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Publishing Solutions for Every Device Database Publishing Consultants, Inc.’s integrated content-management solutions help companies publish enriched content to any channel by Cristina Adams In 1999, Joseph Bachana was working for a technology-management company when it decided to shutter the applications-development and -integration division he worked for. At that point, Bachana decided he could do a better job running his own company. So he started Database Publishing Consultants, Inc. (DPCI). “I had strong subject-matter expertise in the area of content technologies, and I had really good project-management and operational chops,” Bachana recalls.

“I thought I could do a services company better.” With one full-time employee (himself), two friends working part-time, and three clients, Bachana’s objective was to assist companies and organizations in publishing content to any channel, from the Web to mobile devices to print publications. Things have changed a little since then. Although two of the three original clients remain, DPCI’s size has boomed—it now has 15 full-time employees and 23 active clients. In addition, the company recently opened an office in Chicago. The new office and increase in employees reflects

another DPCI expansion—that of its business, which has broadened to encompass the delivery of integrated content-management solutions. “There are thousands of companies out there that can help you with your website,” Bachana says. “But how many can help you integrate your print, Web, mobile, and e-reader workflows from creation through to delivery?” DPCI can. Rather than treat content as a transaction, as something that’s a mere click away from being posted or published, DPCI approaches its

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“DPCI is a really satisfying and rewarding place to work. I am surrounded by individuals who are smart, focused, and excited about the company and the services we offer. It is nice to work with a group that is up for the challenges.”

“A rewarding part of being on the DPCI team is the ability to work on projects that have a positive impact for our clients, whether in maximizing the use of their content or assets, or helping them build efficient workflows.”

“DPCI has a highly capable team of bright people who work together to implement cutting-edge content technologies. Ingenuity, vast subject-matter expertise, and powerful teaming methods help generate great results for customers.”

“DPCI reimburses staff for any work-related training or certification courses and creates salary incentives in the form of MBOs (management by objective) for those employees who want to move ahead professionally, grow within their current position, or simply explore new, relevant technologies. And despite its relatively small size, DPCI also offers its employees an annual profit share. The DPCI culture is all about innovation and leadingedge content technologies.” —Joseph Bachana, President & Founder

1999: founded • 2000: first full-time employee hired • 15: employees in 2010 • 3: clients in first year of business 23: currently active clients in 2010 (multiple projects)

july/august 2011