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MAY 2017

SIMON WESTON The Face of the Falklands

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From Harry BFRS ‘Virtually knows who knows’! BFRS have been working in the resettlement arena since 2009 and we reckon we know a thing or two about the transition from military to civilian life and if we don’t know, we probably know who does. Since our foundation, we have helped 10’s of thousands from the Armed Forces Community to make a successful transition from military to civilian life, we have also been instrumental in helping 100’s of commercial organisations reach military talent. Transitioning from the military is probably the most difficult thing that most military leavers will do during their service, and it is made more difficult by the fact that everyone’s needs and requirements are different. A ‘one size fits all’ type solution, just will not tick all the boxes, that is why we have created the BFRS ‘focal point’, managed and facilitated through a variety of both online and offline platforms where the Armed Forces Community and the commercial world can engage with each other more easily. We are continuously looking at how we can improve the help and support that we can give, so we have developed something new, which has actually been aired several times in different formats over the past few years, but now it’s been refined, its ‘Omnivil’ ‘the BFRS virtual event’, this

is just like any other careers transition event only instead of coming together face to face, you can attend from the comfort of your home, or exhibit from your office irrespective of where you are around the world. In today’s digital age, we believe that technology enhances opportunity and offers a flexible option/alternative to the traditional Careers Fair, but whether you are an exhibitor or visitor, we want to know what you think and how we can develop this concept further, so please explore it thoroughly and let us have your constructive feedback. Thank you and enjoy today’s virtual experience. Harry Dean CEO of BFRS

Phone: 0116 254 5477 Operations Manager: Dominic Hamberg Email:

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MAY 2017

SIMON WESTON The Face of the Falklands

© Jason Dimmock

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REWARDS FOR FORCES When we heard that a member of the Armed Forces, who had recently returned from military operations, was denied a discount in a major high street store, but a student in front of him was given one; we knew we had to act. Here at Rewards for Forces we recognise and respect that every person who chooses a military career and puts on a uniform does so by choice. We believe that serving personnel, veterans and their families deserve high recognition and rewards for their service, bravery and dedication to the work they do. That’s why Rewards for Forces was made: to do just that! If you are part of our forces community, this website is for you! Serving personnel and their partners of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Veterans, Service Widows/Widowers, Reservists, Cadets, MOD Civil Servants and the Royal British Legion are all welcome. Rewards for Forces is the UK’s largest discount website for Armed Forces which features 1000’s of National and local discounts. We have fantastic online and in-store savings for you and your family, where you can save between £550 and £1000 on average each year. And you want to know the best thing? It’s free to sign up online! You can save money on restaurants and takeaways, local high street offers, health and fitness, travel and holidays and so much more! However, if you want to take advantage of even more discounts in store, then keep reading…

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6 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017



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The mpg figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results (EU Directive and Regulation 692/2008), are provided for comparability purposes and may not reflect your actual driving experience. *Military Saving programme available to current and ex-Service Personnel. Including veterans and retired members of the UK Armed Forces. Customer savings of 5% to 20% off the On The Road price available across the Ford range (excluding KA+, Mustang, Focus RS and selected Mondeo, Edge and Ranger models) on vehicles contracted from 1st April 2017 and 30th December 2017 and registered between 1st April 2017 and 30th June 2018. Retail customers only. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other manufacturer promotions or incentives. At participating Ford dealers – for terms and conditions, including the eligibility criteria, eligible models and customer savings visit:




8 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

What made you decide to join the Military? I got into trouble as a 14-year-old and things escalated and I ended up in court. I got a fine of £30 which was a lot of money in they days. I needed more discipline and the Military was the obvious way out; as it has been for millions of other British people who decided to get away from the environment they grew up in. I served with the Welsh Guard’s 1st Battalion.

Now your transition was a totally different from most, how did you find your transition? Horrendous. It was so difficult. I knew I was going to be discharged from the Army, but when they actually did it I was absolutely crestfallen. As much as you prepare, you’re never fully ready for that moment when you no longer are valuable to an organisation. You’re in a world where, yes there is a lot of respect, but in reality, that’s as far as it goes. Respect for what you do ends the day you walk out the gate of the Armed Forces. You have to build your own reputation again in Civvy St, and for some that is easy and for some, it is incredibly difficult.

Your resettlement Major told you, you were on the scrap heap, how did you bounce back from that? After the initial statement made to me, which didn’t sink in at first. I got quite angry, not angry at him or the Military. I got angry because somebody had judged me without knowing me. After all the years we had met and different sessions, I was angry he judged me so harshly without knowing what sort of character I was. That pushed me forward to do more. I am big on proving people wrong I like to prove people wrong. Sometimes it’s good to listen to stupid quotes and Donald Trump said the other night something like, revenge is something he really lives for, he enjoys revenge. Me I don’t, I like to prove people wrong, if someone does me wrong, I will wait a long long time to make sure my efforts prove them wrong. If there is a downside to their career because of something that happens to me being successful, then so be it. That isn’t revenge that is karma. That is

what I believe in. I just look forward to the day I can have the day of triumph, and I will have that day because I have done well and have proved you wrong. I believe in myself and believe that I can succeed in anything I try to succeed at.

You never saw yourself as a victim, what advice would you give to others that have had a life-changing event in their lives? If you experience any life-changing event, forgive yourself, don’t beat yourself up over it. You are not the master of all of your destiny at that point, but after that, you are in control. If you see yourself as a victim, you’ll always be a victim, but if you see yourself as a survivor and a winner you’ve got a chance. Give yourself the best fighting chance, invest in yourself, learn more, experience more and always remember ‘knowledge is power.’ We all have to go out, and we all have to seek a fair opportunity, which doesn’t always exist sometimes. When it doesn’t exist for you, you have to create it. Which is not the advice you get when you’re young, but sometimes you just have to do things differently. For me what I have always done is; I have always tried to see the positives. I have always worked towards the Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 9


“I BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND BELIEVE THAT I CAN SUCCEED IN ANYTHING I TRY TO SUCCEED AT.” positives. I have never been one for slagging people off, or publishing peoples names. I have never been one for getting into big public spats with people. The only one I have ever done that with is, Christine Fernandes de Kirchner who was the Argentinian President and that was over the Falklands. She was stupid and there is no school or university in the world that teaches stupid. It is a choice, stupid is definitely a choice and moronic people are just moronic cause they want to be. When my public career was slightly dipping Christine would step up and say something stupid about the Falklands and that would put me right back in the limelight! Thanks, Christine.

What was the best piece of advice you were given during transition? I was never given any advice really. Among the things that I have taken from myself is “like yourself, like who you are” If you like who you are then people will like you. The problem is most people look at what they haven’t got rather than what they have got. Yes that day in the Falklands changed my life but I never wanted sympathy. Sympathy, as they say in the Military, is somewhere in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. When life seems like hell just keep going, when all around is going to hell and it is freezing cold outside sometimes you just got to pull your pants down and slide on the ice.

Your skills you honed in the Army, do you think they set you up for your motivational speaking and security business? I was taught discipline and self-discipline in the Army and those skills always help you, in anything

you do. When you leave, you have to do what you have to do. Don’t worry about it, just get on with it. Do what you do in the Military. I enjoy my job, the only downside is the amount of time I spent travelling and wearing a suit. It is one of those most incredible pleasurable consequence of what happened to me. As I say to people I won’t be defined by what happened to me, but by what I did about it. What happened to me was a split second, but apart from that it was down to the medical teams that got me physically well again and then it was down to me. I was very fortunate, I had people come into my life at the right time. The wonderful thing about life is, the more positive you are, the more positive people will come into your life. I have a really strong mindset. If you look at all the drinkers on the street they all gravitate to each other, same with drug addicts. You look at depressives, they all gravitate to each other. They all like a shoulder to cry on and somebody to cry on theirs. If you are negative, negative people gravitate to you. The glass has to be half full, it has to be. It is tragic that so any people instantly see what is bad and look at the downside. When it is cold and wet, it is cold and wet for everyone, so get on with it! As Billy Connolly said once “see that graveyard its full of people who would love your problems.” When I was at school all I could think of was success. And if you believe in yourself and go forward with yourself you can do it. Ambition is good, as long as you don’t sell people down the road for it. Don’t ever go out to deliberately offend people, cause you will lose friends, always take the high ground.

10 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

People will be surprised to know you are now friends with Carlos Cachon the Argentinian pilot who bombed the Sir Galahad. Yes. He was doing his job, and I was doing mine. I have made absolutely no comment on my Regiment or any of the other boys that were injured or the boys that passed away. I met him and we became good friends, but don’t judge me for it, don’t criticise me, because you don’t know what I have been through to get here. It just happened.

You have written children’s books, how did you get into that? Years ago I had a real milkman called Mike the milk. A wonderful man. I was watching the telly with my kids, and we saw bob the builder, fireman sam and postman pat and nobody ever spoke about the real person that touched peoples lives, the milkman. If you lived in rural Britain you had a milkman. I wrote with my best friend David Fitzgerald who is the funniest man I have ever known. He is such a kind and funny man who looks like a fat Rory Bremner (his words). We wrote the books together and it was a great experience. I was told I was never going to be able to make it work, an ex-soldier, ex-prop forward, disfigured, disabled, how was I ever going to be able to write a children’s book, but I done it. I proved them wrong. All the way through my career even with my security business and I also have part ownership in an engineering business I have proved people wrong. And to the man who said I was totally unemployable he can kiss my shiny white nose, and the reason I say that, is the skin on my nose comes off my arse.

