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2612 L a n e P a r k R oa d B i r m i n g h a m , A L 35223 205.414.3950

The Garden Dirt is printed using vegetable based inks.


Friends of B i r m i n g h a m B o ta n i c a l G a r d e n s

enhancing life with plants 2 0 08 A nnual Report

2008 Board of Directo rs President


Morris C. Benners President-Elect

Thomas G. Amason, Jr. Tr e a s u r e r

Reese Murray, III S e c re ta ry

Tricia Noble

VP Development

Kim Rogers

V P Fa c i l i t i e s & P l a n n i n g

Fred Keith

I m m e d i at e Pa s t P r e s i d e n t

Douglas A. Stockham Officer

Hubert W. Goings, Jr. Janet Taylor

Pokey Adams Laurie Allen Billy Angell Lyndra Daniel Stewart Dansby Richard Davis James Hughey Margi Ingram Sheryl Kimerling Mike Malone Henry Ray David Silverstein Diana Slaughter Scott Walton Louis Willie, III Louise Wrinkle

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s Letter from President & Executive Director���������������������3 About Us��������������������������������������������������������������������������4 Friends & City Staff���������������������������������������������������������5 Financials�������������������������������������������������������������������������6 2007 Milestones ��������������������������������������������������������������8 Volunteers����������������������������������������������������������������������17 Perennial Society & Garden Sustainer Club�������������������22 Members������������������������������������������������������������������������23 Donors���������������������������������������������������������������������������36

Our M i s s io n

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens promotes public knowledge of plants, gardens and the environment; and receives, raises and administers resources for these purposes.

Our Vi s i o n

The vision of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is to be one of the nation’s preeminent botanical gardens.


On the cover: Lisa George, Horticultural Therapy Volunteer, and Anna Grace, HewittTrussville High School student during a HT session.

Dear Friends: If you’ve seen us in print over the past year, you’ve probably noticed our recently-adopted tag line: enhancing life with plants. It goes to the core of what we know about plants and about people, but only hints at the big picture. Human life is more than merely enhanced by plants; human life would simply not be possible without them. Water and salt are the only things humans eat (or drink) that do not originate with plants. Our mothers told us to eat fruits and vegetables; now experts widely agree that healthy diets include lots of unprocessed plants, which are naturally low in fats, and high in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. With soaring diabetes and obesity rates, Americans clearly need to eat more plants. We not only bring this message to over 10,000 schoolchildren a year, but the plants we grow in the Bruno Vegetable Garden (nearly three tons last year) go directly to Magic City Harvest food bank to enrich the typically poor diets of Birmingham’s neediest. That’s enhancing life with plants. Through our horticultural therapy programs, currently serving clients ages 3-99, we use plants and plant-related activities to improve health. Scientific medical research confirms that this therapy provides benefits to those suffering from many conditions ranging from autism to Alzheimers disease and from cerebral palsy to cancer. When a sick person connects with plants, good things happen. That, too, is enhancing life with plants. We like to say “gardeners live longer,” but scientists know that being immersed in plants, gardens and nature lowers heart rates and blood pressure. As a free public garden, open 365 days a year, with numerous free programs and activities, a meaningful, healthy experience – with plants – can be had by virtually every visitor. On the more active side, joggers, walkers, and strollers get good aerobic exercise on our miles of paths. Again, we’re enhancing life with plants. We trust you will enjoy Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens 2008 Annual Report. In it, you’ll read about all of the many ways we use plants to enhance life. With sincere thanks for all that you do for us,

Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Dr. Tommy Amason Executive Director President


About Us...

Birmingham Botanical Gardens is Alabama’s largest living museum with more than 10,000 different plants in its living collections. The Gardens’ 67.5 acres contain over 25 unique gardens, 30+ works of original outdoor sculpture and miles of serene paths. The Gardens features the largest public horticulture library in the U.S., conservatories, a wildflower garden, two rose gardens, the Southern Living garden, and a Japanese garden with a traditionally crafted tea house. Education programs run year round and more than 10,000 school children enjoy free sciencecurriculum based field trips annually. The Gardens is open daily, offering free admission to more than 350,000 visitors annually. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a partnership between the City of Birmingham and Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Through funding and advocacy, The Friends further the restoration, preservation and development of The Gardens as a resource for everyone in the community. The Friends promote knowledge and appreciation of plants and the environment through educational offerings.


Kayser Lily Pool, Nike,Cochran Waterwall, and Interlude in the Hill Garden

Public funds do support general maintenance; however, public funding does not address the effects of increased usage and changing visitor needs. Therefore, The Friends must seek additional funding sources to sustain its mission. With your help, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens will continue to expand educational programming, environmental awareness, facilities maintenance and development as well as horticultural health and diversity. The Gardens are a valuable resource for our community which must be maintained and enhanced for present and future visitors.

City of Birmingham Staff

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Staff

Director of H o rt i c u lt u r e

Please contact us at 205.414.3950 or visit us at

James Horton Landscape Crew Leader

Helping you make an impact. Executive Director

Frederick R. Spicer, Jr.

Ray Abrams A d m i n i s t r at i v e Clerk


Alicia Andrews

Finance Director

G arden C urations


Stephanie Banks

K a u l Wi l d f l o w e r G a rd e n C u r ato r

Gary Bailey Johnny Carson Marlon Files Larry Jackson Brenda S. Warren

Finance Clerk

Patrick Daniel

Security Guard

Lee Anderson Joe Bouchillon Johnny White H o rt i c u lt u r e S p e c i a lt y G r ow e r

Gregg Clark District H o rt i c u lt u r e Supervisor

Carleen Mitchell

D evelopment Director of Development

Olivia Alison Special Events C o o rd i n ato r

Shelly McCarty D o n o r R e l at i o n s Officer

Savannah Lanier

Linda Emerson

Development Officer


George Jenkins

Andy Freeland James Parrish Robert Parker George Zary P l a n t Ta x o n o m i s t

Melanie Johns A d m i n i s t r at i v e A s s i s ta n ts

Laura Massengill Joe Ann Steele G r e e n h o u s e Wo r k e r

Ted Snow Teresa Williams Emergency Employees

Brian Johnson Rhonda Jones

E ducation Director o f E d u c at i o n

Henry Hughes E d u c at i o n Program C o o rd i n ato r

Ellen Hardy E d u c at i o n Activities Specialist

Phyllis Sutton H o rt i c u lt u r a l Th e r a p y C o o rd i n ato r

Susan Grimes

L ibrar y 205.414.3920

Director of Library Services

Hope Long Librarian

Elizabeth Drewry Library A s s i s ta n t

Jason Kirby

M arketing & M embership Director of Marketing & Membership

Andrew B. Krebbs Marketing & P u b l i c R e l at i o n s C o o rd i n ato r

Michael Hansen Membership A s s i s ta n t

Rona Walters

V olunteers Vo l u n t e e r C o o rd i n ato r


Financial Reports

Combined Statement of Financial Position ASSETS

Year Ending: December 31, 2008

December 31, 2007

$759,944 2,274,033

$984,971 2,928,134

1,553 6,876,886

3,427 8,362,424

Cash and cash equivalents Investments Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation Beneficial interest in Beeson Trust


$ 9,912,416


$66,511 21,064

$98,110 1,322

LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts payable Accrued liabilities




$1,484,313 1,285,568 7,054,960

$2,238,721 1,400,305 8,540,498

Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted


$9,824,841 $9,912,416

$12,179,524 $12,278,956

$522,199 263,723 40,642 637,178 312,276 47,630 15,087 (515,702) (306,848) (1,485,538)

$847,320 230,132 45,721 650,213 295,775 58,888 175,072 40,032 76,926



Combined Statement of Activities SUPPORT & REVENUE

Public donations Memberships General education revenue Programs/special events Interest and other investment income Dividend income Other income Unrealized holding gains Realized losses on securities Fair value change in beneficial interest of Beeson Trust



Snow covered arched bridge, Japanese Gardens

EXPENSES Programs Development General and Administrative



December 31, 2008

December 31, 2007

$1,423,462 255,614 206,254

$1,379,677 311,252 239,919



$ (2,354,683)

$ 489,231

$ 9,824,841


General & Administrative- 11% Development- 14%

Programs- 75%

P rograms Gardens- 40% Events- 22% Volunteers- 2% Membership & Education- 12% Library- 7% Education- 17%

Gardens Education Library Membership & Education Events Volunteers Gift shop Events

Total Programs

December 31, 2008

December 31, 2007

$563,892 242,299 99,073 176,094 35,136 306,968

$526,029 234,121 97,947 176,587 46,144 2,630 296,219



The financial information shown above has been summarized by Birmingham Botanical Society, Inc. dba Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, from its 2008 audited financial statements. A copy of the complete financial statements and auditor’s report is available for review at our offices at 2612 Lane Park Road, Birmingham, AL 35223.


Our 2008 Milestones… J A N UA R Y. 0 8  Fred Spicer, Executive Director, participated in strategic planning sessions for American Public Gardens Association (APGA)  Master Plan kickoff meeting held, led by Oasis Design Group & BioHabitats, Inc.*  New entry feature completed in the McReynolds Garden; given in memory of Louise & John A. Floyd, Sr.  Phyllis Sutton promoted to Education Activities Specialist  Henry Hughes hired as Director of Education  Estate gifts received from Ora Lee Hill and F. Lewter Ferrell  Fred Spicer named to APGA Awards Committee

Topiary Tempietto in Dunn Formal Rose Garden

 Fred Spicer judged Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta, GA  records 239,936 unique visitors for 2007; 3.8 million pages viewed  Plant Adventure Zone greenhouse renovated for Horticultural Therapy Program Clients from Hewitt-Trussville High School inside the newly renovated greenhouse for Horticultural Therapy


 Annual Members Dinner: State of The Gardens address given

enhancing life with plants F E B R UA R Y. 0 8  Dunn Formal Rose Garden and Herb Terrace brochures completed; funded by the Dunn Family and Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens  First major replanting began in Kaul Wildflower Garden; seed collected in Alabama as part of conservation / documentation / expedition program  Annual staff retreat for The Friends held at Aldridge Botanical Garden  Fred Spicer on Kaul Wildflower Garden in January Garden Clubs of America’s Montine McDaniel Freeman Award committee  Topiary Tempietto restoration completed in Dunn Formal Rose Garden by Robinson Iron; funded by the Dunn and French families  Education outreach programs served nearly 4,500 children; programs include: Urban Forestry Fair in downtown Birmingham, Earth Day at The Gardens, Family Discovery Cart, Garden Explorations and HollyDay Magic+ Phyllis Sutton, Education Activities Specialist, helping a child plant a sunflower seed

*Funded in part by the Beeson Charitable Trust

+For more information visit


APRIL.08 MARCH.08  218 guests heard James Cothran at Virginia Beeland Spencer Lecture, funded by Bill & Virginia Spencer  “Saving Our Water” conference held at The Gardens with Green Resource Center for Alabama

 Donor trip to Charleston, South Carolina  Alabama’s largest plant sale held at Colonial Shoppers at Spring Plant Sale Brookwood Village: raised over $200,000, 6,000 attended

 Jane Reed Ross of Goodwin Mills Caywood retained to prepare renovation plan for Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Garden.

 Library circulated over 1,000 items in one month for the first time  Library participated in first county-wide “Big Read” campaign  Hired first part-time Finance Clerk, Carleen Mitchell  1,300 visitors enjoyed Earth Day at the Gardens  Belfry and Friendship Bell in the Hulsey Woods dedicated; both funded by Rotary Clubs of Shades Valley (AL) and Osaka Central (Japan); Belfry path and terrace given in memory of Marilyn Elmore by the Elmore and Hulsey families  Eagle Scout project completed in Fern Glade, removed invasive exotic plants to prepare for new fern displays

Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Garden

 Advanced Placement Biology labs held for Birmingham City Schools

 Shelly McCarty hired as Special Events Coordinator

 Michael Hansen hired as Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator  Horticultural Therapy program continued outreach at Children’s Hospital and their affiliate, Journey School in Selma, Alabama


Children potting plants during a Horticultural Therapy session ay Journey School in Selma, AL

M AY. 0 8  Glorious Gardens event held; featured Glocca Morra Farm, Griffin, Mays, Wrinkle, Ard, Bloodworth and Briggs gardens and Jones Valley Urban Farm. More than 1,200 attendees, raised over $23,000  Master Plan design team and staff take “Habitat Tour” to see native habitats which will inform upcoming work at The Gardens  New Hulsey Woods entrance completed with bluestone threshold, boulders and plantings, funded by the Hulsey family  Renovation and re-planting in Dunn Formal Boulders being added to new Rose Garden entrance of Hulsey Woods completed, funded by Ora Lee Hill estate  Stewartia documentation project continues with visit from Dr. Paul Cappiello*  Hosted Alabama Spring Fest, 300 students participated

JUNE.08  The Gardens hosted Garden Clubs of America’s Horticulture Committee; The Gardens selected to host 2010 Shirley Meneice Conference  Meghan McDonald selected for first Rotary Club of Shades Valley summer internship at The Gardens  Carolyn Snow hired as Volunteer Coordinator  Curatorial plant database upgraded*  New forklift purchased with funds donated Fay Ireland and Gregg Clark with new forklift by Fay Ireland, part of potting shed improvements

 Discovery Field Trips attended by 9,800 students and 1,500 adults; Birmingham City School participation increased by 24%+  Junior League of Birmingham completed eighth year of volunteer and financial support for Discovery Field Trips

Students on a Discovery Field Trip about rain forests

*Funded in part by the Beeson Charitable Trust

+For more information visit


J U LY. 0 8  New website format and platform launched*  Biohabitats, Inc. led staff, board and associates in “Sustainability Workshop” to inform master plan  Children’s Summer Workshops introduced new health & wellness classes+

New site features easy navigation

 Membership Day held in conjunction with 13 other arts and cultural institutions in Birmingham  Expanded “Southern Rock Gardens” in Ireland Iris Garden highlighting droughttolerant plants*  Garden Explorations hosted 225 children and 40 adults from Birmingham Park & Recreation centers+ Children exploring The Gardens during Garden Explorations

 Comprehensive Five-Year Report on education published+

A U G U S T. 0 8  Master Plan design charrette held focusing on ecological solutions to stormwater control and collections opportunities The Rare Book Room is located in The Library and open M-F 9-4p.m.

 Library Archive and Rare Book Room grand opening held

 Horticultural Therapy Program began outreach program with Jefferson County Health & Rehabilitation Center  Grant received from Publix Super Markets Charities for Horticultural Therapy Program


Clients with Susan Grimes, Horticultural Therapy Coordinator

 95% of children attended educational programming free of charge+

SEPTEMBER.08  Orchid Thief by Frank Fleming dedicated in memory of Sandra Sokol; given by her family and friends  Endowment Spending Policy passed  Brand Standards created and implemented

Orchid Thief by Frank Fleming

 Horticultural Therapy Program became community partner with Department of Service Learning and College of Nursing at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Students from Hewitt-Trussville planting a new butterfly garden for the residents at Oaks on Parkwood

 Cocktails in The Gardens launched for 2008 in Hill Garden; 450 in attendance, Sweet Saint Caroline performed  Library became free wireless hot spot  Horticultural Therapy Program received grant from CAWACO Research & Development Council to begin a mentoring program between senior residents at The Oaks on Parkwood and Life-Skills students at Hewitt-Trussville High School  International recording star Amy Grant filmed new music video in Dunn Formal Rose Garden and Garden Center *Funded in part by the Beeson Charitable Trust

Amy Grant and Andrew Krebbs, Director of Marketing & Membership, during filming

+For more information visit


OCTOBER.08  Central South Native Plant Conference held at The Gardens; 132 attended, raised over $9,000  Third annual Antiques at The Gardens grossed over $310,000; chaired by Kittie Buchanan and Kathleen Doss  Fall Plant Sale raised over $15,000 and more than 900 attended Family Fun Day

Conference featured speakers on tough native habitats, photo by Sara Bright

 Arbor reconstruction in Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Garden completed, funded by Charles Ireland Foundation  Rustic cedar railing project completed in Kaul Wildflower Garden*

 Botanizing trip to FL and AL with Rick Lewandowski (Mt. Cuba Center, Greenville, DE) and native azalea expert Ron Miller (Pensacola, FL); collected seed from more than 10 native azalea and rhododendron types  Gift received from Ann and Angelo Bruno Foundation for garden guide and Bruno Vegetable Garden endowment Antiques at The Gardens chairs, Kittie Buchanan and Kathleen Doss

 Cocktails in The Gardens; 300 in attendance, Act of Congress performed  Library became voting member of Jefferson County Library Cooperative


NOVEMBER.08  Landscape Architect Gary Smith retained to design Arrington Plant Adventure Zone as horticultural therapy area; funded by PAZ donors  Walter, found object sculpture by Emory Bright installed in Barber Alabama Woodlands, as Eagle Scout project  Gazebo reconstruction and path re-alignment in Abroms Rhododendron Species Garden completed*  Cocktails in The Gardens; 408 in attendance, Rollin’ in The Hay performed  Fall Donor Event hosted by Diana & Bill Slaughter  Master Plan Presentations & Workshop  The Gardens Café by Kathy G celebrated one year anniversary  Free plants distributed to more than 375 members – a benefit of membership+  Poinsettia tree displayed for holiday season  Gift received from Redmont Neighborhood Association for library collections

School children enjoying Walter by Eagle Scout Emory Bright

*Funded in part by the Beeson Charitable Trust

+For more information visit


 88 Brownie Girl Scouts earned “Plants: Try-It” badges DECEMBER.08  New embossing machine purchased for plant curations*  Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon honored 2008 Volunteers of the Year  More than 700 woody and 400 herbaceous plants added to our permanent collections; more than 65% represent plants new to The Gardens’ living collections  Two new golf carts purchased*

