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Bolsa Grande High School Newsletter |Volume 2, Issue 2

After transitioning into a new year, we celebrated April with appreciation. As Key Clubbers, it is important to appreciate, and be appreciated. Throughout the month, we showed our appreciation by recognizing outstanding members and officers at our banquet, writing articles for others to read, providing rides for fellow members, helping each other out whenever needed, showing our club pride, and as always, providing service to our community. We attended many service events including Walk for Wishes, Colony Run, WADY, March of Dimes, and LEC. Congratulations, Key Clubbers; we have already started off the new year with a bang!





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s e Bubble Festival|April 11th, 2013|Donald Truong In the early morning of April 11 in 2013, Bolsa Grande participartici pated with Division 4 North in the annual Bubble Festival located at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. Here at the Center, the annual festival brings a month filled with exciting and fun bubble activities, lessons on what bubbles are and how they're formed, as well as a remarkable show of bubbles by the famous Danny Yang, for all the children who were able to attend and participate. Most of the bubble activities are held outside. These activities include bubble blowing, understanding of bubbles, and a jump house. Also, the center included its normal exhibits and science related contraptions inside the building for those who were not participating in or were not apart of Bubble Festival. The shifts ranged from morning to mid-day and mid-day to the evening. All in all, this was a very fun and interesting event that I enjoyed volunteering at.

Lip Dub|April 24th, 2013|Jenny Nguyen On Wednesday, April 24th, my school, Bolsa Grande High School, hosted their second lip dub. We were given this celebration due to the increase of our API (Academic Performance Index) during the past year. It also kicked off the CST testing. Our goal was to represent Key Club well in the best way. We were drowning in teal with our clothes, our face paint, our bubbles, our beach balls, and our balloons. It was absolutely exhilarating! It filled my heart to see the spirit restored back into the club. As a result, Key Club definitely stood out in the Lip Dub video. Although our timing was off, we improvised and did not let that hurt our spirit. It seemed as if there were a million teal waves. After being the Lip Dubber for the Key Club area, I was never prouder to be a part of Key Club International.


Remember to write articles for spirit points!

A Walk for Wishes|April 27th, 2013|Amanda Le On April 27th, 2013, I attended the Walk for Wishes held at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine. I was really disappointed because a lot of people got sent home due to lack of rides. Although the event was really fun, it would have been more fun if everyone got to go! There was a lot of downtime when we got there since we had three hours to kill before the walk began. Therefore, we walked around and got free food, drinks, and watched people dance and sing! As the walk finally began, we cheered them on and it was nice to see the smiles we brought to their faces. After the walk ended, we waited in line for the hot air balloon! Unfortunately, because it was free, it was an hour to two hour wait and ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, we ended the day by going on the carousel! Overall, volunteering at Walk for Wishes was a day filled with fun and entertainment.





March of Dimes/April DCM|April 28th, 2013|Dom Nguyen As opposed to the yearly tradition of meeting at Bank of America, the first DCM of D4N's Key Club year changed it up a bit. The April DCM always coincides with March of Dimes; on April 28th, instead of the usual afternoon DCM, this one was instead held in the morning. Our new LTG, Tommy Dang, started off the term with enthusiasm and did a great job eith including every school. He asked each school's board to come up and introduce themselves, which I found to be a great idea. Ironically as this would be my "last first DCM", this became the first DCM that I talked at, as I explained the awards I had won at DCON and talked about Bubblefest. As a senior, I feel like considering how well this DCM was held, D4N is in great hands with our LTG for the next year, and undoubtedly all the schools will continue grow ing and improving!


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Ba Our banquet was held on April 12th, 2013 at John’s Incredible Pizza in Buena Park. At the banquet, we celebrated our achievements and the board of 2012-2013 presented awards. Here is the recognition our members got: Most Dedicated Senior: Katherine Vo Most Dedicated Junior: Donald Huynh Most Dedicated Sophmore: Jen K. Nguyen Most Dedicated Freshmen: Kathy Nguyen Most Hours: Amanda Le Most Articles: Jenny Nguyen Most Likely to Be Eating: Thien Pham Sleepiest: Priscilla Bang Most Derp: Ethan Nguyen Least Shy: Krizia Billena Most Likely to Go to Events Together: Kelly Do & Kevin Duong Member of the Year: Jacquelyn Do Officer of the Year: Kevin Ho Best Internet Persona: Dom Nguyen Wild Child: Thang Thai Most Likely to Panic: Jennifer Lu I Love Hot Cheetos: Nicole Martinez Best Valley Girl Accent: Tina Nguyen Partners in Crime: Carmie Mach & Rachael Yi Key Club is Lyfe: Jenny Nguyen Most Normal: Liza Dinh Strongest Advisor: Mr. Tonthat Some other highlights of the night included the endless buffet, officer speeches (many of us got to see Dom crying), a slideshow dedicated to all our seniors, and free arcade credits. If you did not attend, you sure missed out!






Congrats s to our very shy Member of the Month, Jason Kiser! Reminders:

-­provide rides -­be sure to have at least 50 hours by the first week of June -­check the website for updates -­write articles Being a 2 year member for Key Club has been such an amazing experience. Meeting new people, going to fun events, attending to all meetings, and doing fun cheers has always been such a pleasure. I remember my first year of Key Club when I didn't know many people and I was shy at first. Now, I met tons of new people throughout the years and I came out of my shell. I also enjoy helping people and the community by attending several events. Key Club allows me to interact with the members as well with the officers. I am looking forward to this years officers and I know that they will continue to do a good job. I love Key Club with all of my heart. It is not just a club to me, but it is something special. I love my Key Club family and I am so glad they are apart of my life.

Catherine Truong’s article not only brings her closer to reaching her 50 hours, but demonstrates her appreciation of Key Club!


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C Check out our website for event info, Key Club his-­ tory, article requirements, and other in-­ formation! http://b-­ gkeyc.wix-­ .com/home More photos will soon be added to our gallery, as well as a cal-­ endar of events, and the link to up-­ up dated hours!

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Tonthat E-­mail: President: Rachael Yi E-­mail: Vice President: Jenny Nguyen E-­mail: Secretary: Carmie Mach E-­mail: Treasurer: Van Nguyen E-­mail: Tech Editor: Jacquelyn Do E-­mail: Senior Class Director: Tina Nguyen E-­mail: Junior Class Director: Vivian Leduc E-­mail: Sophomore Class Director: Gianhu Nguyen E-­mail: Freshman Class Director: [TBA]


Written by Jacquelyn Do

BGKC April 2013 Newsletter