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growing forward

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

There is always something blooming at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

2015 B oard


D irectors

Brian Barr ������������������������������������������������ President Beverley Hoyt�������������������������������� President-Elect Hanson Slaughter�����������������������������Past President Scott Walton���������������������������������������������Treasurer Paul Jones ������������������������������������������������ Secretary Beverley Hoyt������������������������������� VP Development Elizabeth Broughton�������� VP Gardens & Buildings Charles Goodrich����������������������Governance Chair Wally Evans������������������������������������������������� Officer Houston Gillespy���������������������������������������� Officer

Plan your next visit soon! Visit & check out what’s new at The Gardens.

At Large: Cathy Adams Craig Beatty Mary Boehm Chris Boles Emily Bowron Maggie Brooke Clarke Gillespy John Hudson John Hurst Turner Inscoe Bill Ireland Elizabeth Jernigan Natalie Kelly Carl Jones Katy Baker Lasker John Miller John Smith T Amanda Foshee, Junior Board President

July Crape Myrtles Daylilies (peak) Ferns Herbs

O ur M ission


Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens promotes public knowledge of plants, gardens & the environment; & receives, raises & administers resources for these purposes.

Hydrangeas Perennials

O ur V ision

The vision of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is to be one of the nation’s preeminent botanical gardens.

Roses Southern Magnolias

S taff

Summer Annuals

M ain������������������������������������������������������� 205.414.3950


Fred Spicer���������������������������������������� Executive Director & CEO Stephanie Banks��������������������������������������Chief Financial Officer Dawn Coleman�������������������������� Education Activities Specialist Elizabeth Drewry�������������������������������������������������������������Librarian Ellen Hardy��������������������������� Education Program Coordinator Blake Ells����������������������������������� Public Relations Coordinator Jean Frey��������������������������������������������� Director of Development Henry Hughes ����������������������������������������� Director of Education Jason Kirby ������������������������������������Library Assistant & Archivist Andrew B. Krebbs���������� Director of Marketing & Membership Hope Long��������������������������������������Director of Library Services John Manion���������������������������Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator Pam McLeod����������������������������������Donor Services Coordinator Brooke McMinn������������� Plant Adventures Program Specialist Drew Rickel�����������������������������������������Donor Relations Officer Taylor Steele��������������������������������������������Volunteer Coordinator Ragan Stone�������������������������������������Special Events Coordinator Rona Walters�����������������������������������������������Membership Assistant


August Crape Myrtles Daylilies Ferns Herbs

The Garden Dirt is the newsletter of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Garden Dirt is published six times a year to foster awareness & support events, services, & significant programs of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We welcome your comments & address corrections. Please contact:

Perennials Summer Annuals Tropicals Vegetables Vegetables

On The Cover

Hundreds of visitors enjoyed activities celebrating community gardens at Earth Day at The Gardens on May 31.

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Editor, Andrew B. Krebbs, director of marketing & membership 2612 Lane Park Road Birmingham, AL 35223 205.414.3959 or Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens practices a policy of equal opportunity & equal access to services for all persons regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, orientation or sex. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a facility of Birmingham Park & Recreation Board. The deadline for the Sept/Oct issue is July 15.

If you’ve been to The Gardens in the past year or so, you have no doubt been aware of the work proceeding on Cahaba and Lane Park Roads. In a way, it feels like we’re the center of attention with all of this activity around us. Looked at another way, the work provides us with opportunities that don’t come around every day, and we’ve acted. In May, our Board of Directors approved funding for a number of special projects that will make us more accessible than we’ve been since cars were permitted to drive through. (And if you remember that, you’ve been a supporter for quite some time!) We are certainly fortunate to have the Birmingham Zoo as across-the-street neighbors on Cahaba Road. Thanks to a federal SAFETEA grant, matching funds from the City of Birmingham and former U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus’ and zoo CEO Dr. Bill Foster’s efforts, that road is much safer and much more beautiful. These improvements will enable the pedestrian connectivity in our neighborhood that we have long sought and we’ll soon be opening the Lawler Gates on a regular basis. Improvements here funded by The Friends include a pedestrian plaza at the roundabout, a stone seat wall, map, color plantings, a new service gate, new black vinyl-coated chain link perimeter fencing and monumental signage in two locations. At our Lane Park Road vehicular exit, new pedestrian access will be built extending to the Garden Center from a crosswalk to be provided by the city of Birmingham. In addition, a number of areas will see important work including the Cherry Allee, the Abroms Rhododendron Species Garden and the Southern Living Garden. Most of the funds will come from the Lucille S. Beeson Charitable Trust, with additional funding from unrestricted savings. We expect this outside work to continue through the rest of the year, and in November, the Garden Center will be a focus for a number of important renovations that I will write more about in the next issue. Please come out and watch us grow – it’s an exciting time!

See you in The Gardens,

Fred Spicer Executive Director & CEO

$700,000 in Improvements to THe Gardens Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens will invest over $700,000 in improvements that focus on three main goals: pedestrian connectivity, improved security and an improved visitor experience. All improvements will feature universal design, with the most noticeable changes coming on Cahaba Road, the road that separates The Gardens from its neighbors at the Birmingham Zoo. There, a pedestrian entrance will be created, accompanied by new signage welcoming guests to The Gardens, bike racks, a map and a complete renovation of the Lawler Gates.

W e l c om e

Dear Friends:

The Southern Living Garden will receive a new barrier free path, with partial funding coming from Time, Inc. The Gardens will get new trash and recycling receptacles throughout, new signage (including way finding and garden identification signs), path repairs in selected areas, new swings and water feature repairs. “These projects underscore the long and fruitful public/private partnership between the city and Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens,” said Mayor William A. Bell, Jr. “Working closely together, we are continuing to make the city of Birmingham better for all of its residents and for all of our visitors.” Much of this work is being funded through the Lucille S. Beeson Charitable Trust managed by Regions Bank. Contracted for these projects are: Landscape Services, Inc., Birmingham Fence Company, Fravert Services, Aquatic Gardens & Fountains and Turner Steel Products. The City of Birmingham is providing invaluable in-kind assistance, as they do with every project at The Gardens.




