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Fall 2011 Keeping Parents At Work Looking through the lens of our mission each and every day, we never lose sight of serving those kids “who need us most.” In today’s economy, that is every single one of the more than 330 kids we serve on a daily basis. With Indiana’s unemployment rate at levels higher than anytime since the early 1980s, the vast ma‐ jority of our parents are struggling to make ends meet. Fortunately, the Clubs not only provide a safe and nurturing place for kids to be, but offer relief to the daily drain on family budgets due to childcare costs. For only $20 per year, Club membership allows parents to work or pursue further education. Our parents contribute to our local community and the economy, and most importantly, they shine as ex‐ amples of perseverance and hope to their watchful children. When you make this happen, the entire community benefits!

Sincerely, Jeff Baldwin Executive Director

because of you

lives are changed

Economic Impact In Community Larger Than Anticipated Every day, hundreds of children at‐ tend the three locations of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington. The par‐ ents of these young kids depend on the Clubs to provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment for their children. But the value of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington extends way beyond the direct benefits re‐ ceived by the children. While it’s easy to appreciate the benefits Clubs provide to kids, it re‐ quires a closer look to understand the value of Boys & Girls Clubs to the entire Bloomington community. After digging deeper, it’s apparent that the Clubs create tremendous economic value in the community. Without access to safe, high‐quality care for their children, many parents would be faced with a tough decision: they would either have to stop work‐ ing to care for their children or have to risk leaving their children without supervision after school. By providing parents with safe, su‐ pervised and low-cost youth program‐ ming, the Clubs enable parents to be more productive members of the community. As a result of the Club’s services, many parents are able to pursue sec‐ ondary education or work in the com‐ munity. Based on U.S. Census data, for

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every parent who keeps a job as the result of the Clubs, they earn an av‐ erage income of $30,054 that can be spent in the community. Additionally, the Club’s direct im‐ pact on the lives of kids provides an invaluable service to the community through improved graduation rates, reduced levels of teenage pregnancy, violence prevention and reductions in juvenile crime. These social interven‐ tions have distinct economic benefits and cost-savings to the Bloomington community by decreasing unemploy‐ ment and the need for long-term gov‐ ernment assistance. The local community continues to benefit from Club programs in many unnoticed ways. While the involve‐ ment of volunteers and donors is cru‐ cial to Club members’ lives today, their impact will continue to ripple among the community for years to come.

$30,054 Average amount of income earned by a parent who keeps a job as a result of Boys & Girls Club services Sources: U.S. Census Bureau Boys & Girls Clubs Ventura County

Teens Clean City Graffiti

d in a new partner‐ teen program’s Torch Club, embarke This summer, members of the BGC ove graffiti along Teens partnered with the City to rem ship with the City of Bloomington. mington. several high-trafficked areas of Bloo City of Bloom‐ s trained in graffiti removal with the More than 10 teenagers from the Club ntown business r training, the teens interviewed dow ington Parks and Recreation staff. Afte teenagers from the issues facing the community. Lastly, owners to better understand graffiti oval sessions. Clubs assisted with three graffiti rem City properties ity by restoring signs, equipment and Club teens have impacted the commun , teens devel‐ wood Avenue. Through the program Kirk and Park et Stre 3rd , Park s ple’ at Peo ct change in the gton beautiful, and they hope to affe oped a passion for keeping Bloomin graffiti. Bloomington community regarding d 25 square feet of

Club teens have successfully remove Since the inception of the program, ity. graffiti in the Bloomington commun

uss next steps the City of Bloomington again to disc The Club teens are excited to meet with the Boys & Girls cleanup program. Read more about ti graffi the with hip ners part r thei in s at Clubs of Bloomington teen program


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To Our Gen erous Partn ers & Donor s,

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The staff and bo ard of the Boys & Girls Clubs w huge thank yo ould like to ex u to our continu tend a ed supporters. Be osity, the It Just ca us e of yo Takes One (IJTO ur gener‐ ) fundraising ca last year ’s cam mpaign has ex paign funding ceeded by 80 percent.

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Nearly $90,000, contributed by family, alumni will help close and friends of the financial ga the Club, p th at ex is ts in providing community yo services to the uth who need us most.

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Killion, r, Brad Holtz, David m Long, Bob Harte ldwin, , Jay Rensink, Jeff Ba n Weiler, Joe Weiler lhinney, mpel, Kimber McE h Hogan, Jeremy Te therland, Glasscott, Mike Su le Robinson, Mike Shapiro m Shapiro, Tanner Renee Shapiro, Sa and Tony Kale.

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Club Board of Unit Directo Directors, rs & Staff

Outstanding Membe

r Award

Chris Baugh • Crestm

ont Club

Chris is the youngest of three kids, living with his sin including partial blindne ss, deafness in one ear an gle-mother. Chris struggles with multiple challe ng d attention disorders. Th program, Chris has impro rough the Mitch’s Kids tut es ved his reading and math oring scores by more than 200 percent in three years. In addition to academic improvements, everyone in Chris’ life has seen a tre daily attitude. His mothe mendous improvement r, Lea Baugh said that sin in his ce joining the Club, Chris attentive, loving and ma ture. comes home every day more


a special thanks to our corporate donors

Champion Partners

Chicago’s Pizza Cook Medical UPS Mentor Partners Osmon Chiropractic Center Bucceto’s Pizza and Pasta Owen County State Bank Bill C. Brown Associates United Commerce Bank Gates Property Group Curry Auto Center Gates Insurance Hilliard Lyons MCBA

Hero Partners

Community Foundation of Bloomington & Monroe County Boys & Girls Club Ladies Auxiliary United Way of Monroe County WalMart Foundation St. John Associates Big Red Liquors Roger’s Group


board of directors Whitney Gates President Joshua Hogan Vice President Andrew Bunger Secretary Scott Humphrey Treasurer

Brian Thompson Steve Holbrook Betty Davidson Jonathan Yates James Stogdill Manasi Watts Lance Eberle Joyce Jewell Jay Rensink Lois Brown Wes Erwin Jack Hunt



311 S. Lincoln St. P.O. Box 1716 Bloomington, IN 47402 (812) 332-5311

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