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DV 3600 FMP Treatment The animation starts off in live action footage of with the main character sitting at his computer buying something off the Internet. The next shot will the computer screen that will be 2D animation and then cuts to the next shot which will be a black screen with white text saying how much time pasted. Then cuts back to live action with a close up shot of a package being posted through the letter box and then the next scene will the main character opening the package. The package is an old video game but it is in a strange condition and then he starts playing it. As he plays the game it plays normally for a bit and then the game starts acting strange and doing things that it shouldn’t be doing. The game footage will be 2D animation, but will cut the live action shots with the main character’s reaction to what happens in the game. Next, the live action shot will have the main character going in his bed scared about the game that he was playing and then he falls asleep. Then at night while the main character is sleeping, a ghost appears from the game and then walks up to the sleeping character and looks over him. The main character opens his eyes and sees the ghost and the gets scared. Then it cuts to morning with the main character waking up that the ghost that he saw was just a dream. But there will be a twist at the end.

DV3600 FMP Treatment  

Thie is the summary of the story for the FMP.