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CFA report welcomed Page 3 ■ Families a tourism draw Page 3 ■ Town hall in demand Page 5 ON THE MOVE: The RDAV carriage program has been a big success. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Girls are back Miss Country Girl returns Page 9

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Fairy time

Together like a horse and carriage THEY may have changed their name, but the aim remains the same. Riding Develops Abilities Victoria is the new name for RDAV

and does away with the word disabled. “In these times it seems more appropriate,” Bendigo RDA secretary Anne Prime said.

“It was voted in by our members in June. “Another great venture out here that has turned in to a success story is our carriage-driving program.

The group now has two horses and carriages working and a full book of 12 clients. “There is also a waiting list,” Anne said.

ON THE SPOT Stage magic Page 5


A NEW $25 million medical accommodation precinct in North Bendigo will help attract the best of the state’s young doctors and medical staff, according to Bendigo Health chief executive officer John Mulder. “This will put Bendigo right at the top of the tree in terms of capacity to attract young, quality junior doctors to this organisation,” he said at the Atkins Street site on Wednesday morning. “We’re trying to increase the

Doctors’ housing ends isolation

number of young doctors trained and living in the area. “And this will certainly help our cause in that.” The new complex, next door to the North Bendigo football ground, will provide 120 one and two bedroom units. Construction is expected to begin at the end of the year, and be completed either at the end of 2012, or early 2013.

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Presently, Bendigo Health leases in excess of 120 residential properties around the city. “At the moment we bring doctors to Bendigo and place them in isolation really,” Mr Mulder said. “It’s a great community project considering the current shortage of housing in Bendigo.” Located 700 metres from Bendigo Health, Mr Mulder expected

the complex’s connecting roads wouldn’t be flooded by increased traffic. “Our doctors will walk to work,” he said. “It’s a stone’s throw away from Bendigo’s CBD. “Residents will be able to leave their car at home and enjoy the benefits and ease of commuting that inner-city living offers.”



conditions apply

conditions apply












The first community engagement session was held this week. Mr Mulder is confident everyone will win. “This can only be good for the local community around here,” he said. However, Haven chief executive officer Ken Marchingo said the new complex will not improve Bendigo’s rental woes.

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2 • NEWS


Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Call for market

BITE TIME: Samantha and Mikayla Hill enjoy decorating and eating Teddy Bear biscuits. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

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High tea for two TO celebrate the achievements and efforts of coordinators, home tutors, parents, carers and children in the HIPPY program (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) a HIPPY High Tea was held at Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre on Tuesday for National HIPPY Week. The free, two-year home-

based early childhood enrichment program provides fun and stimulating learning experiences and activities. Operated by St Luke’s Anglicare, the program uses a trained home tutor to support parents with home visits to explain and demonstrate activities for both parent and child, which enhances

school readiness and family relationships. “These parents are so dedicated, and really intent on doing the best for their children so it was a pleasure to honour them today,” event coordinator Heather Brown said. Call Heather on 5430 1200 for more information.

DO you think Bendigo could support another market? One Hargreaves Mall trader has suggested it may be a way of regenerating business in the troubled shopping strip. Steve Gray of Toasties Australia is concerned the mall is continuing to decline. “I want to sound positive but watching businesses close is very disheartening,” he said. “The mall is dying and that will ultimately affect all businesses in the CBD. You should walk through the mall some mornings, it is like a ghost town,” he said. The closure of further stores over the last few weeks has prompted Steve to reignite the mall issues by suggesting the introduction of a market. Steve said mall traders are still feeling the effects of the lengthy rebuilding process and want to see it busy again. “It could be a farmers’ and craft market to run on alternate weeks to the existing Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market,” he said. “Bendigo and district has a wealth of great producers out there. As a mall trader and food vendor, I would love to see it all happening in our mall on a regular basis”.

Tell us your thoughts Email: Write to: Letters to the Editor, PO Box 324, Bendigo 3552

Evergreen Waters has moved. Now you can find out more about Evergreen Waters in the Centre of Bendigo as well as at our Land Sales Office, via our 3 Real Estate Agent representatives. So it’s easy to get all the facts you need while you’re out shopping or on a lunch break. For full details on land availability and pricing on this exciting new development just 9 mins from Bendigo, contact one of the leading property names on the right. Cnr Bath Lane & Mitchell St Bendigo 3550 Ph: 03 5454 1999 Nick Hall: 0433 692 199

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52 Mitchell Street Bendigo 3550 Ph: 03 5440 9500 Cameron Tweed: 0400 869 698

Bootcamp Bendigo is offering another 6 week challenge. If you missed the last challenge then this one is for you. With proven results from all who participated in the last challenge. This one is set to be a great 6 week battle for first place. With 48 sessions running it’s sure to get you there. BOOK NOW. Only limited places available.

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Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

CFA report welcomed

VOLUNTEER firefighters across the Goldfields have welcomed the release of the report into the Country Fire Authority. “The Association will be keen to prepare a report for our members about what it will mean,” president of Victorian Fire Brigade Volunteers District 2 Peter Thompson said yesterday. “We are very much in favour that what is implemented has to be

Volunteers in favour of recommendations statewide, because what we want is for the procedures to be consistent everywhere. “That’s the only way to guarantee the safety of everyone concerned.” The CFA inquiry, written by former county court judge David

Bendigo still a drawcard for the relatives By ROSEMARY SORENSEN

BENDIGO is still dancing with its sister, in tourism terms, but there are signs that the city may be growing towards a real date. Tourism Research Australia’s new survey of visitors to the Goldfields found that visiting friends and family still tops the list of reasons to come to Bendigo. “Visitors to Bendigo stated the single-most important reason for choosing to visit was to visit friends or relatives with 18 per cent visiting, relatives and 11 per cent visiting friends,” the report said. In contrast the singlemost important reason for visiting Ballarat was to visit specific attractions. The new report was based on surveys conducted in March and April this year, and compared with “benchmarks” from across Australia. It is part of ongoing research about who travels where, and why. “I’m encouraged by the VFR (visit friends and relatives) numbers in that they have been slowly coming down recently,” CEO of Bendigo Trust Tom Seddon said. “Bendigo is becoming more of a destination in its own right, and not just the place where Nanna lives.”

Jones, makes 41 recommendations. Those recommendations include the development of Vector Command Training using online capabilities which may become available when the National Broadband Network is rolled out. Mr Jones noted, however that

the CFA was concerned that online training cannot replace “practical training and face-to-face instruction”. CFA chief executive officer Mick Bourke said the inquiry will have a “lasting, positive impact”. “This inquiry has been bal-

anced, fair and had the interests of CFA volunteers at its heart,” Mr Bourke said. He said the establishment of a new department for training and volunteerism had already improved the CFA’s ability to respond to the needs of volunteers. “Mr Jones’ recommendations will help us build on this and shows that we are heading in the right direction,” Mr Bourke said.

Parliament coup

SAME STORY: Rod Thomson says be cautious about reading too much into the figures. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

THE Victorian Parliament will sit in Bendigo and Ballarat in September next year. Premier Ted Baillieu made the announcement on the eve of the Coalition’s first regional sitting of Cabinet, which takes place in Warrnambool on Monday. Parliament last sat in Bendigo in 2001. Mr Baillieu said regional Parliamentary sittings were a further demonstration of the government’s commitment to returning the focus of government to these regions. The sittings, scheduled for September 6, 2012, will allow residents from these regions to watch Parliament and its members at work on a sitting day.

Chair of Goldfields Tourism and managing director of Bendigo Pottery Rod Thomson cautioned, however, against reading any real change into this visitor snapshot. “Because of the way Bendigo has grown, it’s always been about 50 per cent (the percentage of VFR visitors),” Mr Thomson said. “That’s news we’ve known for decades, and one of the actions we’ve taken in Bendigo is to tap into that market.” Mr Thomson said high VFR rates means visitors may not go to tourist attractions, particularly if Bendigo people

Constitution reflection

“It’s the classic story: people don’t look at their own backyard.” do not encourage them. “It’s the classic story: people don’t look at their own backyard,” Mr Thomson said. “Bendigo people take us (Bendigo Pottery) for granted, and we’re not the only attraction about which people say, oh I went there 30 years ago. “It’s about being proud of the city they live in and wanting to show it off.” Director of Bendigo Tourism Kathryn Mackenzie welcomed the new

NEWS • 3

report which showed Bendigo is above the benchmark in many areas of visitor satisfaction. She said the high VFR could work in the city’s favour. “Once upon a time it was seen as a low spend, but that is currently not the case,” Ms Mackenzie said. “In tough times people still make time for their friends and relatives, and so we are possibly fortunate in this climate and hence our numbers are holding up

extremely well. “Even in the international arena, VFR plays a really important role.” The most significant difference between Ballarat and Bendigo identified in the report was the number of visitors who had accessed the internet in order to prepare their trip. “There were a significantly higher proportion of visitors to Ballarat who used the internet for information (59 per cent) compared with Bendigo (39 per cent),”

the report said. Mr Seddon said the difference may be attributed to the importance of Sovereign HIll to Ballarat’s tourism. “I don’t know their web traffic figures but it seems safe to assume they are far higher than Central Deborah’s”, he said. Overall I think this survey reflected well on Bendigo, and if anything was a more positive report than one they did on us four or five years back.”

A CONVERSATION about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Constitutional Recognition will take place at the Bendigo Town Hall on Monday, September 26. Chaired by City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Rod Fyffe, the conversation will discuss the question: does the Constitution adequately reflect who we are as a nation today? “There are sections in the Constitution that give powers to the government to make laws on the basis of race, and reflects the attitude in 1902 of the then ‘White Australia Policy’,” Towards Reconciliation Group convenor Diana Collier said. “But laws on the basis of race can affect any of us.”

Dog owners face penalty LEGISLATION introduced in the Victorian Parliament will see owners of declared dangerous, menacing or restricted-breed dogs serve up to 10 years in jail if their dog kills another person. Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh said the Victorian Coalition Government was introducing tough new penalties to make owners responsible for the actions of their dog. “We are introducing new offences into the Crimes Act for failing to prevent a dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dog from endangering a life or causing a death,” Mr Walsh said.

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4 • news

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Police are on the ball By BEN CAMERON

To raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation, the match was an idea that came out of a brainstorming session from the students, and will now become an annual event. “The highlight of the day was when one of our students was so focused, he crashed into the back of an opposition player who went down and hit the deck,” Bendigo Senior’s Peter Burns said. “The referee then called the police team member for travelling.“

NOT for the first time, the combination of age and experience has beaten youthful exuberance, after the Bendigo Police beat VCAL students at Bendigo Senior Secondary College by 12 points in a charity basketball match. Despite receiving some expert coaching from the Bendigo Braves during the week, the students were no match for the police, going down 36 to 24, led by Jeremy Taylor’s game high 12 points.

BEAT THAT: Jarrod Kerwin, Mark Bell and Snr Constable Shannon Joyce.

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Hospital housing a draw card 3From Page 1 “It’s great news, it’s fantastic for Bendigo, but it will have no impact on the broader rental market in Bendigo,” he said. “Whatever rentals that are vacated by Bendigo Health staff will be quickly absorbed. “This will not impact on the lower income end of the market either.” However Dungey Carter Ketterer director Josie Stewart said with about 25 properties being leased to Bendigo Health, the new complex would make a dent in the lower to middle end of the rental market. “It has to have some impact,” she said “Even if it’s only a small impact, it’s a positive step. “A lot of the properties they’ve been leasing haven’t been the top end executive bracket. “It’s the middle income level... it’s toward the cheaper end.” Complex consortium partner Michael Emery said the development would raise Bendigo’s stocks further as the best place to live and work in regional Victoria. “Bendigo could be the premier regional centre of Victoria,” he said at the site on Wednesday morning. “It’s a fresh breath of air to deal in Bendigo, people have been very receptive to it. “We’ve made sure we’ve paid particular attention to adjoining land owners. “We think the detrimental impacts are almost nil, if not nil. “Wherever possible, local builders and subcontractors and tradespeople will be invited to participate in the project.”

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See pages 16 and 17


Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

NEWS • 5

Town Hall busy but community groups concerned about bookings

Costs cause problems By ROSEMARY SORENSEN

BENDIGO Town Hall is hopping with events, attendances and revenue all well up in the past year. There are concerns, however, that the change in management has made the city’s most prestigious venue less-accessible to community groups. Bendigo Chamber Choir, which presents its 30th anniversary concert at Sacred Heart Cathedral this Sunday, has been frustrated in its attempts to secure a booking at the town hall for its Christmas concert. Choir members say the hall is a “natural fit” for the choir but they have had “nothing but trouble” confirming bookings. Funded by the City of Greater Bendigo, the choir struggles to make ends meet, as it costs about $4000 to put on a concert. Although it is delighted to be singing its anniversary concert in the cathedral, the acoustics and size of the town hall make that venue its first choice. At a rehearsal this week for its anniversary concert, choir con-

HOPING FOR RESIDENCE: The Bendigo Chamber Choir members say the town hall is a natural fit. ductor Michael Bottomley confirmed the group would appreciate a rethink from the City of Greater Bendigo about its status in relation to the town hall. “If there was the opportunity for an in-residence status for the choir, that would be very good,”

Mr Bottomley said. Management of the town hall was transferred to The Capital at the end of the 2009 financial year. Capital CEO David Lloyd said this week that community groups were welcome but it was also important that the “real costs” of

running the venue were met. “For many years the town hall has been significantly underused, and it was getting to the point where it needed some tlc,” Mr Lloyd said. “A lot more people are now accessing the town hall than ever

Having fun with the fairies

DRESSED FOR SUCCESS: Sue Turpie, Saari Frochot-Ryan and Jayna Gibson.

before and that comes with a cost.” In the 2008-9 financial year, prior to The Capital taking over management responsibilities, 12,100 people attended 63 events, resulting in $18,500 revenue for council. Last financial year, 22,000 people attended 168 events, with $85,500 going into council coffers as a result. Mr Lloyd said the idea of Bendigo Chamber Choir having inresidence status should be given consideration. “I can’t discount anything, and I’d like to hear their direct concerns. “There’s certainly a broader discussion to have with us about community and cultural development.” Mr Lloyd said council had been discussing “quarantining” an amount to fund the long-term organisations, such as the choir and the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra. “These are important organisations that deserve support,” Mr Lloyd said.

THE fairies are in residence this week at The Capital. Bendigo’s community theatre group, CTP Productions are presenting Iolanthe, the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta about “immortal fairies who find themselves at odds with the House of Peers”. CTP has pulled out all the stops to present this magical musical in full luscious colour, to match the beautiful score and lively script. Sue Turpie, Saari Frochot-Ryan and Jayna Gibson lead the band of fairies, and are rejoicing in a production of “Sullivan’s most singable score and Gilbert’s funniest libretto”. Performer Fiona Beckwith said the intimacy of the Bendigo Bank Theatre is perfect for this most lovely of G&S operas. Because it’s in the round, it feels very special,” Fiona said. “There’s a moment in the production when I can almost touch the audience.” This is CTP’s second big production for 2011, following their well-received Katholic Kabaret earlier this year. Final performances of Iolanthe are tonight and tomorrow, at 8pm, in the Bendigo Bank Theatre at The Capital: Tickets $39.


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Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

All networks. All leading phones. No hard sell. Galaxy S II A powerful device that features the latest Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread, dual core 1.2 GHz application processor and 4.3” SUPER AMOLED plus technology. The Galaxy S II is capable of recording full HD video through its 8MP camera. All of this is packed into less than 9mm of thickness which makes is one of the thinnest phones ever made.

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Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly


Four historic buildings to go under the hammer

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GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: The Uniting Church at Raywood, left, and at Barnadown are among buildings up for sale next month.

By RosemaRy soRensen

THE four small churches in the Goldfields which all go up for sale at auction next month are likely to be converted into homes. “Everyone loves an old church,” PRH real estate agent Peter Hawkins said this week. “There seems especially to be strong interest in the Raywood one, which is in the lovely main street.” Mr Hawkins said this was the fourth church sale they had conducted recently for the Uniting Church, and the closure of the Barnadown church following last summer’s floods made it possible to auction four at the same time. As well as Raywood and Barnadown, former Uniting Churches in Carisbrook and Korong Vale

(north-east of Wedderburn) will go under the hammer on October 1 at St Andrew’s Church in Bendigo. Presbytery minister for the region the Reverend Gordon Bannon said the church did not force any congregations to close their church but when they got low in numbers, it might be the best decision. “”The congregation has to decide if it’s best to sit on a resource or sell, and to move to combine with neighbouring premises,” Mr Bannon said. “The congregation also gets a large say in how the money will be used, whether it’s in an outreach program or to care for others.” Mr Bannon said the closure of small country churches had ush-

ered in a “new way of being” for the Uniting Church.“Although there are less ministers around now, there is more input from the lay community,” he said. “There are varying responses (from people in the congregations) to seeing churches become homes, but if it’s turned into a nice home, I have heard people rejoice about that. “It’s important to maintain the history, but in the end it’s only a building.” Mr Bannon said the archives from the decommissioned churches were all sent to the synod in Melbourne. “It’s important that people can still get access to the records,” he said.

■ ■

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Drum backs changes to allowance NATIONALS MP for Northern Victoria region, Damian Drum has welcomed changes to the federal government’s Youth Allowance program which he says should make it easier for local students to qualify. Mr Drum said students living in what has been classified as “Inner Regional” areas of Victoria, such as Bendigo, could now apply for independent Youth Allowance under the same rules that apply to students living in “Outer Regional” areas such as Kerang, Swan Hill and Mildura.

SUPPORT: Damian Drum He said changes to eligibility criteria introduced by the Gillard Government in 2010 meant many rural students were discriminated against under a bureau-

cratic definition of “‘inner regional” and “outer regional”. ‘’After another backflip by the Gillard Government on Youth Allowance students in both “inner” and “outer” regions can now qualify by earning $19,500 over an 18-month period.’’ Mr Drum said the Gillard Government had finally recognised that students from regional areas experienced higher costs in relocating in order to continue their studies. Federal Member for Bendigo Steve Gibbons

said the government had listened to students in inner regional areas, including students in the Bendigo district “The Gillard Government has removed the distinctions between regional students so, regardless of whether they live in an inner regional, outer regional, remote or very remote area, all regional students will be subject to the same rules.” The removal of eligibility distinctions for Youth Allowance will take effect from January 1, 2012 and will not be retrospective.



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8 • NEWS

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Class of 1967








A Daimler Brand



ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S time to hunt out those old photos and school ties: Bendigo Girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; High School is having a reunion. If you were at the Flora Hill school, from 1967 to 1972 in forms one to six youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on the wanted list. Lyn Jephson (Clay) and a few of her classmates had a gathering in July. Now they have decided to go for the big one on October 9. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We would love to see all past pupils and teachers from those years attending,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It will make a memorable day for everyone.â&#x20AC;?


The event is being held at The Golden Square Hotel function room from 11.30am. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I would like to encourage anyone to bring along photos or memorabilia,â&#x20AC;? Lyn said. For more details call Lyn on 0408 314 106.

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REUNION: Glenda Comer, Betty Excell, Ann Clark, Karen Harris, Kay Epworth, Lynette Clay. Front: Kaylene McCann, Elizabeth Nankervis, Susan Hewitt and Sharon Lucas. INSET: The Class of 1967.

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

NEWS • 9

Girls are back

TOP SPOT: Bendigo’s Karlee O’Donnell was last year’s overall winner.


DUST off the tiaras ladies, Miss Country Girl Australia is back in Bendigo this weekend. The nationwide model search will scan rural and regional areas for catwalk talent, until national finalists are discovered to go to Sydney for the big final. With heats scheduled for tomorrow in Hargreaves Mall, local girls aged between 10 and 13 will compete for the Miss Country Girl Junior champion, while girls between 14 and 28 will strut their stuff for the Miss Country Girl Australia title. Last year, Bendigo’s Karlee O’Donnell (left) took out the national title, was signed by the highly regarded Chic Management, and is now being guided by those who have turned Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris into household names. Over the past year, Karlee has enjoyed some top-notch modelling shoots, as well as television and radio appearances. The Country Girl competition is a proven winner in building catwalk confidence, and creating opportunities for girls to connect with industry professionals, and realise their modelling dreams. “This is a fun and friendly competition with no experience needed,” competition founder Katie Jones said. Girls wanting to register for the event can go to www.misscountrygirlaustralia. or be at Hargreaves Mall tomorrow from 9am.

Recognise warning signs ONE-in-six people will have a stroke in their lifetime. This damning statistic is why John Norton, spokesperson for the Central Victorian Stroke Support Group, is saying people need to understand the risk of stroke, and how to reduce the risk. Mr Norton, a stroke survivor, said the serious impacts of a stroke include paralysis, having to relearn simple daily activities, plus the psychological and social impacts that affect every aspect of a person’s life. “Australians can adopt six simple steps to reduce their risk and danger of stroke,” he said.






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TESTING TIME: Peter Richardson with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank employee Anthea Mawby and Chris O’Brien from Bendigo Health. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN These include: knowing your personal risk factors, be physically active, avoid obesity, limit alcohol consumption, avoid cigarettes and

learn to recognise the warning signs. On Monday, members of Bendigo Health tested the blood pressure of Bendigo Bank staff.


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10 • news

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

NEWS • 11


Couple’s new book tells of troubled Tibet

For advice, support and assistance on State Government matters.

239 Barnard Street, Bendigo 3550


Phone 5443 6277

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Heart to imagine By ROSEMARY SORENSEN

A LABOUR of love by a Bendigo couple has produced the first documentary book about a long-term Tibetan refugee camp in India. Heather and Peter Smith spent several months at the end of last year in Mainpat, a group of refugee villages in a remote region of central India. They photographed and interviewed people forced to flee their homes half a century ago. Collecting the images and stories into a glossy book is the couple’s way of reminding people of the plight of these displaced people. It is also a way to say thankyou to their friends. “We were given incredible generosity by people who have so little,” Peter said. “The concept of what

we were doing with this book was a bit difficult for the Tibetans in the camp to understand. They put a lot of trust in us.” Peter, a former journalist who has travelled many times to India in the past two decades, gradually became involved in the lives

to Buddhism don’t know much about the Tibetan refugee camp.” Fifty Years a Refugee begins with the story of how the Smiths became interested in the Mainpat camps, and describes the friends such as Tashi, whose “good heart” is revered by

“We are trying to do something a little different” of the refugees. He and Heather first travelled together to India in 2001, soon after they married. “Our book is dedicated to a small group of people in the camp,” Heather said. “We wanted to give them a voice, and a value.” “We are trying to do something a little different,” Peter said. “Even people who are interested in or connected

her Tibetan community. An extraordinary blackand-white photograph included in the book shows Tashi and other Tibetans when they arrived in Mainpat in the 1960s, after years of travelling to escape the invading Chinese army. Beautiful photos taken by the Smiths of the village build a picture of these displaced people. “It came home to us, what it means, when they

describe what it’s like not having a country, not having a flag,” Heather said. “They do want to go back, but the village is now well settled, and many of the young ones want to try to get out – America is the Mecca.” Lama Assi, 58, left Tibet when he was seven. He told the Smiths that he would perhaps go back if Tibet were “really free”. “If I could do something for Tibet, I would go, but I don’t know,” he said. Peter and Heather Smith will talk about Fifty Years a Refugee - A Tibetan Journey at Dymocks Bendigo on Saturday, October 8, at 11.30am. The books will be available at Dymocks, Organise My and Just Planet later this month. There is an exhibition of photos from the book at The Subtle Eye Cafe in Bull Street until October 7.

Understanding Super 27th September 2011 (Tuesday)

Understanding Retirement Income Streams 10th October 2011 (Monday) Evening seminars 6.00pm to 8.00pm

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL Please call our booking service on 13 6357 to reserve you place and obtain venue details Or email

AG52219 1609

TRUSTED: Peter and Heather Smith.

Light refreshments provided Supported by the Australian Government Department of Human Services Centrelink

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12 • NEWS

L ET TE RS to the editor


Making Waves with ...

Bendigo Weekly

Ben Jones and

Anthony Radford

Ben – He’s become a dad for the fourth time, it’s the editor of the Bendigo Weekly, Anthony Radford, congratulations Anthony, mum and bub doing well? Anthony – Hi Ben, yes thanks all going well. Looking forward to the next couple of years which are a great time in any dad’s life. Ben – I hear you’re out and about on location today. Anthony – Yes Jonesy, I’m standing on a block of land next to the North Bendigo Oval because Bendigo Health has announced a $25million residential development, that’s looking at 120 oneand two-bed units in three-storey buildings, as well as a large amount of gardens and communal areas. They are going to house their visiting medical staff, as well as their medical students which is a fantastic development for Bendigo. It’s been in the pipeline for a number of years, the Bendigo hospital leases more than 100 houses for those staff at the moment, so it will be good to get them in the same area. Ben – All of this development suggests Bendigo is going places. Anthony – Yes, Bendigo really is booming at the moment, and I think it’s something that really should be congratulated. Ben – We may be jumping on the Sam Stosur bandwagon here, but I hear there are proposals for the Bendigo tennis stadium. Anthony – The Bendigo Tennis Association which manages and runs the Nolan Street complex has always been a visionary group of people and they are looking at progressing that vision further. They are looking at encouraging more tennis events to Bendigo with some new development along with the new blue playing surface. Ben – I’m a big sports fan, so I hope any chance to bring world-class sport to Bendigo gets looked at very seriously. By the way, child number four, you must be pretty good at the nappy changing now. Anthony – Yeah, I’m pretty good at it now, loads of experience, It doesn’t mean I like it though.

Tell us your thoughts ... email

Be listening every Wednesday morning at 9.30am to hear what they have to say next.

Bendigo Weekly

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011 Letters are not guaranteed to be included and may be edited for reasons of style or content. Letters will not be eligible for consideration if they contain defamatory material, or information of a personal nature which is not in the public domain.

