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May 2013

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Boys & Girls Club iSummer Program Promises Fun and Adventure For Kids

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inety days of freedom await area students, beginning on May 23rd. Ninety days of fun to forget everything they’ve worked so hard to learn over the last year. Ninety days. That’s a long time. Those long hours of boredom will be traded in for exciting, fun, and enriching programming for Boys & Girls Club members. “Our summer program is designed to be a seamless transition for our members,” said Asst. Executive Director Russ Johnson. “Our programming is widely varied to appeal to the many different interests of our members. Each of them will have the opportunity to ‘choose their own path’ through the iSummer program.” Astronomy, physics, pop culture, engineering, earth science, artwork...the list of programming choices will have members wishing there were more hours in the day. iSummer is built to provide the maximum amount of flexibility and fun for members. “There are three distinct parts to iSummer,” said Johnson. “We’re offering a Kinder Camp and elementary program at Parkview. Our teen program will take

place at our facility in the Sedalia Community Center, located at 314 S. Washington Ave. The elementary program will serve grades 1-5, and the teen program will serve grades 6-12. For Kinder Camp, we require that kids be 5 years old and have completed kindergarten.” iSummer is slated to kick off on June 3rd and end on August 9th. Programming will be offered from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each weekday except July 4th & 5th for Kinder Camp and elementary members, and from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each weekday except July 4th & 5th for teens. “The two things we are asked most about the summer program are what the programs cost and whether swimming is involved,” said Johnson. “We’re pleased to say that every member will be going swimming once a week this year. Our fees have also dropped as well. Cost for a kindergarten or elementary member is $10 per day. Teen members will have a fee of $2 per day.”

A Note:

From Our Staff

Dear Friends, We recently celebrated Boys & Girls Club Week (April 8-12) at each of our 11 sites throughout west central Missouri. This is one of our favorite weeks of the year as it allows us to highlight what the Club is all about for our members. When we talk about our programming, people are focused on the outcomes. How much did grades improve? Has a child seen a decrease in the number of trips to the principal’s office? Does the child take the initiative to be a leader? These are all important questions to answer. But what’s lost in those answers, occasionally, is what’s happening at the Club on a daily basis: the fun our members have while they achieve goals and the exploration of earth science, physics, community service, and recycling, all while having a great time. Our sites are always open to visit, but during BGC Week this fun, service and learning is on display specifically for the community to see, along with the pride in each child’s face as they share the culmination of their work with others. Another highlight of Boys & Girls Club Week was the statewide Youth of the Year competition in Jefferson City. Our Youth of the Year, 14-year old Cheyenne Anderson of Smithton, did an amazing job in her speech at this year’s event. She is a model of everything our staff works towards each day as we seek to inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as caring and productive citizens. While Cheyenne did not take home top honors, we are still incredibly proud of her performance and look forward to her growth. To learn more about what we do each day we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook or set up a visit to one of our sites, including the summer program beginning on June 3rd. Sincerely,

Brett Barth-Fagan

Cheyenne with BGCA Director of Organizational Development Nancy Ball and Missouri Area Council Chair Sid Needem


We see a future where all youth are nurtured in a safe, creative, and engaging environment that enables them to realize their potential through excellent and sustainable programming; impact by community support and involvement.

Boys & Girls Club

Grades The Hallmark of Victories for Member Our site managers work with many different types of kids every day. They also witness hundreds, if not thousands, of small “victories” each year that add up to huge success stories. This is one such story in their own words. Names have been changed to protect privacy. When I first met Mary she absolutely hated school. There were several areas she battled with in her school work, but reading seemed to cause her the most problems. Like most children who struggle in reading, it affected other areas of her schoolwork as well as her attitude. Most of the time Mary would sit through Power Hour without doing her homework. She was so concerned about being judged by other members, she would insist on taking it home in hopes that one of her high school relatives would help her without passing judgment. She was so ashamed of her reading, she did everything she could to hide the fact that her reading ability was two grade levels below where she was in school.

After our staff noticed this pattern to her behavior during Power Hour, I watched her for a few days. My staff and I and decided that Mary needed one-onone help, but we couldn’t just pull her aside because of her embarrassment. We created a study group with other members her age that allowed a staff member to sit next to her and read without ostracizing her. Throughout her first year, staff members would take turns helping Mary’s group with homework. During this school year, I have watched her grow and have seen the light bulb go on much more frequently when she is working on her homework. She is now reading on grade level and her grades are As and Bs, but what really matters is that she is taking pride in her work and is no longer ashamed of doing her homework during Power Hour. Mary sees the Club as playing a large role in her success and has built relationships with each staff member along the way. We sometimes get caught up in the dayto-day duties of working for the Club, so when I see a kid like Mary turn her entire academic experience around it’s quite amazing.


