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Your special assignment for 2017 ATTENTION GERRY ANDERSON fans! Fanderson has announced it will be holding its annual convention at the Holiday Inn, Manor Lane, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 2RA over the weekend of Sept 29-Oct 1. Those attending will be able to enjoy dazzling displays of models, puppets, props and artwork, fascinating talks from various guest speakers who’ve worked on the wonderful Century 21 Productions shows and lots more besides. This event also

provides a marvellous opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts You can register online now at www.fanderson. for one day or weekend tickets, priced at £65/£110 respectively – the price of the latter including a meal on the Saturday evening. Please note that if you’re not already a member, you will need to take out Trial Membership,

priced at £10, before purchasing your ticket; this will run through until Dec 31, 2017, entitling you to the club’s FAB magazine, a membership badge, discounted prices on the merchandise being sold at the convention and via

the club’s website and access to the members’ area of the Fanderson Forum. For a chance to win full Fanderson membership and more, don't miss this month's exciting competition on p.42.



Space: 1999 Eagle Transporters are back! DUE TO POPULAR demand,

Another Cavalier joins the ranks AS WELL AS the Cavalier 2000GLS reviewed in this month’s New Releases section, also just released in British Heritage Models Models’ 1:43 resin Excalibur series is a 1978 Cavalier 1.6GL.

This model, priced at £74.99, can be ordered in either metallic blue or metallic green. Just 50 hand built examples of each are available, so if you’re thinking of adding one to your collection you’ll have to look sharp! arp!

GOT TO HAVE IT? Call 01244 30761 or email to order

die-cast manufacturer Sixteen 12 Collectibles has decided to rerelease its original 12-inch Space: 1999 Eagle Transporters. These will be offered in new Special Edition ‘Episode’ Sets, featuring vehicles, accessories and dioramas from the show. There will initially be five sets produced, each of which will be strictly limited to a build of 1,000 units for release worldwide, and every set sold will carry its own individually numbered

certificate. Release dates and recommended retail prices have yet to be confirmed (watch this space for further announcements) but the detail included on the proto-types we’ve seen so far looks absolutely amazing. For those of you who just can’t wait, though, further illustrations and much more information can be found on the company’s website:

Set No. 1 in Sixteen12’s new series will include he Eagle Freighter that featured in Space 1999’s pilot episode, Breakaway, conveying, delivering and unloading nuclear waste canisters to the moon’s dump sites, oblivious of the cataclysmic disaster about to unfold!


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