 Library patron visitation increased Use your JCLC library card at our location by 64% and circulation increased by 5% from 2007+  Membership grew by 752 new members  Gift received from Nancy Taylor Latimer for replacement bridge in Japanese Gardens  Hope Long, Director of Library Services, and Ellen Hardy, Education Program Coordinator, celebrated 5 years of employment  1,378 volunteers donated 20,294 hours of their time to The Gardens  Bruno Vegetable Garden produced nearly three tons of fresh produce, donated to Magic City Harvest throughout the year

 Trustee Breakfast held  Grants received for Discovery Field Trips: Junior League of Birmingham, City of Mountain Brook, City of Vestavia Hills, Vulcan Materials Company, The Hugh Kaul Foundation


*Funded in part by the Beeson Charitable Trust

Nearly three tons of fresh produce feed Birmingham’s hungry +For more information visit

Enhancing life with plants… Volunteers making the difference In 2008, approximately 1,378 volunteers donated 21,037 hours of their time to Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Calculated at $19.51 per hour base rate according to the Independent Sector base rate (IS), our volunteers saved the organization $410,431. The amount of time and talent that they give to The Gardens is immeasurable. The Ida C. Burns Volunteer of the Year, Dr. Robert “Bob” Wendorf

Mrs. Susie Abbott Ms. Jena Abbott Mrs. Cathy Adams Mrs. Sue Adams Mr. Richard Adams Mrs. Amy Ager Ms. Kristina Akins Mrs. Melinda Aldag Mr. Edgar Aldridge Mr. Ralph Aldridge Mrs. Norma Aldridge Mrs. Carol Alexander Ms. Jane Alexander Mrs. Sumaya Ali Mrs. Laurie Allen Mrs. Leigh Alison Ms. Susan Allison Dr. Linda Alverson-Eiland Dr. Thomas Amason, Jr. Ms. Vivien Amos Mrs. Ray Anderson Mrs. Tracey Anderson Mrs. Glory Angell Mr. William Angell Mrs. Noele Anglin Ms. Sandra Apple Mrs. Pat Appleton Ms. Katherine Ard Mrs. Jane Arendall Mrs. Anna Armstrong Ms. Claire Armstrong Mrs. Mignon Arrington Mrs. Ritsuko Asano Ms. Alice Ashton Ms. Linda Askey Ms. Jody Atchison Ms. Sherry Atkinson Mrs. Steva Austill Ms. Madison Averett Mrs. Judy Bacon Mrs. Patti Badham

Our Educator of the Year, Marcia Mancill

Mrs. Margaret Bailey Mrs. Louise Bailey Mrs. Philippa Bainbridge Mr. Jason Bains Mrs. Kristen Bains Mrs. Barbara Baird Mrs. Marsha Baker Ms. Susan Baker Mrs. Ginger Ballard Ms. Kim Bankston Mr. Walter Barber Ms. Holly Barclay Mrs. Lindsey Barclift Ms. Melanie Barnes Mrs. Jean Barnett Mrs. Connie Barron Mr. Vincent Batts Mrs. Ginny Baxley Mrs. Marie Baynes Mrs. B.J. Beall Mrs. Jessie Bean Mrs. Kimberly Bean Mrs. Carol Beard Mr. Jordan Beard Mr. Bob Beard Mrs. Jeanne Bearden Mrs. Jodi Bearman Ms. Donna Beatty Mrs. Ginny Beck Mrs. Ann Beck Mrs. Camille Becker Mrs. Barbaraann Beckett-Gaines Mrs. Colleen Bedics Mrs. Nancy Beebe Mr. Andrew Behrle Ms. Mary Bell Mrs. Maria Benigno Mrs. Joyce Benjamin Mr. Morris Benners Ms. Maxine Benton Ms. Betty Bernow

The Gardens’ Plant Person of the Year, Ralph & Sarah Johnston

Mr. John Besse Mrs. Meera Bhatia Mrs. Margaret Bish Mrs. Katherine Bishop Mrs. Susan Black Mr. Benjamin Black Ms. Katrina Blades Mrs. Susan Blair Ms. Virginia Blair Mrs. Betsy Blakely Mr. Van Blankenship Mrs. Mary Blankenship Mrs. Kaki Blanton Mrs. Mary Bledsoe Ms. Tracy Blevins Mrs. Ann Bloodworth Mrs. Anne Bloomer Mrs. Frances Blount Mrs. Brenda Boggan Mr. Wayne Boldin Mrs. Suzanne Boldin Mrs. Chris Boles Mr. Stephen Bolus Ms. Jessica Bolus Mrs. Winnie Bond Ms. Janet Bonds Mrs. Peggy Bonfield Ms. Joy Bonney Mrs. Lucy Book Mr. George Book Mrs. Kelly Boone Mr. Robert Boone Mr. Bobby Boone Ms. Mary Carolyn Boothby Mrs. Suzanne Boozer Ms. Rosemarie Borman Ms. Mimi Boston Mrs. Glenda Boudreaux Mrs. Adrienne Bourland Mrs. Tierra Bouyer Mrs. Dawn Bowman

Mrs. Mary Bowman Ms. Caroline Bowness Ms. Catherine Boyd Ms. Shirley Boyd Ms. Stephanie Boyd Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley Ms. Frances Brandon Ms. Fran Brandon Mrs. Dianne Brannon Mrs. Jeannie Brasfield Ms. Elna Brendel Mrs. Elizabeth Brent Mrs. Sara Bright Mrs. Linda Brock Mr. Bill Brock Mrs. Nancy Bromberg Mrs. Maggie Brooke Mr. Winn Brooks Mrs. Marilyn Brooks Mrs. Elizabeth Broughton Mrs. Kathryn Brown Mrs. Virginia Brown Mrs. Anne Brown Ms. Betty Brown Mr. Ed Brown Mrs. Sharon Brown Mr. Andrew Brown Mr. Benny Brown Dr. Clark Browne Mrs. Katherine Browne Mrs. Alison Bruhn Mr. Carl Bruner Mrs. Sarah Bryan Dr. Paty Bryant Ms. Marcia Bryant Ms. Tyisha Bryant Ms. Kathy Bryant Mrs. Kittie Buchanan Mr. John Buchannan Mr. Charles Bueltman Dr. Grace Buettner

The Gardens Partner of the Year, The Rose Society

Mrs. Pat Bullock Mrs. Eleanor Burdette Ms. Mary Burge Ms. Jackie Burgess Mr. Robert Burks Mrs. Mary Burks Mr. Bill Burnham Mrs. Sue Burnham Ms. Dannette Burns Mrs. Debra Burrell Ms. Barbara Burton Ms. Hana Burwinkle Ms. Joan Busby Mr. Gene Bussell Mrs. Camille Butrus Mrs. Nancy Bynon Mrs. Margaret Cables Mr. David Callahan Mrs. Lucille Calvert Mrs. Holley Camp Ms. Pat Campbell Mrs. Cathy Canant Mrs. Cyndy Cantley Ms. Kaye Carlisle Ms. Lynn Carmichael Mrs. Joanne Carnes Chris Carruba Mrs. Dale Carruthers Mrs. Carol Carter Mrs. Carolyn Carter Mr. Fred Carter Mrs. Augusta Cash Mrs. Lynn Cassady Mrs. Debbie Castleberry Ms. Alleen Cater Mrs. Shelly Cato Ms. Charlene Chadband Mr. Vince Champion Ms. Marjorie Chan Mrs. Norma Chandler Mrs. Karen Chapman


Mrs. Martha Chapman Mr. Jim Chappell Ms. Pinky Chase Mrs. Elizabeth Chastain Mrs. Elizabeth Chastain Ms. Angie Chastain Mrs. Margaret Chesnut Mrs. Lindsey Chitwood Dr. Craig Christopher Mrs. Alice Church Mrs. Virginia Clark Ms. Cecil Clark Mrs. Molly Clark Ms. Wendy Clark Meleesa Clark Ms. Pauline Clarke Mr. Mike Clasen Mrs. Mary Jane Cleage Ms. Adrienne Cleveland Mrs. Jeanne Clever Mrs. Cheryl Cobb Mrs. Naneita Cobbs Mr. Dick Coffee Mrs. Bonnie Coggin Mr. Ronald Cohen Mrs. Rebecca Cohn Ms. Geraldine Coker Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman Mrs. Dee Coley Ms. Susan Colvin Ms. Melissa Colvin Mrs. Hugh Comer Ms. Donna Comer Mrs. Dana Compton Dr. Merrill Compton Mrs. Deane Cook Ms. Diane Cook Ms. Sheila Cooley Mrs. Lizbeth Cooney Mr. Steve Cooper Mrs. Betsy Cooper Ms. Anissa Copes Mrs. Paula Cordes Ms. Heidi Core Ms. Pat Cosgrove Ms. Bebe Costner Mrs. Elsie Cothran Mrs. Anne Couch Mr. Thomas Cox Mrs. Bimi Woodward Cox Ms. Alice Cox Mrs. Susan Coyne Ms. Jennie Craft Ms. Kelly Cravens Dr. Myra Crawford Ms. Missy Crawford Ms. Sheila Crawford Mrs. Wendy Creel Ms. Kayra Creel Mrs. Victoria Crenshaw Mrs. Virginia Crescenzi Ms. Kari Crouch Mrs. Cameron Crowe Mrs. Mary Crowe Ms. Merri Crowe Mrs. Becky Crum Mrs. Cornelia Crumbaugh Mrs. Margie Cuckler Mrs. Cheryl Cullison Ms. Lori Culpepper Ms. Leslie Culver Mrs. Emily Curran


Ms. Carol Currie Mrs. Susan Curtin Ms. Rose D’Alessio Mrs. Lyndra Daniel Mrs. Vicki Daniels Ms. Terri Dann Mr. Stewart Dansby Mrs. Caroline Darby Mrs. Barclay Darden Mrs. Kim Dargan Mrs. Anita Dark Ms. Carol Dashiff Dr. Larry Davenport Ms. Charlotte Davey Mrs. Linda David Mrs. Mitzi Davis Mr. Richard Davis Ms. Millie Davis Mrs. Luci Davis Mr. Ted Davis Mrs. Lyn Davis Ms. Sandra Davis Ms. Nkele Davis Ms. Joyce Dean Mr. Harold Deason Mrs. Kathy Dee Mrs. Cathy DeLozier Ms. Joan Denman Ms. Dariana Dervis Ms. Regina Desilva Mr. James Deuel Ms. Nancy Devore Mr. James DeWilde Mrs. Janet DeWilde Mrs. Lane Dewine Mr. Ronald DeWitt Ms. Megan Dicken Mrs. Glenda Dicks Ms. Eva Dillard Mrs. Mary Dillon Mrs. Terri Dimuro Ms. Marilyn Dixon Mrs. Cynthia Dodd Dr. William Dodson Mrs. Trisha Dodson Mrs. Charlotte Donald Mrs. Barbara Doran Mr. John Doran Mrs. Rebecca Doremus Mrs. Joanne Dorr Mrs. Kathleen Doss Mrs. Gigi Douban Ms. Dorothy Drake Ms. Tonya Drake Mrs. Patsy Dreher Mrs. Betsy Dreher Mrs. Isabelle Dreher Mrs. Helen Drennen Ms. Evelyn Drennen Ms. Virginia Drennen Ms. Annette Drummonds Ms. Tracie Dugas Ms. Deveda Dukes Ms. Ruby Duncan Mrs. Glenda Duncan Ms. Barbara Dunham Mrs. Marjory Dunn Mr. William Dunn Dr. George Duquette Mrs. Katherine Durkee Mrs. Lenore Durlacher Mr. Michael Dyer

Mrs. Lilly Eagleson Mrs. Kelly Echols Mr. Don Ehrett Ms. Marjorie Elam Mrs. Susan Elliott Ms. Shirley Elliott Mrs. Martha Ellis Mrs. Celia Ellis Ms. Linda Emerson Ms. Elizabeth Emerson Mr. Robert Eskew Mrs. Martha Eskew Ms. Nancy Essig Mr. Oscar Ethridge Mrs. Charlotte Ethridge Ms. Angela Evans Mrs. Debbie Evans Mrs. LaNelle Evans Ms. Ashelynn Falkenburg Ms. Jeannie Fallon Mrs. Amanda Fanelli Ms. Lindsey Fannin Mrs. Belle Farish Mrs. Ginny Farley Mrs. Susan Farlow Ms. Mary Farrar Mr. Frank Farrell Mrs. Patricia Farris Mrs. Betsy Farris Mr. Ben Faucher Mrs. Bernadine Faulkner Dr. Jeanne Favrot Ms. Judy Feltman Ms. Dawn Ferguson Ms. Rosemarie Fernandes Mrs. Marie Fickes Ms. Alberta Fields Ms. Shirley Fifield Dr. Edwin Fineberg Ms. Katie Finley Dr. James Finney Ms. Patricia Fisaro Mrs. Diane Fisher Mrs. Betsy Fleenor Mrs. Dorothy Fletcher Dr. John Floyd Ms. Rebecca Flynn Mrs. Mary Lois Forbes Mr. Orrin Ford Mrs. Pat Forman Mrs. Jean Foster Mrs. Kim Fowler Ms. Rachel Fowler Ms. Miriam Fowler Mrs. Cindy Fravert Ms. Ernestine French Ms. Peggy Frese Mrs. Anne Friend Mr. Phil Friend Ms. Margaret Fritsma Dr. Gerald Fuller Mrs. Penny Fuller Ms. Wynola Fuller Ms. Claire Ann Furlong Mrs. Linda Gaffney Ms. Ann Galbraith Ms. Kruti Gandhi Mr. Dale Gann Mrs. Kathryn Garcia Mrs. Julia Gardner Mrs. Jacquelyn Gardner Ms. Dianne Garman

Mrs. Barbara Garner Ms. Anne Garwick Mrs. Karen Gaspers Mr. John Gaston Mr. Jason Gaston Ms. Carole Gaston Ms. Verna Gates Ms. Giselle Gauthier Ms. Betty Gazzini Mrs. Melanie Geer Mrs. Robin George Ms. Lisa George Mr. Gary Gerlach Ms. Julia Gerwe Mrs. Robin Geurs Ms. Denise Gibson Mr. David Gibson Ms. Pat Giles Ms. Jeanie Gillespie Mr. Clarke Gillespy Ms. Karen Gilliland Ms. Lelie Given Mr. Wilkerson Given Dr. Walter Glass Mrs. Mary Gleason Mrs. Elizabeth Goettge Mrs. Jane Goings Mr. Hubert Goings

Mrs. Laura Guarr Mr. Stephen Guesman Ms. Mary Gullage Ms. Melissa Guthrie Ms. Velma Guyton Ms. Mari Hafner Ms. Carol Hagood Mrs. Beth Hains Mrs. Sue Hair Mrs. Louise Hairston Mr. William Hairston Ms. Tracy Hale Mrs. Betty Hall Ms. Catherine Hall Ms. Alicia Hall Mr. Ken Hall Mrs. Heidi Hallman Ms. Lisa Hammett Mrs. Catherine Hammond Ms. Patti Hammond Ms. Peggy Hammond Ms. Michele Hamner Ms. Mary Jo Hamre Mrs. Susan Hancock Ms. Ashley Handley Mr. Steve Hanna Mrs. Florence Hannigan Dr. William Hansford

Shoppers at Spring Plant Sale Ms. Michelle Goley Mr. Rodney Goode Mrs. Claire Goodhew Ms. Connie Goodier Mrs. Elizabeth Goodman Mrs. Bobbye Ann Goodner Mrs. Judy Goodwin Ms. Peggy Goodwin Ms. Margaret Goolsby Mrs. Cleo Kathryn Gorman Mrs. Frances Gorrie Mrs. Mary Jane Graham Mrs. Ryan Graham Mrs. Cecily Graham-Chaney Mrs. Barbara Grant Mrs. Tandy Graves Dr. Garry Grayson Ms. Marilyn Greely Mrs. Becky Greenlee Mrs. Margaret Gregory Mrs. Elizabeth Gresham Ms. Geraldine Griffin Mrs. Carol Griffin Mrs. Frances Griffin Ms. Maryalys Griffis Mrs. Mira Griffith Mrs. Linda Grissom Ms. Janis Grove

Ms. Rebecca Hanson Mr. Greg Harber Ms. Judy Hard Mr. Jim Hard Mr. Jeff Hardage Ms. Becky Hardin Mrs. Pat Hare Mr. George Hare Mrs. Helen Harmon Mrs. Kitty Harper Mrs. Jane Harris Mr. Tom Harris Ms. Anna Harris Ms. Polly Harrison Mrs. Penny Hartline Ms. Libba Hartsfield Mrs. Catherine Harvey Mr. Fletcher Harvey III Mrs. Nell Harwood Ms. Leigh Haver Ms. Amy Hawkins Mrs. Becky Hay Ms. Rachael Hayes Mrs. Sandra Haynes Ms. Sarah Haynes Ms. Emily Hays Ms. Paulette Haywood Mrs. Leah Hazzard

Mrs. Caroline Head Mrs. Bea Healey Mr. Richard Healy Mrs. Myra Healy Ms. Yvette Heath Mr. Derrick Heckman Ms. Beth Heerton Ms. Frances Heidt Mrs. Joyce Helzberg Mrs. Mildred Henderson Ms. Mary Hendricks Mrs. Paula Henry Ms. Katie Jean Henry Mrs. Ann Heppenstall Ms. Laura Herndon Mrs. Linda Herren Ms. Judith Hicks Mrs. Pat Hiden Mrs. Bernice Hill Mr. Don Hill Ms. Melissa Hill Ms. Marjorie Hill Ms. Donna Himes Mrs. Carey Hinds Mrs. Jane Hinds Ms. Beth Hines Mrs. Carol Hinshaw Mrs. Carol Hoadley Mr. Glenn Hodge Mrs. Dean Hodge Mrs. Dorothy Hodges Mrs. Patricia Holbrook Mrs. Pam Holby Mrs. Tena Holcombe Ms. Christena Holcombe Mrs. Angie Holder Ms. Beddell Holder Ms. Diana Holladay Mrs. Jan Holliday Mrs. Melinda Hollingsworth Mr. Herb Holloway Mrs. Brenda Holloway Mrs. Valerie Holman Ms. Christy Holtz Mrs. Harvey Hooks Ms. Mary Hooper Mr. Andy Hopper Ms. Ellen Hopping Ms. Frannie Horn Ms. Michelle Hornberger Mr. Warner Hornsby Mrs. Cheryl Horton Mr. Richard Horton Ms. Maura Horton Ms. Christy Hotz Ms. Suzanne Hovater Mrs. Mary Kathryn Howell Mr. Randy Howell Ms. Marian Howse Mrs. Beverly Hoyt Ms. Victoria Hubert Mrs. Harriette Huckaby Ms. Leslie Huckaby Ms. Sandra Huey Mr. Trammel Huey Mrs. Frances Hughes Mr. James Hughey Mrs. Millie Hulsey Mrs. Manda W. Humber Mrs. Charity Humphrey Ms. Vicki Hunkler Ms. Nell Hurley

