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Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report Find Out What’s Inside

WELCOME BACK! In early July 2020, Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester welcomed members back after a three-month mandated shutdown.

THANK YOU: Safety Advisory Task Force BGCD’s Safety Advisory Task Force was essential to the Club’s reopening. A 25-member group laid out strategies to keep members and staff safe as our buildings came back to life. Lots of hand-washing, social distancing, masks, and disinfectant made joyful reunions possible.

STRONGER TOGETHER After three months at home, staying six feet apart and wearing masks was relatively easy for members. They were so happy to be reunited with friends, role models, coaches, and tutors. Once safety protocols were in place, Club staff could return to what they do best: Welcoming youth and teens and building meaningful connections. It’s a known fact that children are more resilient when they are together with caring youth development professionals. A few ways BGCD reemerged from shut down included summer camp, Learning Hubs, Virtual Programs, and Vacation Weeks, which you will read about later in this Annual Report.

DEAR BGCD FAMILY, We all can agree…emerging from the global pandemic inspired us all to rethink and recalibrate aspects of our daily routines and lives. This was true for Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester, too. From the moment we closed our doors in March 2020, we began planning for the day we could welcome our members back inside our Clubhouses. BGCD’s program staff knew the majority of our parents were essential workers and working from home was not an option for them. We began the new fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) by reopening our three sites as soon as the government safety restrictions began to ease. Our licensed childcare program opened first and BGCD’s summer camp opened the following week. Inside this Annual Report, we’ll celebrate those who helped BGCD carry out our mission during a year like no other. Together, our donors, staff, program partners, alumni, volunteers, parents’ and members’ resilience, and love for each other made what seemed impossible possible. With gratitude,

Bob Scannell President & CEO

Lee Michael Kennedy Chair, Board of Directors





Community of supportive adults


Intentional, individualized programs & activities Regular attendance

Members gain skills, knowledge, and training they need to pursue their goals, and interests


CHARACTER & COMMUNITY Members develop healthy relationships with peers and adults, while building character to be role models and leaders in the community

HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT Members learn to make and model healthy, physical, social and emotional choices

Together, we provide Dorchester’s children and teens with a lifetime of benefits that are rooted in the experiences they have while they are at BGCD. Thanks to research done by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we know the five elements listed below meet the developmental needs of children and teens.

Here is what BGCD’s members shared when we surveyed them in March 2021:






98% of members said, “I enjoy coming to the Club.”

96% of members indicated, “Adults at the Club notice when I try hard.”

99% of members reported, “I feel safe at the Club.”

99% of members shared, “People at the Club accept me for who I am.”

94% of members revealed, “I get to explore new things at the Club.”




70 adult professional staff | 75 volunteers | 41 board members

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION When a walk down memory lane brings you to Deer Street… welcome back BGCD alums! Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester alumni are spread far and wide across the country and around the globe, and now that Zoom is a “thing,” alums are finding their way back to Dorchester. The group’s membership grew during the pandemic as people looked for ways to connect with friends and give back to a place that matters to them. Alums met monthly on Zoom, regularly engaged on our social media platforms, raised money for the Rodman Ride, supported holiday food and toy drives, and tutored members in person. Please join in the fun and be sure to “like,” “follow,” and join Club alums on Facebook; you may reminisce about the “good old days” and ensure that today’s members create life-affirming friendships and memories, too.

2021 YOUTH OF THE YEAR Meet BGCD’s 2021 Youth of the Year (YOY). Each year the Club recognizes three members who embody our mission. This year’s three YOY are leaders amongst their peers, and each has made an impact on BGCD in special and unique ways.

JAMIL BOYKIN Youth of the Year

Jamil embodies BGCD’s values of respect, innovation, support and equality. He is a role model for BGCD’s future members. In Jamil’s Youth of the Year essay, he wrote, “At a young age everyone wants to be a star, but kids that are able to do whatever they need to do to help the team win are the most valuable teammates. I learned that I couldn’t always be a star and that I had to elevate my team and make multiple stars.” Jamil remembers being a bit shy on his first day at the Club, and that quickly changed when he saw other kids having fun. He discovered the arts, joined every sports team, and learned how to be a teammate and leader on BGCD’s playing courts. Congratulations, Jamil!


