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M ay /June 2011

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Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens 2011 B oard enhancin g life with plants gardens .org


May: Azaleas

Oak-leaf Hydrangeas





Flowering shrubs

Roses (peak)


Wildflowers ‘Robled’ Chiffon

Crape Myrtles


Daylilies (peak)



Southern Magnolias


Summer Annuals





‘Roblea’ Princess

D irectors

M ay /June 2011

Get Dirty Making A Difference page 4 Charlotte Moss Announced As Speaker for Antiques at The Gardens page 3 Members-only Trading Species Plant Swap

(and many more classes)

page 10

On The Cover Nearly 100,000 Plants Find Good Homes



Henry Ray ����������������������������������������������� President Tricia Noble����������������������������������� President-Elect Scott Walton���������������������������������������������Treasurer Lou Willie ����������������������������������������������� Secretary Elizabeth Broughton��������������������� VP Development Fred Murray��������������������VP Facilities & Planning Thomas G. Amason, Jr.��Immediate Past President Carl Jones���������������������������������������������������� Officer Janet Taylor������������������������������������������������� Officer

After a long and exhausting (but fun!) weekend in April, nearly 100,000 plants were placed in good homes. Each year, the Spring Plant Sale offers a large variety of plants backed by the expertise of volunteers to promote knowledge and appreciation for plants, gardening and our environment. This year was no exception. We would like to thank those hundreds of volunteers who made it possible. Thank you for your time, sweat and expertise. This year, thousands shopped at the plant sale and were greeted with your love of The Gardens. You brought our mission to life. We would like to also thank our sponsors: Cushman & Wakefield, Whole Foods Market, Johnson Sterling, Birmingham Home & Garden, Leaf & Petal, InBham. com, Valpak, Fox6 and Buffalo Rock. Please visit for more information or email

Laurie Allen Shane Boatright Mena Brock Maggie Brooke Gary Burley Margi Ingram Clarke Gillespy Sheryl Kimerling Mike Malone Reese Murray, III Kathryn Porter Julie Price, Junior Board President Hanson Slaughter Lucy Tutwiler Mary Williamson Louise Wrinkle

O ur M ission Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens promotes public knowledge of plants, gardens & the environment; & receives, raises & administers resources for these purposes. O ur V ision The vision of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is to be one of the nation’s preeminent botanical gardens.

S taff

M ain��������������������������������������������205.414.3950 Fred Spicer�������������������������������������� Executive Director Olivia Alison ������������������������Director of Development Stephanie Banks���������������������������� Director of Finance Elizabeth Drewry����������������������������������������������� Librarian Mary-Bestor Grant�����������������Volunteer Coordinator Ellen Hardy�����������Education Program Coordinator Henry Hughes ������������������������� Director of Education George Jenkins���������������������������� Development Officer Jason Kirby ��������������������Library Assistant & Archivist Andrew Krebbs������������������������Director of Marketing  & Membership Savannah Lanier�������������������Donor Relations Officer Hope Long����������������������Director of Library Services John Manion�����Curator of Kaul Wildflower Garden Shelly McCarty�����������������Special Events Coordinator Carleen Mitchell�����������������������������������������Finance Clerk Jennifer Sanders����� Horticultural Therapy Specialist Phyllis Sutton��������������Education Activities Specialist Rona Walters���������������������������������Membership Assistant

The Garden Dirt is the newsletter of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Garden Dirt is published six times a year to foster awareness and support events, services, and significant programs of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We welcome your comments and address corrections. Please contact: Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Editor, Andrew Krebbs 2612 Lane Park Road Birmingham, AL 35223 205.414.3959 or Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens practices a policy of equal opportunity and equal access to services for all persons regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, orientation or sex. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a facility of Birmingham Park and Recreation Board. The deadline for the July/August issue is June 15.

If I’m lucky, I will have planted all of my Spring Plant Sale purchases by now (I hope you have, too!) and I’ll be thinking about the gardener’s adage: “the first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap.” This refers to plant establishment: the time it takes for a plant to “realize” it’s not in a nursery anymore and to deal with an immobile life on its own. So unless it’s an annual (in which case it better be growing exuberantly from the get-go), I have little expectation beyond “survival” during year one; I water just enough (I hope) to get the plant into dormancy. During year two, after one winter in the ground, I expect some action: herbaceous plants should increase their bulk a little, beefing up and flowering according to their nature; woody plants should put on respectable growth, too. If I chose the site and planted correctly, plants will not immediately wilt during the first hot, dry period. Although I will still water them, there’s a definite weaning process: tough love, if you will. In year three, however, I have great expectations of lush, bountiful growth and a decidedly self-sufficient “attitude”. Plants should have settled into behavior more typical of their species, emerging, leafing out and flowering on schedule. Truly well-adapted plants ought to be decidedly vigorous, “toughing out” all but the more calamitous droughts and heat waves (always possible here and requiring judicious watering). I revel in the simple rewards offered by the plants I garden with. After all, they’re just living their lives – it’s up to us to find meaning and joy in that.