Mrs. Nona Hurst Dr. John Hurst Ms. Kim Hutchins Mrs. Becky Hutto Mrs. Robert Ingalls Mrs. Sybil Ingram Mrs. Mary Ingram Ms. Margi Ingram Ms. Marilyn Ingram Mrs. Fay Ireland Mrs. Norma-May Isakow Ms. Lila Isakow Ms. Meleesa Jack Mrs. Betty Jackson Dr. Susan Jackson Dr. David Jackson Mrs. Cissy Jackson Mrs. Lynn Jackson Mrs. Mary Jackson Mr. Don Jackson Mrs. Kay Jackson Dr. David Jackson Mrs. Horty Jacobs Mrs. Loryn James Mr. Lamar Jeffries Mrs. Karen Jensen Mrs. Elizabeth Jernigan Ms. Nancy Jerrigan Mrs. Kelli Jetmundsen Mrs. Linda Johnson Mr. Norman Johnson Mrs. Cathy Johnson Mrs. Rosemary L. Johnson Ms. Gwen Johnson Mrs. Paulette Johnson Mrs. Danella Johnson Mrs. Sallie Johnson Ms. Connie Johnson Mr. Ralph Johnston Mrs. Sarah Johnston Mrs. Sharon Johnston Mrs. Karen Jones Dr. Daniel Jones Ms. Frances Jones Mr. Carl Jones Mrs. Ann Jones Mrs. Kathy Jones Mrs. Jean Jones Ms. Lisa Jones Ms. Elise Jones Mrs. Kim Jones Mr. Antonio Jones Mr. Marlie Joseph Ms. Laura Jurotich Ms. Eve Justice Ms. Shamsa Kahn Ms. Olivia Kalin Mr. Leo Karpeles Mrs. Laide Karpeles Mrs. Ann Katholi Mrs. Hugh Kaul Mrs. Joan Keagy Mrs. Maria Kearney Ms. Nancy Keeble Mr. Joseph Keeton Ms. Jane Keeton Ms. Kelly Keim Mr. Ty Keith Mrs. Barbara Kelley Mr. Rod Kelley Mr. Mike Kempf Dr. Hughes Kennedy

Mrs. Dorothy Kent Mrs. Ann Kessler Mr. Kenneth Key Mrs. Jessie Key Ms. Shamsa Khan Mrs. Robin Kidd Mrs. Susan Kidd Mrs. Jane Killian Mrs. Patricia Kilpatrick Ms. Barbara Kimbrel Mr. Billy Joe Kimbrell Mrs. Sheryl Kimerling Ms. Annie King Ms. LaToya Kinion Ms. Carol Kirkpatrick Mrs. Holly Kitterman Mrs. Belinda Klau Ms. Parrish Knorr Ms. Molly Knudsen Ms. Loni Koch Ms. Susan Koretsky Ms. Cece Lacey Mrs. Ann Lambert Mrs. Jean Land Ms. Joyce Lane Mrs. Barbara Lanier Mrs. Susan Lanier Mrs. Joyce Lanning Dr. Karen Larsen Mrs. Joy Larsen Mr. Kurt Larsen Mrs. Lynn LaRussa Ms. Caroline Lassiter Ms. Lauren Lassiter Mr. John Latham Mrs. Cecelia Latham Ms. Carmen Lau Ms. Lisa Law Ms. Pat Lawler Mrs. Joyce Lawler Ms. Frances Lawlor Mrs. Sharon Leader Mrs. Alynn LeBerte Mrs. Sallie Lee Mr. David Lee Ms. Betty Lee Mrs. Brandy Lee Mr. Bill Legg Mrs. Becca Leinfelder Mrs. Alicia Lepke Mr. Mark Lester Mrs. Jane Levy Mrs. Merry Lewis Mrs. Margaret Lewis Ms. Karen Lewis Mrs. Leesa Lewis Ms. Misty Lewis Ms. Nancy Lewis Mrs. Valerie Lightfoot Ms. Jane Lightning Mrs. Deborah Limerick Ms. Sherrill Linder Mrs. Shelley Lindstrom Mrs. Eva Lingo Ms. Carol Link Mr. Hunter Littlepage Ms. Joanna Liverant Dr. Kathleen Locker Ms. Becky Lofty Mr. Henry Long Mrs. Gina Long Mrs. Nancy Long

Mrs. Jill Long Mrs. Lynne Long Mrs. Jowanda Lowden Mr. Samuel Lowrey Mrs. Katie Lucas Mrs. Sue Ellen Lucas Mrs. Janet Lucas Mrs. Mary Lucas Mrs. Karen Luce Mrs. Cathy Luckie Mr. Brian Lug Mr. Alex Lupo Mrs. Rhonda Lusco Mrs. Virginia Lusk Ms. Kim Lyman Mrs. Jeanie Mackenzie Mrs. Mary Jo Mackin Mr. J. Mackin Mr. David Mackin Ms. Shelly Maddox Ms. Pam Maddox Mrs. Janelle Madi Ms. Gladys Mallette Dr. Michael Malone Mrs. Marcia Mancill Ms. Joy Mancuso Mrs. Carol Mangan Mrs. Lisa Mann Ms. Kanika Manne Mrs. Desiree Maples Mrs. Tiffany Maring Ms. Phyllis Mark Mrs. Lee Marks Ms. LeAnn Maroney Mrs. Helen Martin Mrs. Jane Martin Mr. Gene Martin Ms. Cindy Martin Mr. T. John Martin Mrs. Donna Martin Mrs. Jeanon Massien Mrs. Kim Matthews Mrs. Lizy Matthews Ms. Michelle Matthews Ms. Laney Maxey Mrs. Virginia May Ms. Rebecca Mayhall Mrs. June Mays Ms. Kim McBride Mrs. Emily McCall Mrs. Heather McCalley Mrs. Lenora McCalley

Ms. Barbara McCarthy Mr. James McCary Ms. Cheryl McClain Mrs. Rhonda McClellan Miss Vicki McClinton Mrs. Libbo McCollum Ms. Jennifer McCracken Mrs. Melanie McCraney Mrs. Anne McCrory Mrs. Courtney McCrory Ms. Handley McCrory Mrs. Sheard McCulley Mrs. Libbo McCullum Ms. Kendall McDaniel Mrs. Kellie McDowell Ms. Jeannine McElroy Mrs. Erin McElroy Mr. Taylor McElroy Mrs. Harriet McFadden Ms. Jacqueline McFarland Mrs. Lila McGahey Mrs. Peggy McGill Ms. Elizabeth McGittigan Ms. Vivian McGrue Ms. Jane McKenzie Ms. Ruth McLaughlin Miss Virginia McLean Dr. Edith McMillan Ms. Jane McPherson Mrs. Janet McPherson Mrs. Lesley McRae Mr. Jack McSpadden Mrs. Katherine McTyeire Mrs. Angela Meadows Mrs. Patsy Medlock Mr. John Meier Ms. Stephanie Melonas Mrs. Valerie Mennen Ms. Audrey Menniefield Mrs. Chris Meredith Ms. Wendi Merritt Mr. Lawrence Michalove Mrs. Sybil Michalove Ms. Jan Midgley Ms. Joyce Miles Mrs. Chappell Miller Mr. Jesse Miller Mrs. Evelyn Miller Ms. Margie Miller Ms. Mary Miller Ms. Amy Milliron Mrs. Alabama Mills

Meghan McDonald selected for first Rotary Club of Shades Valley summer internship at The Gardens


Mr. Ira Mitchell Mrs. Karen Mitchell Ms. Elizabeth Anne Modder Ms. Mary Modica Ms. Kathy Moll Money Mr. Douglas Moore Ms. Sandra Moore Ms. Amy Moore Mrs. Ana Moore Dr. Richard Morawetz Mrs. Mary Jean Morawetz Ms. Elaine Moreland Mr. James Morgan Mrs. Mary Morgan Mr. Vince Morgan Ms. Sandy Morgan Mrs. Frances Morris Mr. Philip Morris Ms. Carla Morris Mrs. Mary Lynn Morris Mr. Keener Morrow Ms. Carrie Morrow Ms. Tracy Moser Mrs. Heidi Mueninghoff Mrs. Frances Mulkin Mrs. Jane Mullins Ms. Paula Mullins Mrs. Ann Munger Mrs. Charlotte Murdock Mrs. Frieda Murfee Mr. Gates Murfee Mrs. Kristen Murphree Ms. Harriett Murphy Mrs. Nivida Murphy Mr. Fred Murray Mrs. Allison Murray Mrs. Kathryn Murray Mr. J. Reese Murray Mrs. Susan Murray Mr. Burton Nabors Mrs. Susan Nading Ms. Christi Napper Mrs. Nancy Nash Mrs. Carolyn Nash Mrs. Nancy Natter Ms. Patty Natter Mrs. Teresa Neal Ms. Rosemarie Nelson Ms. Shirley Newberry Ms. Mary Lou Newman Mr. Chase Newton Ms. Deanna Nguyen Ms. June Nichols Ms. Cathy Nick


Olivia Alison, Director of Development, feeding a rhinoceros at the zoo during staff fun day Ms. JoAnne Niden Ms. Elaine Niden Mrs. Lee Nix Mrs. Patricia Noble Mrs. Erica Nobles Mrs. Julia Nolen Mrs. Patricia Norman Ms. JaNaye Norman Ms. Janisha Norman Ms. Tabathia Norman Mr. Lindsey Norsworthy Ms. Barbara Norton Ms. Hanna Novakova Mrs. Jean Oakes Ms. Carol Oakes Mrs. Eva Oates Ms. Bonnie O’Bannon Dr. Albert Oberman Ms. Marian Oberman Mr. Dale O’Connor Mrs. Nora O’Connor Ms. Sandra Oden Ms. Andrea Offord Ms. Carol Ogle Mrs. Evelyn O’Leary Ms. Donnie Olis Mrs. Anne Oliver Mrs. Melissa Oliver Ms. Courtney Olsen Mrs. Spring Olson Mr. Jason Ommen Ms. Judy O’Quinn Mrs. Maria Orellana Mr. John Osborne Ms. Loyer Osbun Mrs. Cathy O’Sheal

Mrs. Laura Osterlund Ms. Mitzi Owen Mrs. Frances Owens Mrs. Sandra Owens Ms. Willie Owens Mr. Clai Owens Ms. Mitzi K. Owens Mr. Salvador Paantoja Mrs. Marjorie Paden Mrs. Penny Page Ms. Vivian Page Mrs. Patricia Palmer Mr. Stan Palla Mr. Chirag Parikh Ms. Cherry Parmer Mrs. Mayre Parr Ms. Becky Parr Mr. Morris Parr Ms. Anne Parrish Ms. Mary Pate Mr. William Patterson Ms. Jowane Patton Ms. Katharine Patton Ms. Joan Patton Mrs. Carol Payne Ms. Emily Pendleton Ms. Lea Pennington Mr. Glenn Peoples, Sr. Mr. Glenn Peoples, Jr. Ms. Allison Perreault Ms. Luella Perry Ms. Jennifer Perry Mrs. Helen Person Dr. Melissa Peters Dr. Paul Petznick Mrs. Julia Pfau

Dogwood plaque on gazebo in the Southern Living Garden

Ms. Jennifer Phillips Mr. Gordon Phillips Mrs. Kate Phillips Ms. Emily Phillips Ms. Carol Ann Phillips Ms. Mary Phillips Ms. Kay Phillips Mr. Leo Phillips Ms. Karen Phillips Mrs. Martha Picardy Mr. Maurice Picardy Ms. Joan Pickett Dr. John Pierce Ms. Ali Pierce Mr. Myron Pierre Mrs. Barbara Pierzakowski Mrs. Louise Pinkerton Mrs. Dede Pittman Mrs. Gail Pless Ms. CeCe Pless Ms. Sharon Pollard Mrs. Lacey Poore Mrs. Kathryn Porter Mrs. LeAnne Porter Mr. Steve Porter Mrs. Sylvia Potts Mrs. Jeanine Powell Mrs. Carol Poynor Mrs. Elizabeth Poynor Ms. Elizabeth Pratt Mrs. Sally Price Mrs. Carolyn Price Ms. Nancy Price Mrs. Hyacinth Prince Mrs. Laura Proctor Mrs. Jeanne Promer Ms. Robin Prophet Mr. Robert Pugh Mrs. Stacy Pulliam Mr. James Purnell Ms. Gloria Purnell Mrs. Lydia Pursell Mr. Jamie Pursell Mrs. Edith Quarles Ms. Fran Quarles Mr. Lawrence Quick Mrs. Mary Jo Quintana Ms. Ann Raburn Mrs. Jeannie Radecke Mrs. Peggy Rafield Mrs. Margaret Ragland Mr. Milton Ragsdale Mrs. Patty Ragsdale Mrs. Laura Ramsay Ms. Anne Rand Ms. Gloria Randolph Mr. Elizabeth Ratliff Mr. Mani Rautroy Mr. Steve Ray Mr. Henry Ray Ms. Vicky Reburn Mrs. Carol Reddington Ms. Rebecca Reed Mrs. Carol Reese Ms. Stephanie Reese Ms. Laurie Regan Dr. Harry Register Ms. Ruth Reichwein Ms. Mary Reilly Mr. Bruce Relihan Ms. Suzanne Reveley Mr. Allen Reynolds

Mrs. Ellen Rhett Mr. Clayton Richard Mrs. Suzanne Richards Mrs. Creagh Richardson Mrs. Katie Richardson Mr. James Riddle Mrs. Phyllis Riddle Ms. Mary Sue Ridgway Elder Chase Rigby Mrs. Mary Stowe Rigrish Ms. Ellen Riley Mrs. Page Ritchey Ms. Carolyn Rives Mrs. Leonora Roberson Ms. Anna Roberson Ms. Janice Roberts Mr. Higdon Roberts Mrs. Ruth Roberts Mr. Philip Robertson Ms. Nancy Robinson Mrs. Lois Robinson Ms. Helen Robinson Mr. Scott Robinson Mrs. Martha Robinson Mr. Charles Robison Mr. Dave Rodgers Mr. Frank Rodriguez Mrs. Jeanne Rogers Mrs. Kimberly Rogers Mr. David Rogers Ms. Rebecca Rogers Ms. Cindy Roodhouse-Banach Dr. Vasha Rosenblum Mrs. Hilary Ross Ms. Judy Ross Dr. Katherine Rostand Mr. William Rouse Ms. Martha Rowe Mrs. Gail Rubin Ms. Alisha Ruffin Ms. Casey Ruiz Mrs. Madelon Rushing Dr. James Rushing Dr. Mike Rushing Mrs. Mary Russell Ms. Debra Rust Ms. Angie Saia Ms. Mary Samples Mrs. Barbara Sanders Mr. Brooks Sanders Mrs. Bobbe Sanders Ms. Wanda Sandlin Mrs. Audrey Sanford Mr. Phillip Sarris Mrs. Whitney Saunders Ms. Deborah Saunders Ms. Barbara Saurer Mrs. Linda Sayler Mrs. Kathy Scarritt Mrs. Julia Schlemmer Mrs. Ellen Schmidt Mrs. Rita Schoennher Mrs. Jean Schor Mrs. Merle Schukoske Mrs. Brenda Schuler Mr. Martin Schulman Ms. Kathy Schumacher Mrs. Mary Scott Mrs. Colette Scott Ms. Ann Scott Ms. Kenzie Scott Mrs. Gaynor Screven

Mrs. Cindy Self Mrs. Lee Sewell Ms. Libby Sexton Mr. John J. Shacka Mrs. Elizabeth Sharman Mrs. Jane Sharp Ms. Janet Sharpe Mrs. Margot Shaw Mrs. Susan Sheedy Mrs. Stella Shelby Mrs. Babbie Shelton Mrs. Winyss Shepard Mrs. Frances Shepherd Ms. Linda Sherk Mrs. Lou Ann Sherling Mrs. Jeanie Sherlock Mr. Jeff Shimizu Ms. Ann Shirley Ms. Jan Shultz Ms. Laura Silsbee Mr. David Silverstein Mrs. Diana Slaughter Dr. David Slobodin Mrs. Virginia Smith Mrs. Louise Smith Mrs. Shirley Smith Mrs. Jane Smith Mrs. Jane Paris-Smith Mrs. Catherine Smith Mrs. Dee Anna Smith Ms. Grace Smith Mrs. Beverley Smith Mr. & Mrs. William Smith Mrs. Ashley Smith Mrs. Catherine Smith Mr. Robert Smith Mrs. Kathy Smith Mrs. Juanita Smith Mr. Jonathan Smith Ms. Beverly Smith Dr. Carol Smith Mrs. Katherine Smith Ms. Nicole Smith Ms. Win Smith