The facts on VCAL I WRITE in response to the letter by Labor MP for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards, to correct some of her claims about Coalition Government funding for VCAL. This year, more than 18,700 Victorian students are expected to undertake VCAL with 429 providers across Victoria. VCAL provides pathways for students into employment, further education and training through an applied learning approach. VCAL was first introduced in 2003, and at that time funding was provided to support co-ordination to establish the program. After eight years, VCAL is a well-established senior secondary certificate. There has been no reduction to the funding for the delivery of VCAL. VCAL, along with other programs offered in Victorian government schools, continues to be funded through the Student Resource Package. The SRP is based on the number of students enrolled and schools have flexibility within that budget provision to deliver the programs and support that are designed to improve educational outcomes. In fact, this year SRP funding supported an 8.5 per cent increase in the number of students undertaking the VCAL from 2010. This change brings VCAL into line with the vocational education and training in schools (known as VET in Schools) and VCE programs which do not receive additional funding for co-ordination and have their co-ordination role funded within the SRP. Schools and other education providers have access to a number of support services for VCAL students. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, the Victorian Applied Learning Association, the Local Learning and Employment Networks and the Workplace

To buy a signed copy of any Glanville cartoon please phone 5442 5448

Learning Coordinators program can and do provide support to VCAL providers. This State Government is, in fact, increasing program funding for VCAL programs by 9.5 per cent this year (from $100.6 million to $111.2 million). Overall, the Victorian Government provided a significant boost for education in the 2011-12 State Budget, allocating more than $1 billion in new funding to early childhood development, school education and higher education and training services. I hope this clears up some of Ms Edwards’ confusion. Damian Drum MLC, Northern Victoria Region.

Liberal National education cuts SINCE coming to Government just nine months ago, the Liberal National Government has slashed $481 million from the education budget. This includes: $48 million over four years stripped from the VCAL

coordination program. Scrapping of the $300 School Start Bonus for 100,000 families. Scrapping of 200 Teaching and Learning Coaches, 45 literacy experts and 15 specialists to help Koorie students. Scrapping of the Young Readers Program. Scrapping of the Apprentice Completion Bonus which supported employers of 14,000 young apprentices. The Liberal National Government’s representative in Bendigo, Damian Drum, might like to explain away these cuts with some more spin – but they are the facts. Mr Drum might also explain why the Liberal National Government backed away from the tenyear Victorian School’s Plan which would have seen ALL Victorian schools rebuilt, extended or modernised by 2016-17. Why they have halved the schools capital budget in 2011-2012 compared with previous financial years. And why 36 schools that were promised before last year’s election are now

on the never-never list for funding. Then there was their promise to make Victorian teachers the highest-paid in Australia, which they never had any intention of fulfilling and have budgeted a 2.5 per cent increase – less than the inflation rate. This is back to the future for Victoria, with a Liberal National Government reminiscent of the Kennett Government. Maree Edwards MP, State Member for Bendigo West.

Addicted to spin I WRITE in response to misleading claims made by National Party MP and Member for Northern Victoria Damian Drum about the Baillieu Government’s $48 million cuts to the VCAL program. It is clear from the letter the Baillieu Government doesn’t understand the basics of the VCAL program, the importance of ongoing funding for co-ordination and doesn’t care about the impact of these cuts on students. Mr Drum claimed there

had been no reduction in VCAL funding, despite the fact that his own government confirmed these callous cuts in Parliament a fortnight ago. Only a Government addicted to spin could claim that a $48-million cut is a funding increase. By cutting the funds for teacher coordination, the Baillieu Government is forcing schools to either cut VCAL programs or cut other vital school programs. Either choice means students lose. Since its introduction by the Labor Government, more and more students are choosing VCAL because of the opportunities it opens up. Teacher coordinators have been essential to its success. They provide oneon-one assistance and direction for students and they link students and employers. By cutting funding to coordinators, the Baillieu Government is cutting off alternative pathways for many students and cutting off opportunities for jobs. Rob Hulls, Shadow Minister for Education.

Bendigo Weekly, PO Box 324, Bendigo 3552. email: Please include your name, address and a phone number.

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Le earn mo ore 1300 891 468 CRICOS Provider 00115M 1609

Study our Bachelor of Physical and Outdoor Education course locally at La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus. You’ll be qualified to teach in secondary schools in the areas of physical education and outdoor education.

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

news • 13

v i e w p o i n t opinion



The best of health

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Bendigo Weekly


Editorial Comment

PK with

Peter Kennedy


MAGNET: An artist’s impression of the new facility. doubt it will make at least some difference, especially when coupled with the proposed student accommodation facility mooted for a site across town in the city’s eastern suburbs. The provision of on-site parking and the location of the new accommodation compound just 700 metres from the site of the new hospital should also help relieve at least some pressure on parking in the vicinity of the hospital precinct. The $25-million housing complex planned for a site off Atkins Street in North Bendigo should add significant weight to this city’s pulling power when it comes to the recruitment of medical staff and stu-

dents for Bendigo Health. It’s long been accepted that living and working in a regional location is the best way to eventually entice people to stay in the region. The new facility is also another tribute to the already world-class hospital currently being planned. So while Bendigo could already be proud of the fact its new hospital would be as good as any in a regional centre anywhere in the world, we have just received another good reason to be just a little more proud. Tell us your thoughts Email: Write to: Letters to the Editor, PO Box 324, Bendigo 3552

What makes the news? DID Brendan Fevola really vomit in a Melbourne pub earlier this week? That was the question tabloid media were asking on Tuesday, the same day the federal government chose to introduce one of the most contentious, controversial and important pieces of legislation into the federal parliament. And just the other day, sections of the media were fixated by the apparent mysterious phallic scribbling that appeared on some StreetView maps of the Long Gully and Maiden Gully areas. Call me strange, but the faint blue texta scribble could also have been mistaken for Grandpa Simpson’s bald and wrinkly cone-shaped head. Probably would not have generated the same amount of fuss though. Or did you read how Miss Columbia was in trouble with Miss Universe pageant organisers for not wearing knickers beneath her very short dresses? And Miss Australia was in trouble because her costumes were too revealing? Shock horror. More headlines of a similar nature were generated when actress Demi Moore

tweeted a semi-naked picture of herself. Apparently it was not for the first time either. So what might be viewed as a D-grade effort by a B-grade celebrity for some desperately needed publicity is actually a really poor example to young women around the world who at the same time are being encouraged not to do exactly what Ms Moore has done.

until the end of September

Michelle Noulton, brazilian waxing specialist, is back after having her baby! We welcome her to the Infringez team. Infringez hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9am - 5.30pm Thursday 9am til late Saturday 8am - 1pm

Corner High & Victoria Sts, Eaglehawk (at the lights) 1609

THE long-awaited announcement on exactly where Bendigo Health plans to build its new accommodation complex was finally answered this week, and the organisation has wasted no time in getting on the front foot and spruiking the good news. Billed as “an exciting era in accommodation for health professionals”, the $25-million facility is also likely to be a magnet for health professionals trying to determine where they should study/work/live in coming years. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent in recent years by regional and rural communities keen to attract medical staff to their part of the world, and this promised new accommodation complex has the potential to become a beacon for all those efforts of the past, and a source of great hope for the future. And while emergency accommodation providers have suggested at this early stage that the addition of new housing stock of this scale will do little to relieve demand for rental accommodation, there’s no



issues and the things that really matter, but it also makes it easier for really dumb and marginal stories to get sucked into the apparent vacuum and be spat out as ”news”. So while we should be promoting and discussing issues like a humanitarian solution to the refugee situation, or the political debate about the government’s climate change legislation, the

5446 9051



“Getaway Spa” Introductory Price is

“It’s all part of the dumbing down of news that is a symptom of our fascination with the internet...” Go figure. It’s all part of the dumbing down of news that is a symptom of our fascination with the internet and everything on it. A more appropriate question that should have been asked would be this : Why do we even have a Miss Universe competition anymore? Haven’t we moved on from all this? The shift towards a more trivial nature of news in the 21st century is potentially damaging, because not only does it cause us to lose sight of some of the more important



Powered by

top news lists of the day being promoted by major media outlets are dominated by the inane and the trivial. Current affairs programs went this way years ago. We’ve all seen the promos for the latest expose on dodgy landlords or supposed grocery price rip-offs, but the substance of news and exploration of the major issues have been largely lost in the application of a veneer. By the way, the correct answer to Brendan Fevola’s latest and possibly sickening predicament is: Who cares?

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14 â&#x20AC;˘ NEWS

Bendigo Weekly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday, September 16, 2011

Mindful eating By JULIE LAKE

Julie Lake Healing and Coaching

JULIE LAKE is available for advice for Biggest Winner entrants as they pursue their goals for a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are participating in Bendigoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Biggest Winner or not, her words certainly provide â&#x20AC;&#x153;food for thoughtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;?. . . There is no need to go without the foods you enjoy eating. You can satisfy that yearning for food and still become a healthy weight. Dieting is one of the hardest things to do. People break diets because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just too hard to go without the foods they enjoy long term. Mindful eating teaches you how to eat the foods you love and enjoy without overindulging. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really important to let go of the emotion you may have around eating. Most people feel they should eat the â&#x20AC;&#x153;rightâ&#x20AC;? foods and feel guilty when they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. Mindful eating means you can eat what you want when you want. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about learning to listen to and trust your



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in the first place. Listening to your bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs also means recognising what you feel like eating rather than reaching for something out of habit, without thinking about it. When you eat what your body wants, you feel more satisfied and tend to eat less. You can follow Bendigoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Biggest Winner (and use the tips for your own weight loss, healthy lifestyle challenge) in the Bendigo Weekly each week, at the St John of God Hospital website (www.sjog,org. au/bendigo) and on Facebook (Bendigoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Biggest Winner).

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bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inbuilt desire for food. Doing this means that if you feel like a packet of chips you can eat them because you want them and not feel guilty about it. Mindful eating also means that you really learn to savour the sumptuous flavours of your food so that you can put the enjoyment back into eating. People who diet usually crave foods for weeks at a time. Going without for a long period of time leads to eating more than you and your body wanted to eat

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Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

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16 • news

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Two more reasons to shop at Coles this Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Check out this weekend’s best deals in today’s paper.

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly



news • 17


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Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011


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20 • LIFE

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Name games in the frame

Do we need to call a spade a spade, rather than an earth relocation device? WE all love to feel special, and an important title certainly helps. While nobody wants to be pigeon-holed (unless it’s “good luck charm”, “life of the party” or “chick magnet”) most are happy to have a highfalutin’, more-importantsounding-than-it-actually-is, job title. Which is why we now live in a world of garbologists and traffic supervisors. But then again, who would argue against having a touch of gravitas applied to their otherwise rudimentary occupation? It’s why reporters would rather be known as journalists, and cooks would rather be chefs. Even though they’re both essentially reporting, and cooking, when it all boils down to it. I first noticed this need to tart up your job title when Tom Cruise took Renee Zellweger out for dinner in Jerry Maguire, and her young son is left in the hands of a nanny. “I prefer child technician,” the nanny says, a touch wounded. We’re all aware that titles, especially in the celebrity world, now come in the double header variety, like “model/actress” or “presenter/DJ”. But it raises the question:


is it difficult to know which job title to go with first? Does it depend on how much time you devote to each craft, or is there a Darwinian order of importance? It also poses the question: do these celebrities use these

I’m sorry but nicknames are a bit like presents. tenuous titles on their tax returns? It’s a bit like people who grant themselves a nickname; the kind of pretentious douche who is just a tad too keen to be seen in a particular light. How do you know? Well, these people usually go by the name of “Muscles” or “Ladies Man”, so they’re not too hard to spot. And they’re usually

totally bereft of humour or irony – the whole point of the exercise in awarding a nickname. I once played cricket in Scotland against a bloke like this, and our first meeting was a little on the awkward side. “Hi, Ben’s my name,” I said with hand outstretched. “John, but people around here call me Magic,” he replied, totally deadpan. But not in the funny, dry as a cinder, Scottish tradition. Sure they do, you tosser. I’m sorry, but nicknames are a bit like birthday presents. Sometimes, it’s actually better to receive than give.

Admittedly, most of us avoid such nihilistic behaviour, but the media fuels this desire to put everyone in a box. In football, a player is either a “jet”, “journey man” or “trade bait”; just like some tailenders in cricket are “no mug with the bat”, footballers are lauded for “knowing where the goals are”. Which is odd, because surely you wouldn’t draft a player who couldn’t see four posts sticking out of the ground, at either end of the oval. So as far as labels go, I thought I’d seen and heard it

all until I saw 6.30 with George Negus last week. There was a story about some Indonesian bloke who once trained the Bali Bombers. According to the story, we can all rest easy because he’s seen the light and hung up the box cutter and ignitable shoes. In fact, Channel Ten went as far as describing him as a “former terrorist”. However stupid, a precedent has been set. So now I’m hanging out for the day Nick Maxwell has the graphic “former commentator” below his name, or “former antagoniser” under Kevin Sheedy’s.

The most comfortable person I’ve ever met in terms with his place in the world was my former boss. Driving to the building site one day he said “Mate, I’m just a roof tiler, that’s all I know how to do.” That’s not 100 per cent accurate, he was a thrifty roof tiler, who often didn’t bother with scaffolding while tiling two storey houses, but his words left a mark. We are who we are. And no fancy titles, inherited or otherwise, can change that. Ben Cameron Glorified opinion giver.


Monday to Thursd ay. Starts Monday October 10



Call Emma on 0428 990 819 or email to book a spot or enquire about the upside down program

Friday, September 16, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bendigo Weekly

LIFE â&#x20AC;˘ 21


McCaig Air Conditioning are proud to present Daikinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first ever

FAST FOOD: On board the ninesevensix.

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Friday 16th & Saturday 17th September, 9 am to 5 pm

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MARK and Janine Coffey of Wine Bank on View, took over the running of the cafĂŠ tram more than two years ago. Renamed ninesevensix because that was its original number, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to move it from the box you put it in. Any old stories you may have heard, you can also put to rest. As Mark said, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfect for any kind of occasion â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including the first date, where any awkward silences can be filled with â&#x20AC;&#x153;ooh, look at the Cathedral all lit up at night â&#x20AC;&#x153;. (I tried this line on the night but Red Rooster was the view out the window and it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work so well.)

The journey always begins with a meet up at the Wine Bank with a complimentary drink before take-off/lift-off/ departing â&#x20AC;&#x201C; whichever youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to call it. When we boarded (no fat controller in sight) we were seated and given the most delicious selection of pre-dinner nibbles with things such as caramelised onion tartlets and rare beef with horseradish. The menu is now a selection of three each of entrĂŠe, main and dessert with a local flare. Think things like pistachio crusted duck with raspberry sauce and truffled chicken or steamed salmon and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on the right track (pardon the pun).

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We know air conditioning better than anyone Proudly selling Daikin Air Conditioners Cnr Strickland Rd & Beischer St, Bendigo Phone: 5442 1655 1609

e u l a v e v i s s e r g o r p i d au September. this August and r de or to e bl la ai clusive oďŹ&#x20AC;ers av o now for two ex ig nd Be re nt Ce ive away* Visit Audi SI $41,000 Dr


00 Drive away* 1.8 TFSI $54,9 paint allic rt Package & met Including Comfo

â&#x20AC;˘ 118kw of power nsmission â&#x20AC;˘ Audi multitronic tra control â&#x20AC;˘ Three-zone climate & ABS â&#x20AC;˘ 8 airbags with ESP

ty â&#x20AC;˘ Bluetooth connec tivi s eel wh oy â&#x20AC;˘ All olster y â&#x20AC;˘ Mil ano leather uph


Dine on the move

Great prices on a range of split systems and ducted systems like...


1.4 TF

allic paint rt Package & met Including Comfo

olster y â&#x20AC;˘ Vienna leather uph nsmission tra â&#x20AC;˘ 7-speed S tronic â&#x20AC;˘ Alloy wheel s

ty â&#x20AC;˘ Bluetooth connec tivi s sor sen g â&#x20AC;˘ Rear parkin & ABS â&#x20AC;˘ 6 airbags with ESP

y. 5443 1122 toda ndigo or call (03) Be re nt Ce di Au out. Visit 30, so donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss t end September us m er oďŹ&#x20AC; ive ss This progre

Audi Centre Bendigo 140 - 150 High St, Bendigo, VIC 3550 l Tel. (03) 5443 1122 l *Offer available on new vehicles ordered by 30 September 2011. Standard production lead times apply. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Private buyers only. Offer not applicable to A4 Avant. The right to change, modify or extend this offer is reserved. Overseas model shown. MLCT:10758.

22 â&#x20AC;˘ LIFE

Bendigo Weekly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday, September 16, 2011


62 Powells Ave Strathdale


Security Doors and Maintenance

Ph: 5446 1900 Mobile: 0409 251 576





Solar Power Systems from




per week

Package Includes: Superchared 2.3kw! 12 x 190w Solar Panels

*Out of pocket payment estimated at $12 / week                Â?Â?Â?  Â?Â?   ­Â&#x20AC;    only.

Incidents in Irishtown

LATE in 1864 the manager of the Bendigo Waterworks Company, Mr A. Sprigg made a complaint to the Sandhurst Borough Council regarding the water pipes being undermined in Irishtown. According to Sprigg, Sullivan and party were, through their alluvial mining operations, responsible for the undermining of the water mains and subsequently their damage. George Avery Fletcher, the town surveyor, was instructed by the councillors to ensure that no damage to the Bendigo Waterworks Company mains was done by Sullivan and party. A few weeks later the council received correspondence from Edward Chaplin, secretary of the Waterworks Company explaining that Sullivan and company were working under the pipes and had created a large hole, leaving the pipes unsupported. The unsupported pipes, it was argued, would either crack or shift and create leaks at the joints as they were made of lengths of cast iron. It was the intention of the Waterworks Company to prosecute Sullivan and party. The Mayor however, pointed out that Sullivan and party had the councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s permission to mine the roadway and then they had to reconstitute the road in an improved state. George A. Fletcher was to inform the Waterworks Company, to the effect that Sullivan and party had to complete the work as originally agreed by the council.


JAMES LERK Many readers will be familiar with Bakewell Street which was one of Irishtownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s major roadways leading north; Bakewell had a store for general supplies situated there. A certain William Oliver had stolen a quantity of mining tools from Bakewellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s store. Oliver, according to the police, had on-sold the tools that he had stolen.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Illies managed to rise from the roadway and started to struggle to walk to his home. â&#x20AC;? These tools had been identified by Bakewell as having come from his place. In December 1863 an accident having fatal consequences took place in Irishtown to a local resident, Johann Frederick Illies, whose house was located on Bridge Street. Illies was the owner of a horse-drawn dray, in which he was standing while holding the reins of a mare harnessed to the dray. It transpired that the mare in harness had never been in a dray before. This was why another man, an acquaintance of Illies, was helping lead the horse which had blinkers fitted to its head. Illiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mate held the halter while walking with the mare.


Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September Neale Street Kennington, from 8am. /LSWZ\WWVY[V\Y^VYRI`JVTPUNHSVUN[V[OPZ NYLH[ZHSL[OH[PZILPUNY\UI`V\Y]VS\U[LLYZ (SSWYVJLLKZNV[V)(>*: >H[JO[OPZZWHJLMVYTVYLKL[HPSZUL_[-YPKH` -VYM\Y[OLYPUX\PYPLZJVU[HJ[+LIIPL,K^HYKZ VU Visit us on our Facebook page




tyred wheel of the dray ran over the abdomen of Johann Illies. The weight of the dray was about 600 kilograms. Illies managed to rise from the roadway and started to struggle to walk to his home. Some men came to Illiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; assistance and helped to get him to his simple abode. Dr Harry Leigh Atkinson was called and he knew that the internal pain that Illies was suffering from was not a good sign. Johann lingered for several days and succumbed to his injuries, rupture of the intestine as well as the liver. Bakewell incidentally, apart from being a store owner was also the water rates collector for the Bendigo Waterworks Company.


THE COMPLETE GARDEN 53-55 Williamson St, Bendigo This monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Head Office promotion is the Green Granite Setting. For September only, this 2.1m rectangle Green Granite table is on sale with 6 dinner chairs for $1499 - a saving of $1100. A great idea to lay-by now for Christmas Phone: 5444 0277

124 Mollison Street. Bendigo Ph. 03 5442 7600 Mob. 0488 427 600 Email:


When they were close to Englandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hotel, the horse suddenly shied and started running, Illiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; mate pulled hard on the halter and brought the horse to its knees. Illies continued to hold on to the reins while he jumped out of the dray and onto the roadway, his intention was to take hold of the mareâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s blinkers. The horse however had other ideas and was back on its hoofs, shaking its head vigorously, attempting to shake off Illiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hold. Immediately the horse began to run and, as Illies still had the reins in his hand, he too was forced to do the same in order to keep up. After some distance Illies fell and was dragged along the gravel-surfaced street, then the steel-

ROAD HAZARD: The type of cart that ran over Illies.

GLOBAL CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE 47 Myrtle Street, Bendigo BRIAN IS BACK! Brian Zoch has returned to town and is again offering remedial massage and stretching/core training advice. For an appointment with Brian, contact Global Chiropractic Centre. Phone: 5444 3388

RITUAL SKIN & BODY 137 Mollison Street, Bendigo New owner Lisette would like to welcome all past and new clients with a special offer. Any brazillians booked Tuesdays or Wednesdays in September will be $35! Lisette has 9 years experience in the industry and is excited to meet lots of new clients! Easy parking available. Phone: 5442 8377.

OLIVER BIRCH 19-21 Bath Lane, Bendigo Leather Sofa Sale. Order now for Pre-Xmas arrival. 5 days only, ends 5.30pm Tuesday September 29. Sofa pictured was $3699, now only $2499. Hurry In. Phone: 5444 1112

want to advertise in Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sthis? call 5442 5448

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Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

24 •LIFE

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011


Space oddity BENDIGO LIFE


THE desert is about space. Big sky, big land and lots and lots of space. I was travelling again to Alice Springs, to work at a music conference that develops and promotes Northern Territory music – with the added bonus of heading to Tennant Creek for Desert Harmony, a landmark indigenous music and culture festival in Warumungu country. I couldn’t wait to get my boots covered in red dust and have my cluttered mind cleared by being in a place where time skids to a halt, and the great scheme of things bears down to remind you that the world is far bigger than that of your own making. What a 12 days it turned out to be. Off the plane and into the car, zooming north up the Stu-

art Highway at 130kmh (legal), with the rapping kids from the Red Sand Culture CD the car’s soundtrack. I watched the landscape transform from black and red to green and yellow, the acacia thick

Just part of the vast space that was the desert in the distance from the rains the year before – that which made Alice’s sandy Todd River flow and become torrential. It’s a strange sight to see a river of sand, with gnarly trees sprouting not from green but red.

The Territory comes alive with amazing music and characters And even stranger to see a river of fire which the Todd often becomes nightly in Alice Springs, as campfires career out of control. On the opening night of our conference a riverbed grassfire sprouted against pitch black, just metres away. Firies were there within minutes. It was burned out in spectacular fashion. Fires are also a big feature of Tennant. One night – before we had dinner at a restaurant housed inside a squash court – I was photographing a local memorial at sunset high up on a hill. A fire front that stretched for miles slowly unfurled like a great snake along the horizon. Twister-like plumes of black smoke draped themselves against the dusky sky. But it all felt unthreatening, just part of the vast space that was the desert


11 Forest St, Bendigo • Ph: 5444 5123

Spaeleven Urban Day Spa is not your average day spa. Here, no two treatments are identical. Why? Not because we’re inconsistent! But because everyone is unique and so should your spa treatment. Uniquely designed for you and your body and skin. Here is a sneak peak at Spaeleven’s new menu Body Melt $190 120 mins Melt away everyday stress with a full body coffee exfoliate; be immersed with custard wrap cocoon to deeply moisturise,then float away as you are massaged to total bliss. Body exfoliation,wrap, massage. Revamp $150 90 mins Ready for a revamp and need to get down to business? Let us take you there with our signature retreat facial for skin and psyche,combining the benefits of this stress reducing ritual. Blending of massage and facial. Result? A feeling that’s deliciously tranquil. Pick Me Up $180 120 mins What we all need from time to time, a pick me up. Your journey will begin in your private steam room, raising your energy levels and increasing your immunity. Exhale and relax as our therapist administers an advanced stone massage therapy, Sabai synchronised therapeutic massage with micronised minerals de-stresses your entire well being. Mind body and spirit. Your Abai foot journey follows combing sabai stones and reflexology points. Steam,massage sabai, pedicure. Detox Steam $160 75 mins Within a private steam room enjoy an invigorating aromatic salt scrub and cold rock therapeutic massage accompanied by a hydrating mask and heavenly scalp massage. Steam, sabai stone massage, mask. Mother Earth $210 140 mins Experience it all with this journey. Includes back, neck and shoulder massage followed by aroma facial and spa foot treatment with polish application. Facial, massage, pedicure. m H Harmony $350 4 hours IImagine the serene experience of enjoying a private mud soak bath completely ccandlelit followed by a dreamy one hour full body massage and facial. You will then be made to feel like a queen while your feet and hands are given a luscious hydrating b ttreatment including polish application. Soak, signature retreat facial, spa pedicure, massage, file & polish. m Spa 11 Ritual $480 5 hours S A passport to complete relaxation, this ultimate pampering package covers every facet oof spa and hair therapy. Begin relaxing in the privacy of your own steam room. Float aaway with a dreamy four hour beauty and hair treatment including full body exfoliation, bbody wrap, high performance facial and one hour warm stone massage. A hydrating hhand treatment, and make up application will send you straight to a state of bliss! 1609



Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am - 7pm Wed 10am - 5.30pm Sat 9am - 4pm Sun appointment only 20% surcharge applies

Friday, September 16, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bendigo Weekly

LIFE â&#x20AC;˘ 25


in the distance. Possibly a controlled-land management burn, possibly not. It didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter. It just was. Back to the road trip though. Just past the startling balancing boulder formations of The Devilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marbles at Karlu Karlu â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a sacred site of many Dreaming stories to the traditional landowners of the country â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we came into Wycliffe Well, the last stop before Tennant, now 130km ahead. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d forgotten; Wycliffe Well is the UFO spotting capital of Australia. Now I was really excited. After dropping $50 on all manner of alien-inspired souvenirs, we hit the road again.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whaddyareckon that is?â&#x20AC;? I asked my workmate, as I watched a shiny round thing hovering way up above us in the great blue. â&#x20AC;&#x153;UFO?â&#x20AC;? She peered through the windscreen. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Maybeâ&#x20AC;? she answered, not unconvinced. Then it was gone. Smoke took it from view, and it never re-appeared.

with amazing music and characters. In a space where all you have is time, it was â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;palyaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (Pitjantjatjara for â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;goodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;) to be able to give people my full attention, have deeper experiences and to learn about things I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t yet understand. More pleaseâ&#x20AC;Ś

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Twister-like plumes of black smoke draped themselves against the dusky skyâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fire in the skyâ&#x20AC;? I cry. Others advise â&#x20AC;&#x153;a silver weather balloonâ&#x20AC;?. I want to believe. That was day one of a remarkable time away, brimming

Two more reasons to shop at Coles this Friday, Saturday & Sunday



Working with Stone to Create Structures and Features Charleston Road Campus, Bendigo - $600 October: 27. November: 5, 12, 19, 26. December: 3. Farm Chemical Users Course - Echuca Campus - $350 September: 22, 23, 30.

off off

when you you spend spend when you spend when when you spend $100 or or more in $100 or more in $100 $100 or more more in in one transaction. one transaction. one transaction. Valid until Sunday 18th Sept 2011 one transaction. Valid until until Sunday Sunday 18th 18th Sept Sept 2011 2011 Valid

VOUCHERS! in store. store. For every every $10 you you spend in in For For every $10 $10 you spend spend in store. store. Friday 16th until Sunday 18th Sept 2011. Friday 16th until until Sunday 18th 18th Sept 2011. 2011. Friday Friday 16th 16th until Sunday Sunday 18th Sept Sept 2011.

