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A Letter from Alumnus and Our Director of Operations Workforce Investment Act intern, Club Member, Teen Leader/Keystone President, Athletic Coordinator, Program Director, Area Program Director, and Director of Operations are all titles that I have had with the Club over the last 25 years. Add in two tours of duty in the Marine Corps and you almost have my full story. It’s often said that the Boys & Girls Club isn’t a career, it’s a life style and even though I am extremely proud of my service to this great nation and all that I learned while being overseas, my heart has and always will be with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County. The Club has created opportunities for me that I could never have imagined. Opportunities included being able to repay the generous people who donated to the programs that I was involved in as a kid through my military service and establishing enrichment programs for children in impoverished and underserved parts of Kern County. The Club is about relationships and mine are vast and deep. My supervisor was also my mentor when I was 15 years old and pushed me to set goals and work towards making my dreams come true. My Club family include people that I have grown up with, raised my children with, cried with, laughed with and banded together in celebration of what our Club means to thousands of kids and families in our community. My biggest lessons were to embrace my passion for service, find the joy in the work and to support our team with every resource, talent, gift and crazy idea I could muster. I’ve gone from a goofy teen playing basketball in the gym to a leadership role with over 600 employees and 14 school district partners looking to me as a representative of our great agency. I was gone from the Club for six years, but we never lost touch. The Club was there in San Diego when I graduated from Boot Camp; the Club was there while my wife was in the hospital delivering our daughter; and the Club was there with an open heart, open mind and the offer of a job when I was honorably discharged. When I was 15 our Executive Director asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him I wanted to be in his chair running the Club. At the time, we had one location and for me that was the entire world. Now we have 67 locations and my sight is still on his chair. All the lessons, experiences, failures and successes continue to move me forward to the goal that the Club help me set so very long ago. Until then, I’m across the hallway in my office doing whatever it takes to be the best for the kids entrusted in my care. Check back with me in 2030…I just might be Chris Molina, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County!

Board of Directors Kristin Monsibais, President of the Board Williams Adams & Company, CPAs Theresa Bush, Vice-President Aera Energy LLC Amir Zabrani, Treasurer Mission Bank Matt Damian, Secretary Tri Counties Bank Alex Balfour Cushman and Wakefield/Pacific Commercial Realty Advisors MacKenzie Boone Ascend Real Estate Jason Cohen UBS Financial Services, Inc. Justin Cummings Rio Acai Bowls Rob Duchow Southern California Gas Company Michael George Safe 1 Credit Union Rasmus Jensen Valley Republic Bank Chad Jones California Resources Corporation Larry Koman Koman Homes Ben LeBeau LeBeau Thelen, LLP

Chris Molina - Staff

Derek Robinson Kern County Fire Department Lisa Rollans Berry Petroleum Emily Salters Community Voluteer

Chris Molina Director of Operations



Zane Smith Executive Director





Jesus celebrates Arvin High School graduation.

When school closed in March 2020, some students at Arvin High School welcomed the break. The forecast was the coronavirus quarantine would be over in just a few weeks. However, members of the Class of 2021 had to, unfortunately, deal with the virtual world of online learning throughout their entire Senior Year. Unequivocally, they missed their friends and the loud happy moments between classes. Yet Club Member, Jesus Lopez redirected his focus outside of distance learning to being actively involved in community issues and serve as a positive role model and mentor for younger students. Through the Boys & Girls Club Teen program, Jesus served as a Peer Mentor to younger Club members with homework and coaching games. He assisted in teaching art projects and leading lessons in the STEM program. Jesus finds that spending time with these younger members has a positive impact on him by bolstering his self-esteem and selfconfidence and being able contribute to a positive club experience for all. Along with mentoring, Jesus has great interest in air monitoring projects in South Kern. His air bucket sampling project contributed to data collection and the recommendation to implement a community air-monitoring system that identifies areas not being monitored by regulatory agencies. This effort has led to Assembly Bill (AB) 617, the Community Air Protection Program in South Kern areas. Jesus has grown into an amazing young man with a goal of being a community organizer in environmental issues that affect the communities that surrounds him. Meanwhile, he plans to attend community college and major in Political Science. We look forward in seeing him reach his goals and dreams.

Jesus Lamont Club Alumnus





“Recovery” is the term that

has been adopted and utilized by educational and youth organizations across the nation to describe the anticipated strategies that will need to be in place as children return to the in-person, social learning environments at school and after-school programs. We struggled with this at first because we had already decided to use the term “reemergence” as our lens in which to devise our plan to support our kids as they navigated the environment they left behind for over a year. We had images of butterflies breaching their cocoons and spreading their wings, ready to take flight. A friend told me that I was being too artistic and instead aligning with the theme of “Recovery” would allow us to communicate and collaborate much easier. We now recognize that the recovery part of our mission is to help our children overcome the social/emotional impact that this pandemic has fostered due to social distancing, isolation, depression, anxiety, as well as the physical impact. We also view this term as a process by which our kids will reclaim their schools, classrooms, teachers, friends and their educational path. So “Recovery” it is…almost! We have added the word “discovery” as part of this. The world will never be the same and neither will our children. This is a time not only to redefine our “new normal,” but also to embrace change and explore new skills, talents, interests


sheltering at home. We learned an all new safety and sanitization language and policy for PPE equipment and supplies as well as strategies to navigate the fire hose of government funding programs available during COVID. We learned to socially distance while sustaining the bonds with our kids that keep them confident and trusting in our care.