Save t he Date Earth Day Earth Day at The Gardens May 1 Birmingham Rose Show May 7-8 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show May 14-15 Birmingham Fern Society’s Free Annual Lecture May 18 Birmingham Fern Society’s Annual Fern Show & Sale June 15


W e l com e

Dear Friends:

The Gardens May 1 1-5 p.m. Free admission

Alabama’s longest continually-running Earth Day event brings education to life with unique, educational activities for kids, families and the young at heart. The day will be filled with hands-on, interactive fun and games provided by The Gardens and like-minded organizations. Learn what makes native plants so vital to our environment, how to help protect plant pollinators, why sustainable gardening matters and how outdoor activities can improve your quality of life. For more information contact Henry Hughes, director of education, at 205.414.3951 or

See you in The Gardens,

Fred Spicer

Executive Director


D e ve l o p m e n t

Virginia Reeves Brown Our Favorite Ambassador Virginia had a twinkle in her eye, a great sense of fun and kind words for everyone, but most importantly for us, she was passionate about Birmingham Botanical Gardens. She never stopped cheerleading for The Gardens and its educational mission. Well into her 80’s, she entertained potential supporters with delicious home-cooked food, urging her guests to increase their giving over drinks and dinner. President of the Birmingham Botanical Society Auxiliary from 1977-79, she was also a charter member of both the Garden Sustainer Club, our top donor society, and the Perennial Society, which recognizes planned bequests and endowment gifts. She is pictured here at the 2010 Annual Dinner with one of her twelve grandchildren, Mary-Bestor Grant, our volunteer coordinator. Virginia attended her last Annual Dinner this January, shortly before her death at 85. True to form, our best friend was asking her dinner partners to “do more for The Gardens.”

Calling All Garden Clubs:

Help Keep Us Blooming All Year Round! The Garden Center’s memorial urn, a gift of the late Betty Miller Morrow, her daughter Beverly Morrow Perrine and her son-in-law George Perrine, is rarely filled with fresh flowers ever since the generous gift funding weekly displays ran out two years ago. Three former presidents of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens—Grace Whatley, Carol Poynor and Karen Chapman— are heading up a grass roots effort, asking local garden clubs to help us fill the urn 52 weeks a year. Clubs from all over Alabama may give time, talent and resources; the requested donation begins at $50. Please contact Grace Whatley (205.967.6781 or gracewhatley967@ or Director of Development Olivia Alison (205.414.3961 or oalison@ for more information.

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar G. Aldridge Mrs. Ruby S. Ansley Mr. & Mrs. Michael Balliet Mrs. Camille A. Becker Mrs. Lucille S. Beeson Peggy Bonfield & Orrin Ford Mary Carolyn Gibbs Boothby Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown D. Joseph & Ida C. Burns Ms. Suzanne G. Clisby Mrs. Martha Stone Cobb Daniel The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

Malloy Love of Mountain Brook Flowers designed this striking arrangement for the 2011 Spencer Lecture. We need your help to keep the memorial urn filled with flowers all year!

Mr. Philip Morris The Dunn-French Family Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. Mr. F. Lewter Ferrell, Jr. James L. Newsome Mr. R.R. Herbst Dr. & Mrs. A. I. Perley Mr. J. Ernest & Mrs. Ora Lee Hill Steve & LeAnne Porter Mrs. Fay B. Ireland Mrs. Carol P. Poynor Mr. George L. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. William M. Spencer, III Hugh & Bobbe Kaul Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Dr. Bodil Lindin-Lamon Mr. Douglas Arant Stockham Fran Lawlor Dr. Wendell H. Taylor Dr. Michael E. Malone Mrs. Carolyn D. Tynes Ms. Louise T. McAvoy Mrs. Mary Jean Morawetz

Members of The Perennial Society have made a planned gift, a bequest, or an endowment gift of $10,000 or more to The Gardens.

Did You Know? Tax Breaks for Donors


To follow her example, or make a memorial gift in her honor, please contact Savannah Lanier at 205.414.3955 or

In 2011, supporters of The Friends may make gifts from their IRAs without paying federal taxes on the withdrawal. If you are 70½ or older, you may direct donations of up to $100,000 from a conventional or Roth IRA and make a big difference at The Gardens. Find out more from Olivia Alison, director of development, at 205.414.3961 or

“Surf on the Turf ” Signature drink: Sea Breeze

September 8

“Green & Serene” Signature drink: Midori Melon Punch

E ve n t s

August 11

October 13

“A Haunted Affair” Signature drink: Caramel Apple Martini Join us in the Hill Garden from 5:30-8:30 p.m. for live music, signature cocktails and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Admission is free for members and $15 for non-members. For bands, menus and more details visit

Charlotte Moss

Graces Antiques at The Gardens The 2011 Antiques at The Gardens committee is pleased to announce that renowned interior designer Charlotte Moss will be this year’s featured speaker! The sixth annual antique show will be held October 7-9, featuring Continental and American furniture, antique silver, jewelry, paintings, lighting, china, Oriental rugs and more from nationally recognized dealers. Stay tuned for details, including tickets to Charlotte’s must-see lecture, at



¡Salsa de Mayo!

Dig. Teach. File. Party. Members of The Friends Junior Board helped John Manion, Kaul Wildflower Garden curator, at a garden workday in March

Join our volunteers: teenagers and seniors, master gardeners and plant novices, educators and lifelong learners. They share one thing in common; they all like to…

Get Dirty Making a Difference! Dig on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings during garden workdays, or in the potting shed. Teach as a teen assistant for Children’s Summer Camps and Garden Explorations; as a docent for visitors and schoolchildren; or as a helping hand at outreach events and community education classes. File your heart out as an administrative volunteer, helping with events and classes behind-the-scenes in our offices. Party with us at upcoming special events such as Spring Plant Sale, Earth Day at The Gardens, Antiques in The Gardens, Cocktails in The Gardens and Fall Plant Sale.


The Gardens needs you. Birmingham needs The Gardens. Call Mary-Bestor Grant, volunteer coordinator, at 205.414.3962 to get started today!

