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Felicia “Petey” Verrett My name is Felicia “Petey” Verrett. I began riding motorcycles in 1999. In 2002 I took a dragracing class with world champion dragracer Rickey Gadson and never looked back. Since coming to Georgia, I have been known and proven to be one of the fastest female motorcycle riders and THE fastest female dragracer in Georgia! I am still mentored by Mr. Gadson and coached when we are racing at the same venues. I have always loved motorcycling and have become consumed with motorcycle drag racing. My career goal is to become a top professional rider in the area of motorsports specifically, motorcycle drag racing. I believe learning from a 9 time world champion puts you in a pretty good position to be one of the best! I intend to be THE top female rider in the U.S. and abroad. I have held the title of Champion of the Female Race Wars for 2007 and finished second place in 2008. I have raced in the Orient Express Nationals, AMA Drag bike series in Atco, New Jersey as well as SEMDRA racing series in Georgia. I have been throughout the east coast at various tracks and am well known in the dragracing and motorcycle communities as a formidable opponent. I am one of the official spokespersons for 1 in 8 Motorsports for breast cancer research, I have also spoken at motorsports conferences to include: Female Sportbike weekend and Public Relations Officers Convention (PRO Convention). I hope to encourage and support all women who want to ride and race motorcycles and share my knowledge whenever I can. I look forward to the new racing season, opportunities to meet new people, make new friends and all the competition at the tracks! “It’s all fun and games till the light drops!”





*Southeast Champion, 2007 Female Bikers Race Wars, LaGrange, Ga., *Chosen as a team member for Steve Fossett’s World Landspeed Team – 2008 *Runner Up 2008 Female Bikers Race Wars, LaGrange, Ga.


2008 *Put Up or Shut Up – Macon National Dragway, Jeffersonville, Ga. – 3rd Place *Club Wars – Macon National Dragway, Jeffersonville, Ga. – 2nd Place *AMA Dragbike Orient Express Nationals – Atco, NJ. *Female Race Wars, Troup County Dragway, LaGrange, Ga – 2nd Place


Personal: 2006 GSXR-1000 Race Bike: 2007 GSXR-1000 Riding Experience: 9 years Racing Experience: 3 years



Motorcycle Safety Foundation Riders Course, Rickey Gadsons’ Sportbike Racing School –Beginner and Advanced Courses

2007 *SEMDRA (South East Motorcycle Drag Racing Association) -participant *CMD Promotions Female Bikers Race Wars Championship, LaGrange, Ga. – Winner *CMD Promotions Female Bikers Race Wars, Fayetteville, South Carolina – 3rd Place *CMD Promotions Female Bikers Race Wars, LaGrange, Ga. – Second Place 2006 *Female Bikers Race Wars, LaGrange, Ga.



*NHRA Competition Driver’s License *AMA Competition Drivers Licencse

Bike Experience:

1999 Kawasaki 250 2000 Kawasaki ZX-6R 2003 Kawasaki ZX-636 2006 GSXR-1000 2007 GSXR-1000 – Race Bike


By Jimm

mie Lee


s it possible to express a person’s character via the medium of building a motorcycle? Just call me Jimmy. I’m one of the few fortunate individuals to have had the experience of watching my own custom bike built by Chica. When finished, we called the bike “Two Face” as Chica somehow succeeded in expressing my dual-natured character through the Frisco-styled chop. You may be wondering, “Dual-what? What are you talking about, dude?” There’s a kind of pathological insanity being tempered by a God-consciousness stirring in my soul which is the theme expressed throughout Two Face. Using his razor sharp intuition and pure craftsmanship, it was as though Chica reached down into my soul grabbed something and out came a killer bike. But don’t let my words take away from the fact that it took a year and half of sweat in the Huntington Beach shop with all the grinding, wrenching, welding, cutting, and torching to create this one of kind build.