in a post-pandemic world. The way we communicate has changed. The way we interact has changed. During the pandemic, our agency changed in how we looked at the safety, health and welfare of our children. We discovered strengths and agility we never fully new we had. We went, almost overnight, from 10 staff making 1000 meals for children, 5 days per week at 3 locations to 32 employees serving 4000 plus meals per day, 7 days per week at 11 locations. We built learning hubs, dawned masks, and learned new technological advances that kept many of our kids housed at the Club while doing distance learning with their teachers and others who accessed real time virtual programming while


Our strategies for being accessible, responsive and present for the children of our community continue to evolve as the rules change locally, regionally, and nationally. Our “Recovery” is our commitment to help our children overcome obstacles and barriers to creating a bright and exciting future. Our “Discovery” will be the dreams we pursue with our kids as they create new paths for themselves in a postpandemic world. We will never be the same, but we will be here with our hearts, minds and doors open as our kids bravely reemerge into the world.

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Frank: “... to give back like the way the Club gave to me when I was a kid.” Jesus: “… because it feels right helping others…” “… I feel good working for the Club because I want to see more kids achieve things like we did for our community.”

The Armstrong Youth Center, Stockdale Club, Lamont Club, Frazier Mountain, McKinley Elementary, Emerson Middle, and even the church at 800 Monterey Street. What do all of these have in common? Yes, while they are all current or former club locations of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County, perhaps more importantly, they are the places where several of our staff members were introduced to the Boys & Girls Clubs as kids. An experience that shaped their lives. You could probably say, “once a Club kid, always a Club kid” in these cases. For many Club kids, the members and staff become a second family…the Club becomes a second home. So, they don’t “age out” of the experiences gained at a Club. The Club experience stays with them… forever! They develop life-long friendships and skills that prepare them for their futures. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County is lucky enough to have a number of former Club kids on staff. We asked a few of them some questions to find out how their Club kid days helped them as adults. What is one of your favorite memories from when you attended the Club as a kid? Sabrina Cazares: “… when Miss Fite would make her visits to us in the classrooms. She was always so energetic and made hard days better.” Frank Sierra: “... attending the summer talent show.” Jesus Ramirez: “… doing community work with my friends after school to help improve our community little by little.” Ruth Miranda: “… dancing on stage and having our families come to the school to see our performance.” What made you want to come back to the Club to work as an adult? Sabrina: “I’ve always wanted to work with the youth and knowing how much Afterschool [Program] helped me when I was younger, I wanted to make sure I gave the same opportunities to our youth.”

Ruth: “... I wanted to gain experience and the parttime position gave me the flexibility to continue with my education.” How did the Club help you develop the skills or talents you’re using today? Sabrina: “The Club has taught me so much. From customer service with our parents and partners to Positive Behavior Interventions and Support when working with the members. Getting the hands on experience in the classrooms has made me love what I do for the Club.” Frank: “The Club inspired me to follow my dreams and to continue to shape up my skills and talents.” Jesus: “The Club helped me develop my communication skills as part of training in community advocacy. I used these skills to create presentations for the Board of Supervisors on issues in our community. This helped me gain more confidence speaking in public, making friends and expressing my opinions with others.” Ruth: “The Club gives all children the tools to succeed in the future. As an employee, the Club has given me the training, exposure, and helped me develop communication and leadership skills.” What advice would you share with today’s Club kids to help them be successful? Sabrina: “Remember that every step you take is going to be a journey to a better YOU.” Frank: “Take risks, take chances and never stop learning.” Jesus: “My advice would be to always speak their mind. If they have ideas that probably would help others gain more confidence to speak and share their ideas to other which will enhance their [own] communication skills little by little.” Ruth: “… to enjoy every stage of life and make smart decisions because when they least expect it, they will be successful adults giving advice to Club kids.”

There are more than 16 million former club kids in the U.S. That’s approximate one in every 20 people. If you are a former Club Kid, let us know by contacting Ed Jacobs at Consider joining Alumni & Friends. A group organized by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and designed to make a difference by reconnecting, sharing stories and giving back to the next generation of Club kids.





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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County provided workforce skills to over 100 local teens as part of the Workforce Development/Summer Jobs Program in April and May through a partnership with The Women’s and Girls’ Fund and Bank of America. The teens learned everything from building resumes and interviewing techniques to setting goals and improving communication skills. After the workforce skills component, the teens had the opportunity to apply and interview for a paid summer internship with a local employer. Many companies and non-profits stepped up to offer the teens a summer internship, including mentoring. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County are very grateful for the ongoing community support.



The 20 selected teens started their five-week paid Summer Jobs Program internship on Monday, June 14, 2021. Each entry-level teen worked 20 hours per week at their worksite and participated in professional development activities each Friday. Provisional development included learning about personal finance with Bank of America, Safe Serve (food handler) training, CPR with the Red Cross, and STEM careers with Aera Energy. Since the inception of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County’s Summer Jobs Program in 2013, nearly 1,900 local teens have received workforce training skills, and 348 teens have received a paid summer job internship. The Summer Jobs Program is bringing the benefits of job training to youth and businesses in Kern County.

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