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 11


You have helped set up Care after Combat, you yourself have had PTSD, do you think Veterans’ are better looked after now than when you left the forces?


12 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Yes! They are. There is still a long way to go. The investment is slowing down and getting less as there is no active combat at the moment and it isn’t a political issue anymore. We see too many Veterans in jail. Now, there are loads of organisations that have jumped on the bandwagon and set up similar to Care about Combat and I suspect a lot are thinking they are doing something revolutionary, which they aren’t, but good on them. The more people that are trying to help the better. Hopefully, the government will see there is one way of doing it, and say right, this is what we are doing we will look after everything and the charities can dissolve. They should spend a good few million and take charge of. That would actually save the country money. With regards to my PTSD, I had to deal with it in stages, cause there was no help at the time. That is part of why I met Carlos, because of my nightmares. He showed great moral courage. He said straight away he would meet me. He was very kind. That is why we got on, because he was so kind. He was incredibly gentle as a human being. I am sure he has his tough side, he wouldn’t have been a fighter pilot if he wasn’t. He didn’t have to meet me, but he did, and he made a difference in my life. The PTSD didn’t stop until about 23 years later after the Falklands. I wasn’t as bad as some people are. Sadly some people use PTSD to claim from the Military or get away with convictions. That hurts me, because false allegations are diluting the claims of the genuine people who have PTSD.

© Matt Austin

How important do you think networking is when you leave the Forces? Massive, absolutely massive. Networking in all walks of life is so important. Utilise the ex-services community. Don’t expect loyalty just because you served, don’t trust people simply because they are ex-service people. There is a huge amount of charlatans and fraudsters out there. Networking is hugely important, there is a massive amount of really good ex-service people out there. I have come across a few corrupt people who have tried to take me for a ride, but there is more good than bad. Just be careful. There is a lot of wonderful people in this country in businesses who will do the very best for you. Even Bill Gates and Donald Trump network, it is how everyone succeeds.

Who has had a big impact on your life? How long have you got? In my life, it has been a case of meeting the right people at the right time to alter my life, give me the right support or help me seek the right opportunities. Stepping away from the Military side of things for a moment, there were so many people that touched my life and kept me alive. I would have to say the first civilian who did something to change the direction of my life, would be Malcolm Brinkworth, he made the first documentary about my injuries and that gave me the public profile and from

thereon in, I have never looked back. He provided me with a platform and an opportunity and from that moment on I was able to use that and this has helped thousand of others.

What 3 words would friends and family use to describe you? Laughing Obnoxious belligerent and stubborn!

A professional rugby club was going to sign you before you were injured, if your rugby career had taken off what would you have said if England had asked you to play for them? Ha ha, I would have got injured. I know that is childish, I would have played for an English rugby club but not the country. I am Welsh. My biological father was Scottish but I couldn’t have played for Scotland either. I couldn’t pull on a shirt of another country. I actually coudn’t pull on a shirt from a football club apart from the ones I support. Rangers in Scotland and Manchester United in England. I know a lot of English rugby players and I hate to say it they are great guys. In fact most youths today should get into rugby. it helps focus so many young people in Wales, It is a fantastic sport. Like the Army it instills discipline.

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By Jacquie McGeoch

Last issue we told you about the Warrior Challenge; The Warrior Challenge will start in Lytham St Annes on the 16th June and will finish at Westminster Bridge in London 14 days later. The route will take Andy and Glen past the graves of the six soldiers killed when the Warrior armoured vehicle they were travelling in was hit by an IED in Afghanistan. The soldiers - Sergeant Nigel Coupe, Corporal Jake Hartley, and Privates Christopher Kershaw, Daniel Wilford, Anton Frampton, and Daniel Wade – served with The Yorkshire Regiment, the same Regiment as Andy, and The Duke of Lancaster Regiment. After cycling for 488 miles Andy and Glen will then take to the river to kayak a further 125 miles in to London, where they will kayak down the Thames to Westminster. They will also be joined by Andy North, a cycling world record holder from Ultra6, who will be running a marathon alongside them every day. As well as fitting in full time jobs both Andy and Glen have been training hard for the challenge, both putting in the miles on their bikes, and working in the gym. Andy has also been training both in a swimming pool and in a river for the kayaking part. Both will be undertaking training on the kayak over the next week. Andy is a triple amputee, business owner, motivational speaker and author. His book Standing Tall is inspirational. Everyone should read it. In Andy’s words “The Taliban nearly killed me, but they couldn’t take away my fighting spirit.” And this challenge shows Andy and Glen’s fighting spirit. On the Challenge, Andy said: “Glen and I really wanted to pay a fitting tribute to the lads who lost their lives, so hopefully this challenge will do just that. We will visit each of their

16 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

graves along the way before stopping off at the Headquarters of 3 Yorks in Warminster. It’s going to be tough but we’re really up for it.” WO Hughes added: “We’re both veterans of Afghanistan and we both came back with lifechanging injuries, but that won’t be getting in the way of this Challenge. It’s a great chance to pay tribute to the guys who died whilst also raising money for two charities close to us. I’m sure all the blisters and aching muscles will be worth it!”

Please donate to this fantastic challenge, help make a difference. To find out more and to support the challenge please visit: www. Twitter: @WChallenge2017 To donate Text Army (amount) to 70004

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 17

The UK’s largest discount

website for the Armed Forces community featuring 1,000’s of


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The Armed Forces community, including Regulars, Reserves, their families and veterans past and present are all eligible to join.



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400 miles cycling. 125 miles kayaking. 6 men remembered. Veteran and triple amputee Andy Reid, and Warrant Officer Glen Hughes take on an epic challenge to remember the 6 men who lost their lives when their Warrior armoured vehicle was caught in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2012. Find out more at Andy Reid at the Arras Memorial in France Š�Ed Smith photography

by Alex Cooper

Most do well…

On leaving military service, whether a short stint or a full career, most people get on with the next stage of their lives and do alright. For a number of reasons some fall down and some lucky buggers do fantastically well, but they are small in number. It is stands to reason, therefore, that the sort of person you are, combined with the experiences and skills you have gathered, make decent post-service employment an odds-on bet. Right?

Figure 1. Normal Distribution (Bell Curve) for service leavers That is scant comfort to the man or woman on terminal leave, when the unit cohesion and esprit de corps that sustained them is fast disappearing, the ‘dead cert’ job in maritime security/operations management/whatever has been delayed yet again, and the full scale of the task ahead is becoming very apparent.

Unhelpfully for service-leavers the two main narratives about post service life can be summarised as follows: • Media/social media. The armed forces contain a high proportion of misfits, scarred by their terrible experiences and doomed to fail unless supported by charities. Employ at

20 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

your peril because they’ll shout at people and probably go sick with PTSD or worse. • MoD/Resettlement ‘Establishment’. You have proven yourself, you’re hard-working and you have loads of transferrable skills. Of course Infantry Section Commander is a good grounding for a career in management. Do this course that (coincidentally) costs exactly 1 x ELC plus your IRTC and you’ll be fine.

1. Acknowledge that your transition to civilian life could be imminent. Even if you haven’t signed off, there are many reasons for getting out, and some of them are beyond your control (WIS, redundancy, family pressures, etc.). Look hard at yourself to gauge your readiness in terms of money, housing, life skills, etc. (there is plenty of help available and you could do worse than read these

These are tongue in cheek, but both contain an element of truth. According to published statistics around 85% of service leavers are in employment 12 months after leaving , which compares favourably (though is not a demographic match) to the wider population at 72%. Whether the jobs are paying enough, satisfying and sustainable is a question that is not asked. I am aware of several former colleagues who are stuck in low paid crap jobs well below their potential and previous achievements and most would appear to be related to a lack of preparation.

2. Understand what you want to be. Yes, most of us can get ‘a’ job but, with a whole working life ahead of you, ‘the’ job has to be a better aim. Start by reflecting on what you enjoy most from your current work and other experiences and do some research about likely fields of employment. The Regular Forces Employment Association and the Officers Association have a remit to support all service leavers from up to two years before leaving, so anyone with two years under their belt should contact them for a chat with one of their employment consultants.

Like many in the Forces I really hadn’t thought about the future and assumed that, because I had done jobs with ‘operations’, ‘project’, ‘management’ and so on that I could do a couple of courses and pick up a decent job in my preferred area quite easily. On reflection, of course, that was bollocks. When I look at my earliest attempts at a CV and think back to my assumptions about what I was ‘job-ready’ for I cringe at my naivety.

3. Know your limitations and freedoms. Are you tied to a particular location by family, home etc.? How far can you commute or can you work away from home (best to check with the significant other on this one)? What industries/employers are in your preferred area and what is the state of employment and cost of housing/living? Do you have a truly marketable skill/qualifications?