Carefully examine both sides of the bike. You’ll see the dual-natured theme everywhere. The gas tank, which is halves of a mustang and a sportster tank welded together, is the most obvious. The oil tank is oval on one side and a diamond on the other. But look at the metal work on the sissy bar or the metal of the primary cover. Twisted and smooth. It’s got two different tips on the exhaust pipes. How about the two different stitch patterns on the seat? Observe the bike from a bit of a distance and you see a balanced chopper with its precise posture. Initially there’s a lot to take in, but I’m proud of the fact that while thousands of Chica fans have taken their time to see it as a show-bike, it gets ridden hard and ridden often. If you roll on a Chica Custom, you have to get used to being stared at. It’s a bike that draws immediate attention. I was riding through Hollywood once and noticed this guy and his wife following me for a few miles. I was creeped out until he finally rolled down his window at a stoplight and asked, “Is that like a stick-shift motorcycle or something?” I think it was his first time seeing a jockey-shift in action. The jockey shifter is my favorite piece on the bike. The 93” S&S Shovel performs impressively well. The narrow 11” over Chica-springer 18 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM

front-end was engineered to handle speeds of up to 90mph with relative ease. For a chopper, it handles confidently through the twists and the turns. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve owned the bike and it has the reliability of a stock metric bike. Ironically, though it’s a loud rigid, I get a lot of time to think when riding Two Face. It’s my time to escape for a minute. When the bike is moving, the dual-natures unite as I merge with the machine. It’s a feeling that’s tough to put into words. If there’s one word I can think of to describe what I’m feeling as I’m rushing into the wind on this bike it would have to be: BLESSED.

Nowadays when I roll by the shop, Chica Custom Cycles seems a bit more chill in contrast to several years ago when people still had money and choppers were the media darling. When I first tread the grounds of the shop, Chica employed several workers including the late Johnny Chop and churned out several custom bikes per year. While the shop was certainly busier, there was the stress and the overhead that were costly. Like so many of us, Chica is no exception to having to weather the economic recession. In spite of the tough season, the shop still has a few custom bikes backed up and there’s always service work to be done. Chica keeps himself busy handling the business as it is a one-man show today. He’s also an avid soccer player. Let’s not forget being a family man, he always has his hands full with his wife and three children. I see more serenity in his eyes these days and sense a deeper inner satisfaction in him. A lot of shops have been swept away in the past few years, but Chica Customs is still running steady. With its soulful craftsman at the helm, Chica Customs will be around for a while.




Where did you grow up? Wow, as a kid I moved a lot! Mom was a single parent so we had to go where mom could afford. You know, same story as a lot of people but I would say I spent most of my life In the SGV and South East L.A, which has always been home to me. Do you have any kids? Yes, I have a beautiful daughter. How old where you when you realized dancing was for you? Well, I have always loved to dance‌ ever since I was a kid but I would say I knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was a senior in High School, just because the odds were against me so I took on the challenge and proved everyone wrong about me, that’s another story... What has been your biggest accomplishment? Wow there is so many to mention. I would say proving to family, my friends and myself, as long as you set your mind on something and you work hard at it, you can get to where you want to go. Anything is possible as long as you have dreams and ambitions. I could really go on about this question... How did you get discovered for the 2002 super bowl Levi commercial? Well at that time I had an agent and a manager so they sent me on the audition. I got a funny story on that... Do people recognize you in the street? They did when that commercial first hit, now they recognize me for other shows that the crew and myself have done.



