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Burhill Team News July 2022

Colin Mayes Chief Executive

This month we also held our annual Suppliers Golf Day here at Burhill Golf Club, the team here did a fantastic job, and we had some wonderful comments and letters of thanks and appreciation from many that attended on the day. It’s a great way to say thank you for the support we get from our suppliers and a chance to speak / catch up with them all and hopefully also get some business done throughout the day as well.

Thankfully June has been yet another busy month for us all within BGL. The directors had a board meeting and the Annual General Meeting for all the family shareholders which was held at the Royal Automobile Club in London on the 14th June which, I am delighted to say, was very well attended. Importantly for us all the shareholders have been hugely supportive of the business over the last couple of years and particularly over the very difficult Covid period. Our shareholders have not taken any dividends out of the company which has allowed us to continue our investment in both our existing sites and supported the continued development of new Adventure Leisure businesses as well as our more recent acquisitions of Ninja Warrior UK venues. On the subject of new sites, I am also delighted to report that both Worcester, where we are developing the next Mulligans, and Swansea our next Ninja Warrior UK venue are both broadly all going to plan despite a number of setbacks with contractors and issues such as lifts breaking down at Worcester which is a first-floor site. Our contractors need it to be working to get everything to the site. As you can guess having two big projects all running at the same time is not easy for Andy Scholey and the AL/ NL team, but we are overcoming the issues and very much looking forward to getting the sites open and trading.

We also kicked off our fundraising for the Burhill to Paris Charity Bike Ride in aid of the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Our suppliers were very generous, and we managed to raise just over £1,300 on the day and to date £1,030 on the JustGiving donation page. I am also trying to encourage all our General Managers to do some sort of fundraising event themselves. The family directors have also said that whatever funds we raise they will add another 50% to the total so hopefully we all should be able to make a real difference and present a pretty sizeable cheque to the British Red Cross in September. My bike ride training has

CEO Update started and much to Kirstie’s amazement I have been out peddling a 20-mile course around where I live starting at 5.30am in the morning. One small benefit is that I have been seeing some wonderful sunrises and thankfully there are not too many cars around at that time in the morning.

This month I also had the privilege to assist Andrew Scholey host his team of General Managers to a trip to Edinburgh for a visit to the Johnnie Walker Whisky Experience and improve everybody’s knowledge of this very important product. A great time was had by all and I can thoroughly recommend a visit to this fine establishment in Edinburgh should any of On Monday 20th June the Burhill team were again you be visiting this great city. on the top of their game when they hosted the Regional Final of The Open Qualifying event which Our trading for June has been pretty much on plan also went extremely well, and we have received a with our budget, albeit we are certainly starting very nice letter from the R&A regarding our team’s to see both our members and regular customers performance on the day. We have held this event starting to tighten up their spending habits. You will at Burhill for 5 years and this will now pass on to all have seen the national news about the issues another golf club in the region for another 5-year the whole country is having with the stresses and period. The R&A have told us they will definitely strains regarding the economy and there is no doubt be back as they think the course and the facilities in my own mind that once we get past the summer we have are first class. Congratulations to all the period the mood of the country is likely to become team at Burhill for putting in the extra effort to meet quite difficult as the costs of energy and keeping the very high standards required to hold such a our homes warm will really start to bite. prestigious event.

CEO Update On a slightly lighter note, I was really disappointed to leave our BGL Suppliers Golf Day early as I needed to be on a flight to Aberdeen that evening ready to start competing the next day and over the weekend in the GB Masters Swimming Championships. Delighted to report that my swim team and I managed to get a silver medal in the 4 x100m men’s medley relay event and I manged to get an individual bronze medal in the 200m individual medley event and boy was that tough. I thought I was going to die after finishing the first 50m butterfly but managed to keep going albeit my time was a tad slower than I had hoped for. It was the same for a few of my other swims but as they say it is the taking part that counts!! I know I have a lot of work to do if I want to be competing for medals for the GB Short Course Championship’s in Sheffield later this year at the end of October. At least I have another event to keep me motivated and hopefully training hard for. With our charity bike ride also coming up its all pretty much full on. Thankfully Kirstie is doing that with me so we can get some time together training and I am sure when we actually do the ride we will all have some fun along the way, as we pedal our way to Paris!!!