Ms. Tracey Smith Mrs. Helen Smith Ms. Martha Smith Ms. Alison Smith Mr. Garrett Smith Mr. Eddie Snow Ms. Melissa Snow-Clark Mrs. Sue Solomon Ms. Barbara Somers Ms. Jennifer Somerset Ms. Megan Sowder Mr. Neal Spangler Ms. Mary Lou Speake Mr. William Spencer Mrs. Glenda Sporacio Mrs. Cynthia Sproull Mr. Alan Stanton Mrs. Sumner Starling Mrs. Joan Starnes Mrs. Mary Steadman Mr. Bruce Steele Ms. Rose Steiner Ms. Laurin Stennis Mrs. Leslie Stephens Ms. Sheree Stephenson Mrs. Isabelle Sterne Mrs. Nancy Stevens Mrs. Thelma Stichweh Mr. Clay Stiles Ms. Sally Stinson Mr. Douglas Stockham Ms. Kate Stockham Ms. Ann Stocking Mrs. Catherine Stoddard Mrs. Sandra Storm Ms. Mary Stovall Mrs. Patricia Straka Mrs. Mary Stringfellow Mrs. Joy Strong Ms. Lucille Stuman-Jones Mrs. Carole Sullivan Ms. Mary Sullivan Ms. Katie Sullivan-Kauffman Mrs. Susan Suter

Mrs. Judith Suttle Ms. Marsha Swann Mr. Rick Swett Ms. Sybil Sylvester Ms. Linda Systrom Mrs. Sheila Sztanyo Ms. Elizabeth Sztul Mrs. Natalie Tally Mr. Robert Tate Mrs. Ann Tate Ms. Kim Tate Mrs. Janet Taylor Ms. Sydney Taylor Mrs. Rebekah Taylor Mrs. Donna Taylor Ms. Cynthia Taylor Mr. Bill Tharpe Mr. Charlie Thigpen Mrs. Petty Thomas Mr. Chuck Thomas Mrs. Anne S. Thomas Ms. Jan Thomas Mrs. Ann Thomas Mr. David Thomas Ms. Ashley Thomas Mrs. Judith Thomason Ms. Judi Thomason Mrs. Peggy Thompson Ms. Patricia Thompson Ms. Brenda Thompson Mr. Wade Thompson Ms. Frances Thompson Ms. Iris Thorpe Mr. William Thurman Mrs. Mary Alice Thurman Ms. Wendy Tiller Mr. John Tingley Ms. Rebecca Todd Ms. Mary Catherine Tomlinson Mr. Earl Trafton Ms. Molly Trausch Mrs. Jane Trechsel Mr. Bruno Tropeano Mrs. Joanne Tropeano

Dasylirion wheeleri, Ireland Iris Garden

Ms. Diana Tschache Mrs. Ellen Tucker Mrs. Mary Tucker Mrs. Dorothy Tuggle Mrs. Kathy Tullis Mrs. Elizabeth Tulloss Mr. Jim Tulloss Dr. Lee Turlington Ms. Abby Turnbough Mrs. Shelly Turnbough Ms. Mabel Turner Mr. John Turner Mrs. Heather Turner Ms. Kara Turner Mrs. Lucy Tutwiler Mrs. Herbert Tutwiler Ms. Kathy Tyler Ms. Sally Tyler Mrs. DA Tynes Ms. Dianne Uhrin Mrs. Patricia Ulbricht Ms. Marcia Unger Mr. Doug Unkenholz Mr. Gopi Upreti Ms. Abigail Van Alstyne Mr. Chris Van Cleave Mrs. Rose Vann Mrs. Linda Vann Mrs. Brenda Vann Mr. Jim Vann Ms. Marian VanVoast Mrs. Evie Vare Mrs. Ruth Varnell Mrs. Mary Vinson Dr. Laura Vogtle Mrs. Sandy Wade Ms. Rose Wade Mrs. Bette Waiwaiole Ms. Mary Waldrip Mr. J. Fred Waldrum Mrs. Dolly Walker Mrs. Debra Walker Ms. Casie Walker Mrs. Sarah Wall Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace Mr. M.D. Wallace Mr. Frank Wallace Ms. Latresa Wallace Mr. Brand Walton Mr. Scott Walton Mr. Bill Walton Mrs. Louise Walton Ms. Sandra Waltz Ms. Melba Ward Mr. Herbert Warren Ms. Carol Washington Mrs. Rhoda Watkins Mrs. Courtney Watts Mr. Bill Wear Mrs. Sidney Weatherly Mrs. Hill Weathers Ms. Lynda Weaver Mrs. Jean Webb Mrs. Ellen Webster Ms. Katherine Webster Mr. Roger Weeks Ms. Lisa Weems Mrs. Heather Welch Mrs. Betty Welden Mrs. Karen Welden Mrs. Mary Wellman

Dr. Robert Wendorf Mr. Brian Westhoor Dr. Jeanna Westmoreland Mr. Bo Whalen Mrs. Kathy Whatley Mrs. Charlotte Wheat Mr. David Whetstone Mrs. Lyda White Mrs. Wendy White Mrs. Janet White Ms. Kitty White Mr. Saxon White Mr. Ed Whitfield Mrs. Kathy Whitfield Ms. Carla Whitley Mrs. Lynda Whitney Mrs. Melanie Widman Mr. Taylor Widman Mrs. Linda Widner Ms. Joyce Wiechmann Mrs. Lydia Wilbanks Mr. Fred Wilhelm Mrs. Julia Willcox Mrs. Yorke Williams Mrs. Bitsy Williams Mr. N. Williams Ms. Janice Williams Mrs. Janie Williams Mr. Buck Williams Mrs. Cindy Williams Mr. Frank Williams Mrs. Laura Williams Ms. Denise Williams Ms. Trisha Williams Mrs. Murray Williamson Mr. Wayne Williamson Mrs. Cathy Williamson Mr. Louis Willie Mrs. Carrington Wilson Ms. Fran Wilson Mrs. Melisa Wilson Ms. Madge Wilson Mrs. Margaret T. Wimberly Ms. Ashley Wimberly Mr. Whit Windham Ms. Libba Wlliams Ms. Kim Wood Ms. Sarah Wood Ms. Gail Wood Mr. Johnny Wood Mrs. Leanne Woodall Mr. Charles Woodrow Mrs. Linda Woodrow Mrs. Connie Wooley Mr. Jonathan Woolley Ms. Eloise Wormely Mr. Tony Wright Mrs. Bobbie Wright Ms. Amanda Wright Mrs. Louise Wrinkle Mrs. Claudia Wyatt Ms. Carolyn Wynn Mrs. Mary Belle Yardley Mr. Harold Yoder Ms. Leigh Ann Young Ms. Kelly Young Ms. Jann Young Mrs. Maves Youngblood Mrs. Amy Zarra Mr. Dan Ziegenbein Ms. Michele Zito


The Perennial Society honors supporters who remember The Gardens with a planned gift, a bequest or a gift of $10,000 or more to the Endowment Fund.

Mrs. Lucille S. Beeson Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown, Sr. D. Joesph and Ida C. Burns Mrs. Martha Stone Cobb Daniel Mr. F. Lewter Ferrell Mr. R. R. Herbst Mrs. Ora Lee Hill Mr. J. Earnest Hill Mr. George L. Jenkins Hugh and Bobbe Kaul Dr. Bodil Lindin-Lamon Mr. Michael E. Malone Ms. Louise T. McAvoy Mrs. Mary Jean Morawetz Mr. Philip Morris Mr. Fred W. Murray, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. A. I. Perley Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Mr. Douglas A. Stockham Dr. Wendall Taylor Anonymous

2 0 0 8 M e m b e r s of

Bi r mi n g h a m B ota nica l G a rden s

The Garden Sustainer Club are the premier donors of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, giving annual support of $2,500- $20,0000.


Mr. & Mrs. Gene Boles Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown, Sr. Ms. Ann Bruno Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Cobb, III Mr. Stewart M. Dansby Mrs. Claire H. Fairley Mrs. Jane H. Head Mr. & Mrs. William R. Ireland, Sr. Mrs. Louise D. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kimerling Mr. & Mrs. Don Logan Mayer Electric Supply Company, Inc Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Northen, III Mr. & Mrs. H. Craft O’Neal Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rushton, III Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rushton, IV Southern Progress Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Stockham Mrs. Charles B. Webb, Jr. Mrs. Louise A. Wrinkle Anonymous

2 0 0 8 M e m b e r s of

Birmingham Botanical Gardens ~ c o n t in u ed ~

P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e - $1,000 Red Mountain Garden Club BE&K, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Edgar G. Aldridge Ms. Olivia E. Alison Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Amason, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Ausbeck Mr. & Mrs. Craig Beatty Mr. & Mrs. Houston Blount Ms. Mary Carolyn G. Boothby Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Briggs Mr. & Mrs. John G. Brock Mr. & Mrs. Wallace R. Bunn Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Chambliss Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Clayton, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Derrill Crowe Dr. & Mrs. John Cuckler Mr. & Mrs. J.S.M. French Mr. & Mrs. Hubert W. Goings, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Grayson

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Gresham Ms. Frances Heidt & Mr. John R. Chiles Mr. Philip Morris Mr. & Mrs. J. Reese Murray, III Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, III Mr. & Mrs. William C. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. James W. Porter, II Dr. & Mrs. John W. Poynor Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer S. Poynor, III Mrs. Minnie H. Rast Mr. & Mrs. Gene Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Shaia Mr. & Mrs. David L. Silverstein Mr. & Mrs. William M. Slaughter Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith, Jr. Mr. Arnold L. Steiner Mr. & Mrs. Brand Walton Anonymous

A m b a s s a d o r - $500 Mr. Richard M. Adams Mr. & Mrs. William Barclift, III Mr. & Mrs. William H. Barnes Mrs. Betty R. Bashinsky Ms. Susan Colvin Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Davis Dr. John D. Elmore Mr. & Mrs. Meredyth R. Hazzard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Horton Ms. Margi Ingram Mr. & Mrs. John D. Johns Dr. & Mrs. Wade Lamberth Mrs. Donie N. Martin Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Morawetz

Teresa & Kenneth Neal Mr. & Mrs. Claude Nielsen Ms. Colleen I. Norton Ms. Virginia Patterson Sally & Gene T. Price Ms. Starr Rogers Mrs. Louise G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. South Dr. & Mrs. Albert J. Tully, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ingram Tynes Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Von Herrmann Mr. & Mrs. Jack Warner Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wise


o a k - $250


Collier’s Nursery Mrs. John F. Abele Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Adams Mr. & Mrs. Rex Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Tom Baker Ms. Miriam Banks Mr. Albert P. Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brockman Mr. & Mrs. William Brooke Mr. & Mrs. James Burdette Ms. Alleen Cater & Dr. Lyle A. Hohnke Mrs. Nanci Chazen Dr. & Mrs. Mark Clark Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Clyce Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Cockfield Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Cohen Dr. & Mrs. Merrill Compton, Jr. Ms. Pat Cosgrove Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Crum Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Curtin, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Daniel Mr. & Mrs. William F. Denson, III Dr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Dillard Dr. & Mrs. William H. Dodson Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Doody Mrs. Shawn Dunaway Mrs. Beverley W. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Marc Eason Mr. & Mrs. James H. Emack Mr. James V. Fairley, Jr. Mr. Joseph M. Farley Mr. John M. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Jim Furr Mrs. Chita S. Gaskin Mr. & Mrs. Henry Glenn Mr. & Mrs. William Goodrich Mr. & Mrs. William T. Graves Mrs. Drue D. Gravlee Mrs. Willis C. Hagan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Harley Dr. & Mrs. Jimmie H. Harvey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wood Herren Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hinds Mrs. Louise P. Hodges Mr. & Mrs. William Horton Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hughey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hulsey Mr. Dan Hutchson Mrs. Charles W. Ireland Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Ireland, II Mr. George L. Jenkins

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Johanson, III Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Katholi Mr. & Mrs. Kent Keyser Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Kreider Ms. Ginger LaRue Mr. & Mrs. Nimrod Long, III Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Lucas Ms. Terri D. Lyon Mr. & Mrs. C. Phillip McWane Ms. Eugenia McWilliams Mr. & Mrs. Gene McWilliams Dr. & Mrs. Mark L. Miller Ms. Becky Moore Mr. & Mrs. Steve P. Morton Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Murray Mr. Hans Paul & Mrs. Lori Oswald Mrs. Ruth B. Ozment Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Perry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Pless Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Rand, Jr. Mrs. James K.V. Ratliff Mr. & Mrs. John L. Rhoads Mr. & Mrs. C. Dowd Ritter Mr. & Mrs. John C. Rives Ms. Janice W. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rooney Dr. & Mrs. James M. Rushing Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Rushton Dr. Merle M. Salter & Dr. Paul P. Salter Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Shepard Dr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Sherlock Dr. & Mrs. Lamar Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Lathrop W. Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Larry Spangler Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Stanley, Jr. Ms. Carol A. Sutfin Mr. & Mrs. William R. Sylvester Mrs. Barbara D. Thorne Mr. & Mrs. George N. Tobia Dr. & Mrs. Jack Trigg, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn Tynes & Dr. Bayard S. Tynes Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Vandevelde, III Judge Scott Vowell & Dr. Cameron M. Vowell Mrs. Jodi Walker Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Walton Ms. Jill Walton Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wendorf Mr. John G. Wilson & Ms. Brantley Fry Mr. & Mrs. Melvin M. Zivitz

m a g n o l i a - $125 Oak Street Garden Shop Greystone Garden Club Mountain Brook Flower Shop Mr. & Mrs. James A. Abele, Jr. Michele Ahlers Dr. & Mrs. James F. Alison, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Craig Allen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Allen Ms. Sallie S. Aman Ms. Laurie Andrijeski Mr. & Mrs. William F. Angell Ms. Marilyn Arbogast Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Bainbridge, Jr. Ms. Melody R. Banks Ms. Linda S. Bashinsky Mr. & Mrs. Craig Battles Mr. & Mrs. Charles Beck Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Becker Mrs. Barbara Ann Beckett-Gaines Mrs. & Mrs. Daniel Belser Mr. & Mrs. Morris C. Benners, Jr. Ms. Carol Lynne Bevis Mrs. Ann Bibb Mr. & Mrs. John M. Birmingham Mrs. Mary M. Bledsoe Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Bloomer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Boldin Mr. George Book Mr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Booker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Marc Booth Mr. & Mrs. Charles Boswell, Jr. Mrs. Glenda Boudreaux Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Boulware, III Mr. William M. Bowen, Jr. Eric & Julieanna Brandino Dr. & Mrs. Ben V. Branscomb Mr. & Mrs. Augustus R. Bray, Jr. Ms. Dawn Brian Mrs. Betty F. Brice Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Bright Ms. Kathryn Bringman Dr. Loretta G. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Barto L. Brown, III Mrs. Amy A. Brown Ms. Marcia C. Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Butrus Mrs. Betty F. Byars Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Byrne Dr. Walter S. Cain Ms. Karin Callahan Mr. Joseph H. Calvin III Mr. & Mrs. Ehney A. Camp, III Mrs. Helen Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Frank Canterbury, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Philip Carroll Judge & Mrs. John Carroll Mr. Stanley A. & Mrs. Jan K. Cash Mrs. Augusta Cash Mrs. Linda Champlin Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Clark Dr. & Mrs. Walter D. Clark Ms. Susan Cleage Ms. Carole H. Cobb Dr. & Mrs. H. Cecil Coghlan M. Clagett Collins Ms. Maureen Conley Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr. Mrs. Wendy T. Cook Mrs. Anita Mazer Cord Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cosby Mr. & Mrs. William T. Cothran Mr. & Mrs. John Cowin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Cox, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Reaves Crabtree Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Crockard, Jr. Mrs. Jeanne L. Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Cunningham, III Dr. Anne M. Cusic & Dr. Bruce Cusic Ms. Joy Daugherty Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Davidson Dr. & Mrs. James A. Davis Dr. & Mrs. Max Davis Mr. & Mrs. James Delk Dr. & Mrs. Bryan Dewees, III Ms. Susan Dominick Mr. & Mrs. Troy Downey Dr. George Duquette Mrs. Carolyn E. Edwards Mr. & Ms. Virgil Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Paul Elkourie Mrs. Ann R. Elliott Mrs. Joyce Engler Dr. & Mrs. Walter B. Evans Mrs. Betsy Faucette Mr. Jack Faulkner Mr. & Mrs. E. Q. Faust Dr. & Mrs. Richard Feist Dr. & Mrs. James O. Finney, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Winfield S. Fisher, III Ms. Jackie Fitts Dr. & Mrs. Michael Fleenor Mrs. Margaret L. Fleenor Mr. & Mrs. J. Ross Forman, III Ms. Anita Franklin Ms. Dorrie Fuchs & Mr. Gareth Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Fulford Dr. Gerald M. Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Earl George

Mr. & Mrs. Winston Gillum, Jr. Mrs. Sam P. Given Dr. & Mrs. John D. Glover Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Goettge Dr. & Mrs. Morton Goldfarb Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Goodrich Mrs. Betty W. Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. M. James Gorrie Mrs. Barbara S. Grant Mrs. Mary Rose Gray Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Greer Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gregory Mr. Andy Grimsley Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Gross Mrs. Jeanette Hancock Dr. & Mrs. William Hansford Mr. & Mrs. Robin Harden Mrs. Yvonne J. Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Harmon Rev. & Mrs. John Harris Harper Mr. & Mrs. James I. Harrison, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John L. Hartman, III Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Hegel Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Rest B. Heppenstall Mrs. Linda S. Herren Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hess Dr. & Mrs. Guy M. Hicks, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joel Hillhouse Mrs. Richard C. Hillhouse Mr. & Mrs. William L. Hinds, Jr. Mrs. Jane B. Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hoffman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hoover Mr. Bascom T. Hopson Dr. & Mrs. Leland Hull, Jr. Marilyn & Jim Isaminger Dr. Susan Jackson Dr. & Mrs. David Jackson Mrs. Lynn B. Jackson Ms. Jeanne L. Jackson & Dr. Mark Lester Dr. & Mrs. Peter Jander Mr. & Mrs. Elbert S. Jemison, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Johnson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Ben H. Johnson, III Ms. Carolyn M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jones, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Jones Mr. Jerry Jones Ms. Cynthia Jones Ms. Beth Jordan & Mr. Wayne Jordan Dr. & Mrs. Jim Kamplain Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Kassouf Dr. Hughes Kennedy