A PERSONAL REMINISCENCE By Cathy Adams, Board of Directors, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

In December 2013, I hosted a Christmas luncheon on behalf of The Gardens in honor of 91-year old Tee Dee Johnson. Tee Dee loved Christmas at our house, built by her grandparents, Margaret and Charles DeBardeleben, in 1923, the place where she grew up. Through a house, she and I were family. Tee Dee, epitomizing the gracious tradition of the Southern Lady, deserved a corsage. She clapped her hands as I pinned it to her bright red jacket and asked, “Can we do this again every year? I plan to live to be 100.” I believed her. When she slipped away from us this past February, just a month short of her 93rd birthday, I was bereft but not surprised. Christmas 2014, she was “just too tired” to have a lunch, and the week before she died she wrote me a lovely note about the value of our friendship.

Tee Dee with board member Cathy Adams

She was, in that great tradition of the Southern Lady, something of a character. Her nephew Temple Tutwiler delivered her eulogy wearing a pair of her trademark-oversized sunglasses. Friends and family both laughed and wept as he recalled her love of bright colors, of everything in nature from smallest bug to elephants. Knickknacks and needlepoint and, oh, those notes, always eloquently expressed on beautiful paper, and hand written until the end. For 93 years. Tee Dee daily lived Psalm 118, “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” She never lost a child’s sense of wonder, or that childlike demonstration of clapping her hands. Her greatest delight was in giving to others, whether in magnificent generosity to groups like the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, or in a basket of freshly laid eggs from her farm, delivered to my husband in a silver basket one morning not long after sunrise. I own a priceless collection of “Tee Dee stories,” my favorite relating to a majestic water oak in our front yard. Tee Dee’s earliest memory was of planting it, age four, with her grandmother. “My grandfather laughed at us,” she said, “It was just a twig. My grandmother said that some day this tree would give shade to the people who came after us.” An early lesson in leaving legacies. Inspired by the Tee Dee Tree Story, my six year old twin granddaughters Ashlyn and Skylar and I planted two BBG Plant Sale Japanese maples in this yard, duly marked, in hopes that 88 years from now other little girls to come will find cause to clap their hands. About 10 years ago, HGTV came to Birmingham to tape a segment of If These Walls Could Talk featuring our house and garden. The producers invited Tee Dee to add a one-minute commentary to a seven-minute segment. She arrived straight from the beauty shop, as always with pearls in place and not a hair out of place, and began to regale the young Denver-based crew with stories. Two hours later, they were still filming Tee Dee. We took a break for a cup of tea, served in real china cups of course, and I heard one of the interviewers in the kitchen calling back to Denver, “We have found the real deal, a genuine SOUTHERN LADY.” Indeed. Grace, and charm, and beauty, and manners, enhanced by an innate gift for growing older without growing old, for keeping the best of the child’s gift of wonder.


Louise “Tee Dee” Johnson was a loyal supporter, more than 25 years, and a true friend and generous donor to The Gardens. Since 2007, she had been a Garden Sustainer at the Chairman level ($20,000+ annual gift), realizing the importance of private unrestricted funds that could be used by The Gardens when, where and how they are most needed. Are you interested in becoming a Garden Sustainer? For more information, please contact Jean Frey, director of development, at or 205.414.3961.

Fred Spicer, executive director & CEO

Oaks are a dominant tree in the US, with at least 39 species in Alabama, and about 90 in the country. Mexico boasts 160 species and, of the 600 or so oaks globally, an additional 100 species hail from China making it the second highest center of the genus’ diversity. However, a number of the Asian species would be unfamiliar to most casual observers. For starters, they’re evergreen, but the leaves don’t look like those from the Gulf coast. Second, the leaves are not lobed, but instead have simple serrations on the leaf edge. You might guess “oak” if you saw the acorns (which are often rare in cultivation) but you’d marvel at the concentric rings on the acorn cap: our native species have overlapping scales. Two Asian evergreen oaks appear well-adapted to Birmingham. The first one is Quercus glauca, Japanese blue oak, which is the smaller-growing of the two. Our specimens here appear to favor a multi-stemmed habit of growth; I suspect this could be natural but timely training when young could yield a single trunk. They are medium-dense small broadleaf evergreen trees (actually more like immense shrubs), with sweeping, upright branches. They have grown slowly to their present size of around 30’. The


Good Things Growing… In The Gardens

leaves (left bottom) emerge shiny-purple-brown before fading to dark green. The reverse is bluish, hence the name. The species has broad nativity west to Afghanistan in a narrow band of favorable moist-temperate climate. Q. myrsinifolia, Chinese evergreen oak, is native to China, Taiwan, Japan and west to the Himalaya in similar areas. Acid soils are a must. A bit faster in growth and ultimately larger, in open sites they develop a rounded, dense canopy. One specimen just inside the Taylor Gate in the Japanese Gardens is about 40’ wide and tall (above). The smooth, dark brown bark is quite handsome. The leaves are much narrower than the prior species and lend the species another common name: bamboo-leafed oak (left top). Both of the above have withstood our last two winters (7°F and 8°F, respectively) with no stem or leaf injury. Q. acuta, Japanese evergreen oak, is sometimes touted as a good choice for southern gardens, but we would likely see damage at 15°F, and it is drought-intolerant.


V o lu n t e e r S p ot l i g h t

Is the Plant Adventures Program as fun as it sounds?

Brooke McMinn, plant adventures program specialist

If you ask volunteer Anthony Payne that question, you’ll get a resounding “Yes!” Anthony has been a dedicated volunteer with The Gardens’ Plant Adventure program for over five years. In the past Anthony volunteered with the Moody High School Athletics program and the Birmingham Zoo. Then, in 2010, Anthony discovered the array of volunteer opportunities at The Gardens on a visit with a group of student volunteers from The Horizons School, which offers a non-degree transition program specifically designed to facilitate personal, social and career independence for students with specific learning disabilities and other handicapping conditions. Anthony remembers, “coming here, I thought ‘Wow! I can enjoy this!” Following his participation with The Horizons School, he began visiting The Gardens with another group from The Exceptional Foundation. He enjoyed his time at The Gardens so much that he struck out on his own and began volunteering as an individual participant in the Plant Adventures Program twice a week. You’ll now find Anthony in The Gardens every Monday and Wednesday morning (after taking two busses and walking a bit to get here) always eager to do whatever is needed. He has enjoyed seeing the Plant Adventures program grow into what it is now, and his knowledge and skills have grown with it. Anthony assists with a variety of gardening tasks, including water management, planting, pruning, weeding and propagating. But the lessons he has learned are much bigger than those skills alone. Anthony says, “work is fun here. It’s hard, but it’s fun” and that the hard work has taught him to never give up and to follow his dreams. When asked what he enjoys most about working at The Gardens, he says the staff and other volunteers here are “the greatest people in the world to work with!” Anthony also says he loves being in the outdoors where he feels at peace with the world. He says, “it’s easy to get caught up in the struggles of life. But when I come to The Gardens, I know that people here care about me and the work I do.” Right now most of Anthony’s work is concentrated in the Arrington Plant Adventure Zone and in the Enabling Garden. He has also enjoyed helping out at several of The Gardens’ events, including the Spring Plant Sale. In the future he hopes to expand his work into other gardens, particularly the Dunn Formal Rose Garden, as the rose is his favorite plant. He admires the shape of the bloom, the softness of the petals, the variety of colors and sizes and, most of all, the “great aroma.” Though he has his favorites, Anthony enjoys working with a variety of plants as well as a variety of people. He always greets visitors with a smile and takes personal pride in The Gardens and what it offers to the community. Anthony says “I pray to God that people will love this place as much as I do.” He has some advice for people visiting The Gardens as well: “Walk slowly. Observe everything.”


