: $120/week, $25 registration, $50 supply fee.

Granny’s Childcare and Learning Center 3278 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-782-8687 Hours: 5:30am-6pm | Ages: 6 wks-12 years Fee: $95/wk up to age 3 and a half; $85/wk older than 3-1/2

Report card a problem? We’re the solution!




Greenwood Park Church of Christ 1818 Campbell Ln, Bowling Green, KY 42104 270-781-0700 | $50 registration fee. 3 Year Old Program, 8:30 am – 11:00 am Tuesday and Thursday, Tuition: $70/mo. 4 Year Old Program 8:30am – 11am Mon, Wed, Fri, Tuition $85/mo




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Have you heard about the new buzz in town: a Montessori elementary school is in the works! To learn more about it and to pre-register, come to the ALIVE Center at 1818 31W By-Pass on May 5 from 5:30-7pm. Baby-sitting available.

270-904-0696 | Hours: 6am - midnight Ages: 6 wks – 4 years, some school-age care available

5:30pm M-F | $30 enrollment; $50 supplies; $140/wk. nursery; $130/wk. toddler; $125/wk. age 2-pre-K

St. Joseph School Little Scholars Child Care 416 Church Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-842-1235 | 701 Brownslock Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42102 270-904-0247 | Ages: 6 wks-3 years; also offers preschool | Ages: Preschool (age 3) - 8th Grade Holy Spirit Parents Day Out Registration Fee - $150 | Tuition: Preschool $4,112/year; Kheadstart program | Hours: 6:30am-5:30pm 2232 Smallhouse Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104 8 $5,490/year. Discounts for parish members and multiple Fee: $90/wk full; $55 part time 904-4095 / 270-535-8447 (cell) | Ages: 6 mos-5 years children. Afterschool care available until 5:30pm $5/day. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm on the Warren County School Lost River Academy The Academy for Little People schedule. 2, 3 and 5 day programs available. $21-$25 per day. 2611 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-782-5976 1710 Old Louisville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101 Ages: 6 wks- 5 years | Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6:30am- 5:30pm Holy Trinity Lutheran School 270-782-5437 | Ages: Infants-12 years | Hours: 6:30am-5:30pm Fee: Infant $135/wk; Age 1 $115/wk; age 2+ $110/wk 553 Ashmoor Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101 Fee: $115/wk. age 2-5; $130/wk. under 2 Montessori School of BG 270-843-1001 | | Ages: Preschool- Grade 5 The Sunshine House Hours: 7am-6pm | 3 year old 2 day program: $1,920/year; K- 506 State St, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-846-1122 2930 North Mill Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42104 | 270-782-8733 | Preschool Ages 2-1/2 -6 years 5th grade program $4,500/year. Extended care additional. | Hours: 6am-6pm 8am-3pm $550/mo. Extended care 8am-5:15pm $675/mo Kid City Ages: Infant-Pre-K. School age care available | Fee: $165/wk. 416 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-393-9662 My School Childcare Center infant, $160/wk. toddler, $140/wk. 2 yrs., $120/wk. age 3+ 1740 Cave Mill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104 | 270-793-9956 Ages: 6 wks. – preschool, some school age We Love Angels Daycare Ages: 6 wks -5 years | Hours: 6am-6pm | Fee: $115-$145 Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-6pm | Fee: $110-$210 full time care 420 Webb Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-781-5051 Nana Sue’s Child Care & Preschool Kiddie World Child Care Ages: 6 wks- 4 years | Hours: 6am-5:30pm 125 Cedar Hill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42103 | 270-843-3398 1242 Magnolia Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42104 | 270-782-7271 Fee: Full time $115/wk.; Part-time (3 days or less) $23/day; Ages: 6 wks – 12 years | Hours: 6am-6pm | Fee: $100/week Ages: 6 wks – school age | Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6:30am-6pm $11.50/half day. Fee: $100/week Peanut House Preschool Wee Care Nursery 106 Creekwood Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-781-0690 Kids World 869 Broadway Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-781-7031 Ages: 2-12 years | Hours: 6:15am-5:30pm | Fee: $118/wk 160 Kelly Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-842-6915 Ages: 6 wks-5 years | Hours: 7:30-6pm Kids World 2 Plum Tree Montessori 2549 Mount Victor Ln, Bowling Green, KY 42103 412 & 436 Plum Springs Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 While every effort was made to ensure accuracy of this 270-842-5500 270-781-6980 | | Ages: 6 wks- information, please contact each center for verification or Ages: 6 wks-12 years | Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6:30am-5:30pm 6 years | Hours: 7:15am-5:30pm | Fee: $285-$800/mo infants; more details. Fee: $125 infant-age 2; $115 older than 2. Only full time. $240-$650/mo toddlers; $400-$650/mo preschool La Petite Academy 1101 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, KY 42103 | 270-781-7755 Scottsville Road Baptist | Ages: 6 wks–4 years | Hours: Mon.-Fri. Preschool 6am-6pm | Fee: $186/wk infants; $166/wk toddlers; $155/wk 6330 Scottsville Rd, Bowling ages 2-4 Green, KY 42104 | 270-843-0109 Liberty Kids Child Care 1347 Ky Hwy 185, Suites 5&6, Bowling Green, KY 42101

2 Ages: Infant-Pre-K | 6:30am-

e New h t in d il h c r u yo Let us inspire


La Petite Academy® has been inspiring children for over 40 years. Our high quality early education programs are individually designed for children 6 weeks to 12 years*.

m m

Let us start inspiring your child today.

