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in 1969, this latter style of box was also used for ‘promotional’ chrome plated versions, which I suspect may have been produced for Leyland. I thought it would be interesting to show the Leyland Dump Truck with Tilt Cab and the Bedford TK Tipper together here, as they're both fi nished in similar colour schemes. Was this coincidental or was Dinky Toys suggesting a corporate identity for the models?

the Ford D800 Tipper Truck [No. 438] and was shown in the Meccano Magazine advert of July 1970. It has a metallic red cab with windows, opening doors and a white plastic interior. There is a yellow back with an opening tailgate and the body tips using the simulated hydraulic unit of the cotter pin and black plastic sleeve. The chassis is in silver, as are the die-cast wheels shod with large treaded tyres. The same model can be found

with yellow plastic wheels. Both versions were sold in illustrated card end-flap boxes. There are also some versions with orange cabs and backs using the silver wheels. The model was deleted in 1977. The Ford D800 Tipper Truck [No. 1029] was also included in the Dinky Kits range between 1971 and 1978. These were kits you could assemble and then use the paint included to fi nish off the resulting model.

Terex Dump Truck When the Euclid Dump Truck was deleted in 1969, the casting was given a new livery and became the Terex Dump Truck [No. 965]. Finished in yellow and with glazing to its windows, this Terex version is identical to the Euclid model save for the Terex name. This is cast into its baseplate, along with Dinky Supertoys’ branding. Once again, though, this model was sold as a Dinky Toy. While most examples are found with the yellow wheels, there are also some out there with red wheels. This model only ever appeared in the 1969 Dinky Toys catalogue as by 1970 it had been deleted.

Ford D800 Snow Plough and Tipper Truck A new role was provided for the Ford D800 Tipper Truck in 1970. It was released as the Ford D800 Snow Plough and Tipper Truck [No. 439] with a snow plough blade. This was advertised in the March 1971 issue of Meccano Magazine and reviewed in the Dinky Toys News that same month. The truck had a metallic blue cab with windows and a white

Dinky Toys Ford D800 Tipper Trucks [No. 438] with its metallic red cab and yellow back can be found with either silver die-cast wheels or yellow plastic ones.

The Dinky Toys Ford D800 Snow Plough and Tipper Truck [No. 439], first advertised in the March 1971 issue of Meccano Magazi Magazine az ne. Also worth looking out for are the examples with white plastic wheels heels (shown (sho n right), right) which sold in the later illustrated white and yellow card end-flap end-flap boxes.

Ford D800 Tipper Truck A new tipper joined the Dinky Toys range in 1970. This was

While most commonly encountered with yellow wheels, Dinky Toys Terex Dump Truck (No. 965) can also be found fitted with red wheels. There The Th T h re is also a version of the Dinky Toys Ford D800 Tipper Truck [No.438] finished in orange and fitted fitted with the silver die die-cast cast wheels to look oout ouuutt fo ffor.r.

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