Mrs. Mavis Kennedy Dr. & Mrs. Raleigh Kent Mr. Russell Kern Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Key Mrs. & Mr. Jane Killian Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Killion, Sr. Mr. Andrew B. Krebbs Mr. Robert A. Kreisberg Walter & Carolyn LaGroue Mr. & Mrs. James G. Lambert Ms. Ethelwyn Langston Mr. & Mrs. Jerome K. Lanning Mrs. Sandra Lawler Mr. & Mrs. James C. Lee, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Lindstrom, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. S. Robert Lister Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Long, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Long, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Long, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Long Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Luckie, III Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Mackin Mrs. Lexa L. Magnus & Dr. Jonathan Waddell Mr. & Mrs. Wade A. Mahlke Mr. & Mrs. David H. Marbury, III Mr. & Mrs. John Markus Mr. & Mrs. Alan Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Gerson May Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mayne Ms. Kim McBride Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McBride, Jr. Mrs. Robert McCalley Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. McCallum Mr. & Mrs. Mark McColl Mrs. Isabel L. McCormack Mr. Rodney C. McCoy Ms. Carol A. McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGough Ms. Betsy McGuire Mr. Jodi McKelvin Mr. & Mrs. Bob McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Louis Mezrano Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Monk, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morad Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Morgan, Jr. Mrs. J. M. Morgan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Chris Muldrow Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mulkin Mrs. Jane Mullins Mrs. Charlotte S. Murdock Mr. & Mrs. Lee B. Murray Mrs. Lisle Nabell Dr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Nading, Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. David Nash Mr. & Mrs. Harry Nelson Dr. Curt Newell & Dr. Sara Lynn Newell Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Newton Ms. Alison Nichols & Mr. Bill Mudd Mr. & Mrs. Ken Nichols Ms. JoAnne Niden & Dr. Terry Vanderwerff Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Nolen III Mr. & Mrs. Oden Mr. & Mrs. John T. Oliver, III Dr. & Mrs. Steven O’Sheal Mr. & Mrs. Hap Parker Mr. Alton Parker Dr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Peters Ms. Jennifer Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Will Phillips, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Goode Price, III Dr. & Mrs. SJ Price, III Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Pryor Mrs. Alfred P. Pugh, Sr. Mr. Ralph W. Quinn III Mr. & Mrs. Conrad W. Rafield, III Denny & Susan Ragland Mrs. Margaret G. Ragland Dr. Firoz Rahemtulla Dr. & Mrs. Duane Randleman, Jr. Mr. Elizabeth Ratliff Ms. Barbara Ray Mrs. Carolyn B. Reed Ms. Susan W. Reeves Dr. & Mrs. Harry B. Register, Jr. Mrs. Elberta G. Reid Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Higdon Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Adam Robertson Dr. & Mrs. O. Gordon Robinson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. E. Mabry Rogers Mrs. Hilary Ross Ms. Judy Ross Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Roth Ms. Ann Rowell Mr. & Mrs. Eladio Ruiz De Molina Dr. & Mrs. Charles Russell Dr. Susan P. Salter & Mr. Steven C. Hydinger Mr. Roger L. Salter Dr. Carole Samuelson & Dr. Paul Samuelson Dr. & Mrs. Howard Schiele John & Suzan Scholl Dr. & Mrs. R. Waid Shelton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shepherd, Jr. Mr. Jeff Shimizu & Mr. Lamar Jeffries Mr. William M. Silsbee Mr. & Mrs. A. Wendall Simmons

Mrs. Sandra S. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Fred Smiley Mrs. Vicki Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smithwick Mr. Sperry Snow Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Spotswood Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Sprague Ms. Glo Spruill Mr. & Mrs. W. Stancil Starnes Ms. Martha Starr Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Steele Mr. & Mrs. John Steiner Mr. & Mrs. Bill Stribing Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Stringfellow Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Strong Ms. Mary Lee Sullivan Dr. Nalini Sundaram Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tate Mr. Bill & Arabella Tatum Dr. & Mrs. Wendell H. Taylor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Taylor, Jr. Dr. Robert E. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. Thomasson Mr. & Mrs. James A. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Thompson Ron D. Thrasher & Lisa F. Gardner Mr. Steve Todd & Mr. Ben Henry Mr. & Mrs. Chris Townsley Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tunstall Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Vevle Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Vitalis Mr. Alvin Vogtle & Dr. Laura K. Vogtle Dr. Beverly Von Der Pool & Dr. Phillip Smith Mr. Elbert S. Walker Mr. & Mrs. William W. Walker, III Dr. & Mrs. James C. Walker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Walker Mr. & Mrs. Lee Walthall Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Walton Mr. & Ms. Robert Waudby Dr. & Mrs. Peter Weinheimer Dr. Paul C. Weir & Mrs. Amanda Adams Mr. & Mrs. George F. Wheelock, III Ms. Lucile White Dr. & Mrs. James R. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Williams Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Wills Mrs. Louis H. Wilson Dr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Windsor Ms. Margery J. Wirth Mr. & Mrs. Richard Womack Mrs. Margaret Young Dr. & Mrs. George L. Zorn, Jr.

h y d r a n g e a - $60 Ross Land Design Sweet Peas Garden Shop Integrity Landscapes Thomas Kinkade Gallery Cantley & Company Central Alabama Daylily Society Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Abell Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Abernethy Mr. & Mrs. Guy Able, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Carl Adams, Jr. Ms. Terry P. Adams Ms. Alesia Adams Mrs. Betty Jo Adams Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Addor Ms. Marie Agee Mrs. Margaret Ahearn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Aland Mr. & Mrs. Edward Aldag Mr. & Mrs. Ken Alderman Ms. Diane P. Alessio & Mr. Otello A. Alessio Mr. & Mrs. Blake Alexander Mr. & Mrs. James F. Alison III Mr. Paul S. Allan Mr. & Mrs. L. Murray Alley Mr. Thomas W. Anderson & Ms. Shirley H. Yoshida Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Leon Ashford Mrs. Gale Atkinson Ms. Marcie Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Atwood Mrs. John W. Ault, Jr. Mrs. Katherine Avant

Dr. Jospeh B. Beaird, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Stuart K. Bean Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Bearden Mrs. Charlotte Beaube Mr. & Mrs. John L. Beauchamp Mr. & Mrs. Murray Beck Mr. & Mrs. Jack Becker Mr. & Mrs. T.A. Beckham Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Belden, III Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bell Dr. & Mrs. Austen L. Bennett, III Ms. Ann Benton Dr. & Mrs. Neal R. Berte Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bethay Mr. & Mrs. James O. Bevelle Jr. Mr. & Mrs. C. Adrian Bewley Mr. & Mrs. Victor Bey Mr. & Mrs. Peyton D. Bibb, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bryan L. Biddy M. Lindsay Bierman Mr. & Mrs. Archie Bisset, III Mr. Robert Blach Mr. & Mrs. William S. Blackerby, Jr. Mrs. Jenny Blackmon Mrs. Lula Rose Blackwell Mr. & Mrs. Mel Blackwell Ms. Michelle Blackwood Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blakely Mr. & Mrs. Ollie Blan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Al Blanchard Dr. & Mrs. Kirby Bland Mr. & Mrs. Van Blankenship Mr. Elizabeth Blum & Mr. Erik Angner

Dr. Caroline Brown & Mr. E. T. Brown Ms. Myra Brown Mrs. Bertice Brown Mr. & Mrs. Barry C. Brown Mr. Timothy Brown Mrs. Patty Brown Dr. & Mrs. Clark C. Browne Mr. Carl Bruner Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Bugg Ms. Mellisa Bunch Mr. & Mrs. Dean Burgess Ms. Catherine Burke Mr. & Mrs. Winfield Burks Mr. & Mrs. Bill J. Burnham Mr. & Mrs. H. Denson Burnum, Jr. Mrs. Samuel Burr Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Burrows Ms. Hana Burwinkle Dr. & Mrs. Steve Bynon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Byran Ms. Christine Byrum Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cabaniss, Jr. Ms. Marie D. Cain Ms. Cathy Caldwell Mrs. Margaret Caley Mrs. Juliet Calvin Mr. Chris Campanotta Mrs. Nancy Canada Dr. & Mrs. Harold Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cantrell Mrs. Anne G. Carey Mr. & Mrs. Eric Carlton Dr. & Mrs. Erskine Carmichael

Dr. Jack M. Averett, Jr. Ms. Jeanne Averhart Mr. & Mrs. Robert Babanats Mr. Nathan Baggett Mr. & Mrs. Bill Baggett Dr. & Mrs. Martin T. Bailey Ms. Carolyn J. Bailey Drs. Angus & Melissa Baird Mr. & Mrs. John R. Baker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Baker Dr. & Mrs. Gene V. Ball Mr. & Mrs. Michael Balliet Mrs. Deanna Ballinger Mr. & Mrs. Chris Barch Mr. & Mrs. John Barelare Mr. & Mrs. Larry Barkey Mr. & Mrs. John G. Barnett Mr. & Mrs. James P. Barnhart Ms. Jan R. Barrett Ms. Melanie Bass Mr. & Mrs. David Bates Mr. & Mrs. Bob Baxley Mr. & Mrs. Tom Baydala

Ms. Virginia Boliek Dr. James Bonner Ms. Joy Bonney Mrs. Char Bonsack Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boone Ms. Nancy Borland Mrs. Kathryn Boswell Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Bouchet Dr. Samuel Bowen & Dr. Kathleen Bowen Ms. Nora J. Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bowness Mr. Richard Box Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Boyd Mrs. Dorothy D. Boyd Ms. Catherine Boyd Mrs. Rachael Boyd Mr. Alan Perlis & Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brady, Jr. Ms. Sybil Brannon Ms. Emily G. Brasher Ms. Elna R. Brendel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Brinkley Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bromberg

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Carney, III Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Carroll Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Bill Carter Mrs. Joseph Casey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Casey Ms. Janet Cash Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Cassimus Mrs. Debbie Castleberry Dr. & Mrs. J. Denis Catalano Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cather Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James W. Cauthen Mrs. Jane H. Chace Dr. & Ms. Robert B. Chadband Ms. Cheryl Chapman Dr. Deborah Chargois Mr. & Mrs. Vitaly Charny Mrs. Cindy Chester Mr. & Mrs. Sorrell Chew Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Chitwood Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Christenson Dr. & Mrs. Craig Christopher Mr. & Mrs. Tom Clark



Mr. & Mrs. Corvin Clark Ms. Cecil Clark Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Clark Mr. & Mrs. David M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Clarkson Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Clayton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Cleckler Mr. & Mrs. John D. Clements Dr. Bernice Coar-Sterling & Mr. Michael Sterling Ms. Martha M. Cobb Dr. & Mrs. C. Glenn Cobbs Margaret & Archie Cobbs Mrs. Sherrell F. Cochrane Mr. & Mrs. Walter Coe Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cohen Ms. Tammy Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cole Mrs. Jennafer Collins Mr. & Mrs. John Collins Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Colvin, III Mr. & Mrs. Alton L. Comans Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Compton Mr. & Mrs. Bud Conaway Ms. Janice Conway Mrs. Rhonda Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cooper Mr. & Mrs. N. Lee Cooper Mrs. Beth Cooper Ms. Jennifer Cope Ms. Beverly Corbitt Mr. Marc Corsini Ms. Paula C. Cosper Dr. & Mrs. William Costenbader Dr. & Mrs. H. Brooks Cotten Mr. & Mrs. Keith Covington Ms. Miriam Cowan Mr. & Mrs. James P. Cowin Mrs. Mollie W. Cox Mrs. Renee Cox Mr. & Mrs. Charley Cox Ms. Jennie Craft Mr. & Mrs. John K. Craig Mr. R. N. Craig & Mrs. Carol M. Craig Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Crawford Dr. Myra Crawford Ms. Elizabeth Crawford Mr. & Ms. Robert Creveling Mr. & Mrs. Homer E. Croasmun, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crook Ms. Kristen Cross Mr. Robert Crossmeyer Mr. Warren B. Crow, III

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery B. Cutler Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Cybulsky Mr. & Mrs. Ken Damsgard Mrs. Judy Daniel Mr. & Mrs. C. Coleman Daniel, II Mr. Patrick Daniel Mr. & Mrs. George Daniels Mr. & Mrs. J. Dargan III Dr. & Mrs. Charles Dasher Ms. Susan E. Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Davies, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Brian Davies Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Davis Mrs. Belle Davis Mrs. Lyn Davis Mr. & Mrs. Mark Davis Mrs. Susanna Davis Mr. Tom Davis Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Day, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert de Buys Mrs. Linda De Marco Mr. & Mrs. Joseph De Sciose Mr. & Mrs. Harold Deason Mr. & Mrs. Ogden S. Deaton Mr. & Mrs. Charles DeBardeleben, III Mrs. Judith M. Deegan Mr. & Mrs. Barry DeLozier Mr. & Mrs. Charles Denaburg Mrs. Katrina Dennis Ms. Jessica Denny Ms. Dariana Dervis & Mr. Prentiss E. Douthit Ms. Molleen Desai Mr. & Mrs. Wade Desmond Mr. & Mrs. James DeWilde Mrs. Patricia Dice Ms. Eva Dillard Mrs. Natalie Dillard Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DiPiazza Ms. Sis Dixon Mr. & Mrs. C. T. Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Dodson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dolan Mrs. Anna Donald Mr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Donald Mrs. Rebecca A. Donaldson Mr. & Mrs. Luther Dorr Mrs. John E. Dorsett Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Doss Ms. Dorothy Drake Mrs. Carolyn Drennen Mr. & Mrs. William D. Drinkard Ms. Jody Dubois

Mr. Keith Echols & Ms. Patti Echols Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Edmiston Mrs. Joyce Edwards-Johnson Dr. & Mrs. George V. Eisenhart Mrs. Lucie G. Ellard Mr. & Mrs. George B. Elliott, Jr. Mrs. Louise Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Ellis Mr. & Mrs. John E. Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Richard Enders Dr. & Mrs. Bonner Engelhardt Mrs. Gayle England Ms. Kathy English Mr. & Mrs. Stanley M. Erdreich, Jr. Mr. Sam Erwin Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Esdale Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Eskew Mr. Kenneth Etheredge Mr. & Mrs. Bill Eubanks Mr. & Mrs. Parker Evans Mr. & Mrs. Brent Falkenhagen Mr. & Mrs. Frank Farish Ms. Mary V. Farrar Dr. Rosemary H. Faust Mrs. Rosemarie Fernandes Mrs. Nancy J. Ferrell Mrs. Deborah Fick Ms. Alberta Fields Mr. & Mrs. Alvin V. Filer Ms. Barbara Finch Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Finchum Mrs. Jeri Finchum Dr. Edwin Fineberg & Dr. Naomi S. Fineberg Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Finkel Ms. Susan Finley Ms. Suzy Finley Ms. Karen Fitzpatrick Dr. & Mrs. Keith Fleisher Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Fleming Mrs. Lucia Fleming Mr. & Mrs. James E. Flournoy Ms. Rebecca Flynn Mr. & Mrs. William L. Forbes Mrs. John Forney Mrs. Anne Forschler-Tarrasch Mrs. Peggy M. Fortier Mrs. Anita Fowler Mr. & Mrs. D.N. Franklin, III Mrs. Deborah Franks Mr. Andrew F. Freeland, Jr. Mrs. Maye Frei Mr. & Mrs. William French, III Sally Friedman

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Crowder Ms. Barbara Crowe Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Crowe Ms. Dolores Crumly Mr. William Cureton & Mrs. Peggy Cureton Ms. Kellie Cusimano

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Dunbar, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Dunn Dr. & Mrs. John R. Durant Dr. & Mrs. John T. Eagan Mr. & Mrs. George S. Eastwood II Ms. Jo Ann Eberlein & Mr. Mark Widener

Mrs. Bette Fritz Ms. Lyn Froning & Mr. Michael Froning Mr. & Mrs. James Frost Mrs. Betty J. Funderburg Ms. Claire Ann Furlong Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Furnas, III

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. Jospeh G. Gamble Ms. Wendy Gamble Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Garcia Ms. Elizabeth Gargus Mrs. Leslianna Garlington Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Garner Mr. & Mrs. James Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gary Mr. & Mrs. Maury Gaston Mr. Josephford Gaston Dr. & Mrs. Jack C. Geer Dr. Mia Geisinger Mrs. Karen Gentile Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Gerald Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Germann Mrs. Ann P. Gervin Dr. & Mrs. Nico C. Geurs Mr. & Mrs. James W. Gewin Mr. & Mrs. Hollis N. Gieger, Jr. Mrs. Virginia Gillenwater Dr. & Mrs. G. Y. Gillespie Mr. & Mrs. Sharp Gillespy, IV

Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Haley Mr. John Haley Ms. Patricia R. Hall Ms. Minnie Linda L. Hambright Mr. & Mrs. William Hannigan Mr. & Mrs. Victor H. Hanson, III Mrs. Beth Hardwick Mr. & Mrs. Mike Harfield Ms. Valerie Harper Mrs. Rebecca Harris Mr. & Mrs. James Harris Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hartline Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Harvey, III Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt R. Haskell Mr. & Mrs. J. Carroll Hastings Mr. & Mrs. Ron R. Hathcock Dr. & Mrs. William Hawley Ms. Mary Hawn Dr. Terry Bierd & Mr. Ben F. Hayley Ms. Nancy C. Hayley Mrs. Shirley Haynesworth Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hays, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James W. Heacock, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. William Horne, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hornsby Mr. & Mrs. James Horton Mrs. Kay House Ms. Kaye Houser Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Huckabee Mr. & Mrs. Clark Huddle Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Huddle Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Hudspeth Dr. & Mrs. P. R. Hug Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hughes Dr. & Mrs. John C. Hurst, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Ideker Mr. & Mrs. J. Fred Ingram Mr. Eric Sanders & Ms. Gina Ingram Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ingram Dr. Edward Abraham & Mrs. Norma-May Isakow Mr. & Mrs. David Israel Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Ben Ivey Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Russell Jackson Mrs. Betty Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Gillespy, III Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Gilliam Mrs. Lalie Given Dr. & Mrs. R. David Glasgow Dr. & Mrs. Walter D. Glass Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Glaze Robert L. Glaze Mr. & Mrs. Rob Glendenning Mr. & Mrs. John H. Goff, Jr. Mr. John Goidel Mr. & Mrs. C. Vann Goodner, Jr. Rev. Elizabeth Cole Goodrich Dr. Robert P. Goolsby & Dr. Rupa Goolsby Ms. Debby Gordon Ms. Cynthia Gore Mr. & Mrs. Mike Graham Mr. & Mrs. William M. Graves Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gray III Ms. Ashley Gray Mr. & Mrs. Greg Greaves Ms. Pat Green Ms. Jan C. Greer Dr. & Mrs. Fred L. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Micheal W. Griggs Ms. Susan Grimes J.R. & Autrey Grimes Mr. & Mrs. James E. Grisham Mrs. Linda Grissom Ms. Catherine Gross Ms. Virginia Guthrie Dr. & Mrs. Juan F. Gutierrez Mr. & Mrs. Fred Habeeb Ms. Carol Hagood Mr. & Mrs. William Hains Mr. John B. Halbert, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haley

