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The Century 21 Toys Ltd Official Wallet, containing eight character photographs and two flick out licences within plastic sleeves.

A series of stills from the show were produced as high quality limited edition prints. This is the memorable action scene that once hung in the late Gerry Anderson's office. Authenticated by a dedication oonn the back of the frame, it is now owned by Richard LLeon PR.

Star of the show: the indestructible Captain Scarlet! Image courtesy of International/ REX Shutterstock.

Captain Scarlet books by John Theydon (the pen name of author John W. Jennison) were, in the late 1960s, released by Armada Publishing in paperback format.

The 1967 Captain Scarlet board game from Waddington's. For would be players unable to find the original, a replica board game is now available.

A still from episode 31 of Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons, Attack on Cloudbase, first aired in 1967. Image courtesy of International/REX Shutterstock.

LET’S BROADEN THE SPECTRUM! We’d love to see any of the contemporary, or for that sake more recent, Captain Scarlet merchandise and memorabilia not included here but featured in your own collections and look forward to featuring these, and your memories of the show, on the Letters pages of forthcoming issues. october 2017 |



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