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Artisan Christmas


he Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair will feature more than 100 artisans and their beautiful crafts at Vรถrรถsmarty squares. In order to partake in such a largescale event, artisans are carefully handpicked and must adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the fair by exhibiting handmade items of the highest quality. More than half of the vendors are members of the Hungarian Artisan Association. Close to 20 professions can be found at the fair, including guests from here at home and bordering countries, which is a clear expression of the diversity and high quality of the artisans present at the event.

Colossal Advent Wreath at Vรถrรถsmarty Square

The organisers are prepared to surprise you again this year with their lavish array. The wreath, on display in the busiest square in Budapest, is more than 3 meters wide and half a meter thick, and is the most beautiful decorative piece at the square as well as an important part of the atmosphere and a symbol of tradition. The more than 400 kg wicker base is dressed up with branches of fir, moss, ribbons, rose hip, and gold decorations. The wreath, modern yet authentic, can be an Advent decoration for all in the heart of the city.

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Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair Programbooklet  

Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair Programbooklet