y Seven Junkies



How do you get your legs to move the way they do? It’s a secret, can’t tell you guys about my special powers... Do you have any fears when dancing in front of large crowds? I did at one time but not anymore. It is like ridding a bike to me now. I was also scared to talk on the mic, now you can’t get me to shut up. How often do you practice your moves? I don’t anymore. I stopped practicing about five years ago… Everything I do today is off the top of my head, but I have to get back to practicing because these kids now days are sick, I have to try and keep up with them. Do you belong to a dance crew? Yes, The Infamous Soul2Soul Bboys “Est 1997” And L.A’s Baddest Popplockers the FunnyBones Crew “Est 2002” now with chapters in Phoenix, AZ and Roswell, New Mexico. How is your clothing line coming along? 27 Junkies Lifestyle is slowly building. It is looking good thanks to my partner Marco for knocking designs out and dealing with my ass... And my boy Alfa and Fam for hitting the Streets with our stuff and making noise about the 27 Junkies Movement. How do you feel when you see someone in the street wearing your gear? Words cannot explain the feeling and I know it is only going to get better. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? MARRIED WITH 20 KIds.... just kidding.... God willing I will be in the 27 Junkies warehouse and hopefully I will have my own Dance Studio some day.


What is something you would like to accomplish in this career? Everything I wanted to accomplish has been accomplished already, now I’m working on new goals. Who would you like to thank for always supporting you? So many to Mention. First of course our heavenly father for putting me in the position I am in today. My Mother for always being there and pushing me to do more. My father for never understanding why I did what I did and thinking it was a waste of time until he first seen me on TV. Of course my Beautiful little girl that keeps me going, “damn I’m in trouble when she gets big!” Evelyn For giving me such a great daughter, my brothers Izzy, Joey, Marco, Casper, Caveman, Alfa and Fam, 2tone, Warlock for always supporting me throughout the years. All the Soul2Soul BBoys from then till now and all of the FunnyBones Crew. Old English Brand, Urbankings, Dyse One Clothing and Big house, my Students the RockBots and the rest of my family and friends. Dub Magazine and CyclePath Magazine :) wow I could go on and on. I got the greatest people on my side that have my back and support me to the fullest. It is because of them that I am where I am today.... Aww teary moment.


From devistation to 26 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM

emancipation CYCLEPATHMAG.COM | 27


ow it all started. As a young buck, Brandon was all about being mischievous and it was always leading him towards trouble at the end of the day. In 1990 Brandon decided to go to the Mountains and rent a snowboard. The best way to describe his experience was “falling in love and finding a new meaning of going fast.” Wide open with the wind screaming in his face. Hochman claims that finding snowboarding as an activity was the best thing that ever happened to him. Pouring all of his time and dedicating his life around it, motorcycles came in the picture and he then started off by working at Atomic Garage on Melrose as the tech and store designer. Brandon was able to ride with the passes that were given to them through working at the shop, best perk of all he says. Later down the road he bought a pro-model off of a friend/Pro, a steal that was the latest "next year" technology and before he knew it, he was riding with the elite of the mountain. Learning their moves and riding fast to keep up, they pushed him into the level he soon acquired. Later he picked up a few sponsors to help pave his way to film, contests, then later into Hollywood doing stunts and product placement. Soon after he helped in the production of snow and skate related movies and commercials. During the El Nino in 1999 he was killing it! Brandon just learned inverted airs and was officially on the Airwalk B team with a slew of sponsors behind him Ie: Split, Anarchy Eyewhere, Pro tec, and a bunch more. That was the best year of his life he states. Then he sprained both ankles and snowboarding professionally fizzled out of his dreams for good. He had gotten a CR 250 Enduro years prior with the help of his girlfriend/ biggest sponsor of all. During this time, Brandon now had tons of time to ride it. He took it to Mammoth during the summers and realized he just wanted to ride. Didn’t matter what, just that he could go fast and wide open turns! After doing a movie in Big Bear 2001, he bought a 1996 Honda Shadow 600 with some of the cash he had collected and this became


his toy to cruise long distance. It was only a few months before realizing he needed a bigger engine and cooler bike! Brandon had no clue until his riding got deep and his passion then blossomed. A buddy of his had a Triumph Chopper another had a Harley Sportster and was a bit jealous of the loudness and coolness of their bikes. He then went and got himself a Harley Deuce, financed. Spent 20k out the door and little did he know that with the encouragement of friends, he had put another 5k into it and totally transformed it into a California Heartland poster bike. Saddest day was when he sold it about a month ago.

“falling in love and finding a new meaning of going fast.”



