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BHM Excalibur 1980 Vauxhall Cavalier 2000GLS

Dom's verdict The quality of construction and the finish

■ 1:43 scale ■ rrp £74.99 ■ 40 pcs ■cat no. EXC 2a

here are great, and the fine details, such as the wheels, headlamps, and interior, are particularly fab. However, to my eyes, the rear screen seems too big and the slope of the bonnet is too much, which makes the windscreen rake appear odd.

Shape not perfect but build quality and finish are fab ■ RATING: 7/10 CONTACT DETAILS See ads or call BHM on 01244 320761 for stockist advice

EFE Leyland PD1, East Kent Roadcar

Dom's verdict By now, every UK bus enthusiast will be

■ 1:76 scale ■ rrp £34.95 ■ cat no. E15808

familiar with EFE’s venerable PD1. For this outing, it appears in the lovely East Kent Roadcar livery, which has been very well applied, especially around the half cab/bonnet area. The interior is OK, but the model could do with mirrors.

Room for improvement but livery is lovely■ RATING: 6/10 CONTACT DETAILS See ads or call Bachmann on 01455 841756 for stockist advice

Oxford Diecast Aston Martin DBGT Zagato 2 VEV

Dom's verdict It’s always nice to see another model

■ 1:43 scale ■ rrp £24.95 ■ cat no. AMZ002

representing part of the Jim Clark legacy. OD’s Zagato does appear rather squashed at the front because the rake of the windscreen is verging on the horizontal! The finish, however, is good and the price is fair.

A bit flat ■ RATING: 6/10 CONTACT DETAILS See ads or call OD on 023 8024 8850 for stockist advice

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