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Attention New York Independent Insurance Agents Contracted With Wayne Cooperative Insurance...

If You’re Serious About Your Career You MUST Read This Letter! If youʼre (still) struggling to build your insurance business... and want the complete and practical, paint-by-number SYSTEMS to help you QUICKLY and EASILY overcome everything thatʼs holding you back from the income you deserve... ...then you are about to discover how you can have every tested and proven, step-by-step marketing system that will eliminate all guesswork, waste and frustration from your insurance business -- once and for all. Finally, you can say goodbye to your stagnate growth problems... take the risk out of your marketing... murder your competition... and boost your profits by as much as 10%, 20%, 50% or maybe more! This is a one-time deal. It all starts when you attend one of these two events...

Rochester, Tuesday, October 11, 2011 or Syracuse, Thursday, October 13, 2011 Event Will Begin At 8:30am And End At 4:30-5:00pm

(Warning: this will NOT be a typical insurance event.) Dear Independent Agency Owner, If you’re like most independent agents, you’re probably sick and tired of working like a dog and not getting enough for it...

“Are You Finally Ready To Make The Money You Deserve?” If so, then this is going to be the most important letter you ever read! Hi. I’m Jeff Rice, President and Chief Executive Officer for Wayne Jeff Rice Cooperative Insurance. If you know me, you know I am always on the lookout for ways to give our agents the ‘upper-hand’. One of those opportunities is headed our way. Please understand, I am not inviting you to this one-time event to hear just another “hired speaker”. No, far from it. This guy is one of us. A hard-working agency owner and entrepreneur. It’s the story of an insurance agent who runs his business out of a sleepy little town in northern Alabama. He’s raised himself up from rags to riches after years of being knee-deep in the trenches as a struggling insurance agent.

What intrigues me most about this man is how he managed to turn a typical insurance agency into one of most respected and profitable agencies (and marketing companies) in America. His name is Bill Gough. When I first heard Bill was going to be in the New York area next month, I rushed to the phone and persuaded him to come spend some time with us. Here’s why I made the call... I constantly hear from frustrated agents who get advice from many different sources. The advice they receive takes them “almost all the way”, but it never finishes the job. It leaves agents lost and confused. And, we all know what a “confused” mind does...

Who Is Bill Gough And Why Should You Listen To Him?

Bill Gough

The “Voice of Reason” In The Insurance Industry For More Than 27 Years, Bill Gough.

Bill Gough is one of the most sought after, in-demand insurance owners in the country. As a coach, and marketing expert, he delivers FAST, PHENOMENAL results.

• Since the mid-nineties, Bill Gough’s agencies have ranked in the top 1-3% in Allstate P&C, Life, and Financial Services sales.

• Bill Gough was recently inducted into Allstate’s prestigious “Hall Of Fame.

• His offices have consistently

generated high level of productivity over the last 20 years.

...NOTHING! Agents constantly tell me about all the “missing pieces” they never find, but desperately need filled in...

• Bill’s taught his “real-world” proven strategies to over 1,300 agency owners just like you!

...they simply don’t know where to look or what to do to get that final missing connection between where they are now, and where they want to be. If you’re really serious about your career, the secrets disclosed at this seminar are mandatory. Because you won’t stumble across this stuff anywhere else. In fact ...

“You Should Crawl On Your Knees Over Broken Glass To Attend This Event!” Over the past several years, hundreds of insurance agents have traveled far and wide, taken up to five days out of their busy schedules -- coughed up a good chuck of money for airfare and lodging -- and eagerly paid a hefty per-seat price for admission to Bill Gough’s annual “sold-out” insurance events. But, you won’t have to do ANY of that. Bill Gough is coming to you. And he promises to open his vault and “spill the beans”. He’s going to divulge everything. He’s going to give you the blueprint you MUST have to achieve success as an independent agent.

As Bill says... “...Getting Where You Want To Go By Paddling Faster And Harder, Without Fail-Safe Navigational SYSTEMS Is A Death Sentence In This Economy.”

Bill is going to tell you EVERYTHING that works, and equally important -- what absolutely, positively doesn’t work.