“Brandon Hochman, a former professional snowboarder, invented the first PETaPOTTY out of necessity. Long days of training and extensive travel, left him with little time to tend to the needs of his dogs. Too often he returned home to soiled carpets and sulking animals. The dogs had designated the living room carpet as their personal bathroom; so Hochman devised a plan. This plan brought the first PETaPOTTY into fruition. Hochman’s creation provided him with the freedom to leave home for the day and occasionally overnight without having to worry about his dogs doing their business on the carpet. After seeing the benefit of his creation, Hochman realized that pet owners of all sorts could benefit from his nifty invention, not just dog owners. In November of 2002, PETaPOTTY began production of the first line of PETaPOTTY units, marketing to the unique needs of pets and pet owners from all walks of life. Proudly Made in the USA Since building our first PETaPOTTY, each unit has been manufactured by hand in the heart of Los Angeles, California. We understand that businesses like ours help keep America up and running. Even with the economy in flux and the rising cost of fuel and materials, PETaPOTTY continues to do its part by staying local and acting global, providing jobs to the community and conserving energy that would be burned importing goods.” CYCLEPATHMAG.COM | 31

QUESTIONNAIRE Does your bike have a nickname? Haiti How long have you been riding? I’ve been on a bike since I was able to make my own decisions at 18. Moms and Pops would never allow it! Just like football, they told me to forget about it! How did you got started riding bikes? With my buddies Danny, Pat and Seth, who owned a CBR 600 that we would tinkle with and take on joy rides while Seth wasn’t looking. Lol.. What was the first bike you rode? CBR 600 What bike builders style do you like? By far Yaniv at Powerplant Choppers and Jesse Rooke, most my love goes towards the old school shit! Then for the Sportbike scene, VIP Customs and Tony Sesto Customs Are there any other bikes that you own? Just sold my Harley Deuce 100th custom What was the first bike you owned? CR 250 Enduro What is your favorite riding spot? To the Bu. Rock store and Neptunes Net floats my boat Do you ride this bike around town? More of a weekend thing for me now. If I could, I would. I just got back from placing over 800 miles on it going up to Moto GP at Laguna Seca What kind of looks do you get when people see you riding? Geezee! I wouldn’t know how to describe it, but a guy rear ended a car starring my Haiti down. What are your future plans for your bike? Ride it! Show it! Sell it! What is the best question you’ve been asked and what was the answer? How much money I have put into the bike? $400, always drops disbelief What is your favorite Motorcycle? Mine Favorite Motorcycle movie and why? Easy rider. Just one with the road Do you prefer canyons or highways? Canyons Street or dirt? Dirt Who is your favorite racer? Speed racer 32 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM



Highland MX 450 Test Ride

The Highland MX450R is an American Built beauty taking it to the next level. There is now a new player in the hotly contested MX field. Introducing fuel injection and a revised engine, frame and suspension. We’re talking about a total rework of the motorcycle industry. A revolutionary fuel injection system delivers low-end grunt. Its patent pending design only gets better as it smoothly powers you through the power-band. The stainless steel frames light and strong. You get strong where it’s needed yet forgiving to the rider, and absolutely brutal to the competition. For front suspension sometimes you have to make tough choices Marzocchi or Ohlins? Highland the choice is yours! When was the last time that you had to choose between two options that were both the worlds best? They make it easy on you for the rear shock. You have the finest in Ohlins rear shock technology. Here again you have a choice Brembo, or Beringer two of the leasers in powersport deceleration.






Ride Failure is not an option to the Highland MX 450 . The four-valve, single cam engine is innovative and is going to be very reliable. The transmission and engine are Engineered and stress tested to insure that what you get is the best material science engineering can offer. Speed, efficiency and durability. At a claimed 247 pounds, the bike’s weight is a bit heavy but right in there with the rest of the 450 class. One thing you will know you’re on a big, serious motocross bike. In the highlands, power, speed and indomitable spirit are required for survival. Every design is scrutinized and tested under the demands of the harsh realities of the highlands. To Highland winning is in their blood, and it in their heritage.