Call 270-781-7755 to schedule a visit! 1101 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green *Programs and hours of operation vary by school.

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1/20/11 AM/ april11:17 / may


june 2011


nothing better than


...except cooking with your kid! I was quite excited to be asked to do this article since a major passion of mine is cooking. I really wanted to create a column that was easy to make, gourmet enough to impress anyone, and the most important item, involve your kids! I decided on a homemade pizza....By homemade I do not mean sauce out of a jar or the pre-made pizza dough. Homemade pizza is really easy to make, when you find the right combination of ingredients. I read and read, and after many attempts at failing I think I have made the perfect New York style pizza, and I hope you agree!

Here are the ingredients needed for the pizza dough: 5 c. all purpose flour 1 T. sugar or honey 2 t. salt (or 3 1/2 t. kosher salt) 1 t. instant yeast 1 3/4 to 2 c. room-temp. water 2 T. olive oil

from bowl and knead by hand 5-10 min. Once you have completed kneading divide the dough into 4 even portions, and form into a ball. This recipe makes enough for 4 pizza’! Place the dough into 4 zip lock bags that have a light coating of olive oil to helps keep it from sticking to the sides of the bag. The dough I plan to use that day I place in the fridge, and freeze the others. The dough takes the longest to complete, but it is totally worth having homemade pasta dough! My sauce is a piece of cake to make. This is a very traditional New York style sauce recipe that I have added my twist to.

Ingredients for Sauce: 1 28oz can Redgold Whole Peeled Tomatoes Combine all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and 2 t. Kosher Salt 1 t. fresh cracked black pepper mix with a wooden spoon. Most kids love mixing, so they will 2 t. Garlic Powder 2 t. Onion Powder enjoy this part! It will become pretty hard for them to mix, 1 t. dried oregano 2 t.Red Wine Vinegar so you will want to help them stir. Once it is all combined and your mixture is dough like, let it rest 5-10 min., then stir Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. I again up 3-5 min., adding more flour or water if necessary. like to heat my sauce for an hour to help it reduce, and allow To have the perfect dough you want the dough to be wetter the flavors to mesh. and stickier than bread dough, but dry enough the it holds together and pulls away from the side of the bowl. Remove I like to have fresh shredded cheeses on my pizza, so I generally get a block of low moisture mozzarella cheese and shred it. I do not suggest getting fresh mozzarella cheese as it has too much water in it. When you cook your pizza it will get too soggy. I also have a special ingredient that you do not see much on pizza, but trust me, it works really well! Are you ready for it? Sharp Vermont Cheddar Cheese...Odd I know... I buy a small block of it and shred it as well...I use it lightly when I top the pizza, but the flavor goes a long way! Once you get all of the prep work out of the way comes the really fun part, assembling the pie! My daughter really loves to help spread the sauce



and help top the pizza.

Before topping the pizza go to the oven and turn it on 525 degrees...If you have a pizza stone (highly recommended) be sure to allow it to pre-heat with the over. Be sure to properly season the pizza stone a couple times before using it.

For the dough I place it on a flat hard surface and lightly flour the bottom and top of the dough. I try to work it by hand to form the shape of a pizza and usually rely on the help of my rolling pin. Once it is close to the desired shape of my pizza I coat my pizza peel with corn meal, and place my pizza shaped dough on the peel. Corn meal will help the completed pizza transfer from your peel or baking sheet to the pizza stone.

Once you have the dough in the desired shape I just simply add enough sauce to cover the pizza and then start topping with your favorite toppings.

When you have completed topping your pizza place your creation into the hot oven on a pizza stone. The cooking will not take long at all...maybe 5-7 minutes tops! Continue to watch the pizza to make sure it does not burn on you. Once it is done remove it from the pizza stone and enjoy!

Adam Boca resides in Franklin, KY with his wife Kelly, daughter Gracelynn, age 3, and son Owen, 3 mos. Besides being a foodie, Adam is a car nut and works for the National Corvette Museum as an Insurance Agent.

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Decorate the Egg! Design the perfect Easter Egg!

Easter Jokes! Q. Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a good joke? A. It might crack up! Q. What did one colored egg say to the other? A. Heard any good yolks lately? Q. Why was the Easter Bunny so upset? A. He was having a bad hare day! Q. What kind of beans never grow in a garden? A. Jelly beans! Q. How does the Easter bunny stay in shape? A. Lots of eggs-ercise!

Find the Differences Circles the differences in the two bunnies.

