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Bolsa Grande High School Newsletter|Volume 2, Issue 1

March 2013


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DCON|Tina Nguyen|March 24, 2013 District Convention was a really fun event this year and I am really glad I was able to experience it first hand. District Convention for me started on Friday and the fun lasted all weekend. District Convention was a great opportunity for me to be able to meet new members of Key Club from all around the world. I was able to learn a lot from the workshops and it was great experience to see so many happy and smiling eager faces. I think one of my most memorable part of District Convention was listening to the guest speaker. I really liked him a lot and the things that he had to say was really relevant. He was a very good motivational speaker and I am glad that we had him. I also liked the food on the second day. I remember the mashed potatoes was cooked to perfection. I will definitely go next year. Some DCON Highlights: -motivational speaker Scott Greenberg -free meals -wonderful photo opportunities -people from all over the CNH district -a marriage proposal -installation ceremony -bonding with the people you room with -Starbucks Recognition: -Kevin Ho for Outstanding Club President -Tina Nguyen for Outstanding Club Secretary -Dom Nguyen for Outstanding Website and Distinguished Newsletter -Bolsa Grande High School Key Club for Diamond Distinguished Club A big thank you to Mr. Tonthat and Ms. Guntalilib for being chaperones!


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April 6th, 2013 Walk MS is a walk that helps fund research for mulitple sclerosis. Here, volunteers will be cheering on people as they walk around the campus of UCI.

April 11th, 2013 Bubblefest is a fun Spring Break event for kids held at the Discovery Science Center. Volunteers will be assisting with educational activities, the Mega Bubble Show, merchandise, guest services, and much more. (This is a divisional event!)

April 12th, 2013 Our club banquet will be held at John’s Incredible Pizza! Even if you did not pay, you can still come. Just pay the regular price at the door and join us for food, fun and awards!

April 28th, 2013 This annual divisional event is a walk to raise money to help improve the health of mothers and their babies. Also, the first DCM of the year will follow, so be sure to sign up!


Don’t forget about our monthly event, WADY, and our weekly event, LEC. Also, try to provide rides! One spirit point is given to every ride provider, so provide, provide, provide!

Out with the old...






Farewell, 2012-2013 board!

March was a month of transition. It was the end of the 2012-2013 term and the beginning of the 2013-2014 term. We ended a great year by getting recognized as a Diamond Distinguished club at DCON and welcomed the new year with a board consisting of both completely new and returning officers. March was a time of change, a time in when we were able to leave the past and start anew, carrying on the things that made us strong and throwing away what weighed us down. March was just the beginning. Through out the year, there will be many more events to attend, members to meet, spirit battles to win, memories to create and, of course, newsletters to read.

And in with the new!


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Meet your new board! Faculty Advisor: Mr. Tonthat E-­mail: President: Rachael Yi E-­mail: Vice President: Jenny Nguyen E-­mail: Secretary: Carmie Mach E-­mail: Treasurer: Van Nguyen E-­mail: van_nguyen_999@hotmail Tech Editor: Jacquelyn Do E-­mail: Senior Class Director: Tina Nguyen E-­mail: Junior Class Director: Vivian Leduc E-­mail: Sophomore Class Director: Gianhu Nguyen E-­mail: Freshman Class Director: [TBA]


Written by Jacquelyn Do

BGKC March 2013 Newsletter