KATE MCGRATH Girl of the Year

Kate has been a member of BGCD since early childhood. During her time at the Club, she has embraced every opportunity that has crossed her path. Today, Kate is a well-rounded young woman heading off to nursing school. Her desire to serve others was borne while visiting Camp Northbound, participating on the Marrlin Swim Team, performing community service with Keystone Club, and working a part-time job helping to teach our little ones in the Club’s childcare program. Kate has discovered her passion for service, and BGCD has truly benefited from Kate’s willingness to work hard and lead. Congratulations, Kate!

When Anthony came to the Club for a music therapy program as a child, he had no idea how important BGCD would become in his life. Anthony uses a wheelchair, and prior to BGCD, his wheelchair limited his access to do things other kids do every day. Anthony has worked with BGCD staff to make sure he and other kids living with disabilities can participate in as many of the Club’s programs as possible. Anthony has accomplished a lot at the Club: He is a four-season athlete, sang at Fenway Park, traveled to Disney World and Camp Northbound, and informed the Club’s approach to inclusion. Anthony is off to college in the fall of 2022, yet his gifts to BGCD will impact each child who needs an accommodation in the future. Congratulations, Anthony!




CHARACTER & LEADERSHIP PROGRAM OVERVIEW Great futures start at Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester, so it was essential for BGCD to find new ways to empower members and help them strengthen their 21st century leadership skills all while social distancing.

Career Readiness: The contributions the Club’s junior staff made during the summer of 2020 were heroic. They kept our doors open, programs running, and members and staff safe. Over 100 teen members were hard at work sanitizing toys, doorknobs, classrooms, and play spaces; they helped younger members safely participate in art, taught music lessons, coached athletics, ran the 30th season of Safe Summer Streets, and accomplished countless other tasks.

Social Justice: BGCD’s return to in person programs in July of 2020 aligned with one of the most significant social movements of our time. The Club’s young people were looking for a safe place to process the traumatic events surrounding George Floyd’s murder and the protests that followed. BGCD’s program directors created safe spaces to encourage expression, creativity, and open dialogue. While we don’t have an end to systemic racism in our sights, BGCD is compelled to do more. We owe it to our members and our world.

KEY DATA POINTS • 97% of BGCD teens reported that if they are leading a group, they make sure everyone in the group feels important.

• 97% of BGCD teens reported that they feel they can stand up for what they think is right, even if their friends disagree.

• 80% of BGCD teens reported that they have volunteered in school, in their neighborhood and/or in their community over the past year.



Affordable childcare is an essential element to a robust economy, and a viable solution for families working at or below the poverty level. COVID-19 created a shortage of childcare options, and women in particular were forced to choose between career and family. This caused what became known as the “shecession” as the global pandemic lingered into 2021. Many BGCD parents work in industries where working from home is not an option, and many of these same families struggle financially. To help ensure Club parents remained in the workforce, the Club built upon its core programming and expanded mental health services and wellness activities for our youngest members.

• BGCD’s Licensed Childcare Program serves infants, toddlers, preschool and K1 • Trained and knowledgeable staff foster learning in an atmosphere of play • Extended day programs are offered year-round in Boston Public School K1DS classrooms • Research-based curriculum aligns with MA standards and guidelines

The programs are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES Fitness | Athletics | Aquatics | Meals | Cooking | Nutrition | Mindfulness

PROGRAM OVERVIEW Children and teens are navigating challenges no recent generation has encountered. The pandemic, social media, interpersonal and systemic racism, and remote learning have all had negative impacts on our members’ stability and well-being.

KEY DATA POINTS • 97% of BGCD members believe if they try their best, they can do most things.

• 88% of BGCD members avoided risky behaviors (smoking, alcohol, marijuana and fighting).

• 68% of BGCD members consumed at BGCD doubled down to offset social determinants of health and dialed up programming designed to build skills, knowledge, and attitudes to enhance mind, body, and soul.

least 3 servings of fruits/vegetables daily.

• 61% of BGCD members were physically active for 60 minutes daily.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS PROGRAM OVERVIEW Learning Hubs opened inside all three Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester’s buildings to support members unable to return to their classrooms. K-8th grade students attended their “school day” inside our Clubhouses, got help logging into their classrooms, ate breakfast and lunch, and received social and emotional support from BGCD staff. Arts, music, swimming, sports, and lots of outdoor play time were woven into the school day as well. Teen members were able to access academic support. They also participated in virtual career fairs, college tours, mentoring programs, SAT prep, FAFSA orientations, and field trips.


