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The 2011 Las Vegas BGI ‘Breakthrough Seminar’ Was Life Changing -- And Now You Can Own It With This ‘No Brainer‘ Offer!

"Your Simple Action Plan To Murder The Competition & Finally Dominate Your Market In 2012 …Starts Right Here, ...In The Comfort Of Your Own Office." Here's The Critical Question Every Insurance Agent Needs To Answer… And Answer Quickly: "Have You Done All You Can To Make Sure Your Plans For 2012 Are Going To Maximize Your Success … And Are Simple?” “...Why Is This So Important?” Because there are 2 types of insurance agents now gearing up for the coming year: Type #1: A frightened member of the "Clueless Masses"… who will freeze up in the new ‘comp plan’ and the other changes by Allstate like deer in the headlights of an on-coming truck... ➡ With no plan… ➡ With no one watching your back… ➡ And with no protection from increased competition, trying to survive by ‘winging it’ with old, antiquated sales techniques. Or… Type #2: The "Smart Ones" who dive into 2012 with a proven Action Plan used by the best (and wealthiest) Allstate agents in the country… … and by implementing the systems and strategies that bring in the big bucks fast and furious. Here's Your Wake-up Call: This time, next year, the “Clueless Masses” will either still be treading water, lurching from crisis to crisis, barely hanging on… … or gone. Meanwhile, the wise agency owners will be enjoying the sweet rewards of growth and increased profits with:

“Bill Gough Is, Without A Doubt, Considered “The Marketing Guru” Inside Of Allstate.” “I have had the blessing of knowing Bill Gough for years, and I can tell you I have, on many occasions, referred people over to him because he is absolutely, without a doubt, considered the marketing guru inside of Allstate. In addition to that, he's just a neat guy and someone who is always willing to give. So it’s such a blessing to know him and I'm still taking advantage of the knowledge of him and his staff on a daily basis.” Laura Harris, Allstate Agency Owner, Corpus Christi, TX

✓ Massive New Business Sales... ✓ Skyrocketing Of Retention... ✓ And All The Fortune, Freedom And Happiness You Could Ever Dream Of Having...

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Would YOU Like To Be Among The Winners Of 2012? (Like the ones who attended the BGI Las Vegas Super Conference) Here's your chance to join them…without even having to leave your home or office. This is your invitation to ‘systematize’ your entire business -- and learn it all on your own schedule! From: Bill Gough, (writing to you from inside my very busy agency in the sleepy little hamlet of Florence, Alabama…) Hello Fellow Allstate Insurance Agency Owner, First let me say the September 2011 Las Vegas Super Conference was quite unusual. (In fact, the agents and owners who attended the event prefer to call it a “workshop” rather than a seminar.)

We Had Attendees Join Us From All Over The Country. That’s Because 90% Of The Presentations Were New! It never ceases to amaze me how people attend multiple times, some their second, third, fourth, even fifth BGI event. Maybe it’s because... We ‘Opened The Safe’ And Divulged Everything. We shared every last little secret we know about making an insurance agency run efficiently and more profitably....including secrets many of our presenters never revealed before until this amazing event.

The Las Vegas Super Conference, Was Hailed As “Historic”, “Phenomenal” ... And "Life-Changing" By The Agents And Owners In Attendance...”

In fact...

“We Had Never Seen More Genius Assembled In A Single Room” In addition to our own all-star staff, we had some great guest speakers and well-respected marketers. If you want an idea of the career-changing strategies shared at this incredible event -- just check out ‘the wall of testimonials’ sprinkled throughout this letter. Attendees left Las Vegas with their feet off the ground.

...But, If You Weren't There...


You Still Have A Chance To Redeem Yourself... That’s because every presentation, every proven tip… every tested sales strategy… every Power Point presentation, every strategic marketing technique, and every breakthrough idea was recorded! That's right. You can relax, because EVERYTHING was captured on: • 16 “Hi-Definition” DVD’s -- Professionally Filmed And Edited From 3 Different Camera Angles… • 19 High-quality Audio CD’s (Ideal For Listening In Your Home, IPod, Computer Or Car)… My Kids Hate

Riding With Me!

• 353 Pages Of Emails, Letters, Forms, Sales Scripts And My 5 BIG Office Manuals… • Power Point Presentations Of Each Sessions Accompanied By Handouts And Valuable Shortcuts. (You’ll Also Receive An Electronic Version For SUPER FAST Access).