Mallee Kikuyu

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

... .

â&#x20AC;˘ Minimal water once established

Minimising the risks in the use of 1080 Pest Animal Bait - $200 Online program.

â&#x20AC;˘ Drought tolerant turf

Safe Use and Handling of Explosives Charleston Road Campus, Bendigo - $1000  MARCSTA General Safety Induction Charleston Road Campus, Bendigo - $175 October: 24 OR December: 5.

â&#x20AC;˘ Great DIY project CRICOS Provider Number: 03059A See pages 16 and 17

Wintergreen Couch

â&#x20AC;˘ Turf cut to order

Farm Chemical Refresher - Echuca Campus - $170 September: 29.

Valid until Sunday 18th Sept 2011


Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo

Prepare a Garden Design - Charleston Road Campus, Bendigo - $500 October: 5, 12, 19,November: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, December: 7.

Friday Friday 16th 16th until until Sunday Sunday 18th 18th Sept Sept 2011. 2011.



Beekeeping - Castlemaine Campus - $650 October: 18, 25, 29. November: 1, 8, 15, 19, 22.

your shop when you spend $100 $100 or or more. more. spend Friday 16th until Sunday 18th Sept 2011.


Ad dvanceTURF

We have a range of short courses which focus on various aspects of the primary industries sector including, agriculture, horticulture, conservation land management and mining.


Cut out out coupon coupon Cut Cut coupon andout redeem in and redeem and redeem in in store. store. store.


Bendigo TAFE Primary Industries Spring Short Courses



PICTURES, FROM TOP: Wycliffe Well, Tennant sunset, Ross River Highway, River bed fire. MAIN: Boots in the red dirt.

1300 554 248



Tannery Lane Sand & Soil 443 Tannery Lane, Strathfieldsaye Open 7 days: 8.30am - 5pm

Delivery available Monday - Friday

ph 03 5439 5777


26 â&#x20AC;˘ advertising feature

Bendigo Weekly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday, September 16, 2011





Auto Cooling Service Centres

Eaglehawk Radiators


â&#x20AC;˘ Cement Tile â&#x20AC;˘ Terracotta Tile â&#x20AC;˘ Tin Tightening & Re-coating â&#x20AC;˘ De-mossing â&#x20AC;˘ 3 Coat Sealer System â&#x20AC;˘ Re-bedding & Pointing â&#x20AC;˘ High Pressure Cleaning â&#x20AC;˘ Leaks & Storm Damage â&#x20AC;˘ Re-sealing & Coating Tiles 3K

Phone: (03) 5446 7385 Fax: (03) 5446 9957








5442 9662

CBU 4353 DB-L 1154

Fax: 5442 9624 Mobile: 0417 595 624


Sally Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Meara General Manager â&#x20AC;˘ Preferred accident repairer for all major insurance companies â&#x20AC;˘ Smash repairs & baked enamel refinishing â&#x20AC;˘ Claims advisory service â&#x20AC;˘ VACC accredited repairer â&#x20AC;˘ 24hr towing available â&#x20AC;˘ Fast professional service â&#x20AC;˘ Written 3 year warranty on all repairs â&#x20AC;˘ Latest hi-tech equipment and workshop

24/7 service â&#x20AC;˘

45 Collins Street, Kangaroo Flat â&#x20AC;˘ Phone 1300 799 351 or 5447 9330 When it comes to repairs, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t compromise on quality.

New look for your concrete DRAB concrete does nothing ffor your home. However, there is a solution with Spraypave, which allows you to transform an unattractive area into an appealing outdoor area. Suitable for concrete driveways, patios, verandahs, carports and pool areas, Spraypave offers an affordable and versatile solution, with over 20 different patterns and 35 colours to choose from. Spraypave Central Victoria is owned and operated by Shane Gilchrist, who has an extensive background in the concreting field, with 25 years expertise as a qualified concreter. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, Shane is best able to advise customers of the potential of their existing concrete. He also offers honest advice if he believes the current product is beyond surfacing.

C f â&#x20AC;&#x153;Clients can transform concrete areas into almost any desired look for a more appealing finish; however the product also offers a practical option in that we can turn worn or slippery areas into nonslip finishes,â&#x20AC;? he said. Shane also said that Spraypave is applied with a seven year guarantee. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The finished product dries to 45 MPA, which is twice the strength of regular concrete, is UV protected and slip and stain resistant.â&#x20AC;? In addition, Shane said, Spraypave offers a great follow-up service to all their customers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are always available to clients after the job is finished if they have any further queries or need information.â&#x20AC;? Spraypave is a popular and easy alternative to paving, tiling or painting. Phone Shane on 5441 1753 or 0417 367 310.

Ph: 5441 1753 OR 0417 367 310


Specialising in: â&#x20AC;˘ Carpets & Vinyls â&#x20AC;˘ Ceramic Tiles â&#x20AC;˘ Timber Flooring â&#x20AC;˘ Laminate Flooring

Want to increase the value of your home?

5442 710 0

â&#x20AC;˘ Qualified tradesmen â&#x20AC;˘ Landscaping â&#x20AC;˘ Commercial and residential Property maintenance â&#x20AC;˘ Consultation for selling â&#x20AC;˘ Garden restoration â&#x20AC;˘ Dingo hire with attachments and operator

106 Hattam Street, Golden Square

Degrees of Service

Auto cosmetic repairs at work or home

Let us increase your property value Stuart Erwin 0407 667 900 Cameron Rogister 0411 956 937


5447 3500

ARE you wanting to sell your car for a premium price? Or perhaps you would just love to maintain the look and feel of a new car? Scratched bumpers and chipped bonnets greatly affect the appearance of your car and can impact upon its resale value. You can, however, return your car to pristine condition with a little help from the Touch Up Guys, specialists in automotive paint repairs. Greg and Sue from the Touch Up Guys offer a wide variety of high quality services and products to effectively repair and rejuvenate the appearance of your vehicle. Greg is an expert in the repair and re-spray of bumpers, paintless dent repairs and repair of stone chips and scratches. He also installs reverse sensors, ABN 36 161 886 581


can prepare your car for sale and give your vehicle a buff and polish to bring any faded or dull paint work back to life. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We specialise in late model cars and have access to all the latest colour formulas, allowing us to offer new car quality repairs,â&#x20AC;? said Greg. Greg operates out of the Touch Up Guys van, making the service completely mobile, conveniently allowing them to come to you. With backing from the biggest franchise in the industry in Australia, you know you are in expert hands and being locally owned by Greg and Sue, can be assured you will receive friendly and personal customer service. Call Greg from the Touch Up Guys on 0418 510 531 or visit the website at for more information.

Specialising in service and maintenance of: Gas heating Gas cooking appliances Solid fuel heaters Gas & solar hot water units Evaporative & refrigerated cooling

Offering pre-season servicing & manufacturer trained technicians 1A/46 Bridge Street, Bendigo

phone: 5443 fax: 5441

7007 7922

B k d parties, Backyard i corporate events, Christmas parties and school fetes. Prices from $125 for 4 hours. Range of castles and themes. Shade and rain covers available. Safe and clean. Fully insured.

Phone 5449 6501


Windmills & Bore Pumps 149 Midland Hwy, Epsom Local area pick up and delivery


5443 1476 3 Rohs Road, Bendigo East 3550

Now agents for â&#x20AC;˘ Craftsman ride onâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;˘ McCulloch â&#x20AC;˘ Parklander â&#x20AC;˘ Flymo â&#x20AC;˘ Gardenia products â&#x20AC;˘ And many more Now is the time to service your chainsaw and get ready for spring mowing/gardening

Ph: 03

5448 3711

Fax: 03

5448 3772

â&#x20AC;˘ Made from ColorbondÂŽ Steel â&#x20AC;˘ Wind blows leaves away â&#x20AC;˘ No fire hazard â&#x20AC;˘ No unsightly appearance â&#x20AC;˘ Will not melt â&#x20AC;˘ Local service â&#x20AC;˘ Seniors discount


1800 426 607

Friday, September 16, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bendigo Weekly

advertising feature â&#x20AC;˘ 27



advertising feature

itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always food time at food Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Clock

Floored by huge choice TAGGERTS Discount Carpets and Vinyls is Bendigoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clearance centre for a number of larger carpet mills. Operating since 1988, Taggertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offer literally truck loads of top-grade carpets and vinyls and a great variety of floor coverings for sale, with most ranges unique to Taggerts. Ample customer parking has room for all vehicles up to semi-trailer size, enabling all customers to call in to have a look at their great range. Whether you are a tradesperson or an individual buyer, ask Trevor and Dora Taggert or Ed Yarrington about their house lot deals, from three rooms to a full house. If you want to buy wholesale, Taggerts will be able to give you a great deal on carpet rolls. They have recently taken delivery of a quantity of Belgian wool carpet,

with similar fibres to Berber but in a modulated loop, meaning it wears and cleans well. Normally retailing at $40 per sq.m uninstalled, this is on special for $40 per sq.m installed including underlay, a fantastic saving. Taggerts have numerous other clearance lines including nylon carpets and specialise in carpet tiles (firsts and seconds) which you can lay yourself. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We also have some beautiful vinyls from Europe in stock at the moment, 4mm thick, with a non-slip, non-scuff polyurethane treatment which we are selling at an unbeatable $49 per sq.m installed,â&#x20AC;? Trevor Taggert said. Taggerts stock all laying supplies such as hardboard, tapes, door trims and blades. Take a trip out to 18-20 Sandhurst Road, Eaglehawk soon. Phone 5446 1416.

Central Victorian Mobile Cranes â&#x20AC;˘ Drapes â&#x20AC;˘ Pelmets â&#x20AC;˘ Roller Blinds â&#x20AC;˘ Sun Screen â&#x20AC;˘ Blockout â&#x20AC;˘ Vertical â&#x20AC;˘ Slimlines â&#x20AC;˘ Panel Glides â&#x20AC;˘ Wooden Venetians â&#x20AC;˘ Roman Blinds â&#x20AC;˘ Awnings Locally Owned and Operated By Peter and Maree Wiegard Shop 7/23 Kennedy Street, Bendigo Phone 5444 1125


Can handle any size lift Â&#x2C6;(SKQER 6MKKIVW Â&#x2C6;7XIIP 4ERIP)VIGXMSR Â&#x2C6;8VERWTSVXSJ%PP/MRHW



5448 5437


29(16 %%4Ň&#x2039;6 5$1*(+22'6



5435 3866

Display at Steel Deals, MacDougall Rd, Golden Square

CARPET & VINYL FLOORING CLEARANCE CENTRE General plumbing and maintenance Air Conditioning - supply and install Heating - Installation and servicing Renovations and new homes Roofing Gas-fitting and solar hot water



Daniel Holloway 0405 340 385



â&#x20AC;˘ Bendigo â&#x20AC;˘ Castlemaine â&#x20AC;˘ Heathcote â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Bridgewater â&#x20AC;˘ Echuca â&#x20AC;˘ Maryborough â&#x20AC;˘ Lic No. 49909

18-20 Sandhurst Road, Eaglehawk

Phone: 5446 1416

Food oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock Cafe and Restaurant next to Centro Lansell along the Calder Highway at Kangaroo Flat Market Centre is open seven days a week for mouth watering meals. Both dine-in and take-away meals are catered for, offering some of the best value meals between Bendigo and Melbourne. Breakfasts start at an amazing $3, with the all day special of cake and coffee for less than $6 always popular no matter what time of day. Although recently opened they have already gained an enviable reputation with their diverse range of culinary offerings influence from either Italy, Thailand or India. Chefs Satinder Singh and davinder Kaur offer a tantalising range of authentic Indian and Thai curries all served with a generous serving of rice at no extra cost.

or perhaps try one of the many pastas available which are always a favourite with the lunch time crowd at $9.99. They even have a BYo licence so you can dine in and enjoy a drink with your meal. Meal times are: breakfast, 8am to 11.30pm. Lunch, 11.30am to 3.30pm. dinner,

4.30pm to 8pm. Trading hours are Monday, 8am to 4pm. Tuesday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm So next time youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re out at Centro Lansell why not drop in Food oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock Cafe and Restaurant, For more information, phone 4433 1727 or 0469 379 933.

Luxury weekend in dubai LoCAL Travel Counsellor Rosemary Metcalf has recently returned from a weekend at a five-star resort in dubai as a reward for her commitment to providing customers with the best possible levels of personal service. Independent travel company Travel Counsellors, took its Gold Travel counsellors including Rosemary and husband daryl to the Westin dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, to celebrate their recent success. As one of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gold Travel counsellors Rosemary is one of the best travel advisors in the country â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which is good news for everyone living in Central Victoria. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The whole weekend was absolutely fantastic. The Westin dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and marina is an awe-inspiring hotel complex, famed for its huge rooms, heavenly beds, and luxurious

spa, as well as the hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s renowned brunch, boasting more than 10 live cooking stations and free flowing champagne â&#x20AC;&#x201C; it was certainly an experience I will never forget,â&#x20AC;? Rosemary said. Rosemary believes the secret of her success is the fact that she can provide a unique level of personal service that cannot be matched. Rosemary is available to help her clients 24/7. Travel Counsellors is completely independent, leaving Rosemary is free to

recommend the holiday that suits her clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs. This unique way of selling travel has proved an unquestionable success and Travel Counsellors is one of the top scoring companies when it comes to customer service, with 90 per cent of their customers saying that they would recommend their travel counsellor to their friends. To discuss your travel plans, contact Rosemary on 5446 2809 or e-mail rosemary. metcalf@travelcounsellors.

Let dean Mannes help you hear better ToWn and Country Hearing have been offering hearing services to the Bendigo region for several years, and since 2010 have had the permanent presence of audiologist dean Mannes. during the recent Hearing Awareness Week, Town and Country Hearing were promoting their free screening tests, which helped clients identify any hearing issues. According to Town and Country Hearing it is important hearing loss be detected early to minimise any behavioral changes, as many people stop activities when they do not hear as well as they once did. Audiologist dean Mannes has extensive experience helping Workcover and insurance clients, as well as Pension and Veterans Affairs clients find the best solution to any hearing problems. Both Seniors Card recipients and private clients are always offered competitive

priced services, without compromising professional and friendly service. due to the close and professional relationship Town and Country Hearing have with all leading manufacturers and suppliers, they can supply the best and most up-to-date devices at great prices. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Life Sounds Betterâ&#x20AC;? at Town and Country Hearing, who would like to thank the

Bendigo community for their continued support since they have been providing their services at Healthworks Medical Centre. Town and Country Hearing, situated at the Health Works Medical Centre, 226 High Street, Kangaroo Flat. Phone 1300 577 756 or view their website at www. for more information.


Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

BendigoWomen BendigoWeekly

Hair we go for sunny weather



Spring Fashion



Ladies Fashion Clothing

Phone 5443 0411 37 Williamson St Bendigo

Family Hairdressing

F O F IG S % W nly 20 LL week o A 1

ANNE GAYE • Human Hair clip in extensions

54 4 3 0 0 3 0


56 Mitchell St, Bendigo

Want to advertise in

Bendigo Women? Call 5442 5448

ITH the sunny weather approaching, many of us are looking forward to what this spring and summer will bring, one of these being Spring Carnival season. Laura and Renae from Gloss Hair Lounge are looking forward to what the change in season means to the hairdressing industry. With a combined 11 years’ experience, the girls are focused on being specialists in all your hair-care needs, whether it be a few sun-kissed highlights, through to a more dramatic new look. If you are wanting to “lighten up” for the warmer weather the girls encourage you to always ask your stylist lots of questions and believe communication between hairdresser and client is the key to ensure you are 100 per cent happy with the end result. Using only Keune professional products, Gloss Hair Lounge can offer results previously only harsh bleaches could achieve, leaving even highlighted hair feeling healthy and soft with a brilliant shine.


The Girls at Gloss also offer the best in special occasion styling, whether it be for a low-key event, bridal and debutante, or of course Spring Carnival, with extended trading hours for Bendigo Cup. Whatever your hair-care needs, Gloss Hair Lounge can offer it all. Located at 326 Lyttleton Terrace Bendigo 5441 8910.

Get on board

A " J Q L U S V  V L K W  U D H Z   R G H W V  L J U Q S L U K X V W  R 1 UVDQGEH

STYLISH: Gloss Hair Lounge.

TTRACTING and retaining directors is becoming a major issue for nonprofit boards in regional areas. By refreshing your understanding of governance, legislation and board member responsibilities you will be able

DL W V S X  H P R &

to better communicate the issues and solutions to potential board members. Competency in this area is becoming a greater concern to many board members with the increasing focus by commonwealth and state government departments on the governance, accountability and transparency of boards. Governance is a leadership process, and to function effectively, each board member should

have a clear understanding of their governance roles and responsibilities and how to apply them within a leadership framework or context. To help overcome this problem Better Boards Australasia is running a “Governance 101” seminar in Bendigo on October 11. This two-hour seminar is focused on the principles and practices of non-profit governance, and how these can be practically applied by

individual board members to governing, not managing a non-profit organisation. This presentation aims to provide a solid foundation or refresher in governance for potential or new board members of non-profit organisations, and for existing board members looking to update their knowledge. Visit www.betterboards. net/seminars for more information.


Merrell outdoor and lifestyle shoes now available at:

Ladies Gardena Taupe Men’s Hemlock Chilli



Ladies Savannah Black

Shop 25 (upstairs) Killian’s Walk, Bendigo

Phone: 5441 1801

Ladies Savannah Red Men’s Huron Drk Grey


The Athlete’s Foot Bendigo 274 Hargreaves Mall PH: 5441 8064

Friday, September 16, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bendigo Weekly


BendigoWomen Spring Fashion


Helping women achieve optimal well-being T


HE benefits of aromatherapy and massage are generally well known, with Judy Marrone offering caring, professional treatment in a relaxing, private environment. Although qualified for more than a decade, Judy is now catering exclusively for women from private rooms in Kennington. Clients are offered a full range of massages from remedial which treats specific muscular issues, through to the indulgence of the full body relaxation, aromatherapy session using pure essential oils. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Massage has the power to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing by relieving stress, improving circulation and boosting the immune system,â&#x20AC;?Judy said. Aromatherapy uses essential oils derived from various parts of a plant; the incorporation of these pure, essential oils into a massage enhances

Reigniting yourself T

HE â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ladies who Launch â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Heart Soul and Womanhoodâ&#x20AC;? will gather inspiring women to celebrate and acknowledge the times in our lives when we need to recreate ourselves again. Starting a new job, or a new relationship, moving to a new town, or after a major life event â&#x20AC;&#x201C; can mean starting again as a new you. Ladies who Launch is an opportunity to take time out

and re-connect with yourself, the special women in your life and make new connections to support, empower and inspire you on that journey,â&#x20AC;? said facilitator Robyn Bull. Ladies who Launch â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Heart, Soul and Womanhood will be held at the Bendigo Town Hall, Saturday October 15. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Start the afternoon with a glass of wine then choose your 15 minute beauty treatment with a hairdresser, beautician

the benefits of the massage as the oils go to work on two levels, treating both the body and the senses.

to 5pm Monday to Friday, with late sessions available Thursday evenings. Sundays and other appointment times can also be arranged by mutual agreement. Gift vouchers always make a welcome gift for family or loved ones, and these are available by contacting Judy.

Gift vouchers always make a welcome gift for family or loved ones

For further details or an appointment phone Judy Marrone Massage Therapy on 0402 749 002, email judy.marrone@ or visit the new website www. for more information.

A relaxation, aromatherapy massage usually takes an hour, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed, while remedial massages are usually allocated 30 to 45 minutes. Judy is available from 10am

or masseuse and relax and enjoy the luscious high tea,â&#x20AC;? Robyn said. The afternoon will include a series of talks from accomplished Bendigo Women including Adventurer Linda Beilharz and successful business owner Sue Walton from Contours Bendigo, sharing their insights into â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Heart, Soul and Womanhood.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Robyn told the Weekly she is excited to have both Linda and Sue speak and share their wisdom at this event. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Every journey begins with one stepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is Lindaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s title to her presentation.

Sue will bring her passion alive with her session â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Your Body, Your Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. With Robyn sharing her valuable insights during her session called: PMT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Pamper Me Time â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a time to connect to Heart, Soul and Womanhood. On the day meet Bendigo business women who will be promoting their businesses as part of the, Ladies who Launch Business Expo. A Limited number of expo sites are still available. Tickets are $88 and are available from Robynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website or call Robyn on 0407 221 035.


Introducing our leading apprentice Leah Milley We invite you to experience her exceptional talents in hair and beauty. Enjoy our friendly atmosphere and a free consultation with our highly skilled technicians.


Cut and colour with Leah, receive a 500ml shampoo and conditioner. Get 20% off all waxing. All specials redeemable if you mention this exciting special when booking. )TTWN][I\1UIOQKITWWSNWZ_IZL\WUMM\QVOaW]

300 High Street, Golden Square Ph: 5443 4250


Lose weight & Get Healthy with Kate Morgan This Spring! BUY 3 WEEKS OF MEAL REPLACEMENTS GET TH



MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS: Linda Beilharz, Sue Walton and Robyn Bull. Photo: GARY PATTERSON.

To place Saxi Girl Boutique an ad in our next 6HHRXU

Saxi Girl B

Bendigo Women Spring



Anytime A nyttime im B Between etwe et twe een 5/9/11 5/9 5 /9/11 and d 30/10/11 30//10/ 10/11 Buy 3 Weeks Of Meal Replacements and Receive Your 4th Week of Meal Replacement Shakes for FREE! â&#x20AC;

â&#x20AC; KATE MORGAN GET YOUR 4TH WEEK FREE OFFER COMPETITION DETAILS Starts 5/9/11. Open to new/existing Kate Morgan members. To claim 1 weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth of free Kate Morgan meal replacements, collect a promotional card, purchase a total of 42 Kate Morgan meal replacement products over 3 weeks or in one transaction and have your original receipt(s) stapled to the promotional card. To claim, present promotional card together with original receipts within 7 days of final purchase. 1st weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eligible purchase must be made no later than 30/10/11 and 3rd weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eligible purchase must be made no later than 20/11/11. Limit 2 claims per person. Eligible claimants can select Kate Morgan meal replacements including, shakes, crèmes, cereals and soups only, available in the participating pharmacy at the time of claim. Membership subject to standard membership conditions and claims subject to full promotional Terms and Conditions available at

Fashion call

5442 5448



Kate Morgan is a membership program (refer in store for details)


Shop 1&2, 89 Victoria Street Eaglehawk 3556 Ph: 5446 1020


BendigoWomen Spring Fashion

Bendigo Weekly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday, September 16, 2011 ADVERTISING FEATURE

Just Married



with Nicole Hood, Club Manager, Fernwood Bendigo

Grand finals, absolutely love them MEND your body. During the season we all get bumps and bruises. Now is the time to take care of them.

game you can work on during the off season. Are there training programs or camps that you can attend? Review your previous training program to identify any physical weakness. Do you need to improve

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Speak with your coach, ask them for feedback...â&#x20AC;? Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a visit to the chiropractor, getting that twinge in your knee seen to, or having a massage or two, take the time to do it. Remember this recovery period is one-month long, and most of us should be back to 100 per cent (depending on injuries) before itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to start off-season training. REVIEW your performance. Forget about how the season ended, because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to look at areas you need to improve. Speak with your coach, ask them for feedback and suggestions as to what parts of your

t Annastacia & Nathan Tai

your speed or strength, or agility? Engaging a qualified personal trainer can be a great way to achieve specific results. Most season injuries can be avoided by ensuring that your body is ready to handle the sport that you play. MAKE A PLAN ready for the next season. What steps do you need to take to achieve your goals? Write it out, and include a timetable. Ensuring that you have a proper off season is the best way to set yourself up for success for the next seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s competition. Enjoy it!

www.fernwoodďŹ Level 1/358 Hargreaves Street. Phone 5441 8008


ed nnastacia Sullivan and Nathan Tait were marri a with sford Dayle in Sault at 2011 25, on June reception following.

Kate &

Laith Robinson


ate Hanrahan and Laith Robinson were married on April 9, 2011. The ceremony and reception were held at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

ow! out n ilable at all availab good newsagents

To place your wedding photo or advertisement in


For Beautiful weddings,

B e ca p t i va ted â&#x20AC;Ś

enjoy the warmth and ambience of the


Just Married please phone Mandy 5440 2522 or


Shop 18 Killians Walk Bendigo P: 5444 3123



DO NOTHING for the first two to four weeks after the season ends. Your body needs a recovery period where there are no stresses from the psychological and physical demands of training

and competition. The focus of this period should be rest, relaxation and having some fun.

WASNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T it great to watch Sam Stosur win the US Open? And weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve now progressed into the final series of many winter competitions like footy, netball, hockey as well. Playing finals in any sport is a great way to bring a seasonal sport to a conclusion, but what happens after that? Off season â&#x20AC;&#x201C; yes, time to allow the body and mind to heal from those accumulated war wounds that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve picked up over the past 18 weeks. But here is another way to think about it. For those of you involved in competitive sport, off season is actually a part of the next pre-season training. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a bit of guide as to the things you can do:

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly



PEGZ: BUILDING BLOCKS BEN CAMERON THE urban language of hip hop inspired Tirren Staaf aka Pegz to turn his life around. Years ago he left home at age 14, floating from gang to gang, until the traditionally AfroAmerican sound paved the way for an Australian life much extraordinary. “Who would have known all those years of being a kid listening to this music, all this knowledge could be applied to my life, to my career,” Pegz says. And now after hanging up the mic in 2007, the hunger for creating his own hip hop expression is back. Specifically, it was the loss of a close friend that sparked his “writing renaissance”. “I felt really emotional and inspired to do something with it, rather than let it go,” he says. “It’s back in full force, the

inspiration, and the will to write.” Set to perform at Music Man Megastore (September 23), and hopefully guide some young local hip hop artists, Pegz comes armed not only with immense respect, but a story that resonates with anybody from the wrong side of struggle street. “My upbringing was extremely difficult,” he says. “There’s a story I have that really relates with the kids. “My story says ‘Look at me. If I can do it anybody can do it’. “I love giving back. Offering the kids any inspiration is beneficial to everybody really. “Kids need different role models, there’s not enough out there to draw inspiration from.” Back in 1992, when Pegz first began to blaze the trail for future generations, most hip hop mentors could only be found on vinyl. “There was no crowd back then,” he says of a fledgling music scene. “Honestly, from 1990 to 1999, there were very few people that I met who were actively doing something during that period. “Record labels weren’t investing in these artists, there wasn’t a fan base and there was


no airplay.” Basically, a career in hip hop was a pipe dream. “Everything seemed like a dream back then,” he says. “We all wanted to be rapping, but there didn’t seem to be the path to make it happen. “Unlike today you didn’t have those role models, you didn’t see that success.” While the Hilltop Hoods have enjoyed their share of press for launching “skip hop” into the relative mainstream, Pegz believes The Hoods have followed scores of others, equally deserving of high praise. “The Hoods have got the credit they deserve, there’s no doubt about that,” he says. “But there have been dozens of others who have been the catalyst to bringing everything together, who will never be credited. “These are the pioneers, the guys who laid down the foundations for everything we have now. “Guys like Def Wish Cast, Reason from Melbourne and the AKA Brothers, Koolism. “That’s the building blocks of what we have now.” While hip hop allowed Pegz to dream and ultimately

• Win Flo Rida tix•Shaun Kirk • Deni Ute Muster •Star Wars-fest • Madder Lake • Lucie Thorne • Tonight Alive • The Vagrants

achieve, it also armed him with the strength to help save Obese Records, during its darkest hour. “It was never my ambition to run Obese, or take over, when I was working behind the counter,” he says. “But unforeseen circumstances have got me where I am now. “Somebody had to take over the reins, or we were going to go under, so I stepped up and the rest is history.” As chief executive officer of Obese, he’s now calling the shots on its future direction, and providing guidance for the next generation of talent on its books, from the likes of Illy, Dialectrix and Split Syndicate. “I hope we can bounce back to our heyday of The Hoods and Blis N Eso,” he says. “(I’m) looking to push these younger artists through... it’s interesting times ahead.” Thankfully, they’re coming through at a time when the support structures are firmly in place. “There are a lot more opportunities these days, and these opportunities have afforded artists the ability to create a career out of making music,” he says. “That’s the biggest change.

Pegz owes a lot to hip hop. Artists are able to spend their whole day, their whole week, making music these days, due to those opportunities.” Young Bendigonians should not miss the opportunity to meet an Australian hip hop

pioneer. “It’s an absolute pleasure to come to Bendigo,” he says. “I’m stinging to get up there to tell you the truth.” Pegz plays the Music Man Megastore on September 23.


A GREATEST hits album usually comes at the end of a career, not at the beginning. But Bendigo’s Soundhole like to do things a little differently. Look no further than their first release Greatestits for proof. Recorded in December of last, and early this year, the LP is a statement from a band that loves producing “rocker-bitchin’ biker blues... with a hint of something fun”, as much as they do planting the tongue firmly in their collective cheek. “The tongue has to be in the cheek,” Soundhole’s Broden Penna says. “As soon as a band starts becoming serious and starts posing for photos and trying to look cool to impress other people, that’s when it all starts to suck! “We’re entirely selfish in the sense that we’re not making our stuff to impress people, but just to amuse ourselves. “The more ridiculous the

better although that being said, ironically, sometimes the most ridiculous thing you can do is become seemingly serious, but there’s always that hint of pisstake.” Pisstakery aside, Penna, along with Mason Matheson, Dave McCrann and Twiggy “Slydog” Hunter, also wanted to revive an old relic of the past: the album. “Why is no one doing an album?” Penna asks. “Like a sweet old fashion eight track vinyl. “It’s all iTunes this and downloadable content that, just put your stuff on a real format and let people convert it later.” Soundhole emerged from the inevitable hiatus of Penna’s last band, Rocksteady. “RockSteady had been put on a break after the guitarist Flash Craig left, so I started working on this stuff and when we got back to jamming new stuff, with what we called Newsteady,” he laughs.

BOOKclub news Books for sale WHEN you slump down into one of the four red couches in the foyer to browse a book, remember to say a quick thanks to the Friends of Bendigo Library. It is through sales of donated books and magazines that the Friends collected sufficient funds for not just the couches but also a dozen armchairs to add to readers’ comfort when visiting the library. Anne and John Flood are members of the Friends, and they say the quarterly booksales are always popular. “We make the prices pretty cheap,” John said, “and when they are all stacked up on tables, you can pick up some good bargains.

“We raise the money to help provide additional things for the library.” The Book Sale is on again tomorrow from 10am to 12.30pm. Bendigo Weekly bookclub member Liz Knox is launching her picture book this month. Don’t Call Me Honey! Call Me Cherry Pie is about finding the humour in sharing life with a child who has an intellectual disability. “No matter how bad things get,” Liz says, “seeing the amusing side of things can put it all in perspective.” Liz will be at the Bendigo Library on Saturday, September 24, then at Dymocks on Tuesday, September 27

“It was just not my bag at the time, so the guys took me out to T’hooft and chucked me out... made me pay for my own lunch too!” So Soundhole was initially Penna’s baby. “It started as ‘my thing’ to begin with, all the songs on the CD I had written prior to even having a full band,” he says. “I always intended to start this with my old buddy Mason whom I’ve known since I was born practically, but once we got Dave and Twiggy in as a solid lineup, I made sure the guys knew their input was encouraged, so we all added our own flavour to the songs and changed up some arrangements. “I never wanted the stuff to be played my way or whatever, I just picked a few talented guys, gave ‘em some songs and a basic idea and they rolled with it.” Soundhole is happy keeping things Bendigo-centric for now. “We don’t need to be in

from 10am until noon, and again on Thursday, September 29 from noon until 2pm. We’re building our list of Bendigo Weekly Bookclub recommended reads, with a couple of interesting recommendations added this week. Sally from Strathfieldsaye has nominated The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields, and Mary from Eaglehawk adds Philip Roth’s The Human Stain (made into a film with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins) to our list. Add your recommendation to the Bookclub Best list by sending an email to bookclub@bendigoweekly.

The boys from Soundhole. Melbourne every week trying to ‘make it’ because it’s just not going to happen,” he says. “We’re quite content just exploring our abilities to make some cool music and have a good old laugh while we’re at it.” Penna admits the debut record is a “mixed bag”, with influences ranging from Queens of the Stone Age to Thin Lizzy, a Spanish flavoured number (“On El Yachte”) and a hip hop parody (“Bounce”). “The songs are so different

from each other, that they don’t really have any continuity so it was like a random compilation of some weird band’s Greatest Hits,” he says. “The Part 2 bit was just to mess with people. It worked.” Penna ditches his opera trained pipes of days gone by, to channel his inner ZZ Top with some down and dirty, Camelenriched vocals on “Motor Driven Mean Machine”. It’s become a You Tube hit, with 1500 hits at last count.

Directed by “honorary fifth member” Matt Wilson it combines Penna’s penchant for old school rock, and all time fav flick Terminator 2. So what else does Greatest*ts have to say? “That recording didn’t get any better after 1979. And to just be cool. Things ain’t so bad,” Penna says. Catch Soundhole support The Vagrants at The Golden Vine tonight.

inspirations catalogue LIVEMUSIC OUT NOW Fri Sep 16

Fri Sep 23

Leigh Turner Soul Child Fri Sep 30

Fri Oct 7

The Mystery Betts

Soul Child

Fri Oct 14

Fri Oct 21

The Mystery Betts

Soul Child

Tues Oct 25 Cup Eve Soul Child Wed Oct 26 Cup Night Shop 3, 28 Marong Road (Next to Spotlight & Anaconda)

5442 1788

Soul Child


PHONE 5443 7811



Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

4 8










12 13 14


15 16 17 18




20 21

23 25




22 12 26



21 22 23



16 11

24 25 26 27

Bendigo Auto Air 111c Hattam Street- Phone 5444 4006 Power AV 3 Stanley Street- Phone 5441 4592 Bendigo Brake and Clutch 5 Stanley Street- Phone 5442 3187 Perrows Paint 47 Breen Street- Phone 5443 4933 Bendigo Door Centre 117 Breen Street- Phone 5443 6655 Plasta Masta 6 Adam Street- Phone 5443 6455 WD Mason 14-24 Abel Street- Phone 5443 1300 Seebar Washington 41 Breen Street- Phone 5441 0999 Golden City Mitre 10 129-131 Breen Street- Phone 5443 9544 Benair 184A Breen Street- Phone 5444 2999 Bendigo Cylinder Testing 179 Woodward Road- Phone 5441 6964 Bendigo Cedar Sales Factory 2/78 Hattam Street- Phone 5443 0681 Cater Works 190 Woodward Road- Phone 5441 5913 Bendigo Dingo Hire 190 Woodward RoadPrestige Body Work 28 Belle Vue Road- Phone 5444 0032 Advanced Engine Dynamics 30 Belle Vue Road- Phone 5443 3883 PPC Coatings 233 Woodward Road- Phone 5444 0416 OZ Candles 22 Sullivan Street- Phone 5441 7775 Macks Office Supplies 110 Hattam Street- Phone 5441 8076 Hattam Street Tyre and Mechanical 96 Sullivan Street- Phone 5442 2577 Brennans Timber Yard 12-14 Belle Vue Street- Phone 5441 1146 RTN Motors 223 Woodward Road- Phone 5442 2267 All-tronics 4A/2E Thistle Street- Phone 1300 558 640 Body Renovations 2A Thistle Street- Phone 5443 3533 Quit Cigarettes In Sixty Minutes 2/2A Thistle Street- Phone 1300 557 838 Russell Broad Electrical Contractor 98 Hattam Street- Phone 5442 2420 Blasters Café 116 Hattam Street- Phone 5443 3463

BenAir BenAir Plumbing & Refrigeration’s Tim Scholtens is over the moon at the moment. And for good reason – the Breen Street firm has just been awarded the Seeley International Victorian dealer of the year customer service award 2010-2011.

The business has been located at 184a Breen Street for the past seven years, and the staff (14 full-time employees) have 50 years of combined experience in the heating, cooling and plumbing industry.

‘‘We were recognised statewide,’’ says Tim. ‘‘It’s not just something to hang on the wall.’’

Tim emphasises that the firm is totally local, meaning customers’ money stays here in Bendigo.

He puts the award down to his loyal staff’s knowledge and skills. ‘‘They’re well trained,’’ he says.

Customers can also benefit from monthly bonuses, depending on purchase.

BenAir Plumbing & Refrigeration are experts in the installation and servicing of gas-ducted heating and all cooling systems (including coolrooms).

Contact the firm on 5444 2999, fax 5444 2998. Alternatively, email or sales@ for more information.

Advanced Engine Dynamics From street, strip, circuit or speedway, Advanced Engine Dynamics at 30 Belle Vue Road, Golden Square, can get your engine revving no matter what you drive. Rod Rainford and his dedicated team have been building engines for decades with a large number of their engines claiming multiple records and championships. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full-blown race engine, a sports rebuild or a standard valve job for the family car – each project gets the same attention to detail. Their expertise is well respected by many of the region’s top car dealers who avail themselves of their specialised services. AED are also country Victoria’s only CNC porting and induction specialist. It’s not just modern engines that get them excited either, with Advanced Engine Dynamics completing rebuilds on many vintage

and veteran vehicles as well. If it has an engine and it’s not running as it should, they should be your first stop. Check out their website at au for more information, or phone 5443 3883 for friendly expert advice and service.

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011


Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

Bendigo Auto Air With vehicle electrics becoming more complex it pays to have someone service your car, truck or machinery with a thorough background in all facets of auto electrical work. Bendigo Auto Air is your one-stop-shop for automotive air conditioning, heating and auto electrical service and repairs.Owner Ray Kent has 40 years’ experience in auto electrical work and automotive air conditioning, and, alongside his wife Dianne and employee Zac Widdicombe, provides prompt professional service. Their premises in Hattam Street, Golden Square offers clients a reception area where they can wait while their

vehicle is being serviced or perhaps you would prefer to avail yourself of the customer pickup and delivery service. They also offer a complete mobile service to both trade and retail customers, including mining, earth-moving, agricultural machinery and refrigerated delivery vans. They stock a large range of air conditioning spare parts, batteries, starter motors and alternators at their workshop. Ray also has the latest in diagnostic equipment for repairs to your vehicle. Bendigo Auto Air Pty Ltd, 111c Hattam Street, Golden Square. Phone 5444 4006 or 0418 507 218. Au 00464.

Bendigo Cedar Sales Quality is the operative word at Bendigo Cedar Sales. And that quality is complemented by extra assistance, after-sales support and a second-to-none design service. Hardly surprising, given the business has been established 20 years, with current owners Michael Spear, Justin Cass and Steve Kelly at the helm for 16. Manufacturing doors and windows, and being a premier dealer for Solatube Skylights, Bendigo Cedar Sales also specialise in skylights, roof ventilation, glass bricks and attic ladders. Constructing their windows on site using Western

Red Cedar, part-owner Justin Cass says Bendigo Cedar Sales is not only the choice of many new homeowners, but restorers of heritage homes as well. ‘‘The most unusual request we had was for gothic style,’’ says Justin, maintaining no job is too big or small. The firm can be contacted on 5443 0681, fax 5441 7500, mobile 0408 509 830 or email Check out their website at Locate them at Factory 2, 78 Hattam Street, Golden Square.

Bendigo Cylinder Testing Just a few metres off busy Hattam street you find Bendigo Cylinder Testing.

After more than 20 years in the business they know where to find the part you’re looking for.

Open five and a half days a week for all your LPG requirements including gas refills and cylinder testing be it for auto or home or work.

In fact Maurice and the crew can often repair your appliance with that hard-to-get part for just a few dollars.

Offering full friendly driveway service for all automotive re-fills – something of a rarity these days.

Maurice Knight and Bendigo Cylinder testing is also qualified to test and certify both automotive and portable gas cylinders to make sure you comply with current safety requirements.

They also carry a full range of gas fittings for a full range of barbecues, camping heaters or any gas fuelled device. Including a large range of regulators, hoses and hard to get fittings.

Bendigo Cylinder Testing at 179 Woodward Road, Golden Square, phone 5441 6964 or after hours on 0418 396 318 for all your LPG gas requirements.

Brennan’s Timber Yard For a great selection of recycled building materials, Brennan’s Timber Yard at 12 Belle Vue Road is always worth a visit. Stock is continually changing with material going out as fast as it comes in – so its always worth keeping an eye out for a load of beautiful seasoned hard-wood or handmade bricks. They also supply a full range of second hand building materials including windows and doors from a bygone era. As well as associated hardware including handles, hinges etc. and bathroom fittings.

A great selection of recycled timber is often available in the Jarra, Kouri, Baltic or Red pine as is the ever popular and easy-to-work Oregon. A huge range of flooring is also normally available. Open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings with new stock constantly arriving. Why not call out personally to see Mick or Parker at Brennans’s Timber Yard, 12 Belle Vue Road, phone 5441 1146 or email them at to see what’s currently in the yard.


Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

Bendigo Door Centre The success of the Bendigo Door Centre is due to the efforts of Kaide, Terry and Deb Lehmann and their team.

Terry and Kaide are the experts in carport conversions and other specialty jobs including difficult and complex applications.

With Accredited Dealer and Most Improved Business awards under their belt Bendigo Door Centre continually strive to promote their products and services to their customers in an informative manner.

Terry is their full time service technician covering Bendigo and surrounding areas.

There is an extensive product range to choose from including the B&D garage door and motor range.

Call in and see the team at Bendigo Door Centre at 117 Breen Street to discuss your individual needs.

Other products include custom-made doors, automatic gates, industrial and commercial doors and motors.

Or contact Deb or Kim on 5443 6655 at the office to arrange a quote or service or to get some professional advice.

Servicing of doors after installation is highly recommended to ensure maximum life and reliability.

Bendigo Specialist Brake & Clutch At Bendigo Specialist Brake & Clutch their technicians are qualified brake and clutch mechanics. It doesn’t matter if you drive a current model vehicle or a vintage or veteran classic, Norm Brown and the specialist staff at Bendigo Specialist Brake & Clutch have the knowledge to get you back behind the wheel with a minimum of fuss. As well as stocking a full range of brake and clutch components and having the expertise to re-manufacture those impossible-to-get

parts. “You don’t let just anyone do your electrical work around your house or business – so why let anybody do your brakes?“ said manager Norm Brown while telling the Weekly about his 37 years’ industry experience. From brake shoes to clutch plates including custom brake hoses for special applications to regular disc and drum machining, get the job done by the professionals at Bendigo Specialist Brake & Clutch, 5 Stanley Street, Bendigo phone 5442 3187.

Bendigo Blaster’s Cafe At Blaster’s Cafe, fresh takeaway food that’s ready to go with genuine, friendly service is the order of the day. Local workers in the Deborah Triangle flock to Blaster’s, which is renowned for its consistent quality and value for money. Just ask the regulars who queue up in front of the bain-marie. They say you can’t beat the scotch fillet and schnitzel burgers – to name but a few of items on the scrumptious menu. “They can just come in, grab it and go,”owner

operator Kerry Smith said. Kerry bought the business two years ago and since then she has seen it steadily grow into a thriving and busy cafe. And when time is of the essence, Blaster’s efficiency comes to the fore. Open from 6am Monday to Friday for an early morning coffee, egg and bacon roll or the daily paper. Whether it be hot or cold food, Blaster’s takes pride in satisfying your appetite. Contact Blaster’s on 5443 3436 – 116 Hattam Street, Golden Square.

Mack’s Office Furniture Mack’s Office Furniture has been proudly supplying new and used office furniture and storage solutions for 20 years throughout Central Victoria including Bendigo, Castlemaine, Echuca, Swan Hill, Kyneton even Melbourne and all surrounding country areas.

and workstations of all sizes, filing cabinets, lockers, chairs, storage solutions and even reception counters.

They focus on their commitment to customer service and delivering quality furniture at low prices.

They even have their our own fit-out and delivery team to take the hassle out of setting up your work space.

From the home office to the large corporate fit-out they are the experts.

Macks Office Furniture at 110 Hattam Street, Golden Square, phone 5441 8099, fax 5441 8076 or view their website at www.macks. to see some of their great range.

They have a huge range with the biggest showroom in Central Victoria full of desks

From a filing cabinet to a custom workstation their experienced and friendly staff are ready to help in anyway they can, just call in and visit their showroom today.

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011


Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

Perrows Paint You’ve probably seen the well-known Perrows van but you might not know that Perrows opened in 1935. When Jack Perrow started, the shop sold house paints and had a team of 20 painters and decorators. In 1950, Tom and Joyce Sheers purchased the business. At that time Tom began to concentrate on paint sales; Tom decided to start selling automotive paints and was one of the first in country Victoria to sell automotive products. Ken joined in 1966 and started calling on panel

shops in Bendigo and country areas. “Our truck is now as familiar in country areas as the snail is in Bendigo. The truck is our shop on wheels supplying everything that’s in the shop with the exception of mixed colour.” In 1980 Tom and Joyce retired, handing the business over to Ken. During the mid 80s Ken decided to concentrate on automotive, industrial and timber coatings, hence the name change to Perrows Automotive Paints. Perrows also offer free delivery to local customers. Visit Perrows at 47 Breen Street, or call 5443 4933.

Bendigo Dingo Digger Got a back-breaking job to do around the yard – a site to be levelled or holes dug?

with post hole augers or trenches along with a trailer for self transport to your site.

Budget Dingo Rental might be just the thing you need.

Or delivery can also be arranged.

With self-drive Dingo rental providing a low-cost alternative from just $130 a day direct from their convenient location at 190 Woodward Street.

For those jobs requiring slightly more muscle a 1.5 tonne excavator is also available for hire.

Providing realistic prices everyone can afford. Available

Phone Nick on 0457 888 047 to secure your Dingo for the day or longer term.

Caterworx Hospitality What’s in a name? Caterworx Hospitality offers a pretty big clue. They are customer-service focused hospitality suppliers and their flexibility works a treat. The business, which has been with the current owners for the past five years and employs nine staff, has the benefit of a friendly, helpful team who go out of their way to service Central Victoria with all their hospitality needs. “As we are local we can visit our customers on a regular basis,” says Tamara Pace, business spokesperson. “All our customers are extremely busy; site meetings for equipment are an essential part of our business.” Although mainly wholesale direct to business, Caterworx

welcomes the public as well – it isn’t necessary to have an ABN to visit the well stocked show room. Offering free delivery to the Bendigo area, the firm provides packaging, chemicals, disposable goods such as cups, plates and cutlery, kitchen utensils, coffee and associated hospitality supplies and equipment. Caterworx Hospitality can be contacted on 5441 4217 or by fax on 5441 5913. Alternatively, check out their website at email info@ The address is 190 Woodward Road, Golden Square. Opening hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Plastamasta Plastamasta Bendigo is a third-generation family business employing 20 locals who service Bendigo and the surrounding districts with a full range of plaster products.

customer service at all levels.

In fact there probably aren’t too many streets in Bendigo were Plastamasta hasn’t helped turned someone’s ideas into reality over the last 80 years.

Plastamasta Bendigo open for both trade and retail sales Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings at 6 Adam Street, Bendigo.

They are also the Central and Northern Victorian distributors for James Hardie range of plasterboard products and carry a full range of all the latest cement sheet external cladding, as being used in most modern architecturally designed commercial and residential buildings. From federation to the latest contemporary style including decorative cornices and ceiling roses and lightweight concrete mouldings, they can supply it all at competitive prices. They are happy to supply and deliver to all areas and pride themselves on

In fact they can even arrange installation at a competitive price, making them a one-stopshop for all your plaster-related products.

So either call into their showroom or phone 5443 6455 when your next project needs a great finish.


Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

Golden City Mitre 10 When it comes to experience, Golden City Mitre 10 has it by the barrow-load. General manager Bill Jeffrey, Bruce Connaughton (business development), Scott Robertson (administration and stock maintenance), Pauline Burns (hardware manager) , Craig Mercer (hardware sales), Andrew Thomas (building supplies manager) and Ashley Gale (joinery specialist) have together more than 160 years’ experience in the industry. The staff go out of their way to provide specialist personal advice, service, materials and hardware for building construction, renovations and DIY projects.

“Golden City Mitre 10 has a proud heritage of helping people to improve and build homes,” Bill said. “Our staff love helping customers.” The company is conveniently located at 129131 Breen Street, with access to complementary businesses in the Deborah Triangle. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm; Saturday 8.30am to 4pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm. Phone 5443 9544, fax 5441 4882 or email admin@ for more information.

Hattam Street Tyre & Mechanical At Hattam Street Tyre & Mechanical, staff are considered as family – and this warm and friendly approach comes across in all aspects of the business. As business spokesperson Kelly says, “They are special to us – I even bake for them.” A loyal customer base backs those sentiments. “They keep coming back,’’ says Kelly. “No job is too big or small.” Specialising in tyres and mechanical servicing and repairs (including batteries and brakes and suspension), mechanics make a point of speaking in

plain English and are happy to answer any questions customers may have about their vehicles. Free safety checks are all part of the service. Established for more than 25 years, the business is located at 96 Hattam Street, Golden Square. Contact 5442 2577, fax Kelly or Craig on 5442 2995 or email Clients are also offered a pick-up and drop-off service but if they prefer to wait, Kelly is more than happy to provide a tea or coffee. Opening hours are 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am-noon on Saturday.

Oz Candles Oz Candles can illuminate your special occasion with their wide range of candles in various shapes and scents.

great quality and service. They offer a large range of candles in various shapes and sizes both scented and unscented.

From humble beginnings at a craft market in St Kilda in 1977, Oz Candles has grown into a company that manufactures and wholesales high quality functional, decorative and scented candles throughout Australia and overseas.

As they manufacture their candles domestically, they offer their customers the opportunity to order candles with a custom combination of colours and scents not available in their standard range, subject to minimum order quantities.

All their candles are hand poured in Australia using the finest ingredients.

Oz candles situated at 22 Sullivan Street, Golden Square, phone 5441 7775, email info@ozcandles. or view their website at www.ozcandles. for more information.

Oz Candles has built an enviable reputation on a foundation of excellence with a unique product and

Russell Broad Electrical Established for 20 years, Russell Broad Electrical provides services to both the domestic and commercial markets. Priding itself on customer service, the firm emphasises that it is a local company providing local service and products to the community. Accredited solar installers, Russell Broad also provides after-sales service to all makes and models of solar systems. “If you are not sure if your solar system is working correctly, we can provide you with a written report,” says Russell. An A-grade electrician, Russell employs some 10 staff, including Kyle Owen (A grade),

Daniel Ralph (A grade), Brendan Shuttleworth (senior solar installer), Morgan Kurrajong (solar installer) and apprentices Wes Hunter, Jackson Deviny and James Purcell. The office manager is Gavin Cox and Craig Conn is sales manager. Specialists in grid connect solar systems, solar energy reduces yearly power consumption and bills. Additional panels can be added at any time to increase generating capability. Experts in electrical upgrades to wiring, switchboards etc, Russell Broad Electrical is located at 98 Hattam Street, Golden Square. Phone 5442 2420, fax 5442 2661.