KEY DATA POINTS • 91% of BGCD members are on track to graduate from high school.

• 98% of BGCD members report they enjoy learning new things.

• 95% of BGCD members expect to attend college or trade school.

PROJECT BIND Project BIND (Boston Inclusion Network for Disabilities) is a Club ethos, and a program. BGCD believes inclusion means bringing everyone together, embracing the whole person, and welcoming all children into the community. The Club accomplishes this through an array of activities that span the entire organization, including staff training, evolving programs, and a commitment to behavioral health and social/emotional learning.



Families who have children with disabilities often feel isolated, and COVID-19 strained our Project BIND families in new and challenging ways. It was particularly important for BGCD to re-establish these programs as a part of BGCD’s overarching reopening strategy. With masks on, social distancing maps on the floors, and sanitizer at the ready, members of all abilities came back to the Club.

• Martin Richard Challenger Sports League offering year-round athletic programs (soccer, basketball, baseball, and swimming) • Music Therapy • A “Tween” Group • Family Swim Night • Academic support • Recreation activities including hiking, ballet, walking club and more

LIFT PROGRAM Lifting Individuals and Families Together PROGRAM OVERVIEW


The powerful bond between a child and parent is at the center of BGCD’s Lifting Individuals and Families Together (LIFT) program. This family-focused approach draws upon this connection to help parents and their children set goals that lead to economic stability.

• 100% of LIFT families set and worked

The COVID-19 crisis had a profound impact on LIFT participants and motivated staff to explore new ways to serve families. Virtual parent support groups and tools - paired with solid goal-setting - helped participants secure resources (food, formula, diapers, back-to-school supplies), manage emotional well-being, discuss parenting skills, and form meaningful connections with others facing similar experiences.

• 30% of LIFT families increased their

towards family goals.

• 90% of LIFT families established budgets.


LIFT was launched with generous support from the Ullian Institute.

IN MEMORY – BRUCE SEALS Professional Athlete. Mentor. Coach. Friend. Father…and LEGEND. Bruce’s passing on December 15, 2020 left a huge hole in our heart. For more than 30 years, Bruce was a constant presence in the Marr Building, greeting members as they got off their school buses and headed off for an afternoon filled with Club activities. His unique, gentle nature and his belief in each member’s potential inspired kids to be great. He set a high bar for our members, and they accepted the challenge knowing Bruce was there to guide them toward their goals on the playing courts and in life. Bruce was an incredible listener, and he kindly offered his insights and guidance. Bruce once shared that his goal was to become the person he needed as a kid. We believe he achieved this, and so much more. Today, Bruce’s legacy lives on in our hearts, inside our Clubhouses, across Boston and within our alums living all over the country. Thank you, Bruce. We will do our best to make you proud.

❤️Your Club Family

IN MEMORY OF BRUCE SEALS DONORS Anonymous Ted Barry Julian Benbow Daniel Bisaccio Denise Bourgeois Kelly Boyle Heather Brigham Laura Burke and Alex Hoxha The Burnieika Family John K. and Rosanna Cadogan Patrick and Karen Clements Jack and Nicole Corbett Andrew Dalton Megan D’Andrea Courtney Daniel Joseph and Mary D’Arrigo Liam Day Betsy Drinan Claire Durant Jackie Durant Stephen Durant and Laura Evans-Durant Gary Dzen Embler-Metters Charitable Gift Fund

Emerson Basketball Alumni Charles Finn Nathan Firn Anthony Flint Mark Furkart Anthony, Alexander and Benjamin Giaquinto Sean Gildea Stan Grossfeld and Stacy Kabat Robert and Lisa Hohler David E. and Jacqueline Q. Hughes Lynn Jacobs John Karalis Mark Lawless Karen MacDonald The Marr Companies David and Cynthia Marr Scott McGowan Michael W. McLaughlin and Margaret Wyse-McLaughlin Christian J. Megliola Nachet Mehciz Cynthia Murray Zalima Oliver Patrick Pinto

Heather Richardson Rhonda Rosenberg State Street Matching Gift Program Brad Stevens Lynda Thomas Susan M. Wadlington Nina and Matt Weinstock Daniel Zinchuk