Introducing For The First Time Ever... The 2011 BGI Marketing Super Conference; Las Vegas DVD & CD Package And EASY, CUT & PASTE Of ADS, LETTERS AND OTHER IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS.

The Data CD Has All 5 Of My Office Manuals, All My Scripts, Marketing Pieces, Training Books, Handbooks. And, Since It’s Electronic, You Can Edit Everything On It!

AREA 51 WARNING! “The DVD/CD package capturing the BGI Las Vegas Super Conference is so clear, so complete, and so easy to follow, that if a creature from outer space came to Earth and watched it, that visitor could produce excellent results. That hardly leaves any excuse for you not doing the same.” 3

Anyone can master what we covered at this event. Once you do, your business will soar. You will quickly take a giant leap forward in your ability to run your office with the efficiency of a master ...and able to evaluate it with the eye of a jeweler.


The 2011 BGI LAS VEGAS ‘Breakthrough Seminar’

...PLEASE KNOW THIS... The world has changed. The people you are trying to influence have grown increasingly aware of the same old stale sales tactics used by most insurance agents over the past 50 years. In today's over-marketed, overhyped world, the "same old" sales techniques may occasionally work, but not nearly as well as they used to. This is why most Allstate insurance agents are seeing their growth rates decline every year. And this trend will continue as consumers grow increasingly immune to an ever-rising flood of these same tired, overworked approaches…

You Need To Change And Change Fast!

Comments from Las Vegas Attendee s

“Coming here has really helped me.”

“I am on pace to hit my numbers, but I don’t know what I’m doing. Coming here has really helped me. Up to now, I’ve been ‘winging’ it. When I signed up for this conference a few months ago, the leaders back in California said, "Well, you just lost your money." Now, I see why nobody is hitting their numbers. It’s because they ‘winging’ it and not using systems.” -- Kevin McMiller, Vallejo, CA DVD #1 Time Management Slaying The “Time Vampires” In Your Agency Bill Gough Rick Herron, Laguna Niguel, CA; Forget complexity or the need to rely on elaborate systems. I’ll show you simple things you can implement immediately so you can get you sanity back. I know it seems like an overused cliche, but “If you don't learn how to manage your time, you can't profit from the time you have.” You'll discover the myths of "multi-tasking" and how it can be the death of your growth and productivity. You’ll also learn how ‘Switch-Tasking’ drains the blood out of your day like a vampire.

This Was An “A-Ha” Moment For Many4 Of The Attendees!

I realized that I wasn’t fully utilizing my relationships with leasing agents at apartment complexes, I know now by using the BGI Auto Email System I can cultivate these leads better.

Marie Barbieri, Eatontown, NJ;

The YouTube presentation opened my eyes to things I didn't realize I could do and the way the sales process was taught and how easy it was to implement into my agency were my biggest ah-ha moments out of many.

DVD #2 Proven Systems For Maximizing Profits Bill Gough & Wendy Murphy What if you had a trusted system that always gives you proven, reliable, effective solution to the sales process on demand... …a sales process that WORKS …a sales process that CLOSES THE SALE …a sales process that PUTS MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT? Well then, you’ll love this segment! That’s because Wendy and I covered our Sales Process Manual with absolute precision.

Wendy Murphy V. P. of Agency Operations Bill Gough’s All American Agency

Wendy has been with me for 13 years. She’s a virtual business writing ‘machine.’

You not only see these inside strategies on this DVD, you’ll also get your own copy of our Sales Process Manual. Yes! This huge invaluable resource will be yours stuffed full of every of tip, strategy, and surefire technique we use in our agency every day. Not only that, but you’ll also get all on your own data CD! This is a complete, easy-to-use roadmap. Built especially for agents and owners who need a proven system that gets stunning results... very quickly! The agents who are using this system rave about their new, relaxed, confident attitude.

DVD #3 How To Dominate Your Market Using Video Josh Kelley Did You Know... FACT 1: YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world -- 2nd only to Google! FACT 2: 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube! FACT 3: You DON’T need to spend a dime on expensive pay per click campaigns or SEO experts. Josh shows you amazingly simple ways to do it all in your office. In just a few minutes. Josh covers step-by-step shortcuts and strategies to post your own 1-2 minute video sales messages to YouTube. You’ll be shocked just how easy it is to TAKE ADVANTAGE of these opportunities. ALL Josh Kelley you need to do is LEARN the proper techniques (which Josh BGI’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales explains in this very exciting session!) The Technology, Personality Marketing, Direct-Response, Sales Training Expert.