To learn more about volunteering at The Gardens, contact Taylor Steele, volunteer coordinator, at or 205.414.3962. To support Plant Adventures, contact Drew Rickel, donor relations officer, at or 205.414.3955.


Classes events

classes classes


To register or to read class descriptions visit or call 205.414.3950.


Instructor: Hank Siegel Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Every 3rd Sunday | 3-5 p.m. Free, $5 donation suggested Ages 12 and up

Family Yoga Series

Instructor: Annie Damsky Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens 2nd Saturday of the month | 9-10 a.m. $15 drop-in (child+1 adult) • $5 for an additional family member (per class)

Save t he Date

Flicks Among the Flowers July 15 Antiques at The Gardens October 1-4 Bunny Williams Lecture October 1 Emily Thomspon Lecture October 2

Water Features of the Gardens Instructor: Hank Siegel Saturday, July 25 | 9-noon Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens $65 members | $75 non-members

Fall Plant Sale October 17-18 Central South Native Plant Conference October 29-31

Seasonal Series

Instructor: Hank Siegel Saturday, July 11 | 9-noon Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens $65 Members | $75 Non-members

Gala in The Gardens October 1

Dirt Dash Fun Run November 14

Library Hours of Operation Monday - Friday | 9 - 4 p.m. Saturday | 10 - 4 p.m. Sunday | 2 - 5 p.m. 205.414.3920

Pruning: Techniques, Outcomes & Design Influences Instructor: Fred Spicer Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Thursday, August 20 | 6-8 p.m. Members-Only 205.414.3950

use your library card here.


Classes & Events

A rt is t D isplay M ain A rt G allery in G arden C enter J U ly & Augus t

Margare Mason B I R M I N G HA M B O TA N IC A L G A R D E N S presen ts

Fresh Air Family: Gross Out Camps

B I R M I N G HA M B O TA N IC A L G A R D E N S presen ts

$200 members (The Gardens, FAF), $225 non-members Hours: 9-5 p.m. Before and after care $25.

IF IT’S GROSS WE’VE GOT IT! Join expert naturalists as we explore the best of the worst earth has to offer. All in a safe atmosphere. We will see reptiles, macroinvertebrates, bugs, stinky plants and more. Activities include hikes, creek stomping, crafts, journaling, and live animal demonstrations with birds and snakes! To register, please go to Grades 1-4: July 6-10, July 13-17, July 27-31 Grades 5-7: July 20-24

ANTIQUES at the gardens

Children’s Summer Camps

Programs are designed to actively promote your child’s natural sense of creativity and discovery with fun learning experiences in the unmatched setting at Birmingham Botanical Gardens! This summer, we are growing global to give your camper the chance to travel through nature exploration, science, art, cooking, yoga, architecture, children’s literature and imagination while building skills for teamwork and making friendships.

celebrating 10 years • inspiring science education

OCTOBER 1-4, 2015

Red Diamond Lecture Series presents

Teachers are certified or otherwise qualified. For more information, contact Education Program Coordinator Ellen Hardy at 205.414.3953 or ehardy@

Morning Camps 9 – 1 p.m. $152 Members*| $190 NonMembers. Camp Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Young Naturalists K-2nd. July 13 - 17.

Bunny Williams

Emily Thompson

October 1

October 2

Taste in Spades sponsored by IBERIABANK October 3, 2015

Growing Through Yoga K-6th. July 20 - 24.


Gardening in Wonderland: Designing and Modeling 3rd-6th. July 27 – 31. *Hydrangea Level Members & above

James Farmer

Danielle Rollins

Jane Scott Hodges

Children can get involved in exploring their world through meaningful activities that encourage leadership development, personal pride and responsibility, and community involvement. Youth involved in the program develop critical thinking skills and the ability to identify community concerns and take action to address them through individual group projects.

Ages 6-12 years old.

Classes, Field Trips & Volunteer Opportunities Registration & further information about the program, including course descriptions & certificate requirements, can be found at or call 205.414.3950. All are welcome to register for any of the classes.

Junior Master Gardener 5: Vegetables & Herbs Teacher: Julie Danley & Gail Pless Saturday, July 18 | 9-1p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens-Exploration Classroom $45 per class

Introduction to Botany (core) Instructor: Tom Diggs Ph.D., Asst. Professor, University of North Georgia Saturday, August 8 | 8:30-4:30 p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens $80 Members | $90 Non-Members

Junior Master Gardener 6: Insects & Diseases Teacher: Julie Danley & Gail Pless Saturday, August 15 | 9-1p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens-Exploration Classroom $45 per class

Introduction to Native Plant Conservation (core) Instructor: Bob Boyd PhD, Professor, Auburn University Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, August 22 | 8:30-4:30 p.m. $80 Members | $90 Non-Members

Junior Master Gardener 7: Life Skills and Career Teacher: Julie Danley & Gail Pless Saturday, September 19 | 9-1p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens-Exploration Classroom $45 per class

Plant-Soil Relationships (core) Instructor: Henry Hughes, Director of Education Saturday, August 29 | 8:30-4:30 p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens $80 Members | $90 Non-Members

Junior Master Gardener 8: Fruits & Nuts Teacher: Julie Danley & Gail Pless Saturday, October 17 | 9-1p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens-Exploration Classroom $45 per class

Introduction to Plant Taxonomy/Classification (core) Instructor: Tom Diggs Ph.D., Asst. Professor, University of North Georgia Saturday, September 12 | 8:30-4:30 p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens $80 Members | $90 Non-Members

Junior Master Gardener 9: Make-up session Teacher: Julie Danley & Gail Pless Saturday, November 21 | 9-1p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens-Exploration Classroom $45 per class

Native Grasses and Grass-like Plants (elective) Instructor: Dan Spaulding, Curator, Anniston Museum of Natural History Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, September 19 | 8:30-12:30 p.m. $40 Members | $45 Non-Members

Classes & Events

The Junior Master Gardener(JMG) program is an international youth gardening program of the university Cooperative Extension network. JMG engages children in novel, hands-on group and individual learning experiences that provide a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the environment and cultivate the mind.