It doesn’t matter that you are dedicated, hard-working, flexible, easily trained and could add significant value (what the MoD calls ‘transferrable skills’, but are really traits), without being able to prove the following on your CV to a potential employer you will be hard pressed to get an interview: • Do you have the exact skills/qualifications/ experience required? • Can you make/save me money? • Do you present any risk? It is very common for service leavers to take a drop in salary on leaving, and this can last for a while until a few years of civilian life give you the opportunity to knock off a few rough edges and gain some relevant experience. So what can you do to improve your chances of being in the upper half of the bell curve when you do get out?

4. Start preparing yourself & networking. Look at job adverts for the sort of thing you are after and check out the qualifications and experiences required. Speak to former colleagues who are out and pick their brains about the best courses you could do, then use SLC/ELC to help pay for them (you will need to put your hand in your pocket and maybe use some of your own time but it is worth it); likewise, try to get some work placements and/or do some relevant voluntary work. LinkedIn is a great resource for building networks and you may be able to get a one to one meeting with someone useful – very helpful for getting advice and feedback. The above may sound a bit simplistic, but 900 words is a bit of a constraint. Hindsight is a great thing, so use other people’s experiences and support to help guide your thoughts and actions. There is no substitute for early and sustained preparation driven by an awareness of the challenges and opportunities in your path and a comprehensive plan to deal with them.

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 21

What does it take to get 75 million journeys off to a flying start? People like you. Security Officers £21,930 (pro rata) + benefits Full and Part-time Opportunities Heathrow Here at Heathrow, there’s a lot more to security than you might think. While checking documents and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious are an essential part of a career as a Security Officer, it’s also about offering the kind of first-class service that gets every journey off to a flying start. That means giving each passenger a warm welcome – and a great send off. It means treating them with empathy and understanding. And it means doing everything possible to help them pass through the airport safely and smoothly.

You don’t need to have a security background to join us. What’s important here is your natural ability to look after our customers from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. No matter where you come from or where you want to take your career, if you’ve got what it takes to make customers feel at home at Heathrow, we think you’ll help us meet our vision of delivering the best passenger service in the world. Explore our world at



Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Want to work for Laing O’Rourke? We welcome applications from Service leavers of all backgrounds. Opportunities in: • Planning • Design • Project Management • Engineering • Geotechnical • Construction • Infrastructure • Logistics • Skilled /Unskilled Workforce • Manufacturing • Transportation


Workshop Technician £22,686 to £25,960 pa (includes Recruitment & Retention payment of £3,277) Full Time (37.5 hours a week) Job Ref: 202-019-17 (Trowbridge/Swindon) and 202-018-17 (Swindon) We are seeking an experienced Motor Vehicle Technician to maintain specialist vehicles and equipment, while optimising vehicle availability. The role primarily covers our Swindon and Trowbridge areas. To apply, you must have: • Served a recognised Motor Vehicle Indentured apprenticeship (or equivalent training scheme) • Obtained City & Guilds Motor Vehicle Craft studies parts 1, 2 and 3, or a Motor Vehicle Technicians qualification/BTEC equivalent • A full UK driving licence, held for at least 1 year, with a maximum of 3 points allowed for some offences (category C1 is essential).

South Western Ambulance Service is working towards equal opportunities. Due to under representation within the Trust, we would particularly welcome applications from minority ethnic group individuals, women and those with a disability. Additional training will be given. Application forms, job descriptions and person specifications are available at Closing date: 31 May 2017

Meet the team Neil Dean “My Transition” Neil Dean served in the Royal Artillery for 15 years, as a Command Post Detachment Commander. He served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq and various other places around the world.

Why did you join the Army I grew up listening to my fathers and grandfathers’ stories, I knew early on that it would also be a part of my life. It seemed like it would be an adventure, that would provide me with different challenges weekly. For the main it didn’t disappoint me, I was naïve though.

has a habit of getting the details right, without making it complicated. A great example is a drill movement timing 123, 1. As a leader, you need to be aware of your own strengths and weakness and those of your team, this enables you to build the strongest team possible using everyone strengths to ensure you maximise the team’s success everytime.

What were the most important lessons that you learned during your transition? Why were you naïve and what did you get out of your service? Even if I listen to other people’s stories now, it sounds like an adventure. It sounds easy, fun, everything you want in life. The truth is; it is only an adventure because it is challenging, and at times I nearly quit on myself. Luckily you are surrounded by people who won’t let you quit, they make it easier, they make it fun. Every day was an adventure, it was uncomplicated. Far too often since leaving, I have seen people make things way too complicated. The military

The adjustment to being a civilian is absolutely S***. You need to find a sense of purpose as soon as you can, otherwise, it will eat you up. I felt alone, I felt I was no longer contributing to anything (to the bigger picture), which impacted on my family and my job. Don’t be one of those Veterans who sits behind a computer full of self-entitlement, get out there and get your hands dirty and be part of the solution. Stepping up and being proactive like you have been trained to be, will increase your chances of a successful transition, a successful life.

24 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

If you see an opportunity, don’t scoff or belittle it because it doesn’t meet your lofty aspirations. Be part of the solution and pass it on to another Veteran looking for work.

How does it feel to continue to support our Armed Forces Community through your work at BFRS? It’s very fulfilling being able to oversee programs and projects that support, the Armed Forces Community. I love working with companies, who are committed to offering the same opportunities to the Armed Forces Community. Each day a new company recognises the huge demographic, of skill-sets military people have, and when BFRS talks to them we are pleasantly surprised that they are the ones selling us their soft skills. It’s a struggle at times! Fighting against organisations who continue push out, over the top, negative facts about people who have been in the military. Most Veterans, are not dependent on alcohol/drugs, we are not all homeless, we haven’t all killed someone, we are not going shout at everyone. Some of us do need extra support for all sorts of issues that afflict us, BFRSs’ job is to try and help with one of those areas, EMPLOYMENT. Most of us will need help at some point in our lives, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just remember our values and standards are for life, it’s what our stories are about, embrace your next challenge.

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Mount International United Services Career Opportunities across England Salary circa ÂŁ35,000 Due to expansion MIUS, Established by an Ex Navy Petty Officer in 1997 and known as the premier independent service organisation of diagnostic imaging equipment in the UK, are looking for electronic engineers to join our highly motivated and rewarded team Our team of Engineers includes Ex-Forces engineers, from all three services, some from as far back as 2002. We are proud of them all and delighted how quickly they adapted into their new environment

Positions are available throughout England and Full training is provided so aptitude and attitude is far more important than past experience. We offer a generous package including above average industry salaries, Company car, private healthcare and company funded Pension Please apply to Paul Mount, Learn more about MIUS at—

Some of the MIUS X-Ray service team during a training day (inc 3 ex forces)

Looking for a new challenge? Interested in applying your skills within an emergency service? Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is currently recruiting: •


Clinical Advisors (999)

Senior Clinical Advisers / Homeworkers (NHS 111)

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Call Handlers

Join a 5,000-strong team which is proud to serve more than 5 million people across Yorkshire and the Humber, providing 24-hour emergency and urgent care services including emergency operations, NHS 111 and 999 call centre services and a nonemergency patient transport service. Benefits include: • • • • •

Flexible working arrangements Generous annual leave entitlement Ongoing training and development opportunities Free Occupational Health and counselling service Excellent pension scheme

If you have a passion for making a difference to people’s lives we would love to hear from you!

For a full list of our current vacancies please visit: You can contact a member of our recruitment team at: or 0333 130 0524

ON IN JUNE Reserves Day 21st June 2017 Reservists give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces, balancing their civilian life with a military career to ensure that should their country require them, they would be ready to serve as part of the military. The Reserve Forces make up approximately one sixth of our Armed Forces personnel and as such are integral to protecting the nation’s security at home and overseas, particularly providing capability in specialist areas such as medical and cyber. However, the contribution they make to our Armed Forces often goes unrecognised. As such an annual Reserves Day was created to highlight and recognise the valuable contribution Reservists make to our Armed Forces. Reservists are everywhere, but you might not know it. So on Reserves Day, our Reservists wear their uniform in their civilian life – here are some from the last few years! Keep an eye out for them this year.

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Armed Forces Day 24th June 2017 Armed Forces Day is a chance to show your support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community: from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets. There are many ways for people, communities and organisations across the country to show their support and get involved, from attending an event or joining us online to throwing a party or local event. For more information on what’s happening in your area check out the Armed Forces Day website.

© Crown copyright 2017

SSAFA The Big Brew Up Put the kettle on, have a Big Brew Up and support our Forces and their families in times of need. By taking part in our biggest fundraising event of the year you will help raise vital funds for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. We provide lifelong support to all our Forces and their families. Armed Forces Week starts on the 19th June so we are encouraging our supporters to hold their Big Brew Up that week, but if that doesn’t work for you just pick a date that does.

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Bristol Executive Management Programme


Our flagship 3 week MBA-level (CMI Level 7) course gives you the business skills necessary to prepare for your future career. “BEMP enabled me to understand the nuances of business operations and to ‘begin to speak a different dialect of a similar language’.” This course covers all the essentials including : 

Business Strategy

Accounting (for Non-Accountants)

Business Operations

Employment Law and Marketing

BEMP will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the framework, methodology, language and ethos of business. It is designed to help you to understand how to map your skills and translate your Service experience for civi street.