DVD #4 Life Is Change Judson Laipply Judson Combined Laughter, Stories And Thought-provoking Ideas To Drive Home The Point That We Are In The Constant Presence Of Change. Judson’s YouTube video, “Evolution of Dance” is the 2nd most viewed video in the world! Judson is an internet superstar. His stories, personal experiences, crowd participation, high energy, and laughter will help you recognize how to let go of the things out of your control, and focus your energies on things you can change. Judson's finale left the audience with an unforgettable message, one which reminded each participant that "Life is Change," and that they have the ultimate control over the outcome.

DVD #5 Sales Strategies That Skyrocket Results Bill Gough & Wendy Murphy The Sales Process Is The Worst Place In The World To ‘ad-lib’. It Is The Most Expensive Place In Your Business For Freelance Behavior. If you or anyone on your staff is ‘winging it’ ... STOP! (It’s costing your agency a fortune in lost revenue). I urge you to stop doing what I did for so many years, which was trying to build a business from ‘the seat of my pants’. Today, we script everything.

This DVD alone is worth it’s weight in gold. Your Packet Includes A Complete, ‘Question-By-Question’ Script To Help You Handle Prospect Calls With The Precision Of A Surgeon... We’ve Covered It From A To Z.

Including... 6

We Cover 7 Easy Sales Strategies Guaranteed To Put Your Sales Conversions On Steroids ! ! ‣ Wendy’s breakthrough formula that shows you how to magically control the telephone sales process -- without your prospect even knowing it. (This tested and proven script will dramatically increase your closing efficiency and profits). ‣ You’ll discover 3 simple questions to ask prospects that will melt away their resistance and turn ‘shoppers’ into ‘loyal customers’ (Use this strategy and you’ll convert ‘tire kickers’ into ‘happy buyers’). ‣ You’ll learn 5 simple statements you must use to offset price comparisons with Geico and Progressive. (You’ve got to learn this strategy or be at the mercy of these two aggressive companies.) ‣ You’ll discover the #1 thing you must ALWAYS avoid – at all cost – whenever talking to a prospect (Master this strategy and you’ll see an instant spike in your closing ratios). ‣ You’ll get my coveted insider script that will help you "bundle" home and auto policies. (This simple strategy will ‘jack up’ your closing percentages beyond your wildest expectations). ‣ You’ll discover the one common business tool you MUST add to every one of your agent’s desks. (Do this one simple thing and watch staff efficiency skyrocket) ‣ You’ll receive a simple scripted question that prevents prospects from ending the call by saying, "Okay thanks, but I need to discuss this with my spouse."

DVD #6A & 6B Having A Millionaire Mindset James Malinchak

Featured On ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” James Is A Self-improvement Specialist. As One Of America's Most Requested Business And Motivational Speakers, James Has Delivered Over 2,200 Presentations For Corporations, Associations, Business Organizations, Colleges And Universities.

• James will show you how to purposefully build your business around your lifestyle so that you can work less, and make more money! • You’ll discover how to handle any and all distractions with ease and professionalism so you can achieve a seamless continuity in your daily business flow.


• You’ll learn how to craft your own positioning, personality, image, brand and uniqueness. (This is where YOU find your positioning for your business too!) • You’ll learn how to position yourself as an expert, a leader, a GURU and celebrity with ALL your marketing materials. James will also show you live examples of how to position yourself with everything you send to your customers and prospects.

DVD #7 How to use newsletter marketing in your agency to increase referrals, financial production and P & C sales Bill Gough ✓ I’ll reveal why newsletters are the most powerful way to develop relationships with your customers and your ‘Centers Of Influence’. ✓ You’ll learn how newsletters create friendly "Top of Mind Mind Awareness" and turn your business into a ‘Customer Magnet’. ✓ You’ll discover how to effectively use ‘Voice Broadcasting‘ to add personality when announcing your newsletter (an inexpensively, but highly effective way to connect with your customers) ✓ You’ll learn why newsletters are the most powerful way to build rapport with your customers and the best way to make referrals skyrocket. ✓ You’ll discover why 98% of your competitors are clueless about doing a newsletter and how you can use this powerful strategy with your ‘Centers of Influence’.

This Will Separate Yo u From The Competition !