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – In-Kind Donors Abby Park Allen & Gerritsen Arturo’s Ristorante Barcelona Wine Bar – Brookline Boston Bowl Boston Harbor Cruises Boston Philharmonic Orchestra Boston Red Sox Ray Bourque Cambridge Packing Company Kevin and Meaghan Chapman Paul and Tricia Chapple Chill on Park, LLC. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street City of Boston, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services City of Boston, Parks Department Commonwealth Hospitality Connected Through Strength Kathryn Corcoran Craft and Cru

Seth and Wilel Daniel Dell EMC Dirty Water Dough Dorchester Brewing Company Dow Jones Duxbury Wine & Spirits Elevate Youth Expand Meditation Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston Feeney Brothers Utility Services Flatbread Somerville, Inc. Follain Foot Locker Linda Dorcena Forry and Bill Forry Fresh Food Generation Craig Galvin Thomas A. Gannon Great Spaces Real Estate, LLC. H. Levenbaum Insurance Agency Harp & Bard Restaurant Hayward Photography

James Hobin Hy-Line Cruises I DREAM of Jeanne Cakes Jordan’s Furniture J.P. Licks Kathleen of Boston Floral Jonathan C. and Kristen Keith Kendra Scott, Legacy Place Thomas and Rebecca Kenney King Arthur Baking Company Lee Kennedy Co., Inc. Longwood Venues and Destinations Lower Mills Tavern Lucy’s Tavern Lyndigo Spice David and Colleen Maimaron Marathon Sports – Boylston Street Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation The Marr Companies Maureen Ford Photography Sean McDonough

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – In-Kind Donors Continued Matthew McIvor Anton and Caroline Melchionda Samantha J. Mewis MJW Charitable Foundation Gerald J. and Joanne Morrissey Mystic Aquarium Nantucket Steamship Authority Neatly Nested Neighbor To Neighbor New Balance Foundation New England Aquarium New England Equestrian New England Patriots Charitable Foundation The Nick Katsiroubas Foundation Noted Candles Novara Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club Oppa Sushi Katherine I. Parker Dwight and Maureen Peterson

Phillip’s Chocolates Pine Oaks Golf Course Polkadog Bakery Ed Pollis Positive Pressure Therapeutic & Sport Massage Clinic Brian Queally RODE Architects Rodman For Kids Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center Sh*t That I Knit South Shore Academic Advisors Star Market Morrissey Boulevard Steel & Rye Restaurant St. Mary’s Church Sweet Teez Bakery Sherie Theriault Thermo Fisher Scientific Three Bean Press TRADE

Thomas M. and Jen Weldon Wendy Callahan Interiors Tim and Cait Whalen Mia Whittemore Yale Appliance and Lighting

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – All Donors $1,000,000 Phill and Elizabeth Gross

$250,000 - $999,999 Boston After School & Beyond CMJ Management The Rands Foundation

$100,000 - $249,999 Anonymous Boston Athletic Association via the 2021 Boston Marathon Charity Program The Don & Marilyn Rodman Foundation Flatley Foundation Lee Kennedy Co., Inc. Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation Martin Richard Foundation The New Balance Foundation RODE Architects Rodman for Kids

$50,000—$99,999 Charles Hayden Foundation Paul and Janet Gannon The Janey Fund J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation

Liberty Mutual Foundation MA Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs Marr Charitable Foundation Peter E. Strauss Trust Peter Hecht and Family PGA Tour Suffolk Cares Charitable Foundation Tufts Medical Center Dorchester Health Initiative Upswing Fund for Adolescent Mental Health

$25,000—$49,999 Anonymous Action for Boston Community Development Bank of America Charitable Foundation Boston Resiliency Fund City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development City of Boston, Mayor’s Office of Health and Human Services Michael and Linda Corcoran Cummings Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Hermann Foundation Amos and Barbara Hostetter John Hancock Financial Services The John L. & Geraldine R. Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation The Morningside Foundation Michael P. and Beth O’Brien Schrafft Charitable Trust Sean McDonough