To compliment this course we also provide:  Inspirational guest speakers  Career specific seminars (e.g. ‘Making the most of a Career in Management Consultancy’, ‘Career opportunities in IT Service Management’)  Access to over 500 job roles across the public and private sector through IMD Interim Management’s placement services

Other courses at BMC:  PRINCE2®  APMP  AgilePM®  MoP® 

APMG International Change Management™

    

MSP® M_o_R®

Better Business Cases™

ITIL® APMG International Managing Benefits™

Call us : 0117 949 1500 Email : Visit :

PRINCE2®, MSP®, M_o_R®, MoP® and ITIL® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. Agile PM® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Systems Development Method Ltd. All rights reserved. Better Business Cases™ is a trademark of Her Majesty's Treasury. All rights reserved. APMG International Change Management™ and APMG International Managing Benefits™ are trademarks of The APM Group Limited. All


Aged between 18 and 55 and interested in inspiring, shaping and leading the next generation? Then being an adult instructor with the Army Cadets could be an exciting option for you. You can help young people in so many ways, whether you’re helping them go on an expedition, inspiring them to reach the next level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or showing them how to become more self-sufficient at annual camp. To find out more just visit:

JOB VACANCIES DHL Salary: 25K Plus Over time

ALDI Salary: £11.72 - £12.08 P/H

BFRS Salary: Salary: Competitive

URGENT HGV CLASS 2 DRIVERS Location: London Transport Logistics Assistant (Nights) (Atherstone) Location: Warwickshire Qualified LGV C+E Drivers Location: England

Chevron Traffic Management

Trainee Traffic Management Salary: Operative £400 - 600 per week Location: Maidstone – Kent

Heathrow Airport Salary: £21,930 + Benefits

Laing O’Rourke Salary: Competitive

MOD Police Salary: Contact for Details

Medvivo Group Ltd Salary: £8.70 - £10.86 P/H

NTRS Network Training & Resource Solutions Ltd. Salary: Dependant on Experience

Scania (Great Britain) Ltd Salary: £37,000 TO £37,500

Balfour Beatty Salary: Negotiable

Female/Male Security Officers Location: Middlesex Construction Manager Location: England Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) Location: England Mobile Responder – Trowbridge Location: Wiltshire Fibre and Copper Cable Technicians - RAIL experience Location: England HGV Repair technician – Stansted Location: Essex Site Manager Location: Wolverhampton

For For moremore details visit details visit 32 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

‘Get Training’ - Run Your Own Training Business

Kickstart Package 6 topics of your choice + subject relevant experiential learning tools worth £150 FREE

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Pro Package 12 topics of your choice + subject relevant experiential learning tools worth £ 270 FREE

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What’s included: n n

e-Books provided with an annual print licence Framework programmes for each topic

n n

Trainer Notes Add your own logo

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Trainer activities and hand-outs PowerPoint slides

Topics to choose from Customer Service & Customer Care Motivating the Team n Planning & Allocating Work n Team Leading n Team Working n Team Communication n



n n

Change Management Creativity and Innovation Financial Management


Developing Workplace Relationships


Presentation Skills Project Management


Individual topics available from £325 – build your collection to suit your needs

Professional support for the aspiring facilitator

Achieve a fast return on investment and build a highly profitable business

Take your knowledge and skills to the next level

For more information: Tel: 01529 304402

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The Fundamentals of Coaching Effective Writing n Marketing n Negotiation and Networking n Conflict Management n Stress Management n n

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ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is the National Charity of the British Army, providing a lifetime of support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families in times of need.

The Charity was originally established in 1944 as the Army Benevolent Fund as a “Fund for the Soldier”, created to ensure that the hardships endured by Servicemen in the aftermath of 1914-1918 were never repeated. Since then, the Charity has grown into a truly national charity with a worldwide footprint – each year, it provides help to some 4,500 individuals in need, as well as makes grants to more than 90 other charities and partner organisations that deliver specialist support on its behalf, touching the lives of over 80,000 people in 55 countries worldwide. Most soldiers leave the Army with a promising future and excellent life skills, but there are some that experience mental, physical, transitional or financial difficulties because of their service. The Soldiers’ Charity provides help across a wide range of problems that those soldiers, veterans and their families face. Often, they help with the everyday things, which

may not seem exciting, but are life-changing for their beneficiaries. Support with care home fees, training courses for a spouse, or home adaptations are just some of the things that can ensure every soldier and veteran of the British Army is afforded the independence and dignity they deserve. The scope of the Charity’s work is enormous; last year its eldest beneficiary was a 105-yearold World War II widow who needed assistance in paying her care home fees; the youngest was a two-year-old child of a serving soldier who needed funding for a specialist piece of medical equipment. For over 70 years the Charity has been helping people from the Army family, defining its work through the Army’s own values of courage, loyalty and selflessness. The Soldiers’ Charity receives no statutory government funding, so holds many fundraising

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events to raise money and awareness for those who suffer the aftermath of fighting for our country. One of their most popular yet challenging events is The Cateran Yomp, which consists of teams of 3-6 people hiking across the rugged Scottish Highlands over 24 hours. With a choice of three distances (Gold – 54 miles, Silver - 36 miles or Bronze - 22 miles), it’s not for the faint-hearted, with over 1,000 people taking part each year and teams coming from as far afield as Canada and the U.S. to take part. Registrations are still open for this year’s event on June 10-11, so if you think you’re tough enough, grab a group of mates and sign up at For more information about the Charity and to find out some of the other ways you can get involved with raising much-needed funds, visit You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Meeting Specific Healthcare Needs for Veterans, Reservists and Families. Dorset NHS The success of the team in the short time it has been operational has been inspirational. We have developed good collaborative working Relationships with the regional Personal Recovery Unit (PRU) at Tidworth which has led to referrals directly from MoD to the team which is a significant show of the regard in which the service is held. A health fair was held in January at Bovington Garrison aimed at service personnel organized by the Armed Forces Health and Wellbeing Service (AFCS) in collaboration with the Welfare chain at Bovington which enabled a number of our DHC services to access this group; significantly both the Personal recovery unit at Tidworth and the Department of military Psychiatry had manned stalls at the event. We are already planning a second event this year which will be opened up to the whole community around the Garrison as this was such a success A tea and toast group for the spouses of serving personnel held at the garrison is proving popular and is provided the group with advice and signposting to appropriate help a further advantage of this group is that we have found a pool of individuals who are keen to take up vacancies within our respective services. Such that we propose to hold a job fair at the garrison later in the year A coproduced wellbeing awareness course will be available this year (via the Recovery Education Centre Who the service lead is liaising with currently) for former service personnel, families and carers. It will help them to understand good mental health hygiene and wellbeing and ways to maintain this.

• Those using the Wellbeing Gateway will also be invited to be involved in the peer to peer support (Transitions Support Group) to help in promoting health and wellbeing. • The team will be working closely with the voluntary sector and service charities to deliver elements of this service, using their expertise when developing care pathways for each former serviceman or family member. The (AFCS) has developed a clinical pathway which has been co-produced by service users themselves members of service charities and representative from health and local authorities it build on four specific pathways in which to facilitate access to health and wellbeing and develop a workforce capable of supporting those from an Armed forces background. And the AFCS lead is in discussion with DHC training department to produce an e-training package to support greater understanding across health and local authority staff of this service group. The team are working very closely with service charities locally and through them have been able to support a number of homeless veterans into accommodation and access to health and local Authority support this has led to us having first call on accommodation at the War memorial homes in Bournemouth and we continue to work closely with other housing providers to develop housing stock that veterans can access. Additionally with an initial concentration on Poole as a result of the specific needs of the service population posted locally the lead for the service in collaboration with K Moore Policy Officer Poole Council have produced a comprehensive and robust covenant action plan which identifies responsible officers in each of the key areas of Health, Adult Social Care, Education, Housing, leisure etc. This is about to go to cabinet/elected members and it is hoped by the authors (K Moore Poole

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Vlad Rocas (left) with Andy Gritt.

Council and AJ Gritt DHC) that this model will be adopted by local authority partners across Dorset putting us at the forefront nationally. In mid-January as a result of the close working relationship with Poole Garrison the service lead who has been providing support to the welfare chain was invited to the formal opening of the Royal marine community Centre in Hamworthy where the team have been invited to hold workshops and clinics. The center was formally opened by HRH Princess Anne who was interested in the work we are doing locally and spent time with the service lead who outlined this to her Highness. A proposal to develop a retreat in Dorset for Veterans has been developed and a large local land owner has identified a barn complex and orchard which has been offered to the team for a peppercorn rent. The AFCS has been working with local and national Charites to develop this and if it can be developed fully it will mark a significant and unique element in local provision, currently the service lead in collaboration with veteran representative and several charities is working up a business proposal which will go to the management board in a months’ time As a result of the work streams completed to date the Lead for the service was invited to meet with Michael Tomlinson MP who sits on an all-party select committee on the Armed Forces Covenant; as a result of that meeting he presented the work to the select committee (which mentions us by name in a recent Hansard report) and we have provided further supportive information to that committee. The expressed view being that what we have developed is a unique approach which will help inform the national agenda.