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011


Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

Power AV If it’s important, it’s got to be Power AV. Power AV continues to provide Central Victoria with the very best in professional audio/visual products and services available for events and installations of any size. Having started his career at Power AV with a traineeship 12 years ago, managing director and owner, Grant Villiers, lives and breathes his business and so do his staff. “Running an event or deciding to upgrade a system can be quite stressful for clients, we always do our best to tailor options that meet their needs,” Grant

said. “It isn’t uncommon to be talking business at nine at night if this means that clients are happy at the end of the day.” Specialising in professional audio visual and with over 18 years in the industry, Power AV can be trusted to do a great job every time. So, for total satisfaction at your next event or installation contact Grant and the team at 3 Stanley Street, Bendigo, phone 5441 4592 or view their website at for more information.

PPC Coatings From the smallest car or motorcycle part to large ute trays and trailers, PPC Coatings has got it covered. Located at 233 Woodward Road, Golden Square, PPC Coatings has a friendly staff of three – owner Nathan Purves, sandblaster Haydn and maintenancepowdercoater Craig who are pleased to assist customers with powdercoating and sandblasting just about anything. “We specialise in custom colours such as metallics and pearls,” says Nathan, whose firm can just as easily add lustre to outdoor settings, gates or fencing. Established for four years, PPC Coatings prides itself

on its quality of workmanship – car sandblasting without dinting or warping of panels – and going the extra mile when it comes to advice on colour choice. Powdercoating achieves a finish which has fewer appearance differences and has the advantage of providing a wide range of special effects which other coating processes would struggle to match. Contact PPC Coatings on 5444 0416 or mobile 0405 266 960. Hours of opening are 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings until noon.

All-tronics All-tronics was started in 1987 as a one-man business servicing video machines, selling and servicing computers to small business and supplying and supporting custom developed software to small and large businesses. In 1990 the business relocated into a small shop at 197 View Street on the edge of the CBD in Bendigo Victoria. In 1992 All-tronics was succesful in gaining service agencies for Samsung, Phillip’s and AWA and has been performing warranty repairs for these manufacturers along with the Epson Regional Repair Centre agency to which it was appointed

in 1995. Since that time All-tronics has grown into a well-known business that provides honest, reliable service of television, DVD, HiFi, computers, printers and installation of antennas, Home theatre and Digtal Set top box Recorders. It has become well known for its orderly workshop, free pickup and delivery service, and good old fashioned service which these days, has become uncommon. You can visit, call 5442 7000 or email

Body Renovations Tony Skinner is a health, fitness, strength and conditioning coach with more than 25 years’ training experience. Health and fitness is his passion and he has helped thousands of people over the years obtain the fit, lean and strong body they have always wanted. Body Renovations was established by owner/operator Tony in 2006 and now employs three trainers – Mark, Jasmin and Kelley, with 65 years combined experience in the fitness industry. Having been a busy business owner with a young family, Tony knows firsthand how hard it is to juggle work, family and life on a daily basis and still find time for personal health and exercise. Therefore, Body Renovations’ main focus is on helping busy business people aged 40-plus to get in the best shape without the need for equipment or having to join a gym. Ridiculous dieting or ever going hungry are ruled out under Tony’s regime, with busy clients getting results starting with as little as seven minutes a day.

Services include personal training and health and fi tness coaching for weight loss or weight gain, sportsspecific training and coaching including boxing , small group fitness boot camps, nutritional consultancy and strength training for seniors. Body Renovations is different to mainstream gyms and training studios for a number of reasons. “We are not a trendy gym with wall-towall fitness machines where everyone is parading in front of mirrors,” Tony said. “Instead we are all about functional fitness training and teaching people how to move their bodies the way in which they were designed fi rst and foremost. “We constantly vary our training programs to make them fun and interesting so our clients continue to get results and they are never bored.” Body Renovations – 2a Thistle Street, Bendigo, phone 5443 3533, fax 5443 3511, email tony@; website


Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011

Deborah Triangle Business Feature Advertisement Feature

Prestige Body Worx Matt Tresize has an eye for the lovelies. The lovely cars that is. He’s been a panel beater for 20 years and is the driving force behind Prestige Body Worx in the Deborah Triangle.

At the moment Matt is ably assisted by panel beater Mick Silverlock, who at 58 has spent a lifetime in the game, and third-year apprentice painter Jack Tresize. “We’ve restored all kinds of cars including Fords, we do whatever the customer needs,” Matt said.

Though any car can benefit from work from the team, Matt likes to put the emphasis on the classics.

“Nothing scares me, we’ve never turned a customer away because we couldn’t manage the job.”

“I like to restore the lovelies,” he said.

Prestige Body Worx even offers a pick up service.

“But we’re not limited. We can do panel repair for any car, but if a customer wants a Jaguar back to spec, or a drag car made up we can do it.”

To find out more you can contact Prestige Body Worx on 5444 0032 or fax 5444 0032. If you prefer email, the address is or visit them at 28 Belle Vue Road, Deborah Triangle.

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes FUMING that you can’t stop smoking? Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes says its system has enabled thousands of clients to become happy, permanent non-smokers. “We are part of a very unique network using an advanced neuro-hypnotic system that has been in use for over 10 years,” says Jodi Skinner, whose business is located at Body Renovations, Shop 2/2a Thistle Street, Bendigo. “There has been a scientific study done proving this system to be the most successful smoking cessation system in the world. “One of the things that makes us unique is that we

are one of the few hypnotherapy practices that back up our work by offering a lifetime guarantee.’’ “We are able to do this because we have discovered a new way of combining advanced hypnosis techniques with the new science of neuro-linguistic programming which takes success rates to an unprecedented level. “With this method, literally more than 97 per cent of people quit cigarettes permanently in 60 minutes. Our technique has proved itself over the years.” Call Jodi Skinner on 1300 557 838 to become a “fresh air-breathing, non-smoker for life.”

RTN Motors RTN Motors is a small family-owned and operated business, who pride themselves on offering “modern vehicle care with traditional value.”

“We have all the up-to-date equipment needed including scan tool diagnosis for checking engines, ABS and warning lights on all late model vehicles.”

The team is led by manager and mechanic Jeremy Neuman, director and secretary Anne Neuman with the helpful assistance of mechanics Alan, Dean and Trent.

Jeremy says that the business was established over 30 years ago and believes the success of RTN Motors rests on the fact that they pride themselves on always putting their customers first including a pick up and delivery service. So, if looking for a whole lot more than just your average mechanical service, contact RTN Motors at 223 to 225 Woodward Road, Golden Square on 5442 2267 or 0419 534 095. Or email: for further information.

They provide quality mechanical repairs to all makes and models including new car warranty servicing, fleet card and custom fleet servicing. “We do road worthy inspections too as well as EFI servicing, brakes, suspension, change-over/rebuilt engine, clutches and gearboxes,” Jeremy said.

Seeber Washington & Robertson The Deborah triangle area is home to many businesses not all industrial or mechanical-based as the Bendigo Weekly discovered when we unearthed Seeber Washington & Robertson Chartered Accountants and SWR Wealth Management recently. Discreetly helping locals secure their financial future for decades with all manner of general accounting and superannuation services. They also provide all manner of tax returns be it for individual, partnership, trust or company as well as monthly and quarterly Business Activity Statements. Or arrange an appointment and discuss your fiscal

WD Mason WD Mason Glass have been supplying Bendigo residents with all forms of glazing for 117 years. “Customer satisfaction is the main focus of our business,” manager Damian Piotrowski said. Domestic or commercial they have the experience and the personnel to provide a wide range of professional glazing services including an afterhours service for those emergency repairs. Specialising in all forms of glazing including shop fronts and automatic sliding doors. They can even carry out lead-light repairs and restoration as well servicing and installing

window and door locks. It’s not just windows or doors either with WD Mason suppling and replacing a competitive range of frameless shower screens as well as mirrors, and glass splash-backs with an unlimited range of colours. In fact anything relating to glass. They also have the expertise for bevelling and sandblasting. WD Mason Glass at 24 Abel Street, Bendigo, phone 5441 4044 or 5443 1300 or alternatively fax them on 5443 1790 or email masonglass@ for service.

future with their own Financial adviser John Archibald. Principal Glenn Robertson, together with his helpful and friendly staff, are always willing to assist clients regardless of how small or large your concerns, when it comes to your own financial security. Seeber Washington & Robertson at 41b Breen Street, Bendigo, open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. Phone 5441 0999, fax 5441 0950 or email to help secure your financial future.

Friday, September 16, 2011 — Bendigo Weekly


LocalClassifieds PHONE 5442 1646

bargains inside …

New Arrivals 21 Queen Street, Bendigo Ph: 5442 9889 KAHL THOMAS MCINEREY




was born at Home

was born at

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was born at

August 27, 2011

St John of God

Bendigo Health

Bendigo Health

August 30, 2011

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3460 grams Son of Pieta Carter and

August 27, 2011 3970 grams Son of Hayley and

Daughter of Lauren

Son of Kaela Holden

Adam McInerey of White

and Simon Austin

and Justin Rogers

Epsom. Brother

Hills. Brother for Angus.

of Strathfieldsaye.

of Kyneton.

for Naomi.





Andrew Henderson of

was born at

was born at

was born at

was born at

Bendigo Health

St John of God

Bendigo Health

St John of God

August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

4310 grams

2940 grams

Daughter of Linda

Son of Jo and Trent Taylor

Iwaschtjeschin of Flora

or Marong. Brother

California Gully. Sister for

Douglas of Kangaroo Flat.

Hill. Sister for Marinda.

for Hamish.

Lily and Sebastian.

Brother for Jackson.





and Steve Thomas of

4000 grams Son of Tania and Mark

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Bendigo Health

Bendigo Health

September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011

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2500 grams

Daughter of Nicolle and Stephen Korp of North

Daughter of Ebonie Gill

Daughter of Elle Iredell

Bendigo Health

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2350 grams

3230 grams Son of Nicole Smith

2980 grams Daughter of Alisha Austin and Josh Hutchinson

Bendigo. Sister for Amy

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and Jordan.

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Jayden and Isaac.





was born at

was born at

was born at

Bendigo Health

Bendigo Health

Bendigo Health

of Maiden Gully.

and Bradley Broad

Gully. Brother for Logan.

Sister for Dimitri.

of Sutton Grange.

was born at Bendigo Health September 1, 2011 4060 grams Daughter of Pam and Ian Nicholas of Mandurang. Sister for Anna, Abigail, Eve, Esther, Talitha, Benaiah and Tahlia.





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September 2, 2011

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Son of Amberlea and

Daughter of Eleanor and Andro Todorovich

Anthony Smith of Maiden

September 1, 2011 3620 grams Daughter of Natalie

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St John of God

St John of God

Bendigo Health

St John of God

September 6, 2011

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Daughter of Weina

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Chen and Senguan Wang

Ben Greenwell of Epsom.

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Sister for Aaliyah.

for Darreal and Anika.

Sister for Madison.

50% OFF

ALL SUMMER SWIMWEAR Top Brand labels Mini Minors

Rashi Tops • 2 Piece Sets • Newborn up to size 14



PH: 5446 9085

September 6, 2011 3788 grams Son of Suzie Oogjes and Simon Penrose of

September 6, 2011 4200 grams Daughter of Kristy and

Bendigo Child Restraint Fitting Centre • Car seat fittings • Capsule Hire • Booster Seats • Convertibles • Sales and Repairs Bendigo Child Restraints has 15 years experience and is dedicated to understanding child car restraints with an emphasis on the importance of ensuring our children are safe whilst travelling in cars. Costa will deliver a service that ensures the highest quality installation. Our service includes ensuring that you understand how to use your child restraint correctly.

8 Caradon Way, Eaglehawk Ph: 0419 371 586






Helping you make your day special.

Ph 0407 499 953.


CHEEKY CHAT Hot Gals Live 24hrs $3.96m mobex 1902 215 347 or C/Cards 03 9600-0123


All levels - All Styles Ring Paul Allen 0417 112 598

PIANO TEACHER Ages 4 to adult. Beginners welcome. AMEB registered. Call Dorothy 0427 805 374


body relaxation. 10am - 8pm. Golden Square. Ph0433 308 382



Body Unique • • • •

Relax Pregnancy Deep Tissue Remedial

Call Beth 5442 8480

Dip. Remedial Massage, Dip. Pregnancy Massage All past, present and future clients welcome AAMT member, health fund rebates & gift certificates available



ROCKN'ROLL and Swing Lessons at St Andrew's Hall, Myers St, Bendigo. Every Monday night at 7.30pm. Details call Frank 5446 2667

Raffle drawn on 4/9/11 1st Prize S. Daly 2nd Prize B. Keeling 3rd Prize W. Barton 4th D.McGrath; 5th B.Pelly; 6th D.Gillies; 7th S.Floyd; 8th J.Kirkby; 9th M.Harris; 10th E.Hewston

Sore back? Sore hips? Aching Legs? Oedema? Trouble Sleeping?

Ph 1300 PIPE DR 1300 747 337

47 Sternberg St, Bendigo


PAP TEST BY FEMALE NURSE at Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre

Wednesday mornings, $5 Call Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre on

5442 1165

Former South African Cricketer Peter will be speaking about his life journey Wednesday 21st September, 7.30pm Momentum Christian Centre 194 Eaglehawk Road Long Gully, free entry

Enjoy a night of dancing each Saturday night at the Uniting Church Hall. Forest St, Bendigo. 8pm - 11.30pm. Entry $8. Great music and supper. Ph. 5443 5380


Gain confidence, quit smoking, lose weight. Phone now, Trevor Harris. dip.clin.hyp. 5435 3585 MURRAY River Ambience. The river boat turning at your front door. Luxury unit River Side Moama. Phone 03 5447 7858 or 0408 240 333. Only $160k.

WHITE WITCH Tarot Readings. Ph 0424 577 609.

EAGLEHAWK 87.8 MHZ The generic anti-religionist is doomed. Wearing clothes, a seven day week, marriage, sin and death, as well as the Creator provided "grace alone salvation via Christ" is all truly religious. "Thy word is truth."

• Post Surgical/Cosmetic • Lymphoedema & CDT • Swollen Limbs & Muscles

Minimum loss of 15cm from your contours within 2 hours. Ring Rhondda‘s mobile service

Glider pilot accreditations can count towards powered aircraft flying qualifications

5433 5323 or 0431 056 950

Linking people, places and events

Bendigo Newcomers hosts regular social activities as a way to meet new people & discover what the Bendigo Region has on offer.

7$1 7 5 ,&5+<7 +0 6

2011 COACH TOURS LAKE EYRE - Flinders Ranges 6 Days 25th Oct inc scenic flight- 2 hrs................... $1575 t/s KANGAROO ISLAND - Victor Harbour 7 Days 12th Sept .................................................. $1495 t/s CANBERRA FLORIADE 5 Days 22nd Sept ................................................... $725 t/s 5 Days 10th Oct ..................................................... $725 t/s MILDURA COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 5 Days 1st Oct ....................................................... $695 t/s FLINDERS RANGES - Arkaroola 8 Days 24th Oct ................................................... $1850 t/s HUNTER VALLEY - Port Stephens 7 Days 8th Nov .................................................... $1495 t/s TASMANIA - Springtime 12 Days 11th Nov ..........................Ad $3050, Pen $2950t/s FLINDERS ISLAND - Launceston 5 Days 12th Nov .................................................. $1895 t/s NEW YEAR TOUR - MILDURA 3 Days 30th Dec..................................................... $550 t/s MERIMBULA TOUR April 2012......................................................List Your Name

19 Wheeler St, Shepparton. 3630

Ph 5821 3777


Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Massage First 30 Minutes - FREE

Tuesday classes from October 4th: 7.30pm - 9pm Golden Square Uniting Church Hall Cnr High / Laurel Sts Golden Square: $15 / class

• Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes • Lose Weight for Life • Manage Pain-Phobias Mobile: 0488 130263

EpiGenetics 0419 878 836




Sue of Beautifully Yours visits Bendigo each month at Loddon Mallee Womens Health Centre. For a one on one private and confidential appointment please phone Sue on 0438 617 388.

Simple dance / movement classes for joyful celebration. Move to your own beat. No steps to learn! Contact us to bring a friend for free!

03 5743 1074

...get the market you’re missing...

Mastectomy Fittings

Tantric Rhythm Classes

For 2 adults in one of our deluxe Ensuite Cabins Includes Continental breakfast each day 2 x Meal vouchers Yarra Golf Club or Club Mulwala 5 & 7 night packages also available Just have a look at our website to see what’s on offer Cnr Corowa & Tocumwal Rd Mulwala


Bendigo Newcomers: Ph 0418 582 531 E:

Tantra means “to expand, to be free, to be liberated....”

3 Nights for only $200

Bendigo Pick Ups for Tour Available Office hours for Tour Bookings & Enquiries 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday


5436 1518

House available. Weekends, Weekdays, School Holidays. Ph 5255 1747


(John 17 : 17)


Learn in our modern, high performance PW-6 dual seat training glider

Melbourne weekly, Pensioner discount. 23 yrs exp. Carton Sales. 7 days. Ph Peter 5446 2507



5446 1444




In 60 minutes with a life time guarantee. Also weight loss and gastric band hypnosis. Castlemaine every Friday. Ph 5342 4617 or 0400 573 369.


or book in person at reception: 2 Humboldt Drive, Long Gully





Peter Pollock



FREE COACH TOUR To Support Flood Victims Charlton, Boort, Kerang, Rochester. 29th & 30th September. Includes local attractions, shopping, dining & talking. For bookings phone Brian Bourke-5446 8821



Specialising in

Bendigo Weekly — Friday, September 16, 2011


85% of people prefer a compact phone book. In fact, compact phone books are used more often than traditional

phone books.



Call now

1300 850 342

Source EADP News No. 50 July 2010 page 31

Friday, September 16, 2011 — Bendigo Weekly

EMPLOYMENT BE Your Own Boss. Work from home. Achieve Success.

DRIVER INTERSTATE with the expansion of a family company we are looking to employ 1 professional B double /single operator, with a possitive can do clean attitude for our new refrigerated & general equipment. Paying above the award wage, vic road print out a must. Please call 03 5427 4888 or email resume to

Bendigo Weekly Local Classifieds





Certificate II and III in Business

Highly regarded and dynamic real estate agency is seeking a reliable, self motivated, enthusiastic and experienced receptionist/office assistant. A busy and diverse role - the ability to multi-task is essential. The successful applicant will be welcomed into our professional and friendly team. Your abilities will be appreciated and well rewarded.

$6.90 per cm/col Price includes spot colour, scanning of images etc.

5442 1646


Services Offered

Get your business smarts at the


classifieds @bendigoweekly


Please forward your resumé to Ann Kenny by post or email to Applications close Wednesday September 21, 2011

FOR ONLY $292.50 Contact us now to find out if you are eligible for government subsidised training and secure your place



Located in Bendigo This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding *eligibility criteria applies

1300 737 977

77 Mitchell Street, Bendigo Phone: 5440 7000

Services Offered ANTENNAS

TV Tuning from $40 SEWING MACHINIST POSITIONS Day & Evening Shifts Available Who are ADA? Australian Defence Apparel has been around since 1912 employing over 150 staff at their manufacturing plant located in East Bendigo. ADA are wholly Australian owned and operated and are a leader in the Australasian clothing industry specialising in uniforms and protective apparel for both public and private sectors. ADA are now looking for experienced Machinist to join their team here in Bendigo. They provide flexible friendly working hours both Full Time day shift and Part Time night shift that suit all lifestyles. Ideally, applicants would have: • Experience in operating an Industrial Plain Machine • Garment construction knowledge • Just In Time environment / Garment Assembly Line experience • Ability to work within a team to meet Production Targets • Ability to use safe work practices. Safety for all – at all times • Ability to apply Quality Control Day Shift: 9 day fortnight, above award hourly rate of $17.05 Full Time: 7am to 4pm. Evening Shift: 9 day fortnight, above award hourly rate of $17.05 plus 22.50% loading. Part Time: 6pm – 11pm. All shifts include; bonus averaging $16.00 p.w, paid Public Holidays and access to Company family/sick leave and Annual leave (on an accumulating basis). Employment is on a fixed term contract basis. Please feel free to contact our friendly team at Drake, we would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. To apply for this opportunity, deliver or address your application to; Drake International, 52 Queen Street, Bendigo 3550. Phone enquiries can be made to Drake on 03 5441 6655.


Extra Income for your Family Positions available for reliable walkers to deliver catalogues.

• Digital TV’s, Set Top Boxes & Aerials • DVD, Recorders & Austar • Surround Sound, wall mount • Installed & explained • Convert Video to DVD $20

Phone Ron on 5447 7823 or 0431 609 423

Extra Income for your Business Do you require Catalogues or flyers to be delivered?

Ph 5447 3017 E:

Walkers Wanted Phone:

5440 2529

BATHROOM RENOVATIONS Complete bathroom makeovers & alterations. 34 yrs exp by qual tradesman. Servicing Bendigo - Castlemaine & surrounding districts. FREE Quote phone Rod Cox 0419 267 672 or 4406 6019.


MINI EXCAVATIONS COMBO Rock Breaker, Post Hole Borer, Spreader Bar. weekend work welcome. Ph 0424 731 777.

jones Exciting Employment Opportunities


Manager / Part Time Salesperson

4 ton excavator, 14 ton loader with rippers, rubbish removed, driveways, tree lines ripped. Free Quote. Travis 0408 994 890 or 5446 9597

• Great environment where the team is valued & rewarded • European inspired fashion for women 35+ Are you an energetic, passionate and experienced Store Manager or Part Timer (4 yrs experience) ready to take on an exciting challenge? To succeed in this role you will be sales focused, a great people person, understand the importance of providing excellent customer service and building a loyal customer base. You will have excellent coaching and leadership skills. You love the challenge of exceeding budgets and you thrive on the fast paced retail fashion environment.

YARRA’S TV TUNING • Digital Antenna Installation • Hi Fi Home Theatre • Digital TV Tuning • TV Recording • SSet T Top Box Supply & Install

Ph Ed: 0416 452 626 or 5446 2238 BATHROOMS & KITCHENS

LACEY JOINERY Custom made • Kitchen • Bathroom • Laundry • Wardrobes • Total project management

Email your resume to or call 0417 126 684

Earn extra cash, keep fit and have some fun as a member of our Weekly Walkers Club. You won’t have to stand around folding advertising material for hours beforehand – just pick up and go! We offer a top payment rate and will keep you up-to-date via our regular newsletter with full support of our distribution team.

BOBCAT, 5 ton excavator and 10m tipper for hire. Phone David O'Dea 0400 855 626. BUILDER expertise, decks, pergolas, reno's, alum. flywire screen repairs. Phone John 5410 1217 or 0411 664 886


Timber Decks, Pergolas, Renovations. Registered. No job to small Ph Graham 0438 437 680.


(17 years experience) Affordable Rates Ph 5439 7116

Timber W W W. D R A K E I N T L . C O M


Digger & Trenching Service •Post Holes •Trenching •Ripping •Rotary Hoeing •Levelling •4 in 1 Bucket Phone: 0419 471 541

Ph 1300 PIPE DR 1300 747 337

Catalogue Deliveries & Collating Services Cnr Thistle & Abel Sts, Golden Square.


• Windows • Doors • Furniture • Routered Signs

Ph 0457 969 464

Ph/Fax 5439 3451 PO Box 42, Native Gully Cres, Strathfieldsaye 3551


Bricklaying Sick of waiting for a brickie? Over 10 Years Experience Free Quotes Ph. Nathan 54354106

or 0407 507 841


Cheap Rates. PC Repairs or Training. Pens. Concession. Ph Allan 5447 2965, 0417 526 140


SET-UP / SUPPORT Cheap Rates. In home Friendly Service. Ph Fraser 0408 559 905


Slow start up? Internet buggy? Kids killed the computer again? On site tune up for that troublesome computer. Ph. 0415 036 568 Pensioner Disc. Avail.



Spot On

MASTER BUILDER "From hanging a door to bulding your home." www.rossbatson Ph Ross 0400 227 604

In Home Reasonable Rates 7 days Extended hours Ph Shaun 0400 811 880


A1 - Paths, sheds, driveways, cross overs, small jobs + garden care. Free quotes. Insured. Ph. 0422 424 348.

CONCRETER Driveways Paths etc Free Quotes

Ph. 0428 381 925 CONCRETER

Driveways, paths, shed floors, spray on patterns, free quotes, no job too small. Ph 0408 204 114


New 4 week Puppy Training course starting Sept. 25th. All details 0410 635 568

BLOCKED DRAINS from $99 Sewer camera. 0427 507 685


ELECTRICIAN All types of work. Free quotes Wiegard Electrical. Ph 0419 367 071.

FURNITURE REMOVALIST BENDIGO MELBOURNE COUNTRY, weekend moves. 20 yrs exp. Call Steve owner/driver on 0427 046 001 or AH 5446 1740.


Garden maintenance, rose pruning, hedges, landscaping. Insured. Greg 0448 565 995

GARDENING, weeding, rubbish removed, odd jobs, all types mowing & general cleaning. $25 p /hr. Ph 0428 572 320


Dig It Rotary Hoe Service

Rejuvenate Lawns & Veggie Gardens. Contact John Catto 0418 590 121




HOME MAINTENANCE • Bathroom Renovations • Decks & Pergolas • Free Quotes PH NICK 0428 431 184


Bendigo Weekly — Friday, September 16, 2011


Taxation 2011 • Taxation Returns • Business Consulting • General Accounting • Primary Producers • Superannuation Funds • Personalised Service

5441 7154

83 Wills St, Bendigo Wedderburn and St Arnaud (By Apt.)

GOERS & MAUNDER Public Accountants CPA from

• TAX RETURNS Personal & Business


• Trenching • Driveways• Site cuts • Retaining walls • Backyard clean-ups

Using our 5 ton excavator 4.5 ton skid steer & ten metre tipper

• Individual Tax Returns • Small Business Specialist • Rental Property Advice • Self Managed Super Funds • Cashflow Management • New Business Advice, Valuations & Structuring

5449 7087

110 Pall Mall, Bendigo E:

GRAHAM WATSON Accounting & Management Consultants P/L TAXATION & ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL Monday to Saturday & After Hour Appointments available.

