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17 The Power of Flowers

Cover: Spear Lily Doryanthes palmeri George Pentland Botanic Gardens, Frankston.

The Hort. Section

Photo credit: Paula Murphy

Unlike the more familiar Gymea Lily Doryanthes excelsa, the Doryanthes palmeri stalk droops rather than stands upright due to the weight of the flowers.

Mary Lou Pavlovic, Artist


Compiled by Brad Creme, Curator, Bendigo Botanic Gardens and featuring Karwarra Australian Native Botanic Garden by Lindy Harris, Curator

The Science Section 28

Compiled by Brett Summerell, Director, Science and Conservation, Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands

the botanic gardener | ISS 47 March 2017

Tbg iss47 march 2017  

THE BOTANIC GARDENer - Issue 47 - March 2017. The magazine for botanic garden professionals. Theme - Managing Risks - Feature Interview -...

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