Additionally in December the service lead met with Colonel Commander HQ Army South West who following the work we have done directly in support of the Wounded injured and Sick (WIS) population and families transitioning out of the Armed Forces feels that what we are providing is in his words “the Gold Standard” which he would like to see rolled out across his area of responsibility (AOR) this is 7 counties and 1/4 of the British Army. A further development of this is that the Commanding officer HQ Army North West is also keen to discuss the work we are doing in both health and local authority sectors to build on the work they have been doing in their region. It has been proposed that a symposium should be held this year 2017 to bring a number of stakeholders across the region together to provide an opportunity to showcase the work we have done here in Dorset with the view that this could act as a standard to implement across the regions. In the 10 months that the team has been operational it has been found that the needs of the Armed Forces Community are manifestly more complex than was first thought which is indicated by the significant and continued uptake of the service currently some 40 veterans are on the books and the team receive daily calls for advice and support from health and local authority colleagues as well as military welfare chains and chain of command across Dorset’s Garrisons. Andy Gritt Trust Lead Armed Forces Community (Veteran’s) Health and Wellbeing. Tel: 01202 584428

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KICK START A NEW CAREER AS A FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR By qualifying as an instructor with Nuco Training, you will be part of the largest network of combined First Aid, Health and Safety and Food Safety instructors in the UK. You will be a fully supported instructor with Nuco Training Ltd who is an approved centre with First Aid Awards Ltd, an Ofqual and SQA regulated awarding organisation. This allows you to deliver a range of nationally accredited qualifications in your chosen subject area.


includes: First Aid at Work, Defibrillation, Anaphylaxis and Oxygen Therapy.


includes: Health & Safety, Manual Handling and Fire Safety.


includes: Food Safety in Catering and Good Nutrition.

One of the reasons instructors choose to train with Nuco Training is the outstanding benefits and support we offer to our instructors... • The ability to teach a range of Ofqual and SQA Regulated qualifications at Levels 1, 2 and 3 in First Aid, Food Safety and Health & Safety (Levels 4, 5 & 6 in Scotland) • Free access to NucoPlus – An innovative website that will give you huge benefits in respect of course management and support • Full administrative, business and technical support throughout your qualification • Free listing of your courses on our Course Finder • Comprehensive quality led training in first class training venues throughout the UK



Nuco Training Instructor Profile

DARREN MITCHELL At the age of 21, I joined Her Majesty’s Prison Service at a time when the Government were doing mass recruitment of new officers, increasing the number of staff in establishments so that prisoners could have more purposeful activity hours out of cell. I gained many skills in my 22 year career with the service.

To aid with my teaching, I obtained a level 3 teaching award

I was promoted to a wing manager, managing the day to day

and my A1 assessors award. I didn’t just want to be able to

activities of both staff and prisoners. In my last 4 years of

stand out at the front and teach, I wanted to learn how to teach

service, because of my passion for exercise and leading a

in different ways to maintain interest within my learners. I then

healthy lifestyle, I became a PE Officer.

attained the level 4 CTTL’s teaching qualification.

“THERE IS LIFE AFTER THE SECURITY OF A LONG CAREER. ALL YOU NEED IS THE DRIVE AND ENTHUSIASM TO GO OUT THERE AND DO IT.” In 2011 I started my own business MJD Training LTD. I was aware of the respect that NUCO Training had as the professional provider to Her Majesty’s Prison Service, so when I decided to teach first aid as part of the business, I signed up to their first aid instructors course. NUCO provide excellent support for all their instructors. They are only a phone call away and will help in any way they can. They have loads of instructor tools to help you regardless if you are employed or self employed. Within the last year I have also become one of NUCO’s lead trainers, travelling around the country, teaching first aid, AED, oxygen therapy, anaphylaxis and also getting learners through their level 3 qualification in education and training. Recently I have taken on the role for NUCO as one of their Throughout my career I have taught many courses. For many years I taught the staff how to deal with violent and

trainers in the level 3 Health and Safety Compliance training course. There is always something new with NUCO. They have

refractory prisoners, and assisted the national team in teaching

helped me immensely not only with my own company and

the specialist riot training. I have also taught prisoners sports

development of my business, but also with the work that I do

qualifications. I get great satisfaction in standing in front of a

for them. There is life after the security of a long career. All

group and teaching them new things. It is rewarding to pass

you need is the drive, and enthusiasm to go out there and do it.

knowledge on, and see individuals succeed in achieving

It does not happen overnight. But with determination and the

new qualifications.

help from NUCO, for me it has become a reality.


Prepare for civilian life with a globally recognised UK university qualification The University of Derby Online Learning is one of the UK's leading providers of online distance learning. We offer structured and supported undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that are ideal if you are preparing for the transition into civilian life. Online learning offers you a flexible way of completing a university qualification allowing you to study whilst on and after deployment from anywhere in the world. Choose from a wide range of subject areas including: • Accounting and Finance • Business and Management • Computing and IT

• Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour • Environmental Sciences • Health and Social Care

• Hospitality Management • Professional Engineering • Psychology and Ergonomics

Ready to find out more? Call: +44(0)1332 594000 or Email: Whether you're starting out, moving up or starting again


Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) Resettlement Program

20 Days = 5 Days Copper Cabling | 5 Days Fibre Cabling | 10 Day Work Placement

The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) is the perfect program to start your new career within the network cable installation industry, it provides two qualifications, official certification and eligibility for an Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Datacomms Specialist card - a must to allow you to work on-site. The CNCI® program includes 5 days copper cabling and 5 days fibre cabling, and Service Leavers also gain a 10 day Work Placement, allowing actual on-the-job experience which has the potential to turn into employment.

Call us to find out how you could benefit from joining the Network Infrastructure Sector +44 (0)1284 767100

Everything you need to start a new and successful career u 20 day program u 5 days of copper installation u 5 days of fibre installation u 10 days of work placement u Gain two industry recognised qualifications

u Gain official certification

Resettlement Advert - Half Page.indd 1

27/04/2017 17:08

For adults who haven’t previously been to University, returning to education can seem like a daunting prospect. The University of Sheffield’s Department for Lifelong Learning is helping mature students from all backgrounds to make the transition back into education by offering a foundation programme aimed at adults coming to University later in life. The University of Sheffield offers a range of 23 degrees with a foundation year, which are designed specifically for mature students without the traditional entry qualifications usually required to enter Higher Education. Studying a degree with a foundation year allows mature students to take full advantage of all the opportunities that studying for a degree brings, whilst also working alongside other mature students and with staff who have many years’ experience working with adult learners. The vast majority of students undertaking a foundation year are 21 or over and are coming to university later in life than a ‘typical’ undergraduate student. They have been working, travelling, caring for children or other family members, and building valuable life experience. Following the foundation year, students begin their degree course as confident, independent learners whose life experiences and insights enrich the learning experience for all students on their course. One such example is Gary who worked for many years in retail before making the decision to study for a degree in Archaeology with a Foundation Year. Gary says “The decision to come to University has been a turning point in my life. Sacrifices did need to be made but for me and my family it is absolutely the right

decision”. Having completed the foundation year Gary is now in the second year of his degree and looking forward to what the future holds. He is also a passionate advocate of learning as a mature student, becoming an ambassador for the Department for Lifelong Learning and sharing his experiences with other prospective students. Adults return to education for a wide range of reasons, all of which are personal to their own circumstances. Many students are studying a subject they have held a lifelong passion for, many are studying for a degree to allow them

42 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

to embark on new careers, and some simply wish to do something for themselves after supporting and caring for others for many years. Our aim is to support every student to achieve their best on their chosen path. Helen is a 43 year old wife and mother who says ‘from the age of 18 to 40 I did a series of mundane jobs but it wasn’t enough’. Talking about her journey to becoming a student she remembers ‘I saw an advert for the Department for Lifelong Learning and it felt like fate...Everyone can come. It’s not too late, and you do learn better as an adult’. Being at University also allows mature students to take advantage of all the other opportunities that being a student presents, whether that is joining a Students’ Union society or committee, taking advantage or work or study abroad placements, or simply meeting students of all ages and from all backgrounds. Many mature students have working, caring and family commitments which all need to be managed alongside their studies. The University of Sheffield’s Department for Lifelong Learning has many years of working with such adult

learners and offers comprehensive support for students coming back to education. Students find the support network of staff and fellow students an invaluable support as they integrate into university life. Many choose to take their studies at a slower pace by opting for a parttime course, whilst studying alongside full-time students and enjoying all the same facilities and services. What is common amongst all mature students is the realisation that their age is irrelevant as they integrate with others at the University, as every student brings their own unique experiences to share with fellow students. As David, a BA History with Foundation Year student says: “Coming to University at the age of 30 was frankly terrifying...the foundation year took all the fear away...I was just enjoying it”. If you want to find out more about returning to education at the University of Sheffield please visit To watch our student stories in full please visit

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Providing support services for Armed Forces Families since 1943


HEALTH • TRAINING • WORK OUR DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN We are veterans' focused, veterans led and our aim is to help you to get to where you want to be. Our specialist services are delivered by fully trained caseworkers with a proven track record of delivering results. We provide advice, training and information to assist ex-service personnel in moving from the armed Forces to new occupations, building capability and inspiring belief. Getting the right support couldn't be easier...

Call: 0191 386 2634 | Email: | Visit:

With nationwide job opportunities available in Fitness, Personal Training, Sales, Reception, Management and much more, start your journey with Fitness First today. We are passionate about fitness and inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals, giving our team the opportunity to get more out of their career by inspiring each other to learn new things, achieve new qualifications and get fitter together. Employee benefits include free gym membership, your birthday off & loads more… We are always looking for ambitious individuals that will strive to develop both themselves and the Fitness First brand.