Mrs. Edna B. Heard Ms. Yvette Heath Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd L. Hefner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heidepriem Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Helfand Mr. & Mrs. Colin Helman Ms. Alice Helms Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Helzberg Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hemby Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hempstead Mr. Dennis Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Danny Herrin Mr. & Mrs. M. Stan Herring Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hesse Jacqueline K. Hester Mr. & Mrs. James Hewitt Mrs. Becky Hickel Mr. & Mrs. W. Price Hightower, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hill Ms. Rebecca Hiller Mr. Logan Hinkle Mr. & Mrs. Wallace W. Hinkle Dr. Kathryn Hoar Mr. Edward Hodgson Dr. & Mrs. John B. Hodo Mr. & Mrs. Felix Hoke Mr. & Mrs. Pete Holby Mr. & Mrs. William D. Holder Ms. Valerie W. Holley Mr. & Mrs. Elam Holley Mr. & Mrs. Mayo Holloway, Jr. Ms. Julie Holly Mrs. Mona Holmes Mrs. Mary L. Holt Ms. Sarah S. Hood & Mr. Alex Hood Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hopkins

Mr. Michael Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Jacobs Mr. Charles M. Jager & Rosemary M. Jager Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. James Mr. & Mrs. Fob James, III Mr. & Mrs. Terrence F. James Dr. & Mrs. Thomas N. James Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Janowski Mr. Richard Jett Dr. & Mrs. James C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Johnson Mrs. Hannah Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Johnston Mr. & Mrs. James M. Johnston Mr. & Mrs. C. Guy Jones Dr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Jones Mrs. Marcus Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Jones Mrs. Katherine Jones Mr. & Mrs. Henry Jones Mr. & Mrs. Gene Jones Ms. Amanda Jones Ms. Joanna Jones Mr. & Mrs. Louis Josof Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Judd Mrs. Jane Judd Drs. Gerald D. Karcher & Ms. Gina Karcher Ms. Ginny Karle & Mr. Lou Bridges Mr. & Mrs. Rick Karle Dr. & Mrs. Richard Kaslow Ms. Elaine Kassouf Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keeton Mrs. Blythe Keith Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Kelley Ms. Sherry Kellum Mr. & Mrs. James E. Kemp



Mr. & Mrs. Whit Kennedy Dr. & Mrs. William H. Kessler Mrs. Ruby C. Key Mr. & Mrs. Murray Kidd Mr. & Mrs. B. E. Kidd, III Ms. Jane M. Kidd Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kiell Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kilpatrick Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kimberly Mrs. Patricia King Mr. & Mrs. James King, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peyton King Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Kinner Mr. Dean Kirkland Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kissel, Jr. Sharon & David Kleeschulte Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kluz Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Klyce Mrs. Elizabeth Kohn Mr. & Mrs. David Koncsol Ms. Tom Kraus

Mrs. Sandra Lonergan Dr. & Mrs. Calvin L. Long Ms. Annie Loo Mrs. Linda Lopez Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lott, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lott Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lowery Mrs. Suzanne Lucas Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lucas Ms. Donna M. Lummus Mr. & Mrs. C. Matthew Lusco Mr. Henry S. Lynn, Jr. Mrs. Beverly Lynton Dr. & Mrs. John M. Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Shelby Mackey Mr. & Mrs. David E. Mackin Mrs. Connie Maddox Dr. & Mrs. John A. Maloof, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mancill Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Manley Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Mann

Ms. Jane H. McPherson Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. McPhillips Mrs. Lynne McTyre Mr. & Mrs. Hobart A. McWhorter, Jr. Robert L. Meador, Jr. DMD Dr. & Mrs. Edward R. Meadows Mr. & Mrs. John Meier Ms. Elisa Mejia Mr. & Mrs. Chris Melson Dr. & Mrs. Farrell O. Mendelsohn Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Menendez Mr. & Mrs. Ken L. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Michalove Ms. Jan A. Midgley & Mr. Dean Clark Mr. & Mrs. Howard Miles Mrs. Edwin Miller Mr. & Mrs. Joe Miller Mr. & Mrs. Crawford Miller Mrs. Sandra Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Miller Ms. Sherri M. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Krebbs Ms. Mary H. Krebs Mr. & Mrs. William G. Krueger Mrs. Dorothy G. Krusen Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Lamkin Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Land Mrs. Frank Lankford Mr. & Mrs. John LaRussa Mr. & Mrs. John Latham Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Lavender Mr. & Mrs. Cheney Lawler Ms. Frances H. Lawlor Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Lee Mr. David Lee & Dr. Mari Bonnin Ms. Laura Lee Mr. & Mrs. Curt Lee Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Leeth Mrs. Gayle Leitman Ms. Alice LeJeune Mr. Daniel Lerew Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lesnick Mr. & Mrs. Drayton H. Lester Ms. Susan Levine Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Lewis Ms. Eileen Lewis Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lewis Ms. Elanie O. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John Nuckols Mrs. Eva Lingo Mr. & Mrs. John Lipscomb Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Little Mr. & Mrs. James A. Livingston, III Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lockhart Mrs. Kathy Logue Dr. & Mrs. C. W. Lokey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. London

Ms. Maryann Manning Mrs. S. Hassel Marcus, Jr. Dr. & Dr. Laili Markert Mr. & Mrs. William F. Martin Mr. & Mrs. John H. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Gene E. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Jack Martin Mrs. Wendy Martin Dr. Kathleen Martin Ms. Linda G. Massey Mr. & Mrs. Coke S. Matthews III Mrs. Virginia R. May Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mayne Mrs. Amy McCain Mr. & Mrs. Joshua McCarty Ms. Lucy McCown Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. McCoy Mr. & Mrs. John McCrory Mr. & Mrs. Scott McCrory Mrs. Dorothy H. McCue Ms. Kathy McCulley Mrs. Linda P. McCullough Ms. Dorothy McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. John M. McDowell Ms. Jeannine McElroy Mrs. Erin McElroy & Mr. Taylor McElroy Mr. Robert McElroy Ms. Michel McEwen Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGahey Ms. Mary E. McGhee Mr. & Mrs. William McGowan Ms. Emily W. McGowin Ms. Omeira McKinley Ms. Kelsey McLemore Mr. & Mrs. David McLeod Mr. & Mrs. George McMillan, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. McNutt

Dr. & Mrs. Billy R. Mills Mrs. Sidney L. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Jim Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Dan Modak Dr. & Mrs. Jason Moellinger Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mollengarden Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Molliston Mr. & Mrs. Whit J. Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Moor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Moore, Jr. Mrs. Barbara H. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Moore Mr. & Mrs. J. Perry Morgan Mr. & Mrs. William S. Morgan Mrs. Dorothy A. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morrisey Dr. & Mrs. Constantine Morros Ms. Susan W. Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Mouron Dr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Mueninghoff Mr. Ashok V. Mujumdar Mr. & Mrs. Joel Mulkin Mr. & Mrs. Clark Mullenix Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. J. Reese Murray Mr. & Mrs. John T. Natter Mr. & Mrs. Phil H. Neal, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Britton Neal Mr. & Mrs. John Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Bert Nettles Ms. Mary A. Newell Belinda Newfield Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Newsome Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nichols Mrs. Marjorie K. Nix Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Noe

Mr. & Mrs. Lyman Norden Mr. Steve Northcutt Ms. Celeste Nunnally Dr. & Mrs. Paul Obert Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Odrezin Mrs. Evelyn O’Leary Ms. Donnie G. Olis Dr. & Mrs. Lamar S. Osment Mr. & Mrs. James R. Overstreet Dr. & Mrs. W. Crawford Owen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Owens Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Owens Mrs. Catherine K. Owens Mr. & Mrs. Scott Owens Edward Pair Dr. & Mrs. Kent G. Palcanis Mrs. Jean L. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Steve D. Palmour Mr. James V. Park & Mrs. Katherine Durkee Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Parker Mr. Timothy Parker Mr. & Mrs. Leighton C. Parnell, III Mr. Thomas R. Patchen & Mr. John M. Vintson, Jr. Mrs. Becky Pate Dr. Donald Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paxton Mr. & Mrs. Larry Payne Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Payne Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Pendleton Mr. Glenn E. Peoples, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Perry, Jr. Mrs. Janet V. Perry

Ms. Laura D. Pointer Mr. & Mrs. James M. Pool Lacey & Jim Poore Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Steve Porter Ms. Julia K. Potter Mr. Jason Powell Mr. & Mrs. William A. Powell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Powell Ms. Susan Pretnar Mr. & Mrs. William S. Pritchard, Jr. Mrs. Evelyn Puckett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pugh Mr. & Mrs. James Purnell Ms. Dianah Putman Mrs. Lois Quarello Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Radecke Ms. Linda Rader Mr. Alec Ramonell Mr. & Mrs. Erskine Ramsay, II Mr. & Mrs. John Randolph Mr. Mike Randolph Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rawls Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ray Ms. Paige T. Raymonds Mrs. Carol Reese Mr. & Mrs. David M. Reese Mr. Robert Reiche & Mrs. Ellen J. Schmidt Ms. Ruth Reichwein Mrs. Jo Ann Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Norm Remick Dr. & Mrs. Courtenay Renneker Ms. Suzanne Respess Ms. Adrienne Retief & Mr. Hank Cason Mr. & Mrs. William E. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. L. B. Richardson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James L. Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Roth Ms. Kathy Rowe Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Rubin Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rudulph, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rushing Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Russell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Russell Mrs. & Mr. Nan Russell Mrs. Lesley Russell Mrs. Goodloe Rutland Lane Rutledge Dr. & Mrs. Dayton Sadler Mr. & Mrs. Scott Salter Mrs. Alana Salter Mr. & Mrs. Shay Samples Mr. & Mrs. William Sandlin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sanford Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sansbury Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Sarris Mr. & Mrs. Lane Savage Mr. & Mrs. John D. Saxon Ms. Erin Schall Mrs. Eugenia Schanbacher Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schleusner Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Schuck Dr. & Mrs. George F. Scofield Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Scott, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Scott, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rudulph N. Scott Ms. Tammy Searcy Ms. Jo Self Dr. & Mrs. Harold Settle Mrs. Gretchen Sexton Ms. Dina S. Sexton Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Shah Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Shaia Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Shannon

Mr. & Mrs. Tunstall B. Perry, III Ms. Dorothy M. Perry Mr. & Ms. Charles E. Person Mr. Steve Peters Lindsey & Ted Petras Dr. & Mrs. Paul G. Petznick Mrs. Tracy Pharo Mrs. Donna B. Phillips Dr. & Mrs. John R. Phillips, III Mr. & Mrs. Clell Phillips Mr. & Mrs. David P. Phillips Ms. Carol Ann Phillips & Frank Phillips Mr. & Mrs. David Philpot Mr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Picardy Mr. & Mrs. S. Mallory Pierce Mr. Chris Pinke Mr. & Mrs. Carlton P. Pinkerton Mr. & Mrs. David R. Pittman Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Piver Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Poellnitz, III Mr. & Mrs. Peter Poerschke Ms. Sheila Poinsett

Ms. Phyllis Rickart Mr. & Mrs. James B. Riddle Mrs. Carol Ringland Mrs. Leone Risman Dr. & Mrs. Ferris J. Ritchey Mrs. Allen W. Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Rives Mr. & Mrs. Bob Rives Mr. & Mrs. Roy Rizzo Mrs. Laura Robertson Ms. Melissa Robinett Mrs. Mary Robinett Mr. & Mrs. John M. Robinson Mrs. Mel Robinson Ms. Sarah Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robinson Ms. Mary Roebuck Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Tom Romp Mr. Lawrence Rosen Dr. & Dr. Stephen G. Rostand Mr. & Mrs. James Rotenstreich

Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Sharman III Mr. Charles E. Sharp Mr. Keith Sheffield Ms. Susan S. Sheppard Mrs. Lou Ann Sherling Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sherrill Prof. Bythel Shropshire Dr. & Mrs. Earle H. Shugerman Mr. & Mrs. Perry G. Shuttlesworth Dr. & Mrs. Alan Siegal Mr. & Mrs. William Silsbee, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Simmons Ms. Lorelle C. Singleton Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sisson, Jr. Ms. M. Ann Skipper Mr. Allen Small Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Stewart T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smith Ms. Diane M Smith Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith III Mr. & Mrs. Joey Smith



Mrs. James D. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Richard F. Smith Ms. Martha Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Smith Mrs. Caroline Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smith Mr. Jonathan R. Smith Mrs. Catherine P. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jay Smith Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Smith Stephanie & Dalton Smith Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smyly Dr. W. D. Sockwell & Ms. Deborah J. Long Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sokol

Mr. & Mrs. Bob J. Summerlin Mrs. Betty J. Susina Mrs. Judith K. Suttle Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Tate Mr. O. David Taunton Mr. & Mrs. George M. Taylor, III Mr. & Mrs. Bill Tevendale Dr. & Mrs. David L. Tharpe Mr. & Mrs. Mercer S. Thomas Mrs. Ann Thomas Mrs. Betty B. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. James L. Thompson, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. George Thompson Ms. Jean C. Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Till

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Weathers Dr. & Mrs. William B. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Warren E. Weed Mrs. Debbie West Ms. Sheenae Westmoreland Mr. & Mrs. J. Emory Wheat Mrs. Mary Wheless Mr. & Mrs. William B. White, III Ms. Kitty C. White & Mr. Tryg Hoff Dr. John S. Whitehead Dr. & Mrs. John Wideman Mr. & Mrs. Carol & Herb Wilbanks Salley Wilkerson Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. Williams Mrs. Netagene A. Williams

Mrs. Carol O. Sommers Ms. Debby N. Sorensen Dr. Hughes Evans & Dr. Eric Sorscher Mr. & Mrs. Billy W. Spain Mr. & Mrs. Neal J. Spangler Ms. Selena Spates Dr. Paul Spence Mrs. Clifford M. Spencer Mrs. Brenda N. Stacey Ms. Anne Lanier Stanfield Ms. Sarah J. Stanley Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Starling Mary Frances Stayton Dr. Shirley Steele Ms. Mary S. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. David Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Stichweh Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Still Ms. Mary Stockard Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Stockham Mr. Thomas A. Stoddard Dr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Stokely Mrs. Barbara Stone Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stone Mr. & Mrs. Robert Straka Mr. Calvin C. Crowder & Dr. Martha Strange Dr. & Mrs. John P. Strickland Mr. & Mrs. James H. Strickland Ms. Rosemary Strouss Mr. & Mrs. John M. Strozier Mr. & Mrs. Russell R. Stutts, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James F. Sulzby, III Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Summerford

Mr. & Mrs. John Tingley Ms. Katherine Tipton Mr. & Mrs. Howard Torch Dr. & Mrs. I. J. Tortorici Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Tortorigi Mrs. Jane G. Trechsel Ms. Margaret Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tulloss Ms. Karen F. Tully Mr. & Mrs. Ben Turnage Mr. & Mrs. Bayard S. Tynes, Jr. Mr. Robert T. Underwood Ms. Marcia G. Unger Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Urist Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Vann Mrs. Kandace VanWanderham Mr. & Mrs. Alex Vare Dr. & Mrs. Will Varnell Dr. Robert E. Varner & Dr. Pam Varner Dr. Loy Vaughan & Dr. Suzanne Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Vaughan Mrs. Libba Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Laurence D. Vinson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Waddelow Dr. Ann E. Wade Mr. & Mrs. William B. Wahlheim Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Waldrop Mr. Jim Waligora Mrs. Jo Ann Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Waller Ms. Betty Ward Mrs. Marian Washburn Mrs. Warner S. Watkins, Jr. Ms. Mary Lou Watkins

Mrs. Elliott T. Williams, Jr. Mr. Steven Hodges & Ms. Janice H. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Harold Williams Mr. & Mrs. Bill Williams Mr. & Mrs. John M. Williams Mr. & Mrs. David T. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Byrd Williams Ms. Teresa Williams Mrs. Charlotte P. Williams Murray & Wayne Williamson Mr. Louis J. Willie, III Ms. Lynn Wilmoth Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson, Jr. Ms. Pamela G. Winfield Mrs. W. W. Winfree, Jr. Mrs. Frances V. Wiygul Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wolsfelt Mr. & Mrs. Paul Woodall Dr. & Mrs. William C. Woodall, III Gage Woods Mr. & Mrs. James H. Woodson Ms. Debbie Wooley Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wooten Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Worthen Ms. Martha Wurtele & Mr. Armando Piatti Ms. Linda F. Xia Mr. & Mrs. Dusty Yates Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Yates Mrs. Bess O. Yeilding Mr. & Mrs. Harold Yoder Ivey & Peter Young Mr. & Mrs. Charles Youngson Mr. John Yow Mr. Alan K. Zeigler

t r i l l i u m - $45 Stoney Ridge Garden Club Ms. Marshanne Adams Mr. & Mrs. Russ Adams Mr. Donald R. Adcock Ms. Joanne H. Adcock Mr. & Mrs. L.R. Addison Ms. Amy E. Adkins Mrs. Norma Ajlouny Mrs. Patricia Akers Ardis Albany Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Aldridge, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Chris Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Allen Mrs. Pamela Alling Ms. Carolyn Allison Mrs. Jack S. Allison Mrs. Joyce Allred Dr. Margot E. Andison Mr. & Mrs. George Andrews Mr. J.R. Andrews Ms. Carol Argo Ms. Sasha Arijanto Mrs. Carole Armistead Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ash Mrs. India Askew Ms. Linda C. Askey Mrs. Cheri Aycock Mr. & Mrs. Rick Azrin Mrs. Mary Babbit Ms. Vicki L. Bailey Ms. Sally Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Baker, Jr. Ms. Anita S. Baker Reb Baker Michael Baker Mrs. Betsy B. Bancroft Ms. Kathy Barger Mr. & Mrs. F. Holden Barnett Mrs. Virginia L. Barr Mr. & Mrs. Steve Barron Mrs. Richard G. Bastar, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baugh Mrs. Michele Baum Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Baynes Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Bean Ms. Linda Bearden Dr. & Mrs. Mark G. Bearman Mrs. Jade Beavers Ms. Jo Ann Beck Ms. Nancy Beeler Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Benjamin Mrs. Pam M. Bethea Mrs. Louise L. Bethune Ms. Nikie Bettinger Mrs. Melissa Beukelman Ms. Margery S. Birdsong Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Birkner Dr. & Mrs. William M. Bishop

