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BSHS 471 Week 3 Learning Team Presentation

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For more course tutorials visit As a result of the lecture, discussion, and presentation on self-help and mutual help groups during Week Two, the Learning Team participants will choose a self-help support system to research and make a 3-4 page paper during Week Three Three. The participants can either review information online and/or interview a coordinator of a local system. Participants will divide the research and presentation into the following areas: • • • • •

The philosophy of the self-help support system. The target population(s) served. The functions of the self-help support system. How the system interfaces with other programs or agencies. The role (if any) of human services workers at the support system. How and by whom the services of the support system are evaluated. What the recent outcomes are, both positive and negative, of the self-help support system’s services. How the services of the support service could be improved. The Learning Team presentation will be provided during Week Three.

Bshs 471 week 3 learning team presentation