Easter Seek and Find BASKET FLOWERS





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april / may / june 2011



Barnes & Noble Storytime Friday, 11:30 am - Saturday, 3:33 pm Family Storytime at Graham Library Saturday, 10:30am (see pg. 13 for more times)

book nook

Warren County Public Library Special Reading Initiatives Recommend-a-Read April 10-16 - Help us celebrate National Library Week at the Bob Kirby Branch Library by recommending a book, audiobook, or ebook in the library’s collection. Submit a “recommend-a-read” bookmark (available at the circulation desk), and we’ll display it with item you recommended. Feeling extra enthusiastic about National Library Week? Submit a photo of yourself or someone else reading and we’ll include it with our display. Note: only pictures with a name and address on the back will be returned.

Minni and Moo: The Attack of the Easter Bunnies by Denyx Cazet When the farmer says he’s too old to play the Easter Bunny, Minnie and Moo decide someone has to wear a bunny outfit for the children on Easter morning. But Elvis the rooster isn’t interested. Hamlet the pig has to ask his mother (just as soon as he finds her). And the sheep simply won’t hop. Can Minnie and Moo save Easter for the children? I Love It When You Smile by Sam McBratney The author of the popular Guess How Much I Love You has a wonderful new adventure about a mother and her child. Ever have one of those days when your child wakes up grumpy and no matter what you do – they are STILL grumpy? Little Roo wakes up in one grumpy mood and his mother tries everything to make him feel better. Unfortunately nothing seems to make a difference. Will there be anyway to get Little Roo out of his grumpy mood?

This story makes a great read aloud when your child wakes up in a less than pleasant mood. This may be just the book to perk your child up!

About the Reviewer: Sharon McCubbins is the librarian at Cumberland Trace Elementary. She has been a school librarian for 13 years, 10 of those years at Cumberland Trace. She loves introducing kids to fabulous new books and using books to cheer up grumpy kids!

Beginning June 13, children, teens and adults can register for a “Reading Reward Card,” and read for prizes (as well as attraction passes, food coupons, baseball game tickets, and more) ALL summer long! Monday, June 13, 2 p.m. - Kick-off to the summer reading program: musical concert by the Wulfe Brothers at Parker Bennett Curry Elem. School gym. Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program - read 8 books and earn a FREE book! Preschool-6th grade. More info on in mid-May.

SUMMER CAMPS & ACTIVITIES 1 – Jul. 30, 9am-5pm. $20 per child, $15 each additional child. Themed activities, field trips, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 270-393-3310

Summer Tennis Camp (ages 6-11 or 12-16), Kereiakes Park. Jun. 7-18, 21-Jul. 1, 5-16, 19-30. $55- lessons and a racquet, $45 without racquet. 7:45a-9:45am, or 5:15-7:15pm.

Summer Camp for Academically Talented Students (6th8th grade), WKU. Jun. 12-24. Class offerings in a wide range of topics from humanities to math & science. $1,500 residential (includes all activities, meals, housing), $750 non-residential (includes activities, weekday lunches, dinner and dance on last Thursday). First come, first serve.

Vette Camp (ages 6-11), Corvette Museum. Aug. 1-5. $120/ child includes activities, meals, snacks and tours. Activities includes arts & crafts, science, geography, and recreation tying to the world of automobiles. Includes a ride in a Corvette! 270-467-8852,

continued from pages 16-17

Youth Activities Program (6-8th Grade), Moss Middle School, 7am-6pm. $115/week ($30 early reg., $60 regular reg.). Field String Explosion (AM camp ages 4-7; PM camp grades 4th- Super Summer Club/Eagle Roc (K-5th grade), TC Cherry trips, activities, classes. Breakfast and lunch provided. 27012th), WKU Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center. Jul. 19-22, 9:30-11am, Elementary, 7am-6pm, $115/week ($30 per account early-bird 842-4281, 1-4:30pm. Early reg. $50 (by Jun. 3). Regular reg. $65 (by Jul. reg.; $60 regular reg.). Field trips, classes, clubs. Breakfast and 1). 270-745-5146, lunch provided. 270-842-4281,

Summer Fun Camp (ages 5-13), F.O. Moxley Community Center. Jun. 1-25, Jul. 6-30. $35 reg. Prices start at $45/week. Games, field trips, health, nutrition, safety. 270-393-3583

VSA Arts of Kentucky Summer Arts Classes (To be scheduled June 20 – 24 and July 11-15) Classes in Visual arts, Music, and Creative Dramatics, $40 for first class each day, $35 each additional class. 515 East 10th Ave. 270-781-0872.

Summer Program for Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth (7th-10th grade), WKU. Jun. 26-Jul. 16. In-depth study of one topic. $2,200 (includes all activities, meals and housing).

WKU Volleyball Camps: Lil’ Volley Topper – 6th grade and younger, Jun. 13-15, 1-4pm, $90; Team Camp – Jun. 1113, $160; All Skills Camp – 7th-12th grade, Jun. 6-8, 9am4pm, $190; Elite Camp – Jun. 6-8, $190. 270-745-7090,



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The Spring 2011 issue of Bowling Green, Kentucky Parent magazine covering April, May and June.

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