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Republic of the Philippines Department of Agriculture

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PRESS RELEASE August 5, 2013 BFAR Readies SOCCSKSARGEN for f the he National Program for Municipal Fisherfolk Registration (FishR) Following the Regional Launching of the nationwide implementation of the National Program for Municipal Fisherfolk Registration (FishR) in Legaspi City, Albay, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) led by its Director Atty. Asis G. Perez, heads heads further South to General Santos City for the formal launching of the project in SOCCSKSARGEN Region on August 8-9, 8 2013. Like other areas, SOCCSKSRGEN is also vested with rich inland and marine fisheries resources. In 2012, its total fisheries production prod reached a volume of 281,876.64 metric tons. With five cities and 45 municipalities, the entire region is well poised for more government interventions which will be appropriately created and implemented based on the data gathered through the FishR. The said program aims to fast--track, track, enhance and complete the municipal fisherfolk registration nationwide as required under the Fisheries Code of 1998. Under the FishR, BFAR seeks to register more than 60 thousand fisherfolk f in Region 12. Upon completion of the program, the Bureau would be able to come up with a national database that would be necessary in designing programs to aid the local municipalities for managing, regulating, ting, conserving and protecting fishery resources and establishing a Comprehensive C Fishery Information System. The Bureau will work hand in hand with the municipalities and cities in the region to complete the registration in their respective areas using a simplified and standard form and FRS data management system. BFAR will also give technical assistance to coastal municipalities and cities in the said provinces to facilitate the registration process. BFAR expects the full cooperation of all the coastal and inland municipal mayors together with their Municipal Agricultural ral Officers, Agricultural Technicians for Fisheries and Municipal Fisheries Aquatic Resource Management (MFARMC) (MFARMC) Chairmen as well as all BFAR Regional Directors, Provincial Fishery Officers, and some selected NGO’s and NGA’s. Bureau officers and FishR focal cal persons will meet with the project implementers; namely, the PFOs, MAOs, and ATFs and train them on the new Fisherfolk Registration System, its mechanics of registration and the Information Education and Communication (IEC) strategies that the implementers ters could adapt in their area of jurisdiction. These trainings will guide them in the actual registration, familiarization of the FRS database, formulation of communication plans and in the over-all all implementation of the program.

Fishr press release edited  
Fishr press release edited