85 Wills Street, Bendigo

P5444 0455

Bendigo: 5448 3980 Castlemaine: 5470 6565





After Hours Ph. 5448 8814

Call Clint 0427 349 549



Bobcat & Tipper Hire


• Renovations • Bathrooms a speciality Pensioner rates apply

Backhoe Trenching Post Hole Borer


Phone Justen

0411 331 662

200 - 600mm diameter

Site Clearing Driveways Excavation Laser Levelling Rubbish Removal

CAULKING Call Ron 0438 569 385



Caulking/sealing to • Tiles • Bricks • Precast Panels Caulking & Waterproofing Waterproofing Membranes to Certificate III in Waterproofing • Above and below ABN 62 128 234 373 ground MOBILE: • Bathrooms 0417 393 310 • Balconies

GARDAM E X C AVA T I O N 0418 508 993

• Tax Returns, Advice and Planning • Accounting Services • Business Advice and Planning • Financial Advising • Superannuation and Investments • Self Managed Super Funds

For an appointment phone 5447 7500 5 Camp Street, Kangaroo Flat


turns... e best re h t t e g


Appointments available 7 days

• House and shed site cuts • Dam’s and repairs • Footings • Hole Boring • Driveways- Construction and repairs • Septic tank supply and installation • Tree and stump removal • Clean-up work Licenced drainer 31741


Fast Interview processs

Business Accounting ountiing

Post Tax Express

Taxation & GST Suppo Support ort

Fax:1300 131 912

Cave’s Concreting 0409 173 754 Peter

Driveways, Footpaths, Patios, Sheds Colours, Paving, Retaining Walls Liability Insured - Council Approved DELIVERY DAYS DELIVERY 67 DAYS



PH 5446 3111

Ph: 0400 936 738

PH: 136 829 71 Mitchell St. Bendigo 3550 3/169 Hare St. St. Echuca 3564 208 Maude



Telephone Preparation



Convenient Tax Return Options: onss:

Also in Shepparton & Ballarat

Stewarts Accountants’ dynamic team provides a full range of tailored accounting and business services. We carefully match our expertise with our clients’ needs and continually strive to provide superior, personalised service to achieve best practice outcomes.

141 View Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550 t: 03 5442 2966 w:

What’s New in 2011: There have been changes to tax legislation which may affect you, such as tax deductions for natural disaster donations, tax exemptions as a result of recent natural disasters and changes that affect Newstart, Youth allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY recipients.

Sherlock Soil Works


PH 5441 4344

5441 5244

134 Queen Street, Bendigo

All carpentry Decking/pergolas Paving/tiling Bathrooms/kitchens



0417 300 709 AH 5435 3905


Fully registered and insured Red card approved

• 10m Tip Truck • Superdog • 5T Excavator • Bobcat Hire


Digger Service

Trenching, Rotary Hoeing, Post Holes, Levelling 4 in one bucket,Tipper Hire. Ph: Glenn or Donna

5446 7163 or 0418 510 074

Painting/assemblies Heritage fences All maintenance & repairs Domestic & Commercial


Nathan 0423 774 012 Glen 0458 276 767




Post Holes Trenches Site Cleans Pools Driveways Site Cuts

471 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo



Excavator Bobcat Dingo Tipper

James Sherlock Ph: 0407 472 775




• Income Tax Returns • Personal or Business • Appointments to suit you


Carpentry and Painting, Large and Small Lawn Care, Gardening and Fences, Garden Shed and Garden Irrigation Installation, Pressure Cleaning of Paths and Driveways, Pre-Sale and Rental Cleanups, Rubbish Removal, FREE QUOTES

0438 271 896 Building & Property Maintenance R P

Our Services also include: • Carpentry & Concreting • Decking • Garages / Carports • Welding & Glazing • Bobcat Hire • Electrical • Painting & Renovations • Plumbing • Alfresco Dining Areas • Insurance Work • Plastering • Cleaning • Licensed Asbestos Removalist • Fencing • Bathrooms & Kitchens • Fully Insured Call Us Now!

0420 926 830 or 5448 5209 04

1 CALL 4 IT ALL...

Friday, September 16, 2011 — Bendigo Weekly


Services Offered All forms of qualified gardening care. Ring Andy 0400 596 006.

GRASS SLASHING Lawn mowing, Weed spraying & rubbish removed. Phone Max 0428 421 941

HANDYMAN •Pergolas •Decking Free Quotes 10yrs experience Ph. 5446 1552 or 0422 535 778


Large or small jobs. Registered, Insured. Call Hire a Hubby 0412 585 653


Tradesman skills Pride in the job Small jobs welcome Ph. Robert 5443 6614 LAWN mowing - Edges done, grass removed also rubbish loads to tip all $30 p.h. Ph Tony 0419 299 819

LAWN MOWING, whipper snipping $35 per hr / $30 pen. Spraying $30 per hr/pen $25. Rubbish removal $65 per load / $60 pen. (incl tip fee of $26) 6' trailer. Ph. Michael 5448 5402 or 0407 448 249.

LAWN mowing, all types of garden maintenance. $20 p/hr. Ph Wayne 0457 121 109 or 0410 543 901. LAWN Mowing of large and small lawns. Ride on mower and edger available. Fully insured. Ph Lyle 0438 271 896

PANEL BEATING Spray painting, rust repairs. 25 yrs experience, cheap rates. Ph 5443 1710 or 0401 915 906.


• Local/Interstate • QLD/NSW Regularly • Pre-Pack • House Cleaning • Storage


All types of plastering. • Home Maintenance •Tiling •Painting •Carpentry. Free quotes. Ph. Brian 0407 679 618


BOB MILLER Mobile 0418 510 217.


Heating & Cooling. Supply and installation. Electrical and plumbing. Free quotes. Ph 0419 367 071.



Leave your green waste with us! Bendigos largest sand, soil, gravel & decorative stone supplier are now offering green waste recieval. Got some lawn clippings or prunnings to get rid of and need something for your garden or yard?

Now you can do both at our depot 452 Epsom-Barnadown Rd

Or call 54 488 171 for more details



• Handymen & Odd Jobs • Carpenters • • Glazier • Fencing • Plastering • Painters • • Bathroom renovations • Plumbers • Decking • • Electricians • Concreting • Pruning • • Sheds & Pergolas • Lawns & Gardens • • NO JOB TOO BIG or TOO SMALL •

Central Victoria 13 11 98 7 Miller Street, Bendigo

Ian Clements


• General Carpentry • Door Hanging • House & Garden Maintenance • Painting • Paving • Tiling • Pergolas

ARE YOU RENOVATING MOBILE BATHROOM FOR HIRE (Shower, hand basin, toilet ect)

Suitable for • Renovations • Building sites • Sporting events and many more

HANDYMAN & GARDENER Lawn mowing/edging Fencing Tiling Painting Pruning Doors fixed Arbors Taps fixed Great Job • Great Rates • Free Quotes

Phone Neil:

0435 956 695





Quality Plastering & Painting Service Plaster Repairs & Alterations Insurance & Water Damage Repairs Premium Customer Service

- Gasfitting & Services - General Maintenance - Leaking Taps & Toilets - Storm Water & Tanks - Guttering & Downpipe Renewal - Blocked Drains - Roofing & Spouting - Rental Maintenance - Solid Fuel Heating

For reliable service at reasonable rates

PH: 0409 120 862

Call Victor


516 542



W.P.C Bendigo Licensed Plumbers

Don Andrea Plumbing

• Gutter Guard • Blocked Drains • New Homes • HWS Changeover • Renovations NATHAN WHITTLE

Phone 0408 506 159

Blocked Drains?


Peter Carr Plumbing & Gasfitting Pty. Ltd.

License No. 32710

A friendly, reliable, local plumbing team fully qualified in all aspects of plumbing

544 33 999 4 Nolan Street, Bendigo

0404 099 260 | 54471136 Domestic • Commercial • Industrial • Water Main Disinfection • Sewerage & Stormwater Drains • Trade Waste Drains Cleared and Treated •


Blocked drains cleared fast •SEPTIC • SEWER • STORMWATER 5000psi Water Jetting NOT Mechanical Screw • Emergency Response




• Bendigo • Castlemaine • Heathcote • Rochester • Marong • Daylesford All surrounding areas



0438 353 978

We load for you! 7 Days a Week No job too small or too big

Green Waste Specials Green Waste

5448 4255 1300 PIPE DR 1300 747 337


secure storage Kev’s• WWarehouse h S Space • $2.20 per week/square meter floor space • 24/7 Access, Storage Unit • $30 per week 2.4m x 5.9m x 2.6m high

Ph 5441 2394 or 0411 455 706





For all things Plumbing and Gas • Retaining Walls • Paving • Landscaping • Stoneworks • Garden Features


Ph: 0448 878 232 Prompt and Reliable Quotes

t Yard clean ups t Whitegoods t DomesƟc t Builders t Renovators t Commercial

0423 402 474





Our services include CCTV colour pipe inspections for pipes 40mm to 1500mm

Call David/Bronwyn on 0438 083 139 5435 3339

Tired of Waiting for a Tradesman 0418 507 709RECA/H 5448 3333 7821

Lic No: 50975

• General Plumbing and Gasfitting • Blocked drains • No call out fees • Flat hourly family friendly rate



Jason Charles Jason Charles 0448 324 126 0448 324 126



Ph 0428 635 375

• Commerical, Medical & Domestic • Hospital Installations Cardiac & Body Protection • Facilities Maintenance • Labour Hire • Undergrounds • Fully Insured • Prompt & Efficient Service


The Risk

Darren 0400 936 738

Rates. Free Quotes. Ph. 0439 631 311 or 5433 3771



Over 30 yrs exp & Fully Insured. Reasonable

Hot/Cold blow dry H Flea rinse Comb/Brush


Mosquito Control

Phone: 5435 3148 or 0407 349 372


W Wash


No job too big or small Free Boxes (conditions apply)

Ph 1300 PIPE DR 1300 747 337

The Dog Kennel Hot/Cold Shampoo Conditioningg

REMOVALS Moving Central Victoria

Stop roots blocking your sewer use VAPOROOTER


Dog g


Lic. No 100194


• Unbeatable prices on hot water service repair & replacement • Specialising in all small plumbing repairs • Free Quotes and advice on bathroom renovations

Ph: 5439 3660 or 0400 161 555


CV Industrial Vacuum Services Reduce Fire Risk Spouts Vacuumed Spotlessly Pensioner Discounts Water Tanks Cleaned

Ph Paul 5439 3835 or 0428 395 429 * Fully Insured


Services Offered ROOFING Over 40 Years Experience

6 Year Guarantee *conditions apply

L E ROOFIN E E G ST All your

Services Offered To advertise in this section please call

roofing & guttering.

Renew in colorbond Ph: Doug 0419 512 159 or 5443 7851

5442 1646

• Concrete tiles • Terracotta otta tiles • Slate tiles • Iron roofing

FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS Re-bedding and flexible pointing High pressure cleaning Valley iron replacement Extensions Insurance claims

De-mossing Sealing and painting Gutter replacement Re-roofing Pensioner discounts

Ph: 0438 632 219

Experts in all aspects of roofing






ANTIQUE couch 2 seater tapestry floral, $95, EC. Ph 5447 8288

BENCH Hyper Extension Curling $35 Ph 5441 3687

BLUNDSTONE boots, steel cap, size 11/45 as new $35 Ph 5441 5257

DINING setting, 7-pce, white modern, GC, $260. Ph 0418 557 710

ANTIQUE pine extension table, 6ft x 3.5ft. $100. Ph 5441 6149

BIKE, ladies Malvern Star, 21spd, Shimano gears, EC $100 5439 4039

BOOKCASE, timber, VGC, $99. Ph 5447 7546

CCB girls summer uniform's x3 sz 10 EC. $30 each. Ph 5442 5605

AVIARY, large hexagonal, 6 months old. $360 PH: 5446 1085

BIKE, ladies, fold-up, as new $90 Phone 5441 4994

BABY basket & stand 1950's top cond. $40. Ph 5448 8523

BIKES, hybrid road x mountainX, man and lady's, hardly used, 70% off new, $145 each inc extras Ph 5447 2464

BABY cot & mattress, $50. Ph 0438 442 602 BABY pram & toddler seat, EC, $80. Ph 0438 442 602

SMITHS Quality tree and Stump Removal

BIKES x 2, Apollo men's Shadow & ladies' Altura, both 24 speed, EC. $225 each. Phone 5447 0700

BABY swing (motorised) music, EC, $70. Ph 0438 442 602 BAR stools x4, Colonial, swivel, GC, $25 each. Ph 5447 9623


CARPET square, faun coloured, 3.6m square. $100. Phone 5447 2004

Cat Enclosures

(no job too BIG or SMALL for the Smith Family team)

A fun, safe way for your cat to enjoy the outdoors. Free quotes to suit your budget.

David Smith

Call Jim 0429 866 630

AAA TREE LOPPING • Pensioners (Disc) • Full Insurance • (Prompt) Same Day Service




0417 545 193 or 5447 7276 91 Wesley St, Kangaroo Flat


CARAVAN 2 stable jacks $15. Ph 5447 4903

COMPUTER, XP, Office 2007, internet, $75 Phone 5444 1894

CARAVAN tv antena inc coaxial cable $25. Ph 5447 4903

DESK chair purple/black wheeled GC $20 Ph 5441 2516 DESK, L shape, with shelves & drawers EC. $40. Ph 5449 6974

CARPET square, green, approx 2m x 1.5m. $50. Phone 5447 2004

4 ADULT mountain bikes, $10 each Ph 5446 7679

DINING suite, Nobett Peak dining setting. 170x100 extends to 240. GC. $795. Ph 5447 4903

DOG kennel, vinyl, for medium sized dog. $25. Phone 5447 0700

DOOR, timber, modern, VGC, $25. Ph 5447 7546

DOWN Memory Lane, 10 LP boxed set. $30 Phone 5447 8573

DUMB bells 8x 2.5kg & 4x 1.25kg. Collars incl. $40. Ph 5441 3687

ELDERLY indoor walker, silver, with parts, $100. Ph 5442 3803.

ELDERLY walker, crimson & black, seat, basket, $100. Ph 5442 3803.

ELECTRIC clothes dryer, Electrolux, GC, $35. Ph 5443 9397

ELECTRIC knife, new, in box $10. Ph 5446 9257

ELIPTICAL X trainer GC $100 Phone 5446 1310


CAR steering wheel lock. GC. $10. Ph 5447 7762 CAR wheel trims, 14", as new, $7 pair. Ph 5447 7762

ARSENIC FREE Treated Pine - KID SAFE Planter Boxes come in kit form in various sizes “No Dig Veggie Garden”

CAT scratcher & giant cat t r e e s f r o m $10-$89.Noble Pavilion Show Grounds Market, every Sunday or 0434 688 220

190 Breen St, Bendigo 5443 7381 Store Well with Stilwell

Containers to suit all your needs!

HARLEY, VB Bar, Ford, Dentist, darts, Flowers, Open, LED signs, all new & in stock now. Noble Pavilion Show Grounds Market, every Sunday or 0434 688 220



1 X 3, 2 x 4m, 110mm seamless heavy steel pipe $20mtr 0418 506 350

0409 289 700 5428 9312 • 9744 5798

Great for raised garden beds, bags, 20kg $3, 25kg $4. Ph 0418 332 871

PLAYFORTS (on display in store) 1000L water container, in crate $100 Ph 0449 172 194

For Best Price Phone JJack k Di Direct


CANE laundry basket Irg VGC Aladdin style $25 Ph 5441 2516

All inner spring Aussie Made. Double $169, Queen $189. Layby avail. Also full range to suit your pocket. Ph 5443 3071.

BEDSIDE table, Queen Anne, white. $30 Ph 5446 2512

CHURCH PEWS 7 for sale Pine, 8 foot long $200 each Phone 5494 7380

CAMPING clothes line, Jackaroo, new cond. $45. Ph 5447 8288

CARPET, 20 lineal metres with underlay VGC $50 Ph 0428 422 993

BLUESTONES, large amount, up to 1m long, approx. 70 blocks, $2,800 Ph 0438 050 089

CHILD'S high chair. $25 Phone 5444 5166

BUFFET wall unit $200 Ph 5447 0114

BIRD aviary, large, 5.6L x 3.7W x 2.3H metres, GC. $600 Phone 5447 3451

Brand new. Plush pillow top with pockets springs, full body support, top Aussie brand, only $495. Base $175 if needed. Ph 5443 3071.

CHEST of draws, dark stain wood, GC, $100. Ph 5447 9623

BUFFET and hutch, pine, 3 door, shelf, 3 glass doors, EC $495 Phone 5443 3577

BEDS Mattress Sale

Tree Maintenance • Stump Mulching Hire Travel Tower • Tree Pruning and Stump Grinding • Tip Truck & Woodchipper Hire • Free Quotes

0427 506 160

BSE girls skirt VGC sz 12 $30 Ph 5441 2516

BED, DB, ensemble, timber, bed head, antic white, includes roll edged bed spread. EC $200. Ph 5444 4615

BLINDS, AWNINGS, ROLLER SHUTTERS & SECURITY DOORS. Free measure & quote. Southern Cross Blinds & Awnings, 141 High St K/Flat. Ph. 5447 9011

CHAINSAW Husqvana 600. 50cm blade, spare chains, EC. And solo motor mower, 4 stroke. $400 lot.

BOY'S bike, 16", red, VGC, $25. Ph 5447 1399

BILLIARD Table, genuine antique, playing surface 2200x1070, 1800's design. Converts to dining table. Inc all accessories. $3000 ONO. Phone 0417 599 167



Bendigo Weekly — Friday, September 16, 2011

Christmas Lay-By

108 Lowndes St Strathdale • Ph: 5443 0022

✹ Buy ire or H

CB aerial, UHF, 3.1m, 12DB, $100 ONO. Ph 0432 346 659

Containers can be custom fitted with shelves, benches, windows, side doors, electricity, insulation & air-conditioning.

CB radio, Uniden, UHF, 40 channels, and aerial, $100 Ph 0432 346 659

51 Ryalls Lane, Strathfieldsaye. • Ph 5439 5512 • Mob 0409 957 014

View containers at:

GOT SOMETHING TO SELL? 5442 1646 LocalClassifieds PO Box 324 Bendigo 3552 Fax: 5442 1497

ADVERTISE FOR 4 WEEKS - ONLY $22* Phone, Fax, email or bring in this coupon with $22*, or $27.50* with photo, and your advertisement will be published in the next 4 editions. Categories included: Autos, Boats, Car Parts, Caravans & Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, For Sale, Four Wheel Drives, Livestock, Machinery, Motorbikes & Wrecking.

NAME:................................................................. ADDRESS: .......................................................... ........................................................................... PH.: ...................................................................

Glass repair and installers of 6 Star double glazed windows • Window Glass Replacement • Door Repairs • Locks, Cords & Rollers repaired • Safety Glass • Insulating Glass for Doors & Windows • Shower Doors Ph: 5444 5523 Mob: 0432 440 675

TRADIES Advertise Here

5442 1646









Credit card number - (minimum credit card purchase $10)




SIGNATURE:.......................................................................... *

All adverts must be pre-paid. For $22 you get 5 lines ONE ITEM ONLY per advert. Advert will run for four consecutive weeks. Sale price must be included. Alteration to PRICE ONLY. Not included in the offer are business adverts., rental hire etc., for the purpose of ongoing profit, or Real Estate Listings. The publisher reserves the right to decline any booking for the purpose of continuing gain.

Friday, September 16, 2011 — Bendigo Weekly








FRIDGE/freezer, Evercool, moveable divider, 240 volt adapter, elec or battery, little use, EC $550 Ph 5439 4332

GARDEN manures. Cow, chook $8.80. Mixed, sheep $8.60. Pig, mushie mulch $8.40. Ph 0428 572 320.

LAWN mower, Victor 2 stroke, goes well $75 Ph 0428 572 320

TOILET bowl & cistern VGC $45. Ph 5447 7546


A.M. Hyett Motorcycles

Complete house and property clearance.

EXERCISE bike, Proteus VGC $50. Ph 5448 8523

GLEN Miller 70s songs, boxed set, 6 LPs, $30 Phone 5447 8573

TOSHIBA DVD player, HDMI, remote, as new. $50. Ph 5444 1894

FAN on pedestal. Works well. $5 Ph 5449 6974


Red's Redgum firewood $130 per metre. Pick Up Open 24/7. Ph 0427 353 939 or 5446 3206

FLYMO garden vac, Electrolux, GC, $75. Ph 5447 7762.


and Freezers. Top brands from $195. Fully recond, 6 mths wty. 283 High St, G/Sq. Ph. 5441 1955 FRIDGE, Fisher & Paykel, all fridge, 367Lt, frost free, VGC. $240. Ph 5442 9929 FRIDGE freezer, Westinghouse, 420Lt, reasonable cond. $250 ono. Ph 0438 219 399

GOLD detector, Minelab GP Extreme - extras. GC $2200 ONO Phone 0435 724 314 HITS of the 50s and 60s, 8 record boxed set, $30. Phone 5447 8573 HOLIDAY - 4 adult air tickets to Gold Coast, depart 31st Jan, return 9th Feb. Bags included. $650. Phone 5443 8333 HOOVER Freemotion vacuum cleaner, hardly used, original box. $150 ONO Ph 0417 556 206


R3.5 $24 bag. Phone 5443 0022 JASON Recliners x 2, floral, EC. $550 pair. Phone 5441 6449

FRIDGES. 2-door Kelvinator 410L, EC $450, & 2-door Whirlpool 212L, EC $300 Phone 0437 014 269

FRIDGES, Whirlpool 220L, two door, GWO $150. Westinghouse 411L two door $150 GWO. Ph 5446 9497

FURNITURE package, 1x3 + 2x1 lounge suite, 7 pce kitchen setting, Lge 3 pce TV cabinet. $800. Phone 5441 2198 FURNITURE package. 5 pce dining, art deco, table 2x1m. 2 Lazy Boy recliners, EC, $800 the lot. Ph 5439 6405 FUTON couch, folds to double bed. $50. Phone 5448 8279 5M x 90mm galv pipe, m /wall, GC $100 0418 506 350 GALV security fenceposts, angled & drilled, 4 barb, $20 ea 0418 506 350 GENTS wardrobe, great for kids. $15 Phone 0418 327 455

LAWN mower, Rover 4 stroke, goes well $100 Ph 0428 572 320

TV 80cm Palsonic digital, 6 months old, elderly owner in care. $300 ONO Ph 0417 556 206 LOUNGE & 2 club chairs, beige & blue/grey stripe, EC, scotchguarded. $1300 ONO Ph 5449 6310 or 0427 364 566 LOUNGE suite, Katya red leather, as new, cost $4800, sell $2800. In Harvey Norman catalogue. 0437014269 MATTRESS double bed clean EC $35. Ph 5447 4903 MOBILITY scooter, 3 wheel Fisher & Paykel, rear wheel drive. $750 ONO Ph 0417 556 206 MORAN 2x2 seater couches, fern green fabric, VGC. $750 for both. Ph 5447 4903

TV corner cabinet with display section, teak. $100. Phone 5441 6449 WASHING machine, Hoover Commander, heavy duty, $50 5446 7011 WASHING machine, Simpson EziSensor 6.0kg, as new, $350. Phone 0437 014 269

JUMP & bounce animals, horse, cows, dragons ect. All $15 each.Noble Pavilion Show Grounds Market, every Sunday or 0434 688 220 KENNEL, medium, insulated, lift up top, $50 Phone 5447 8136 KENNINGTON PS summer dress, size 14, $20. Ph 5441 5257 KID'S scooter, VGC, $25. Ph 5447 1399 KITCHEN, timber. Includes gas cook top, rangehood, sink, & electric oven. VGC $1500 Ph 5441 1725 LAUNDRY vanity, 2 cupboards, sink, benchtop, $50 Phone 5441 1725 LAURA Ashley iron double bed including mattress, as new, $1200. Ph 5447 4903

NATIVE plants sale. Pots from $5 - $15 + monthly specials. Thurs - Sun each week 9 am - 5pm. 426 Napier St W/Hills. NINTENDO DS games x3 as new. inc Super Mario $50. Ph 5444 1894 PICKETS, t/pine, new, windsor tops, 1.2m $1.75 ea 0487 393 278 PUNCH bag, unused, Spalding, black, 36 inch. $35. Ph 5441 3687 QS Federation timber bed frame, hand crafted, EC , $200. Ph 5442 3565 or 0405 176 960 RECORDS 50's 60's 70's, 13 lLP's, 30 singles, $100. Ph 5442 3803 REMOTE controlled recliner, floral print, GC. $500 ono. Ph 0405 296 439


RIDING boots, 2 pairs, black top, size 7, $100 each. Ph 5448 4168


ROSES for removal. Healthy, large, standard & bush varieties. $20 ONO Phone 5444 2649

tools, steel, office furniture, plus house hold lots

SEWING machine Janome My Style 24, 1 & 2 needle sewing machine with acces., Singer twin needle overlocker with acces., sewing cabinet full of cotton. $450. Ph 0431 560 540

Antiques & collectables, pallet racking,

Sunday 18 September 11:00 am 32 Albert st Maryborough [Maryborough flour mill] Inspection from 9 am day of Auction Terms Cash Contact owner Charles Bovalino 0429 333 828

WESTINGHOUSE 606L side by side fridge freezer, white. VGC. $800. Ph 0407 516 236 WHEEL chair, Pride, cost $400, as new $100. Ph 5443 9397

177 View Street, Bendigo ENTRIES ARE INVITED For our next antique and collectables auction

Wednesday 28th September, 6pm Individual or estate lots accepted

Contact: Dennis 5443 8570


SILO, grain, 7 tonne, 4 leg, fill at top, ladder attached, bag chute at centre, transport easy. $3450. 0427 479 146 SMALL tin trunk. $10 Phone 5444 5166 SOFA bed, 3 seater, charcoal grey, as new, $950. Ph 0413 211 622 STEPPER, electronic counter, GC $65 Phone 5446 1310


STEPPING machine Pro Series $30 Ph 5449 6974

Yea/Whittlesea Rd, Flowerdale

SUIT, mens, black pin stripe worn once, size is 82. $60. Ph 5441 5257


25th September 2011 Auction 10.30am Large Collection Of Aust Carnival Glass; Kero Lights; CI Ware Inc Irons, Pots, Anvils, Copper Ware, Furphy Ends, Glass; China Inc Dinner Services; Cedar, Pine, Oak, Blackwood Furniture Inc Dining Tables, Chiffs, Sideboards, Chairs, Meat Safe Etc Plus Die Cast Toys & Lilliput Lane Pieces. Catalogue available. Cash or cheque only.

view online at Contact John 0433 247 438 Ross 5780 1234

from American Maple tree, large trailer load $80 Ph 5446 9257

SWINGS- Hills 3 and 4 units from $65. Slides $35. Ph 0408 313 193 TABLE, outdoor, 6 seater, glass top, 183 x 109, black frame, new, $190 ono. Ph 0418 145 483. TANK, 22000L, poly, easy access for removal $1250 Phone 0414 621 964

Bikes sold, traded & recycled. Spares and accessories. See Michael and Ian 67-69 Bridge Street, Bendigo 3550 Open 9.00am-5.30pm Mon-Sat / 10.00am-5.30pm Sun LMCT 4761. Licenced second hand dealer.

