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Antelope Park

Saves Lions Learn about what it takes to save the dying species at Antelope Park

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Last of the Lions



Trade on the Rise


Project Clear Water

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Antelope Park Breeding Program There are currently 180 lions that live on the property. Each lion has its own pride that is placed in a simulated wild enclosure. Each enclosure is 150 acres and full of dense wildlife, mainly zebra and antelope. These lions develop their natural hunting skills and form a strong pride bond. Dingani and Dala are two cubs that are currently in the breeding program


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Lions The Last

Antelope Park Fights for Lions by Tyler Shoemaker

Zimbabwe’s lion polulation has decreased 90% in the last decade. Each year, more prides are lost to poaching and habitat destruction. Lions are a popular tourism asset for Zimbabawe. Without the symbol of pride, the country will suffer a critical loss in culture. In 1990, Andrew Connoley

founded a small piece of land that was very rich in wildlife, mainly antelope species--a lion utopia. He envisioned a safe place where lions can roam free from poachers and reproduce regularly. He named it Antelope Park. For Connoley, this was the ticket to saving the symbol of Africa from extintion.


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on the

Demand for Elephant Ivory Grows

Rise Elephant Polulation in Zimbabwe 50 40

As the demand for elephant ivory increases, the elephant population in Zimbabwe decreases dramatically.

Ivory trade has become one of the most popular markets around the world. The demand for ivory has increased exponentialy, resulting in a drastic loss in African elephants. New studies suggest that the total number of African elephants has decreased 80% in the last decade.

Ivory Trade Routes (Africa)

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Popular ivory trade routes in Africa start with Zimbabwe. Ivory is then shipped to the coast, where it will be expidited to neighboring buyers.

Water Pollution: Deadly Problem Human Waste Has Turned Our Water Toxic

Water Pollution Facts:

Fact 1: The total volume of water available on Earth is about 1.4 billion km and about 70% of the earth is covered in water. Fact 2: The largest quantities of water are in the oceans. Fact 3: Fresh water in the world is only 2.5% of the total water available on this planet. Fact 4: Around 70% of the industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies where they pollute the usable water supply. Fact 5: At least 320 million people in China do not Page 7 Wildlife Magazine

By: Tyler Shoemaker

Around 70% of the industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies where they pollute the usable water supply. Human wastes are poured into our oceans, lakes and streams everyday, killing valuable wildlife.

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Tyler Shoemaker Wildlife Magazine Cheif Editor Age: 22 College: BGSU Degree: Public Relations Hometown: Port Clinton, OH Hobby: Photography Sport: Basketball Animal: Lion “Create something worth sharing with the world.� Photo: Bheki Limpoko

Tyler Shoemaker founded Wildlife Magazine in Dec. 2010, shortly after taking a wildlife safari in Kenya. His mission was to share wildlife stories from all over the world. Since he founded the magazine, he has formed a partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Together with WWF, Wildlife magazine has created numerous charity organizations and programs that assist the rescue of thousands of endangered species each year. Tyler spends his summers filming lions for Animal Plant UK.


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