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I went to MEC... This month we are meeting Ms Aarati Ajay, who is working as Sr. Consultant / Project Manager - IDC Consulting, Dubai, UAE. Aarati is an alumnus from the Class of 1998 - 2002 batch. She is popularly known Kuku. She has completed MBA - Biotechnology , Marketing, from University of Pune. Personal Details Married to Aditya Prasad, who is working as Sr. Manager - Nielsen Company Nattil : Jyoti, Palliyil Lane, Poonithura PO, Cochin - 682317 Crushes in College ;) Sandeep Unni & Rahul Das Achivements. Made people around me happy and proud at various points in life... I;d have thoughts of a lot of happy faces when I die.. Hobbies Dance - Ive learnt and performed Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattom, Belly Dancing, Salsa and now Kathak Rowing - have learnt Rowing ( not the vallom in alleppey but the more sohisticated ones in oxford and cambridge, though its all the same ;) ) Cooking - According to a few I know, I make lip smackin mutton curry and biryani ;) How is your typical weekend A late night movie at the cinema come back home by about 2am, sleep till about 11 30 am , go to dance class till about 2pm, catch another movie at the halls/ watch a play/ go out drinking with friends, come back home again at around 1am, go to sleep till about 10 am .. well and on it goes... Favourite Actor - Amitabh Bacchan, Mohan Lal, Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan basically all good looking ones ;) Favourite Actress - Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan,Priyanka Chopra Deepike Padukone Favourite Film - hmmm.... Black swan, a street car named desire, Departed, blood diamond, pulp fiction, Scent of a woman, Hot fuzz, Dev D, Paa, DDLJ, many many more.. :) How has your career progressed after passing out of MEC? Very happy with the career choices I've made.

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I went to MEC...(Cont:) Most Memorable incident from College? Dint really start vellom adi till many years after college - so nothing on that one... Vellom adikaatha - I remember my first year ragging, where this one gentleman took a fancy to me and he was 'protecting' me from the other raggers... many incidents to recount from that phase... but must add.. all very funny... All the arts fests.. i remember jumping on stage for anything and everything.. talend undo / ille .. aarum nokkilla... just get atop the stage and do your bit... it was amazing.. It was almost like I went to college to take part in Arts fest... One of the high moments was when I performed for Choreo Video ( dont know if you guys do it still) and we performed to - Madhuban mein from lagaan.. the final bit in Kathak after I did the steps and finished with a chakkar, I received the most thunderous applause I had ever got till then.... I was on top of the world... needless to say we snapped the first place ;). Another time was when I scored a 100 in Math.. something I hadnt done since 7th standard.. my mum was so shocked she actually asked me to send the paper for reval...- But I owe it to my maths teacher Rema Devi Miss... she was soooo good a teacher, she could transform a non maths person like me to score a centum.. hats off to you miss :).. All my other teachers Jayashri miss, minimol miss, Giby miss - have contributed a lot to the person I am. Things that come to your mind when you hear MEC Bestest Friends,nicest teachers,Great Fun, Some tears , Many more laughs, Yummiest Parotta and Chaar from Zam Zam, crazy arts fest great memories in all... Where do you see yourself five years down the line? Working with or as Chief Strategy Officer of GE HC, Philips HC or in BCG as Strategy Consultant MEC ranked 28th best in india by mint magazine. Your comments... Der aaye , lekin aur durust aaye... we need to get higher up cos we deserve to be...

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