DVD #8 Direct Response (Dirty Talk) Josh Kelley This ‘MUST-SEE’ Mind-blowing, Moneymaking Presentation Will Get You ‘jacked Up’ About Direct-response Marketing! Be ready to discover 11 easy strategies to help you tap into your customer’s ‘emotional purchase triggers’. Josh covered my direct mail secrets in a way that hit home with everyone, from newbie to seasoned-vet. In addition to Josh’s presentation, you’ll also receive all of my shortcuts to writing effective ads, letters, flyers and postcards. You’ll also get my 13-Point “Bulletproof” Copywriting Checklist. This powerful tool will help you rise head-and-shoulders above your competitors. Follow this checklist and you’ll get better results than copy written by Madison Avenue ad agents. It’s true. It’s not rocket science, but you MUST know the ‘basics’ even if you just want to learn how to judge good copy from bad copy.

DVD #9A & 9B Hire, Fire, Train, Motivate How To Handle Staffing Issues And Keep The Tail From Wagging The Dog Bill Gough & Wendy Murphy These Two DVDs Are Worth Their Weight In Gold.

In These DVDs We’ll Show You How To Recruit Superior Candidates For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Advertising Methods. …What to look for (beyond the resume and interview)... ...Where to advertise... ...How to screen for maximum results... ...How to deliver the best candidates available in your market at any given time... Don’t let these DVDs out of your sight.



Staff. . .the Biggest Challenge All Agency Owners Have! ๏ You’ll receive every ad we use in our agencies to recruit employees for every position (All you have to do is fill in the blanks and run the ad). ๏ You’ll receive our checklist explaining where to place ads, when to place them, and which resources generate the best recruits (We’ve already done years of testing -- and the results may surprise you) ๏ You’ll get a checklist of every question to ask prospects in the interview process, including detailed personality tests. (And it’s all included in the data discs as part of this package) ๏ You’ll learn how to speed up the hiring to reduce hiring costs, how to find and hire the right employees for the right positions...and much, much more. ๏ You'll also receive the 7 huge time saving strategies we use every day to quickly fill vacancies. (You’re going to get it ALL handed to you on a silver plater. You’ll save a fortune by sidestepping all the pitfalls and land mines of the hiring process).

DVD#10A & 10B The Power Of The MastermindThe Ultimate Success Strategy Bill Gough & Expert Panel Of Agents You’re Going To Hear From A Panel Of Our VIP Elite Mastermind Coaching Members, Live And On-Stage, Answering Your Most Challenging Questions. It’s a fact... EVERYBODY needs support. We’re all human. It’s part of our DNA. Every one of my Mastermind coaching members has told me the same thing And that is ...

“...The Absolute Hands-Down “Secret” To Achieving MASSIVE Success Is Being A Part Of A Mastermind Group Of My Peers!” Here’s A Few Of The Unique Benefits Of Being A Member Of A BGI Coaching Program...


"The Las Vegas Event Was Great" Starting with Bill's presentation on 'switch tasking', his x-dating process, using dual monitors, the YouTube presentation, the 'local celebrity' presentation... heck, the entire event was great - there was so much information my hand got tired of writing. I will never miss another one! Dexter Branscome, Nashville, TN

✓ You’ll Stay Positive And Motivated: You’ll be inspired as you deal with day-to-day business and personal challenges. Our discussions will help you maintain high levels of energy, excitement, and passion in your business and in your life. ✓ You’ll Have Accountability and Responsibility: Staying positive and motivated is very important. Our coaching meetings will act as a sounding board for you and help hold you accountable and responsible until your plans are completed. ✓ You’ll Shorten Your Learning Curve: In an era where time is money, we must learn twice as much in half the time. Connecting with peers who have similar experiences will allow you to to tap into what’s working for them. (It will shorten your learning curve by years!)

DVD #11 Successful Business Planning To Reach Your Dreams Terry Burns Terry has been an Allstate agency owner for eight years and a BGI Platinum Coaching member. Incredibly, Terry has already accumulated a $15 million book of business!

Terry’s presentation focused on business planning. What he revealed blew the audience away. He was awesome! You’re going to find Terry’s presentation to be inspirational. It was definitely one of the highlights of the entire Super Conference. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen. His presentation alone is worth your investment in this DVD/CD package! It's no accident Terry Burns is already sitting at $15 million. I don’t know what to compare it too. What Terry has done is unheard of. One thing will quickly be apparent -- Terry achieved his goal because of his plan. Any agent can implement Terry’s plan. What He did was phenomenal, but, what makes what he did so powerful -- is the way he has made it ‘Homer Simpson’ simple. Terry’s secrets alone will pay for this DVD package 10X over!