Salsa Demo Margaritas* Mexican Beer* Thursday, May 5 | 6-8 p.m. Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Junior Board! Call 205.414.3958 for details Register at *complimentary


Deborah Galloway ‘Favorite Places: At the Beach, In the Garden, On the Road’

Opening Reception May 6, 5:30-7:30 pm In The Library

Thyme to Read Book Club

May 3: This Common Ground by Scott Chaskey

June 7: Earthly Joys by Philippa Gregory

Library Services

May/June Artist

Additions to the


& Rare Book Room The Archives and Rare Book Room recently accessioned two antique issues of The Old Farmer’s Almanac [by Robert B. Thomas], a 1900 issue (#108) and an 1862 issue (#70). The gifts were made possible by honorariums from the Amaranth Club and the Forest Park Garden Club. We are currently looking for pre-1920 Old Farmer’s Almanacs to add to our collections. If you would like to donate materials to the Archives, please contact Jason Kirby at 205.414.3967 or

Meets in The Library at 6 p.m.

Visit the Gerlach Plant information Center (GPIC) inside the Garden Center during May and June for the exhibit:

Pollinators 5

G ardening

Good Things Growing… In The Gardens

Courtesy of

Fred Spicer, Executive Director

Asclepias tuberosa, butterfly weed or butterfly milkweed, is a 24” tall perennial native to the eastern US, including virtually all of Alabama. Its eye-popping flowers are typically orange, shading to red or yellow. Selections have been made for these natural variations, such as ‘Hello Yellow’. In late May and early June (sporadically thereafter), they are often seen along un-mowed roadway and woodland edges, basking in the sunny and well-drained sites they require; they can live for a decade or more. Seeds are wind-borne on familiar “parachutes.”

Butterfly weed is a perennial native to virtually all of Alabama.

The lanceolate leaves, spirally arranged on the stems, emerge late in spring, well after the coming (and going) of many favorite wildflowers. Be patient in the garden, and remember (tag) where they were planted so as not to inadvertently dig them up when dormant. “Tuberosa” refers to the thick roots; transplanting – whether in the garden or from the wild – is typically futile. Root division is generally unsuccessful even for professional propagators: try seed, or stem cuttings rooted in water. Unlike most milkweeds, butterfly weed has sap that is clear, or nearly so; it contains small amounts of cardiac glycosides and other metabolites. Herbal extracts have been made from the plant since pre-colonial times, and common names such as pleurisy root and fluxroot reference the maladies it was used to treat. Chiggerflower is another name: I imagine it derives from the unwise result of botanizing without insect repellent in sun-baked stands of tall forbs and grasses, its Seeds are wind-borne on familiar natural habitat. “parachutes.”


Garde ning Tips for May/June

All manner of butterflies, bees and wasps (the actual pollinators) use the plant as a nectar source, but it is arguably more important as a butterfly larvae food source (no larvae means no adults), so colorful caterpillars munching non-fatally on a few leaves should be a welcome sight. These and certain species of aphids, and milkweed bugs which usually feed harmlessly on developing A natural habitat of tall forbs All manner of species feed and grasses. harmlessly on the developing fruit, have co-evolved to feed on fruit. butterfly weed and other milkweeds. They absorb the plants’ toxins into their bodies, gaining toxicity themselves, and often advertising this to potential predators through vivid coloration. This can be seen in monarch and queen butterflies, milkweed bugs, and some ladybird beetles, which typically control aphid populations (look for their larvae about a week after the first aphids appear).

for more information, see

May FRUITS AND NUTS – Continue spray program. Keep grass from around trees and strawberries. Peaches and apples can still be budded. SHRUBS – Newly planted shrubs need extra care now and in coming weeks. Don’t spray with oil emulsions when temperature is above 85 °F. LAWNS – Now is the best time to start lawns from seed. Water new lawns as needed to prevent drying. Keep established lawns actively growing by watering fertilizing and mowing. Spray weeds in lawns with proper herbicide. ROSES – Spray or dust for insects and diseases. Fertilize monthly with complete fertilizer or rose special. Container-grown plants in flower may be planted. Prune climbing roses after the first big flush of flowering. ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS – Late plantings of bedding plants still have time to produce. Watch for insects on day lilies. BULBS – Summer bulbs started in containers may still be planted. Do not remove foliage from spring flowering bulbs. Do not let seedheads form on tulips and other spring flowering bulbs. MISCELLANEOUS – Mulch new shrub plantings if not already done. Avoid drying out new shrub, tree and lawn plantings. VEGETABLE SEED – Plant heatloving and tender vegetables. Start cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and celery in coldframe for fall garden. VEGETABLE PLANTS – Plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and sweet potatoes.

FRUITS AND NUTS – Layer grapes and continue spray programs. Thin apples and peaches if too thick. SHRUBS – Lace bugs may be a problem on azaleas, pyracanthas, dogwoods, cherry laurels, and other shrubs. Water as needed. Fertilize now. Keep long shoots from developing by pinching out tips. Good time to take cuttings from semimature wood for rooting. LAWNS – Follow a schedule of fertilization and watering. Lawns should be mowed weekly. Planting may continue if soil is moist. Continue weed spraying if necessary. ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS – Keep old flower heads removed to promote continued flowering. Plant garden mums if not already in. For compact mums, keep tips pinched out. Watch for insects and diseases. BULBS – Foliage may be removed from spring bulbs if it has yellowed and is becoming dry. Watch for aphids and thrips on summer bulbs.

