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Bolsa Grande Key Club Newsletter Volume 2| Issue 7|September 2013

This September, Bolsa Grande Key Club welcomed the school year with our first meeting on September 5th. On September 14th, we had WADY (We Ain't Dead Yet) at which we gave food boxes to the elderly. The week after on September 21st, we volunteered with the division at Brain Tumor Walk. On September 22nd, we had Race for the Cure at which we cheered on the walkers while being decked out in pink! Last but not least, 68 of us attended Light the Night and DCM on September 28th!




Turn to page 5 for our pinkest event of the year!

Page 6 and 8 list the awards we received at DCM!

Go to page 9 to see our new family members.


Club Rush by Jenny Nguyen Vice President Junior •••

On Thursday, September 12th, Bolsa Grande Key Club participated in our school's Club Rush. To prepare for this event, Jacquelyn had made a tri-fold prior, and I ordered brochures from the Kiwanis website. Conveniently, the brochures and shipping were free! The morning of Club Rush, the officers reported to Mr. Tonthat's room and had our faces painted to show our teal pride. At our booth, we talked about what Key Club was about and when our first informational meeting was. Also, to stand out from the rest of the other clubs, we did a variety of cheers and asked our members how they felt as well. I felt the other clubs turn green with envy when people would turn their heads and direct their attention towards us. A lot of


people were interested in our club, and I am excited to share my Key Club experience with them. After Club Rush had ended, I had a sense of satisfaction that I had made a difference in my school. Bolsa Grande High School Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Hey Key Clubbers! Our regular events, LEC and WADY, are back! Please notify your class director if you would like to attend any of these events. Also, be sure to generously provide rides every once in a while and write plenty of articles about your experience at these events!

Lincoln Education Center

We Ain’t Dead Yet

by Gianhu Nguyen

by Cindy Nguy

Class Director





I volunteered for WADY on Saturday, September 14th, 2013. It is nice to volunteer for WADY because it was the first event that I attended as a Key Club member 2 years ago. Nothing was particularly new this time; everyone was split into groups and we just started delivering the food boxes like usual. I was in a group with Duy, Jessica, and Julie, which was weird since I was the only senior, but they made me feel young. I am always surprised at WADY; I am always assigned the same location each and every time I volunteer. It is nice to see the same residents every time I deliver the food. After all the times I have volunteered at WADY, I have learned to keep a close eye out for cheese thieves. Luckily there were no robberies today and everything went well. We were able to finish the event with no problems at all.

Bolsa Grande Key Club kicked the year off with the return of the weekly event, LEC. On Thursday, September 19th, LEC was the first event that I was project chair for the year. Not having attended LEC for a while, going back there was kind of fun. I enjoyed having conversations and grading papers with other members of our club. As usual, the call time for LEC was five o'clock. While most of the attendees showed up, there was one person who I did not see, and that person was a ride provider. Of course, my body turned into panic mode. I sent three people off first, keeping one back for company. As my worries began to grow, the ride provider came to the rescue! When we arrived at Lincoln, there were folders piled in a bucket waiting to be opened and graded. Learning from my past experience, I avoided grading English folders and accounting. I picked up chemistry files instead, and it actually helped me study for my chemistry test the following day. I enjoyed the event, so I volunteered to be project chair for LEC on the following Thursday, September 26th, and that night was fun as well. Lincoln Education Center Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Pacific Terrace Retirement Homes Saturday, September 14th, 2013

LEC - Lincoln Education

WADY - We Ain’t Dead



Grade papers

Deliver food boxes to

Every Thursday (5:15 PM

the elderly

- 7:30 PM)

Usually the second Saturday of every month (8 AM - 10 AM)


Brain Tumor Walk by Duyen Diep Junior •••

The Brain Tumor Walk at the Angel Stadium on September 21, 2013 was my first Key Club event. I was very excited for this event so I woke up at 4:30 AM. I checked my Facebook to see any updates for the event and realized that I didn't print out my waiver yet. I rushed to get ready to print and sign my waiver. I was on my way to call time and saw a blob of teal. I didn't expect so many people to be there at 6 on a Saturday morning. After checking in with our project chair, we set off to the Angel Stadium. There, I saw many familiar faces and met many more people. Everyone either looked dead tired or excited like myself. We registered and got our volunteer shirt. My job was to bring water crates to a tent. After carrying 2 crates, I saw the others carrying them in an assembly line. I stared at them blankly. I continued my route and carried 3 more water crates to the tent. Afterwards, my arms felt like jelly. My job was finished and we waited for our next task. Some of us were assigned to a booth and others continued to wait. I was one of those who continued to wait. Because there were so many volunteers, many of us did not receive a task. We decided to check out the booths. I received a free drawstring backpack from my dream school, UCI, along with a pen and bracelet from the National Brain Tumor Society booth and candy from others. I ended my first Key Club event with a picture with the UCI anteater mascot. When I arrived home, I knocked out for two hours due to my lack of sleep for several days. Overall, I had a memorable Key Club event as a first timer and gained some muscle from carrying crates of water bottles. Angel Stadium Saturday, September 21, 2013


Race for the Cure by Andrew Vo Junior •••

On Sunday, September 22nd, I was be able to go to an event called Race for the Cure. This by far was my favorite event so far! The event consisted of walkers and runners in a marathon for the cause of curing breast cancer. Key Clubbers were stationed at the pink cheer zone and had one job... TO CHEER AS LOUD AS THEY COULD! Everyone in the pink cheer zone was covered in pink and very spirited! For an hour straight, I would be cheering, screaming, and dancing nonstop. It was great seeing the faces of all the walkers and runners near the finish line as we cheered them on. Throughout the whole event, I was very energetic and could not stop cheering! At the end of the day, I went home and lost my voice, but I knew that this event was for a good cause, so it was all worth it! Fashion Island Sunday, September 22, 2013