Are you ready for the challenge? Visit for our latest job opportunities or email for more information

personal development/ resettlement compliance cti


training instructor course

Qualifying trainers, managers and compliance specialists for the future Train2Train is the leading provider of compliance training and instructor-based courses within the UK. Our compliance training instructor course allows delegates to deliver 15 accredited QCF qualifications including first aid, health and safety, food safety, fire safety, and moving and handling. As part of the course you will also receive a comprehensive instructor’s packs valued at over £2,400 which can be loaded onto your iPad mini (the iPad mini is included as part of the course for each delegate), this is inclusive of training presentations, handouts and delegate thumbnails. Delegates will also be eligible to apply to register with Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), which if successful will allow for the delivery and certification of the qualifications. This unique course will allow you to teach either through your own company or on behalf of a training organisation. It is also a fantastic addition to any CV to place in front of a prospective employer. Training venues include*: • Doncaster • Oakham (Leics) • Catterick

For further details on this and other courses available, including Custodial Care, NEBOSH, Health and Safety, Food Safety and Teaching qualifications, please contact us at:

International Training venue:

t: +44 (0)1302 363136

Cyprus Germany

e: w:

*Minimum numbers required Visit: for further information


£2000+ £2,400 products

First Class publications from Ltd - the UK’s leading supplier of compliance training materials iPad mini which can be fully loaded with Ltd training presentations


©Train2Train 2015 Disclaimer: Any learner wishing to apply for tutor and/or centre status in order to deliver regulated qualifications must meet the prescribed quality assurance standards as set by a regulated awarding organisation, for example, HABC. Learners should note that the successful completion of the course does not guarantee approval by a regulated awarding organisation.


Biomedical Engineering in the NHS By Dr Helen Meese

The discipline of engineering that interacts with the human body is principally the province of the biomedical engineer (BME). Biomedical engineering, is a diverse, exciting and relatively new area within the ďŹ eld of engineering. Biomedical engineers work in a vast range of areas and roles across the healthcare sector, from assistive technology to neurosensory devices. They are responsible for the development of equipment which diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates patients as well as developing technologies which help measure, model and simulate human anatomy. They have pioneered the development of artificial joints and organs, robotic surgical equipment, and the growing area of personal health-devices and wearables, helping people and doctors stay connected twenty-four hours a day. These Engineers have the potential to play a huge role in relieving the pressure on stretched clinical staff, resources and budgets within the NHS. Yet despite their not insignificant contribution to our health and care, the work of the biomedical engineering community remains largely hidden and undervalued. It is vital that engineers are at the heart of the design, procurement, use and maintenance of medical technology. It is only with engineers working alongside clinicians and nursing staff that properly informed choices on these issues can be made in the best interests of patients and taxpayers. The problem is, the perception of what an engineer is in the NHS is often misunderstood. It is usually split between those engineers in clinical roles and those in infrastructure and facilities; although the general perception is engineers ‘just fix things’. As technical innovations are set to revolutionise healthcare in the coming decades there is an urgent need to prioritise the role of engineers in the NHS, and introduce a Chief Biomedical Engineer in every NHS acute trust. However, unlike many other NHS professions, there is little uniform recognition of the biomedical engineer. They are often 46 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

assigned to different departments, operate at different levels of authority and have varying input into critical decision-making, depending on which Trust they are employed at. Biomedical engineering is referred to as clinical engineering in the NHS, but other titles such as electrical and biomechanical engineering and rehabilitation engineering are often used, amongst a host of other names. This inconsistency not only

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers believes there are 5 key benefits to having a Chief Biomedical Engineer in every NHS Trust: 1. Patient safety - overseeing quality of clinical care by analysing and reporting on incidents involving medical devices to improve patient safety. 2. Value for money - achieving maximum value from investments in technology by benchmarking data across the whole NHS to secure cost-efficient procurement and sustainable maintenance of key equipment. 3. Faster access to new technology - supporting medical device clinical trials and providing a unique skill-set to bring industryled product development and academic research into clinical practice in a timely manner.

4. Patient-specific healthcare - providing direct patient services by applying innovative technologies and facilitating the manufacture of patient-specific equipment. 5. Long-term technology strategy - Delivering a sustainable and well-defined plan to maximise patient safety, clinical efficacy and overall value from medical technology through understanding the needs of clinicians, patients and the wider NHS.

undermines the work of engineers, but hampers connectivity between Trusts on the development, procurement, maintenance, and sharing of medical equipment. Today, the NHS is undergoing major reforms to ensure it is fit for purpose, yet affordable. The biggest concern will be servicing a growing, ageing population with increased expectations about what the NHS can do, against a backdrop of tightening budgets, rising costs and a commitment not to affect frontline services. A chief biomedical engineer in each acute NHS Trust would be able to encourage best practice and ensure equipment is procured efficiently across the organisation, helping to maximise patient safety and clinical efficacy. The cost of introducing a chief biomedical engineer in each NHS Trust would be negligible compared to the significant benefits to patients, services and the NHS as a whole. In an ever more technical environment we need high-level engineers to ensure the NHS is able to help improve safe independent living, while improving the NHS for the long term.

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 47

TRAINING COURSES Oak Tree Management & Training Ltd Package 14 - NEBOSH Fire Cert Location: Bury St Edmunds/York

Cost: £650

Syracuse Managed Solutions Limited Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT) Location: Contact for Location

Cost: Contact for Cost’s

Tavcom Ltd (Training and Resettlement) Intruder Alarm Repair and Maintenance Location: Hampshire

Cost: £595.00 + VAT

Train2Train Compliance Training Instructor (CTI) course Location: Blandford Forum

Cost: £2000.00+ VAT

University of Derby Online Learning Business and Management BSc (Hons) Degree Location: Online Cost: £13,230

3rg Security Ltd MARITIME SECURITY OPERATORS COURSE (MSO INC PDSD) Location: Contact for details Cost: £495

Cable Telecommunications Training Services (CTTS) Ltd Transition Plan 4 - 7 Weeks (ELC) Broadband Fibre Networks Location: Contact for details Cost: £4730.00

CNet Training Certified Network Cable Installer – Resettlement Location: Suffolk Cost: £2,394

Complete Training Solutions GWO Fire Awareness Location: Contact for Details

Cost: £125 + VAT

Corporate Risk Systems NVQ - Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice Location: Distance Learning Cost: £600 48 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Edge Hill University MComp Computer Security and Networks Location: Lancashire

Cost: Contact for cost

Nuco Training 5-Day Advanced First Aid Instructor Training Course Location: Exeter Contact for Details

Southstep LTD PRINCE2 TRAINING Location: Contact for Location

Cost: Contact for Cost

For more details visit

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 49

Ace that

INTERVIEW! Over the past several years, companies have developed different approaches to evaluating candidates using a range of different assessment techniques such as data analytics, psychometric tests, personality questionnaires, role plays, assessments centres, case studies, skype and video interviewing and more.

The primary objective of the recruiting process remains the same – to assess the strength of a candidate against the criteria for the role. Interviews are an integral part of making that determination. Over the course of my career, I’ve conducted thousands of interviews and seen some great candidates, so I’d now like to share 5 tips to help you ace your next interview.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation ‘Winging it’ won’t land you your next job! Make sure you know the requirements of the role. You’d be surprised how many people don’t! Read and re-read the job spec. Know how you have demonstrated the skills they are looking for in past roles and think of clear examples to show what you did, how you did it and what you achieved. Technology makes it easier than ever to do your research. Check out the company website and LinkedIn Company Page, read annual reports, press coverage, social media and blogs. Identify people in your network who work at the company and talk to them. They may be exhibiting at careers events – go and talk to them. They may have some insight into the role and what the company are looking for, or just a few interview tips. Build a clear picture

of the company – what’s their business, what does company culture look and feel like, what recent initiatives or contracts have they undertaken. Keep up to date with industry trends, challenges and opportunities. How are competitors performing? Don’t wait until they ask why you want to work there – take control and tell them up front why you feel you’d fit in, how you see yourself contributing and how you see yourself developing with them in the future.

2. Ask Questions, and Listen Interviews where both the interviewer and interviewee feel comfortable and build rapport go far better than those where lists of questions are fired and answered. The best interviews are 2-way conversations where they can get to know you and you can get to know them. Your CV has probably told them you have great

50 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

5. Don’t Forget the Basics

communication skills so now’s your chance to demonstrate them.

In a competitive environment, being wellqualified, highly experienced and having a great CV may not always be enough. So, what else counts?

Prepare and ask thoughtful questions about the team and the role. By asking questions along the way and helping drive the conversation, you’re more likely to make a connection with the interviewer and leave a positive impression.

Companies won’t waste their time interviewing candidates without the right certificates, skills and background. That’s why they put so much time, effort and money into the short-listing process. Sometimes, it’s the small details that can differentiate you from the other candidates.

Stay focused and listen to the answers. This may lead to further questions and a really good conversation. I’ve employed a number of candidates who have succeeded in making the interview questions almost redundant because we’ve had such a great conversation where not only their aptitude and capability has shone through, but where their maturity, personality and passion for the role has come across with ease.