Edify Yourself with our Certificate in Native Plant Studies In partnership with Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, Aldridge Botanical Gardens and the Alabama Plant Conservation Alliance, Birmingham Botanical Gardens proudly launches our new Certificate in Native Plant Studies program this May. The curriculum combines core courses, electives, field trips and volunteer service to provide a well-rounded education balanced among the taxonomy, ecology, conservation and uses of native southeastern flora. Classes will be held at The Gardens, Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve and Aldridge Botanical Gardens, as well as sites managed by the Alabama Plant Conservation Alliance.

What’s in it for me? Participants will be able to apply their new knowledge and skills to diverse landscape settings ranging from residential gardens to professional and volunteer service in horticulture, landscape design, conservation, land management, ecological restoration and environmental education. The certificate may be a valuable addition to resumes for those pursuing public or private employment in these fields. More details and registration info can be found at www. Contact Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator, John Manion, at 205.414.3985 or with questions.

Leaf & Petal

MISCELLANEOUS – If scale insects continue on shrubs, use materials other than oils. Set houseplants on porch or outdoors in shade and pay close attention to the need for water. If desired, air layer houseplants.

Non-Native Invasive Plants Workshop (elective) Instructors: Arnold Rutkis and John Manion Location: Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve Saturday, May 28 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members Native Woody Plants in Summer (elective) Instructor: Fred Spicer Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, June 11 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members Introduction to Botany (core) Instructor: Larry Davenport Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, July 9 | 8:30-4:30 p.m.* $80 Members | $90 Non-Members Native Ferns and Their Relatives (elective) Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Instructor: Dan Jones Saturday, July 23 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members Introduction to Soil Science (elective) Instructor: Henry Hughes Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, August 20 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members Introduction to Plant Taxonomy (core) Instructor: Mike Hardig Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, September 17 | 8:30-4:30 p.m.* $80 Members | $90 Non-Members Native Plants for Pollinators (elective) Instructor: Sallie Lee & Wendy Ulrich Location: Aldridge Botanical Gardens Saturday, September 24 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members Medicinal and Edible Native Plants (elective) Instructor: Darryl Patton Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, October 22 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members

VEGETABLE SEED – Plant beans, field peas, pumpkins, squash, corn, cantaloupes and watermelons. VEGETABLE PLANTS – Plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and sweet potato vine cuttings.

Introduction to the Study of Native Plants (core) Instructor: John Manion Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, May 21 | 8:30-4:30 p.m.* $80 Members | $90 Non-Members



home decor . furniture . books . stationery . jewelry . lighting . children’s gifts containers . garden items . floral designs Located at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens 2612 Lane Park Road, Mt. Brook 205.877.3030 .

Ecology of Alabama Native Plants (core) Instructor: Scot Duncan Location: Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve Saturday, November 19 | 8:30-4:30 p.m.* $80 Members | $90 Non-Members *Bring your own lunch


P l a n t S oc i e t y / G r o u p E v e n t s 8

Birmingham Rose Show Saturday, May 8 | 1-5 p.m. Sunday, May 9 (Mother’s Day) | 1-5 p.m. The Garden Center Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Bring mom out to “stop and smell the roses” at Birmingham Rose Society’s 59th annual Birmingham Rose Show. This is one of the highlights of the rose year! Don’t forget to tour the Dunn Formal and Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Gardens while you’re here. Visit for more information.

Birmingham Area Daylily Society Sale

Birmingham Area Daylily Society Show

Saturday, May 21 | 9-3 p.m.

Saturday, June 12 | 1-3 p.m.

Blount Plaza Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Ruth B. Strange Auditorium Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Free and open to the public.

Free and open to the public.

The Birmingham Fern Society’s Free Annual Lecture

The Birmingham Fern Society’s 35th Annual Fern Show & Sale

Mr. Naud Burnett II

Founder and CEO of Casa Flora, Inc.

May 18 | 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, June 15 | 1-5 p.m.

Linn-Henley Lecture Hall Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Ruth B. Strange Auditorium Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This lecture is free and open to the public; reservations are not required. Call Ginny Lusk at 205.988.0299 for more information.

Free and open to the public. For more information call Ginny Lusk at 205.988.0299

2011 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show Saturday, May 14 | 11-5 p.m. Sunday, May 15 | 1-4 p.m. Ruth B. Strange Auditorium Birmingham Botanical Gardens This annual show features some of the most exquisite bonsai in the Southeast. This year’s exhibit will include Japanese kimonos and a Tokonoma – a formal display. Bonsai trees, pots and tools will be available for sale. Members of the Alabama Bonsai Society will be available to discuss aspects of bonsai care. Admission is free.


F am i l y

T rad i t i o n !

New this summer: Camps for 4 and 5 year-olds entering fall preschool programs Camps are $128 members* and $160 non-members unless otherwise noted. For more information or to register by phone, contact Education Program Coordinator Ellen Hardy at 205.414.3953 or Register online at May 31-June 3 Explore The Gardens with Winnie the Pooh (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For 4 and 5-year-olds entering fall preschool programs Instructor: Mary Marcoux & Fontaine Haskell $102 Members* | $128 Non-Members Painting and Pastels in The Gardens (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 3rd-6th grades Instructor: Mary Jane Coker $102 Members* | $128 Non-Members June 6-10 Nature Explorers (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For 4 and 5-year-olds entering fall preschool programs Instructor: Ashley Harper Water Wonders: Raindrops, Streams and Ponds (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructor: Mary Marcoux & Fontaine Haskell Garden Adventures with American Girl (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructors: Robin & Emmeline Geurs