The TJX Foundation Dora Ullian United Way of Mass Bay & Merrimack Valley

$10,000—$24,999 Anonymous Boston State Community Trust, Inc. Boys & Girls Clubs of America Scott and Colleen Carpenter City of Boston, Boston Public Schools Copeland Family Foundation Corcoran Jennison Companies Joseph J. and Gayle Corcoran Joseph and Mary D’Arrigo John W. and Brigette DiNicola Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism Brian R. and Tracy Driscoll Emerson Basketball Alumni Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs Feeney Brothers Utility Services Frank Reed & Margaret Jane Peters Memorial Fund 1, Bank of America, N.A. Trustee Granite City Electric The Haney Family Charitable Fund Robert F. Hatch David E. and Jacqueline Q. Hughes The HYM Investment Group Joy in Childhood Foundation The Kelliher Corbett Group at Morgan Stanley Nicholas and Tanya Laidlaw

Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation Loomis Sayles & Co. McIntosh Foundation Anton and Caroline Melchionda MJW Charitable Foundation Orville W. Forte Charitable Foundation Jane and Paul Panariello Procter & Gamble Corporate Giving Fund Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation S&F Concrete Robert K. and Jean Sheridan St. Cecelia’s Parish, The Estelle Fund Sullivan and McLaughlin Companies, Inc. Voya Foundation WS Development

$5,000—$9,999 Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Boston Bruins Foundation The Broadway Company Brodigan and Gardiner, LLP Laura Burke and Alex Hoxha The Burnieika Family Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Charles Cox Charitable Trust Children’s Hospital Boston City of Boston Credit Union Congress Wealth Management, LLC Coverys DiNicola Law Group, LLC

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – All Donors continued Thomas Doherty East Boston Savings Bank Charitable Foundation East West Mortgage Eaton Vance Officers Giving Account Ernst & Young Franklin Square House Foundation Garden Neighborhood Charities Gaston Electrical Company, Inc. Bruce and Kristine Ginsberg H. Levenbaum Insurance John Hanlon John C. & Eunice B. Morrison Charitable Foundation Joseph J. Corcoran Company Macy’s Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Massachusetts Port Authority Sean McDonough National Grid Needham Bank Katherine I. Parker People’s United Community Foundation Dwight and Maureen Peterson Juan Manuel Ruiz-Hau Samuels & Associates Management, LLC Seaport Square Development Company, LLC The Seiple Family Fund State Street Matching Gift Program Jean Tempel TD Charitable Foundation T.G. Gallagher, Inc. Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation

Thomas M. and Jen Weldon Judy Wise

$2,500—$4,999 Anonymous Brian and Jenn Anderson ATS Equipment, Inc. Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton Cambridge Packing Company CHT Foundation John N. and Tiffany Connolly Corcoran Management Company Kevin S. and Jennifer Deabler Stephen Durant and Laura Evans-Durant e3i Engineers Edens Foot Locker Gilbane Building Company Gillette Company Marcy Jackson John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. Lyn Karalexis Deidre Karle The Kean Foundation, Inc. Seth and Beth Klarman Christopher and Patty Lamb Longwood Venues and Destinations MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education David and Jennifer Marr Kerr and Hillary Mone Robin and Susan Monleon Gerald J. and Joanne Morrissey Eric and Emma Navales

Philanthropy Massachusetts, The Summer Fund William and Denise Richard RISE Construction Management George Ryan St. Brendan’s Parish Sweet Teez Bakery UBS Financial Services, Inc. Mary Wheeler

$1,000—$2,499 Anonymous 99 Restaurant Edward and Christine Ahern Allen & Gerritsen Frederick D. Augenstern Bailey Foundation Trust Francis K. and Today Baker Keith and Amy Barnett Michael and Catherine Bassick Vince Benedetti Gina Bernarduci James Blue Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Boston College High School The Boston Consulting Group Joseph T. and Eileen Boyle Matthew Boyle Denise Burgess Mary Cahill Kevin and Meaghan Chapman Jeffrey and Julie Cicolini Michael and Angela Cirami

Comcast Corporation Monica Connolly Jack and Nicole Corbett Jon W. and Lillian Cronin Stephen M. and Julie Driscoll Sean Durant Robert Durkin EBS Capstone Insurance Agency Edward G. Sawyer Co, Inc. Brian and Stephanie Falahee Peter and Sally Farnum Paul Feeney Stephen and Therese Fitzgerald Lawrence H. Foley* Fresh Food Generation The Galvin Group, LLC Thomas A. Gannon The Glynn Family Foundation Ian Gold and Maria Cisterna Gold Andrew and Barbara Graff HUB International New England James Hurley IBEW Local 103 Roderick Ireland and Alice D. Alexander IUOE Local 4 I.U.P.A.T. District Council #35 Dorothy Joyce Michael Joyce Kelly Family Foundation Lee M. and Mary Beth Kennedy Thomas J. and Rebecca Kenney Landmark Structures Corporation LeBlanc Design Michael and Sheila LeBlanc Ronald and Dianne Lescinskas Kerry and Jane Lesslauer