Cole Camp doubled the number of students scoring in the advanced category for Science in 2011-12 Green Ridge increased the number of students scoring in the proficient and advanced categories for math in 2011-12 Each elementary site in Sedalia either increased or held steady the percentage of students improving math grades in 2011-12 35% of Sedalia students in grades K-6 attend Boys & Girls Club at least 86% of days programming was offered in 2011-12

y a D s e c i v r e S h t u o Y l a b o l G Club Members Give Back To The Community, Take Steps To Better

How do you give back to your community? Pick up trash around your neighborhood? Volunteer at your favorite non-profit organization? For our members, it was coming up with several creative ways to give back during Global Youth Services Day on Friday, April 26th. Each of our Sedalia sites participated in a program called “Send Hunger Packing”, paid for in part by a grant from the Sodexo Foundation Youth Grant program and Youth Service America (YSA). Members gathered non-perishable food items to donate to Open Door Ministries for the backpack food program in the Sedalia 200 School District. “When we applied for the grant, we knew we wanted to battle hunger in Pettis County,” said Sedalia Middle School Site Manager Vicki Hart. “When we found we could help fight a problem many of our Club members face every day, our kids got really excited. Knowing we were giving back to our community on the same day as millions of other kids around the world was a really cool feeling!” “Send Hunger Packing” gathered more than 600 pounds of food which Open Door estimates will fill 700-800 backpacks. Another way to give back to your community is by getting in shape and taking control of your health. According to the Sedalia Democrat, Pettis County is at a 70% greater risk of heart attack than the rest of Missouri, which is already one of the highest at-risk states in the country. At Parkview, members participated in “Steps To Success”, paid for in part by a grant from UnitedHealth HEROES program and YSA. “Walking is usually something our kids view as transportation,” said Parkview Site Manager Kim Watkins. “By having them measure how much they’re walking with pedometers it helps promote healthy living. They couldn’t believe how far they were walking every day!” Members collectively walked 81.84 miles during “Steps To Success.”

Race 4 Reasons 2013 The Boys & Girls Club experienced a great deal of success last year with the inaugural Race 4 Reasons. The 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races attracted nearly 100 participants in their first year. A Rascal Race for kids in kindergarten through 4th grade had nearly 30 participants. The 2nd annual event is slated for Saturday, May 18th at the Sedalia Moose Lodge (119 Winchester Road). A breakfast of biscuits & gravy, eggs, and fruit will be available for $5 per person beginning at 7 a.m. and will be served until 11 a.m. “We’re very excited about this year’s event,” said Club Director of Finance and R4R lead organizer, Jessica Pyle. “Nearly 100 participants in the event’s first year was a huge success for us. We expect to exceed that number this year with greater community support and a greater partnership with the Sedalia Moose Lodge resulting in new race routes.” The routes for each race are available on the Club’s website at and are “out and backs”. By simplifying the routes, runners will be able to enjoy a trip through the countryside. Breakfast is also new this year. “We provided a lunch last year but found many people would have preferred to eat earlier,” said Pyle. “We heard that feedback and have teamed up with the Moose Lodge to provide breakfast. This allows us to better meet the needs of participants, spectators, and volunteers.” Participants can register by filling out the entry form at the bottom of the page and bringing it to the Club’s administrative offices at 3100 Aaron Avenue. Cut on the dotted line and mail bottom portion with check payable to Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri to: PO Box 805, Sedalia, MO 65302-0805.

Race for Reasons Entry Form Participating in: 5K 10K Half-Marathon Rascal Race Name:__________________________________ Address:________________________________ City, State, Zip_______________________________ Phone:_______________ E-mail:_____________________________ Date of Birth:__/__/____ Age:____ Sex:__ T-Shirt size (adult): S M L XL XXL


Waiver: I know that running/walking a road race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and participate unless I am medically able and have properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official as to my ability to safely complete the run. I assume all risks associated with running in this event, including but not limited to, contact with runners, falls, weather conditions including humidity and temperature, traffic and the actions of motorists and adjoining landowners whether unintentional or intentional, and conditions of the road, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I for myself or anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri, the club staff, officers, sponsors, volunteers and their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event. I further grant permission to all of the foregoing to use photographs, motion pictures, recording or other record of this event for any legitimate purpose. I also understand that all entry fees are non-refundable. I HAVE READ THE ABOVE AND UNDERSTAND THAT I (MY CHILD) IS ENTERING THIS EVENT AT MY (HIS OR HER) OWN RISK. By signing below, you also acknowledge that event is rain or shine and is a fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri, therefore NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.

SIGNATURE (PARENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED IF UNDER 18) _______________________________________________

DATE ___________

Tax Credits Assist in Funding Diversity For Boys & Girls Club

In 2007, the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri was awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. This grant took the organization from a yearly budget of about $300,000 to about $2.1 million each year. Overnight, the organization grew by more than 700%. Diversity in funding has been an internal discussion ever since that grant was awarded, as with the excitement of the award came the knowledge the award would end in 2012.

the lives of kids across the state of Missouri while NAP credits are aimed at organizations who make a difference in their communities. We are the perfect intersection of the missions of these two programs and are fortunate to be able to sell credits from both.” When buying the bundled tax credits, purchasers can receive as much as a 64-cent credit on their state taxes for each dollar they spend with the Boys & Girls Club.