*Hydrangea level and above

June 13-17

Art in the Afternoon Week! Paper Mache Pollinators (1-4:00 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructor: Brooke Carruthers $96 Members* | $120 Non-Members Printmaking in The Gardens (1-4:00 p.m.) For children entering 3rd-6th grades Instructor: Mary Jane Coker $96 Members* | $120 Non-Members June 20-24 Calling all Flower Fairies (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For 4 and 5-year-olds entering fall preschool programs Instructors: Lisa & Christina Dolensky Garden Adventures with American Girl (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructors: Robin & Emmeline Geurs



June 27-July 1 Southern Summer Chefs (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructor: Ashley Harper

Southern Summer Chefs (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 3rd-6th grades Instructor: Donna Long July 11-15 Monet’s Garden (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 3rd-6th grades Instructor: Donna Long


C h i l dr en’ s S u mm e r C a m p s 2011

July 18-22 Let’s Dig Up Some Fun (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructor: Jenifer Harper Animal Adventures from the Egg and Beyond (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 3rd-6th grades Instructor: Helena Uber-Wamble July 25-29 Bug Expedition (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For 4 and 5-year-olds entering fall preschool programs Instructor: Lisa & Christina Dolensky It’s a Buggy World (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) For children entering 5K-2nd grades Instructor: Brooke Carruthers

Central South Native Plant Conference “Native Plants: The Bigger Picture”

November 4-5 Keynote Speaker: Doug Tallamy, Author of Bringing Nature Home Held every third year since 1991, the Central South Native Plant Conference is the premier wildflower conference of the Southeast. The triennial conference fosters awareness, appreciation and increased usage of plants native to our region. An outstanding slate of experts will lead lectures, breakout sessions, field trips and tours. In addition to discussing many wonderful native plants and their related topics, this conference will focus on the essential roles they play in our ecosystems and how we can help keep those networks intact. We will explore native plants’ relationship with everything from birds and bees to bugs and butterflies, and, of course, humans. Contact Shelly McCarty, special events coordinator, at 205.414.3965 for details.



A d u l t & F a m i l y C l a ss e s To register for for more information visit or call 205.414.3958.

Adult Classes Floral Design 102: Intermediate Instructor: Hank Ponder May 4-25 (4 Thursdays) | 6:30-8:30 p.m. $150 Members / $180 Non-Members

Tablescapes 101: Basic Thursday, June 30 | 6-8 p.m. Instructor: Kirsti Berry Location: Ireland Room $25 Members / $30 Non-Members

Salsa de Mayo Thursday, May 5 | 6-8 p.m. Instructor: Kathi Rushing Location: Thompson Enthusiasts Garden $25 members and non-members

Rain Barrel Construction Workshop Saturday, July 9 | 9 a.m.-Noon Instructor: Sallie Lee $50 General Admission Pre-registration required by June 25

Grapes, Grains & Gardens A spectacular evening in The Gardens tasting wines and local beer paired with fresh foods. Listen to live music as you taste and mingle. Thursday, June 9 | 5:30-8:30 p.m. $25 members and non-members

Tablescapes 102: Intermediate Thursday, July 14 | 6-8 p.m. Instructor: Kirsti Berry Location: Ireland Room $30 Members / $35 Non-Members

Gross Out at The Gardens!

In partnership with Fresh Air Family, Inc., Gross Out Day Camps – winner of Alabama State Department of Education’s 2010 award for innovation – are returning to The Gardens for a second year! Beginning May 30, children in grades 1-3 will get up close and personal with bugs, snakes, frogs, salamanders, animal skulls, plants, worms, soil and fungus, all under the guidance of certified biologists, naturalists and professional educators. The week-long camps are from 9-5 p.m., with all activities taking place on the grounds of The Gardens. Camps are $150 per child, but scholarships are available. Visit for details and to register online.


Rhododendron Encore ‘Autumn Ruby’ autumn

Family Class Wacky Wind Chimes Saturday, May 21 10 a.m.-Noon Instructors: Hope Long & Adrienne Long $25 Members (1 Adult + 1 Child $9 for each additional child for material fee) $30 Non-Members (1 Adult + 1 Child $9 for each additional child for material fee)

Members Only CLASS Trading Species (plant swap) Saturday, June 4 | 10 a.m.-Noon Instructor: Fred Spicer, Executive Director of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Location: Formal Garden Free for Members Only + 1 guest

Director Mrs. Claire H. Fairley Advisor Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Pursell Garden Sustainers are our top annual donors, who in the words of  the late charter member Bill Spencer, “give more to support a garden that’s free for everyone else.”

Benefactor Southern Progress Corporation The Hill-Allison Charitable Lead Trust Mr. R. Shane Boatright Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown* Dr. & Mrs. John A. Floyd, Jr. Stephens Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Arant Stockham

D o n ors

Patron Mayer Electric Supply Company, Inc Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Cobb, III Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Fletcher The Goodrich Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kimerling Mr. & Mrs. Guy K. Mitchell, Jr Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. James L. Newsome Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Northen III Mrs. Dorothy L. Renneker Rucker & Margaret Agee Fund Mr. & Mrs. B. Hanson Slaughter Mr. & Mrs. Jarred O. Taylor, II Mrs. W. Hall Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd R. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. John N. Wrinkle *deceased

1 . 1 . 1 1 - 2 . 2 8 . 1 1

Alabama Wildflower Society Blanche Dean Chapter Altec Industries, Inc City of Vestavia Hills flower magazine Forest Park Garden Club James Avery Jemison Investment Company Advised Fund Kathy G & Company Mt. Cuba Center, Inc. Ruffner Mountain Nature Coalition, Inc. Southern Progress Corporation Stephens Foundation Sterne Agee The Amaranth Club The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham The Village Club Tucker-Jones Engineers Associated, P.C.