DVD #12 The Power Of Celebrity In Your Local Community Bill Gough And James Malinchak James Malinchak and I spend almost a full hour sharing the tools to turn yourself into a ‘local celebrity’. Yes, with the insider tips and strategies revealed in this session, you’ll have all the secrets you need to ‘manufacture’ your own celebrity status and make you the ‘go to’ insurance agent in your local market. If you are not working on establishing yourself as a celebrity -- at least to your clientele and target market -- you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity. This is clearly a valuable asset to your business and one you should not overlook.

DVD #13 5 Ways To Position Yourself Above The Competition In The Minds Of Your Prospects And COIs Bill Gough • You’ll discover the 9 amazing benefits of having a Communication Plan in your agency, ...why it is the ultimate positioning tool to put you above your competition (We’ll give you the 5 things you must do to pull it off). • You’ll learn the power of having a Referral Culture in your office, the profit potential behind it, and 5 simple strategies to make it work like crazy for you. • We’ll give you the A,B,C’s to having The Ultimate Relationship Builder in your office. (You’ll get all the tools to make it happen for you). • You’re going to discover the single best thing you can do for your customers (And the psychological bond you’ll create using this powerful sales strategy). • You’ll discover how to quickly benefit from the single most powerful marketing tool you can have in your business. (This one is huge -- you’ll be shocked just how easy it is to add to your marketing arsenal).


#14 How To Get The Most Out Of Your BGI Auto Email System Amanda Thigpen

This “Done-For-You” Email Marketing System is PRICELESS! If You Want The Rare Ability To Make Money "At Will" Almost Every Time You Send An Email To Your Customers, Then You MUST Own This Powerful System. Amanda shared shortcuts to get maximum benefit using the BGI EMAIL Marketing System. You’ll get it all -- ‘soup to nuts’ -- an invaluable collection of “real-world” emails, chocked full of emotional purchase triggers. The system includes EVERYTHING to earn money on demand — almost every time you push the 'send' button. Get ready, because your emails will stick out in your prospect's inbox like a glowing thumb...including... ✓ You’ll get a totally automated 'X dating system' that automatically follows up with your clients for you...

Game Changer!

Amanda Thigpen Amanda and her team run our email division. We call her “The Email Marketing Queen”

✓ You’ll get the same email marketing system and sequences we use in our office to casually ‘disguise’ your sales pitches so your emails look helpful and interesting... ✓ You’ll get sequenced marketing campaigns that automatically follows up on your 'new business quotes', increasing your closing percentages... You’ll get online 'welcome kit' marketing campaign welcoming new customers to your agency, and introducing them to your financial specialist, and much, much more... ✓ You’ll get trusted technology to assure proven, reliable, effective 'top of mind’ awareness with your customers, all at the push of a button... ✓ You'll get the same emails we use every day in our office since 2005. (These invaluable marketing tools have a special "look" and "warmth" that make your prospects want to do business with you -- and stay with you longer) ✓ You’ll get all this and more -- completely automated, cranking out money-making emails…everything you need to move your business forward...

This Powerful Turnkey System Is Packed With All The ‘Tested And Proven’ Scripts And Techniques To Literally... “...Put Money In Your Bank Account Through Higher Retention, And More New P & C Sales And Financial Production!


Amanda showed how, with a quick click of a button (about 2 minutes per week), you can have your email sequence sending out 'top of mind awareness' messages helping you build relationships with your clients and prospects, 'centers of influence' ...and a surge in referrals and repeat customers. My staff and I have been building, testing, and tweaking this system for 5 years. It’s completely “automated” ... and now you can own it! Simply stated, this email success package is so powerful YOU MUST SEE IT ON SCREEN TO BELIEVE IT! ... As if everything you just read wasn’t enough...