In 2007 the Club’s funding was heavily reliant on 21st CCLC grant funding to remain sustainable, which wasn’t a model that could be successful over the long term. In late 2011, the Club went through an organizational reboot. It trimmed positions and refocused on how to fund programs at all 11 sites plus the summer program. The outcome of that organizational reboot was a leaner organization with a priority on diversifying funding streams. Those streams are moving towards the graph below. There is still an emphasis on grants, but far less dependence on a single grant to fund the organization.

New streams of funding from both public and private sources have been identified since then, including tax credits from the State of Missouri. “We are bundling these two different types of credits together,” said Club Executive Director Brett Barth Fagan. “YOP credits are designed to improve

As one example, if Joan Q. Donor gives $1,000 to the Boys & Girls Club, she would reduce her tax burden by $640 as well as be able to claim the full $1,000 on her taxes as a charitable contribution. Depending on which tax bracket Joan falls into, she could end up incurring a $150 out-of-pocket cost for that $1,000 donation or end up receiving $50 (this example assumes Joan can itemize her deductions prior to making the contribution). “Tax credits are often thought of as only being for corporations or businesses,” said Barth-Fagan. “Clearly that is not the case. We do ask for anyone considering taking advantage of this opportunity to seek the advice his or her tax professional to ensure it is a good fit.” Both YOP and NAP tax credits carry forward for five years, so credits purchased in 2013 are good through 2018. You should check with your tax professional for specifics on your situation.

introduced to Club policies in the employee handbook and must complete new hire paperwork. All new hires are required to be fingerprinted at the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department, which runs a background check on the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s database. “This is a very important step,” said Human Resources Director Staci Harrison. “The FCSR background check is very thorough, but the fingerprint check allows us to ensure someone is not using an alias. We want to take every precaution to make sure we are hiring high-integrity people.” If an employee has anything flagged regarding crimes involving children on these background checks, they are immediately terminated.

Boys & Girls Club Places High Priority On Security, Safety of Members According to the US Department of Justice, 158 Amber Alerts involving 197 children were issued nationwide in 2011 (most recent data available). That’s one alert every two days nationwide. The Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri serves nearly 1,500 members between grades K-12 each year. That’s a lot of responsibility for keeping kids safe for a few hours after school each day or more than 40 hours a week in some cases during the summer. We take the responsibility of safeguarding our members very seriously, and the first line of defense for us is our employees. We must have complete trust with each employee, which is why all employees and volunteers with direct access to kids undergo a thorough background check. When someone is interviewed for a position within the organization, they are immediately run through Lexis Nexis, a nationwide database. If anything is flagged on that check, they are prohibited from contact with children. Potential employees are also required to fill out the Family Care Safety Registry. This is a statewide database of people who work directly with children, the elderly, and the disabled so parents and caretakers can easily do background checks on those registered. After a candidate is hired at the Club, they are

BGC volunteers must also participate in checks, and are classified into two categories: one-time visitors to one or more sites on the same day and those who visit one or more sites on a regular basis. The first category requires a national background check while the second undergoes both the national background check as well as the FCSR check. While safety is of the utmost importance, touching the lives of kids is the mission of the organization. “This is all about relationships with kids for us,” said Executive Director Brett Barth-Fagan. “In order to have the types of relationships that affect kids in a positive way we need to have as much contact with them as possible. We have about 80 part-time staff and 11 full-time staff directly involved with kids during the school year. These numbers allow us to build relationships and change lives.” The Club maintains a 1:15 staff/student ratio while the state requires a 1:16 ratio. These relationships, and ratios, are the cornerstone of safety at Club sites.

Sedalia: Volunteering Opportunities Jeremy Bartz

June 22nd: 4th Annual Sedalia Firefighters Memorial Poker Run We served lunch to hundreds of hungry bikers in Liberty Park before last year’s run. This year we are providing breakfast and lunch. We’re looking for help in

serving both meals and clean up. For more information, contact Melissa Boeschen at 826-8331.

October 5th: 2nd Annual Golf Tournament In our inaugural tournament at Triple Creek Golf Course in Cole Camp last year, we raised nearly $8,000. Join us for a day of fun on the links on this beautiful and unique course located just 30 minutes south of Sedalia. We need volunteers to help with registration, contests at various holes, and other organizational activities. If you are interested in helping, contact Melissa Boeschen or Tara Walker at 8268331. General Programming:

Contact any of our site managers at 826-8331 to set up a visit.

Heber Hunt Site Manager Shannon Harter Horace Mann Site Manager Kim Watkins Parkview Site Manager James Cramer Washington Site Manager Donal Buckner Skyline Site Manager Vicki Hart SMS Site Manager Outlying Sites: Tara Walker Cole Camp Site Manager

Tyler Hudson Green Ridge Site Manager

Mari Asbury La Monte Site Manager

Lance Dorrel Leeton Site Manager

Judy Moore Smithton Site Manager


May 18th: 2nd Annual Race 4 Reasons We experienced a great deal of success with our inaugural event last year entailing a 5K, 10K, half marathon and a Rascal Race for Club members. We’re looking for volunteers to help race participants keep on the right course, serve water and other drinks along the race course, and for logistics the day of the race. For more details, contact Jessica Pyle at 826-8331.

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3100 Aaron Ave. Sedalia, MO 65301

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