Mrs. Carla Aycock Mrs. Richard G. Bastar, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Stuart K. Bean Mr. R. Shane Boatright Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown Ms. Suzanne G. Clisby Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. William B. Dickerson Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Evans, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. John A. Floyd, Jr. Ms. Rita Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Earl George Ms. Susan Gray Mrs. Janice Holliday Mr. & Mrs. R. Kendall Holman Mrs. Crawford T. Johnson, III Ms. Jean F. Johnston

Mr. Charles M. Love Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mayne Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Naughton James L. Newsome Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Northen III Ms. Carol Ogle Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Pursell Mrs. Margo Rebar Mr. & Mrs. Dudley C. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Rushton Mr. & Mrs. William M. Slaughter Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Mrs. Linda Stone Mr. Frank A. Wagner Mrs. Mary Wheless Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Worthen

G arden S uppor ters

Chairman Mrs. Fay B. Ireland Louise D. Johnson

G I F T S to t h e L i b rar y 1 . 1 . 1 1 - 2 . 2 8 . 1 1 Martha and Maurice Picardy in memory of Theresa Neal Bibs Club in memory of Dee Smith Hope Long in memory of Judy Funk Henry and Shannon Long in memory of Tony Mims Home Garden Club in memory of Alyce Cox Forest Park Garden Club in honor of Jason Kirby The Amaranth Club in honor of Jason Kirby Dr. Michael E. Malone Paul & Mike Rushing Dexter Hambaugh Linda Sherk Ann Galbraith Olivia Alison Norman Kent Johnson Janice Holliday Brenda Boggan Sohail Abbasi Various evergreen azaleas, Curry Rhododendron Garden


G arden S uppor ters

m e m o r i a l s W. Houston Blount Mary Carolyn Gibbs Cleveland Mrs. Lee B. Chapman Mrs. Walter B. Evans Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Staff Louise D. Johnson Mrs. Crawford T. Johnson, III Mrs. Jane W. Lamar Mrs. David H. Marbury, III Mrs. Louise G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Worthen

Kennedy Melton Ms. Rebecca N. Posey

John A. Boggs Mary Carolyn Gibbs Cleveland

Ann A. Pritchard Louise D. Johnson

Virginia R. Brown Mrs. Richard G. Bastar, Jr. Louise D. Johnson

Jack H. Shannon Louise D. Johnson

Tony Mims Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Long, Jr. Donald Morrison Mrs. Elberta G. Reid Nancy Nall Dr. & Mrs. Derrill Crowe Teresa Neal Mr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Picardy

Thomas D. Sloan Ms. Mary Carolyn Gibbs Boothby Mr. & Mrs. Morris Hackney

Alyce Cox Home Garden Club

Dee Anna Smith Bibbs Club

Mary S. Crommelin Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. J.S.M. French Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Smith

Richard Stockham Mrs. Frances Blount Mary Carolyn Gibbs Cleveland

Virginia Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith

Kathryn Stroud Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Cox, Jr.

George T. Gambrill Mr. & Mrs. R. Kendall Holman

Brand Walton Mr. & Mrs. James L. North

Helen Hartman Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Clayton, Jr. Mrs. Walter B. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Fletcher

Ann H. Warren “NANCY” Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. Mrs. Elberta G. Reid Mrs. Louise G. Smith

Barbara Jackson Mary Carolyn Gibbs Cleveland

Elizabeth Ann Martin West Ms. Sharon Biro Mr. & Mrs. Jay Hardwick Mrs. Mila A. Luketic Ms. Bettie Sumner Ms. Helen M. Williams

Lua Martin Mary Carolyn Gibbs Cleveland Dr. John D. Elmore

H o n o rs

1 . 1 . 1 1 - 2 . 2 8 . 1 1

Olivia Alison Cherokee Rose Garden Club Dirt Daubers Garden Club Le Jardin Club

Sybil Ingram Dr. & Mrs. Stuart K. Bean

George Cusick Alabama Wildflower Society Blanche Dean Chapter James E. Horton Wildflowers Garden Club


1 . 1 . 1 1 - 2 . 2 8 . 1 1

John Manion Birmingham Fern Society Blount County Wildflower Society Harry B. Register The Canterbury Club Ellen R. Riley Lilies Of The Valley Garden Club

Henry F. Hughes Greystone-In-The Gates Garden Club

Robert Wendorf Ms. Cindi Akins

Various evergreen azaleas, Curry Rhododendron Garden


R e n e w i n g

m e m b e rs

1 . 1 . 1 1 - 2 . 2 8 . 1 1 P R E S I D E N T ’ S C I RC L E $ 1 , 0 0 0 Mr. & Mrs. Edgar G. Aldridge Ms. Olivia Alison Mr. & Mrs. William H. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Gene Boles Dr. & Mrs. Derrill Crowe Mrs. Cindy Fravert Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, III Mr. & Mrs. James L. North Dr. & Mrs. John W. Poynor Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. William M. Slaughter

A mbassador $ 5 0 0 Agility Studios, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Cobb Mr. & Mrs. C. Hartwell Davis, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. John D. Elmore Mr. & Mrs. Wood Herren Mrs. Louise G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. South Mr. & Mrs. Lee J. Styslinger, III