Certificate in Native Plant Studies

Alabama’s Ecology (core) Instructor: Scot Duncan, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Birmingham-Southern College Saturday, September 26 | 8:30-4:30 p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens $80 Members | $90 Non-Members

To register visit or call 205.414.3950.

Growing Native Trees from Seed – Oaks, Hickories and Others – Part I (new elective) Instructor: Henry Hughes, Director of Education Saturday, October 10 | 12:30-4:30 p.m. Location: Birmingham Botanical Garden $40 Members | $45 Non-Members


Classes & Events


July 15 13 May Top Gun

Garden of Conservatory • Formal June 24in•front July 15

FREE ADMISSION Visit for •this year’s movies! p.m. gates open at 6 p.m. cash bar • concessions

8 p.m. gates open at 6 p.m. cash bar • concessions sorry, no pets allowed or outside alcoholic beverages.

Formal Garden in front of Conservatory


Don’t forget your blanket.

Gerlach Plant Information Center Display inside the Garden Center for the months of July & August:

Make Growing Tomatoes

it a date night or bring a group of friends!

Thyme to Read ◄ August 4: Old Herbaceous: A Novel of the Garden by Reginald Arkell

THE BROWN sorry, no pets allowedBAG or LUNCH & LEARN outside alcoholic beverages.SERIES Bring your lunch to Birmingham Botanical Gardens and join us for FREE informational seminars. 11:30-12:30 p.m., no reservations required. Drinks and dessert provided.



Compost, soil and mulch – unearth what they are and how to use them properly.

The ACES Diagnostic Plant Lab helps identity problems and give cures.

The Terrific Trio! September 1: ► Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants by Jane Goodall


Join us in The Library at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss a fun book pertaining to gardening, plants or the environment. Contact Director of Library Services Hope Long at 205.414.3931 or for more information or to get involved.

What’s Bugging You?



No sun, no problem! Learn to love the shade and the plants that grow there.

Intentionally add year round color, interest, and charm to your landscape.

The Understory

Curb Appeal



Overgrown & Out of Control

Tools of the Trade

See what tools the pros use and how to maintain them for peak performance.

Find out how and when to whack it back, cut it down and clean it up.



Backyard Habitats

Let There be Light!

To create a sanctuary for the birds and the bees, start by adding flowers and trees.

Enhance beauty, provide safety and enjoy your outdoor spaces after dark.

presented in partnership with:

Storm Water Management

bb ga r d e n s. o r g/ c l a sse s


Protect figs and other ripening fruit from birds.

Continue to root shrub cuttings until late in the month and mulch to keep soil moist.

Remove faded blooms promptly from crape myrtle and other summer-blooming plants.

In lawns, watch for diseases. Mow regularly, and water as needed.

Keep roses healthy and actively growing.

Apply fertilizer as needed. Wash off foliage to prevent burning if any fertilizer falls on plants.

Water annuals and perennials as needed to keep plants active.

Iris and spider lily bulbs may be planted late this month.

Keeping flowers, shrubs, trees, and lawns healthy is the major task this month. This demands close observation for insects and diseases, and frequent watering.

Plant beans, field peas, rutabagas, squash, New Zealand spinach, and Irish potatoes. Plant cabbage, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and celery for the fall crop.

Plant tomatoes in Central and North Alabama.

August •

Cut out old blackberry canes after fruiting and then fertilize and cultivate for replacement canes. Remember to order new catalogs for fruit selection.

Layer branches of hydrangea.

Hybrid teas and floribundas may need slight pruning to prevent scraggly appearance.

Water annuals and perennials as needed to keep plants active.

Plant perennials and biennials.

Divide old iris plantings and add new bulbs.

Keeping flowers, shrubs, trees, and lawns healthy is the major task during this month. This means close observation for insects and diseases.

Plant turnips, rutabagas, beans, and peas in South Alabama.

Plant cabbage, collards, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and celery.

Courtesy of

Jessica Griggs is the eighth consecutive summer intern funded by the Rotary Club of Shades Valley. A graduate of the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School, she is a senior communications major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In her 12 weeks with The Gardens, Jessica will be involved in a wide variety of activities; her emphasis will be in the Plant Adventures program, under the supervision of Brooke McMinn. As a survivor of trauma, who has found respite through gardening, Jessica is particularly interested in the beneficial, therapeutic effects of nature. She says, “Healing is an art, I have discovered, and nature is an essential component. Nature connects the ordinary to the extraordinary and allows people to identify with and relate to one another. It heals, holds us together, and brings us back to our roots.”


Meet Jessica Griggs Summer Intern

For more information, see or call the Plant Hotline at 800.644.4458.

Archives Needs Your Help The Archives is looking for some unique artifacts that you may have in your attics or basement and, hoping that you would like to donate to The Gardens’ wonderful collection. This may include: Garden Club Yearbooks, Flower Show Schedules, Plant Show Booklets, Plant Society Yearbooks/Directories, Gardening and Botanical Pamphlets (pre-1940s), USDA Gardening & Horticulture Publications (pre-1950s), Victory Garden Posters and Publications, Old Farmer's Almanacs (pre-1930s), Vintage Garden Cigarette Cards, Antique Flower Frogs (metal, glass, wire, etc), Antique to Vintage Handheld Garden Tools, Gardening and Floral Postage Stamps (pre-1960s). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Archivist Jason Kirby at 205.414.3967, or by email at

Jessica will study the interactions between people and plants and their significance in promoting human well-being. Her projects will include two case studies: one of community services, focused on The Gardens’ various programs and success stories, and one on healing, relating to Jessica’s personal journey. She wants her work with trauma, recovery, faith and success to increase the potential for healing in others.


