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the Hungarian mind itself We like to think that there is a positive image of the greatness, ingenuity and creativity of the Hungarian mind in the international consciousness. We are happy to boast that the discovery of vitamin C was by the Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian physiologist Albert Szent-Györgyi. During coffee breaks at conferences, we cleverly direct the conversation to the ballpoint pen found in someone’s pocket. The technology was invented by Hungarian journalist Laszló József Bíró, whose brainchild is simply called a biro in many countries to this day.

} Light-transmitting concrete

Áron Losonczi’s patented light-transmitting concrete has also inspired the visual arts. Géza Széri-Varga’s work “Memorial of the Relocation between 1950 and 1953” was dedicated in District I at Szarvas Square in October 2010.

Budapest's Finest In The Winter 2015  
Budapest's Finest In The Winter 2015