O A K $ 2 5 0

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Adams Mr. Albert P. Brewer Dr. & Mrs. Mark Clark M. Clagett Collins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Curtin, Sr. Dr. Anne M. Cusic & Dr. Bruce Cusic Dr. & Mrs. James Davis,III Mr. & Mrs. Marc Eason Dr. & Mrs. Michael Fleenor Mr. & Mrs. William Horton Mrs. Charles W. Ireland Mr. & Mrs. John Markus Mrs. Betsy Miller Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Nolen III Mr. Hans Paul & Mrs. Lori Oswald Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rooney Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Ms. Carol A. Sutfin Dr. & Mrs. Jack Trigg, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Vandevelde, III Judge Scott Vowell & Dr. Cameron M. Vowell Mr. & Mrs. Jack Warner Mr. & Mrs. Melvin M. Zivitz

M A G N O L I A $ 1 2 5

Ms. Mary Ann Adams Ms. Diane P. Alessio & Mr. Otello A. Alessio Mr. & Mrs. Jackson B. Bailey Drs. Angus & Melissa Baird Ms. Melody R. Banks Mrs. Barbara Ann Beckett-Gaines Mrs. Ann Bibb Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Boldin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Boulware, III Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Carroll Mrs. Linda Champlin Mr. & Mrs. William N. Clark Sumter & Steve Coleman Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Drennen Mrs. Carolyn E. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Elliott Mrs. Walter B. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Earl George

Dr. & Mrs. Morton Goldfarb Mrs. Karen Gowins Dr. & Mrs. William Hansford Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hartline Mrs. Jane B. Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hoover Dr. & Mrs. David Jackson Michael & Jennifer Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Johnson Mrs. Elizabeth W. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kluz Mr. & Mrs. James G. Lambert Ms. Ethelwyn Langston Ms. Eileen Lewis Mr. John Manion Mrs. Robert McCalley Ms. Carol A. McCoy Mrs. Margaret H. McGowan Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Molliston Mrs. J. M. Morgan, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Peters Mrs. Helen Phillips-Carter Mrs. Carolyn B. Reed Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Adam Robertson Ms. Mary Roebuck Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Roth Dr. Susan P. Salter & Mr. Steven C. Hydinger Dr. Paul Samuelson Mrs. Vicki Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Steele Mr. & Mrs. John Steiner Mary Ann & Ricky Stone Mr. & Mrs. Jim Thompson Mr. Steve Todd & Mr. Ben Henry Mr. Robert T. Underwood Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Vevle Dr. & Mrs. James C. Walker, Jr. Ms. Jill Walton Mr. & Mrs. Louis Willie, III Mrs. Harriett Wright

H Y D R A N G E A $ 6 0 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Aldridge, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Alosi Mr. & Mrs. Bert Amason Dr. Margot E. Andison Ms. Alicia Andrews Mrs. Katherine Avant Mrs. Cheri Aycock Judy Bacon Mr. Nathan Baggett Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Baker Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Larry Barkey Mr. & Mrs. John G. Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Barze Dr. & Mrs. Frank Benesh Mary Bestor-Grant Mr. & Mrs. Victor Bey Mrs. Jenny Blackmon Mr. Archie L. Blackmon Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brady, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Percy Brower, Jr. Mr. Timothy Brown Mr. Carl Bruner Mr. & Mrs. Bill J. Burnham Mrs. Samuel Burr Ms. Tammie Butts Mrs. Margaret Caley Dr. & Mrs. J. Denis Catalano Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Christenson Mr. Gregg Clark Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Clarke Ms. Sarah Clarkin Mrs. Glenda Cochran Mr. & Mrs. John Collins

Mrs. Rhonda Cooper Mrs. Karen Costa Dr. & Mrs. William Costenbader Mr. & Mrs. John K. Craig Mr. R. N. Craig & Mrs. Carol M. Craig Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crook Mr. Robert Crossmeyer Dr. & Mrs. Charles Dasher Mr. & Mrs. Mark Davis Mr. & Mrs. Ogden S. Deaton Ms. Eva Dillard Mrs. Mary I. Dillon Mr. & Mrs. C. T. Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Dodson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dolan Dr. & Mrs. L. Aubrey Drewry Mr. & Ms. Keith Echols Mrs. Elizabeth Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Stanley M. Erdreich, Jr. Mr. Sam Erwin Mr. & Mrs. Frank Farish Mr. & Mrs. Alvin V. Filer Mr. & Mrs. William L. Forbes Mrs. Anita Fowler Mr. & Mrs. Mark Giger Dr. & Mrs. R. David Glasgow Mr. & Mrs. John H. Goff, Jr. Ms. Susan Gray Mr. & Mrs. Mac B. Greaves Ms. Pat Green Ms. Jan C. Greer Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gregory Mr. & Mrs. Micheal W. Griggs Mrs. Linda Grissom Ms. Carol Hagood Dr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Kenneth Hall Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Hambaugh Michael Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Andy Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher D. Harvey III Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt R. Haskell Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hays, Jr. Ms. Lida I. Hill Ms. Madge Hill Sidwell Mr. & Mrs. Felix Hoke Mr. & Mrs. Elam Holley Ms. Valerie W. Holley Ms. Sarah S. Hood & Mr. Alex Hood Mr. & Mrs. William Horne, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Terry Humber Mr. Ben Ivey Jackson Mr. Gary Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Terrence F. James Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Johns Dr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Jones Audrey Jones Mr. & Mrs. Williams Jones III Ms. Lynn Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Kelley Ms. Karen Kelly Mrs. Ruby C. Key Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kiell Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kimberly Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Kinner Mr. Jason Kirby & Mr. Ben Faucher Sharon & David Kleeschulte Mrs. Carrie Kramer Jennifer Kramer Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lewis Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsey Mrs. Kathy Logue Dr. & Mrs. C. W. Lokey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Long, Jr. Ms. Hope Long Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lott, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lucas Ms. Donna M. Lummus Mrs. Laura Massengill Bill & Melinda Mathews Mrs. Shelley Matthews Mrs. Ella B. McCain Mr. & Mrs. Joshua McCarty Mrs. Michelle McClintock Mr. & Mrs. Gene McElroy Robert McElroy

