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2012 Annual Report


Great Futures Start Here

Providing the support at-risk youth need to thrive.

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Letter from Board Chairs and Executive Director


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula: Our Mission


Closing the Gap: Our Approach


Supporting the Whole Child


A Sense of Belonging


Creating Connections


Providing a Path


Encouraging a Voice


Adobe Youth Voices Digital Arts Academy


The Heart of BGCP


School-Based Partnerships


By the Numbers


Beyond the Numbers


In Appreciation of our Donors


BGCP Board


From our

board AND

executive director Dear partners and friends: Every day at Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula

children with consistent mentorship, academic

(BGCP), we challenge our members to stretch, to

instruction, enrichment programs and a safe,

grow, and to imagine the possibilities their futures

inspiring place to learn and grow.

may hold. And we expect no less from ourselves. As an organization we continually ask: “How can

Vital to our expanding impact is our continued evo-

we continue to evolve to best meet the needs of

lution from an after-school provider to an extended

our community’s most underserved children?”

learning day partner. BGCP has expanded our collaborations with area schools and families. We

BGCP is growing every day. In 2012 BGCP

deepened our relationships with Ravenswood City,

continued to close the opportunity gap. We grew

Redwood City and Sequoia Union school districts

in both breadth and depth serving more children

and with Taft, Belle Haven, Brentwood, Hoover,

and expanding and improving programs. We

McNair, and Menlo-Atherton schools. These school-

delivered on the promise to help our members

based partnerships continue to get stronger each

develop the academic and life skills they need to

year and the demand continues. By providing

graduate high school, prepared for college or

elementary through high school students with on-

career. In an area where 50% of children drop out

site academic and enrichment opportunities, and

of high school, we are significantly helping our

engaging parents in their children’s education, we

members develop a sense of purpose and gradu-

strengthen the fabric of the communities we serve.

ate with a plan.

For the first time ever, we added a full-time staff member at Menlo-Atherton High School to focus

At our nine sites in East Palo Alto, Redwood City and eastern Menlo Park, BGCP provided 1700


on the growing needs of our high school students.

We are thrilled to report that our summer learning

successful year. All of us at BGCP, and especially

academy was stronger than ever. We expanded our

the children you help serve, want you to know that

model from serving 400 to 800 students. Working

your support is vital and hugely appreciated.

with the Sobrato Family Foundation, Ravenswood Education Foundation, schools and community-

We look forward to 2013. And we promise to

based organizations, we provided a quality and

continue our commitment to provide the at-risk

targeted summer learning experience that increased

youth of our community with the academic and

summer learning hours and academic instruction.

life skills they need to graduate from high school

For the first time ever, we had a dedicated teen

ready for college or career.

center with academic programming and a strong career exposure track.

With gratitude, Anni Gandolfo, Board Chair

In 2012 we strengthened our organization’s

Rob Burgess, Board Chair

capacity and infrastructure by creating key roles

Peter Fortenbaugh, Executive Director

in curriculum, program strategy and development, as well as essential school site and clubhouse program positions. More mentors and volunteers committed time to our children than ever before. Thanks to our partnerships with schools and school districts, and to all of the foundations, corporations, and individuals who support our work, we had a very





BGCP is opportunity. For our area’s most underserved youth, from Kindergarten through high school, it’s dance, digital arts and poetry. It’s tutoring and mentorship and academic rigor. It’s trust between caring adults and kids who need someone to turn to. It’s inspiration. And a safe haven. At our clubs, school sites and summer academies, possibilities take shape. Children realize what creative, strong, intelligent individuals they are. They receive the opportunities and support so many of us take for granted. Opportunities which for them, when given, can be a doorway to their dreams.




the gap Even in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are facing a dropout crisis. BGCP is taking action to reverse this crisis now. Children in our poorest neighborhoods don’t lack intelligence.They don’t lack creativity, curiosity, or desire. What they lack is opportunity. And as long as the opportunity gap exists, the achievement gap will too. We implement those proven social and academic interventions that most impact a child’s success in school and in life. For 1700 children in our area’s most challenged neighborhoods, our summer academies, three clubhouses and six school sites provide: Academic Support • Extended learning day

Social & Emotional Learning

• Summer instruction to avoid “summer slide” • Small group instruction

• Individual case management • Enrichment classes that inspire a love for learning

• Unrelenting culture of high expectations • A sense of belonging • Positive role models and peer groups • Long term 1:1 mentorship • Extracurricular activities and exposure • Parental involvement and education



Supporting the

Whole Child With patience and tenacity, BGCP tends to the needs of the entire child: academic, physical, social, and emotional, so he or she can thrive.

