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Kindergartenth Homework Room 1 th Jan. 24 - Jan. 28

Language All students must be able to recognize all letters and at least 50 % of sounds. Students must be able to read sight word list 1, 2 and 3. List 4 and 5 where given out at conferences or sent home in the Winter Practice packet. Please let me know if you need a copy of any list. Enrichment: Please refer to Green Homework folder for the entire list of Kindergarten sight words to move on to the next words. Quick Note: children should read sight words instantly, with out sounding out the word. Children should also be able to read sight words correctly and use these words in speaking and writing. Writing Continue to work on 1 page a day in the Kindergarten homework packet. Students should be able to write all letters of the alphabet and at least their first name correctly. Enrichment: Write 3 sentences about your favorite book. Draw and picture of your favorite part or character. Math Math practice sheets, one a day.Your child must recognize numbers 1-50 out of order. Practice counting and adding numbers at home when working, cooking, washing clothes or cleaning; and at the grocery store. Ask: how many is 1 or 2 more? Or Show me 1 or 2 fewer) Enrichment: Write/illustrate a math story showing how 1+3=4 Reading Reading should be daily if possible for at least 20 minutes a night. Enrichment: Response to Literature. (once a week) Draw a picture and write 1-sentences about your favorite part of the story. Enrichment activities can be done at your choice for extra practice. Each week I will change the assignments according to what concepts are being learned for the week. Homework is a very important part of helping your child learn, thank you for your support and have a nice week. Mrs. Flowers-Atkins


Week of January 24, 2011