Col. & Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. George McMillan, Jr. Ms. Jane H. McPherson Mrs. Lynne McTyre Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Menendez Mr. & Mrs. James J. Monaghan Mr. & Mrs. Whit J. Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moore Sherry & Jerry Moore Mrs. Dorothy A. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morrisey Ms. Meg Mosteller-Barnum Mr. & Mrs. Joel Mulkin Mr. & Mrs. J. Reese Murray Dr. Charles Murray Mr. & Mrs. John T. Natter Mr. & Mrs. Britton Neal Dr. & Mrs. Albert Oberman Ms. Donnie G. Olis Mr. & Mrs. Joe Owings Dr. & Mrs. Kent G. Palcanis Mr. & Mrs. Steve D. Palmour Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Parker Jason E. Patrick Mrs. Tonya Payne Mr. Banks Petrey Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pharo Dr. & Mrs. John R. Phillips, III Mrs. Faye Pinion Mr. & Mrs. James M. Pool Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Porterfield, Jr. Mrs. Belle Prosser Mrs. Ashley Przybysz Mr. & Mrs. Erskine Ramsay, II Mr. Mike Randolph Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Renneker, III Ms. Phyllis Rickart Mrs. Carol Ringland Mrs. Allen W. Ritchie Ms. Debbie Roberts Mr. Lawrence Rosen Ms. Julie Rutland Mr. & Mrs. William Sandlin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sanford Mr. & Mrs. Perry G. Shuttlesworth Mr. Adam Sigman Ms. M. Ann Skipper Mrs. Catherine P. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Dan Smith Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joey Smith Chuck & Ruth Snow Mrs. Liza Snyder Mrs. Rachel Stafford Mr. Alan Stamm Ms. Mary Stockard Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Sutton Ms. Stella Swetnick Mr. O. David Taunton Dr. Martha Thompson & Mr. Richard Thompson Dr. & Mrs. Will Varnell Ms. Rona A. Walters Mr. & Mrs. Allen Weatherford, Jr. Mrs. Jennifer Weaver Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson, Jr. Lawrence Wilson Ms. Linda Wilson Mrs. W. W. Winfree, Jr. Mrs. Rebecca Wingett Mr. & Mrs. James H. Woodson Mrs. Bess O. Yeilding

T R I L L I U M $ 4 5 Ms. E. Bryding Adams Ms. Carol Argo Ms. Margie Argo Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ash Mrs. India Askew Dr. Debra Atchison Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Baynes Margaret Bish Ms. Kris Blevons Ms. Frances M. Brandon

Ms. Lela Anne Brewer Mrs. Marion C. Breyer Debra Burrell Ms. Judy Bynum Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. Chastain Mrs. Beth Clark Ms. Judith Clasen Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Colvin Mrs. Bess Constantine Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cook Mrs. Anna Cox Mrs. William N. Culp, Jr. Mrs. Judy Daniel Mrs. Sandra S. Dean Mrs. Joseph M. Donald, Jr. Mr. Tom Douglass Mrs. Rachel K. Drennen Ms. Felicia DuBose Mrs. Clifford Emond Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Farris Mr. & Mrs. William G. Faulkner, Jr. Ms. Jean Folsom Nancy Francis Ms. Susan W. Gaskins Mrs. Virginia Gillenwater Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Gilliam Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Glaub Mrs. Nola Grubbs Ms. Luciana Guin Ms. Tracy Hale Mr. Mark Hamby Mrs. Patricia Hardy Mr. Richard Healy Ms. Mary L. Hendricks Sarah B. Horn Ms. Barbara Hyde Sandra P. Jones Ms. Annie Kinnaird Mrs. Barbara B. Lampkin Dr. Karen Larsen Mrs. Mary Lyn LaRussa Mrs. Joy Magruder Mrs. Mary Marcoux Mrs. Rebecca Mason Reginald Mason Ms. Cecile L. Mason Mrs. Mary Louise Mason Ms. Linda G. Massey Mrs. June Mays Ms. Ann McAdams Ms. Alison McGiffin Ms. Regina Minor Mr. Stephen Monk Mrs. Frieda Swift Murfee Toni Tien Neumeier Ms. Joan Norred Mrs. Ethel N. Owen Mr. Edward W Parish Mrs. Judy Parker Mrs. Suzanne Peterson Ms. JoAnn Pillion Mrs. Judy Pinson Ms. Ann Raburn Mr. Michael F. Raczynski Mrs. Elizabeth Ratliff Ms. Katherine Reed Mr. & Mrs. Norm Remick Sims Rhyne Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Rockett Ms. Gloria M. Roque Dr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Rousso Ms. Diane Sausen Ms. Jennifer Shelor Mrs. Sue Solomon Mr. & Mrs. James Spiers Larry Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Stewart Mrs. Jane Street Ms. Marjorie L. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Bob Terry Mrs. Betty B. Thompson Mr. Steve Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Tropeano Mrs. Ethel Wade Mrs. Margaret A. Wiygul

G arden S uppor ters

N e w


Non-Profit Org. US Postage


Birmingham, AL Permit No. 2513

Bi rm i n g h am Botani ca l Ga rdens enhancing life with plants

2612 Lane Park Road Birmingham, Alabama 35223 205.414.3950 The Garden Dirt is printed using vegetable based inks. Please recycle.

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