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – All Donors continued Jeff and Nancy Levinson Lyndigo Spice Stephen P. and Andrea MacDonald Dennis Manning Gregory Marcotte David Marr Jr. and Tessa Olson Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC Richard and Janet Martini Mary Casey Forry Foundation, Inc. Michael and Marie Kelly Mignosa The Mourad Youth Foundation, Inc. Brian Mulkerrin Mystic Aquarium New Hampshire Charitable Foundation The Nick Katsiroubas Foundation Northern Trust Company Robert T. and Judith Norton William J. and Constance O’Brien Bob and CeCe O’Leary Portside Real Estate Veronique Riethuisen June and David Rokoff Bob and Lori Ruland William F. and Beth Scannell Schmidt Family Giving Fund Eliza Shirazi Aimee Southworth Michael F. and Laura Sullivan Lynda Thomas Three Bean Press John F. Toomey USI Insurance Services, LLC Louise M. Vital Yale Appliance and Lighting

$500—$999 73 Dix Street, LLC Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Andrew Apstein Architectural Resources Cambridge B2Q Associates George L. Barrett, MD Jenny Bonham-Carter Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation Boys & Girls Club COVID-19 Relief Fund BTIG, LLC Margaret Cameron Carolyn and Paul Sax Family Gift Fund Robert Cerow and Megan Smith Cerow Paul and Tricia Chapple Henry and Simona Ching Marie Clifford Kathleen Connolly John H. and Meredith Cook Jennifer F. Corcoran Kathryn Corcoran Christopher Jane Corkery Katherine Craven Megan D’Andrea Daniel J. Hunt Committee Darmody, Merlino & Co., LLP Dedham Savings M. John DeMatteo* Geri Denterlein Ann Doherty Brian P. Doherty The Driscoll Agency, Inc. Margaret Egan Gretta Forbes Friends of the Club Michelle C. Glynn Gorham Contracting, Inc.

Joseph P. Grogan Stan Grossfeld and Stacy Kabat Deidre Habershaw Keith Hague* Ryan Hayman Patricia Heelen Daniel Hern and Kristen Daly Mr. and Mrs. James Houton James and Emily Hunsicker Integration Partners Iron Workers Local 7 Lynn Jacobs Gerard Keane Kenny’s Lock, Inc. Justin Mahoney The Marr Companies Maureen Ford Photography Danielle McBride McClorey Electric, Inc. Mathew McIvor Milton E.T. Lawrence Insurance Agency Music & Youth Initiative Patrick J. Kennedy & Sons, Inc. Pulgini & Norton, LLP David Rakauskas Paul Reeves Revival Development, LLC Heather Richardson Rogers Gray Insurance Agency Tanya Rybarczyk Bob and Mary Scannell Todd Silverman Gayle Slattery Matthew Stebbins Brad Stevens Strauss and Roy Charitable Fund Sheila O. Taylor Sherie Theriault Third Rock Ventures

Kim A. Tobin Andrew and Meg Toyias Anthony Urciuoli William Weber, Jr. Mary White Kimberley Lewis Williams Nancy S. Woods Joseph J. and Frances Zaremba

$250—$499 Anonymous (3) A. Hohmann & Co., Inc. A.A. Will Corp. The Banshee Barker Development Corporation Kristin Bergeson David Bernstein The Blackbaud Giving Fund Boston Harbor Cruises Matthew and Carrie Brooks Melissa Cantarow Lida Chea Commodore Builders Commonwealth Hospitality Stephen J. Connolly Rosemarie A. Conti Donald Cook, Jr. Stephen E. Crane Elizabeth Cronin Isabel Depina Mary Dicicco Jeannie Doherty Evan Donovan Jackie Durant Duxbury Insurance Group, Inc. Gary Dzen

