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May 2018 Newsletter C.E.Broughton, St. John the Evangelist, Sir William Stephenson, E.A. Fairman & John Dryden Units Contact Info Nelooka Sivasheelan

289-404-1903 nsivasheelan@ Office Hours 1PM -6 PM

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P.A. Day programs are offered at the Eastview Unit & Bolton C. Falby P.S., at an updated cost of $35/a day for members, and $40/a day for non-members. Please contact Eastview to register. Summer Camp registration is now available online, visit to register. Registration for Summer Session Aquatics will open on May 15th. Invites for our annual award ceremonies will be sent home with our members. Be sure to come by for a spectacular time recognizing our kids! On June 2nd, the BGCD will be hosting it’s 7th annual Race for Kids. Visit to find out how you can join the event.

REMINDER Please feel free to text our cell outside of program hours, if you need to leave a message for our staff.

Please ensure your child comes to program with appropriate clothing to be ACTIVE in and indoor footwear!

May 21— Victoria Day Holiday

St. John the Evangelist: 289-830-2134

E.A. Fairman: 289-830-4215 John Dryden: 289-927-4829

Thank you for paying your afterschool fees! If you haven’t made your second payment yet, please inquire about your invoice or contact Eastview to arrange your payment!


C.E.Broughton: 289-404-8946

Sir William Stephenson: 289-830-2295

Program Costs

June 2— A reminder that all units will finish at 6 pm, from Monday to Friday and will mirror the school year. Late pick-ups are not permitted, and regular late pick ups will result in late fees to cover the cost of excess staffing.

Race for Kids June 4— Public School P.A. Day

A Good Place to Be

May 2018 Whitby  
May 2018 Whitby