G a r d e n S u p p o rt e r s

Chairman Level

Mrs. Louise D. Johnson*

Advisor Level

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Jones, Jr. The Forman Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William R. Ireland, Jr.

Benefactor Level

As of June 30 2015

grantors grantors Thank you to the Individuals, Foundations, Companies & Cities who awarded us grants in 2014 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama The Brooke Family Foundation City of Birmingham City of Mountain Brook City of Vestavia Hills The Comer Foundation Dr. & Mrs. John A. Floyd, Jr. The Goodrich Foundation Hill Crest Foundation, Inc. The Hugh Kaul Foundation Jemison Investment Company Inc. Junior League of Birmingham Kinder Morgan Foundation

Little Garden Club of Birmingham Lorol Roden Bowron Redicker Rucker Foundation Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Redmont Neighborhood Association Regions Financial Corporation Robert R. Meyer Foundation Shades Valley Rotary Club Susan Mott Webb Charitable Trust The James Milton & Sallie R. Johnson Foundation Vulcan Materials Company Wells Fargo Foundation Anonymous

Mr. Richard M. Adams Ms. Elna R. Brendel Dr. & Mrs. John A. Floyd, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. T. Michael Goodrich Jones Family Fund Ms. Lori Oswald & Mr. Hans Paul Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer S. Poynor, III Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. South, III Southern Progress Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stukes Anonymous

Patron Level

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Barr Mrs. Camille H. Butrus C. Eugene Ireland Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Coleman C.S. Beatty Construction, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Bob de Buys Dunn-French Foundation Mrs. Trudy R. Evans Mr. & Mrs. J.S.M. French Mr. & Mrs. Houston Gillespy Mr. & Mrs. Charles Goodrich Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, III Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Northen, III Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Ray, Jr. Rucker & Margaret Agee Fund Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rushton, III Mr. & Mrs. B. Hanson Slaughter Mrs. Lucille R. Thompson *Deceased As of June 30, 2015


Mr. & Mrs. Edgar G. Aldridge Mr. & Mrs. Michael Balliet Ms. Camille A. Becker Mrs. Lucille S. Beeson * Peggy Bonfield & Orrin Ford D. Joseph & Ida C. Burns * Mary Carolyn Gibbs Cleveland Suzanne G. Clisby Mrs. Martha Stone Cobb Daniel * The Daniel Foundation of Alabama The Dunn-French Family Dr. John D. Elmore* Mrs. Claire H. Fairley* Mr. F. Lewter Ferrell, Jr. * Mr. R.R. Herbst *

Mrs. Jimmie Hess * Mr. J. Ernest Hill & Mrs. Ora Lee Hill * Mrs. Jane Hinds Fay B. Ireland Mr. George L. Jenkins Hugh & Bobbe Kaul * Ms. Pamela Kaul * Andrew B. Krebbs Fran Lawlor Dr. Bodil Lindin-Lamon* Hope Long Dr. Michael E. Malone Ms. Louise T. McAvoy * Mrs. Mary Jean Morawetz Mr. Philip Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. James L. Newsome Dr. & Mrs. A. I. Perley * Steve & LeAnne Porter Mrs. Carol P. Poynor Mrs. Dorothy L. Renneker * Deborah & John Sellers Mr .& Mrs. William M. Spencer, III * Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Mr. Douglas Arant Stockham Dr. Wendell H. Taylor, Sr. * Mrs. Barbara D. Thorne * Mrs. Carolyn D. Tynes * Mrs. Ann H. “Nancy” Warren * Mrs. Robert Wells Anonymous *Deceased

Bobbie Abernethy

James O. Finney

Mr. Clarence T. Estock

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Radecke

Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Averyt Mr. & Mrs. C. Winfred Billingsley Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Bromberg, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Bugg Mrs. Paula Cox Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Crockard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert David Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Finchum Mr. Frank Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher D. Harvey, III Mr. & Mrs. James W. Heacock, Jr. Mr. Steve P. Morton Mrs. Samuel W. Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon L. Pearson Mrs. Margaret G. Ragland Rockridge Garden Club Dr. & Mrs. Mike Rushing Mrs. Alice Schleusner Dr. & Mrs. Carter Smith Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Staff Mr. & Mrs. W. Stancil Starnes Mr. & Mrs. Macbeth Wagnon, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James R. Williams

L. Aubrey Drewry

Wita M. Harbert

Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher D. Harvey, III

Mrs. Lee B. Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Lindstrom, Jr.

Louise C. Bailey Lilies Of The Valley Garden Club

If we have inadvertently left your name out or incorrectly listed you, please accept our apologies and contact Drew Rickel, donor relations officer, at 205.414.3955 or

William Brantley Ms. Miriam McClung Oak Street Garden Shop

Mary A. Champion Mrs. J. W. Bledsoe, Jr.

Alberto E. Chiesa Mrs. Alberto E. Chiesa

John Cox Oak Street Garden Shop

Glenn H. Donald Mr. & Mrs. C. Vann Goodner, Jr.

Patricia Drake

Gifts to The Library at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Helfand

Louise D. Johnson

Baby Sarrels

Mr. George L. Jenkins

Mrs. Katie Menanno

Frederick W. Kraus

Carolyn W. Sasser

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Knowlton

Cresa / LPL Financial / RJA

Carl Mattil

Richard M. Sharp

Mr. Frank A. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Trafton

Edith W. Medley

Lois Thompson

Lilies Of The Valley Garden Club Oak Street Garden Shop

Mr. Clarence T. Estock

William M. Miller

David Thurlow

Oak Street Garden Shop

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Cox, Jr.