ongoing issue and like all decent businesses we want to be fair to everyone to ensure that we are all paid a fair rate for the job we are doing. We are doing our best to keep passing costs onto our members and customers alike, but there is only so much where this can happen, and we just need to try and steer a steady course through all the difficulties the country is likely to face in the winter ahead. As a business we are in a strong position to withstand any major economic issues that we are likely to be faced with but having spoken to many other senior business owners and operators over the past few months it is fair to say that we are all concerned about what the future holds for us. The huge changes that Covid -19 has brought to us and for those now working from home and the profound change to our habits is something many are having to adapt and conform to. Some of this has seen the golf industry really benefit and we need to work hard to keep these many new customers engaged with us as they are being forced to decide where and what they spend their hard-earned salary / wages on. Making sure that we welcome everybody and take just that little bit more effort in making sure they are having a great time with us will make all the difference, so we just need to ensure we keep the customer / members upper most in our thoughts. Without them we just do not have a business!!! all of which is keeping my senior team very, very busy!!!

I am also delighted to welcome this month three new General Managers joining the business at Mulligans Worcester, Ninja Warrior UK Swansea and Wycombe Heights Golf Centre. You can read more about them later on in this edition. With the two new business openings coming up and two new Mulligans sites being recently secured in Norwich and Bristol scheduled for opening later in the year, we are still managing to grow the business. We are also in discussions for other opportunities As a business we are doing everything we can to look at ways to review our energy costs and reduce them for the coming winter and would urge you all to try and help us by switching off any lights etc that you see / notice being switched on for no good reason. Wage inflation is also going to be an

Let’s all pray for a great summer with normal weather patterns to help keep trading strong. I know many of you will be getting a well-deserved rest in the next few months and taking holiday with your family and I hope you all have a great time and recharge your batteries. Thank you for all your hard work to date and your contribution to our success so far this year and I look forward to seeing you soon as I travel around the country visiting our venues. Warmest regards

Colin Mayes Chief Executive

The People Audit & the HRIS secure app on your mobile phone or web browser. From the company side, we will be able to use one system to coordinate your personal and employment details, talent management (reviews) prepare your rotas and payroll alongside the ability to produce reports through an analytics application which will allow Karen and I to provide our peers and your GMs, with robust and accurate information on all things related to our people: lateness, sickness, absence, payroll costs to name but very few. The systems come with around 150 pre-written reports and we will also be able to write our own for specific information we require.

Claire Boulden Performance Management & Employee Relations Skills Training. One of my objectives this year with the help of Karen from payroll, is to source and implement a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that will automate our HR and Payroll systems. The project is well under way but as you can imagine, it is a huge task with lots of people to interact with, to accommodate and to please!

The Academy will be integrated into our new system and your one step login will remain in place for everything. When we have embedded the core modules of the system (HR and Payroll) we anticipate adding a front-end system called an ATS (applicant tracking system) with onboarding facility to assist with your recruitment needs. This is what the workflow will eventually look like:

Before our HRIS goes live, a significant piece of work we need to undertake is a full and substantial HR audit. This will involve all locations reviewing every single employee file to ensure all is in order for us to be able to upload the detail into the system allowing us to go paperless. This month, your General Managers will be receiving a detailed directive on the requirements of the audit and they will be liaising with their teams to ensure that all current personal and employment information is up to date and accurate. Your prompt response to any requests from your line managers to assist in completing the audit and the information relevant to you personally will be appreciated. The HRIS system will change the look of our people processes beyond recognition. As employees you will have a self-service facility where you will be able to amend the majority of your personal details, view your rotas, request annual leave, request shift swaps, communicate with your line manager and vice versa and all of this will be available through a

Exciting times ahead as the company invests significantly in a system that will improve how we look after you. For further reading on HRIS systems, click on the links below: Warm regards Claire

BGL in Bloom is Making a Come Back! Cast your minds back to the Spring of 2019, the sun was shining, the flowers were flourishing, Covid-19 was not a thing and Ann & Heather had their clipboards out. BGL in Bloom was an occasion to showcase an array of colour that brought your site to life and now it’s BACK! This year sees the judging baton passed onto Guy, Craig and Scott (what a panel) who will mark the scores and ultimately crown the BGL in Bloom winner. Will it be your site?