Smooth sweeping lines make the 2010 MX 450 flow. “very smooth throttle response and raw grunt from bottom to top make this a very effective motocross engine.” The 450 starts reasonably well for a big thumper. Once it starts moving it pulls and keeps pulling! Good shifting tranny and a smooth clutch can get you to that first turn. Fuel injection has eliminated the entire classic big four-stroke nastiness; no ‘cough and die’ at inopportune times at low rpm for no apparent reason. The extra weight was not a real factor. The bike felt nimble and turned well. This highland still requires a good amount of very skill. But with the smooth power delivery, conspire to make this a presumably easy bike to ride for any level rider, be it on a motocross track or wide, fast trails.

We like to thank Highland for inviting us to test out the new 2010 MX450.

When it comes to other important stuff, like ergonomics, the MX450 is a dream. We had no complaints from anyone in our test group, from 5’8” to 6’. We asked if them, could you live with this bike? The answer was yes. That alone says why Highland MX450 is on its way to be one of the favorite motocross bikes on the market. The bike is fast, handles well, smooth delivery, a huge amount of power and well balanced suspension. On the track or in the woods the smooth throttle response of the MX450 can simply be the perfect combination.

A great race bike handles doubles with no problems.

The MX 450 is has great handling for a precise rider. The big powerful engine is the best part of the handling package. At times it is easy to get in over your head because of the smooth delivery of power. . On a jump-heavy motocross track our 165-pound tester praised the firm and well-damped action at both ends. Test riders had little trouble keeping the bike in line while the front end skittered across choppy braking bumps on the Glen Helen motocross track. Our quickest rider had fewer complaints about the suspension but on the flip side, not a sole had any problems starting the beast with the electric start, however they did rave about how much fun this bike was to ride. The fun does not stop there anything resembling dirt can be fun. Our test bike was no exception. You know the drill: Find the biggest hill, point, shoot and climb. With big power comes huge… well you know. 38 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM

The suspension goes a long way to help control

Highlandthe might be the new kid the block, but is going to be a force to MX 450R ononhard braking bumps. recon with.



We were happy to be invited to ride the 2010 Highland Motorcycles at Glen Helen Raceway.







Does your bike have a nickname? The Roadking, no nickname. My 1981 shovelhead is called (Blue Thunder) How long have you been riding? Since 6th grade. How you got started riding bikes? My cousins What was the first bike you rode? 1979 RM 80 What bike builders style do you like? My cousin Robs (Fineline Cycles) What other bikes do you own? I only won the 1981 Shovel and 06’ Roadking. 42 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM

What was the first bike you owned? It was a 1980 RM 80 dirt bike... Then a street 1981 Shovelhead, that I still have today. Favorite riding spot? Anywhere down the coast. Do you ride this bike around town? Yes I ride them both whenever I can. What kind of looks do you get when people see you riding? A lot of thumbs up. What are your future plans for your bike? Rebuilding the engine on the shovelhead, on the Road King maybe a sound system.

What is the best question you were asked, And what was the answer.? Why would a young guy be riding an old Shovelhead? Answer... Because its a cool shovel and its all paid for. What is your favorite Motorcycle? Harley Davidson hands down. Favorite Motorcycle movie and why? Easy Rider...It has Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack, its a movie every rider should see. Funniest riding moment? Riding down the river bed to a spot off the 710 when I was young with friends from the neighborhood. As we got off the riverbed a CHP

car was waiting for us. He let us ride to the spot where we were riding and told us to get a ride home, which we all didnt. Scariest riding moment? Seeing a friend go down off of Ortega hwy. Canyons or highway? Highway Street or dirt? Street Who is your favorite racer? KENNY ROBERTS