Ann N. Munger

Dagmar Trachsel

Oak Street Garden Shop

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Musgrave Dr. & Mrs. Mike Rushing Mrs. Dee Woodham

June B. Old Mr. & Mrs. Earl Trafton

Robert S. Weatherly

Mary Ann Pass

Oak Street Garden Shop

Mr. Andy Philipsborn & Ms. Jane Bilger Mr. & Mrs. Tom Philipsborn Ms. Allison Rose

Methodist Church in honor of Jason Kirby

Billy Angell in memory of Ann N. Munger

Birmingham Fern Society in honor of Jason Kirby

Anne Galbraith in honor of Adair Brittain Pardue

Oak Street Garden Shop Employees in memory of William Henderson Brantley III In memory of John E. Cox In memory of Edith Helen Wade Medley

Bluff Park United

Alice E. Pigman

Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith

Garden of Inverness in honor of Fletcher Harvey

Friends Group in honor of Jason Kirby

3 .1 .1 5 -4 .3 0 .1 5

Edgewood Garden Club in honor of Gene and Merry Lewis

Lee C. Wright The Duggan Family

In memory of William M. Miller In memory of Robert Stone Weatherly Jr. Queens of Spades Garden Club in memory of Jean Fowler

Cathy O’Sheal Babs Simpson Stephanie Banks Melinda Dressler Dr. Michael E. Malone Rhonda Cooper Jan Midgley Linda Grissom Stan Moss

G a r d e n S u p p o rt e r s

memorials memorials

Gifts received between

Phase I Conservatory Improvements Leading Lights Campaign Donors Platinum Level

City of Birmingham Brooke Family Foundation The Daniel Foundation of Alabama Bill & Lyndra Daniel

Gold Level

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham Lorol Roden Bowron Rediker Rucker Foundation

Bronze Level

Anonymous (2) The Lucille S. Beeson Charitable Trust Butrus Family Advised Fund Holly Oak Garden Club Valley Off-Shoots Garden Club

All members of The Gardens receive a 10% discount off of purchases.

Hours Monday-Saturday: 9:30-5:30 p.m. Sunday: 1-4 p.m.



G a r d e n S u p p o rt e r s

honors honors Gifts received between

3. 1. 15- 4. 30. 15 Daniel F. Balkovetz Sprig O’Holly Garden Club

Jim Noles Snippers Garden Club

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Staff Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Snyder

Anne Oliver Mrs. Lee B. Chapman

Girl Scout Troop 31017 First United Methodist Church Garden Club Fletcher D. Harvey Gardens of Inverness Garden Club Susan Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Lindstrom, Jr. Jason Kirby Mrs. Martha Bazemore Birmingham Fern Society Ms. Sue W. Patrick

Frederick R. Spicer Alabama Master Gardeners Association Louise A. Wrinkle Mrs. Paul R. Butrus

Gifts received between

3 .1 .1 5 -4 .3 0 .1 5 Ms. Carol Hagood Henhouse Antiques Mr. & Mrs. William R. Ireland, Jr. Jemison Investment Company Advised Fund Ms. Janet Lyman & Mr. Hank Siegel Mr. Daniel McHan Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Perry, Jr. Nancy & John Poynor Redmont Park Garden Club Robins & Morton Group Ms. Linda Sanders ServisFirst Bank Ms. Rebecca Smith Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. & Kim McBride Starnes Davis Florie LLP Sterne Agee Dr. & Mrs. John P. Strickland

Alabama Power Foundation, Inc. Mr. Harrison S. Arnold AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Mr. & Mrs. Brian Barr Ms. Mariana Barrios & Family Ms. Barbara Bell BHK Investment Advisors, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Broughton, III Mr. Glenn Bryant Capital City Master Gardener Association City of Mountain Brook Cobbs Allen Diamond Tours, Inc. EBSCO Industries, Inc. Ms. Mary V. Farrar Dr. & Mrs. John A. Floyd, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J.S.M. French Ellen & Houston Gillespy Drs. Alice & Paul Goepfert Grapevine Garden Club

If we have inadvertently left your name out or incorrectly listed you, please accept our apologies and contact Drew Rickel, donor relations officer, at 205.414.3955 or

new&renewing new&renewing members President’s Circle $1,000 Tom and Cathy Adams Mr. and Mrs. William H. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Ken Horton Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Hoyt Mr. J. Turner and Mrs. Ashley Inscoe Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rosse Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. William M. Slaughter

Ambassador $500-999 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Faires Dr. Susan Jackson Ms. Lucy McCown Steve and Mary Phillips

Oak $250-499


Mike Rushing Ms. Dean Chatham SouthernBiotech Ms. Diane Wehby

donors donors

Ms. Olivia Alison Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Becker Ms. Pam Bostick Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Bromberg, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Broughton Ms. Pat Cosgrove Martha Council Mrs. John Cowin Mrs. James H. Emack Dr. and Mrs. George M. Gibbins, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glenn Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hinds, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Horton Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Johanson III Mr. Philippe W. Lathrop and Mrs. Judith S. Crittenden Mr. and Mrs. J. Reid Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Mark McColl Mr. Robert Newton and Ms. Cynthia D. Woods The Honorable and Mrs. Terry Oden Mr. Richard I. Pigford Mrs. Ralph N. Rooney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ross Dr. and Mrs. Charles Russell Ms. Dorothy J. Tayloe Mrs. Leah M. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. David L. Tharpe Ms. Tammi Trawick Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wendorf

Magnolia $125-249

Ms. Rebecca Adams Ms. Cindi S. Akins Ms. Sallie S. Aman Ms. Gail C. Andrews and Dr. Richard Marchase Mr. Jackson B. Bailey Dr. and Mrs. William C. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baydala Dr. and Mrs. Austen L. Bennett, III Dr. Luigi F. Bertoli Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Booker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bostany Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boswell, Jr. Mrs. Samuel H. Burr Ms. Joyce Cahoon Mrs. Mary B. Carr

Memberships received between

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Coffee Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Comans Mrs. Hope Cooper Mrs. Anita M. Cord Mrs. Jane Cusick Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Ogden S. Deaton Ms. Marilyn Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Donnellan Mr. and Mrs. Marc Eason Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elkourie Mr. James V. Fairley, Jr. Mrs. Marynell Ford Mrs. Chita S. Gaskin Ms. Robin George and Mr. Earl A. George Mr. and Mrs. Carey Gilbert, III Mrs. Yvonne J. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Harmon Mrs. Ann G. Harvey Ms. Heather Herrington Mr. and Mrs. John D. Higgins Mr. C. Logan Hinkle Mrs. Jane B. Hodges Mr. Mark David Jackson and Mr. Larry Fitzgerald Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jones Bill and Mindy Lalor Mr. and Mrs. William Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Reed Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Lister Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sprott Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Manley Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Mann Mrs. Mary Marcoux Mrs. Cecilia C. Matthews