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2021 FISCAL YEAR – All Donors continued Fairway Appraisal Services Christopher Feeney Eileen Fenton Allan and Heather Fiddes Thomas Foley Paul and Christine Freeman Mark Gallagher Michael Gattoni Anthony, Alexander & Benjamin Giaquinto Stephen Greeley Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Elizabeth Hayes Hayward Photography Jonathan Heelen James Hobin Joanna Hoffstein Edmund A. Hohmann, III Scott and Pamela Hohmann Lillian Homer Denis Hunt I Dream of Jeanne Cakes IBM Employee Services Center Kathleen Joyce J.P. Licks Duane Keegan Mark and Tricia Kelleher Phillip and Janice Kenney Stephanie Landolfi Kevin LaRocque Edward Lizotte Maureen T. Lyons Kevin and Donna Marie Maguire Margaret Maguire Paul and Kim Mahoney Kate McCarthy Robert and Alison McGee

Marc McKenna Nachet Mehciz Samantha J. Mewis Amy Mistrot Tom and Inez Moore Maureen Mulkerrin Joyce Myers New England Revolution Charitable Foundation NLG Westmoreland, LLC Richard and Mary O’Brien Dennis Quilty R.J. Freel Associates Gregory Roche James Rooney Marie St. Fleur Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center William J. Sharrio, Jr. Eric Spooner Jessica Stebbins Stop & Shop Community Bag Program John B. Sullivan George Taylor and Maria Accomando Thermo Fisher Scientific Peter Tobani Margaret Trevains VMWare Foundation Robert Welch Stephen F. and Melissa White Detlef and Sandra Wiechmann Edward Winkowski Kimberly Wright Tobias Yarmolinsky

*Denotes an individual is deceased

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – Tribute Gifts This list includes only donations made “In Honor” or “In Memory” of someone.

IN MEMORY OF Vanessa Burgess Denise Burgess

Joseph E. Corcoran Frederick D. Augenstern Corcoran Management Company Theresa Grogan Deirdre Karle

Dr. Joseph Cronin Rachel Mano

Lt. Brian Doherty Beatrice Adams Kelsey Barry Joseph T. and Eileen Boyle Kathleen Byrne Mary Cahill Elizabeth Canty Ann M. Capeless Carol I. Chicarello Gregory T. Clark Paula Connolly Celeste Cruse Ann Doherty Joseph F. Doherty, Jr. Margaret Doherty Thomas Doherty Stephen Durant and Laura Evans-Durant Emily Duwan

Amy Eynatian Anna Flynn Bill and Lauren Gabovitch Sean Garren Mary Garrity Edward and Julie McNulty Garvey Bill and Karen Gaylord Stephen Hamilton Anne M. Harris Thomas Kane Owen A. Kroeger Joseph R. and Christina L. Lafferty Michael and Mary Lafferty Suzanne Lechman Dennis Manning Jack McDonough Christine M. Moccio Patricia A. Morris Carolyn Nee Patricia M. Nelson Daniel Norton Patrick J. and Margaret O’Donovan Joyce A. Pero Rosemary J. Powers Michael Quinn Elizabeth Robinson Shannon Rogers William H. and Elizabeth Sheehan Edward and Cathleen Stangler

Donna Driscoll

Julia Downing

Commodore Builders Marr Equipment Employee Benefit Association

Elizabeth Stephen

Charles Cox Charitable Trust

Frances Dubner Janet Fine

Mary Casey Forry Mary Casey Forry Foundation, Inc.

Thomas Fyfe Hajian Cha Susan Erickson Sharon Gross Katherine Marr Janet Z. Rome Judy Rosenberg Cheryl Shaiman Rosanna Woodmansee

Colin MacDonald, Jr. D.M.D. Ann Gertel Ann E. McKenzie Milton E.T. Lawrence Insurance Agency Walter O’Leary and Virginia Ford O’Leary Joseph and Margaret O’Neill

Daniel F. and Marie K. Marr

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

Marie Marr A.A. Will Corp. A. Hohmann & Co., Inc. Christopher Bond Darmody, Merlino & Company Mr. and Mrs. James Dowd David E. and Jacqueline Q. Hughes IUOE Local 4 Milton E.T. Lawrence Insurance Agency Bernadette Parsloe