The current crisis in K-12 education is the civil rights issue of our time. If I can look at your zip code and tell if your child is going to get a good education - is the American dream still possible? Since our founding, education has been the most important mechanism used by our children to change their circumstances and achieve their dreams. BGCP only furthers those dreams for our children by providing mentors, opportunities, and a safe place for children to learn and grow. As a country, we must embrace this crisis, demand change, and support entities like BGCP that are working to make a difference in the lives of our children. Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, BGCP Advisory Board Member



BGCP is a place for children to belong. It’s a road for them to walk, hand-in-hand, with adults who mentor, who challenge, who inspire, and who harness potential. We show young people that they are worthy and capable. Under BGCP’s consistent care our members come to understand that they are not alone, but surrounded by peers and adults who support their success, and who will stand by them as they progress towards a bright future.



Connections Mentorship is the critical thread that runs through all the opportunities BGCP provides. We believe that these long term, one-on-one relationships between children and caring adults are what make the difference in a child’s transformation. These personal ties instill a deep sense of belonging, and are instrumental in keeping kids connected, confident and on track. Ms. Chillin’ is like my second mom. She’s someone I can trust, and who cares about me. She helps me with schoolwork and with life. She helped me discover my hidden talent for building. When I first came to the club I was a kid who really didn’t know what I wanted to do or what I wanted to be. I cared about school, but it wasn’t a big priority. Now for me education comes before anything in life. Getting a scholarship to college is my first priority; I want to be an engineer. I know now education can take you places. Amani Kapuya, Member East Palo Alto Clubhouse on his mentor Cherie Nelson-Kabba or Ms. Chillin’, Performance and Digital Arts Director, East Palo Alto Clubhouse



“Before anything it’s about building one-onone relationships. Then trying to find that x-factor. That special innate talent that is unique to every child. And if you can find it and develop it, they can take off.” Cherie Nelson-Kabba, or Ms. Chillin’, BGCP mentor


“At BGCP, we start talking with kids about college and careers in Kindergarten. We want to paint a picture of a future that is different than what they see around them.� Tracy Koon, BGCP Board Member and mentor to Nancy Orocio



a Path

Nancy Orocio and mentor Tracy Koon

BGCP inspires a vision for the future. We show children a way forward. At each step in a young person’s development, BGCP is there to provide guidance, present possibilities and ignite passions. Then together, we develop the skills children need to succeed in school, career, and life. Nancy Orocio and College Bound BGCP means family. It’s the place where I grew as a scholar, as a young lady, and as a passionate leader. Years before I started thinking about college, BGCP’s College Bound Program planted the seed; “You’re going to college. This is what it looks like.” They exposed us to different careers, took us on college tours and made sure I stayed on track. According to statistics, coming from my neighborhood, I shouldn’t be in college. But thanks to my parents, BGCP, and my mentor Tracy Koon, I’m now a sophomore at Santa Clara University studying Political Science. Tracy guided me through the whole process. Even now she plays such an important part in my life. She is an advisor and a friend. I can’t stress enough how comforting it is to know I’m not alone, and that I’ll always have Tracy by my side. Nancy Orocio, BGCP member since age 6, current Santa Clara University College Student



a voice

Self-expression and empowerment are at the core of BGCP’s visual and performance arts programs. At our three digital arts studios, young people discover themselves, and a sense of purpose. They develop critical skills applicable to academic and professional achievement. In our Spoken Word program members create through performance art, poetry, essays and video projects. BGCP members ha college admissions and national honors because of their work in a variety of media. They are just blessed with talent. Our job is to encourage them, to make them feel empowered to not just take on life’s challenges as they come, but to go out there and challenge life. Richard Gali, Director, BGCP Adobe Youth Voices Academy

“You can come here and create, and just find yourself.” Antonette Paviera, BGCP member and performer


Please view some of our member’s award winning work.