Abbey Hill is one step ahead! Abbey Hill is taking BGL in Bloom very seriously and has even used their main wedding florists ‘Heaven Scent’ to advise and supply their flowers. The greenkeepers worked hard on planting these around the clubhouse and putting green. Good job!

Support Office Turns into a Greenhouse There has been a tomato and chilli contest within the Support Office Accounts department recently and there is a very clear winner! The contest was between Andrew McNamara, Marion Killick and Julie Hale. Andrew tried to grow tomatoes last year without success, so Marion & Julie thought they would give it a go and it seems to have worked as you can see

in the picture they have been eating delicious tomatoes, the peppers are still growing and they are yet to see what colour they will be. Has any other office got anything similar? With sustainability being a high topic of conversation at the moment, what a great message this would be to spread across the community.

Burhill Bag & Trolley Storage Investment Burhill is undergoing a £350,000 investment to enhance the member experience with a new golf bag and electric trolley storage facility. The storage facility is going to be located just a stones throw away from the clubhouse where the historical old workman cottages used to be. As you can see from the picture on the right, work has begun to demolish these cottages. The facility will allow members to pay to store their golf bags in one of the floor length lockers. Plus it also allows the club to store their rented electric trollies. There will be a high demand for bags to be stored among members and we are very excited to see the finished product.

TrackMan Competitions in Full Flow The TrackMan Ranges at Birchwood, Hoebridge, Ramsdale, Redbourn and Wycombe have been very popular with not just golfers but non-golfers too, which is great to see. Over the last year the sites have been working hard on launching engaging events with their members and visitors. These events are not only engaging but they also help generate extra revenue for the range and F&B. Ramsdale, Birchwood and Wycombe have been taking different approaches but they have proven that events on a driving range can be fun. Ramsdale run member only events whereby they hold a 9 hole or nearest the pin challenge with food served to the bay. They charge £5 upon sign in and the winners receive vouchers to spend in the Pro-Shop. Our TrackMan ranges use the very latest ball tracking technology and the results of the shots are projected onto a 27” screen in each bay. It is always a popular event but they are now going to branch out into the visitor market.

Wycombe has also been running events for both members and visitors. The latest visitor competition saw a 3 day event whereby the entrants had to collect as many points as possible on the ‘Bulls Eye’ game feature. This produced great traction and engegment over the usual quieter range days. They saw a few repeat visits of people who didn’t quite top the leaderboard on their first visit and wanted to try again.

Birchwood’s anniversary event for members and visitors, saw numerous competitions over a weekend with various food deals on the day. Well done to all of our range teams.

What’s the Time Mr Wolf? Amongst it all, I ate fruit scones, had just the odd glass or two of Pimm’s, and I mingled lots. Afterwards I reflected on some of the interactions I had, and in particular the ones where I was mostly in ‘listening mode’. Here are a few things we can all be doing to help us become better listeners: (adapted from “What’s Your Listening Style?,” by Rebecca D Minehart et al) Establish why you’re listening. When entering a conversation, briefly reflect on the goals of the conversation and how you can best listen in that moment. For example, is your conversation partner seeking an honest critique, an analytical reflection, or an emotional connection? Then stay focused on that objective. ‘What’s the time Mr.Wolf’? 40, Coming, Ready or Not’ and ‘Hop Scotch’ were games that my friends and I played on the day of the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977. I was 6, and the service road that ran along the back of the garages where I grew up was transformed into a happy space filled with food, flowers, flags and laughter. For the Platinum Jubilee I organised a street party, and it was heart-warming to see young and old come together for the occasion. The young playing their versions of the street games I used to play as a kid; the old watching and remembering their youth.

Don’t make the conversation about you. While interjecting your own personal story can be an act of empathy and relationship-building, it can also derail the focus of the conversation. It’s ok to insert personal comments as long as you redirect the conversation back to the other person. • Always ask for more context if you need it. Sometimes, just pausing and asking a probing follow-up question is the most powerful way to glean more information — and to show your conversation partner that you’re really present. Listening is a critical communication skill which takes time and practice to improve. If you would like to explore the subject further, go to The Academy and type ‘Listening’ into the search box – you will find several short courses available, and hundreds of others on a wide variety of subjects.

