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Albury Botanic Gardens – a gardener’s wonderful journey Paul Scannell, Curator, Albury Botanic Gardens

Introduction The bearded vegetableloving Costa Georgiadis had just stuck his head inside an English Box plant and was talking to the small and enthusiastic group of school children from somewhere deep inside the foliage ... It was 5 December 2012 and we were at the opening of the amazing Children’s Garden at the Albury Botanic Gardens (ABG). Costa inspired everyone about the importance of plants and experiential education. He was especially taken with the imaginative creativity of the artist and the architects (Jeavon’s Landscape Architects) who had produced the fantastic concept design. We were all very proud of what we had achieved together. For me personally, opening the Children’s Garden was the coming together of all aspects of my career in gardening. It had begun under my mother Betty’s watchful eye, when I was nine years old. Weeding, pruning, mowing and edging the family garden set me up with a career path doing what I knew brought me my greatest sense of satisfaction. Back in the here and now I am witnessing our latest Friends’ gesture at our most recent Music in the Gardens event. They have just donated $85,000 to the Tree House project in the Children’s Garden. This is remarkable considering we have a core group of only six volunteers with Gwen Klinberg as our president. Fortunately, I was able to get Albury’s Mayor to surprise Gwen with a Friends Life Membership, in front of 1,200 people. Volunteers can do remarkable things for botanic gardens. Over the past 20 years, Albury Botanic Gardens’ Friends Group has sponsored the Rose Garden redevelopment, the Children’s Garden,


the botanic gardener | ISS 48 July 2017

The Botanic Gardener Issue 48  
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