I Promise Winner of the 2012 Intel/American Promise Alliance Award

2020 vision

Keep Pushing

Peapod Diaries


Adobe Youth Voices

Digital Arts Academy

Adobe and Microsoft donated state-of-the-art digital arts facilities to BGCP and its members, because they know what we know. When we ignite a young person’s passions, and support them with tangible skills, we provide a path. The day before my brother got shot, I promised him that I was going to be the person that he always wanted me to be. My mentor at BGCP is like my brother now. He helped me find my passion for music, and to realize how important school is. I’m getting straight As now and plan to go to college and have a career in the music industry. The Adobe Youth Voices Academy gives us the skills for our future, and allows us to create with purpose. I wish my brother could see me now. Johnny Cuatianquiz, BGCP member, Redwood City


“Creating art allows us to turn what’s going on inside, and what we see around us, into something positive. Our videos and songs talk about anti-violence, being a role model in your community, and amidst all the negativity, how to be that positive spark.� Jose Saavedra, Former BGCP member, current staff member and mentor


The Heart



I Solemnly Promise... In high school...I...believe I can change the world...with all my might In high school...I...believe I can change the world starting tonight In high school...I...believe I can change the world despite Despite what they print in the news In spite of excuses I could have used As students...we are learning to choose... And today we choose to invoke enthuse All win and not to lose By making a never drop out of high school Spoken Word excerpt, From award winning performance piece and video created and performed by BGCP members, East Palo Alto Clubhouse



Partnerships Our six school-based partnerships in three local districts broaden BGCP’s impact. They provide kindergarten through 12th grade students on-site extended learning days filled with academic support, tutoring, mentorship and enrichment opportunities. Our parent education courses, and increased parental involvement, bolster a child’s educational success. Working together, these collaborations strengthen the families and communities we serve. The Serrato Family on How BGCP Impacts Family and Community When Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Barbara Boxer came to BGCP to see the program, Joe Biden asked my daughter, Angela, what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said, “I want to be the President.” And I thought, “This is my daughter. She thinks big; and I like it.” Angela says she wants to go to Notre Dame University. I tell her she can go wherever she wants if she works hard. And so I’m thankful BGCP is helping her. They help with her studies, dance, violin, music, art. She has mentors and tutors. The kids in our community get so many opportunities at BGCP. Maria Serrato


On January 16th our house burned to the ground. We got so much support from BGCP; it’s like a big family. Angela’s grades have improved a lot thanks to BGCP. And their parent education courses help me to be the best father I can be. We volunteer whenever we can because they give us so much. BGCP is bringing a lot of opportunity to the community and giving kids a chance. I think if there were more programs like BGCP, then all the kids in the United States could succeed. When we work together, we make a difference for the future. Ricardo Serrato

“I will be the first one in my whole entire family to go to University. So that will be such a dream come true. BGCP helps everybody in our neighborhood: our teachers, our principal, our staff, and the students and parents too.” Angela Serrato, 5th grader

“The extended learning day provides invaluable benefits to our teachers, children, and families. Through BGCP, students are provided a safe space, with caring mentors, in which they can continue learning and growing.” Tami Espinosa, Principal, Brentwood Academy



NUMBERS Number of Active Members (50+ days/year)


Revenue by Source



BGCA -2% $135,020

Community Organization -4% $254,581



Corporation -8% $526,581 Friend $2,536,183 38%



Government -15% $984,283







Number of Volunteers

Foundation -18% $1,181,211

Board/PAC -12% $808,221


298 485







Endowment/ Fees (BGCP) -4% $260,199

600 0







Beyond the

numbers... Unlike many youth development programs, BGCP does not select the members it serves. We are there for every child...whatever their challenges, whatever their needs. We believe all young people can grow to be self-sufficient, productive adults, and we stand by them all.

“I wholeheartedly believe that one of the main reasons I’m where I am today, or even alive today, is because of the Boys and Girls Club.” Marcus Jackson, BGCP Athletic Director, and mentor Photographer, including most of the images in this annual report

Make a difference in a child’s life. Please join us. Provide opportunity and support to our area’s most undeserved youth.