3 .1 .1 5 -4. 30. 15 Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mayne Ms. Kim McBride Ms. Dorothy McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miles Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moore, Jr. Ms. Pam Moore Dr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Nading, Jr. Mrs. Kaye Oden Mr. and Mrs. Robbin Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Irvine C. Porter, III Mr. and Mrs. Tom Powell Mr. and Mrs. Gene T. Price Mrs. Sue Pritchard Ms. Suzanne Respess Mr. and Mrs. W. Warren B. Rhett Mrs. Mel Robinson Ms. Starr Rogers Ms. Margaret S. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shepherd, Jr. Ms. Anne Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Sprague Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Starling, III Ms. Rosemary Strouss Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Stutts, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George N. Tobia Ms. Marjorie L. White Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Whitney Mr. and Mrs. John M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Wills Mr. and Mrs. Richard Womack Ms. Carol Womack Mr. William Wong Mr. and Mrs. Alan Word

Hydrangea $60-124

Morning Glories Garden Club Ms. Kimberly Adelberg Joy Aldridge & David Hope Mrs. Patricia B. Alley Mr. Rip Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ashford Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Atkinson Dr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Atlas Mrs. Katherine Avant Mrs. Judy Bacon Ms. Anita S. Baker Mr. and Mrs. John Barelare Mrs. Richard G. Bastar, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Alan Beckham Mr. and Mrs. William Benjamin, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Neal R. Berte Mrs. Brenda Betts Dr. Jill Billions Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bisset, III Ms. Barbara Bonfield Mrs. Virginia Brasher Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Breaseale Mr. Michael Brenner and Mrs. Naomi Buklad Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Bromberg Ms Virginia Brooks Ms. Saundra Brown Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brown Mrs. Margaret Burnham Mr. and Mrs. John E. Butcher Mr. and Mrs. Lee Caldwell Mrs. Jan Carper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Carter Mrs. Jane H. Chace Ms. Marilyn Chiaramonte and Mr. Peter Bibbo Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Clarke Ms. Judith Clasen Mr. and Mrs. John D. Clements Linda and Benjamin Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cole Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Collias Mr. and Mrs. John Collins Mr. and Mrs. Braxton Comer Mrs. Jean Condrey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Belton Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Couch Ms. Miriam Cowan Ms. Janet Cox Mr. R. N. Craig and Mrs. Carol M. Craig Mr. and Mrs. Al Craig Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Cramer, Jr. Ms. Nelda Creel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crook Dr. and Mrs. James Cullinan Mrs. Anna Daly Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis Mrs. Patricia Davis Mrs. Kate H. De Garis Ms. Molleen Desai Mrs. Mary I. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. David Donahue Mrs. Lori Dorsky Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Dunbar, Jr. Ms. Mary Dunham Mr. and Mrs. George S. Eastwood, II Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Edmiston Mrs. William F. Edmonds Mr. and Mrs. Richard Enders Mrs. Betsy Faucette Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Finkel Dr. Kate Flanagan Dr. Shannon Flynt Mr. Stanley Fowler Mr. Joseph G. Gamble Ms. Carie Gancy Mr. and Mrs. James Garrison Ms. Mary Lou George Megan and Ben Gerace Sarah and John Glover Mr. and Mrs. C. Vann Goodner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grant Mr. Scott Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Mac B. Greaves Mrs. Beverly Green Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gregory Ms. Anne M. Grimes Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hall Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hambaugh Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hammack Mr. and Mrs. Mike Harris Mrs. Theresa Harrison Ms. Lynn Headley Ms. Yvette Heath Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Helfand Mrs. Lindsay Hendley Ms. Julia Hester Mr. James Hewitt Ms. Holly Hilton Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Holmes Mr. and Mrs. William Horne, Jr. Ms. Kaye Houser Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Huddle Dr. and Mrs. Duncan Hulsey Mrs. Lindsay Hussey Mr. and Mrs. David Israel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Jackson Mr. George L. Jenkins Ms. Ellen C. Johnson Ms. Lynn Joseph Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrence Joyce Mr. Sydney H. Keel Ms. Jennifer Kramer Mr. and Mrs. John Kuklinski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lange Dr. and Mrs Clifton Latting Mrs. Anita LeMay Ms. Ina B. Leonard Courtney and Eli Lightner Mr. and Mrs. Max Link Ms. Nancy Little Maurice and Marcella Little Mrs. James A. Livingston, Jr. Mrs. Kathy Logue Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Love Ms. Jean Lubbert Mr. and Mrs. Truitt Luckie Ms. Donna M. Lummus Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mackin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Majors Mr. and Mrs. William F. Martin, III Ms. Cynthia Martin Mr. and Mrs. Gene McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Philip I. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLean Mr. and Mrs. George D. H. McMillan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Y. Menendez Mr. and Mrs. Terry Meredith Mrs. Jan A. Midgley and Mr. Dean Clark Mr. David Miller Mrs. Tina Miller Mrs. Sandra Miller Charles and Elizabeth Miller Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Mills, Sr. Mrs. Nina P. Miranda Mr. and Mrs. James J. Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry Morgan Ms. Jean E. Mosley Mrs. Jane Mullins Mrs. Laura Murphey Dr. and Mrs. Charles Murray Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nagrodzki Ms. Toni T. Neumeier Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Newell Mrs. and Mr. Mary Jo Nicastro Mr. and Mrs. Ken Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. O’Connor Mr. James Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Olson Mrs. Nelda D. Osment Mr. Joe Patrick Mr. Jason E. Patrick Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Patterson Ms. Pam Paustian Mrs. Carol Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Pendleton

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Persall Ms. Carolyn Plott Mr. and Mrs. Peter Poerschke Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prestwood Ms. Susan Pretnar Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prince Mr. and Mrs. William Rabel Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rawls Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ray Mr. James H. Raynes Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reames Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reich Mr. Robert Reiche and Mrs. Ellen J. Schmidt Ms. Su Reid-St. John Dr. and Mrs. Courtenay Renneker Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. Derek Richesin Mr. and Mrs. Doug Rickels Mrs. Carol Ringland Mr. and Mrs. Loyd W. Roberson Mr. and Mrs. David Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rogers Miss Isabelle Rohr Mrs. Martha A. Ross Mr. Pelham Rowan and Mrs. Lisa Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Rowe, Jr. Mrs. Liz Rozzelle Ms. Kit Samford Mr. and Mrs. William Sandlin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sandner,II Ms. Tammy Searcy Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sharp, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Smith Mr. James Spector Mrs. Clifford M. Spencer Mrs. Brenda N. Stacey Mr. Alan Stamm Dr. Christopher Stanley Ms. Laura L. Steele and Mr. Chris Girkin Larry and Joalice Stephens Ms. Martha Ann Stevenson Ms. Mary S. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Stoddard Dr. J. Michael Straughn Mrs. Mary K. Stringfellow Mrs. Carole Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sulzby, III Ms. Melanie Talbot Drs. Benjamin and Beth Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson Mrs. Helen V. Titus Mr. Michael Tomberlin Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Tully, Jr. Mrs. Melanie Turner Mr. William Twitty Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vander Kamp Dr. Robert E. Varner and Dr. Pam Varner Mr. James Vinson Dr. and Mrs. William B. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weil Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds D. Whatley Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler Mrs. Anne Wheeler and Mr. Richard A. Berliner Herb and Carol Wilbanks Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wilcox Ms. Lynn Williams Mr. and Mrs. David T. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wingard Ms. Elaine Witt Ms. Ellen Witt Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Wiygul Mrs. Sandy Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wood Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wright Mrs. Jaquline Wynn Mr. and Mrs. Jobey York Ms. Jessica York Ms. Charlotte C. Zarzaur Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zeigler Dr. and Mrs. George L. Zorn, Jr.