Ms. Faith Black Mrs. Mary L. Blacksher Mrs. Pat Blackwell Ms. Judy Blake Ms. Lynn Bledsoe Ms. Kris Blevons Mrs. Lynn Bloomston Mrs. Ann Blount Ms. Hallie Blunck Mrs. Joanne D. Blyde Ms. Cheryl Boessow Mr. & Ms. John Bolland Ms. Tamsin Bomar Ms. Karen Bonham Ms. Allison Boone Ms. Julie Borders Mary & Bill Borgstrom Ms. Mimi Boston Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Bowling Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bowman Mrs. Mary H. Bowman Mrs. Marilyn T. Bradford Mrs. Daphne Bradley Mrs. Heather C. Bradley Mrs. Jocelyn Bradley Ms. Annette Brady Ms. Frances M. Brandon Mr. & Mrs. Mike Brannon Miss Lela Anne Brewer Mrs. Sue L. Brewis Mrs. Marion C. Breyer Mr. & Mrs. Stratton H. Brock Dr. & Mrs. Edward Bromberg Mrs. Redonde Broom Ms. Edith Broughton Mr. & Mrs. Percy Brower, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Brown Ms. Mary Virginia Brown Ms. Joan Bryant Ms. Vivian A. Bryson Dr. Kathy Buchan Ms. Barbara Buchanan Ms. Alice M. Buckner Ms. Mary Beth Burner Mrs. Debra Burrell Ms. LaRue Burt Ms. Joan Busby Mrs. Evelyn M. Butler Miss Stacy Cahill Ms. Michelle Cardel Ms. Leslie Carlisle Ms. Kaye M. Carlisle Mr. Sumter Carmichael, M.D. Kellet Carmichael Mrs. Joanne Carnes Mr. & Mrs. John A. Carr Ms. Julie Carroll Mrs. Priscilla Carroll

Ms. Joann Cary Mr. Hertman Casablanca Ms. Laura Caudell Ms. Anne Chace Mr. & Mrs. Chris Champion Mrs. Norma F. Chandler Mrs. Lee B. Chapman Mrs. Laura Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Chastain Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. Chastain Mrs. Margaret Chesnut & Mr. Joe Chesnut Mrs. Dorothy Clark Dr. & Mrs. Orville W. Clayton Mr. & Mrs. Don Clever Mrs. Judith M. Cloe Mr. & Mrs. Tim Cobb Mrs. Glenda Cochran Dr. & Mrs. John G. Cocoris Mr. & Mrs. Guy Cofield Mr. Wallace Cohen Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cohn Mr. & Mrs. James O. Cole, Jr. Mr. William H. Cole Mr. & Mrs. William E. Coleman, III The Honorable Betty F. Collins Ms. Alice Lee Collins-Breen Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Colvin Mr. & Mrs. Ed Colvin Mr. & Mrs. John Conner Ms. Rita Constantine Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cook Mrs. Elizabeth E. Cooper Mrs. Georgia Cooper Dr. Laura Cotlin Ms. Cheryl Cotten Ms. Judy Courington Mrs. Anna Cox Ms. Sahra S. Coxe Mr. & Mrs. Martin Crawford Mr. John A. Cross Mrs. Robert Crumbaugh, Jr. Ms. Jenny Crump Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cruse Ms. Carole C. Cudd Mr. W. D. Cunningham Mrs. Shirley E. Cunninhgam Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Curran Mr. & Mrs. Gene Cushman Mrs. Jane Cusick Ms. Stephanie Cusimano Ms. Margaret B. Cypher Mrs. Margaret Dangler Mr. Gerry Daniel Mr. Steve Dapkus Ms. Frances S. Daugherty Mr. & Mrs. Gene Davenport Ms. Margaret Davis

Ms. Katie Davis Mrs. Shirley G. Dawson Ms. Deborah Dean Dr. Eleanor DelBene Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dendy Dr. & Mrs. J. Carter Denton Ms. Jan Dickerson Ms. Dorothy Dillard Mr. & Mrs. Albert DiMicco Ms. Margaret Dismuke Mason Mrs. Joseph M. Donald, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Dooley Mrs. Rebecca Y. Doremus Mrs. Jane D. Dorn Mr. & Mrs. George Dreher Mrs. Rachel K. Drennen Ms. Marsha Drennen Diane Dudney Ms. Ruby N. Duncan Ms. Geraldine P. Dunham Mrs. Marjory E. Dunn Ms. Lynn Dunn Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Echols Mr. William F. Edmonds Mr. Tom Edmonds Mr. & Mrs. James Ehl Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Elliot, II Ms. Cathleen Elliott Ms. & Mr. Laurie M. Elmets Ms. Joanne Englebert Ms. Katherine E. Ennis Mrs. Jan Ennis Mrs. Marian Epstein Mrs. Kellie P. Esposito Ms. Lauren Eszes Ms. Mary B. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Sam Faires Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Farris Mr. & Mrs. William G. Faulkner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Featheringill Mrs. Regina Featheringill Ms. Dawn Ferguson Ms. Janice Fleming Mr. Ray Floyd Mrs. Peggy Bonfield & Mr. Orrin Ford Ms. Mary Forman Ms. Rachel S. Fowler Ms. Rita Freeman Mrs. Margaret Frentz Ms. Wyteria Frizzell Mr. & Mrs. Nick Gaede Mr. & Mrs. Hugh S. Gainer Ms. Ann Galbraith Mrs. Sissy Galloway Mrs. Juanita H. Gardner Ms. Sylvia Garrison Ms. Susan W. Gaskins Ms. Rose Gaston



Ms. Jessica Germany Ms. Anne-Marie Gianoudis Ms. Denise Gibson Mrs. Johnie Gieger Mrs. Iris Gilbert Mrs. Diane Gilbert-Gay Mr. & Mrs. Sam Gillis Mrs. C. William Gladden, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Glaub Ms. Eliizabeth Glennon Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Goldstein Mr. & Mrs. T. Michael Goodrich Dr. & Mrs. John S. Gould Ms. Debbie Graves Mr. Macon Gravlee III Mr. T. Randolph Gray, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Garry Grayson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Greenlee Ms. Gaines Grelier Ms. Geraldine Griffin Ms. Celia A. Griffin Mr. Wheaton Griffin Ms. Maryalys Griffis Ms. Rebecca R. Griffith Ms. Anne Grimes Ms. Emma Grisham Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Grund Mrs. Stacey Gunderson Ms. Deborah Gustin Dr. Ward Haarbauer Mr. & Mrs. Morris Hackney Mrs. Barbara Hagedorn Dr. & Mrs. Jack D. Hain Mrs. Louise Hairston Ms. Tracy Hale Ms. Mitzie Hall Mrs. Carol L. Hall Ms. Catherine Hall Dr. & Mrs. William T. Hall Ms. Alicia Hall Ms. April Hall Ms. Sherrie Hamil Ms. Mary Jo Hamre Ms. Ashley A. Handley Mr. Greg Harber Mrs. Patricia Hardy Ms. Mary H. Hare Ms. Melanie Harris Ms. Elizabeth Harrison Dr. & Mrs. Griff Harsh Mr. Tom Hart Ms. Kathryn F. Harwell Mrs. Julia Harwell Mrs. Patricia Hawkins Ms. Jeremy B. Hayden Mrs. Paula S. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Calvin C. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. William B. Hays Mrs. Caroline M. Head Mrs. Betty Healey Ms. Christine Heckemeyer Mrs. Beth Heimburger Ms. Mary L. Hendricks Ms. Carol Henry Mrs. Emil C. Hess Dr. & Mrs. Julius N. Hicks Ms. Kathie M. Hiers Mr. & Mrs. Craig Higgins

Ms. Lida I. Hill Ms. Connie Hill Ms. Joan E. Hillner Mr. & Mrs. D.E. Hinshaw Mr. Theodore Hisey Ms. Carol A. Hobby Mr. & Mrs. William Hodges Mr. John Hodnett Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Holcombe Mr. Claude Holland Ms. Jill Holley Mrs. Janice Holliday Mr. Steve Holmes & Mr. Will Donaldson Ms. Nanaline Holt Ms. Sandra Holtzclaw Mrs. Mary Hooks Mrs. Margariette Hoomes Ms. Mary S. Hooper Mr. Charles Hopkins Ms. Suzanne Hovater Mr. Arthur W. Howard Ms. Lisa Howard Mr. & Mrs. John H. Howell Ms. Jennifer Howell Mrs. Mary Hubbard Mrs. Rita Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hughes Margarita M. Hughes Ms. Carolyn Hughes Ms. Debbie Hughett Ms. Tara Hulen Mr. & Mrs. J. Terry Humber Ms. Vicki Hunkler Ms. Nancy M. Hurst Dr. Jeanne S. Hutchison Ms. Dolores Hydock Mr. & Mrs. Richard Igou Ms. Marilyn Inzer Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Ippolito Ms. Karen Phillips Irons Mr. Daniel Jackson Ms. Leslie Jacobs Ms. Vee Jacobson Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Jaffe Ms. Teresa Jang Ms. Jan Jenner Mr. Joseph R. John, III Mrs. Lawrence F. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Roger Johnson Mrs. Jerry N. Johnson Ms. Patricia Johnson Mrs. Melanie M. Johnson Mr. Gerald Johnson Mrs. Mary N. Johnson Ms. Devona Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Milton Johnson Mrs. Mary Johnston Ms. Leigh A. Jones Mrs. Jenelle Jones Mrs. Murl Jones Mr. John C. Jones Ms. Lynn Joseph Mr. & Mrs. J. Terrence Joyce Rev. Thomas Joyner Mrs. Susan H. Justice Mrs. Georgia Kearney Mrs. Mary Keene Mr. & Mrs. Leland Keller

Ms. Karen Kelly Dr. Cheryl Killingsworth & Mr. James McMinn Mrs. Beverly Kimes Ms. Charlotte King Ms. Myron King Mr. & Mrs. David Kinman Mrs. Roberta Kleinstein Mrs. Marion Kling Ms. Dorothea A. Klip Dr. & Mrs. Robert Koehler Mr. Rodney Kornegay Ms. Polly Kratt Ms. Marci A. Kreisberg Mrs. Jane W. Lamar Mrs. Mary Louis Lamkin Mr. & Mrs. James R. Land Ms. Joyce W. Lane Randolph & Lou Lanier Mrs. Monro B. Lanier II Mr. & Mrs. Luther B. Lanier Dr. Karen Larsen Mrs. Mary Lyn LaRussa Mrs. Anne Laws Mr. & Mrs. Henry Laws Mr. Edward R. Levin Mrs. Samuel S. Levine Mrs. Jane Levy Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Lichty Mr. & Mrs. Warren Lightfoot, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Littrell Ms. Joanna Liverant Mrs. James A. A. Livingston Mrs. Lucy Loflin Ms. Becky Lofty Mrs. Pat Lofty Mr. Don B. Long & Dr. Marianna Long Mrs. Martha Loveland Ms. Patricia L. Lovett Mr. John W. Lovin Mr. & Mrs. Don Lowden Mrs. Evelyn Lucas Ms. Gail Lucas Mrs. Dianne H. Luketic Mrs. Mila A. Luketic Mrs. Virginia H. Lusk Mr. & Mrs. Terence P. Lyons Ms. Barbara E. MacLeod Mrs. Dixie Macneil Mrs. Joy Magruder Dr. Sonia Makhija Ms. Joanna Malone Mr. & Mrs. Jay G. Maples Ms. Sharon Marbury Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Markstein, III Ms. Audrey Marschinke Ms. Mary Cobey Martin Terry Martin Ms. Cecile L. Mason Mrs. Mary Louise Mason Mrs. Nancy C. Mason Mrs. Rebecca Mason Reginald Mason Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Massien Mrs. Luverne Mattil Mr. & Mrs. James May Ms. Karen McCaffery

Ms. Jane F. McCann Mrs. Kay B. McCarty Ms. Sarah C. McClure Inez McCollum Ms. Linda McCracken Col. Earl C. McCrary Ms. Bess McCrory Mr. Randy McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. McElroy Mr. & Mrs. Gene McElroy Mr. Jeff McGee Ms. Alison McGiffin Mr. & Mrs. Philip I. McGrath Ms. Jane McGriff Ms. Ellen McLaughlin Ms. Virginia McLean Dr. Edith S. McMillan Ms. Sarah K. McNeill Ms. Sara A. McVay Ms. Katie McWane Mr. & Mrs. Fred Medley Mrs. Patsy Medlock Ms. Stephanie Melonas Mrs. E.J. Meriwether Mrs. Evelyn Merrick Ms. Lori Merricks Mrs. Nell S. Metz Mr. & Mrs. Jesse E. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Bud Miller Ms. Margie Miller Mr. & Mrs. David M. Millhouse Ms. Ann Mims Mr. Edward F. Minner Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Monroe, III Ms. Betty R. Montgomery Ms. Melanie Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moore Mr. & Mrs. Jack Moore Mr. Jane Morris Ms. Jean B. Morris Mrs. Natasha Morris Mrs. Mallie Morrison Ms. Mary D. Moss Dr. Susan G. Motes Ms. Marcia Mouron Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Murfee, IV Mrs. Grace Murphy Dr. Charles Murray Mrs. Joyce Murray Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nash Ms. Patty Natter Ms. Betty Navia Toni Tien Neumeier Mr. Jonathan Newman Ms. Laura Newton Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Nicastro Mr. William Nicholas Ms. Susan I. Nicol Ms. Elaine Niden Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Nipp Chef John C. Nixon Mr. Daniel Noll Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Norman Ms. Brenda Oakley Ms. Bonnie O’Bannon Ms. Adrienne L. O’Brien & Jack O’Brien Ms. Carol Ogle Ms. Georgia G. Olgetree

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Oliver Mrs. Sondra S. Olmsted Dr. Emily Omura & Dr. George Omura Ms. Verna Orr Ms. Marie Osbun Mrs. Dinah O’Sullivan Mrs. Ethel N. Owen Ms. Mitzi K. Owen Mr. & Mrs. Joe Owings Mrs. Marjorie C. Paden Mrs. Patricia Palmer Mrs. Sandra Parker Mrs. Judy Parker Mrs. Gail Parrish Ms. Kimberly Parrish Ms. Anne Parrish Ms. Margaret H. Parsons Ms. Mary T. Pate Ms. Becky Patterson Ms. Peggy Patton Ms. Debbie Patton Ms. Pam Paustian Mr. & Mrs. Kent D. Pearson Ms. Carolyn Pearson Ms. Lea G. Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Perry Mr. & Mrs. Bob Perry Ms. Catherine C. Peterson Mrs. Alice Petro Ms. Martha Pezrow Mrs. Louis H. Pfau Mr. Robert S. Phyfer Ms. Cathy Pilcher Ms. JoAnn Pillion Ms. Cynthia Pinger Mrs. Judy Pinson Ms. Theresa Pinto Mrs. Michael H. Poe Mr. & Mrs. Jim Poore Ms. Patsy Porter Mr. & Mrs. Andy Prewitt Ms. Nancy Price Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Price, III Mrs. Hyacinth K. Prince Ms. Judith Proctor Mrs. Mary Beth Prude Ms. Sandra K. Purvis Mrs. James S. Quarles Mrs. Ralph W. Quinn, Jr. Ms. Ann Raburn Mr. Michael F. Raczynski Mr. & Mrs. John Rathmell Mrs. Hallie Rawls Mrs. Jerry A. Ray Mr. & Mrs. T. Andy Rector Ms. Ann K. Reddy Ms. Katherine Reed Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reich Ms. Nancy Reid Dr. & Mrs. J. Walden Retan Dr. Zachrida Retief Mr. Wallace Reynolds Ms. Jean Rhone Mr. & Mrs. Don Rice Mr. Clayton Richard Mrs. Betsy Rietz Mrs. Paige Y. Ritchey Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rives Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rives Mr. & Mrs. David Roberson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Roberts Ms. Debbie Roberts Ms. Lia Roberts Mr. T. Tydings Robin, Jr. Mrs. Regina Robinson Mrs. Annette Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rogers Mrs. Mary Rooney Mr. John Roper Ms. Lesa Rosato Mrs. Sara M. Roseman Dr. Vasha Rosenblum & Dr. William M. Rosenblum Ms. Deborah Ross & Mr. Lee Ross Ms. Elizabeth Ann Ross Dr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Rousso Ms. Kathryn Rowan Ms. Ansley Rowell Ms. Jeanne Rudzki Mr. Theodore Ruffin Jr. Ms. Lori Ruiz Mr. Keith Russell Mr. & Mrs. David N. Ryan Mrs. Peggy Sandlin Mrs. Carolyn Sankey Ms. Martha Sather Ms. Diane Sausen Ms. Linda Schiff Dr. Kim Schmitt Bev & Bill Schoel Mrs. Henry Schoppert Mr. John Schoppert, Jr. Mrs. Barbara Schultz Ms. Lisa W. Scrivener & Mr. Bill Scrivener Ms. Virginia Scruggs Mrs. Kathleen Scudder Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Seibels, Jr. Dr. Bisakha Sen Mrs. Jan Shannon Ms. Janet Sharpe Ms. Anne Shaughnessy Ms. Jennifer Shelor Ms. Dale Sherer Mrs. Betty Shipman Mrs. Paschal G. Shook Mrs. Elna Shugerman & Family Ms. Marilyn Shultz Ms. Susie Sikes Mr. Henry E. Simpson Ms. Barbara Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Morris Slingluff Mr. & Mrs. A. Page Sloss, Jr. Ms. Donna Slovensky Ms. Jenny L. Smith Ms. Charlotte Smith Mr. James A. Smith Ms. Rebecca S. Smith Ms. Dotti Smith Dr. Carol Smith Ms. Beverly B. Smith Mrs. Margaret Ann Smith Ms. Torrey Smitherman Mrs. Martha C. Snow Mrs. Patricia Snow Mr. Melvin Sokol Mrs. Sue Solomon Mr. Joseph Spain Mrs. Melinda Sparks Mr. & Mrs. J. Elliotte Speake