Matthew McDonald Shannon Beale David Bolton Matthew Chasse Paula F. Dolan David L. Evans Susan E. Goodman Erica Hasson Ryan Hayman James Jacobsen Ryan Kelly Mary H. McColgan Mary Meeken Huseyin Mehmet Marlea Mesh Jenna Mullin Kevin Ring Eileen P. Shea Wellesley Community Children’s Center

2021 FISCAL YEAR – Tribute Gifts continued

Will McDonough

Linda Shayne Levine Patti Luszczynski McGlynn Katherine I. Parker Mary Ellen Sikes Sonali Dandeker Tambe Valerie Toler Anglia Benjamin Yancey

Sean McDonough

Krassi Miteva Martina Miteva

Geraldine Scannell Marilyn D. Lipshutz William J. Sharrio, Jr. VMWare Foundation

Rita L. Sharrio William J. Sharrio, Jr.

Estelle Unni St. Cecelia’s Parish, The Estelle Fund

Dana Gooley

Lilla Barrett

Monty Krieger

Ed Connolly

Shannon Quinn

Seth and Beth Klarman

Kimberly Kiely

Michael Eisenson

Cloe Reeves

The Haney Family Charitable Fund

Paul Reeves

Mary Feeney

Robert Welch

Patrick & Anne Glynn The Glynn Family Foundation

Michael Bassick Judy Cheng Diana Goodwin Peter Hill Jimmy LeBow

Cassandra Pierre Louis Alex & Jeff Marr

Frank Welch

Catherine Bassick

Beverly Hatcher

Taylor Clooney

Rogers Gray Insurance Agency


Hatcher & Jackson Keith

Daniel Houton

Bill & Beth Scannell John Hanlon

Lynda Thomas Denis Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. James Houton

Donny Wahlberg

Mike Joyce

Jaelynn Fiedler Lexi Hall

Justin C. Broderick Grace M. Hebard

Susan Young Patricia Boudrot

All gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and inform the Development Office at (617) 288-7120.

2021 FISCAL YEAR – Board of Directors & Board of Advisors



Lee Michael Kennedy, Chair Robert A. Scannell, Jr., President & CEO David E. Hughes, Vice Chair Daniel F. Marr, III, Clerk Robert Hatch, Treasurer Maureen A. Peterson, Immediate Past Chair

James D. Blue, II James T. Brett Michael Brodigan Gregory A. Connly, Esq. Brian Driscoll Dr. Stephen Durant Paul F. Evans, Jr. William Gardiner, Esq. Maciej Godlewski Chet E. Homer, III Barry T. Hynes Brendan McDonough Robin Monleon June Rokoff Larry Wahlstrom Nancy S. Woods

Tome Barros Larry Bird Joseph J. Brodigan, Esq. T.J. Burnieika Scott Carpenter Kevin Chapman Jack Corbett Jennifer Corcoran Katherine Craven Tony Dang Joseph D’Arrigo John W. DiNicola, II Therese Fitzgerald, PhD, MSW Linda Dorcena Forry Paul Gannon Andrew Graff Marcy Jackson Elizabeth Keeley, Esq. Jonathan C. Keith

Lee M. Kennedy, Sr. Senam Kumahia Hon. Stephen F. Lynch Jeffrey T. Marr Stephen P. Marr David Marr, Sr. Sean McDonough Kerr Mone Gerald J. Morrissey, Jr. Michael O’Brien Jane Panariello Robert K. Sheridan Aimee Southworth Marie St. Fleur Lynda Thomas Carmelo Travieso Mark Wahlberg Kimberley Lewis Williams

2021 FISCAL YEAR – Financials REVENUE FY 2021 INCOME

FY 2020

FY 2021

Grants & Contributions










Program Service Fees

$551, 655


Donated Goods & Services







Special Events & Contributions Rodman Ride

United Way Other Revenue




EXPENSES Licensed Childcare



Recreation & Education



General & Administrative Fundraising Total













OUR CLUBHOUSES MISSION STATEMENT Our mission at Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester is to always welcome and connect young people and families to opportunities that embrace diversity, nurture growth, and inspire success.

Colonel Daniel Marr Clubhouse 35 Deer Street Dorchester, MA 02125 (617) 288-7120

Paul R. McLaughlin Youth Center



1135 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, MA 02125 (617) 288-7120

Walter Denney Youth Center Harbor Point Apartment Complex 270 Mount Vernon Street Dorchester, MA 02125 (617) 822-3701