You’ll Also Get My Most Prized Possession – My Insurance Agency’s Systems Manuals , Combining 27+ Years Of ‘In The Trenches’ Wisdom To Help Kick Your Business Into Hyper-Drive! 1. STREAMLINED AGENCY PROCESS MANUAL – This archived manual is a "goldmine" of information. This manual is a MUST for every employee. This book will sit beside every employee like a loyal lap dog, coming to their rescue whenever called upon. (Your staff will return to this manual again and again for every administrative need). Value $3,000.00 2. THE FOOLPROOF, QUICK-START TEAM-TRAINING MANUAL – This priceless manual virtually eliminates ALL guesswork of what’s expected when new staff and employees arrive. This foolproof, step-by-step, detailed guide allows "newbie" employees to get up-to-speed quickly and efficiently. Value $400.00 3. AGENCY HANDBOOK – This manual is a MUST for every business owner. Allstate actually took this manual and made it the template model for their entire agency force!! Value $600.00 4. MY MASSIVE, MILLION-DOLLAR MARKETING MANUAL -- This easy-toimplement manual is chocked full of marketing campaigns you can “Cut And Paste”. Take My name off the document and add yours! Use it to ensure maximum Return On Investment (ROI). It includes dozens of proven formulas that have made millions for Bill’s agency. Value $1,000.00 5. THE SALES MANUAL -- This huge guidebook includes every phase of the entire sales process. This oversized manual is chocked-full of everything, from soup to nuts, including dozens of scripted sales techniques to overcome client objections. Value $3,000.00 ...And Of Course, This Complete Offer Comes With My...


‘...YOU DON’T RISK A THIN DIME’ 100%’ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Here’s what you can do. Order the package and review it. Watch the videos, listen to the audios. Go over the shortcuts and secret techniques spelled out, step-by-step, in the manuals and handouts. Apply just one idea to your business and notice the difference… it could be huge. After that, if for some reason you don’t think the endless amount of wisdom will change your business and life forever return the package anytime within 6 months and get a full, no-hassle refund. No questions, no conditions, no problem. You risk nothing. Fair enough, don’t you think?

Okay, It’s Decision Time… This is not about your decision to purchase this DVD/CD package. It is not about trying to persuade you into buying it or justifying the cost to you. It should only be looked at as a huge and immediate investment in your business. You can spend the rest of your career wishing you could reach the top with the understanding that building a business with systems and the right strategies is virtually impossible to do on your own. However... ...If you are even the slightest bit hesitant... just ask around. Do your research and ask my coaching members what these strategies have done for their businesses... and then ask yourself...if not now, when? Every day you put this off puts you one more day behind your goals. Consider it took many, many years for my agency and our employees to research, test and gather all of this information. Now, think what it would be like if you could leapfrog over all that time and frustration it would take to learn this information on your own. How much money would that be worth to you to have... ➡ 16 “Hi-Def DVD’s -- Professionally filmed and edited... ➡ 19 High-quality audio CD’s (Ideal for listening in your home, iPod, Computer or Car)… ➡ 353 pages of emails, letters, forms, sales scripts and My 5 BIG Office manuals… 15

➡ Power Point presentations of each session accompanied by handouts and valuable shortcuts. (Plus a data CD containing our dozens of sales scripts, marketing sequences, ads, letters and numerous other important office documents). Okay, Let’s Recap This Amazing Offer... ...The DVDs and CDs alone are worth at least $1,000.00 ...The 5 huge Office Manuals are worth a minimum of $8,000.00 ...The data CD with all the scripting is easily worth $1,000.00

That’s over $10,000.00 in value! Knowing the value of this offer, you probably would not part with this DVD/CD package for 10 times the price, but that’s totally up to you. What you get is the opportunity to review the hottest money-making insurance secrets in the world. You won’t find these secrets anywhere else...

...for only $997! ...And you know what? Just to make things even easier on you, I’ll let you pay for the entire package in...

Four Easy Installments Of Just $297 Each!

Just 4 payments, then you'll be fully paid and have lifetime access to all these priceless career-building tools, plus all of the free bonuses! That way, if for any reason you’re tight on cash, you can break up the payments and get everything shipped to you right away. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get the package, watch the DVD’s. Listen to the CD’s. Go through all the transcripts, manuals, and additional materials. Apply the secrets you discover and prosper. The same guarantee applies if you decide to pay in four installments.

