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EDU 310 Week 3 Team Assignment Cooperative Learning Activity and Lesson Plan (UOP Course) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial g-Activity-and-Lesson-Plan-(UOP-Course) For more course tutorials visit

Tutorial Purchased: 3 Times, Rating: A Learning Team Assignment: Cooperative Learning Activity and Lesson Plan

Resource:University Material: Lesson Plan Critique

Locate a lesson plan that has a cooperative learning activity to present to your Learning Team. Alternatively, you may locate an existing lesson plan and incorporate a cooperative learning activity into it.

Discuss the characteristics and structures of the cooperative learning activities with your Learning Team. Be sure to address the important components of group building.

Select a state standard as the basis of a lesson or instruction.

Design a lesson incorporating a cooperative learning activity that addresses the standard.

Share your lesson plan with the class:

Online Campus students: Post a 1-paragraph summary in the Main forum that explains how you would lead the class in your cooperative learning activity. Attach your team’s lesson plan to the post.

Local Campus students: Bring to class a hardcopy your team’s lesson plan, and lead the class in your cooperative learning activity.

Complete the University Material: Lesson Plan Critique by critiquing each Learning Team’s lesson plan for effectiveness,

and identify any anticipated challenges associated with implementation.

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