An interview is about more than just answering a list of questions – it’s also about the impression that you make. Here are some of the “little things” that matter: • Start building a relationship before the interview by calling to confirm your attendance • Arrive in plenty of time – not too early but definitely not late! • Be friendly to everyone you meet • Know the dress code • Relax and be aware of your body language • Send a thank you email or note after the interview

3. Tell Your Story It’s time to bring your CV to life and tell your story – what you’ve done, how you did it and how you made a real contribution to the team or organisation. Craft clear and concise answers to their questions which show you have the skills, judgment and drive to do the job. Interviewers will be looking for evidence of how you added value in past positions as a strong indicator of how you will perform should they employ you.

While preparation and good presentation are key contributors to your success, an interview is really about determining whether you are a good fit for the job and the company and vice versa. Sian Richardson - Founder of Forces CV Services ©Forces CV Services 2017

Support your answers with specific examples from your past. Share an experience that demonstrates how you’ve overcome adversity or a challenge and what you learned from the process. Before the interview, think about your strengths and development areas and understand how they relate to this role.

4. Be Authentic Be yourself. The objective of the interview is for you to assess if the company aligns with your values and for the interviewer to assess if you can do the job, will do the job and if you’ll fit in. They’ll easily see through anyone who isn’t being themselves and putting on an ‘interview persona’ so relax and be your authentic self.

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 51

DATES in Your Diary

BFRS have dates in place for 2017, you can visit our website at to find out who will be exhibiting, pre-register your attendance and view the magazine online! Please note some dates and venues may change

GEOAmey Recruitment Assessment Day Time: 0930hrs – 1415hrs Venue: Holiday Inn Location: Egerton Rd, Guildford, GU2 7XZ

Mitchells & Butlers Armed Forces Meet and Greet Days Time: 1045hrs – 1400hrs Venue: Toby Carvery Location: Yarm Rd, Darlington, DL1 4WF

Mitchells & Butlers Armed Forces Meet and Greet Days Time: 1045hrs – 1400hrs Venue: Toby Carvery Location: 206 Longton Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8BU

52 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017


25 2017


01 2017


22 2017

Mitchells & Butlers Armed Forces Meet and Greet Days



Time: 1045hrs – 1400hrs Venue: Toby Carvery Frimley Location: 114 Portsmouth Road, Camberley, GU15 1HB


National Employment & Careers Fair @ Oakham



Time: 0930hrs – 1400hrs 2017 Venue: Greetham Valley Golf & Conference Centre Location: Wood Lane, Greetham, Oakham LE15 7SN

National Employment & Careers Fair @ Tidworth



Time: 0930hrs – 1400hrs Venue: Tidworth Leisure Centre Location: Nadder Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire, SP9 7QN


National Employment & Careers Fair @ Catterick Time: 0930hrs – 1400hrs Venue: Catterick Leisure Centre Location: Gough Road, Catterick, North Yorks DL9 3EL


23 2017

Pre-register your attendance online at to keep up to date with event information! CONTACT BFRS Address: Centenary Business Centre, Hammond Close, Attleborough Fields Ind Est, Nuneaton, CV11 6RY T: 0116 254 5477

| W: | E: Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 53

VIRTUAL EXHIBITION 2017 Exhibitor Listings 3RG Security 3rg deliver a portfolio of training courses from our Poole training centre. 3rg’s training is designed to meet the needs of service leavers looking to gain a foothold in the commercial security market. Our courses include: SIA Close Protection - City & Guilds, C&G’s Maritime Security Operatives (MSO), First Person on Scene (FPOSi) medical course, Professional Investigators / Surveillance Source (EDI), HECPO training and Firearms Course. Website Email Phone 01202 744582

Aldi With over 9,000 stores worldwide – and continuing expansion throughout Europe, North America and Australia – you’ll see why it’s an incredibly exciting time to join us. We’re dynamic, energetic and we need people who share our passion for getting it right. Join us and you’ll be the kind of person who enjoys taking on wide-ranging retail challenges. Website Phone 0161 655 1087

CNet Training CNet Training has educated thousands of Service Leavers, providing them with the skills, hands-on experience and sought after qualifications to enter the lucrative network cable industry. The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) is the perfect program to start your new career within the network cable installation industry, it also provides eligibility for an Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Datacomms Specialist card – a must to allow you to work on-site. Website Phone 01284 767100

54 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Cable Telecommunications Training Services (CTTS) Ltd Your one stop shop for a new career in Telecoms! The Cable Telecoms Group (CTTS) are the one stop shop for your new career in Telecoms. No technical background required!! Professional Training, Industry recognised qualifications, assistance with CV compilation, work placements, assistance in to employment and then continued long term support, all part of our unique after care package! Website Email Phone 01522 880900

Complete Training Solutions We specialise in the delivery of courses for the Offshore Renewable Sector. We deliver a wide range of industry related training courses from construction, rope access, HSE and Offshore Wind. We are an ELCAS approved centre that delivers mandatory basic training packages designed for the Offshore Wind Industry. Courses are taught at our two training sites on the banks of Liverpool’s Mersey estuary with great transport links, free parking and lunch included. Website Email Phone 0151 708 9785

Corporate Risk Systems Ltd One of the largest providers of Health Safety and Environmental training courses CRS currently have over 21 courses/course packages approved by the MoD for ELCAS funding so something for everyone and with specially discounted prices agreed with the MoD you can be sure to get value for money. We offer NEBOSH, IOSH City & Guilds, Construction skills and IEMA courses some distance learning. Website Email Phone 01332 527107

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 55

Chevron Traffic Management The UK’s leading Traffic Management Specialist Established in 1979, Chevron is the largest independent traffic management company operating throughout England and Wales, with an annual turnover of more than £65m, no other traffic management company is better equipped. Chevron directly employs more than 450 trained TM operatives; we have an extensive fleet of over 375 specialist TM vehicles and operate from 10 different depot locations. Website Phone 01844 354666

Edge Hill University Voted University of The Year 2014/15. We have a 130 year history of providing innovative higher education and offer an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes that have been developed with employability in mind. Many of our degrees offer professional accreditation and exemptions towards professional awards. We also have excellent links and partnerships in sectors including Business, Education, IT, Health, Social Care and Media. Website Email Phone 01695 650901

Forces CVs Land your dream job with a highly professional CV that stands out from the crowd. Moving jobs, changing career or leaving the military for civilian life presents many challenges – getting started in a rewarding new career doesn’t have to be one of them. Are you • stressed about having to write an interview-winning CV? • confused about how to write about your achievements? • finding it difficult to translate military terminology into civilian language? With our military knowledge and commercial experience, we’ve helped hundreds of clients worldwide to do that, and we’d be delighted to help you too. Website Email

56 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Heathrow Airport Be part of our journey It takes thousands of people in all sorts of roles to give the 190,000 passengers visiting Heathrow each day a warm welcome, a safe experience and a memorable send off. They’re proud of the service they provide, and with good reason. Now you could help us make every journey better. Join us, and we’ll help you fulfil your potential and lead our transformation. Continue your journey with Heathrow. Website Phone

0844 335 1801

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Improving the World through Engineering The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is the fastest growing Professional Engineering Institution in the UK. We offer Professional Registration and Member Benefits to Engineers and Technicians from Industry and the MoD. Website Email Phone

020 7222 7899

Laing O’Rourke Laing O’Rourke is committed to the development of a culture based on Excellence Plus performance. Laing O’Rourke is a multidisciplinary design, manufacturing, engineering and construction group. Our roles cover the spectrum of project-delivery disciplines and trades, including: design, engineering, digital engineering, manufacturing, procurement, project management, commercial, financial, plant and logistics, carpentry and joinery, plumbing, electrical and mechanical, steel-fixing and more. Website Phone

01322 296200

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 57

Linbrooke Linbrooke delivers mission-critical solutions in Rail, Utilities and Subsea environments, focusing on telecoms, power, signalling and civils. As a Principal Contractor for Network Rail and an Independent Connection Provider with NERS accreditation, we provide a world-class comprehensive service, from design, installation, test, commissioning and integration through to training and resourcing.