And Here's Where This Deal Goes From Awesome To Unbelievably Great ... (As If I Couldn't Make It Any Better...I Have 3 HUGE Bonuses For You!) BONUS #1: You’ll get a FREE ticket to attend my live 3-day BGI

Marketing Boot Camp in Atlanta, GA, March 2-4, 2012. Our speaker list is going to be phenomenal, so get ready for ... 16

...A 3-Day Superstar Mastery ‘Jam Session’ PLEASE NOTE: This Is ALL New Content From Past Events. Nothing Will Be The Same. All Brand New Information! You Get Yours Truly: I'll be dishing up my latest breakthroughs, sharing our BEST ‘real world’ sales and retention strategies. Agents love this format because unlike others insurance events, I’m still an active agency owner - in the trenches - every day with you. Every year, folks rave about our Boot Camp because it’s where they uncover their biggest breakthroughs, as you will soon discover. Josh Kelley, V.P. Marketing, BGI: Josh "Keeps It Real" with his insights on the latest and greatest breakthroughs in the area of Direct Mail Marketing, Personal Relationship Marketing, Social Media, Video Marketing, and Internet Marketing. Wendy Murphy, V.P. Agency Operations: Besides managing our office, Wendy averages 65 items per month! Every time she speaks, she delivers the most effective money-making strategies you can use in your agency. Wendy is always one of our most popular speakers because she knows the best and fastest way to the money! Plus, Wendy will be delivering two special break-out sessions for staff only (See the green insert for more details of these two important breakout sessions.

Coach Terry Bowden: (Son of legendary coach Bobby Bowden). Terry has served as the top studio analyst for ABC's college football coverage. And, as a college football coach, Bowden was enormously successful, compiling a 15 year record of 111-53-2. As head coach of the Auburn Tigers, he posted the best opening five-year run of any head football coach in school history. Every time Terry talks at our Mastermind Meetings he leaves our group ‘jacked-up.’ James Malninchak: James will be back by popular demand. We’ll have him to ourselves for two days! James vibrant delivery will energize you and show you how to build your business the right way. His philosophy of mastering mindset, money, marketing, and making a difference will leave you inspired and motivated. Bill Eggar: You’ll love Bill’s story because he is one of the top Allstate agents in the country, and one of the top financial producers. He does this without an EFS. He does everything in-house -- and writes $300k+ a year financial production! Amanda Thigpen: Amanda will reveal the latest cutting-edge, little-known email strategies your prospects and customers want to know and will eagerly devour. ...Plus we’ll have other great speakers I’m not privy to announce yet. And... many of my Mastermind Coaching members will be in Atlanta. it would be a shame if you were not there to ‘pick their brains’.


See Why Over 465 Alls tate Agents Across The Country Ar e Using This Program With Awesom e Success!

BONUS #2: FREE 4 month membership in my Platinum Coaching Program. (This prestigious coaching program normally costs $297.00 a month) and it’s all your FREE for four months. BILL GOUGH’S PLATINUM COACHING PROGRAM

Welcome To The Most Compressive, Done-For-You, Automated Client And Prospect Communication System EVER! How Much More Money Could You Make If... ...You knew how to get an unlimited number of hot, high-quality clients 'ready and willing' to do business with you...without having to spend a huge bundle of money on advertising... ...You knew you had an automated email system that would squeeze up to 50% more cash out of every client almost every time you push the 'send' button on your computer... ...You knew your existing customers would ‘happily’ refer their friends and associates to you -- make you more money -- giving you more time to be with your family. After 4 months FREE bonus, if you want to continue the Platinum Coaching, you will be charged the regular monthly coaching fee of $297. You can cancel anytime without obligation.

The BGI ‘Done-For-You’ Email Marketing System Will Give You Wickedly Effective Profit-Activating Strategies, Plus These 12 Additional Benefits To Help You Explode The Growth Of Your Business... ...including... 1. Marketing Campaigns Including New Business Quotes, Welcome Kit With EFS Intro, X Date System, Win Back, With Reporting For Everything. 2. BGI Monthly Newsletter - BGI monthly newsletter filled with new business ideas, marketing strategies, retention processes, and everything you need to enhance the growth and profitability of your agency. 3. 1 Hour Live Monthly Coaching Call with Q&A/Audio CD - 1 hour coaching calls with Bill Interviewing a marketing expert that will help you agency grow like never before! There is always a Q&A session at the end of each call. In case you missed the monthly coaching call, or if you just want to give another listen, transcripts and an audio CD are sent to you every month for your records and for your future reference. 4. Ultimate Swipe & Deploy Marketing Example (Six times per year) - This top secret money-making re-source has a complete swipe & deploy sample of a tested and proven marketing item delivered to you 6 times per year with your BGI Marketing Newsletter. 5. Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smart’s Coaching Program - Lee Milteer is leading expert in the Human Potential field and is an internationally renowned Performance and Productivity Coach and Author. Lee's coaching add-on helps keep you focused on what you should be doing to prevent your business from running you and to take your success to the next level. 18