2006 Harley Davidson


1981 Shovelhead



Review EVS Wrister Gloves

Alpinestars casual riding shoes Alpinestars has just released a trio of casual riding shoes. The Mille is a tall riding shoe that features a speed lace system: just tug on the laces and use the Velcro closing tabs to secure the ends. An oiledsuede upper with leather panels is abrasion and water-resistant and a soft compound rubber sole provides slip-free grip. Available in sizes 6-13 for $169.95 US. The Blacktop is a high-cut laced shoe that features a microfiber upper with cooling mesh inserts for those hot days. Additional protection comes via dual-density lateral and medial ankle cups, as well as a padded stripe that wraps around the ankle. Retail price is $109.95 US, in sizes 6-14. Finally, the Miglia shoe offers lower protection but higher style. This is a low-cut shoe that offers maximum walking comfort with a breathable 3D air mesh lining. An oiled suede upper uses an offset speed lace system with hidden lateral pockets for stowing the lace ends. Available in black or gray, sizes 6-14, for $129.95 US. For more info, go to

More armor for your back Alpinestars has released a trio of jackets designed to add protection to riders on the road and off. The Bionic 2 Protection Jacket comes in styles for men, women, and kids, and contains CE elbow and shoulder protectors, a chest plate, stretch mesh lining, and a “Bionic Race Back Protector” that’s removable and has the highest level of CE Certification possible (that would be level 2). It’s thinner and lighter than previous armor but offers twice the protection to the rider of Level 1 stuff. Arm and shoulder fit can be adjusted, and there’s a dual waist with kidney support closure straps. Prices range from $180 for the youth jacket to $300 for an adult model that serves as an “outer protection” jacket — but that’s meant for off-road riders. The Bionic 2 Protection jacket shown could serve as an inner armor system for street riders, worn under an unpadded leather jacket. It’s $230. See for info.


EVS Wrister gloves are very unique in that they incorporate a removable wrist support strap built into the glove. The gloves are comfortable and although a little bit hotter than others they provide great wrist support. They are perfect for riders who have minor or chronic wrists pain where a brace is not justified but some support is. This is just my case, and I can honestly say that since getting them, I very seldom ride without. Overall they feel great, the hand and thumb padding is good and the fit is solid. The other great plus us is that the wrist supports are removable, so if you only have 1 bum wrist, it’s simple to remove the support and wear it like a regular glove. Hook and Loop fasteners allow adjustment of the wrist support as well as the amount of tension around the cuff of the glove – this allows you to add the support where you need it most. Retail: $39.00 Get yours at


Review Alpinestars BIONIC NECK SUPPORT – Product Release (BNS) is a structure which is designed to work with a helmet to reduce the risk and severity of a catastrophic neck injury (i.e. a paralyzing injury) while riding motocross or off-road. While no product can guarantee protection from all motorcycle injuries, due to the varied dynamics of accidents, the BNS is designed to substantially reduce the likelihood of a career ending neck injury although it must be stated at the outset that it, as with other such systems, may not prevent injuries occurring in all cases. The BNS comes with its own carrying bag for extra convenience.

The Bionic Neck Support – Carbon – Key Features

•Pivot Key system: A special magnesium key located at the rear allows the convenient front opening of the device while also allowing it to be dismantled in an emergency. •Fitting System: Fine adjustment of the shoulder height allows a more personalised fit – particularly for individuals who have a shorter than normal neck. •Rear Stabiliser Failure system: In the event of large loads being channeled onto the rear stabiliser (the part that sits on the back) there are a number of deliberate bending and fracture points designed to relieve extreme loads that may be transmitted down the back. These include: oDeflection of foam tail oGrooves to allow deflection of support structure tip oFracture area of support structure tip oFracture of supporting members (also fracture if subject to side loads that could cause a large rotation to the head). •Collar Bone preservation 1: All parts in contact with the body use an expanded foam compound to distribute the impact force over the widest area yet remain light in weight. •Collar Bone preservation 2: A continuous frame member runs over the shoulders – this means there are no weak points in a critical part of the frame and that there are no metal pins or screws sitting directly above the shoulders which could be dislodged into the shoulders or collarbone during an accident. •Choice of Strap Systems. The BNS is supplied with the X-Strap System which allows a small, light strap (worn over or under the jersey) to secure the device to the rider. The larger A-Strap assembly (available as a separate accessory) provides a traditional chest strap for those who like to wear the protector tight to the body. •Carbon Composite frame to maximize frame stiffness and minimize weight. •Mounting points for accessories: Assist the integration of the BNS with your own Alpinestars accessories. Colors: Black/Red Sizes: S, M, L Price : $ 679.95