Warmest regards, Janice Moore

Burhill - Paris Charity Bike Ride For Ukraine The preperations for the charity bike ride from Burhill Golf Club to Paris on Friday 2nd to Monday 5th September is in full swing. If you didn’t know we are raising money for the Ukraine support fund through the Red Cross. The ride will cover approximately 180-200 miles!

Not only are the preperations for the event in full flow, so are the riders. Colin, Stuart Perry and Ian McDowell have started their training. Ian has even taken on the London to Brighton bike ride, which he completed in just 3 hours & 15 minutes. Good start Ian.

To donate we have a just giving page for the team and you can find this page by clicking the ‘We need your help’ link below:

Colin training at 5:30am on top of Ashdown Forest

So far we have raised over £2,330 which is an outstanding start and actually £1,300 came from our Suppliers Day held at Burhill earlier in the month. Whilst this is a great start, we want to keep the momentum going, so please spread the news, share the link and let’s raise as much as we can for the Ukraine support. Ukraine need our support more than ever.

Ian training on his Londonto brighton ride

This may or may not be Stuart...


We’d like to say a huge congratulations & thank you to our amazing BGL team members who are celebrating 5+ years with us this June & July! It wouldn’t be the same without you. David Marshall, Ramsdale Park GC, 28 years Angela Searles, Birchwood Park GC, 27 years Martin Peck, Redbourn GC, 20 years Sarah Blunden, Hoebridge GC, 16 years Colin Mayes, Support Office, 16 years Somy John, Thornbury GC, 16 years Chris Hebdon, Hoebridge GC, 15 years James Winstanley, Burhill Golf Club, 15 years Simon Shaw, Ramsdale Park, 12 years Ian Hayward, Hoebridge GC, 12 years Matthew Buckley, Ramsdale Park, 12 years Steve Brown, Support Office, 11 years Jemma Maddison, Birchwood Park, 9 years Jon Field, Thornbury GC, 8 years Morgan Kennedy, Burhill Golf Club, 8 years Roy Ellis, Hoebridge GC, 7 years Julie Hale, Support Office, 7 years

Alexander Mendoza, Abbey Hill GC, 7 years Sophie Burke, Support Office, 7 years Gary Boxall, Burhill Golf Club, 6 years Jessica Rosser, Burhill Golf Club, 6 years Haydn Drinkwater, Redbourn GC, 6 years Robin Cheney, Thornbury GC, 6 years Robin Cheng, Redbourn GC, 6 years Eliot Wise, Burhill Golf Club 5 years Iona Shama, Hoebridge GC 5 years Amy Edwards, Hoebridge GC, 5 years Victor Gomes, Support Office, 5 years Serina Young, Birchwood Park GC, 5 years Holly Laird, Aldwickbury Park GC, 5 years Neil White, Birchwood Park GC, 5 years David Bryant, Redbourn GC, 5 years Freya Clark, Abbey Hill GC, 5 years

Say Hello to our NEW General Managers

Name: Chris Young

Name: David Edwards

Site: Wycombe Heights Golf Centre

Site: Ninja Warrior UK Swansea

My name is Chris Young and I’m privileged and very excited to be taking up the position of General Manager at Wycombe Heights.

I am David, and I have the absolute pleasure of joining your amazing organisation as General Manager of Ninja Warrior UK Swansea!

From a business background I have 25 years’ experience working within the retail sector holding various senior positions with Sainsburys including store management, project management and customer facing roles.

I have spent my recent years as a leader in the areas of activity, leisure, entertainment, and retail! I look forward to opening this venue and growing it to its full potential in all areas of business, people, and product.

I love the game of golf and I am passionate about ensuring that every member or visitor to the club has a fantastic experience.

My fun fact: I am a songwriter and producer of multi genres, from rock, to dance to orchestral! So, If you sing, let’s write a masterpiece, or maybe a company jingle…?!

Name: Gareth Piper Site: Mr Mulligans Worcester Originally from Devon on the south coast, I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the hospitality industry from restaurants and hotel to most recently a collection of coffee & donut shops. I’m excited, now, to start a new adventure, heading up Mr Mulligans in Worcester. However possibly not quite as excited as my three children! My favourite part of what I do is building and developing a team and hopefully unearthing a future industry leader. I’m a massive fan of golf, admittedly on a slightly larger scale than the holes at Mr Mulligans, although I certainly need the putting practise.