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Both the 44 and 22-seater seater versions of the Salmson issued by Dinky as No. 36e, reintroduced between 1946-1950. In 1947 Dinky Toys reissued its No. 38A Frazer Nash Sports Car and this remained in production for the next three years. Note the smooth hubs on these examples.

Post-war issues of Dinky Toys No. N 36c 366c Humber Vogue, all featuring smo smooth ooth hubs. As well as the colour finishes shown shoown here, this model can also be found in blue or maroon.

Smooth-hubbe Smooth-hubbed bb bed post-war examples exa ampl p es e of Dinky Toys No. No. 36dd in aall of its colour varian variants. nts.

The six A T American beauties in Dinky Toys 39 Series (the No. 39A Packard P ckard Super 8 TTouring ouring Sedan; 39B Old Oldsmobile Six Sedan; 39C Lincoln Zephyr Coupe; 39D Buick Bu Viceroy Saloon 39E Chrysler Royal Sedan and 39F 39 Studebaker State Commander Saloon) were first introduced for a very brief period in late 1939/early 1940. introd These Smooth-hubbed examples from Clive Unsworth’s Thes collection, however, are all early post-war issues. colle

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