Ntrs Ntrs: As an accredited City & Guilds training facility, a preferred training provider for the National Skills Academy for Rail and an ELCAS and EAL approved assessment centre, we offer entry level through to complex ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke courses for businesses upskilling their workforces and individuals furthering their careers. Websites Email Phone 0844 8000983

MOD Police Our Policing Style is PROFESSIONAL, RESPECTFUL and ADAPTABLE MOD Police Officers don’t patrol the streets, they protect sites of national importance, plus everything and everyone in them. It’s vital, sensitive work that takes our Officers across England, Scotland, and Wales in a whole range of roles, from our Marine Unit to the Dog Section, CID to Special Escort Group, and from Tactical to Central or Operational Support. Website Email

Morson Group Morson International is the UK’s No.1 Technical Recruiter* and engineering recruitment company. Recruiting expert personnel globally to a diverse client base, Morson International is renowned for developing bespoke, innovative recruitment solutions for clients and candidates in permanent positions, contract roles and temporary assignments. Specialties: Aerospace and defence, rail, power, nuclear and utilities, oil and gas, automotive and motorsport, telecoms, IT, marine and shipbuilding, building construction and infrastructure, scientific and pharmaceutical and professional services. *Top 250 Report Website Phone 0161 707 1516

58 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Nuco Training Ltd Nuco Training the UK’s leading independent provider of First Aid Instructor training. Our 5 day Instructor courses in Health & Safety, Food Safety and First Aid equip the learner to deliver a whole range of national qualifications. Suitable for those looking at self employment or to secure employment. Website Email Phone 08456 444 999

Oak Tree Management & Training Ltd Over 20years International training delivery experience in all business sectors in areas of Leadership, Health & Safety, Environment, Project Management and Auditing. We are an approved, experienced and successful ELC 4687 and CTP Schemes national training course supplier, providing multi-disciplined discounted course packages from 5-22days. Our unique Course Packages are currently not available with any other supplier, enabling you to gain both internationally and nationally recognised training qualifications. Website Email Phone 01284 763040

Scania (Great Britain) Ltd Scania is a global company manufacturing premium Trucks, Buses and Industrial/ Marine Engines. For more than 120 years Scania has been at the forefront of the automotive industry and today is one of the worlds most recognised and respected commercial vehicle brands. Through a nationwide network of 90 UK service points, Scania provides a wide range of Maintenance and Repair Services. We are looking to develop our Armed Forces recruitment programme and will be advertising positions across the UK for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Management and other engineering related roles. Website Email Phone 01908 210 210

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 59

Society of Operations Engineers Professional Engineering Institution Licensed by Engineering Council SOE works to advance Operations Engineering for the benefit of everyone through education, training, study and research. SOE also establishes and maintains standards of competence and conduct for those engaged in Operations Engineering professionally, with an emphasis on enhancing public safety. Through its Professional Sectors of IRTE, IPlantE and BES, SOE directly influences the road transport, plant and engineer surveying sectors, developing best practice and improving compliance across the board. Website Email

Southstep Ltd We have IT tutors with years of experience who can provide one-on-one training support and progress reviews. They can give you an interview and offer invaluable advice to a career in IT, helping you to make the professional decision in both career and training. This support is free as part of any of our online training courses, and is available even to people who have not registered. Website Email Phone 0800 677 1232

Surveillance Group The Surveillance Group is the leading UK provider of covert surveillance and investigations. We work with numerous major insurers, government bodies and charities, utilising a variety of surveillance techniques, and offer excellent full time employment opportunities. Additionally we offer a range of professional qualifications in surveillance and investigations. Website Email Phone 0800 5870170

60 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Syracuse Managed Solutions Limited Career Development & Transitional Support to Armed Forced Personnel and Veterans. Based in South Wales but with the flexibility to operate nationally and internationally, SMS Training provides flexible career enhancing and Transitional Workplace Management Training and Development programs in addition to Safety and Security training to Armed Forces Personnel, their Spouses and Veterans. Website Email Phone 0800 334 5219

Tavcom Training Tavcom Training is the UK’s leading security systems training company. We teach the correct ways to select, install, operate and maintain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Access Control, Intruder alarm and all other types of electronic security systems. We also offer a wide range of technical and non-technical courses within security related fields. Website Email Phone 01489 895099

Train2Train Qualifying trainers, managers and compliance specialists for the future The UK’s leading provider of Compliance Training and Instructor-based courses. All of our Instructor training courses are designed and delivered by leading subject matter experts. As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, Train2Train continues to invest in the development of products. With the launch of the iPad Mini, the resource now used on our Compliance Training Instructor (CTI) course, we remain at the forefront of technology and training provision. Website Email Phone 07714754287

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 61

Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd Train to Connect A unique provider of telecommunications training to industry. A specialist provider of engineering & training services to the telecommunications industry. We provide resettlement training courses for those about to leave HM Forces and for those just wishing to enhance their knowledge and qualifications. UbiTech is in the unique position of being able to offer RF Surveys and Analysis through to Network Design. Website Email Phone 01527 529 750

University of Derby Online Learning Whether you’re starting out, moving up or starting again, we’re ready when you are The University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) is one of the UK’s leading universities for online distance learning. Since 2001, UDOL has grown into a globally recognised distance learning provider. Offering students flexible study options and support from our dedicated academics tutors. We provide high quality, accredited online courses in over a variety of subjects and degree levels. Find out more and search all of courses, visit the University of Derby Online Learning website now. Website

62 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

FORCES CV SERVICES Get the edge with a professional CV Tailor your military skills to top civilian jobs

Order your CV today at


Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) Registering for ELCs From 1st April 2016 the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) and Further Education and Higher Education schemes have seen some changes. The key changes to the schemes are as follows: • All Service Personnel (SP) currently in service will be auto-enrolled to be eligible for both Schemes, as will future SP on completion of Phase 1 training • A new ELC payment has been created: an aggregated lower tier payment, a single payment of up to £3000 for those with 6 or more years of qualifying service completed on or after 1 Apr 16, which will count as all 3 payments. • The qualifying service required for lower tier payments and FEHE will increase from 4 to 6 years from 1 Apr 2017. SP who have already accumulated 4 years qualifying service before 1 Apr 2017 will keep their entitlement to use lower tier payments and FEHE. • Post service access to ELC and FEHE, for all those leaving on or after 1 Apr 2016, will be reduced to 5 years. • Those who left between 1 Apr 11 and 31 Mar 16 (both dates inclusive) will have until 31 Mar 21 to use ELC or FEHE – 5 years from now. Anyone who left before 01 April 2011 will retain 10 years of post-service access.

What you can use ELCs for • You can claim up to £1,000 (Lower Tier) or £2,000 (Higher Tier) per financial year (31st March – 1st April) towards qualifying courses

• ELCs can be used for up to 80% of a course; you have to cover the remaining 20% yourself (you can use your Resettlement Grant for this) • You can claim 3 times (as long as they are in separate financial years) • You can use ELCs for up to 10 years from your last day of service, but for all those leaving on or after 1 Apr 2016, this is reduced to 5 years • ELCs can be used towards the costs of tuition fees including VAT • ELCs cannot be used towards travel, subsistence, accommodation, meals, equipment or course materials where additional fees apply • You can use one claim for multiple courses, as long as they are linked by a single career goal or industry, and are with the same provider.

Qualifying Courses For you to be able to yours your ELCs on a course, it must: • Be from an ELCAS accredited provider (Visit the ELCAS website for a full list). • Be accredited by NQF or QCF (National Qualification Framework or Qualifications and Credit Framework). • Result in a qualification which is Level 3 or higher.

64 | Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017

Minimum of 25-30 working days before course registration deadline or course start date

Minimum 25 working days before course start / registration date

Read and understand JSP898-P4C3 and/or DIN 2009DIN07-042

Complete Claim Form

Research course and Learning Provider including level method, pre-course reading requirements

Send claim form to education staff/SSR for authorisation Do NOT send to ELCAS

Claim Correct?

Refer to Learning Centre staff / SSR if necessary

Contact Learning Provider to secure place on course


Minimum 20 working days before course start / registration date

Education staff signs claim form and posts to ELCAS for processing or Education staff / SSR processes claim form via online system

ELCAS must receive claim minimum of 15 working days before course start date

Education Officer / Single Service Representative post / fax CAN to Learner or Leaning Provider

ELCAS check claim

Claim Correct?



Make necessary corrections / actions

ELCAS post CAN (2nd class) back to Learning Centre

Course start / registration date

Education Officer / Single Service Representative post / fax CAN to Learner or Leaning Provider

Claimant actions Education Staff / Single service Representative (SSR) actions ELCAS actions note: Claimants no longer in service must send their claim to their SSR - contact details on Ex-Service personnel page

This is just a brief overview of the process, for the full details and terms and conditions, please see the ELCAS website. You can also contact ELCAS on 01452 558 390 or

Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair, May 2017 | 65









Greetham Valley Golf & Conference Centre Wood Lane, Greetham, Oakham LE15 7SN


Turn up on the day, or register 0116 254 5477

6th July 2017 0930 - 1400hrs

Hosted by British Forces Resettlement Services Main Sponsors

CV advice provided by

Media Partner

Forces CV Magazine & online

FTX Logistics Ltd has a PFI contract with the Ministry of Defence. Within the contract FTX Logistics provides the MoD with a fleet of 92 Heavy Equipment Transporters (HET). HET provides the British Army’s heavy lift capability across the UK and on main land Europe. FTX Logistics also provides the Army with one third of the manpower to deliver this service.

Positions available C+E DRIVERS who want the opportunity to drive and operate one of the largest truck and trailer combinations on the road mixed with commercial driving local to your home address. HGV MECHANICS to work at one of our two sites in the UK, Bulford Wiltshire and Catterick North Yorkshire. All Driver Operators and Mechanics have a Sponsored Reservist commitment.

Key points • • • • • •

Commercial driving in your local area. HET work across the UK and Europe. You must be eligible to become a Sponsored Reservist. Very competitive salary based on average 48 hour week. Additional pay supplements are available. Download an application form on our web site

For further information visit our web site Call on 01980667119 Email

New Challenge | New Beginnings - May 2017  

Providing support and advice to the Armed Forces Community in their transition from Military to civilian life.

New Challenge | New Beginnings - May 2017  

Providing support and advice to the Armed Forces Community in their transition from Military to civilian life.