Memberships received between

3 .1 .1 5 -4 .3 0 .1 5 Trillium $45-59 Ms Carol L. Alston Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson Ms. Elizabeth Arello Ms. Carmen M. Austin Ms. Caroline Bates Ms. Cathy Beasley Mr. William G. Bennett Ms. Susan Bennett Ms. Janice Bernauer Dr. and Mr. Bidez Ms. Geneva Blackburn Ms. Caroline Bolvig Ms. Teresa Boody Ms. Mary Leesa Booth Mr. Mike Bounds Mrs. Mary S. Bowman Ms. Frances M. Brandon Mrs. Donna Brown Little Ms. Donna W. Burson Dr. Richard Carroll Dr. and Ms. Robert B. Chadband Ms. Lyn Chappelle Ms. Dean Chatham Ms. Heather Clark Mrs. Dorothy Clark Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cochran Mrs. Mary F. Cofield Ms. Jennifer C. Cole Ms. Rita C. Constantine Mrs. Belton Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Keith Covington Mrs. Anna Cox Mrs. Frank W. Davies, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Davis Mrs. Sandra S. Dean Ms. Joyce M. Dean Mrs. Joseph M. Donald, Jr. Ms. Tonya Drake Ms. Susan Dressler Ms. Felicia DuBose Mr. W.B. Dumas Ms. Joanne Englebert Mr. and Mrs. Scott Evans Ms. Jean Folsom Ms. Rachel S. Fowler Ms. Kathleen Gard Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gaskins Ms. Rebecca R. Griffith Dr. Ward Haarbauer Ms. Valerie Harper Mr. Tom Hart Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hassinger Mrs. Mary Hawkins Ms. Jeremy B. Hayden Dr. Carol Hendrickson Ms. Brenda Henson Mr. and Mrs. Craig Higgins Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hiller, III Mr. Keelon J. Hobbs Sidney and Russ Hoover Ms. Suzanne Hovater Mr. and Mrs. John H. Howell Dr. Jeanne S. Hutchison Ms. Dolores Hydock Mrs. and Mr. Judy Jackson Ms. Teresa Jang Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Jensen Ms. Marie A. Johnson Mrs. Crawford T. Johnson, III Mrs. Sarah R. Johnston Mrs. Dianne Joseph Ms. Mildred C. Knight Mrs. Barbara B. Lampkin Mrs. Joy Larsen Mrs. Ann Lee Mrs. R. Edward Leslie Mrs. Betty Lockhart Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lunsford Mr. and Mrs. Lee Marks Mrs. Rebecca Mason Ms. Cecile L. Mason Mrs. Louis G. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Massien Ms. Anne Maura Ms. Bonnie McDonald

Ms. Ellen McLaughlin Miss Virginia McLean Ms. Kathy Moll Ms. Marcia Mouron Ms. Laurie Nabors Ms. Margaret Newton Mrs. Martha Norville Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerry Oakes Mrs. Frances W. Owens Mr. Edward Pair Mrs. Paulette B. Parks Ms. Anne Parrish Mr. Larry Pate Joey and Adele Peters Ms. Martha Pezrow Mr. Michael F. Raczynski Dr. and Mrs. J. Walden Retan Mr. Clayton Richard Mrs. Judith Rives Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Roby Ms. Tana Samuels-Fair Ms. Linda Sanders Dr. Gloria Sellman Ms. Anne Shaw Ms. Barbara Shepherd Ms. Dale Sherer Mrs. Anne Shiller Ms. Leonette Slay Mrs. Mary M. Smith Ms. Dorothy Smitherman Mrs. Donna Speegle Dr. Elaine St. John Ms. Louella L. Stinson Ms. Jane Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Bob Terry Mr. Jamie Thomas Ms. Pam Thompson Ms. Beth Trupp Mrs. Tammy Upchurch Mrs. Tina Vaughn Ms. Kathy Wales Ms. Cynthia V. Walters Ms. Shelley Watkins Mrs. Karen White Mrs. Walter Wood Mrs. Suzanne H. Woodall Mrs. Suzanne B. Wright Ms. Carolyn R. Wynn Ms. Michelle York Ms. Barbara Zinkil

G a r d e n S u p p o rt e r s

new&renewing new&renewing members

Young Professional

Daniel Brackin Mr. and Mrs. J Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hartman Mr. Matt Hill Ms. Tran Huynh and Mr. Harrison Quick Ms. Heather Wallace Matthew Wood & Shelley Payne Mrs. Priscilla Bass Ms. Danae Boyd and Mr. Brandon Boyd Harris Carruba and Louis Carruba Ms. Carol Crews Mrs. Lindsey Dean Mrs. Lindsey Druhan Mr. Jeremiah Evans Miss Dani Feldman Mrs. Cory Jackson Mr. Robert MacArthur LaBron Mathews and Wayne Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McKinney Mr. Jonathan Pritchett Ms. Ethelyn Stacks Ms. Caroline Stephens


Mr. Andrew David Bennett Ms. Brittany Black Ms. Georgia Dussick Mrs. Jane Henderson Trina Houser Mrs. Luverne Mattil


Non-Profit Org. US Postage


B I R M I N G HA M B O TA N IC A L G A R D E N S presen ts 2612 Lane Park Road Birmingham, Alabama 35223 205.414.3950

Birmingham, AL Permit No. 2513

The Garden Dirt is printed using vegetable based inks. Please recycle.

Bunny WIlliams

Emily THompson

ANTIQUES at the gardens

celebrating 10 years • inspiring science education

October 1-4, 2015

Garden Dirt July 2015  

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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