Here’s Just A Snippet Of What Will Be Covered You will discover the secrets Bill has used to outperform 97% of his competition year after year. Some of the secrets you will discover are: ➡ How Bill got an 8:1 return on a marketing campaign in 2010. ➡ How one marketing and sales program Bill put in place in 2005 has generated $800,000.00 for him in auto and home new business premiums (29 new policies sold every month!) ➡ How Bill has revolutionized his agencies by the use of simple automation tools that anyone can implement. ➡ You will learn the “real” business you are in and how to use this strategy to destroy your competition. ➡ You’ll discover the right way to leverage the internet, social media, and new technologies to skyrocket your agencies retention, referrals and new business. The BIGGEST Difference Between Average Insurance Agents And Highly Successful Agents Is “IMPLEMENTATION” According to Gough, “The falsehood of rapid growth in today’s world is everybody wants the silver bullet”. Every independent agent is looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to magically solve sagging sales without hard work and a systematized operation. I wish it were that easy. Truth is, you cannot grow your business quickly without systems”. Do not despair. We have done all the hard work for you. We’ve tested the systems, the scripts, and the action plans (All the stuff that works.)

Bill Is Going To Dissect With Surgical Precision The Secrets To Operating A Successful Agency

• Bill will outline his 4 amazing (priceless) business manuals.

Everybody wants these manuals, but nobody has ever taken the years it took to write them. Bill and his staff have not only written them, they also keep them current and up-to-date. (a Herculean task to say the least).

Bill reveals the power of having his entire operation systematized…EVERYTHING! The sales process, securing appointments, working through challenging sales presentations, overcoming client objections. It’s all scripted and systematized with the precision of a Swiss watch. You MUST see it to believe it!

“One Of The Most Valuable Things We’ve Ever Done!” “This was really worthwhile. I’ve been around for 40 years, and we’re one of the top agencies in the country. Believe me when I tell you, if we can use it, anybody can”. Jack Hallberg, Sr. Insurance Agency Owner Chicago, IL “I Can't Say Enough About Bill.” “Bill’s patience, and the energy he spends to help others improve and make their processes mirror his own. I owe him a great debt of gratitude”. Keith Mathews, Insurance Agency Owner Indianapolis, IN “Never In Our 13-Year Career Have We Made So Many Wholesale Changes Based On The Vision And Philosophy Of Only One Person.” “My advice to you is to join Bill's program. There are few people in the country with Bill's knowledge, skill, expertise”. Devery Prince, Insurance Agency Owner Anchorage, AK “Bill Gough Is Without A Doubt, A Marketing Guru”. “It’s such a blessing to know Bill. I’m still taking advantage of his knowledge (and his staff) on a daily basis.” Laura Harris, Allstate Agency Owner, Corpus Christi, TX


Bill will teach you his step-by-step sales system to writing new P & C policies which currently ranks him in the top 3% of all 11,500 Allstate agents.

Look What Else is Included… ★ All materials discussed at the event are yours to keep! ★ FREE lunch provided! ★ Invitation to bring your key staff personnel (I encourage you to do this) ★ FREE action guide with Power Points of every presentation ($297.00 value) Bill’s multi, 3-day events start at $997.00. Single day events normally cost $397.00. However, because of our outstanding relationship with Bill Gough, and the fact that he is already going to be in New York on business — He has agreed to drastically reduce this One-Time Event… and price it at a ridiculously low fee! That’s right. You’ll get the best of Bill Gough’s 3-day seminar. Plus, all of his seminar handouts— and get all of it for — not the $997.00 most attendees pay— Not even the $397.00 typical one-day event price— but…

Only for Insurance Agency Owners Contracted Through Wayne Coop Just a Tiny Investment of $47 I urge you to register right now why it is on your mind. The information shared at this event can turn your business and life around.

3 Easy Ways To Register

Go To: Call: 877.208.9649 or Fax the attached registration form

B I L L G O U G H ’ S “ I RO N - C L A D ” 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE At The End Of The Day, If For ANY Reason You Don’t Feel This Event Was Worth Your Time, Bill Will Refund 100% Of Your Fee, PLUS He’ll Make A $500.00 Donation To Your Favorite Charity! (Amazing, But True.) Sincerely, Jeff Rice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne Cooperative Insurance

P.S. -- Bill has built a very successful insurance business and guided countless other agents and owners to success and financial freedom beyond their wildest dreams. Will you be next? Is your career worth $47 -- I think so! P.P.S. -- This is it...the ONLY TIME Bill Gough is going to be in our area. You have only two chances to see him; Rochester, Tuesday, October 11, 2011, or in Syracuse, Thursday, October 13, 2011. Register now while it is on your mind!

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