Ph: 5442 2523 SMS: 0411 627 348 Email




HONDA CRF 250, 06 model, GC ,$3900. Ph 5442 3620


BULL ARAB CROSS A.C.D, RED ROAN MALE, 1 YEAR Hi there, my name is Cassidy and I am a big bouncy boy with a great sense of play and a very affectionate nature. I enjoy playing with other dogs, but due to my size, I need medium to large playmates that can keep up with me. A little more training and I will be a great dog. I will be desexed once I am adopted. DSH, TABBY



Hi there, my name is Oxe and I am a very sweet, gentle handsome boy and I am very welcoming to anyone that I see. I am smoochy and I like my pats and cuddles. I would ideally be suited to a family or individuals as I am just so easy-going and would be a fantastic mate. I am desexed and ready to go home.

15' Millard 6 berth, 1 double, full annex, level rides, extra fittings, tows well, EC, 1 owner, $7500 ONO. Ph 5447 7571 or 0407 551 047 GOLF Challenger, 2003, 6.5m, dual axels, toilet /shower, full annex, double bed, 4 new tyres and battery, bike rack, $38000. 0408 456 396 HEAVY duty 6x4 trailer, checker plate floor & 620 cage, spare wheel, jockey wheel. Near new. $1050 ono. 0407 413 480

WOOD heater, Heat Charm, $300. Ph 5439 6263

October 7 is Happy Tails Day. You can buy merchandise from the RSPCA, Big W, Bendigo Bank, selected Vets or online. To sell Happy Merchandise, you can order online from any workplace, school or Community. This event is a great way to connect with community and raise some much needed funds to help care for animals. Please get involved and visit the website:

JAYCO Dove 2009, as new with extras, $19,500. Ph 5470 6124

WROUGHT iron umbrella stand. $25 Phone 5446 1310




YUCCA cuttings, various sizes, from $30. Plus 2 in pots, 1.5m $45 each. Phone 5448 3193

WANTED TO BUY BOAT trailer to suit 3m boat. Phone 5447 2004


For Fridges & Freezers, in GWO up to 25yrs. Washing Machines up to 7yrs old. Ph. 5441 1955 COSTUME jewellery, damage ok, Ph Jean 5446 2189

Piper Lane, East Bendigo

5441 2209

Mon-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun & Pub Hols 10am-12pm

LIVESTOCK BEAGLE pups, 4 males, 3 females, wormed, vacc., ready to go on 27th Sept. $250. Ph 4433 1481 or 0431 743 531 DOGS free to good home. 1 x J/Russell, male, 3yrs. 1 x Mini Foxie, female, desexed, 4 yrs. Ph 0450 041 877


FERRETS well handled. $30. 8 months. Ph 0407 241 244

SINGER K6 sewing machine for canvas. Also, machine for harness. Phone 0428 515 689

FREE 2 year old white Whippet, male, micro chipped. Phone 5441 4835

TRACTORS & farm machinery wanted. Going or not, cash paid, Ph 0429 393 221

FREE to good home. 2 young Jack Russell dogs. Male (desexed) & female. Prefered to be taken together. Ph 0437 003 892

GARAGE SALES 4 SWEENEY St Bendigo East. Saturday only, 8am start. Kids stuff, furniture, shed and household knick knacks.

WANTED Stall holders for Woodvale CFA Trash & Treasure (10 minutes to Eaglehawk) Sat 15 October 8am-3pm Sites $15. Phone 5446 9929 SUNDAY 18th September, 8:30am. Bendigo Seventh Day Adventist Church. 396 High St, G /Square. Bric-a-brac, clothes, furniture, books, produce, and a saddle! MONSTER Garage Sale. Sat only 8am-5pm. Curnow St Golden Square EVERYTHING MUST GO TAYLORS Lane Strath /saye, Sat 17th only. Not before 8am. General household items, gym equip, lots of toys, DVDs


'05 Fiat Ducato, 12 mths reg, full serv. hist., shower/toilet, TV/DVD/ m /wave. $57,000. 0439 649 189 YMH-180

New 4 week Puppy Training course starting Sept. 25th. All details 0410 635 568

RUBBERISED Dunlop brand old clothing, male and female, or anyone knowing where to buy new rubberised clothing, please ph 0428 515 689

UTE, old, 4 cylinder, good order, not rusty underneath, unregistered. Ph 0428 515 689


Everything must go!

Includes: Beds- all sizes, tables, chairs, fridge, couches, drawers, kitchen, appliances and utensils, cutlery, crockery, glassware, garage and workshop tools, power tools, linen, prints, pool table, outdoor furniture, wine and lots more. Just make an offer!

WEDDING veil, white, 2 tier, 3/4 length, $30. Ph 5446 9257.


$50 per metre. Minimum 4 metres. Free delivery to Bendigo area. Phone 0400 855 626.

18 Potts Road, Taradale Saturday September 17, 9am-4pm

MILLARD caravan, 2 rear single beds centre kitchen, front dinette, heavy duty canvas annexe, VGC, $4,250. Strathfieldsaye 5439 4787.

NEED A SPARE ROOM Bendigo Caravans & Rentals. Ph 5439 5684 3 PLACE bike trailer reg 13 inch wheels ramp $500. Ph 0409 503 230

HORSES wanted all types, good prices, cash money on pick up. Ph 0428 505 486 or 0409 207 500

HONDA Shadow VT750 2009, EC, under 2,000 kms, saddle bag, sissy bar, black/purple colour. $11,200. RWC. Ph 0439 324 932

KINLON 2007, 200cc trail bike. Can be registered. $1000 ONO Engine #163FML2FJ003781 Phone 5442 6937


Barrel & Flight, all sizes. Also Header Barrel & Ribbon. Spiral Duct Aust formerly Chapmans (03) 9587 4185

SAWBENCH Winzecon motor factory built $950 Ph 0438 378 642


COBRAM CARAVANS Regal, Compass, Roadstar, Supreme, Goldstream campers. Large stocks. Over 80 vans. Open 7 days. (03) 5872 2333. ROMA pop-top, 1991 model, 14 ft 6 in, island bed, roll out awning, VGC $9850 ONO Phone 5439 5661

SLIDE on camper. Fits 7ftx6ft tray. Gas stove, fridge, water tank, stacks storage, D/bed, VGC $13000 ono 5446 3102 TRADESMAN'S top for 6 x 4 trailer. Has 1 shelf. $250. Phone 0428 538 793


6 x 4 $590. 8 x 5 tandem $2,190. 161 McIvor Hwy VISCOUNT tandem caravan, 1985 model, family van, bunks & dble bed, $5500. Ph 0418 508 993

SCRAP metal wanted. Cars, trucks, tractors, tin, wire, white goods etc. Phone 5474 3237 or 0427 312 146.

STEEL drop side tray off BT-50 Freestyle '07. Will suit other makes. $700 ONO. Ph 0428 538 793 Bendigo Weekly is published by Bendigo Publishing Pty Ltd, ACN 078 731 852, registered office 61 Bull Street Bendigo. Printed by Newsprinters, Shepparton. Letterbox distribution throughout suburban areas of Bendigo. Retailers may charge a fee. Bendigo Publishing Pty Ltd and all related companies (together the ‘Publisher’) hereby expressly disclaim, to the full extent permitted by the law, all and any liability whatsoever including any liability for damages, consequential damages, costs, expenses or the like (‘Liability’) to any person howsoever arising from or in connection with any copy, information advertising or other material contained in Bendigo Weekly (‘Copy’) including, but not limited to, any Liability arising from or in connection with any action or inaction by any person in reliance on any Copy, and each consequence of such action or inaction. The Publisher also expressly disclaims any and all Liability arising from or in connection with any negligence whatsoever of the Publisher. Inclusion of Copy must not be construed deemed or inferred by any person to constitute any endorsement of the same by the Publisher. The Publisher reserves the right to decline to publish any material including any advertisement. Copyright. All content of Bendigo Weekly is copyright, and must not be reproduced by any means without the written permission of the Publisher. Responsibility for electoral comment in this issue is accepted by Anthony Radford - 172 McIvor Road, Bendigo, 3550.


POODLE x Bichon puppies, 8 weeks, 3 female & 1 male, immun. & vet checked, $400 Phone 5446 3404 STAFFY pups, 1xM & 3xF, vet checked, vacc & wormed. $250 Ph 0401 432 802 or 0419 898 760 WANTED any kinds of puppies. Phone 0404 089 791

POULTRY BABY chicks (from day-old) X/breeds from $5 & P/breeds $10. Plenty to choose from. Call John 5435 2021

Local Classifieds






per line

5442 1646



$2.70 (5 LINE MINIMUM)




Prestige Jayco 336 High Street, Kangaroo Flat Phone: 5447 9977




AAAAAAAAA WANTED All old cars and

FORD AU utility, alloy tray, 5 spd manual. Honda Prelude 88. Ford F100 9" diff. Ph 0411 432 733.

scrap metal. Ph 0457 298 628.

FORD AU All parts & panels & LPG Gas. Ph 5439 7136


Open 5 ⁄ days Cars wanted Agents for Tuff Tonneau, Minor Panel Beating Fairview Rd KangarooFlat Ph 0487 000 145 or 5447 4441 Pensioner Discount






1998 Ford Futura, auto, dual fuel, tint. wind., p/s, p/winds., cruise cont, CD, t/bar, mags, 127,000km, VGC, $5500 inc RWC, $5000 without. Phone 0488 422 071

FALCON AU wagon, 2001, auto, tow bar, mags, reg, as is, TZZ-386, $5,500 Ph 0438 050 089

HOLDEN Astra, CD 2001, 12 months rego, manual, QEN-147, $6,000 ono. Ph 0438 413 107

HONDA Prelude '95, blue, RWC, 9 mths reg, YKK-524. $4900. Phone 0415 701 531

HOLDEN COMMODORE Acclaim, 1993, 4 alloy wheels with new tyres, no RWC or reg, still runs well, SXF-488, $1000 ONO. Ph 0401 013 932

JEEP Cherokee '95, black, EC, full service history, 193,000 kms, Reese Towbar, $7300. OSF-081. Ph 0407 844 940

95 EF Ford Fairmont, 242,000km, 18" BA XR8 wheels, new tyres & RWC. $3200 ono. Ph 0438 048 300 UBS-044

picked up and scrap iron. Will pay cash. Ph 0428 599 359.


AUTO WRECKERS Wrecking all Makes & Models Cars bought and Sold

5474 2432 LMCT 10769

Bendigo Readies 4x4Rd, Huntly 714 Barnadown

• Now selling full range of • We also have a full range Pro comp Tyres. of reco parts that we can • New and used lift kits fit on site to suit your 4x4 needs • New and used turbo kits for the extreme 4WD or to give your diesel that towing your caravan. • With a full time workshop extra push we now cater for all your • With a full range of motors and gearboxs on 4WD needs iser site we will get you back • Patrol • Landcru on the road fast. • Hilux • Suzuki Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm (03) Sat 8:30am to 2:00pm

5448 8153


Jamie Hackett Motors Mechanical Repairs & Servicing

'96 RODEO 4x4 twin cab. 2.8 turbo diesel, reg until 11/11, RWC, 220k, canopy, tint, GC $8500 ONO Ph 0409 505 855 BMW 325i coupe, manual, EC, YGW-10X. $5,800. Ph 0448 281 486 COMMODORE VT OLYMPIC EC, white, Full Sports Body Kit, Calais International 17" rims, full electrics, cruise, 2100kg towbar, 208,000kms, Dec reg, RWC. PXX-906. $6500 ono. Ph 0438 092 176 DAIHATSU Feroza II 4x4 XDR-386, 11 months reg, new tyres, alloy wheels, CD etc, $6500 Phone 5441 2198 FAIRMONT GHIA AU 1999, blue, auto, 287,000kms, leather interior, all extras, EC QTS-591. $5750. Phone 0417 353 041 FALCON XB Fairmont 302, auto, matching No's, cloth interia, GT grill & bonnet, GC, 1 owner, LYT-662. $12,000. Ph 0438 050 089

FALCON XC Rally Pack 302, auto, matching No's, GT bonnet, square lights, mags, IPJ-649. $5,500. Ph 0438 050 089 FALCON XC Rally Pack, rolling shell, GT bonnet, dash & petrol cap, canary yellow, IYR-389. $1200 Ph 0438 050 089 FALCON Sedan XE 1983, 150,000 kms, rego, dual fuel, EC, well worth a look. $3,000 BWA-286. Ph 5446 8069 FORD EF sedan, 1997 model, auto, 10 mths reg, near RWC, RTT-758. $1775 Phone 0428 572 320 FORD sedan 2001 TIK-342, 6 months reg, factory dedicated gas, $5750 ONO Phone 5439 6405 FORD UTE 97 XH, auto, with canopy, RWC, reg until Dec 2011, YCU-407 $5800 Ph 0447 607 497 or 5446 7653 FORD UTE XR6 AU Series II, 5-spd manual, EC, $7000 with roadworthy certificate. Phone 0409 239 018 FORD XF ute, 1986 model, auto, reg, RWC, YOK-958. $2675 Phone 0428 572 320 FORKLIFT Clarke Hard Wheel, gas/petrol, GC, GX23005497980KOF $5,000 Ph 0438 050 089

Volvo / European Specialist

MITSUBISHI 4x4 L200 Express 1986, drop down tray, no reg or RWC, runs well. UPI-357 $1500 Ph 0434 414 559

HOLDEN STORM 2005 VZ ute, 83,000km, Impulse blue, hard lid, tow bar, tint, 4-mths reg, RWC, XJP-349, $17,800. Ph 0412 486 389

TOYOTA Camry CSI 1994, 4 cyl, manual, VGC, RWC. QMT-802. $1,900 Ph 0448 534 683

TOYOTA COROLLA CSX SEDAN 1.6Lt, t/bar auto, a/c, p /s, alloys, 176,000 km, no RWC, 4A906671, $1750 ono. Ph 0419 337 667

MITSUBISHI Pajero Escape, 99, EC, lots of extras, reg till June 2012, QKA-448, $13,500. Phone 0428 478 609

FORD Falcon BA XR6, 2004 model, white, VGC RWC, 4 months reg. $9900 Phone 0415 701 531


MITSUBISHI Pajero Escape '99, man., reg., RWC, LPG, EC, many extras, PNR292, no off-road. $12,250. Ph 0407 313 428

Clean, Late Model, Low Mileage.

NISSAN X Trail ST, 2008, 4WD, 6 spd man., 61,500 kms, reg Jan 2012, WWP-336, $20,990 ono. Ph 0435 449 476


03 5441 4999 LMCT 1306

TOYOTA Tarago 1986, no reg, no RWC. Still runs. For repair or parts. NXG-161 $500. 5443 5251 or 0414 409 531


Acid, Wash, EC, great to drive, SMS-663, $16,500. Phone 0407 586 435



FOR 4 WEEKS LocalClassifieds



rs!! ea Cars Ch p Ca eap Ch Vehicles sold as is

NISSAN PULSAR HATCH Auto, a/c, p/s, tinted windows, alloys, low kms. ABC111. $18,000. Ph 5442 1646

No RWC, No Reg, No Warranty

Good restorer. Stock #024


FORD CAPRI 1990.................................$1,650 Convertible, Vandal Damage, Runs and Drives Well

76 Wood Street, California Gully Phone: 5446 8635

Stock #025

FORD FAIRLANE ZC 1969 ....................... $2,200


For restoration. Stock #028

24 hr, 7 day a week. Onsite battery fitting service. Huge range of batteries Competitive prices! Australia wide warranty When your battery lets you down, call

Established 75 Years in Bendigo • Automotive paints • Polishes • Car care products • Panel beater supplies • Timber furniture finishes • Spray packs made on-site

FORD FAIRLANE ZB CUSTOM 1968 ......... $2,200

Phone 5443-4933 47 Breen Street, Bendigo

F.G. Auto’s

1300 CAR NO GO

Or call in at 85 beischer street Bendigo



Very good example. Dual fuel, air bags, air con, p/s. All fairmont options, 177,000kms. Good service history. OHY-245



Suit circuit racing. Stock #030

LEYLAND MOKE 1974 ............................. $1,650 For restoration. Stock #031


with photo

• 1960/2000 Ford • 1965/1973 Ford Mustang • 1980/1996 F100, • Engines, Transmissions, F150, F250 Body Panels, • 1996/2000 Hyundai Excel Interior, Wheels

5442 1646

235 East Lloyd St, East Bendigo

Ph: 5443 1841


Conditions apply. For private use only.

LMCT 10764


Open Monday-Friday

Advantage, auto, air con, p/s, cruise control, full electrics, 2.2L economical, 4 cyl. Oh what a feeling! RQT-854

NISSAN PULSAR HATCH Auto, a/c, p/s, tinted windows, alloys, low kms. ABC111. $18,000. Ph 5442 1646

DATSUN 1000 COUPE 1968 ................... $1,650


$$$ UNDER $15,000 WITH WARRANTY $$$

2002 Toyota Camry 1997 Ford Limited Edition EL Fairmont

For restoration. Stock #029

A/Hours by appointment

2000 Ford AU Fairmont Series II Sedan with all fairmont features, finished in burgundy with velour trim. QLT-553



1998 Holden Vectra Sedan 1 Local owner, 5 speed, air con, p/s. This vehicle will not disappoint. Built to European standards. PIY-827



LMCT 8404



HOLDEN COMMODORE VZ wagon, auto, white, 1 owner, t/bar, 138,000km, THF-575, $11,900. Ph 5449 6261 or 0419 101 663

1988 Toyota Tarago EFi GLi 5 speed, 2.2lt engine, 8 seats, a/c, alloy wheels, bull bar front & rear, 12 mth reg,, RWC, EC $3,900. OUF-439 Ph 0402 591 913

FORD XA FAIRMONT V8 AUTO ................$2,850

• Scan Tool Diagnostics


MAZDA 6 2007, hatch, auto, black, cloth trim, 32,000km, curtain a/bag, reg until 05/12, cruise control, tinted windows, YKM-060, $22,000. Phone 0488 600 286


PEUGEOT 307 HDI TOURING 2.0L INTERCOOLED TURBO DIESEL, 4 cyl 2007 model, silver, auto, wagon, brand new tyres & front brakes, tinted windows, EC, RWC, reg to 29/7/12, ex fuel econ. UWE892. Was $47000 new, sell $17900. Phone 0400 569 251

5 Speed manual. Stock #019

• New Car Servicing

Auto, air con, p/steering, V6 motor, 174,000kms. A very good, honest car. Will not disappoint. ONY-163

HOLDEN COMMODORE VY Acclaim 2003, reg July 2012, auto, cruise, p/s, tinted windows, mag wheels, SEG-715. $10,000 ONO Ph 0438 089 214


FORD FALCON P/VAN 1989 .................... $1,100

• All Makes & Models

97 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan

Bendigo Weekly — Friday, September 16, 2011

OFFER ENDS 23/9/11

2001 Hyundai Accent 5 door, 5 speed, air con, p/s, 147,000kms. Great little transport. Normally a lot dearer. great value. QUL-873



2003 Volkswagen Golf Thought you couldn’t afford one? Auto, air con, p/s, 77,000kms, brand new tyres. Drives like a BMW. XGT-420



132 Creek Street, Bendigo • Ph: 5441 8490 • Mob: 0418 171 624 •

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly


! w o out n

s t n e g a s w e n d o o g l l a t a e l b a l i a av e u s is r e m m u s e h t r o f w o n g in is t r e v d a g in k o bo apman on 5440 2525 call lyn ch


48 • SPORT

Bendigo Weekly – Friday, September 16, 2011



Pedal power THERE was action aplenty last weekend at the Bendigo BMX track as riders took advantage of a fast track to test themselves to the limit as part of the Gold Rush open event.

TAYLOR’S BRAVE RIDE BENDIGO paralympian Mick Taylor has begun his Para-cycling World Championships with a brave ride in terrible conditions. Competing in Denmark, Taylor claimed 17th place in a 61km road race on August 10, despite coming off his bike at one point. But with blood streaming from his left forearm, Taylor battled fierce pack surges, at speeds of up to 60kmh to finish bravely.

CAPTAIN WINS AWARD THE Fighting Miners’ captain Jesse Tuitupou has won the prestigious Doug Ross Trophy for Best player in the Victorian Rugby Union Country Division. The winner of the award is determined by votes lodged by opposition teams after each match. Tuitupou had an outstanding season, scoring seven tries in 11 matches and leading from the front. Bendigo coach Charlie Ihaka was delighted at Tuitupou’s win.

BTA SEEKS PLAYERS THE Bendigo Tennis Association is urging all players intending to participate in tennis programs this summer to start thinking tennis. BTA Executive Officer Leon Retallick urged players to contact their clubs in order to submit teams with the Association prior to relevant closing dates. All BTA affiliate clubs are actively looking to engage new and existing members into tennis, with many clubs conducting opening days coming up over the next couple of weeks.

GOLD RUSH: Action from Bendigo Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN. More photos at

Why not try a 29er? LIKES and dislikes – we all have them, it is part of human nature. Mountain bike riders certainly have a lot more to look for when making choices related to where or how they might like to ride. Handling is directly related to the frame set up and components, choices are plentiful as the style of bike depends on the type of off-road riding being undertaken. Since the 1980s the MTB scene has had a new choice of wheel size – the traditional 26” or the 29” which is more aligned with the road bike size tyre 700c. Apparently the concept grew out of a prototype built up by English off-road cycling pioneer Geoff Apps, which he had developed using 700c Nokia snow tyres from Finland. Other MTB frame de-

EDDIE BARKLA signers and builders Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly became intrigued and the rest is now living and growing MTB bike history. MTB riders have been likened to that of four wheel drivers in that the original intent for harsh off-road conditions has changed considerably and the spectrum of users has widened, becoming more of a recreation sport. Like some four wheel drivers who might never get their tyres dirty, some MTB riders are merely offroad path riders and enjoy the comfort that dual suspension frame geometry delivers. The introduction of the 29” wheel and tyres for off-road use has brought much debate about the larger wheel delivering a

wider area to share the surface area over rough terrain. The big wheels found on 29er mountain bikes can be run at lower pressures and allow a bigger contact area with the ground giving much more grip. The thoughts are the 29er can cope with extra weight and is well suited to the taller and heavier riders, allowing a greater momentum and granting more stability. There is also the viewpoint they will be more sluggish for the serious technical riders who use the 26” wheels and bounce over unbelievably rough terrain at amazing speeds. Increased height for the centre brackets has been overcome with new designs specifically for 29er bikes; low standover height has been achieved and the wheelbase re-

BRAVES STARS SHINE SYMES Motors Bendigo Braves players Ivan McFarlin and Luke Meyer have won recognition as part of the SEABL east conference all-star five for the second consecutive season. Imports McFarlin and Meyer are part of a lineup that includes Knox players CJ Massingale and Lester Strong and Kilsyth’s Tim Lang in the all-star line-up for this 2011 season. Both McFarlin and Meyer will suit up in this Saturday’s SEABL national championship decider against Nunawading at Dandenong Stadium.

UPSIZE: The larger tyres can offer more grip. duced to compare with the 26” length. Much work has been done to get stronger and lighter wheels. All this with other technical aspects of frame length and cornering response make some sense to the discerning MTB competitor to try a 29er. Weight can have an affect on acceleration, momentum and braking. While it would seem

negligible to some, to the discerning all factors need to be added up in performance where 10ths of a second mean a win or loss. 29ers are now winning at the world cup level in the elite men category. Anyone on a bike has to be a winner and 29ers beckon you to consider them. Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon, God willing.

HOCKEY TEAMS PROGRESS THE Central Victoria Blazers men’s and women’s teams will both play in this weekend’s State League grand finals at the State Hockey Centre in Parkville. The Blazers scored a 2-1 victory in the preliminary final clash with Mornington, and will now take on La Trobe Uni in the grand final. CV Blazers scored a 4-1 win against La Trobe Uni in the women’s preliminary final to make it through to this weekend’s grand final.

Your horoscope Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 19):

A relationship or situation that began with gusto in April arrives at a point of evaluation. The question of commitment may always be an issue in this combination. Tensions that have been submerged may suddenly erupt and one of you may depart the scene. If you are in a normally stable relationship, then one or both of you is looking for some fresh excitement.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 19):

Love life and creativity get a gold star this week. You may feel as though you are attacked in your work life or with employees. If you have not been attending to your personal health, a situation may develop suddenly that is your message to get started.