Ms. Janet C. Spear Mr. & Mrs. James V. Spencer, III Ms. Donna J. Spencer Mr. & Mrs. James Sporacio Mrs. Barbara C. Spradling Ms. Wendy P. Spratley Mr. & Mrs. Warren St. John Ms. Mary Cynthia St. John Ms. Leigh St. Petery Mr. & Mrs. John H. Stack Dr. & Mrs. Philip Stalker, M.D. Ms. Deborah A. Stanford Ms. Nola Stans Mr. Carlos Staples Ms. Donna Steele Ms. Cindi Stehr Mrs. Mary S. Steiner Ms. Rose H. Steiner Ms. Martha Ann Stevenson Ms. Beth Stewart Mr. John M. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stobert, Jr. Mrs. Martha Stokes Mrs. Carole Stokes Mrs. Deborah K. Strauss Mrs. Jane Street Dr. George Strother Mrs. Ruby R. Struck Mr. & Mrs. Don Stueckler Mrs. Evelyn Stutts Mrs. Margaret Summersell Ms. Marsha Swann Ms. Ashley Swann Ms. Sandy Swindall Ms. Thuan Tan Mrs. Larry Taylor Mrs. Muriel Teague Mr. & Mrs. Bob Terry Mr. Joseph Tetstone Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Thagard Mrs. H. O. Thomas, Jr. Ms. Chloe Thomas Mrs. Marjorie Thomas Mr. William Thomas Mrs. Judith F. Thomason Ms. Patricia Thompson Mr. Keith Thompson Mrs. Virginia R. Thrasher Mr. & Mrs. William N. Thurman, III Mrs. Frances Tieszen Ms. Susan Tipler Mrs. Helen V. Titus Ms. Cheryl Todd Ms. Anne Townsend Mr. W. Scott Townsend Mrs. F. Roy Treaster Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Tropeano Mr. Mark Hobson & Dr. Diane Tucker Mrs. Ellen Tucker Mr. Tommy Tucker Ms. Patrice Turnbow Ms. Mabel D. Turner Mr. Jason Turner Ms. Allison Tyler Mrs. Marty Tyndal Ms. Becky Tyson Mrs. Arnold Unger Mr. Doug Unkenholz Mrs. Homer J. Urquhart Ms. Karen H. Valencia

Mrs. Sue H. Vance Ms. Louise Vance Mrs. Rose J. Vann & Ms. Laura L. Vann Mr. Michael Vann Ms. Wanda Venhuizen Ms. Tiffany Vickers Mrs. Sharon Vines Ms. Brenda Vines Ms. Elizabeth S. Vitalis Mr. & Mrs. Macbeth Wagnon, Jr. Mrs. Edith Waldrop Ms. Vicki Walker Ms. Alison Walker Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Waller Ms. Cynthia V. Walters Ms. Barbara Waltz Mrs. Betty Warnock Ms. Carol G. Washington Mr. Lonnie A. Washington, Sr. Ms. Janet K. Waters Mrs. Shelley Watkins Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Watts Mrs. Sidney Q. Weatherly Pamela S. Weathers Mrs. Arlene Weinsier Mr. & Mrs. Steve Weinstein Mrs. Betty C. Welden Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wellman Ms. Holley Wesley Ms. Renee West Ms. Linda West Mrs. Thomas M. West, Jr. Mrs. June Wheelock Mr. & Mrs. Jere F. White, Jr. Ms. Sue C. White Mr. Lewis E. Whitehead Mrs. Faye Whitlow Mrs. Lynda Whitney Ms. Jean S. Whitt Mr. William O. Whitt, Jr. Mr. David Whitt Taylor Widman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Widner Mr. Ben Wieseman Ms. June Wiggins Ms. Donna Wilkins Mrs. Delores L. Wilkinson Ms. Karen Willette Ms. Mary A. Williams Ms. Claire Williams Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Wilson Mrs. Barbara J. Wilson Mrs. Margaret A. Wiygul Mrs. Walter Wood Ms. Kim Wood Ms. Gail Wood Mrs. Suzanne H. Woodall Ms. Kristen Woods Ms. Kim Wren Mrs. Suzanne B. Wright Mrs. Harriett Wright Ms. Eleanor F. Wright Mrs. Diane Wurtele Ms. Carolyn R. Wynn Mrs. Ruth Ellen Yeager Ms. Alice Yeates Ms. Jettye Yeckley Mrs. Janis T. Zeanah Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ziegler Ms. Dorothy Ziff


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Ms. Arlene Henley Ms. Virginia Hennes J. P. Hennes & M. D. Lahde Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hennessy Mr. & Mrs. Rest B. Heppenstall Mrs. Linda S. Herren Mrs. Emil C. Hess Mr. & Mrs. William M. Hiden Mr. W. Price Hightower Estate of Mr. J. Earnest Hill Mrs. Richard C. Hillhouse Mr. & Mrs. T.M. Hines Mr. & Mrs. Wallace W. Hinkle Dr. & Mrs. Basil Hirschowitz Ms. Carol A. Hobby Dr. & Mrs. John B. Hodo Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hoffman, Jr. Ms. Claradel S. Holcombe Mr. & Mrs. Mayo Holloway, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George H. Holman Mrs. Will G. Holmes Mr. Bascom T. Hopson Mr. & Mrs. Justin S. Horsley Mr. & Mrs. Ken Horton Mr. & Mrs. Heyward C. Hosch Ms. Kaye Houser Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Hoyt Mr. & Mrs. George W. Hudson Dr. & Mrs. William Huggins Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hughey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hulsey Ms. Edna Humphries Mr. John B. Hunter Mr. Daniel Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ingram Mrs. Fay B. Ireland Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Ireland, II Marilyn & Jim Isaminger Mr. & Mrs. Russell Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Ben Ivey Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Jacobs Mrs. Joyce Jacobson Dr. & Mrs. Peter Jander Ms. Teresa Jang Mrs. Kathryn B. Jeffers Mr. & Mrs. Elbert Jemison Ms. Jeannie A. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Norman Jetmundsen, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Johnson Mrs. Louise D. Johnson Ms. Carolyn M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. W. Ward Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Johnston Mr. & Mrs. William Jones Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dick Jones Mr. & Mrs. J. Terrence Joyce Ms. Sharon Kahn Ms. Jane Kaplan Mr. Gerald D. Karcher Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Katholi Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keating Mr. & Mrs. Perry H. Keel Ms. Annah Kelley Mr. Jeff Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Kendrick

Mr. & Mrs. Carter S. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Murray Kidd Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kimberly Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kimerling Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Kimerling Ms. Charlotte King Ms. Dorothea A. Klip Ms. Nancy J. Knoblauch Mr. Sam Knowlton Mr. & Mrs. Allen Krause Mr. Andrew B. Krebbs Mrs. Sandra Kreider Ms. Marci A. Kreisberg Mr. Jack Krueger Mrs. Dorothy G. Krusen Mr. Robert B. Lafferty & Mitzi D. Calfee Mrs. Jane W. Lamar

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Lambrecht Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Land Ms. Ethelwyn Langston Ms. Ginger LaRue Mr. & Mrs. Benny M. LaRussa, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Latimer Mrs. Anne Laws Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Leak Mr. & Mrs. J.E. LeCroy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard F. Lee Ms. Peggy F. Lee Mr. William A. Legg Mr. & Mrs. James E. Lehe Mr. Russell J. Levenson Mr. James C. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Warren B. Lightfoot, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Warren B. Lightfoot, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Lindstrom, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James B. Little, III Ms. Patricia Logan Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Long, Jr. Mr. Nimrod W.E. Long, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William T. Long Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lott, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Don Lowden Ms. Katie Lucas Mrs. Suzanne Lucas Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Lucas Mr. & Mrs. Michael Luce Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Luckie Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Luckie, III Mrs. Virginia H. Lusk Mr. & Mrs. John P. Lyle, Jr. Ms. Laraine Lyle Mr. & Mrs. Rick Mackay Mrs. Joy Magruder Mr. & Mrs. David H. Marbury, III Mrs. S. Hassel Marcus, Jr. Mr. Caldwell Marks

Mr. & Mrs. John Markus Mr. & Mrs. William E. Matthews, IV Dr. & Mrs. George W. Matthews, III Mr. & Mrs. James May Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mayer Mr. & Mrs. George F. Maynard Mrs. June Mays Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McBride, Jr. Mrs. Robert McCalley Dr. William P. McCann Mrs. James H. McCary Ms. Mildred McCorstin Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. McCoy Ms. Carol A. McCoy Col. Earl C. McCrary Ms. Bess McCrory Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Hampton McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. McGehee Dr. & Mrs. David McKee Ms. Becky McKelvey Mr. & Mrs. David McLeod Dr. Edith S. McMillan Tim & Pat McNeely Mr. & Mrs. Hobart A. McWhorter, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Edward R. Meadows Ms. Edith Mendelsohn Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Menendez Mr. & Mrs. Max Michael Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Michalove Mr. & Mrs. James M. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Miller Mr. Charles D. Minderhout Mr. Edward F. Minner Mr. & Mrs. Chris M. Mitchell Mr. Lyle D. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Molliston Mr. Roger G. Molski Ms. Deborah D. Moore Mr. Mac M. Moorer Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Morgan, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy A. Morgan Mrs. J. M. Morgan, Jr. Mr. Philip A. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Morris Mr. & Mrs. David Moshiri Ms. Marcia Mouron Mrs. Jane Mullins Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Mungenast Mrs. Charlotte S. Murdock Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Murfee, IV Ms. Marion Murphy Mr. & Mrs. J. Reese Murray Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Murray, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nash Mr. & Mrs. Phil H. Neal, Jr. Ms. Marie B. Neighbors Ms. Madeleine Newfield Ms. Betty Newman Dr. James L. Newsome Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Newton Mrs. Lucy Ann Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Knud Nielsen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, III Mr. & Mrs. Clayton M. Nordan Mrs. Elizabeth Norwood Mr. & Mrs. Terry Oden Mr. Rollina J. Oglesbay Mr. John T. Oliver, III Mr. & Mrs. H. Craft O’Neal Mr. Patrick L. O’Sullivan

Mr. Hans Paul & Mrs. Lori Oswald Ms. Elizabeth Overton Mrs. Ruth B. Ozment Mr. & Mrs. John M. Packard Mr. & Mrs. Martin Palmer Mr. James V. Park & Mrs. Katherine Durkee Mrs. Sandra Parker Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Pascoe Mrs. Becky Pate Mr. & Mrs. William C. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon L. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Adam K. Peck Mr. & Mrs. Tunstall B. Perry, III Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Perry, Jr. Mrs. Helen Person Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petitti Mr. Brad Phelan Dr. & Mrs. John R. Phillips, III Mr. & Mrs. Carlton P. Pinkerton Mr. & Mrs. S.B. Pinkerton Mr. & Mrs. David R. Pittman Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Pizitz Mr. & Mrs. Alan Plaisted Ms. Cheryl Plank Mr. & Mrs. Gray Plosser, Jr. Ms. Bonnie Plyer Mr. & Mrs. James W. Porter, II Ms. Julia K. Potter Mr. & Mrs. Tom Powell

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Poynor Mr. & Mrs. James L. Priester Mrs. Donald R. Pritchard Ms. Caryl P. Privett Mrs. Alfred P. Pugh, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. B. J. Purcell Mr. & Mrs.Taylor Pursell Ms. Jeanne Putney Mrs. Margaret G. Ragland Mr. & Mrs. Milton C. Ragsdale, IV Mr. Fulton R. Ramsay Mrs. Minnie H. Rast Mr. & Mrs. William T. Ratliff, III Mrs. James K.V. Ratliff Ms. Betty J. Rauth

Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Ray, Jr. Ms. Emily Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reich Mrs. Elberta G. Reid Mr. & Mrs. George A. Reinhart Mrs. Dorothy L. Renneker Dr. & Mrs. J. Walden Retan Rubin Reynolds Mr. Troy Rhone Ms. Martha L. Riddle Ms. Delbra C. Rivers Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Roberts Mr. Thomas A. Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Charles Robinett Mrs. Mel Robinson Mrs. Katrina A. Robinson & Mr. David A. Robinson Ms. Carolyn Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. John M. Romero Mrs. Sara M. Roseman Dr. & Dr. Stephen G. Rostand Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Roth Mrs. Emma J. Rucker Dr. & Mrs. James M. Rushing Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rushing Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Rushton Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rushton, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert Russell Dr. & Mrs. Edward S. Russell Mrs. Goodloe Rutland Katie Rutledge Ms. Barbara Sams Dr. & Mrs. Paul Sauer Mr. & Mrs. Barry H. Saunders Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Schneider Mr. & Mrs. J. Allen Schreiber Mrs. Gaynor A. Screven Mr. & Mrs. John J. Segal Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Seibels, Jr. Ms. Ferne Seigel Ms. Cheri Sell Dr. & Mrs. Leo Semes Dr. Bisakha Sen Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Shackelford Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Shaia Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Shaia Mr. & Mrs. Clark Sharit Mr. Jackson Sharman Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Sharp Ms. Janet Sharpe Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Shepard Mr. & Mrs. James W. Shepherd Dr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Sherlock Mr. & Mrs. John L. Shuster Mr. & Mrs. Frank Siegal Mr. & Mrs. A. Wendall Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Simmons Ms. Marianne Simon Ms. Patricia S. Simpson Mr. Henry E. Simpson Mrs. Carole Simpson Mr. & Mrs. William M. Slaughter Mr. & Mrs. Roland B. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Lamar Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Clinton H. Smith Ms. Dotti Smith Dr. G. Hampton Smith Mr. Hatton C.V. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Lathrop W. Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith


Ms. Rebecca Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smithwick Ms. Astrid Smyer Mr. Sperry Snow Mr. Jim Sokol & Lynn Cheney Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sokol Ms. Bari Sokol Mr. & Mrs. Billy W. Spain Dr. & Mrs. J. Terrell Spencer Mr. & Mrs. William M. Spencer, III Mrs. Clifford M. Spencer Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Ms. Susan Spicer-Andrews Dr. Bruce T. Spink Ms. Catherine L. Spruill Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Stanley, Jr. Mr. Jeff Starling Mr. & Mrs. W. Stancil Starnes Mr. Arnold L. Steiner Mr. & Mrs. Elton B. Stephens, Jr. Ms. Mary S. Stewart Ms. Beth Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stobert, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Stockham Dr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Stokely Ms. Carol R. Strain Ms. Rosemary Strouss Ms. Kalen Swanson Mr. & Mrs. William R. Sweet Mr. & Mrs. James A. Taul Ms. & Mr. Sydney Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Jarred O. Taylor, II Mrs. Nancy Tetrandis Ms. Marci K. Tharan Mr. & Mrs. W. Hall Thompson Mr. George M. Thompson Mr. David F. Thorpe Ms. Emily Timmons Mr. Lakey Tolbert

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Trafton Mr. Dennis Trammell Dr. & Mrs. Jack Trigg, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tucker Dr. & Mrs. Don Turnbull Ms. Lynn O. Tutwiler Mr. Temple W. Tutwiler, III Mr. & Mrs. J. Rainer Twiford Mrs. Carolyn Tynes & Dr. Bayard S. Tynes Mr. & Mrs. Bayard S. Tynes, Jr. Mr. Mark J. van der Woerd & Mr. Stephen Kortz Mr. & Mrs. Alex Vare Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Vevle Gailya Von Weisenstein Dr. Cameron M. Vowell Mr. & Mrs. Robin A. Wade, III Dr. & Mrs. Brian Wade Mr. Frank A. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Walton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brand Walton Ms. Susan Watterson Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Weatherly, Jr. Mrs. Charles B. Webb, Jr. Rev. & Mrs. Richmond Webster Ms. Lynn Wesson Drs. Andrew & Jeanna Westmoreland Mr. James C. Whatley, Jr. Ms. Linda L. Whatley Mr. & Mrs. C. Lawrence Whatley Mrs. Claude C. White Ms. Marjorie L. White Mrs. Gay White Mr. & Mrs. Turner B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Harold Williams Dr. & Mrs. James R. Williams Mr. & Mrs. John M. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Frank Williams Mr. & Mrs. Byrd Williams

Loblolly in Southern Living Garden


Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Willings Mr. & Mrs. J. Willoughby Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson, Jr. Mr. Loyd Wilson Mrs. Frances V. Wiygul Mr. James A. Wolfe Mr. Brad E. Wolfe Mrs. Walter Wood Mrs. Suzanne H. Woodall Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Woods Ms. Geraldine Woodson Ms. Debbie Wooley Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wooten Mr. & Mrs. John N. Wrinkle Mr. Jay Wulf Mr. Bill Wyatt Ms. Barbara Yarber Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Yardley Mr. John S. Yeates Dr. & Mrs. Robert Yoe Mr. Louis Zaden Mr. & Mrs. Christopher N. Zodrow

2612 L a n e P a r k R oa d B i r m i n g h a m , A L 35223 205.414.3950

The Garden Dirt is printed using vegetable based inks.


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2008 Annual Report Birmingham Botanical Gardens  

2008 Annual Report Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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