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This surviving prototype for the never to actually be released Champs Tipper Truck [No.59001] interestingly features no tipping mechanism incorporated into the build.

The trade catalogue pproduced by Meccano for 1980 illustrates the proposed Champs Tipper Truck [No. 59001].

Th Convoy series was a The departure for Dinky, as the de models were based on designs mo by Ogle and represented generic vehicles rather than ge actual ones. Included was ac the Convoy Dumper Truck th [No. 382], which appeared [N in 1977. Shown here are two different versions that tw can be found. ca

“In the trade catalogue for 1980 came an announcement that a new Dinky Toys range was to be launched under the name of ‘CHAMPS’” yellow back, which I assume would have tipped. A prototype was produced, fi nished in blue with a yellow back but no tipping mechanism and large black plastic wheels. This new series would have been a far cry from the Dinky Toys we all know and love and so I wonder how the models planned for release would have been received. The trade catalogue describes them as “big chunky die-cast vehicles” and explains “the novel nature of this range and its appeal to a wider age group means more new purchasers for Dinky ”. I will leave you to decide whether this would, or would not, have proved the case. Production of Dinky Toys ceased in 1979, but even at this late stage Meccano was still contemplating tipper and dumper variations, as shown

in the proof for the last trade catalogue. A black and white copy of a fi nal proof headed ‘into/the/ 80’s’ shows the new range of Dinky Toys CHAMPS, including the Tipper Truck. The Foden Tipping Lorry [No. 432] is also shown as a ‘new’ model and is now described as a Tipper Lorry rather than a Tipping Lorry. It also sports the letter ‘D’ on the cab door and the back – was this 'D' for Dinky?

Tip out your toy box! Looking back at the tipping models that had been produced over the years there were colour variations, different colour combinations and different coloured wheels. These elements

are what make collecting so interesting, especially when you fi nd a variation that is not recorded. As has been seen with many other Dinky Toys, these oddities and variations do keep turning up. So, there may be other unusual Dinky Toys tipper or dumper trucks with different colours or wheels to add to the variations listed here. Perhaps it is worth taking another look MC at your collection…

Right up to its demise, Meccano was clearly still contemplating new tippers and dumpers, as flagged up under an ‘into/the/80’s’ banner on the proof for its last trade catalogue was the No. 432 ‘New’ Foden Tipper Lorry. Whether the models in this new ‘CHAMPS” series of big, chunky die-cast vehicles – with designs that were clearly quite a departure from the Dinky Toys models we all know and love – have proved a success is a moot point.

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