Send donations to:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula 401 Pierce Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 Or: on-line at


In appreciation of our

donors Annual Report Donors FY12 $100,000 and above Adobe Boys & Girls Clubs of America Jane and Rob Burgess California Department of Education Lisette Derouaux and Jeff Weiner Entertainment Industry Foundation The Fitzpatrick Foundation Grousbeck Family Foundation Betsy Haehl and John Kriewall Mendelsohn Family Fund Sally and Cap Offutt Phyllis Moldaw, Moldaw Family

Supporting Foundation II

Rozlyn and Mervin Morris Peapod Foundation Peninsula Ball Foundation Ravenswood City School District Redwood City School District Sequoia Healthcare District Scout Capital Sobrato Family Foundation Zaffaroni Foundation



Annina Demmon EPA Charitable Fund

Carole and Lloyd Carney

Sarah and Patrick Gibbs

Lydia Callaghan and Adam Weiss

The Grove Foundation

Barbara and William Edwards

Marcia and Walter Kortschak

Farallon Foundation

Alexandra and Dennis Lenehan

Arline and Leon “Pete� Harman

Connie and Robert Lurie

House Family Foundation

Linda and A.C. Markkula

The Kimball Foundation

Carole and Robert McNeil

The Laurel Foundation

Francis S. North Foundation

Oracle Corporation

Ana and Shervin Pishevar

The David and Lucile

Robin and Jake Reynolds

Condoleezza Rice

Packard Foundation

Peery Family Fund

Linda and Dan Rosensweig

Ravenswood Education Foundation

San Mateo County Office of Education

San Mateo County Probation

Linda and Ted Schlein


Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

Barbara and Arnold Silverman

Julia and Charlie Simmons

Lisa and Matthew Sonsini

Carol and Warren Spieker

TOSA Foundation

Stanford University Graduate

Onnolee and Orlin Trapp

Howard and Carolee White Foundation

School of Business


Marcia and Paul Wythes

James Anderson


Christensen Family Foundation


S.H. Cowell Foundation

The Almanac Newspaper

Jill and Bart Andre

Patricia Seawell

Bette Moorman


Charlot and Dennis Singleton

Lavon and Dean Morton

Tamara Barr and Craig Buchsbaum

TIBCO Software, Inc.

Connie and Bill Ring

Polly and Thomas Bredt

Anne and Don Vermeil

Scandling Family Foundation

Julie and Jeff Brody

Jeanne and Leonard Ware

The Seiger Family Foundation

California HealthCare Foundation

Dana Weintraub and Mike Callahan

Janna and James Shennan

Kathleen and Barry Carr

Deborah and Peter Wexler

Anita and David Shrigley

Cisco Systems Foundation

Quin and Doug Whitman

Kaye and James Slavet

City of East Palo Alto

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Summit Preparatory High School

City of Menlo Park


Colleen and Geoff Tate


The Brin Wojcicki Foundation

Elizabeth Webster

Holly and Michael Depatie

Douglas Woods

Johanna and Caleb Wright





Wendy Adams and Pete Rukavina

John and Heather Abbis

Rosine and Norman Ferber

Dorothy and Bob Bachler

Judy and Doug Adams

Ginn Family Foundation


Mark Albert

Pam and Patrick Goodenough

Jan and Larry Birenbaum

Amerigroup Foundation

Loren and Michael Gordon

Bohannon Foundation

Janice and William Anderson

Charmian and Lang Hilleary

Gavin and Tricia Christensen


Dricka and Derk Hunter

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Helena and Dick Babb

Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trust

Danford Foundation

Terri and Tom Bailard

Jack & Jill of America

Diana and Stephen Dohrmann

Mary Anne Nyburg Baker and

Jaunich Family Foundation

Dana and David Doolin

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Cathy Friedman Duane and Jon Duane

Debbie and Steve Baloff

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“When I meet with the students at BGCP’s Sobrato Summer Academy, so engaged and fired up about learning, my first thought is: ‘Every one of these children deserves a fair shot.’ We need to invest in that amazing untapped potential, for business, for struggling communities and for kids.” John Sobrato, Funder BGCP Sobrato Summer Academy

401 Pierce Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 (p) 650-646-6140 (f) 650-322-9042

BGCP Annual Report  

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula issues an Annual Report every year to our friends and supports to present the milestones and accomplishm...