Motion Pro TiProlight Titanium Combination 4 piece wrench set, 8, 10,12, 14 mm Are you tired of your fanny pack feeling like you are carrying two cinder blocks inside it? Check theses SUPER light Hi-Tech wrenches from Motion Pro * These super-light wrenches weight less than one quarter of the weight of standard steel wrenches * Made from tool-grade titanium alloy * Extremely lightweight and compact design is perfect for trail tool packs * Exclusive Motion Pro design for optimized strength and performance * Titanium alloy will never rust or corrode * Ergonomic handle * Laser etched markings for easy identification * Designed by Motion Pro * Not recommended for everyday shop use * Set includes 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm wrenches Retail: $99.99 Get yours at



Review SAXX Underwear Review SAXX underwear is a new under garment designed to keep you separated from your legs. They do this by creating a pouch where your package rests. It sounds strange, and certainly feels strange the first time you wear them. But once you get use to them you won’t want to wear normal underwear again. Made of a flexible, breathable Nylon/Spandex mesh, which contours to your shape, the SAXX briefs are not restrictive or tight, they offered support where needed and keep you cool and dry on even the hottest days. SAXX briefs are available in three lines Bamboo, Everyday, and Performance and come in four styles Trunk, Boxer Brief, Long Leg, and Long Johns. •The Bamboo is very soft, lightweight and comfortable. The fabric comes with a moisture wicking and anti-microbial finish to keep men cool and dry. •The Everyday cotton is a mediumweight, high quality 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend. The everyday line is designed for daily comfort. •Performance fabrics wick moisture, are breathable, and add compression. Saxx Performance provides ideal support and comfort for active and athletic men. We tried a set from each line and love them, especially on hot days. If you have ever had a hot sack you’ll appreciate them too. Size and prices vary, check the SAXX website for details.

NEW FOR 2011 Renthal Moto Handguards Rentals new Moto handguards are designed to offer your hands protection against roost in a sleek and simple design. Ultra lightweight, these guards are designed to not interfere with your controls and provide excellent protection against rocks and roost in motocross applications.  Multiple mounting positions for both the bracket and shield offer the user greater adjustability during fitment. •Dual compound molded plastic shield with flexible synthetic rubber edge •Reinforced composite plastic mounting bracket offers protection& allows guard to flex in the event of a crash •Mounts independently of perches for versatility •Each handguard comes with optional red and blue graphic kit •Part number HG-100-WT •Made in the USA Retail: $39.95

Snap-On – Cordless Impact Wrench

Have you every tried to change a counter shaft sprocket without an impact wrench? It can’t be done! Check out this handy cordless impact wrench from Snap-On. It gives you the ability to have an impact drive on hand, without needing an air compressor. If you use it one time, you’ll be sold! Remove stubborn nuts at the track or at home. Recently released, this cordless 3/8-drive impact wrench with 14.4-volt power pack provides 230 ft. lbs. bolt breakaway torque. With an ergonomic over molded cushion grip, and a oversized trigger, this 4.6 lb, with battery attached, allows for easy use. The 3/8 impact also uses Snap-On’s patented dual rail slideon battery pack so you are sure the battery isn’t going anywhere. Led Light Get yours at the Snap-On website. Retail: $369.00



Moto X Super X


Sickest Whip

Step up






CyclePath Magazine Presents

The Ultimate 2 Wheeled Nation Irvine Ca.

New York City

ATaste of the BigApple


Cyclepath Magzine September 2010  

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