Gemini (May 20 - June 20):

Your Guardian Angel is watching out for you during this period. You have positive news and good fortune through family connections. There is, however, an accompanying irksome situation that keeps you from feeling fully at ease. Your mind is in one place and your heart another. Take your time.


Cancer (June 21 - July 21):

You have a conflict between what you feel and what you think. When stuck in this place, we usually are unable to move forward in any significant way. Our minds see what is logical, rational, and orderly. But our hearts are in the space of feelings, which have no rules. Withhold judgment until a solution develops that allows both rationality and can be supported by feelings.

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22):

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19):

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21):

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 17):

A situation with a significant other or a family member may suddenly break loose. It will require all of your natural diplomacy and self control to avoid being pulled into a brew. Alternatively, these symbols could represent an accident or property damage at home. Be certain everything is backed up.

Leo (July 22 - Aug 21):

There may be a skirmish with a partner or roommate over the sharing of resources. This is not the ultimate deal breaker and the moments of discomfort pass fairly quickly if your relationship is basically sound. Don’t turn the issue into a disaster. Let it go and choose a better time in the future to deal more fully with the problem if necessary.

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sep 22):

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 20):

Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be travelling with you for seven weeks. This energy is especially helpful in defining our boundaries. Periodically we need to examine who we are and also who we are not. Often something is eliminated. In general, Mars will increase your physical strength. This is a fine weekend for travel and activities concerning the law, education, or the internet. Open your mind and your arms wide to accept expansion. Meanwhile, on the home front, you need more time to think about an issue concerning close friends or family. Your mind says one thing and your feelings another.

You have a desire to reach outward to others. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework. Circumstances on the romantic front are favourable with one who shares intellectual interests. Activities involving teaching/learning are favoured, along with good aspects for travel.

You are under a tremendous amount of stress at this time. There is pressure from both work and family. You may feel as though at a breaking point with all the responsibility and concerns. Take very special care of yourself and take your vitamins. Follow a good health regimen to get through this period.

You are between a rock and a hard place on an issue of law, ethics, education or religious beliefs. You have pondered this for many months and have arrived at a decision. However, if you proceed you may be in a position of abandoning someone. Or that person may feel compelled to abandon you.

Pisces (Feb 18 - Mar 19): The next two weeks focus your attention on the subject of healing. This may develop on the physical, spiritual or emotional plane. Given the mind-body connection, it is probable that work on the emotional level will heal you physically and vice-versa. If it is not you who is healing, then it is someone significant in your life to whom you are attending.

Friday, September 16, 2011 – Bendigo Weekly

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Footy stars drop in SOME of footy’s big names created a stir when they dropped into St Francis of the Field primary school this week as part of the Toyota Good for Footy Tour. The current and former players have been visiting re-

gional centres to promote interest in this year’s AFL Finals, taking with them a replica of the AFL premiership cup as they sign autographs and provide giveaways to eager youngsters who are the future stars of the game.

GOLDEN DAY: Mason Wakefield accepts a prize from Chris Newman. ABOVE: Entertaining the crowd at St Francis in the Fields. Photos: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Williams tips Judd for medal By BEN CAMERON

CHRIS JUDD is a shooin for his third Brownlow medal, according to Blues legend Greg Williams. As a guest speaker for the Golden Eagles coterie group at The Bridge Hotel last Friday, the man known as Diesel said the Carlton captain should break the record for most votes in a season. “He’s almost a certainty this year (to win the Brownlow), I think he’ll get 35 votes this year,” he said. “By the time he’s finished, he could win four or five Brownlows. It’s not out of the question.” Williams, who also believes Judd could be regarded as the greatest player of all time by the end of his career, said he had no problem with Carlton’s handling of the hype surrounding coach Brett Ratten’s contract extension. “They made their decision early but I’m confident he’ll stay, there’s


no question whatever happens,” he said before Carlton’s recent Round 24 62-point demolition of Essendon. “I think he’s done a fantastic job (this year).” Williams, not noted for his pace, is confident he’d still get a guernsey in Carlton’s muchimproved midfield, if he were playing now.

“I’m confident I’d do all right,” he said. “Sam Mitchell is a pretty serious player, and he’s not that fast, it’s not an issue really. “It’s a pretty serious midfield now. Even with (Mitch) Robinson and (Kade) Simpson, there’s a heap of blokes who can go through there if you need. “A few recruits like Duigan have helped a lot, plus the pressure they put on now, the forward press for example, they’re doing that a lot better.” Williams said Gavin Wanganeen, the man many believe stole the 1993 Brownlow off him, hadn’t bought him a beer yet. “No, he didn’t steal it,” he laughed. Now a successful businessman, the hard centreman said closing a deal was harder than getting his hands on the ball on a muddy day. “Business is harder, I didn’t find it hard getting a kick,” Williams said.

HIGH SPOT: Darcy Bakes and Zack Shelton. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

“Don’t Pay Dealer Prices” Greater quality at a better price

Top of the game THERE must be something in the water bottles down at St Therese’s Primary School. Last weekend, two of their Under 12 football stars, Darcy Bakes and Zack Shelton, wrote their names into the school’s sporting history with very similar stories. Darcy captained the B team to a premiership (he was a premier-

ship player last year too), while Zack Shelton skippered the C team to glory. But the similarities don’t end there. Both boys were judged best on ground in their respective grand finals, and both went on to win best-and-fairest awards with their teamsDarcy tied with teammate Daniel Clohesy.

BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT * Sedans $ only


Utes $180 and Wagons $330 Nation-wide lifetime guarantee which includes warranty against fading. UV Protection of least 285+ Solar Gard one of Australia’s most trusted and popular window films for over 30 years.

New look for run THE 50th Annual Keith Huddle Memorial Run is to become a family affair. This year’s Eaglehawk to Bendigo Keith Huddle memorial run, scheduled for Sunday, October 16, will take on a new look with family and friends being invited to participate. The 6.5 kilometre run will cater for everyone and while the elite athletes will be vying to win this great run others can enjoy a day out jogging the road from Eaglehawk to Bendigo. Event organisers said they are delighted to be able to involve more partic-

ipants and that the money raised will go to Horizon House, St John of God, Saws Adventure and Bendigo Baptist Community Care. This year’s event is the 50th, making it one of the oldest running races in Victoria. Entries have already been received from right across the state. Entry forms are available from the Athlete’s Foot or terryhicks18@yahoo. For more information contact Keith McDonald 5443 4644 or Robert Cook on 0419 899 908. MEMORIAL: Andy Buchanan, Michael Preece and Matthew Barnes. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Mobile: 0409 021 352 Ph: 5446 1575

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6am Children’s Programs 7pm Spicks And Specks: Presented by Adam Hills 7.30 Dirty Jobs 8.30 Good Game 9.00 twentysomething: With a new rental house, but no furniture, no job and no money, Jess and Josh come up with a solution. 9.30 Sanctuary: After gaining access to the city of Praxis in Hollow Earth, the team is met with a hostile welcome by the city's leader. 10.15 triple j presents 10.45 The Graham Norton Show 11.30 Arrested Development 11.55 Extras 12.25 Love Soup 1.30 Later... With Jools Holland

6am Children’s Programs 7pm Spicks And Specks 7.30 Mega Builders: Follows the progress of the world's largest machine. 8.30 Louis Theroux: Louis Theroux heads to Las Vegas to meet the people prepared to bet their bottom dollar. 9.30 Kill It, Cook It, Eat It 10.35 The Graham Norton Show 11.20 Jess: My New Face: Born with a facial disfigurement, Jess Lee has faced surgery all her life. Now she goes on an emotional journey to discover why she felt she had to change. 12.20 Inside The Actors Studio 1.05 Later... With Jools Holland

6am Children’s Programs 7pm Spicks And Specks 7.30 The Marngrook Footy Show: A family-friendly footy show with an engaging mix of personalities, humour, analysis and information. 8.30 Arrested Development 9.00 Harry And Paul 9.30 The Gruen Transfer 10.00 twentysomething 10.30 The Warehouse Comedy Festival 11.05 The Graham Norton Show: Graham Norton presents the funniest moments from the latest series. 11.50 The Chaser's War On Everything 12.50 The Marngrook Footy Show


Saturday 17th

Sunday 18th

Monday 19th

6am Children’s Programs 7pm Monkey Thieves 7.30 The Wild Gourmets In Spain: Tommi and Guy Grieve head for the dry central plains of Castille, where they track down wild boar, help harvest saffron, and encounter an opinionated shepherd. 8.15 At The Movies Shortcuts: Join Margaret and David as they review the latest in cinema releases. 8.30 Movie: The Magnificent Seven: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson: Seven master gunmen are pitted against an army of bandits. 10.35 Movie: Joe Kidd: Clint Eastwood 12.05 Raw Comedy 2010 1.00 Eataholics

6am Children’s Programs 7pm At The Movies: Join Margaret and David as they review the latest in cinema releases. 7.30 Dancing King: David King delays the rehearsals for the Michael Jackson homage show. 8.30 Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child: A revealing autobiography of the legendary guitarist. Told in his own words, it incorporates previously unseen photographs and film footage from the family archive. 9.45 Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock 10.45 The Jonathan Ross Show 11.30 Art Nation 12.00 Absolutely Fabulous 12.30 Glastonbury 2010 1.25 Later... With Jools Holland

6.00 Children’s Programs 11.00 Jeannie 12.00 Bewitched 1.00 Married With Children 2.00 Here's Lucy 3.00 Green Acres 3.30 Spin City 4.30 The Dukes Of Hazzard 5.30 Wipeout USA 6.30 Movie: Mighty Joe Young: Bill Paxton, Charlize Theron, Rade Serbedzija, Regina King 8.50 Movie: The Matrix: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving 11.30 Camelot: Arthur creates a tribunal of justice that solves disputes via wits, not blood. Sybil helps Morgan connect with the townsfolk. 1.30 The Vampire Diaries 5.00 The Hills 5.30 Children’s Programs

6:35:16 PM

Tuesday 20th

6.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Flintstones 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here’s Lucy 12.30 Spin City 1.00 The Hills 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Movie: Scooby Doo! And The Legend Of The Vampire: Casey Kasem, Frank Welker, Nicole Jaffe 7.30 Movie: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White And Blonde: Reese Witherspoon, Sally Field 9.30 Movie: Drop Dead Gorgeous 11.30 South Park 12.30 Fringe 2.30 Reno 911 5.00 The Hills 5.30 Children’s Programs

6.00 Children’s Programs 7.05 Flintstones 7.30 Children’s Programs 12.00 The City 12.30 Eclipse Music TV 1.00 Married With Children 2.00 The Bachelorette 3.30 The Voice 6.30 The Middle 7.30 Hamish & Andy's Gap Year: Hamish and Andy take their misplaced sense of adventure to New York. 8.30 Two And A Half Men 9.00 Big Bang Theory 9.30 Camelot 11.30 South Park 12.00 Tool Academy 1.00 Reno 911 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children 5.30 Flintstones

6.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Flintstones 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Spin City 1.00 Seinfeld 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia's Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Top Gear 8.30 Big Bang Theory 9.30 Movie: Austin Powers: Goldmember: Mike Myers 11.30 Chuck 1.30 Reno 911 2.00 Home Shopping

6.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Flintstones 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 The Bachelorette 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia's Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Movie: Yours, Mine And Ours 9.30 The Bachelorette 11.00 Nikita 12.00 Eclipse Music TV 12.30 Tool Academy 1.30 Reno 911 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me

6.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Flintstones 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Spin City 1.00 Seinfeld 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia's Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Same Name 8.30 Big Bang Theory 9.30 Movie: Adventureland 11.30 South Park 12.30 Tool Academy 1.30 Reno 911 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me

6.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Flintstones 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Married With Children 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Spin City 1.00 Seinfeld 2.00 The Dukes Of Hazzard 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Seinfeld 6.30 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Australia's Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Are You Fitter Than A Pensioner 8.30 Primeval 9.30 Movie: Ocean's Thirteen 12.00 The Ultimate Fighter 1.00 V 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 Just Shoot Me 4.30 TMZ 5.00 Married With Children


Friday 16th


6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Martha Stewart 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Movie: The Bounty 3.00 Rhodes Across India 4.00 Hogan Family 4.30 Perfect Strangers 5.00 Tennis: The Davis Cup: Day One: Australia v Switzerland 5.30 The Good Life 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry's Practice 7.30 Are You Being Served? 8.10 One Foot In The Grave 8.45 Escape To The Country 11.00 Living In The Sun 12.00 Movie: Thunderstruck

6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Children’s Programs 10.00 The Great Outdoors 11.00 Queensland Weekender 11.30 Out Of The Blue 12.00 Great South East 12.30 Tennis: The Davis Cup: Day Two: Australia v Switzerland 3.30 Weekend Kitchen 4.30 What's Up Down Under 5.00 The Great Australian Doorstep 5.30 Men Behaving Badly 6.00 Are You Being Served? 6.30 All Creatures Great & Small 7.30 Heartbeat 8.40 Taggart 11.00 That's My Boy 11.30 Please Sir! 12.00 Minder 1.00 Movie: China Sky 2.30 Movie: Honeymoon 4.00 The World Around Us

6.00 Home And Away Catch-Up 8.30 Ugly Betty 9.30 Britannia High 10.30 Welcome Back Kotter 11.00 Tennis: The Davis Cup: Day Three: Australia v Switzerland: Presented by Hamish McLachlan, with expert commentary from John Newcombe. 5.30 The Good Life 6.00 One Foot In The Grave 6.30 Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em 7.00 Sandcastles 7.30 Homes Under The Hammer 8.45 Escape To The Country 11.00 Living In The Sun 12.00 No Going Back 1.00 Movie: Camp: Daniel Letterle, Joanna Chilcoat 3.30 Leyland Brothers World 4.30 The World Around Us 5.30 Home Shopping

6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Martha Stewart 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Escape To The Sun 12.30 To The Manor Born 1.00 Rhodes Across India 2.00 Murphy Brown 2.30 Hogan Family 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.00 Movie: Masquerade 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry's Practice 7.30 Heartbeat 8.40 Keeping Up Appearances 9.20 Movie: Catherine Cookson's Dinner Of Herbs: Billie Whitelaw 11.30 The Sweeney 12.30 Movie: Allegheny Uprising

6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Martha Stewart 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Escape To The Sun 12.30 To The Manor Born 1.00 Rhodes Across India 2.00 Murphy Brown 2.30 Hogan Family 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.45 Movie: Damn The Defiant! 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry's Practice 7.30 Dad’s Army 8.10 Keeping Up Appearances 8.50 One Foot In The Grave 9.30 Homes Under The Hammer 10.45 60 Minute Makeover 11.45 Jonathan Creek

6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Martha Stewart 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Escape To The Sun 12.30 To The Manor Born 1.00 Rhodes Across India 2.00 Murphy Brown 2.30 Hogan Family 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.00 Movie: Footsteps In The Fog 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry's Practice 7.30 Heartbeat 8.40 Ruth Rendell Mysteries 10.50 Keeping Up Appearances 11.20 Open All Hours 12.00 Minder 1.00 Coronation Street

6.00 Home Shopping 6.30 Martha Stewart 7.30 Dr Oz 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 Designing Women 11.30 Deal Or No Deal 12.00 Escape To The Sun 12.30 To The Manor Born 1.00 Rhodes Across India 2.00 Murphy Brown 2.30 Hogan Family 3.00 Perfect Strangers 3.30 Night Court 4.00 Movie: The Quick Gun 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Harry's Practice 7.30 The Royal 8.30 William And Mary 10.30 Mistresses 11.30 Gil Mayo Mysteries 12.40 Minder 1.40 Movie: Son Of Kong



6.00 National Football League 8.30 WNBA Action 9.00 Major League Baseball 12.00 The Game Plan (NRL) 1.30 The Game Plan (AFL) 3.00 Omnisport: A comprehensive roundup of sports news and highlights from the past 24 hours. 3.30 Bondi Rescue 4.00 Airline 4.30 Extreme Dreams 5.00 I Fish: Presented by Paul Worsteling 6.00 Airline 6.30 Bondi Rescue 7.00 Cops 7.30 World's Toughest Fixes 8.30 Movie: Harlem Nights 10.45 Sports Tonight 11.15 Breakout Kings 12.15 NASCAR Sprint Cup: Highlights 1.15 Major League Baseball

6.00 Omnisport 6.30 WNBA Action 7.00 Fiberglass & Megapixels 8.00 Triathlon: ITU World Championship Highlights 9.00 Football: Bundesliga Weekly Highlights 10.00 Pro Bull Riding 11.00 World Of Free Sports 11.30 Drive 12.00 WWE Experience 1.00 Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 1.30 Extreme Dreams 3.00 First Ascent 3.30 Airline 5.30 I Fish: Presented by Paul Worsteling 6.00 Sailing: 2011 Audi IRC Series 6.30 WWE Experience 7.30 Fear Factor 8.30 Ross Noble's Australian Trip 9.30 MotoGP Qualifying 11.10 UFC 104 1.10 WRC Access All Areas 2.10 Omnisport 2.30 Football: Arsenal TV

6.00 Triathlon: World Cup Magazine 7.00 Triathlon: ITU World Championship Series 9.30 Sailing: 2011 Audi IRC Series 10.00 Pro Bull Riding 11.00 UFC Fight Night Live 1.00 WRC Access All Areas 2.00 NASCAR Sprint Cup: Qualifying 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Airline 5.00 Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 5.30 I Fish 6.30 Cops 6.55 Motorcycle Racing: 125cc 8.00 Motorcycle Racing: Moto2 9.30 MotoGP 11.15 Grand-Am Rolex Sportscar Series 1.15 RPM Moment 1.30 World Of Free Sports 2.00 NFL Total Access 3.00 National Football League

6.00 National Football League 9.15 Omnisport 9.45 World Of Free Sports 10.15 RPM Moment 10.20 National Football League 1.30 MotoGP 3.30 Omnisport 4.00 Airline 4.30 Extreme Dreams 5.00 I Fish 6.00 Airline 6.30 Beach Patrol 7.00 Cops 7.30 Psych 8.30 Burn Notice 9.30 One Week At A Time (AFL) 10.30 Sports Tonight 11.00 MotoGP 1.00 One Week At A Time Late (NRL) 2.00 Omnisport: A comprehensive round-up of sports news and highlights. 2.30 Football: Arsenal TV 5.30 FA Cup Classics

6.00 Football: Serie A 8.00 NASCAR Sprint Cup 11.00 Omnisport 11.30 First Ascent 12.00 WRC Access all Areas 1.00 One Week At A Time (AFL) 2.00 One Week At A Time (NRL) 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Beach Patrol 4.00 Airline 4.30 Extreme Dreams 5.00 I Fish 6.00 I Fish 6.30 Beach Patrol 7.00 Cops 7.30 Black Gold 8.30 Cops: Adults Only 9.30 Can Of Worms 10.30 24 11.30 Sports Tonight 12.00 UFC Fight Night 2.00 Omnisport 2.30 Football: Liverpool TV 5.30 FA Cup Classics

6.00 Football: Serie A 8.00 WNBA Action 8.30 This Week In Baseball 9.00 Major League Baseball 12.00 NFL Total Access 1.00 NASCAR Nationwide Series: Highlights 2.00 NASCAR Sprint Cup: Highlights 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Beach Patrol 4.00 Airline 4.30 Extreme Dreams 5.00 I Fish 6.00 Airline 6.30 Beach Patrol 7.00 Cops 7.30 Fear Factor 8.30 Cops: Adults Only 9.30 Sons Of Anarchy 10.30 RPM: Presented by Greg Rust, Daryl Beattie and Craig Baird 11.30 Sports Tonight 12.00 UFC 135 Countdown 1.00 Fear Factor 2.00 Omnisport

6.00 Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 6.30 Triathlon: ITU World Championship Series 9.00 Major League Baseball 12.00 MotoGP 2.00 RPM 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Beach Patrol 4.00 Airline 4.30 Extreme Dreams 5.00 I Fish 6.00 Airline 6.30 Beach Patrol 7.00 Cops 7.30 Fear Factor 8.30 The Game Plan (AFL) 10.00 The Defenders 11.00 Sports Tonight 11.30 The Ultimate Fighter 12.30 The Game Plan Late 2.00 Triathlon: ITU World Championship Series 4.30 This Week In Baseball 5.00 Omnisport



Thursday 22nd

5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village: Presented by Silvio Rivier 6.30 Iron Chef: Join Takeshi Kagi, founder of the Gourmet Academy, and his Iron Chefs in this cult cookoff series. 7.30 Cycling: Tour Of Britain 2011: Highlights 8.30 Trafficked 9.30 Movie: Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon (Hong Kong): Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Maggie Q 11.20 Movie: The Eye: Infinity (Hong Kong): Chen Bo Lin, Isabella Leong, Kate Yeung 12.50 Weatherwatch

5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Wine Lovers’ Guide To Australia 6.35 The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour Of Britain: Si King and Dave Myers travel the length and breadth of Britain to discover the finest traditional foods around. 7.30 Cycling: Tour Of Britain 2011: Highlights 8.30 UEFA Europa League: Highlights 9.30 Movie: Deliver Us From Evil (Denmark): Lasse Rimmer, Lene Nystrom, Fanny Bornedal 11.15 Movie: Idiot Love (Spain): Santi Millan: A self-confessed idiot leads a confused existence, until he bumps into the ladder of a sexy blonde. 12.55 Weatherwatch

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05am World Watch 6pm Sinae Choi’s Korean Food Cult 6.30 Singapore Flavours 7.30 Cycling: Tour Of Britain 2011: Highlights 8.30 The Phone 9.30 Movie: Kurt Wallander (Sweden): Krister Henriksson, Lena Endre, Sverrir Gudnason: When a sixyear-old boy disappears from preschool, Wallander and the Ystad police join the desperate search to find him. 11.10 Movie: Autumn Spring (The Czech Republic): Vlastimil Brodsky, Stella Zazvorkova, Stanislav Zindulka 12.55 Weatherwatch

5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Living Black: Presented by Karla Grant 6.30 Iron Chef 7.30 Cycling: Tour Of Britain 2011: Highlights 8.30 Surgeons: The final episode explores the revolutionary and radical surgeries being performed on children in Ireland. 9.30 The World Game: Presented by Les Murray, Craig Foster, David Basheer, Mariana Rudan and Scott McIntyre 10.30 Movie: Fitzcarraldo (Germany): Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, José Lewgoy 1.15 Weatherwatch

5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village 6.30 Iron Chef 7.30 Lost Worlds: Guided by astrophysicist Dr Thebe Medupe, a group of scientists engages in the first exploration of the scientific contents of the great manuscript archives of Timbuktu. 8.30 As It Happened: The Wehrmacht 9.30 Movie: Chameleon (Hungary): Ervin Nagy, Gabriella Hamori, Zsolt Trill 11.25 Movie: Killing Cabos (Mexico): Tony Dalton, Joaquin Cosio, Kristoff Razcinsky 1.15 Weatherwatch

5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village: Presented by Silvio Rivier 6.30 Iron Chef 7.30 Inspector Rex: During a bank robbery, a staff member is shot dead, and the bank manager is abducted at gun point by the thief. 8.30 Spiral: Inspector Berthaud’s team closes in on Aziz, while Rachid agrees to collaborate with the police. 9.30 Movie: Claustrophobia (Hong Kong): Karena Lam, Ekin Cheng, Felix Lok 11.20 Movie: The Young Lieutenant (France): Nathalie Baye, Jalil Lespert, Roschdy Zem 1.20 Weatherwatch

5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village 6.30 Iron Chef: Join Takeshi Kagi and his Iron Chefs in this cult cook-off series. 7.30 Trails From The East 8.30 Top Secret America: On the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, journalist Dana Priest investigated the dramatic changes that reshaped America. 9.30 Movie: Till Faith Do Us Part (Germany): Silke Bodenbender, Felix Klare, Nina Kunzendorf 11.15 Movie: The Son’s Room (Italy): Nanni Moretti, Laura Morante, Giuseppe Sanfelice 1.00 Weatherwatch

WeeklySport Friday, September 16, 2011



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Finals frenzy SANDHURST will play Eaglehawk this Saturday, for the right to face Golden Square in an A-Grade netball grand final, after Golden Square beat Sandhurst by two goals (46-44) in their second semi last weekend. With 24 points to Christine McCahon, Eaglehawk also edged out Gisborne by

four points (36-32). Meanwhile Strathfieldsaye take on Sandhurst in their A Reserve preliminary, after Eaglehawk beat Sandhurst by three points last weekend in their second semi, with Rebecca Smith shooting 27 points, while Strathfieldsaye beat Golden Square by two points in an intense battle,

with Lisa Evans shooting 31 majors. And Strathfieldsaye face Eaglehawk in a B-Grade preliminary final, after Kangaroo Flat accounted for Eaglehawk by 14 points, to progress to the grand final, with Nina Cass shooting 39 goals, while Strathfieldsaye beat Kyneton in a thriller by one goal.

Triathlon continues growth WITH participation numbers at the Bendigo Triathlon Club doubling over the past six years, a big season looms and the club’s bluechip event starts this weekend. The $10,000 Bendigo Villawood Triathlon Series, the largest Victorian regional triathlon series, starts tomorrow at Lake Neangar, with registration from 7am, and the race at 8am. Competitors can choose from a long, short or mini course, with many of the prizes on offer being spot prizes. Club veteran of 21 years David Meade said with the popular seven-race series of last year, which attracted about 100 competitors to

SUCCESSFUL: David Meade. each event (and planning for 200 this year) returning, this season should be a bumper one. “This season is shaping up to be our most successful,” he said. “Triathlon is growing rapidly all over the country with many races sold

out months in advance. In Bendigo our participation numbers have doubled in the past six years. “People are realising the short course distances of 200-metre swim, eightkilometre cycle, and twokilometre run are achievable. “The club has also developed an environment where everybody is welcome; it’s not about competition it’s more about participation. “The races have a great atmosphere and are family friendly. “We run a barbecue breakfast at each event and we have lots of giveaways for the junior competitor.” Get more details at

ATTACK: Action from last weekend’s A-Reserve game between Golden Square and Strathfieldsaye. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

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Bendigo Weekly Issue 729 September 16 2011  

Bendigo Weekly Issue 729 September 16 2011