6. Special FREE one-on-one Call-In Times with ME - Speak directly to me for up to 15 minutes to ask me whatever you want to and have him help you grow your business. Your staff are also welcome to be a part of the experience. 7. Social Media Optimization - You get one-on-one coaching with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We offer customizable Facebook tabs with quoting and referral features and whatever else you can dream up! 8. Platinum ONLY Member Forum - You will have access to our own private members only online forum where you can talk to other members about their business and share tips and advice. 9. Million Dollar Resource Directory - Receive a list of MY trusted and proven vendors that he uses for every-thing! 10.Bi-Weekly E-Mails... Marketing Tips - Specific insurance marketing tips and strategies emailed directly to your inbox every other week. 11.Ask Bill Questions Anytime! (via e-mail) - Have a question? Need some advice or a quick tip? You can e-mail Bill directly for any help or information 12.BIG Discounts on All Future BGI Marketing Events & Product !!! If You Just Use The Benefits Of The Platinum Coaching Program Between Now And March...It Will Pay For This Entire Investment...IN FACT, I GUARANTEE IT!

BONUS #3: Bring up to two key staff members or your spouse to

the Atlanta Boot Camp for FREE! Yes. Think of the unlimited benefits of having your most important business partner live, and in-person to take in all of this amazing information with you. This is a priceless opportunity. This is key, because Wendy will be doing 2 special break-out sessions for staff only. This is very important. I urge you to make every effort to do this. (see green insert for full details on what the break-out sessions will be).

★ Think about the value of this offer. A combined value for the DVD's, CD's and 5 Manuals exceeds $10,000.00 alone... Plus... ★ You’ll get a free ticket to the 2012 BGI Marketing Boot Camp in Atlanta, a $2,000.00 value. ★ Four free months into the BGI Platinum Coaching Program, and all the perks, a $1,200.00 value. ★ You'll be able to bring 2 key staff members to the the 2011 Atlanta event for FREE, a $600.00 value.

$13,800 total value! Remember, You pay only $997 or 4 payments of $297 19

Hereʼs How To Register Now 1. Fax back the registration form to: (205) 449-7990 2. To register online, go to: 3. Call Josh Kelley at (256) 246-2627. (Heʼll be happy to answer your questions). REMEMBER: After Friday, January 6th, 2012 The Price Goes Up $300.00 UPDATE: At the time of this writing 109 people have already registered for Atlanta. Last year we had 265 attendees. This year, our room will only hold 300 people. This letter is being mailed to 15,219 agents and owners. I urge you to act fast before we fill up. The last thing we want is for you to miss out, then be upset that you put this off. So make the decision now to invest in your business while it's fresh on your mind... It is important to note the price of this program is fully tax-deductible.

Okay, we’ll see you in Atlanta! To your success, Bill Gough P. S. You’ll receive the 16 hi-def DVDs, 19 audio CDs, my 5 BIG business manuals (sales, processes, staff training, marketing, key forms, and scripts. You’ll also get my Data CD with everything on it, including my office manuals, scripts, marketing pieces, training books, and handbooks. That way you’ll be able to edit everything and make it your own! You’ll also receive my 3 huge bonuses…all for only 4 payments of just $297 or a single pay of $997. BONUS #1: FREE Admission to my 3-Day, Boot Camp in Atlanta, March 2-4, 2012. (a $1,997 VALUE). This will be Friday-Sunday event. BONUS #2: You’ll get 4-MONTH Usage of the BGI Auto-Email System (This “DoneFor-You” automated email toolkit alone is worth the price of your small investment). Plus, you’ll also receive a 4-month trial membership in My *Platinum Coaching Group. BONUS #3: Bring 2 key staff members or your spouse to the Atlanta Boot Camp For FREE! Yes. Think of the unlimited benefits of having your most important business partner live, in-person to take in all of this amazing information with you. (Be sure to check out the green insert for details.) P. P. S. I’m asking you to take advantage of me. After all, I’m shouldering all the risk. If after 6 months you don’t feel you are getting your money’s worth – just send everything back and I’ll promptly give you a 100% refund – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


CD-DVD Offer  
CD-DVD Offer  

CD-DVD Offer- Las Vegas 2011 Super Conference