September DCM

Light the Night Walk

by Jenny Nguyen

by Jenny Cao

Vice President

Junior •••

Junior •••

On Saturday, September 28th, I attended another DCM, also known as a Division Council Meeting. The meeting consisted of schools like Bolsa Grande, Century, Garden Grove, La Quinta, Los Amigos, Pacifica, Rancho Alamitos, Santa Ana Valley, Santiago, and Westminster. Conveniently, it was jointly hosted along with Light the Night. I am proud to say that Bolsa Grande Key Club brought sixty-eight members to the meeting! For some, it was a new experience. After the presidents discussed the past achievements for the month of August, the awards were passed out! Bolsa Grande Key Club stroke again! We won Club of the Month again, and we were the only club in the division to win it twice. I am extremely proud of the club I serve. We were really spirited, screaming our lungs out and cheering our hearts out. I cannot wait for the next DCM that will be hosted at my school.


On September 28th, I participated in the Light the Night Walk at the Angel Stadium. It was an absolutely beautiful place; it was my first time going there, and I was very excited. I got the awesome opportunity to meet and befriend other Key Club members who were also supporting the cause. Before the walk began, we had a lot of free time on our hands to roam around and collect free items. Once the evening settled however, the walk initiated. It was an amazing experience. We had refreshments, such as chips and coffee, and light-up sticks to wave around. An astounding number of people were present, and it was a little crowded to maneuver through them. Nevertheless, it was very enjoyable. We passed through the magnificent Angel Stadium, and crossing the finish line was a powerful and memorable moment. Bubbles rained down on us, music was in the air, and I just felt victorious knowing that I did a good thing to help the community.

Angel Stadium

Angel Stadium

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

ABOUT HER Name: Mindy Tran Age: 15 Birthday: August 6


Grade: Sophomore Mindy joined our Key Club family towards the end of June and has been actively attending service events ever since. She never fails to bring her cheerful smile when volunteering and is kind towards everyone. Though seemingly shy and soft spoken, Mindy represented our club well as she spoke in front of our entire division at August’s DCM. She is a leader by example, and as the year continues, she will definitely be able to have a great experience in Key Club, especially with her positive attitude and enthusiasm.


Updates •••

A whopping number of 68 Bolsa Grande Key Clubbers attended September’s Division Council Meeting this month. The DCM, which preceded Light the Night Walk at the Angel Stadium, had a total of over 360 “otters” in attendance. Among regular updates from our lieutenant governor, Tommy Dang, a list of recognition was given to Bolsa Grande Key Club in particular. As mentioned on page 6, our club won CLUB OF THE MONTH for the second time, as well as MOST visual submissions and MOST ARTICLES, an award that we have been receiving every month. In addition, our club’s attendance for divisional events have been increasing exponentially. Keep it up, Key Clubbers! Attendance numbers are not the only numbers increasing; it seems like our Key Club family has recently expanded to create room for our new



transfer students. These new names are listed on the next page! We know that most of the time, school can be very stressful. The transition from lazy summer days to busy school days jam-packed with homework is especially difficult. However, there are many things to look forward to this autumn! On Saturday, October 12th, 2013, Regional Training Conference (RTC) will be held at Bolsa Grande High School. In other words, we have the honor of hosting RTC for Region 3, which includes Divisions 4 West, 4 East, 30 South, 41 North, 4 North, 41 South, and 30 North. Less than a week later, on Friday, October 18th, 2013, is the “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” dance, a Key Club dance hosted by Division 4 North. The two weeks following the dance will be filled with Saturday evening spirit sessions to prepare for Fall Rally, which will be on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at Six Flags. And to top it all off, we’ll finally be starting our K-Kids program in November, too. For more details about any of these events, contact a club officer.

Peter Nguyen Junior K-Kids Coordinator


I am optimistic and looking forward to establishing a great KKids program at Cook Elementary. I hope that this program will help kids participate in various activities in a positive achievement oriented environment with peers and adults from their community.

Phillip Chu (9) Steven Dang (9) Adriana Fernandez (9) Samuel Garcia (9) Kimberly Ho (9) Michelle Hoang (9)


NEW MEMBERS Congratulations! We hope that your experience in Key Club will be memorable and filled with fun! Key Club will help you meet new people and unlock your potential to be a leader as you serve your home, school, and community.

Brian Lau (9) Pauline Ly (9) Christopher Nguyen (9) John Nguyen (9) Kevin Nguyen (9) Richard Nguyen (9) Teenie Nguyen (9) Thomas Nguyen (9) Tuyen Nguyen (9) Henri Pham-Tran (9) Huy Pham (9) Karina Ta (9) Francine Tran (9) Kimberly Tran (9) Tiffany Trieu (9) Armando Rios (9) Andy Ly (10) Matthew Nguyen (10) Andrew Nguyen (11)



Contact us! Faculty Advisor: Mr. Tonthat E-mail: President: Rachael Yi E-mail: Vice President: Jenny Nguyen E-mail: Secretary: Carmie Mach E-mail: Treasurer: Van Nguyen E-mail: Tech Editor: Jacquelyn Do E-mail: K-Kids Coordinator: Peter Nguyen E-mail: Senior Class Director: Tina Nguyen E-mail: Junior Class Director: Vivian Leduc E-mail: Junior Class Director: Jolyne Dang E-mail: Sophomore Class Director: Gianhu Nguyen E-mail:

Quench your undying thirst for service with Key Club!

BGKC September 2013 Newsletter  
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